Mercantile Bank of Michigan

4.7 (103)
43.9 MB
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Current version
Mercantile Bank
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mercantile Bank of Michigan

4.65 out of 5
103 Ratings
1 month ago, Vonzipper2121
Easy Peasy
Love this app . Has made my life better in so many ways . Saves me money in gas cause I don’t have to drive in town to cash . Also since it’s on my phone I can deposit sooner and not have to leave work !! Getting my money sooner for my family . Love this app thank you !!!!
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2 years ago, Biggie9918
Frustrating passwords
This app and the password requirements are incredibly frustrating. I have 9 different finance and banking apps and this is by far the worst. I have to come up with new passwords every couple months, and they have frustrating password requirements and doesn’t allow Apple-generated secure passwords. It’s such an archaic and lazy approach to security. There are so many more tools available to secure online access but they insist on making the user experience the worst they can.
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2 months ago, Roxy Morrill
Great app
Need to increase the daily mobile deposit limit. If you hold the deposit until it clears, there should be no reason to have a daily deposit limit.
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2 weeks ago, Kevinmeade
Memo/note display
The only thing I would suggest adding would be to display the note/memo that customers add to transfers. I know that I can hunt around the site and mostly find that info but it would be easier if it displayed when I expanded the item as I review asking myself: “why did I do that?”
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1 year ago, Hhsgdsgerfcrxxy
App is improving
Have been using the app for awhile and lately there have been multiple changes to the appearance making it more simple and easy to use. It’s good to see it improving. One thing I would like is mobile check deposits.
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4 years ago, Tee-K
Stalls on log-in
I’m rarely ever able to log in to my account. The app stalls out on log-in and just sits there. When I called to ask about it I was told to turn my phone off and back on when it happens. In my opinion that is not a solution. I’ve been with my bank for 27 years and have both my personal and business account with them. But I’ve been researching banks recently because without accessible online banking Mercantile is no longer a feasible option.
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2 months ago, jedbyl
Very User Friendly
Great app- love the fact that everything is together. Depositing checks, transfer funds, pay bills- it's all there and easy to use!
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1 month ago, Keystonecop999
Works Well
I really like the Touch ID feature. I use it regularly and am very satisfied. I do miss the color changing feature on pending transactions.
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4 weeks ago, Bobbie 1966
Great people to do business with.
Never had a problem getting information.
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3 weeks ago, RAV4Driver
Just plain works well
Easy to use, intuitive, simple navigation. A great way to keep track of finances on the go.
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2 months ago, otterfuntimes
Easy to use
The MercMobile app is easy to use and very convenient. It's a great way to stay connected to my finances no matter where I'm at.
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1 month ago, Too Busy to Worry
Love this app!
This app is so handy. I can find what I want in all of my accounts and move money around with ease!
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4 days ago, 007kally
Excellent banking app
Super easy to use. Straight forward and intuitive. Easy to navigate.
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2 months ago, West MI Reviewer
Easy Navigation!
Very user friendly interface and navigation. Love the fingerprint integration!
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2 months ago, Ignorant Flower Fan
Customer Service Appreciated
Easy to use.
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1 month ago, Dave in Portage
This app is falling short
If mercantile could create a smoother banking, merc’s perk, ID theft. All in one. I don’t think people like having 3 different user names and passwords. Any decent programmer can link all 3 together to make it seem less.
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2 months ago, Klm130
Fantastic easiest app I have
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1 month ago, blix885
Love it. Easy to use!
Does what it needs to do
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3 weeks ago, ROG Church
Great app
I have used 6 other banking apps and this app is tied for 1st place , VERY GOOD banking app!
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2 months ago, Country_Boy_100
Frank Acosta
Great app and an even better place to bank!
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1 month ago, Grammy Kesler
Love it and all the people I have delt with. Super nice. Thank you all
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5 years ago, scb121873
3 days and I can’t use the app
The app has been down for 3 days and I can’t check my account at all, it has been good until this point but it doesn’t seem like anything is being done.
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2 months ago, KaraRuehs
Very easy to navigate!
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4 weeks ago, Kat Kat Peaches
Good App
Easy to use!
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4 weeks ago, JeffreyJKramer
Need mobile deposit.
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3 weeks ago, Garage Greg
Good fast and concise
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2 months ago, Alex the baby eater
Great for managing my money!
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2 months ago, Hammer holly
Love this app
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2 months ago, Ibby_007
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6 years ago, BankerbabeVDB
Reliable information
I love the ID touch login feature on the mobile app. I rely on the intraday posting information to manage my money and budget. All around a great app with lots of information. Would recommend a later cutoff time for remote check deposits
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6 years ago, Mercantile Customer
Mercantile Mobile Upgrade
After downloading the Mercantile mobile app I would have to say I am happy with the changes except one. In the new app I like that you are able to edit the payee information in the bill payment section now through the app. However, I do not like that you have to go to a separate screen to see your pending payments. I liked in the last version of the mobile app where your payee would turn a different color and gave you the date the payment would be processed. If this feature could be added to the mobile app I would have no complaints. Other than one small cosmetic detail the app is working great.
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10 years ago, Merc Customer
Merc Customer
Similar to the deposit app, you need a separate password to login to the mobile application. This is frustrating as this creates two more passwords to remember in a world littered with passwords already. I would also really like to see the deposit app integrated into this app. I've been a customer of the bank for over three years, and have never used the mobile apps as they are not user friendly (I'm finally writing a review in hopes of seeing some change). Please reference the chase or citi apps for adequate integration.
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6 years ago, AddyWest
Quick and Convenient
I use this App multiple times a day to check balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, and pay bills. Love the convenience of logging in with a fingerprint! The mobile check deposit is very easy and quick!!
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6 years ago, Brenanimal
Love it!
I use this app daily. It is quick and convenient. I can check my funds, transfer money, deposit checks, and more. I feel very safe using it, and the fingerprint login is great. Overall I haven't had any problems. Only good things to say about it!
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6 years ago, Disturbia134
App needs work
I enjoy the app for personal banking overall, but the app needs to accept business checks (larger, multi-colored background, etc.) with the mobile check deposit. Otherwise, I might as well frequent other banks as their apps can handle such checks without issues. With it constantly saying image is blurry (it's not) it can get rather annoying.
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6 years ago, Champer1986
I use my MercMobile app constantly to check my balances when I am out and about running errands. It is super easy to make transfers and view statements! My favorite part of app is having the ability to login using my Touch ID.
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6 years ago, White_Fang_
I use the app regularly and find it to be very user friendly! Love being able to pay bills from my phone!
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10 years ago, R.,?
Getting better, very slowly!
The old app was a very good thing! Easy to navigate, rare UI problems, and just overall - very pleasant. I updated today and it will at least let me scroll down on my transactions, but hopefully another update ( with an easier to use interface) is on the way soon before the merger is complete.
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9 years ago, Very disappointing- jp
Please fix it
This app used to work great but last 2 days it doesn't connect. It says loading for a long time and then it says network connection error. All my other app are working fine and I can log into my account from my phone in web browser. So, I know there is something wrong with this app
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6 years ago, KangaBranns
Easy to use
User for 5+ years and I love the new interface. Transfers and payments are easy to use and thumbprint access is still my favorite.
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6 years ago, Kellyd2202
Love the Mercantile banking app. Like being able to do my banking 24/7. I can manage my account, transfer funds and pay bills. Very convenient!
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6 years ago, GCBURK
Upgraded version is user friendly. Haven't tried the Touch ID yet, but plan to. Editing bill pay is a little confusing, but overall we really like the ap!
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6 years ago, Bank with Merc
New upgrade
Love the new updated app. I especially like the ability to login with my finger. Easy to follow balances and transfer funds!
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7 years ago, RoadrunnerDave
Can't get app to "update"
I liked the old app and really had no issues with it and still have the icon on my screen but when I open it it tells me that it has been updated and for me to visit the App Store to complete the update but there when I go there it doesn't have any indication of there being any update! Very frustrating!
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12 years ago, Kyle Kunnen
Awesome App
Excellent application. It puts everything I need at Mercantile Bank in an easy to access portal experience. Mercantile hit a home run with this one.
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6 years ago, IrishGirl1966
Great App
Convenient and super easy to use! Love being able to access my accounts at any time
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6 years ago, bankergirl20
Easy to use!
I love the app! Quick and easy to use for all my banking needs while on the run.
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6 years ago, merc752017
The app is great, easy to use and convenient. I never have to stop into the branch because the app is a one stop shop.
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6 years ago, Mrs.Winn 520
Super easy to use
I love the new app....I use it often to check balances or make mobile deposits. 👍🏼
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6 years ago, TeqzR
Excellent customer service. Been my first bank and haven't had any trouble with it.
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