Member One FCU Mobile

4.8 (4.1K)
69.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Member One FCU
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Member One FCU Mobile

4.77 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
4 years ago, DoesntUpdate
Bad First Experience
I had a really difficult time setting up my accounts. The representative did not pay attention to what she was doing in my address was incorrect and then my debit card was attached to my sons phone number. I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes each time I pull to try to get something corrected. They don’t have Zelle. I hope things will get better going forward so I can give a five star.
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4 years ago, 1Owl44
I use Apps for many of my accounts but this one is ridiculous! I keep getting asked to verify a new device (my phone). I’ve done that already! I click the silly little megaphone icon and it tells me to sign up for e-statements. I’ve already done that too! Next, wanted to opt out of “notifications,” and I couldn’t find where to do it on the App. It should be under “Settings,” but that’s where my profile info is. I then went to the actual website..had to log in AGAIN, go through 2 step authentication AGAIN (did that already too!) Then navigate the site to finally find “Notifications.” Once I deselected the notifications I no longer want, there was nothing to click to confirm my new settings. So, I don’t know yet if they were actually submitted!! APPS ARE MEANT TO SAVE TIME AND SHOULD BE USER FRIENDLY!!!! If you can’t set up the app to do what it needs to do without all the hassle, then hire someone to work on it that knows what they’re doing!!!
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3 years ago, timbob earnhardt
Debit card renewal
My debit card was on it’s last month before expiration. I waited for Member One to send a new card as most banks do on the last month before expiration. On the expiration date, I went to a local branch and they stated that a card should have already been sent to me. This was not the case. I ended up having to use my credit card for 2 weeks while waiting on the new debit card. I got behind on a couple of bills and now I have a credit card balance I did not foresee. The employees in both the branch and over the phone were not helpful at all and seemed to be very short with me. They did not offer any useful alternative options for me to get certain bills paid on time the way in the way I desired. I plan on setting up a new account elsewhere as soon as I am able to. I felt extremely disrespected by all Member One staff.
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6 years ago, hereforthesnacks
A very clean app that serves its purpose
If it anything is telling, I moved across the country—and I still am part of Member One. A big reason for this is its electronic services. This app is not overdone, yet I have the conveniences that I need. I could not imagine switching to another bank because of these services alone. They complement the excellent customer service representatives and practices of Member One.
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1 year ago, AMJJB
Member 1 FCU
I absolutely love this bank the Fairlawn Virginia location isn’t very convenient it doesn’t have like a drive thru but it does have wheelchair access so that’s a plus but the people are very friendly and I get paid early through my Disability Benefits thank y’all
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6 years ago, coin man2222556
Better than it was! No problems here
Their app used to be so-so. This new update brings it into the modern age in terms of looks and functionality. Touch ID support. Nice clean menus with flat colors. Never had any crashes or bugs.
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5 years ago, kvStevie
As a new member of Member One I found this mobile app to be worthless as far as making payments to my loan or doing anything at all with the account. It is poorly implemented. The website for Member One isn’t much better. Payment slips for my auto loan tell me I can make online payments at the website but the website offers no option to make any online payments to my loan account. Very disappointed with the online offerings of Member One, not user friendly at all and bad implementation all around.
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3 years ago, 2611Chelle
More accounts
I have two accounts with you a personal and a joint account, but I am only able to have one on my app.
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2 years ago, Tolga Balci
App doesn’t stay logged in and forgets your login in a few weeks
So so app, what has two strong weaknesses. 1) staying logged in and forgetting your credentials is one 2) be able to transfer enough money into my checking account to actually pay for my loans is also another. How am I supposed to pay for my loans if I’m not allowed to transfer but $1000 into my account. Ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Hamel Moric
Great app
Not sure of other peoples issues, but I love the app. I check my account at least 3-4 times a day (bad experience with Wachovia makes me paranoid on banks) and only run into issues when there is maintenance.
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3 years ago, Butt Nutt
Customer review
Member one has been an excellent walk in and online services with the member one app! I was with another bank and they do not compare in any way with member one! Forever a customer.
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6 years ago, trav4171
Credit card
There are no statements for credit card accounts that would be very helpful
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4 years ago, An trf
Mobile Check Deposit
I love this feature!
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2 years ago, samghill
Mobile check deposit
Since this update last I am unable to do check deposit by mobile. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, allowed access and everything else I know to do. But am still unable to do this.
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4 years ago, VABOii
Bill setup
I can’t set up my bill payments
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6 years ago, Special416
Multiple accounts
I do not like the fact you can only add more accounts to this app. I have two checking and a saving plus car loan. I can only see one checking account and can transfer between the two. Second account has become useless
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5 years ago, Mangazzz
Works ok
App sometimes crashes. Easy to use. Difficult to check anything other than ONE checking and ONE savings account. Money transfer to other people can be complicated
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5 years ago, ...tiredaf
I wish they had pending transactions for all types and not just when you use the card. It be be way convenient if they added the option for pending payments on bill pay and transfers.
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2 years ago, ToddM2U
Broken check deposit
App worked great, but something has failed with recent IOS updates. Now the camera will not function for the deposits… only shows blurry and indicates that rotation is required.
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3 months ago, RickX61
Mobile deposit
I trued to deposit a check by mobile deposit. I even CHECKED the box that says mobile or remote deposit. Check was rejected because it didn’t have MOFCU on it. Why even have a box to check if you have to write that on it.
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2 years ago, allysen morgan
Always issues
This app is constantly having issues! Now it won’t let me take a picture of my mobile deposit. Not worth the hassle…and there is a constant issue with my debit card. New bank on the horizon!
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2 years ago, stupid nickname for review
App needs ability to see credit card statements & transactions!
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3 years ago, Defeater of Diabetes
Easy App
Very user friendly
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2 years ago, F8vred1
Love the app. It’s clean, fresh looking, and understandable. Would like to see a more distinct difference between deposits from: CashApp, Zelle, and Givelify.
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2 years ago, JoeMotherFingWindel
Not user friendly
Sometimes can’t view credit card transactions. Also, have two individuals with same account credit card but only one can view Transactions.
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7 years ago, Jbh 194572727
Not bad
Has basic functions. Not as good as the "big bank" apps but definitely does what you need for basic transactions.
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4 years ago, chubzilla 76
Member one is the absolute best bank I’ve ever dealt with.
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6 years ago, rhugg119
Can’t log in
I’ve added all my information, it says it need to confirm my identity then only has a call option, use the call and it doesn’t work
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3 years ago, jerry whitt
Branch hours…
The app is awesome… the fact that the branch closest to me is not opened on Saturdays is very annoying.
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3 years ago, Fester McLong
Quit soliciting feedback
I hate you app due to every time I open it, I am prompted to review it. Just make a quality application and let the reviews come.
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3 months ago, LegionOfTheDamned
Member One App
Check deposit is absolutely useless, App itself isn’t the most user friendly either.
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7 years ago, Schmucker
Needs update for iPhone X
Screen resolution needs to be updated for iPhone X. But the app overall is nice with few downsides.
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5 years ago, brandon 621987
I can only see 2 of my 4 accounts because you alls system can’t sustain it between profiles! Fix it or I’m leaving banks.... PERIOD!
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5 years ago, R71ROA
Great bank!!
Great bank!! Great app!!
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3 years ago, Audiophile93
Needs work
Not bad needs work
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6 years ago, Sookie7441
This app is so bad that I’m considering switching banks. The app malfunctions every other day. My friend has BB&T as their bank and they are much better.
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6 years ago, no wheels
Go through the dealer you can get a car loan if you go straight to bank and try denied that’s crazy
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5 years ago, 1dc256
Like the app
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3 months ago, adele 32
Love this app
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3 years ago, johnsocd14
Need FaceID
Please get FaceID
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10 years ago, MonkeyStar91
Ecstatic they updated! Better Version!
I just wanted to let someone in customer service know that I am very pleased with the new app! Before I refused to use the old one because it just didn't work! (Which since you updated it you probably already know that) but anyway! I will definitely be using this app on the future!!
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6 years ago, 🎓Erik!
iPhone X resolution
Please update for iPhone X users.
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8 years ago, Clingmom
Great banking tool!
I really like that I can deposit checks and keep track of my account from the mobile app. It's also really easy to pay bills! The one feature that I wish was available is to be able to transfer funds to another member from the app. With 2 kids out of state for college, there have been multiple times they needed money for a doctors visit or just gas in the car & I've had to wait until I could get to a computer to transfer the needed funds to them.
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10 years ago, 30+ year customer
Downloaded the app so I could have access to mobile check deposit. First time I tried to use it the 'app could not access my information' even though I was logged in. Had to try again later. Second time is kept telling me the back of the check wasn't the same size as the front or the pic was too bright, retake picture. It did eventually process. I've used better banking apps but it did what is was suppose to finally.
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10 years ago, UrbanOddities
Good app but problems w Camera
Over all good app that does as intended. There is a problem with how the app interacts with the camera on iPhone 5s. Camera is shifted to left and cuts off edges even when you use the guides. Can lead to a failed deposit so never destroy the check until you get confirmation and see it in your registry. Error emails look a lot like confirmation emails. This is a recent problem and other banks apps work when this one has issues. Good stuff otherwise though.
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8 years ago, CMC_Orange
Great app
Love that you can log in via finger print. I use Member One solely to pay my mortgage. In stead of having to fumble my way through the mortgage lender's sorry excuse for a website, I can use bill pay through this app to pay it in under 2 minutes. Love it.
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10 years ago, Cherri0128
Love this app!
Since I signed up for mobile banking, depositing checks has been so much easier. I work from home so I would go by the bank only when I was already out. Now I can deposit a check the second I receive it. I love this convenience.
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7 years ago, beanyman07
Excellent time-saving and user friendly app!
The Bill Pay feature offered by Member One and its functionality within the app has saved me a ton of time! This is one of the most treasured apps on my phone!
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9 years ago, Tattootommy45
Since I've joined Member One and Member One online services ALL my banking needs have been taken care and the customer service is top shelf too no matter if it's at the branch or on the phone and the app for my iPhone is really user friendly. Thanks Member One!
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7 years ago, rebecca aragon
Don't deposit checks on this app!
I deposited a check on the mobile app and it showed that the check was deposited. I went to pay a bill and got a returned check fee. I called the bank and they said that when you when you deposit a check on the app, they hold it for two weeks. They also wouldn't refund my overdraft fee. I'm closing out my account and transferring my auto loan to another bank because of this.
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