Men's Journal

4.5 (1.4K)
47.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Arena Platform, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Men's Journal

4.54 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Roguemonk
Excellent Magazine Goes Digital
As an inaugural subscriber (yes I’m that old) I am pleased to see Men’s Journal deliver a digital option. Now I can enjoy this great magazine at home (paper) and on the road. Very satisfied!
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7 years ago, Breszu
Men's Journal app
Just terrible. How difficult can it be to write a program for an app that actually works. I have a similar issue with another magazine app, "Autocar U.K.", getting locked out of my subscription and having to reinstall every three issues or so. However, the WSJ, New York Times and Daily Telegraph apps never skip a beat, so it is possible to get this right. I have cancelled auto renew on both these magazines. A full refund would be nice but I'm not wasting any more time dealing with these people. I have now purchased more expensive subscriptions with Zinio, leaving the balance of my subscriptions here dead in place, unreadable.
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9 months ago, Add MVPTM
Very poor app along with support
I paid for a year of subscription and only received 3 magazines and when I contacted their support about the problem they never respond back to me. I emailed them on multiple occasions and that is the only way to contact them. I would not recommend this app or magazine to anybody.
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6 years ago, kealaw
Always something
There is always something in MJ that is interesting and helpful. I am 69 and the stories and exercises keep me motivated. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Bra did
Shockingly bad - have to wait weeks to months for current issues
Men’s health needs to find new publishers In this digital age not being able to provide timely production should result in firing the team responsible and finding a team who can deliver The fact this is not resolved shows a lack of leadership oversight and attention to detail
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4 years ago, Dls22
No longer adding new issues
I always read the magazine through the app and enjoy the content. But for some reason they have stopped adding new issues as of April 2020. So now am paying for a subscription without getting the content, not ideal.
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6 years ago, NWFLCC19
Great mix of information for today’s men
I really enjoy the variety of information the magazine provides.
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5 years ago, Jasper7765
Slow to get the latest issue.
The latest issue normally doesn’t hit the app until a week after you receive an email to let you notice that the latest issue is out.
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4 years ago, Lozzie48
Problem not fixed...STILL
I have tried on numerous occasions to get a problem fixed. My June magazine is a repeat of April/May and there is no July magazine....Where is my July edition....where is my August edition? anyone there?
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5 years ago, cdizzle00
This magazine is simply the best men’s magazine in print. Please continue as you are!
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5 years ago, altoona329
No issues
Do not get this app if you are a print subscriber. You will not be able to access live issues after a few months. Have gone to customer service many times an no response. Buyer Beware!
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5 years ago, Senor Loop
Can’t read the bottom of the pages
With the way the app is designed, the bottom of 5he page is now blocked by the page directory. This flaw makes it impossible to read the article
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4 years ago, dtzimou
Needs to be developed
This app does not allow you to read and interact with magazine. It does not remember where you leave off last time your reading etc. Now i remember why I canceled my subscription before. Waste
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5 years ago, Izzy9989
Mens Journal
What’s not to’s got a little of everything...a smorgasbord for the brain which hits all your sensory pleasure modes
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4 years ago, JTuggey
New month never appeared
It’s the middle of the month and still have not seen April addition downloaded in the app. Subscription renewed December 2019.
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1 year ago, nuh.nuh.notorious
Not Great. Issues show up late, if at all
Issues usually don’t load until well after they should, if at all.
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6 years ago, Rocketmike
Love this mag
Can’t live without my men’s journal!
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1 year ago, Rentacop747
Bad App
I have a subscription but the latest magazine issues never seem to download. Frustrating!!!
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4 years ago, JinzaiX
Incredibly behind on getting issues on app
It's nearly January and the November and December issues still aren't on the app. Going to cancel and go back to hard copies.
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6 years ago, _Mickey G
I cannot believe in 2018 people would rate this app high for mobile digital journalism. It’s not worth downloading for free and certainly isn’t worth paying for
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6 years ago, rrrrrrtttftft
This is the worst mag app I have used. Must “find account” each time open app. Cannot make account changes through app. Terrible.
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9 years ago, megface.
Great new app!
I really like this new mobile version. Usually magazines apps for iPhone are difficult to read or you lose feel for the actual magazine, but it doesn't happen with this one.
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7 years ago, Drd3
App crashes
Unable to read magazine. App crashes after tapping read button.
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2 years ago, ddddbbbboooobbb
Does not work
I cannot get current magazine to download
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6 years ago, Ed Ike
App does not work. Tech support is useless.
Purchased 2 year subscription. Can’t get any assistance.
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4 years ago, Newhousejack
What are we paying for?
It is July, and there are three iPad issues in 2020. Are you a bimonthly magazine?
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4 years ago, fguy01
No Longer Supported
I was told by Men’s Journal that this app was no longer supported.
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3 years ago, Gary10
oh tha uld dayz
used to be a really guud mag...kinda lost somethin now 🤔...on tha fence bout resubin when it comez duu.....maybe so...
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8 years ago, cb60089
Nice formatted to iPhone magazine
I enjoy how the IPhone version of this app is perfectly formatted to my screen. There is a small lag loading between pages. I assume they are giving the user the magazine at much "greater" resolution than needed. I could understand this lag delay if I was downloading it. But the delay between pages is on an already downloaded full magazine I have the readers digest magazine app and those pages load up instantly. If your getting this just for iPad I would say forget it. You have to pinch and double tap to get article on every page. I'm glad on iPhone app all pages are formatted perfectly to my screen.
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10 years ago, Print_Subscriber
I already bought the print subscription!
Okay, Men’s Journal (and Wenner Media in general): I’ve already paid you for a subscription to the print edition. So I see that you have a “digital edition” — apparently just scanned images of the pages I already bought from you. I’m willing to download your app, and start viewing the pages on my iPad, which saves you money. So why would you expect me to pay a second time for the same exact content that I’ve already bought from you once? If your business is built around mailing printed pages around the country, you should think about making a serious effort to transition your existing subscribers to digital. This app, with its ridiculous “pay twice” policy, isn’t it.
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8 years ago, dslosangles
Great magazine, horrible app
Magazines wonder why their subscriptions are sinking and yet Men's Journal (along with most magazine apps on Apple) are buggy messes. And their customer service is awful, always sending automated responses that any problem must be handled by Apple. Apple, of course, then responds that the magazine app is responsible. So, in my case, that leaves me with a year subscription I paid for yet the magazine won't download unless I pay for the issue. And am I the only annoyed that the page isn't saved when you leave the app? Everytime you go back, it goes to the cover. It used to not be that way. You'd think apps would get better, not worse...
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7 years ago, Dmalik384
Old app much easier to navigate
The new app is closer to the actual print magazine (continuing articles on later pages, etc.) instead of having the information the way it was previously; like flipping pages in an article vertically and between articles horizontally. The print also seems to be much smaller and I have to magnify the text to read it without getting a headache. I love the magazine, and I don't want to continue print (for environmental reasons) so I will have to deal with it.
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7 years ago, mad ipod touch owner
Worst app ever - does not work
I have subscribed for a year digitally and cannot access any issues. I even tried to purchase again a single issue for September and was not allowed access. I have been charged for all the issues and cannot access the magazine. While I enjoy the magazine the lack of customer service help in using the app to access it has turned me forever. Do not pay for digital access you won't get it but you will get charged!
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10 years ago, kevindrach
Rip off for print subscribers. Try Men's Health instead.
I agree with all of other reviews. Wish I had read them before I wasted my money. Ridiculous that I bought a year print subscription and I do not have access to the iPad edition. I will be canceling my subscription and you will get $0 from me. I recommend that everyone buy a subscription to Men's Health instead. They definitely care more about their subscribers and allow free iPad access with their print subscription.
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7 years ago, Pierian Euphony
App AWFULLY poor function; magazine great
I've had a subscription to MJ , print and digital for over 4 years. The mobile app has always had problems with missing issues or not recognizing the subscription. This version is a NEGATIVE 5 Stars. I will most likely NOT continue the subscription because of the poor customer service and no 1-800 contact to have immediately fixes to their failures. This version doesn't recognize my account #, address, name, and deleted all previous issues on the old iOS version. That's practically theft. Disgusting business management totally out of touch with where one would expect a magazine with a header that says " Style and Design". Go back to clay tablets and sticks. Very sad to see this but enormously infuriating.
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7 years ago, surfwebbie
The absolute worst.....
If I could give this app a negative star, I would. At a minimum, I would expect to be able to download each month's issue as part of my subscription. Apparently that is too much to ask. When I asked the publisher why I couldn't download content I paid for, they said contact iTunes. When I contacted iTunes, they said contact the publisher. So, now I have an annual subscription that provides zero content. Big thumbs down!
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9 years ago, ryanc3350
Huge improvement
You can actually read the magazine! So tired of magazines that scrunch the whole magazine page to the iPhone screen. this app makes it easy to read on your iPhone.
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8 years ago, mrpiii
Great Magazine lousy App
Men's Journal is shooting itself in the foot because of the App. They have great content but I have constant issues with the App usually with the download failing. Sometimes the fix is deleting the app and reinstalling. Sometimes, like the last issue, nothing works. I can recommend the magazine but get a paper subscription, forget the app. It is too much trouble and the tech support is clueless.
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9 years ago, DevilRanger
Excellent magazine!!!
Awesome format that in many ways make the traditional magazine obsolete. I really enjoy having all issues in one place, taking up no space .
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8 years ago, Dwebstert
I cannot download the newest.
Since downloading the latest version of the app, I cannot download the newest issue. All other issues download fine. This is really disappointing. I emailed Customer Support but still no solution.
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8 years ago, Tweedy1
Terrible app
Love the magazine, hate the app! This app is so confusing and constantly acts as if you have never opened the app and you are not a subscriber. I have found myself having to re-download the app several times and then you also have to figure out where you downloaded it from, direct, iTunes.....wait for the paper copy in the mail, you will be much less frustrated.
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9 years ago, Jfjfjjj
Love the magazine, the app is terrible
Do not get a digital subscription. It appears you can only view in one orientation, portrait. It takes forever to download. Chokes and will not restart. I have had to delete the app and re-download to un-freeze it. It does not appear to recognize my email address, even thought I am logged in. This app needs serious, serious work to be up to par with other magazines.
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7 years ago, WriteFlyer
A bad app made worse
The Men’s Journal app has always been problematic. Content was slow to load and purchased were unrecognized for hours sometimes. But this new version takes that weak app and makes it FAR WORSE. Paid accounts are lost or at least not acknowledged and all content deleted. Slow loading has become no loading.
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10 years ago, Bici007
Bad App...bought yr subscription and no issues!
Beware. Should have read the other reviews. Bought in-app a 1 yr, have my itunes paid receipt but no issues were available to download in the app. All showed price as if I didnt buy a subscription. (Yes I restored purchases, exited and reentered, and even deleted and re added to newstand). Went to App Support...none, page no longer works.
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7 years ago, flyjohno
Love the mag. Hate the app
Cannot restore. Have a active subscription and can't download current issue.
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8 years ago, FB49
Content and Support
Enjoy the contents but the tech support leaves a lotto be desired. I have a valid iTunes subscription through Nov, 2016 and I have tried every indication to no avail for downloading the latest issue.
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9 years ago, Kjackolantern
I love the magazine
I am a big fan of the content. I have liked this magazine for years. I am not fully sold on the e version yet but keep trying. i miss the print in hand feel but not willing to pay twice.
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7 years ago, Kevlar5960
App does not work properly
Even though I purchased a year long subscription through 2018, I cannot view the last 2 issues. It says I need to purchase a subscription. But then when I check the subscription status, it says I have a subscription through May of 2018...
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7 years ago, gj05
Magazine app stopped working
No idea what happened. Wouldn’t let me restore any of my magazines issues. Contacted support but never heard back from them.
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8 years ago, Bella T 22314
App Never Works
I have a monthly subscription a pay for a year in advance. The app never works! I always try to restore previous iTunes purchases but it still wont download. I delete and re-download the app, but it still doesn't work. Time to try to get my money back.
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