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User Reviews for Meme Deep Fryer - Meme Maker

4.35 out of 5
917 Ratings
4 years ago, Aristotle Kaporis
Taking away from perfection
The app just a few days ago had everything you could ask for and beyond. You could just make memes with it, but for me it became my go to photo editing app for free. Every feature you could ask for is here with only minor exceptions. The most versatile tool in the app are the fryers; I do most of my editing on the image fryer. The problem is that when adding text, there is a very bad cap on how small you can make the text, and the text will have a drop shadow no matter what. This makes doing certain stylistic designs near impossible without spending a lot of time on masking. Another problem happened in a more recent update, the removal of the algorithms used by Tiny Marker. Tiny Marker’s algorithm is a smart selection tool that made creating masks and elements as simple as photoshop and other high-end picture-editing software. The new approach makes making masks and manipulating the scene near impossible, and the main purpose I had for the app is no longer able to be done anywhere near as simply as before. Everything besides those two gripes work excellently, and the app ruined its near perfect status. I have no clue if the removal of Tiny Marker’s algorithm must’ve been done, but having it happen made me realize how much use it was.
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3 years ago, uhhCallie
Great for deep frying, gifs are a different story
I personally love this app. I use it on occasion, sometimes to make funny memes for my friends. It has a lot of features to use, and it’s relatively simple. My only complaint about it is that the scroll selection thing doesn’t save your last saved tool, but it isn’t a huge deal. Now on the other hand, gifs. Sometimes I want to make my own gif, or maybe screen record a video to make into a gif, vice versa. The gif maker keeps freezing and crashing, honestly gets really annoying redownloading the app every time I want to make a gif. Other than the freezing and crashing, when you’re actually able to make a gif, it turns out great! Other gif maker apps make such low quality gifs, and this app is all in one for free. I’m just not so sure why the gif maker always freezes and crashes when I try to import a video, and it’s not fun trying to fix it.
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6 years ago, Muskabulldog
Great app so far, but a few suggestions
I’ve only had this for a few days and already love the edits i’ve been able to produce with the help of this unholy beast. my main comments so far: - the ability to zoom in while placing stickers would be tremendously intuitive (unless that’s already a feature that i haven’t figured out how to use yet). this goes along with the current top-rated review regarding the sticker sensitivity and how they seem to fly out of frame with the slightest nudge, causing a decent amount of imbalance while placing them. - scrolling through fonts would be much more user-friendly if there was a pop-up menu that showed more font options at a time, as opposed to scrolling through one by one (after all, there’s a huge selection, which is a plus). - the “fake messages” feature. awesome that this is an option, fun way to brainstorm scenarios. but a few things that could potentially make them more realistic: the ability to insert the recipients name at the top of the chat log, and “delivered/read” status receipts at the bottom of the most recent text. that is all i have to say! thank you.
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5 years ago, AwesomeASP
Best meme app on the App Store
I’ve had this app for about 6 months now, and it is by far the easiest and most convenient way to make a quick meme. I can just drag already made images onto a photo rather than spending hours in photoshop or gimp. Text is also very intuitive. Easy five stars for that alone. The stickers are also pretty great (and kept reasonably relevant thanks to frequent updates). If I had to give some ideas to the developer(s), I would say that the ability to choose and change the layers that stickers and text were on would be useful. Also the ability to combine images (even better, the capacity to cut out backgrounds and adding an alpha layer to the image) would be great. However, the app is really intuitive and easy to use, and I’ve convinced a few friends to get it. Truly epic
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6 years ago, flatopkid
Good app! But needs some fixes!
I got this app and I love everything about it but I only got one problem that I think needs to be fixed in order for it to be 10/10 The problem is with the controls for the effects. Every time I try to use or place one down for example the flare effect, it is wayyy to sensitive and moves away out of the screen if you don’t keep your fingers on the screen and the bump and pinch effect controls are just painful to use but for a quick fix try running their controls like the photoshop fix app where you have a circle that represents the range of your effect and you control it from there, I hope to get a reply from you guys and wish to bounce ideas back and forth
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1 year ago, Griffin777_
The app (almost) works perfectly
Have used this app for over 6 years now and it’s been used by me countless times, completely deserving a five star review. I have noted that on IOS 15.6.1 on an iPhone 8, attempting to use top text animated immediately crashes the app no matter what. As this is the only way to reliably get top text without the image changing, it makes that aspect of meme making impossible. Also, when the feature worked it would default to a black bar with white text, and it would be nice to have an option to change it to a white bar with black text. Other than that, it’s amazing to see all the hard work put into this app pay off!
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5 years ago, Dwight's Beet Juice
Just Epic
I’ve had this app for a long while and I’ve seen it go from a buggy app with few features to a really easy to use and effective photo editor. Nearly every time I open the app I’m greeted with new features that I have to try (too bad I’m not creative enough to utilize them). Apps like these are usually bombarded with ads but I run into very few ads and they are not annoying at all. Sure there are bugs (like currently the iMessage icon is now white with lines) but usually those are swiftly fixed. The only thing I would like to request is a way to move the iMessage icons around because I usually only use the dabbing and laughing crying emojis. Honestly, this app is just epic. Great job!
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2 months ago, KN2100G
Text Color Issue
There’s a problem with choosing the color for the text. On the left side of the color scale, there’s a range from white to red but I can only select up the very light pink when I scroll to the farthest left of the scale instead of white. For some reason, this doesn’t really seem like a issue on the right side of the scale where there’s a range from dark red to black; I am still able to choose black. This seems to be a rather new issue because back then I was able to choose white fine. I hope this is fixed soon, this is one of the main apps I use for editing memes and images.
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4 years ago, Fedora_Boy
Fallen From Glory
As so many others have said, this app used to be perfect. Made making memes so easy. But then they updated the sticker maker and background remover—and now it’s terrible! You used to be able to remove the background so easily, but then that stupid highlight/line style update happened and now it makes making decent PNGs nearly impossible. Please bring the old way back! Everything else? Great. I’ve heard some stuff about text, but never really saw happening to me. These guys used to take peoples opinions into account, what happened to that? There’s more than enough people asking for the old way to be restored for SOMEONE to have noticed and gotten to work on it by now. We need to make memes more than every right now...
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4 years ago, Lizzerd!
please fix the stickers.
This is a very good app for deep frying pictures and memes. it has a variety of options to deep fry your memes. I used to love the sticker system, where you could highlight which part of a picture you would like to use, but I feel like the new system is very hard to use. if I make a mistake, I do not know how to go back or I have to start all over. I hope the old system for the stickers will be added back in an update soon. apart from the stickers this is a very useful app if you want to alter or deep fry pictures. I recommend it over any other meme deep frying app.
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3 years ago, MaChuCheung
Almost Perfect Editing
EDIT: Crash whenever I press the line tool while creating a new sticker. There’s currently one critique that I have about editing through the templates. If I want to import multiple pictures, I have to choose their size/row type (e.g. 4:3 image). Unless there’s a feature I don’t know about, when I want to design my own template, it’s difficult to find the correct photo ratio as the place holder for when I import my own photo. I’d hope that, eventually, there is an option to automatically adjust the template as needed by the photos I import: particularly, make it convenient to add/stack a bunch of photos on top of each other that are the same in width but different lengths.
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6 years ago, IGN:Daequadd
Great App!
I use this app so I could put memes in r/deepfriedmemes and I have gotten a lot of upvotes and views! I have even gotten on the front page a couple times. One thing I hope you could add is something like photoshop. Like editing the background out etc. If this was added it would also be cool to have a feature where you can deep fry certain parts/layers. Another thing that would be cool is more imessage stickers. I use these all the time to mess with my friends in group chats. Aside from adding in more features/my suggestions the app is great! Thanks for reading my review! -Chromoholic
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3 years ago, TheMysteryMemer
Really? Again? Highlighter sticker creator?
This tool is literally what makes this app better than the competition. I remember how much it sucked when y’all removed it the first time. You learned, and added it back and all was well. Did you forget what happened last time??? This app was soooooo amazing! Why would you remove the best part? Edit : ah, I was just told that it was necessary to remove this feature. It’s a huge loss but for a while this made this app incredible. Hoping they can find a way to bring it back.
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4 years ago, CookieCraver64
Perfect replacement for Deep Fried!
This app is wonderful, and it even has more content than Deep Fried! With only a few small flaws like the sensitivity when moving things and the slider for things like sharpness being hard to press, there’s isn’t much wrong. Thank you for showing mercy and using ads instead of a subscription. Like, come on, who’s gonna pay a stupid subscription for a meme app? Anyways this app is a wonderful alternative and anyone who’s looking at reviews should definitely give this a try!
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4 years ago, Maddier_0607
Love the app! Also have some ideas
So the app is great! I love editing my photos and videos and it’s so much fun to use for TikTok! I even have some ideas that I think would be much better! So there’s this filter that like everyone uses on the deep/alt/beans tik tok, that makes your face look very demented and evil and you can get it on Snapchat but I think it would also be much better if you put that face filter on your app! Please take my idea in to consideration. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, elweirdy
Photoshopping is way harder
I used to use this app for photoshopping all the time, but when they updated it, it got really difficult to photoshop anything. I can’t see the buttons for some reason, and there’s no back arrow for removing your last action, if there is I can’t see it. The auto fill doesn’t work as well, and when I switch it to erasing mode the auto fill won’t work anymore. Sometimes when I can manage to fill In the thing I want to photoshop only the edges will be cropped out. I hope this gets fixed so I can go back to using this app.
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4 years ago, Big Smoke iss me Carl
Adding stickers
Hello there, I use this app to deep fry and make memes on my phone a lot. I love this app. I have one problem with it though, the new way that you add stickers isn’t as good as the last way. Now if you want to add stickers you have to draw out the section of the photo you want to use. Before you added in the parts of photo you wanted to use and you could precisely add in exactly what you wanted. Could you please revert it back to the old way of adding stickers from user library? Thank you.
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6 years ago, Bugflymanbuildingpumpkin
So much better! Keep up the good work!
I’ve had this app for a while, in its earlier stages is was very clunky and hard to use. I was hesitant to give it a good rating before. I kept it because the results were hilarious. With the latest update, all the problems are gone! The app is very responsive and I love the breaking news and top text format. The app is so much better than it was before and I hope you continue to update it. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Zoey chloe
Just one gripe
Giving it 5 stars because the app has done everything I’ve needed to use it for except one simple thing, which I don’t think it deserves losing a star for. I can’t figure out how to change the border color on text. For some reason when adding text to an image the border is black, but on a video the border is white. Is there a way to change the color and I’m just an idiot, or is this not a feature?
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4 years ago, CarterDean52
Serves its purpose well
Though this app gets the job done for all its uses, it’s got some bugs that need to be worked out, like how flare doesn’t follow where you place it. Also I found that you cannot get back to the app and have to restart it when you accidentally hit save to files instead of camera roll. Otherwise solid editing app 👏
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5 years ago, Luskarre
I love this app and have been using it for a while to make memes, but one of the recent updates has made it difficult. The little bubble for resizing text is way too difficult to use and doesn’t allow for small text without spinning the box around. I believe the old method of pinching worked better. That would make this 10/10 for me.
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6 years ago, MinnieMom72
This app is so good!
You guys have done a great job. There’s a never ending list of stuff I want to use just on my phone and within minutes after adding deep fryer to my list it was taken off because I saw this app. The interface is not bad, manageable, and it is so easy that it kind has turned into a hobby of mine to use this app. Sure, I might get barely more than 30 upvotes but hey, this app is PERFECTLY designed and the fact that the uh.. text doesn’t have a white box around it is good. But please, PLEASE make the default font like, Arial, or something normal? Please? Other than that, I’d donate to you guys if I was a millionaire, I’d give you $100,000 if I was a millionaire. Good job. You made America great again. -dab-
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4 months ago, aschxh
Broken audio
When editing a video with the audio changer for the dialogue, it only plays the audio for about three seconds, and then breaks and doesn’t play the audio at all for the rest of the video. I’ve tried everything and this isn’t fixed. Please help.
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3 years ago, London froggie
Fun but missing old features
This app is great and can do a lot of things that others can’t do very well like overlaying photos, you used to be able to highlight imported photos to cut shapes and it would automatically detect the shape and import it for you. Sadly this feature was removed and I really miss it. But the other features that distort photos still work great to this day.
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2 years ago, BTW_Communist
I’ve looked for years
I’ve looked for years to find a decent meme app, this app is quick and easy to use. Very good and user friendly User-interface and options to chose from. I looked up “meme fryer” and found this app but it offers much more than the fact I just watched to deep fry a meme for my sister
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4 years ago, Staypuffsalot
So I know this seems like a fake review but it is not, I had another deep fry app that didn’t have that many features but it got the job done, then the dev of that app made it so you need a subscription to use the app. This app has 10 times an many features and no subscriptions, yes there are ads but you can remove theM for 2 dollars
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4 years ago, 8252680046721579
Sticker features downgraded in recent updates
The new sticker highlighting system is significantly clunkier and harder to use than the old one, and there needs to be a way to turn off the autofill (or whatever it’s called when the app makes a guess and fills in whatever it thinks you’re highlighting). The reason I got this app was to add stickers to photos that were as precise as I wanted them to be, and now this feature is barely better than Snapchat’s.
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4 years ago, SUMMA BOI
This is the best editing app out there except
Look I have used this app for a long time and to select a photo you had to select a size for a cursor thing and it would mostly do all the work for you but with this new update to select a part of a photo it’s more like photo show where you draw an outline except it’s on mobile so it doesn’t work out I just want the original way to select photos because this new way I can’t even make a single meme
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4 years ago, Dr. Buildo
One Thing
This meme maker is great. It has plenty of features and is very simple to use. However, it's missing one major thing that would make it absolutely perfect; a top and bottom text template. May I suggest that this is added in the future? If it ever is, I'll edit my review to 5 stars and recommend it to many others. Thank you.
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6 years ago, monsternikes
Awesome, but needs the circle
Ok so, this app is awesome, but I feel it’s missing some things, the bulges in the photo is definitely one, I know there is a thing for it but, it over exaggerates and there is no control. Little dragable nubs are good too. Also missing the 👌 sticker. Add it plz. Overall great, but just wanted those two to be added. Understandable have a great day fellow comrade.
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5 years ago, Do you like wagfles
Amazing, but one problem
This app is amazing in every way! There is one problem though. Suppose you are trying to make the Mr. Krabs shaking meme. There is no area to twist the edges to make it like that. The only thing close to that is the blur which can be used as the first step to make that meme. If you added that feature, I would give 5 stars. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Turtlesdude
Great app, great update
I love this app. I’ve loved it since I’ve had and the new update with gifs is just...👌🏻. They are such active developers and are constantly responding to reviews, and updating apps. It’s awesome. I deep fried all of my friends contact photos, and I’m known as both a meme dealer and the dankest meme plug. Thanks so much for being so active, and making a great fun app. Keep up the great work👍🏻
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4 years ago, MaryRoseL
Great, Amazing App for Editing
Hi. I’ve always scanned the App Store for good editing apps or meme creating and this one, by far, is the greatest. Little to no ads, no subscriptions, and amazing editing tools. I love the simplicity and ease of use with this app. I get so many features for free and removing ads only cost $2, no subscription. My only problem is I’d love to have a “snap text” to make text added be at exactly 180° and such. Overall, this is not just a great meme deep fryer like it used to be, it’s an AMAZING tool for editing photos in general. My one critique is I always want to save my stickers to my camera roll; is there anyway to do that? Thanks. Great app.
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4 years ago, bladecactus
Great app just one problem
This app is great the photo editing works really good it’s easy and fast but whenever I edit videos they appear in full black and I would like to know if there’s any way to fix this or if it’s just a bug thank you in advance and nice app
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4 years ago, 🐒🌾
GREAT APP INSTALL IF YOU LIKE MEMES, this rlly helps making dank memes or deep fried memes or hood memes whatever your into. This not only deep fries memes good, but it helps making ordinary memes with different templates and boxes in different text such as cheetah vs yeetah memes etc. I really recommend if you only have a phone and don’t have photoshop or anything, plus it’s way easier to use, all in all great app.
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6 years ago, Kissmybootypipe
Great app, terrible interface
This app is one of its kind. Would definitely be a 5/5 if the interface wasn’t so terrible though. For starters, sometimes the color for flares or suns don’t pop up, making it annoying to change the colors. Secondly, when I press the back button by accident I don’t want all of my work to get deleted. App is obviously made by unprofessionals but everyone starts off somewhere.
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5 years ago, Pepperedmeats
I love the update but I have a few problems
The Sticker Library seems to be incredibly disorganized now and its hard to find your own stickers because most of it is jumbled up. If there was a way to filter out the normal stickers from the personal ones that would make the experience better.
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4 years ago, keion white
Bugs and crashes
I like the app and it’s cool and all but I can’t even edit a picture without a random ad showing up EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to edit a picture. Whenever the ad is done showing my screen still shows the same thing and when I check my camera roll it isn’t there. So I try to do it again and again and the same thing STILL happens! Fix your app!
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5 years ago, your mom^2
Not too shabby
This I a great app for creating memes especially those using stickers that the app lets you pull in from other images and it has the quick select tool for easy selecting I’ve made countless things using this app I love it too phot editing app out there even not for memes
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4 years ago, mr. slurp juice
Great thing
This app is amazing there are so many things to do in it the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t undo things for example I was making an image and I accidentally clicked nuke2.0 and I couldn’t Change it back so I had to start alll over again
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5 years ago, yvbcsgkmvcc
We need the old top text format!
This app is still great, but my only complaint is that they changed the top text feature. Now the image is always warped or cut off. If you change it back to the way it was like 6 months ago, it would be a perfect 5 stars
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6 years ago, Sinnerinroll
love it :) gets the job done
every update makes this app better and better! my only request would be to be able to deep fry videos, but i know how hard that can be to set up. otherwise this app is AMAZING and i have no complaints at all :)
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3 years ago, Human Nugget
Works great, a few questions though
This app is absolutely perfect, everything about it is perfect for what I need, though, recently, It seems the “transfer to IMessage” button has disappeared. Is this intentional? If so, how am I mean to get my new stickers over to IMessage?
Show more
3 years ago, yeetthebottle
This app can help in a lot of ways, and it has, I may not be a professional editor, but this has helped me and my friends. We have all had a good laugh at the things we make with this app. Perfection.
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4 years ago, Barryi 😂
I have a idea !!
This is a really good app but it could use one thing, you can customize images but only quick fry videos. You guys should make what you can do with photos videos to.
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6 years ago, Ssunderp
My favorite (and only) deep fryer 😂
I love this, i use this all the time! You should probably add some other things, like a spin blur instead of just the regular old blur. And maybe even an easier and more precise way to choose your color for your flares. Thanks for hearing me out!
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6 years ago, Cuky da boi
It’s great 👌👌
It’s absolutely great for people who like making memes (like me) it’s super easy to use and has pretty much all the stuff you need to deep fry images. I just wish that in the future you could add more stickers, like the “you know I had to do it to em” arms, just as an example.
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1 year ago, chiowashsh
Good but
Good but when I click download templates it says iCloud not available check if logged in. Also crashes when clicking animated top text. iPhone 14 pro max. Please fix thanks
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5 years ago, øøfBøį
Epic gamer moment
This app has good potential and lots to do. I do have one recommendation though. You should make a huge update on October 1. It should be the “spook” update. Decorate the main menu, add spooky stickers, maybe an easter egg somewhere as well. That’s all I have to say. Good luck with the app mate.
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6 years ago, Cookie master🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪😇
Great, one issue
Excellent app but I have one issue. Adding flares with your fingers is really a pain. It takes a while and could be a lot better. I’ve also got a slight question. A lot of memes show what used to be a white background with a brownish yellowish orangish tinge. Do you know if this is possible with this app?
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