4.6 (77.9K)
413.5 MB
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Current version
Mega Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ・MEGA・

4.57 out of 5
77.9K Ratings
4 years ago, 5@!F
Nice way to force people to pay money!!!
Made an account recently after hearing about the “generous” 50 GB, turns out it’s actually 35 GB BUT it’s limited for only 30 days, then drops down to 15 GB after those 30 days are over. Which means you’re forced to use up the extra 20 GB within this time frame to make the most out of your account. So I do what I can, and used up almost all 35 GB before the 30 day window so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to take advantage of the space. But now, MEGA is actually DELETING and BLOCKING accounts that go past their storage limits, and are forcing people to upgrade and pay their accounts. Why would you even give me the extra 20 GB to begin with if you’re gonna delete my files afterwards??? I can’t even download/transfer my uploaded files to my computer, it’s like my files are being held hostage unless I pay money. What kind of crap is this? You tell people “50 GB” but they get 35 GB instead, in which 20 of those GBs get taken away after 30 days? Then force people to pay afterwards with no warning of a required payment/full profile deletion beforehand? Absolutely ridiculous, customer service doesn’t even respond to emails at all whatsoever. Well deserved 1 star, I’ll stick to google drive. I don’t get any bonuses with them, but at least I have the assurance of getting what they actually say they’re offering, rather than lie to me and then hold my files hostage behind a paywall.
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3 years ago, Sammyer
Mega upload, excellent service
As far as cloud providers go, mega offers one of the best services (that's not free). End to end encryption plus servers that are not in the United States. Easy to use interface plus value for the storage space.I've used Google drive for years, but if you can afford it, there should be a good paid service out there for you, if you value your privacy. Some of the reviews complain about storage limits. There are some, and there are temporary bonuses, but most other providers offer little to no bonus storage options. Check around. Also, deleting the app doesn't mean you've deleted things you've already uploaded to the cloud unless you've closed your account. One of the best things about mega is the selective synch, which other providers don't have.
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4 months ago, Torin Emard
Smoke and Mirrors
The app is slick and enticing, but not usable (unless you pay). I have used it for years as cloud backup due to their generous free storage, but once you try to use it and move files around, the bandwidth limitations make it impractical. I tried to download a 600GB file and I had to do a little every day since I ran out of bandwidth use on the free tier. I gave up at that point. I still had files there, so I used the mobile app to try to download a folder, but it won’t work on the mobile app since it seemingly only allows downloading folders to “offline mode” in the app and not straight to your device storage. You can “export” files but not uncompressed folders? I then tried to use the web app but Safari has insufficient buffer to decrypt the files. Then I tried to use Chrome at their suggestion since the app and Safari won’t work, and it literally says “Chrome has insufficient buffer to decrypt the files, use the app or use Chrome.” So, my last shot is “make available offline” and then view in the files app where I can transfer off Mega, but I am getting all sorts of helper errors and it is unable to complete. If it works after downloading I will update my review. UPDATE: I IMMEDIATELY hit my transfer quota, so I cannot download a single 10GB file. Deleting my account and all files I cannot access now.
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1 year ago, Cursed Myth
Love MEGA. App is decent, but with one slight problem.
I’ve been using MEGA for a long time, and it’s my favorite file hosting service, since I have a very bad internet connection, and MEGA is the only service where I can get stable uploads and downloads without timeout every 12 seconds. It’s great, and I particularly love the MegaSync app on Desktop, since it can just upload the massive amount of files I tend to upload in the background while I barely notice it until it’s finished. The mobile app is pretty decent too, however, I do have one slight issue with it. Particularly that I tend to upload files from my Desktop, and then sometimes need to access those same files from my phone. However, a lot of times, the app will not show more recent file uploads. I think it must need to populate the list with new entries, but sometimes it can take a really long time for newer uploads to appear. It’d be nice if maybe there was a “Sync” button so that I could actively have the files in my app and desktop synchronized, without needing to wait a long time - or at the very least, a progress bar showing me that it’s actively trying to sync would be nice.
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2 years ago, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
I been using this app four years started off great now the hackers any everywhere and mega can’t stop them. I’m a content seller with over two thousand videos on mega. Hackers are showing me my videos I never made public yet. I’m keep getting notifications this person has been deleted/deactivated they were never in contacts I only have eleven people in my contacts so common sense someone is on my page. I contacted mega support there only solution is to change my password(which I did 36 times this year alone 2022) I’m the only person that use my device plus I ask them to reset/delete everything/everyone on my page their answer they can’t change my password. I’m just being honest mega is not a good site anymore they really need to up there security I hate that I paid annually now I got to wait til January 2023(never pay annually away month to month) I really use to love this app it was so easy to use perfect for me now the hackers took over I’m losing so much money because the hackers are stealing/selling my videos as soon as I load them SMFH!!!
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The straw that broke the camel’s back for me is trying to play my saved audio files and being told that i’ve “exceeded my transfer quota”. What is playing a file transferring? I haven’t uploaded anything to Mega in weeks and my storage is totally fine. It doesn’t tell me anything about how much space my supposed “transfers” are taking up anywhere else besides this random pop up warning. On another note, Mega is ABYSMAL if your Wi-Fi is even slightly less than perfect. Videos and audio files take unreasonably long to load if they aren’t downloaded compared to other services. This has been an issue forever. There are better apps out there and I will surely be moving soon. Also the fake storage you get when you first download the app (that lasts for a month before disappearing) is MORONIC. Why in the world would you give a new user storage they can only use for 30 days? Just to make them fork up some money? Get serious ALSO you can’t delete chats or group chats, you’re constantly prompted to upgrade when you open the app, and uploading directly from the photos app takes EONS longer than doing it in-app for no reason. Devs don’t care about anything.
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2 years ago, QC guys review
I liked it until…
This was my first time using Mega and I liked it very much. Photos sync quickly, files and folders sync quickly. I was thinking I found a Google Drive replacement, but then something happened. By accident I deleted a folder about 45GB in size. Well, when I realized that, I went immediately to recycle bin to undo this big mistake but that wasn’t the case. All of my files were there but the folders were not intact. Every single file was taken out of their respective folders and were sitting right next to their parent folders. Over 7000 files and folders all removed from their main folders and all mixed up in the rubbish folder. UNBELIEVABLE. It took me years to organize the files and now it’ll take months to recreate the folders and put everything back, if I can. WOW. Why can’t you just put a folder in recycling bin intact? Google drive never did this to me. I am so mad. I can’t even imagine wasting time to sort everything back how it was. Therefore, I made my decision to no longer stay with Mega. This experience turned me away from these guys completely. Not investing in these guys anymore. I’ll be moving on.
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7 years ago, dmustach
Great App with one issue
This is an awesome app and allows me to make use of the cloud on my iPhone except for one small issue. I am an IT tech and often need to listen to audio recordings of phone calls. These recordings are stored on MEGA and I use to be able to listen to them on the go through my iPhone. However, the iPhone X doesn’t fully support that. If I open an audio file on my iPhone X, it opens the playback window like it usually would, but it gets cut off by the notch at the top of the iPhone X. I can’t scrub through the audio file like you normally would be able to because there is a notch right where you would be able to scrub through. Nor can you press the “Done” button on the top left corner of the screen. To change audio recordings, I have to force close the app, reopen and select the recording I want to listen to. It’s inconvenient to do so, but hopefully this gets worked out in the near future. Otherwise, the app is great and the service from MEGA is outstanding.
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3 years ago, C.o.r.r.u.p.t.ed
Don’t know how to feel
I actually never give reviews but this just really disappointed me… okay so when I first got this app I thought it was actually amazing and the format was so easy to use, they start off by giving you storage for doing little task which I loved but recently ig the given storage expired?? Which is wild to me cause of course we’re gonna use it and then to retract that then say all that I’ve downloaded will be lost if I don’t upgrade?!? And honestly what’s the point of allowing more storage to be given and USED then expire which will cause your data to be deleted on top of your account to be locked if you don’t immediately upgrade????? If I knew the tasks would quite literally expire along with the storage that was given I simply wouldn’t have done them and wouldn’t have risked the deletion and locking of my account along with everything I saved….. and the computer app unfortunately doesn’t work the best
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1 year ago, potatopootato
“Insufficient transfer quota”
I love MEGA, I love using it for edits, for movies, everything. It’s quick and easy to use but recently I’ve been faced with a reoccurring problem. Whenever I try to save something to my photos/gallery, wether it’s a scene-pack or a movie, it always has the same pop-up. “Insufficient transfer quota. Your queued download exceeds the current transfer quota available for your account and may therefore be interrupted.” I would understand if I had no more storage left, but I do. I hardly ever import videos/images into my MEGA storage, but it the pop-up claims that I have no storage space left when I only currently have 0 GB/20 GB. The files I try to download also never exceed the 20 GB maximum supported in my free plan. Even though the pop-up reads “— MAY therefore be interrupted”, the app doesn’t even attempt at downloading the file. I’ve done everything I could think of, I’ve shut off my phone, deleted and then redownloaded the app, made new MEGA accounts, imported and not imported the file, waited an hour, etcetera. It’s always the same thing, no matter what. I love MEGA, I need it for my editing but without it I can’t edit. If MEGA doesn’t work then I can’t use it and I would like to think that the developers of MEGA would like to have people using their app. Is there anything else I can do to fix this problem? Or is it a bug that needs to be fixed?
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3 years ago, kreckley12
bug fixes
There is a major bug that happens when ever you are using chrome or any other search engine when someone gives you a link. There are two options you can choose and that is either stay on the browser or go to app, but whenever I press open in app it takes me to the AppStore where I manually have to press on the OPEN APP button which some home stops me from entering into the link that was sent to me . I think that if you can somehow open the app automatically when I choose open in app the link will still be there Also half the links that I try and open on safari never work and it’s really annoying please fix these problems Bc I want to keep using your app but you are making it hard with these problems
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2 years ago, b4hands
Terrible App
I thought this would be an efficient conduit between web content to storage on my computer. It does a great of job of uploading the content - fast, easy to organize, user-friendly. I quickly discovered that - like many other apps - there is no easy way to transfer the content to the computer. There are transfer limitations that severely limit the ability to offload the content from the app. On top of that headache, most of the content is inaccessible. When I click on media files, more than 90% of the time I get an error message. So the vast majority of content uploaded into this app, I’ve never even accessed. After reading the reviews more closely, apparently the comments often don’t match the ratings which leads to a distorted impression of the app. Many users have serious problems with it, but still give it 4 or 5 stars?? Yeah right. Unless you need only a limited amount of space and move the content out on a regular basis, this app is an absolute waste of money and time.
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9 months ago, Ann_bg
I understand they don’t care about anything just money. But I wish you a crash on the market for what you did to me. Deleting all the pics I had with no notice? I woke up this morning remembering of pictures I wanted to see and when I logged into my account you had deleted everything!! I started to look into my gmail and see if I had received anything alerting me of this and after performing an advanced searching I found NOTHING!!! I am finding the way to report this because I have proof that I haven’t received anything!! That’s the reason why you are not successful. This app is worthless to download. Go back to university programmers ! Customer services employee that reads this: go work somewhere else. You’re wasting your life this app won’t last much longer. Ps. I already contact them and they said there is nothing they can do. When they say “ email us to blah blah blah ..” they won’t help you so DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME !!! USE DROPBOX. I have been using it for years and I have no problem
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5 years ago, Kelly Hester
This software is completely great. Using an iOS phone, it has been a tremendous load off my back, as most know, you can not update storage on your iPhone with a SIM card, so what a wonderful and encrypted software to have, to keep your most valuable info and photos or videos or share with a family out of state, a entire video file, with no worries of amount of storage, as an Aplus certified CompTia tech, I am slowly incorporating this for personal use, and as of now, have nothing but good words to say about this software. As the days pass, all files and software are becoming larger and larger, this company is aware and is proactive to this , and I tip my hat with a very large Thank you !!!! Kelly Hester
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5 years ago, Crycount
It’s Great But Then...
I’ve had this app for a while now and I’ve never truly been one to complain about it. That being said the app functions perfectly and up until this point I’ve never had any problems with it, until maybe last night when I was told I reached my queued data limit and that anything I might try to download will be stopped completely or just be interrupted. To remedy the situation I cleared out every thing, to the point to where it look like I had downloaded the app for the first time, however with the app completely cleared and no percentage of storage used at all, I still had the same issue where I saw using too much space. This is truly a very nice app but with problems like, where you’ve cleared out all storage and have nothing used, it gets a little frustrating because then there’s no point in using it after that.
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2 years ago, Mac Logos
2 stars until I hear back from support
Pros: good app design, free, lots of storage space, intuitive layout, search is easy, aesthetically pleasing, can sort and find stuff quickly even when you have many hundreds of files Cons: marketing seems to be dishonest. They say you can get an extra 5GB for free if you recommend the app to someone and they make an account and install. I did that that very thing almost 2 weeks ago now. My friend made an account, installed the app on her iPad, and i didn’t get the free 5 GB. I’ve messaged support multiple times and they’ve responded but it’s been nearly 2 weeks and I’ve still not got the free 5GB. Seems like dishonest marketing. The platform is good and I might just wind up buying a Pro account but honestly I’m uncertain if that’s a good idea because it seems like, while their support will help you, maybe they have some way of not having to make good on that “free additional 5GB” offer.
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2 years ago, Fit at 63!
Completely Unbelievable
I’m in the same situation as 5@!F is I got an email saying my account was going to be deleted (which didn’t surprise me too much because the service is barely usable) so I signed on to download my files to a different device so I didn’t lose them but whenever I try to access them I’m prevented by mega. I mean I understand deleting accounts that haven’t been used in awhile but to steal your customers files unless they pay for them is theft and is illegal. Mega should be brought up on charges for Illegal business practices but I doubt that will happen because they have expensive lawyers and will happily lie through their teeth to get away with it. Do the smart thing and stay FAR FAR FAR AWAY from mega unless you want to get screwed over and have to pay a lot of money for things they said were free. Mega gets 1 star but I’d give less if I could. I can’t state clearly enough how underhanded and despicable this company is and how much you should avoid them.
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1 year ago, JazzHandsFan
Worse experience than just using the browser for downloads
I don’t use it for mg own personal storage, but I do download books hosted on MEGA. I figured if I’m going to be downloading from MEGA every week anyway, I might as well download their app to do it, but boy is it a headache. If I want to download my ebook through my browser, I just click download and it’s downloaded to my phone, where I can open in my books app. If I want to use the app I have to “make available offline,” then “share” it to my files, then I can navigate to it in my file explorer and finally open it in my books app. Oh and on top of that, I’ve apparently hit storage limits even though I don’t store any files on my account? I almost exclusively use this to download ebooks, typically under 10mb. I’ve deleted the app and it’s now much easier for me to just download my stuff through safari.
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3 years ago, MD65536
Almost perfect
I am writing this review solely to request an improvement. Currently, almost everything works great. All features have felt smooth and no bugs. The one issue is poor Apple Files integration. Currently, Mega can be setup to have a ‘folder’ in the Files app? But its folder is locked and can only be accessed as a popup into the actual mega interface. This decision may have been to improve user security, but it means that there is no way to have mega sync a folder at all (like you can do on desktop). To fix this issue, I would love a feature where Mega can create a synced folder in the files app, and for this folder to be accessible from other apps (iA Writer in my case). This way I could edit files in iA Writer and have them automatically upload to Mega. Currently, there is no way to work around this. In practice, it means that it cannot replace dropbox or icloud as a files sync for ios. Users can edit files externally and import each file into Mega, but it is tedious to do with every change. I wanted to make it a 3 star review because it hinders functionality significantly, but I love the design enough that I am moving it up to a 4. I also do want to appreciate the hard work of the devs, go team.
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1 year ago, Skittleboy123
Account recovery stupidity
Your app makes no sense. I got logged out of my account and my password wouldn’t work. After trying and trying, I just decided to reset my password. But rather than just sending me an email to change my password, it had me checking every other device I have to get a recovery key. ALL of my devices were logged out. My computer, my iPad, my phone, everything. So I didn’t have a key. Once again, rather than just letting me change my password, it then tells me since I don’t have the key, my only option is to destroy my account and start a new one. Like WHAT? Then after I deleted my old account, it told me to “check my email”. SO NOW YOU SEND ME AN EMAIL??? I can’t think of a single reason just resetting my password wouldn’t work? It’s my account. My email. What’s the issue?? Like I didn’t have anything on my old account. I just don’t understand why you have me jumping through hoops for no reason.
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5 years ago, Erikkol
Awesome until latest update
I used this app for my business. Had everything (almost) a click away; Show up to the clients location and pull up all my files right there on their computer or on their phone. I found putting the image, design, art in the customers hands was by far the best way to really put yourself ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, after the latest update a few days ago I’ve been unable to upload anything from a mobile device to my cloud storage through the app. I select which files I want to upload, select upload, the screen closes as if it’s going to upload the images, but nothing does indeed get uploaded. Not only that when you go to the transfers screen the app just completely crashes. I don’t currently have the “latest” iPhone and I’m only assuming that’s my issue. App isn’t optimized for my phone. Loved this app and web based cloud storage. I’ll have to start looking for an alternative.
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6 years ago, Mevolous
It’s the little things...
I’ve been using the mega app for well over a year now and it’s been a great ride, but they are slowly removing features that were small quality of life options. For instance you use to be able to customize the bottom navigation bar for what ever suits your need(I never use the chat system so it’s wasted space), that was removed. I love the new redesign of app itself but looking at photos for work is not as pleasant anymore since the black background fade is gone when you view an image and now my eyes are being blasted by a bright white light when I am in darker areas. Knowing the file name is useful, but I also would like for it to be hidden as it wastes screen real estate. The base functionality and design are all great, but it’s sad to see the little things pile up and slowly push me to alternatives.
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11 months ago, shhehdhd
app has always sucked, now even worse somehow
app randomly started doing this thing where it won’t load past the login screen. to get it to work i literally have to log in to the website on safari and click the “open app” prompt, which then takes me to a browser within the app itself. tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my phone, nothing. besides this, i have always had issues playing videos through the app. if I have even a very short video saved in my drive and try to play it, it takes so long to load that it would actually be faster to download it and play it on my phone. unfortunately there isn’t a single cloud storage app that has it all, they all have their own annoying quirks. I will say mega has the best UI that i’ve tried, but that doesn’t make up for these basic functionality problems.
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2 years ago, SueingClashes
I don’t understand the hype
The app is terrible and has made my phone distinctional within 24 hours, to start all the files on this app add up to the same amount of space on your phones storage so there’s no point to download this app to store files, it’s just a space waster. I put a few important files in the app and now I need to pay to view them or get them back, it does not load and it tells me my account will be interrupted if I don’t buy I plan but I thought the app was free like it says ?? I will take legal action if it comes to that to get my files back I will not pay cheapskates who wanna make a quick buck out of me because you guys think I’m stupid, stop advertising plan upgrades and let me view my files, it should not cost money . I got this app recommended to me by a friend but sadly I just got absolutely ripped off for important documents from cheapskates, I got scammed
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12 months ago, modenapsu
Mega Mega Mega can’t you see
Your cloud storage can’t be beat. I have been a paying customer since January 21, 2013 and have been extremely pleased with the service that I have received since then. The only other cloud service that I use besides Mega is Google Drive. I use my Mega for my collection of files that I want to have access to wherever I am and for things that I want to have either private or very secure. And I pair that with Google Drive, using Drive as my container for more temporary files and files that I want to have saved forever, never lose access to for any amount of time and files that I never want to lose permanently.
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3 years ago, whitefishsc
Why it is the Best imo
I have used cloud storage for more than a decade. I’ve used most of them as I was involved with Network based systems at a top 20 university for over 20 years. Some of the available cloud services I’ve truly enjoyed using, a few took years to offer stable services. Mega however rises to the top of the list when working from a mobile device. It’s secure, it’s fast and it shows up in ALL of my apps on my ipad pro. I dont have to download to Files on my iPad, then upload to the cloud. So far I’ve been able to load large files from the net directly to my Mega account. What a time saver! What a space saver! Total love!
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2 months ago, ZyL0
Dear developers
Hello, if you are reading this at the time I am writing this the problem I am about to inform you about has most likely not been solved yet. I would like to tell you that there are bots on Reddit that spam post about asking to message them on telegram to obtain CP, if you do not know what that means I can not tell you any further about it because this review will get taken down. I had done some digging and found that the main app to where they distribute these “pictures and videos” is your app, I wanted to keep this as short as possible so the problem could be discussed and stopped as soon as possible so these people can be brought to justice and be faced by what damage they have done on people’s lives. At the bottom of my heart please find these people so that this will become bigger of an issue. Thank you for reading and understanding. Have a good day.
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4 years ago, winitzki
Problem with order of files in offline downloaded folders
Great feature- to download entire folders with files. But after that, I can’t properly share the downloaded files with another app because the order of downloaded files seems to be incorrectly shown. I open a file in the offline downloaded list and click on the share button. Then I can share the file to another app, say , a book reader. But the book reader opens a different file, also from the list of downloaded offline files. This happens systematically with all downloaded offline files when there are many in a folder with sub folders. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Amyescence
Believe me when I say this app has saved my life multiple times. As recently as two days ago I updated a social media app (not going to say which one because I don’t want to talk-trash it), and it bricked my phone to the point that it went straight to the apple logo-red screen loop and that was it. I don’t own a laptop so you have an idea of the level of distraught I was. After I found someone who would help me with my iPhone, I remembered that the only thing I have backed up on iCloud are my notes/mails and contacts. You have no idea how glad I am that even though my iPhone went rouge, I had the opportunity to recover everything dear to me thanks to MEGA.
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5 months ago, thaabyy
Forcing people to pay money
When I downloaded it it gave me 20 gigabytes to spend, but it said if I added my phone number I'd get 5 extra, well, when I added the phone number, it said I'd get those 5 gigabytes forever, HOWEVER, nearly 1 year later they changed that rule and now my account is locked for passing storage. I tried inviting a friend so I'd have 5 gigabytes and could at least save my photos and memories. Nope, did not work cuz my account is locked. I am being forced to pay $10 just to download my photos and be done with this crap app forever. Never trusting companies again, y'all just buy a pendrive USB much more reliable. AND FOR THE RECORD: Yall said yall send me a warning email on January 31, 2023 well guess what??? Y'all didn't, there were no pop-up warnings in app either NEVER RECOMMENDING THIS APP!!!! The minute my cousin gets out of law school I AM SUING
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3 years ago, TMC28
Perfect Performance
I got this app for one and only one reason. I needed a way to put FLAC files on my iPhone 11. For a long time I would convert my lossless purchases into ALAC files so I was able to put them on my Apple devices. Over time this became cumbersome and somewhat annoying. I don't use iTunes as my desktop music player. I prefer using Foobar2000 for it's versatility and customization abilities. With MEGA I was able to add several files over the cloud for free. I couldn't be happier with this app and the solution to a long time issue for me. My thanks and gratitude to the development team.
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6 months ago, Malak Barghouty
Fix your unreliable app
I've used mega for two years now. As of this week whenever I try to download a scenepack to my camera roll, your app allows me to go through the process and then not save to my camera. Alongside not saving to my camera roll, it takes up my transfer quo even though it doesn't even work. Another issue is instead of downloading your app just says "Can not save to camera" without giving me an explanation why. I've redownloaded this app 2 times, cleared my storage to make sure I have over 20 gb of free space, and even attempted to download small scene packs rather than large. This app is so frustrating to use and it's unreliable, one minute I can be downloading multiple scene packs at once and the next I cant download one at all. Fix your app and let it provide the main service instead of failing.
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1 year ago, Evie-1321
Mega usually works really well and i use it all the time but recently every time i try to save a file to my photos it says “This file is already being downloaded” and then it says i don’t have enough disk space even though i have more then enough storage for the file i’m trying to save. I have deleted and redownloaded the app many times to see if that fixes the issue but it does not, i have also tried powering down my phone and restarting it but still nothing. I also checked to see if there are any updates that need to be made to the app but there aren’t. If had worked well for me for a while but it had been over a month and i am having the same issue.
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3 years ago, CenterStage97
Great app with one annoying issue
I have a couple of hi-res video files stored on my account as well as a few old projects shared with me. These videos take an extremely long time to load. We’re talking almost an hour for a 1 minute clip. Also, the video won’t load when the clip is paused! So I have to watch my video with a thousand pauses in it which can take well over 30 seconds, all for the video to advance a few FRAMES, and then buffer again. Idk if the codec isn’t supported properly or the server has issues streaming it, but it’s extremely frustrating. I’ve migrated most of my stuff to other cloud services because of it. This has been an issue for over 2 years and I hope it gets resolved soon because I really liked this app.
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4 years ago, MDSIPM
It is the time for giving and I’m giving you a bad review!
I only had this app because I bought lift 4 videos and to get it on my phone the website only suggested this app. I only had these videos on the app, however I kept getting emails that I was over my limit, I would check my app and only the videos would be on it. Until one day they took the app hostage and said the only way I could get back into it was to pay them money. I tried to contact customer service but all I got was the same rude email back. I had to finally decide that I was going to have to sacrifice my videos I purchased because this free app wanted to screw me over and deleted my account and deleted the app. So if you want rude emails and terrible customer service and a storage app that mysteriously fills up so they can extort money from you then this is the app for you!
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4 years ago, Reginald81
Awesome App
Thank you for explaining that, I really like how quick the support is and very helpful and friendly as well This app really is Awesome best that I have seen so far. I changed my rating from a 1 to a 5 I was first promised 20GB Extra for providing my phone number which I never seen those 10 Extra GB the I was promised another 15 GB for installing the mobile app, and 15 additional for account registration and I am still at 50, right now my profile shows that I have 35 Free GB so does that mean I am really only at 15GB and not 50? After all these bonus run out, it shows one already expired which I never seen that one either
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6 years ago, græy
Surprisingly poor mobile implementation
I signed up for Mega and got the app for the purpose of keeping things I’m working on synced between various computers and my iPad. But that’s not actually what the app does. Unless it’s a photo or video, it won’t keep things synced automatically, instead requiring a manual upload every time. There’s no way to point it to a folder and say “sync this,” unlike on the desktop versions. Instead, you have to run the app, go find the file, and upload it manually. Their website even says as much: note how it says “automatic camera uploads” and “save files locally,” but that’s it. It creates a listing in the folders list to the left in Files, but that doesn’t actually do anything beyond just bringing the app up again. Even simple uploading is far harder than it needs to be. If you just hit “upload” and then “choose,” it then asks for access to your photos and videos. When that’s denied, it says it doesn’t have access and can’t do anything. The actual way is: menu —> upload —> import from... —> browse and then pick the file. That’s 5 actions to accomplish the whole point of the app. It simply makes no sense, and makes basic tasks far harder than they should be.
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6 years ago, %__max__%
Rubbish: no privacy & not working
My goal was to share one single video with a friend... Created an account within the app and granted the permission to access photos, and this silly app without asking a thing immediately started to upload all my private photos to it’s cloud!😨 The only way to stop this transfer was to remove the Photos permission in IOS... Then I tried to remove the uploaded photos,- the only thing you can do is to move them to a “rubbish bin”, and still the app shows that the space in your cloud is occupied by them. Ok, let’s try to share a video... Uploaded a video, created a link,- the link just redirects to the MEGA’s main page with their adds and subscription plans (several attempts,- the same result)😒 Have no idea, how is going to pay them for such a service. And finally, you can’t even delete your account.
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4 years ago, Ugh the nickname thing is
Love it
Earlier I had left a review saying while I liked the app I had ran into a problem of it not letting me save the videos. But I was mistaken it simply takes some time to save in which I had not noticed until later and how cannot Find my other review. I apologize for jumping the gun so quick and only hope that anyone else who sees this it helps them understand that there’s not always a problem, sometimes you just aren’t looking close enough to what’s really happening. Great app thank you developers please download and give them good rating guys they truly are amazing. Idk what I’d do without this app.
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4 years ago, IbrahimMalik
Need improvements
I have been trying to shift to Mega from Dropbox, mainly due to the encryption you guys provide. However, this app needs some improvement. First of all, it needs a dark mode. When I upload or download anything on the app, I need to see the upload meter/bar with speeds. The option to create or upload should be on the bottom, where space is wasted by options that I don’t use. While we’re at it, maybe an ability to transform that bottom dock to personal liking? Lastly, I do see a little lag/bugs here and there - maybe the app needs a little more polishing and optimization with iOS. Overall though, it is a great app but as coming from Dropbox the experience seems a little less polished.
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6 months ago, Anon061993
Great app!
I’ve had this app for a few years now, and I can say that it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever spent. The reason I say that is because with the plans they have available, the cheapest option is what I have and I’ve been able to store over thousands of photos and hundreds of videos and still haven’t used over half of my storage! And that’s on the cheapest option which is $5, in todays world $5 doesn’t get you much so to me I thought it was worth it and as a person who almost never writes reviews I can say that it’s worth every penny.
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1 year ago, icetomeetyou777
Best cloud storage and music player, some suggestions
Great but offline widget has issues + it shouldn’t need to connect online to use offline mode + price plans could have more variety for storage + there should be a way to sync offline backup automatically when you connect to internet again. Despite these suggestions it’s the best music ap for phone atm if u have a pc music folder also it’s the best cloud storage service overall in pricing, storage, and ease of use. All other cloud services I would give 2 stars compared to mega! 😁
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7 months ago, Meh 😬
Good, one problem
I have been using MEGA for a few months and it’s worked well and as good as I expected. But, a problem that I have is that whenever I try to download a 6GB-8GB video file to my photos, it wont let me and it says that the file is already downloaded but when I go to downloads it says insufficient disk space. So, I go to my phone storage to see what the problem is and I only have 32 out of the 64GB on my phone used, so I am confused on why it’s not letting me download my files. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app countless times and even made a new account, but it doesn’t seem to work! :(
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6 years ago, Danieelit
Awesome App but I have questions
I love this App and service so much. A friend referred this to me. However, I have two questions: 1) Will my things going to be deleted days, weeks, or months later after the GB returns to 15? I have 45GB taken right now... will I lose everything ? 2) Will I be able to download all my things, (including the things that takes the extra space), after it returns to 15GB, or I can’t download anything afterwards unless I pay? Also, I’m referring to Free Account, not to any Subscription. I use Mega to revive my best memories and moments in my life, and I’m afraid of loosing them.
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5 years ago, Ran Runner
Wonderful app! But...
As the title says, this app is wonderful! But I have just one, albeit lengthy complaint. The app doesn't play videos on it very well. With shorter than usual videos, like 7 second long ones, I found that the audio gets cut off sooner than intended, nor does the visual part of the video come in. With longer videos, like 20 minute ones, they take ages to load. And relevant to all of them, they're never quite done loading even when the videos play, and take longer to be finished. All of the above mentioned wears down my patience quite a lot and could benefit from some tweaking. That is all I have to say, thank you for reading.
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6 years ago, An Angry Pandora Listener
The biggest problem I have with this company is the fact that they dive very close to, if not into unethical waters. So they limit the amount of storage or download you can do right, the only way for you to get more is to either buy it, or do a number of things they say will get you a higher limit. The amount you can download restarts every 6 hour, keep that in mind. So when you download their mobile app, or download their computer app it says that it will give you more space. However what it really says in the email they send you in small print at the bottom is that it may take several days for you to get the bonus data. I’m all for company’s making a profit but when you have to do sketchy stuff like this in an effort to make people buy your product, you’re doing something wrong
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5 years ago, RNArriaga
Screw Dropbox, Privacy is Key
If you’ve ever used Dropbox, this is basically identical to that except fully encrypted. Integrates perfectly with phone, multiple PC’s and tablets. Clean and easy interface, this is privacy protection at its absolute finest. You can share files and folders easily with friends and just as easily keep all your secrets hidden from everyone. Mega does not store your password so there will never be a security breach from their end. Free service is great for casual user, and they have enough paid plans to suite any level of users needs. Highly highly recommend this.
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4 years ago, theflashfan1122
Love the app but...
This app is amazing it allows me to have so much storage on my gallery. It lets me keep all my important photos and videos without having to delete them. One problem that happens to me is when I try to upload around 10-20 items it tells me that it doesn’t have the space for that but when I look at my storage usage I’ve barley used an storage. For videos that are a minute long it doesn’t allow me to upload. I don’t know if it’s an issue on my part or the app but I hope it gets fixed soon. Sometimes when I try to upload on the app instead of my gallery it doesn’t upload on there.
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4 years ago, Byakugan360
Near Perfect if Update Reverted
MEGA for iOS is one of my most used apps. I use it almost every day to look at my personal photos, since it’s really easy to use the PC program and app to make sure everything is in sync! I also really like how I can choose exactly which folders to download offline, a feature I really wish other cloud apps had. My main complaint comes in the latest update. When scrolling through offline pictures in fullscreen mode, every time a new picture is scrolled, the non-fullscreen ui shows up for a brief moment and shakes the entire picture. This issue is incredibly annoying for me, and I hope it can be fixed in the near future!
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1 year ago, StressingnDepressing
Something weird and extremely glitchy happened
I personally love MEGA, it works fine day to day and it’s very reliable. However just today something weird happened, maybe it had to do with too much storage on the app? Because I tried to open it again and again and then all of a sudden my phone was glitching so bad it took a minute to turn on. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I thought I might have to take it to the Apple Store until I was able to turn on Siri and had to power the whole phone off and turn it back on. I deleted the app and I’m going to see if it works again
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