MegaCity HD

5 (6)
32.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
ColePowered Games Ltd.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for MegaCity HD

5 out of 5
6 Ratings
6 years ago, Mmandell70
Thanks for updating this great game to 64 bit! I'd hate to lose it.
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11 years ago, acertaingirl
My new favorite game... pass the time. Previously I have played Triple Town and Wurdle to engage my mind during boring sections of life. This has replaced both of them. One suggestion in a new update would be an "undo" feature. Sometimes my finger functions faster than my brain and I put a tile in the wrong spot. Also, what is the Bulldoze tile's function? It appears to do nothing.
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11 years ago, r_b_bergstrom
Analysis paralysis
Overall a new and neat style of game. The flavor / theme is a little tacked-on (why does a bank affect the specifc seemingly random pattern it does, etc), but the mechanics are solid enough to get past it. It's unique, and it will challenge your mind. However, it could really use a timer to keep you from taking forever, or, barring that, bigger rewards for making the perfect move (either completing many columns at once, or over developing a row or column). I end up spending way too much time analyzing every possible position for every tile trying to get that perfect configuration, and then afterwards feeling like it was wasted effort when all this results in is a handful of extra points and no impact on play later in the game. It's like a more-complicated version of tetris, if tetris didn't have the blocks falling to force you to sometimes have to make a suboptimal play and live with it. A timer (or declining property values over time) would definitely help kick the brain out of analysis paralysis, and thus result in a more enjoyable game. The game ends when it does because of fatigue, suicide, or lack of focus instead of the surge of emotion that comes with a countdown timer or goal achievement. Don't get me wrong, I like the game. I appreciate the unique play and the complicated puzzle that it presents. It's just kinda slow and the game drags on forever.
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11 years ago, alrdye
A solid puzzle game, not a sim.
This is not a sim game in any sense of the word but it is a pretty cool puzzle. The idea is to place additive buildings in the grid and then place multiplier buildings in between them to gain points and clear the rows. Kinda like a horizontal Tetris. One hint, when you get a building with red on it, stick it on a edge, the red negative zones don't follow the buildings when they move away from the edge. The negatives are that you can't play your own music, a huge deal for me. I don't like some of the in game music. Also the game frequently resets when you leave it. Also the games are short because while the cost to clear each row goes up the points you get does not. Fix these problems and is give it five stars. Lastly I've knocked a star off because it randomly locks up and you have kill it, losing any progress.
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12 years ago, Foxyshadis
Very cool take on board puzzles
I've never experienced anything quite like this game, which is saying something with all the gaming I do! Take the basic mechanics of pipe puzzles, then add a tetris-y sliding board and a steadily rising counter and you have a recipe for a challenge. The initial tiles are very easy to strategically place, but it gets increasingly tough with the later ones, especially with such high scores required. Too bad there's no undo for mistakes! My only problem with the game is that it takes a while to unlock things and really get going, unless you lay out some cash.
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11 years ago, Kendahlj
Needs a few things...
Overall an enjoyable game. It's designed to get you to buy IAP though. If there was IAP for the ability to save a game and come back to it I would pay for it. the leveling takes forever, begging you to buy IAP for quicker leveling. Challenges are pretty tough. Needs better rewards for making chains or scoring high point columns. Biggest flaw is no save game as games can last forever. If I have 10 min to play a game I'm not picking this one...
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11 years ago, Jhilgard
Very Mediocre
While I applaud the idea, the scoring mechanics are boring and the city doesn't really react much. Why not give players a "combo" bonus when clearing multiple lines? It would encourage you to play dangerously, filling the screen, then clearing it all in one giant combo. Reminds you of other, better puzzle games like Tetris Attack, maybe? Instead, the threshold tends to increase mid-chain, punishing you for trying such a cool move. Just not very interesting or compelling, and the city-building theme isn't really supported by the gameplay.
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11 years ago, ElectricPandaBoogaloo
Fantastic & Challenging
A combination of Tetris, Sudoku, & Sim City. Fun way to pass the time in the regular gameplay mode. Tough, but brain building in the challenge mode. I look forward to more updates as this game evolves. An app for those who enjoy puzzles, critical thinking, problem solving, and don't want to just zone out during games. If you're looking for mindless muck, dl something else.
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11 years ago, Boomshadow
Just when you think you know puzzle games...
Along comes something like this game to completely blow your mind. Controls are well laid out and easy to handle, and the rules are simple, but the strategy is deep. Bring an extra battery; you'll run down your phone playing for hours on end. Well done!
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10 years ago, SkahT
Very cool
I like the concept of the game. VERY polished. The challenge modes are kind of like puzzles, but you don't get to see all your pieces at the start. It relies on multiple tries and memorizing the level to do well, which is unfortunate. Letting me scroll through the upcoming pieces list would be helpful. Still a five star app though!
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12 years ago, Erick Carlson
My new favorite game
I love it. The gameplay reminds me of Drop7, but it's unique. The core of it is deciding where to place each tile, accounting for the positive or negative effect it has on the surrounding area. The simcity motif adds a nice logic to the effects, so a -1 tile isn't arbitrary because it's a landfill. It's not a simcity game; it's a puzzle game and a great one at that.
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11 years ago, Adam__N
Why the change?
I really liked this game before the latest update. I loved the music and the sound effects were solid. It now feels like the developers have attempted to make the game cuter with silly uptempo music and cuter sound effects. If the option is not there now, I'm hoping I can switch back to the old music. Otherwise I'm going with no sound at all. What a drag.
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11 years ago, Blair E.
A great new type of puzzle game.
Finally some real innovation and fresh ideas in the puzzle genre. A very addictive, very clever game that combines Sim City with an endless parade of city puzzle blocks. Takes only a second to learn but will keep you challenged for hours.
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11 years ago, Torgoth
Simple easy to learn very well made
Lots of games bill themselves as "simple to learn, difficult to master" but megacity delivers! It's great for a quick pick up and play but I've spent hours in a session and keep coming back for more.
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10 years ago, GmatterG
Classic puzzler
Top notch puzzler combines classic elements and ever increasing challenge to keep you coming back for one more round. The IAP's are in now way intrusive, but there if you want to increase the speed that new elements game elements unlock.
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11 years ago, Madame Thomas
I enjoy the challenge- actually have to think! The only thing I find annoying is that when the game is going well the computer throws several negatives - like landfills - at you so you tank! Other than that really like this game.
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12 years ago, Mythosfan
Great Puzzler
I love this game. It's a simple to learn puzzler that's incredibly addicting. It reminds me a little of One Piece Mansion. My only gripe is that the screen won't rotate, so I can't use my case to prop up my iPad while playing. As always, be sure to restart your device before playing a new game.
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10 years ago, Likeflint
Great puzzle game!
I don't often review but they deserve it. I hope this game does well! Only thing I don't care for is the music. It'd be nice to have a selection or access to the iPod function.
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7 years ago, jccovey
Great way to get my Concrete Jungle fix when I'm away from my PC!
While MegaCity looks dated compared to the dev's new game, the exceptionally-polished Concrete Jungle that carries the city building, column-clearing motif to new heights, the roots are here. Well worth 99 cents.
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11 years ago, PastorDanMcCormick
Love it, however...
I wish the starting tiles were random instead of five houses each time. And I wish that there weren't so many red tiles when my board is almost full, lol. Great thinking/strategy game. Simple to play yet so very hard to master!
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11 years ago, Watchbird2
Brain exercise lite
Takes some time to learn the strategy, but worth the effort! Hard to put down once you get the hang of it.
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11 years ago, T*Shirt
I the over-analyzing engineer enjoy this as much as my 5 year old. (I have found that an undo could be useful though)
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11 years ago, Goedeke
Clever puzzle game
This game has more longevity for me than most puzzle games thanks to the large play area giving real strategic and tactical choices.
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11 years ago, jenk777
I didn't really get it at first, but glad I stuck with trying it without knowing what I was doing :-). Ends up quite an addictive game.
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11 years ago, J.dubya
Great concept
I love the gameplay but hate the fact that the game starts over any time you leave the app, including if you get an incoming phone call. You lose all the progress you made over the previous 15 minutes. This makes it unplayable for me.
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11 years ago, Tgibson1965
Great concept, very well done. Wish the unlockable bonus tiles would come by more often though.
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10 years ago, I am Birknasty
I've been playing all week!
This is one of the best puzzle games ever on the App Store. It has a fun progression path and doesn't overwhelm you with IAP
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12 years ago, quikblue
If you like games where you have to think...
This is a great little strategy game !!
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8 years ago, Squonkster
Wonderful puzzle
A great, addictive game with a very cool theme. I keep coming back to this game again every few months!
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12 years ago, CygnetSeven
Sharpen the skills of your mind in this fantastic board game. Similar to Catan and Carcassonne but easier on the wallet. Each tile you place changes the game's outcome. Very clever. Thank you.
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11 years ago, MarieCW
Something Different!
A unique puzzle game that's a lot if fun. Strategy and planning are needed. Challenge mode adds an extra element.
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11 years ago, Odd fanboy
Good music. Makes me think and has unlockables. Doesn't require me to pay to have a good time.
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11 years ago, Geode97
Love it
I live playing this game. It's refreshingly different. I just wish I could listen to my audio book or music while playing.
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11 years ago, Supreme Dalek Khan
Totally Addicting!
This game rocks. It's fun, challenging, and makes you think. My finger heads to this game whenever I head to my games folder.
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11 years ago, SayNoToCrashes
Needless sound interference
This game turns off whatever music is playing on start-up in order to bombard you with its sound. Even if you've turned the sound off previously. This is a puzzle game and sound isn't needed to play; these developers do not respect your user experience.
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11 years ago, ToeTagMan
Fun game
Been playing for hours, not bad, will be playing this one for a good while.
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11 years ago, johndango
Fantastic game that more need a chance to see!
This game is fantastic. It's engaging, addicting, satisfying and fun. Best of all, it's free. Download it and form your own opinions on it.
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11 years ago, @CoffeyWeb
I absolutely love this game, time goes by so quickly with it. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a good challenge!
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11 years ago, *Karma*
Nice idea
Enjoying this little game. Am getting better slowly as I play more.
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11 years ago, Elite_West_Coast
Fun game
Really fun and addictive game. I wish there was an "undo" however for when I make a mistake.
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11 years ago, Brittany Whalen
Excellent game!
Well worth the buy! If you enjoy a challenging puzzle game, this app is certainly for you.
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11 years ago, Chakapack
Very nice update
Nice update, i like the new interface and the new things. It's a very good game
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11 years ago, Biggest Alex
Fun and very original puzzle game
Highly recommended
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12 years ago, Websteria
Great game.
The developer has clearly put a lot of time and effort into this. A great puzzler with a fresh take on the genre.
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11 years ago, Lyke4real?
It's like a puzzle version of sim city. Can't stop playing.
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11 years ago, Channel Jules
Good game!
Fun to play, but never seem to get the piece you need to clear a level when you need it.
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11 years ago, devlim
Bug on level 10?
After achieve level 10, the level bar on the right side will never increase no matter how many time 1 play. 😱👎
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11 years ago, betomogu
Cant put it down
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11 years ago, RebelWorm
I'm not a fan of the new look
but the save-a-piece is really helpful.
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12 years ago, Carlos-CAD
Good puzzle
It's a good puzzle. No time pressure. You need to plan ahead which gives a nice strategic, but not too complex, touch. Suggestions: - GameCenter - Screen rotation - Tap a placed tile could show its name or type - Graphics improvements (it's kind of simple, it could look way better or even more professional)
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