Mega Jump

4.1 (1.3K)
104.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Get Set Games
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
5.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mega Jump

4.14 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
9 years ago, Baybeebackribs
I absolutely love this game, I have been playing it for a few years now. It's fun and entertaining. The only concern I have is that recently, no matter how many stages I end up clearing, it makes me start from the beginning the next time which means I have lost all my progress. It's getting irritating. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, TimeKiller3000
A Must-Update-And-Bring-Back Game!
This was such a great game! Easy to learn, fun to play, and the best part is that it was a simple concept: jump as high as you can! I played it all the time and I LOVED it! Chilling on the couch? Play while you’re comfy. Waiting in line? Play and kill some time. Want to zone out from a rough day? What better way than to play?! I REALLY hope that the developers update the game anytime soon! Now that I have a very active and game driven kid, I wanted to introduce this game to him cause it right up his alley! Silly creatures, funny sounds, and easy controls! What more could a 6yr old want?!
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3 years ago, FallenSilver
Reliving memories
Man Mega Jump takes me back to when I was 13, I used to play this game a lot..I was hoping to reinstall this game at this day in age but unfortunately I’m met with an unfortunate roadblock: This game-as well as its sequel hasn’t been updated in so long that current iPhones don’t support it. I hope that some day this may change, and these apps get the updates they need in order to become playable again, but for now, I’ll just keep dreaming for that day to come
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1 week ago, dheixnrjsjx 824$.!27:
Please update this GEM so we can play
I’m telling you this game is a hidden gem, please update this, make this re downloadable. You’re missing out on so many new players who have no idea what this is. Games like this were way ahead of their time in 2010, I was just an 8th grade kid when you made this. I really hope this reaches someone. I promise you little red man will be happy with how many people still love him, and new kids who will love him now. Bring him on back please.
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11 months ago, ∂αяєвz
Bring back!!
I loved this game and have played it since it first came out. I found out just recently that it’s no longer available, and want to ask if it will ever be back again :( it has literally been my whole childhood and this game has such a huge impact and memory for me. I know it’s a lot, but perhaps maybe one day it will ever come back? I love this game so much and wanted to relive those good old days again :,)
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7 years ago, Blesgjutrffggghhhh
Level glitch
I've been playing this game for a few years on my old iPhone 3 and just downloaded it now on my iPhone 5 and I'm experiencing a serious issue with this app it keeps bumping me back to my previous level. This also happened to me on the iPhone 3 but it didn't bother me because I never got that far but the game play now is so repetitive it's not much fun anymore. I'm at level 20 but every time I hit level 21 and fall it bumps me back to level 20. If it's something about the levels that would make a lot more sense but I'm sure it is not. Please fix this problem and I will very much appreciate it.
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7 years ago, LilLucent
Does anyone Play This game anymore?
I'm glad I've been able to get this app on my own phone after 4 years passed from the first time I played this but it seems that a lot of people reviewed this game a year ago. I do have my concerns about this so called "Glitch" but I hope it never happens to me anytime soon. Anyways good luck, and keep Hopping your way to the highest level possible ;)
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9 years ago, ToeTripper
Fun but has a serious glitch! PLZ FIX!
I love killing time with this game but now it's glitched. No matter how many levels you pass it will take you back to the level you started. I escalated 3 levels in a single jump and it put me back at the bottom as soon as I died. No matter what I do it won't save my progress anymore. It's been this way for a while and I was hoping there would be a fix in the last update but there's nothing. I want to play this game but at this point I'm bored with it because I can't go anywhere.
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5 years ago, Pro YouTube Viewer
Please update
I would really appreciate if you guys updated mega run and mega run 2 to the latest version. I remember playing this game a lot a couple years ago, so I wanted to play again but it unfortunately doesn’t support the latest version of iOS. If you could update this game it would mean a lot to me and many other players.
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4 years ago, LOL!!! 
Loved this game as a child
This game played an important role in my experience with video games. It was one of the first games I’d played, back in 2011 as a 6 year old. Though I’d love to see this game updated for the latest versions of iOS, it seems unlikely, which is very unfortunate to say the least. Thanks for the memories! Cheers.
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3 years ago, Sev727
I remember playing this game a TON back in school. Thought about it the other day and wanted to download it. Then today I find out I can’t because it’s not supported on higher levels of IOS. Developers please fix this, I miss this game.
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2 years ago, itsBriannaReneee
Please bring this game back!
I remember always playing this game on my iPod as a kid . I was excited to download the game and play it again , but was saddened to see that it’s no longer available. Such a bummer because I used to really enjoy it . Please bring it back!
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3 years ago, # 1 SONG
Update app pretty please
I remember playing this game years ago and I loved it but now it won’t let me download it back because the app needs to be updated. I doubt it will anytime soon, if at all, but I’d thought I’d give it a try.
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9 years ago, 2627284762818272624463733928
Great game
I'm a big fan of mega run so I decided to play mega jump. In this game there is a button you can tap on and says free, for me I get unlimited videos to watch so I get unlimited cash so I don't have to spend real money.
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4 years ago, Vucking Aye
Please Update!
I really enjoyed playing this game and had it for a long time. I just now thought of it again and realized that it had to be updated to be compatible with my phone. Please update so we can keep enjoying this nostalgic game
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3 years ago, Sawate
Fun while it lasted
I used to play this game years ago and it was so much fun, sad it’s gone now and sad to see it last updated 6 years ago. Great game from what I remember, hope it gets updated again
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6 years ago, Le Bizzare Un
Since about maybe October or November, my phone says that this app needs to be updated to work on iOS 11. You probably won't see this, but could you fix it? This is an amazing game, I wish I could play it.
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2 years ago, Gagatronic
No longer works. I really wish they’d bring it back!!
The game is outdated and is not supported by iOS 11. This game is much, MUCH better than the newer Mega Jump game. I really wish they’d bring this one back!!
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6 years ago, Fantazmic
It’s update time
I love this game it’s great I loved to play it when I was little but now I have a new I phone update and it no longer works for IOS 11 so I hope you can update it so some of us who have the update can play this game
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9 years ago, aliSAURUSxx
Great game
I loved this game when I was 14, and I love it now that I'm almost 20. This game is honestly so much fun. It's like doodle jump but the characters are cuter. It's easy to get power ups through watching videos or through playing the game. Download it!!!
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3 years ago, FireflyRamsey
Please Update this Game, I miss playing it.
I used to play this all the time and loved it. Now I can’t play it because it needs updated. Please update this, it’s one of my most favorite games ever.
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2 years ago, Omakad
This is a classic
Devs please update and charge few bucks or add it to Apple Arcade. Both parts are classic iOS royalty games. It would be a shame if they are just forgotten. Please bring them back.
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2 years ago, The game master!!!!!
Please Update
I used to play this game all the time at home or during free time at school. I really wish I was still able to play it and show it to my niece.
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4 years ago, Pvicks
Update this now
This was a great game and it needs to be updated for the current iOS the original is so much better then the new version that’s out now
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1 year ago, kat!ee
I miss this game
I really miss this game. It was so easy to play and I loved the colors and sounds. Very fun! I really hope the developer brings it back. (And doesn’t change a thing!)
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4 weeks ago, NurseEm2000
Please Please Brink Back!!!!!!!!
I really want to to play this game again!!! It’s so much fun/addicting and the graphics are amazing!! Please update and bring back!! Does anyone know about this???
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2 years ago, Yeabrosame
Please revive this game
Dear developers, I would be very grateful if you brought back this game. Keep it just the way it is. It’s perfect. Please make the necessary adjustments to make it playable again!
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1 week ago, The littlest bouge
Best game ever! Please update it
This game is so much fun especially if you are just looking to detach from everything and just focus on something trivial. Please Get Set, update the app
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2 years ago, KH2290
Please Bring This Back!
This was such an incredible game that was SO satisfying and fun to play! The artwork was incredible too! I’d give it more than 5 stars if I could!
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4 years ago, Grickell
Please update
Am begging you guys to please update this to current iOS. Used to love the original and it would be absolutely wonderful to play again
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1 year ago, Rmrkable
To developers: PLZ UPDATE IT!
I used to love playing this game and I would like to go back into memory lane and enjoy this game again, possibly introduce this game to my nephew and little cousins.
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3 years ago, mater2me
Greatly Missed
I played this game ALL the time when I was young. It’s very sad I can’t play it now, but maybe one day they’ll update so I can play again 👏😣
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4 years ago, Cliffsodover
Love this game!
Used to play this in highschool and I really miss it! Hoping the dev will update it to work with the latest iOS. I would love to be able to play again.
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6 years ago, thing_onelou
HI!! I absolutely miss this game and forgot about it. When I found it again , turns out that I can’t play it without you updating it. So do you plan on updating anytime soon?
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5 months ago, Eddiieboii
I would really love if you could update this game I really this game I just remember how many hours I use to play this game
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8 years ago, Alexmorgen228
What happened.......
I used to have this game on my I pad but the I got in iPod I got the game i played t for a little bit and were did all the kiip rewards and all the new levels and now I can't even play the game because of the kiip reward there is a serious glitch
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8 months ago, eejaygee
Ok why am I seeing links to play this again!
I’d love to play again I love it! It’s just a tease to show it in mega run and then I can’t play it
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8 years ago, Poindexter kid
Great original game
This is one of the first iphone games I played years ago. And it still has the same feel.
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8 years ago, Dianamolinero21
It's fun but that stupid glitch
It's super fun and i love it but i have a glitch that after a while of playing it will just stop giving coins so i can't do anything and die.
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4 years ago, sqash27
I remember playing this on iPod, about eight years ago ( that was before iPads )! And our iPod broke so when the iPads came out, our dad got one and we immediately got this game. After many years, I decided to see if this game was still around. When I saw it was, I became so happy! But then.... you cannot download anymore? WHYYYYY!!??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩🥺🥺😩😫😖😣😔😔😣😖😫😩🥺😢😤😭😠😡😱☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
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5 years ago, Julio C. Guzman
I miss this game!
Please update this original masterpiece up to the latest iOS I miss playing this game when I was 7. I really want it back
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9 years ago, Ch1ckenchaser
Was cool then the glitch happened
So there is no denying this game is fun and addictive. However I have reached a point where it starts me at the same level no matter how many additional levels I clear. I'm sick of playing the same level over and over again. Needs to be fixed. Once that happens I will give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, ArtsyGR
The developer can you please update it to iOS so I can play.
Can you please update it so I can play this game on my I pad it would be great if you did :)
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5 years ago, Uh huh, it's me
Update please?
I wish the developers would make an update for this game. It was my favorite mobile game. 😭 miss playing it.
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9 years ago, Jani_577
Don't waste your time
This game is terrible with major glitches. The first major glitch is it doesn't save progress. The second glitch is a problem with "saves." After playing for hours to acquire saves, the game takes away multiple saves at once, instead of one at a time. I am deleting the game.
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5 years ago, killer1775
Update it
Can you update this app to be able to use it on the new iPhone updates?
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7 years ago, Jushwee
OG game
I discovered this on my old iPhone and have been instantly hit with nostalgia. However it is unable to the new iPhone X. Plz bring back this game to the new iPhone. AMAZING GAMES LIKE THIS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND NOW.
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7 months ago, TBecsx
Best Game For Iphone
Please update the game for the last iOS versions, it was my favorite iphone game as a kid and I need this game back
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1 year ago, negaarina
I loved this game so much! Please release a new version of this game for us! This game reminds me of my 22! I’d used to play this game on my 4s🥺
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6 years ago, MusicalDragon350
Awesome game but...
I love this game but I can no longer download it because it’s too outdated for iOS 11. If the developer updates the game and adds some new levels and other things, it will get a 5 star rating from me.
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