Mercedes me connect (USA)

4.9 (199.6K)
446.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mercedes me connect (USA)

4.88 out of 5
199.6K Ratings
2 years ago, kgariba
App is great but can have a few improvements.
Overall I enjoy the app. It’s very responsive and the best thing about it is that it lets you remote start the vehicle without extra payment like some other automakers do. DO NOT GIVE INTO THIS MERCEDES-BENZ! The other day my vehicle was parked outside and at 2:25am my phone went off that my vehicle sustained a “severe collision.” Of course I ran outside and was able to catch the drunk driver who hit my car. The damage was done but at least I was able to get a license plate before the driver took off. As far as improvements, the UI of the app is a bit cumbersome and should be customizable with shortcuts. I shouldn’t have to tap 3-4 times just to remote start my car or check the location of the vehicle if needed. Also, it would be a huge plus if the car was also able to communicate not only via Wi-Fi with the phone but also via Bluetooth. This would allow for much faster operation when near the car. Sometimes the functions can take a long time if the Wi-Fi is slow.
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3 years ago, Dwsma
The app itself works ok, but the overall functionality is entirely and utterly underwhelming. Prior to purchasing my 2021 mercedes, I owned a 2017 Ford Explorer. We also have a 2018 Ford F-150. With our Fords, we have an app on our phones that allow us to start the car, but we also have the flexibility to use our key fobs to remote start our vehicles. With the Fords, when it is cold outside, the heated seats and steering wheel automatically come on while the car is warming up. When it is hot, the cooled seats do the same. I could also unlock the car with a keypad so that I didn’t have to carry any key or phone with me if I so chose. With my fancy pants Mercedes, I must fish out my phone, open the app, click the engine button, enter a PIN and wait for my request to be processed before the car will start (I also receive an annoying email that clutters my inbox every time the car starts, stops, locks and unlocks through the app - maybe there is a setting to turn this off). How is it that this app does not provide the functionality to activate the heated seats and steering wheel? To activate the cooled seats? To adjust the climate settings in the car? Why can’t i just use the key fob to quickly press a button and start the car? I never in my wildest dreams thought that when I purchased an almost $90K car that I would miss the “luxury” of my $50K Ford.
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3 years ago, dstaffor
Very limited use
13 days into owning my brand new GLS 450, I got an alert that my coolant was low (this is just after it stalled while I was still moving). Yep, coolant is low. It’s next to impossible to find what coolant to put in bouncing from the manual, to this reference over to that one all telling you that you can’t put non-spec coolant in, but none telling you the right coolant. Find the coolant and go 20 miles from my home and the check engine light comes on. I tried to find any information about the alert on the app or online log in and NOTHING! I can see my tire pressure and on EVERY screen that my car is unlocked, but ABSOLUTELY nothing about the check engine alert I’m getting. Never thought I’d say this... I’d like my GMC back. The information your car sends is invaluable. This app is only good to lock and unlock your car. Otherwise it’s a web with 3 basic points of information. Tire pressure, lock status and if any window or door is open. Useless, useless. And we did contact the dealer. Service was closed - they don’t work Saturday- and 7 hours later the sales person sent a pic of the Mercedes log I’d coolant you can only get by ordering online and having 2-4 day delivery. Look forward to the update on the in- car software. Would be helpful to not be notified everytime someone opens the door that our third row or second row seat is folded down. YES, I know. I put it down on purpose.
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3 years ago, JATOCA
App is great...
Love the information app it gives regarding tire pressure, fuel level, temp, etc., but, I’m sure most would agree that the functionality of the system itself could be upgraded significantly. The fact that I have to have about 1/4 (actually 20%) tank of fuel to remote start car is very annoying. It only allows the car to run for 10-minutes anyway, so why the need for so much fuel to warm the car? Manual wants the engine on my AMG to run at least 5-minutes when below freezing anyway just to get the juices flowing properly, at these temps is when remote start is needed the most, so why make me sit IN the car and run it? Also, the fact that after remote starting the engine, it won’t stay running after unlocking the door. EVERY other make of automobiles allows you to get in the car and will use either hitting the brake or trying to put vehicle in gear before in cancels remote start...? Seems like Mercedes of ALL brands wouldn’t be so far behind on this. The fact that you cannot remote start a Mercedes directly from factory key fob (like every other make), amazes me as well. I understand they have all theses security features in place, but for a $100K+ car, sure seems like remote start would be a pretty standard feature o the fob itself.
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1 year ago, esedona
Remote vehicle control is basically useless
For the first time today, I took my puppy with me to the store. Before I exited the vehicle, I lowered the windows about 5 inches and opened the sunroof about the same distance. I had my keys with me as well as the app on my phone. I locked the car, leaving the engine, running so that my puppy could have air-conditioning. I returned my vehicle in about three minutes, with both my key and my phone app in my hands. I was shocked that you cannot remotely unlock a vehicle. If the windows are cracked open, even an inch. The key also does not work to unlock the doors since the ignition was on. my puppy was stuck inside the vehicle, and I had no way of getting him out. I spoke to the local dealer, local service, roadside service, and ultimately emergency roadside service. More than once I was disconnected and had to restart the process. Each person I spoke to along the way wanted my name. My vehicle identification number. My telephone number and my email address. Ultimately, no one with Mercedes was able to help me. A little older woman saw me, got a long stick, and was able to unlock the door lock through the window. Mercedes app is useless and service staff is worse. I want to get a car with reliable service help in cases of emergency- Mercedes was no help at all!
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5 months ago, mlhendermich
Pretty good
The Mercedes app is pretty good. It’s got a little more granularity in its controls compared to the Tesla app. Mercedes also seems to do a better job of establishing a connection with the car compared to Tesla, especially when the car is in a parking garage. The tesla app will struggle to make any kind of useful connection to cars that are in a structure whereas I dont think I’ve ever had that problem with Mercedes. Mercedes doesn’t seem to push as many OTA updates as Tesla. With Tesla you can initiate an OTA update with the app, on Mercedes I’m not sure as they so far have been relatively rare. The notifications on the Mercedes app are also more verbose and written more descriptively, whereas the notifications for Tesla always seemed to be less descriptive with far fewer words. All in all Mercedes does a good job with the app for what it really needs to do well - which is be able to effectively communicate warm up or cool down the car no matter where it is parked.
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1 year ago, Mrs. Mikesell
Mercedes me connect
I have been trying to renew my Mercedes me connect services from September 9, 2022 and every time I log into the login information is in German! I have sent several emails and calls to Mercedes me connect customer service and even to this day, January 7, 2023, I still can not renew my services!! The nice service lady Ellen has been trying to help since my first call but to no avail and of no fault of her part! Now Mercedes is asking me to email them giving them consent to change the account country from German to English! Really Mercede??? I live in the United States! Your customer service is HORRIBLE and I will NOT refer anyone to buy with you!! I have deaths in my family were I have travels out of state and what if I left my keys on the car or lost them?? Mercedes doesn’t care!! At this point my services should be FREE!!!!!!!! Anyone who has your services, watch out because they are horrible and will not help you renew your services!!!
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3 years ago, bin4ry
Just Works
I don’t know why many people are having issues. The app works great for me. It’s been working great before and after recent updates and I’ve been using this app for over a year. I actually love the new user interface. You get more information compared to previous one. I believe most people don’t like it because they don’t want to adjust to the new interface... people hate change. If the app is not working as expected, contact Mercedes Benz support. They can help you troubleshoot. If remote functions aren’t working, chances are you have a poor connection or they’re experiencing issues with their servers. At times, you won’t even see the changes they make on the server side or backend but from the new updates I’ve seen improved performance. So stop whining and contact support if you’re having issues. The app just works and it got better!! Great work devs and ux/ui team!!
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1 year ago, _thejeffrey_
It works but needs improvement
First off the app works as it should - unlocks/ locks and starts, location etc. my biggest issue is that it is so limited in what I can do for the things I want to use it for. i.e. remote start- why can’t I view and adjust the temperature in the car? I think it’s based on my last settings used but if I have it turned off when I stop the car the remote start doesn’t turn it on to warm up or cool down. Why is it that when I do get in the car it turns off when I unlock my doors? I also find it strange that when I manually turn on my heat my A/C always turns on too but that’s not an app issue. Furthermore, why can’t my warming/ cooling seats turn on with the app? My wife has a Chevy travers where her seats, steering wheel and heat all turn on with remote start and actually warm up the car or cool it down depending on outside temp. Mercedes has such advanced technology I’m just surprised this app is so limited on actual functionality.
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3 years ago, shaboni
A great tip from a great customer at Mercedes-Benz
I have two very expensive Mercedes Benz top of the line on the old update I was able to have my car on and unlock unlock the car from the app Mercedes me connect and now on the new update if my car is on and I step outside and I want to lock the car it won’t let me they should put it back to what it was before it was very good The new update looks good I am not gonna lie but that feature should be added again where you can unlock and lock your car when the engine is running and you have to run into a store instead of only being able to unlock and lock your vehicle only when the engine is off I don’t mean to give you guys a one star but I’m only doing it to get your guys attention but I would love for the head guy in charge to change this as I’m sure other people who use that App noticed the change
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3 years ago, LeM0n_hEAd
I really hate this new update. I can’t use my phone to remote start my car. It literally is so glitchy. I turned it on and it attempted to start it but then it said one was in progress so it wouldn’t start. However that was my first time using it since the update. So I tried 3 more times and then it worked. Bur after two minutes my car cut off. It stated I only had 9% gas life in my car when I had 3/4 of a tank. It’s still saying the 9% 30 miles until empty and won’t update. It’s also telling me my hood is open my sunroof, trunk, and doors. But wait there’s more warming signs yayyyy 🙄. My coolant is low and my battery. And the battery for the Key fob. Mind you my car literally was serviced TODAY!!!! And I received a free complementary battery for my key fob. Like seriously how. There was literally nothing wrong with the app before this update months ago. I tried canceling out the app. Turning on off my phone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing works. No one wants to pay all this money for a car and you can’t even use to simple things like remote start when it’s snowing and freezing outside. This is such a inconvenience.
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3 years ago, JWFischer
Better than expected
After reading all the negative reviews I had my doubts about how reliable this app would be. Heeding recommendations of other reviewers, I had the app configured with our 2020 GLC prior to leaving the dealership. The main function that we use is the remote start. After almost 4 months, we haven’t had any connectivity issues except for one time when the app was upgraded automatically, we had to enter user name and password to sync up with the car again. It isn’t perfect, as there is a bit of a wait between when you send a command and when the car responds, but considering the complexity of this system, that is to be expected. I have been pleasantly surprised that this cell based system has managed to work in our garage where cell service is poor. We love the GLC and this app doesn’t detract from the ownership experience. I’ll take that as a win!
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2 years ago, Jimbo528
Good functions if they all work
Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Valet protect keeps saying cannot connect. I keep getting notifications every time car starts. Remote start is touch and go, pay so much for a car and can’t get a app to work. App stopped working again, I need to buy services since the free period has ended but the app or after calls I can’t do because of system problems. This is the second time this has happened. The app was working well again prior to this problem, you would think mercedes would have system personnel that would be able to program and test before making changes. If there was an error upon release they would fix immediately. Update: problem has been resolved after only 2 days. Good job! Updating my rating
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12 months ago, kevin vivu
Apple Widgets
Dear Mercedes, I hope this feedback finds you well. I wanted to express my desire for the US version of the Mercedes me connect app to be updated soon, allowing us to utilize Apple widgets. It would be incredibly convenient if this feature could be made available. I find it puzzling that the app in other countries has seen such diverse updates, yet the US version lacks even the ability to use Apple widgets. Integrating Apple widgets into the Mercedes me connect app would greatly enhance the user experience, providing quick access to important information right from the home screen. Many users, including myself, rely on widgets for efficient access to relevant data. It would be wonderful if the US version of the app could match the level of functionality and versatility found in other country versions. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope that you will consider implementing this update in the near future. Thank you for your dedication to providing exceptional features and improving the Mercedes me connect app. Sincerely, Henry
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3 years ago, msanfi4451
Terrible, does nothing it’s supposed to
I get noticed that my car is unlocked when it’s not, notices that the windows are down when they are not, it says my mileage is about 10,000 miles more than it is... this is annoying! Also the navigation is worthless. They told me at the dealer that it needed to be updated. I know some of the places I’ve looked for have been there longer than this car and it’s navigation. The dealer wanted $350 to update it. For instance there are several Whole Foods near me, the closest one the navigation system wanted to give me were 300 miles away! On another occasion I was about 10 minutes from Washington National airport and it gave me every puddle jumper airport within 300 miles but Reagan was nowhere on the map! This is absurd for a vehicle if this stature!
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1 year ago, Tifftastiq
I love having a connected vehicle but I have a few suggestions on this one. I wish the vehicle departure had a fast five minute option. I’m often about to leave (in a store, visiting with someone, etc) and have to schedule departure for the current time + 5 minutes instead of a quick Leave in 5 minutes option. Secondly, I wish vehicle GPS tracking was independent for each key or ID. I was getting my partner and gift and he looked to see when I would be home and saw my location and learned of his gift early. I would think this is also a potential issue in many other scenarios and generally privacy for each independent driver. It should at a minimum notify the driver when the other user checks vehicle location. Appreciate if you can make these modifications to improve driver experience. Great job otherwise!
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2 years ago, Cristian.Colon
2021 E350 4Matic
Best part I like about this app is that it’s so easy to use. Definitely helps with having peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have access to live updates on accidents or security issues with your car. I drive a 2021 E-class and with this app, it gives me the ability to change certain features of my car such as lighting features, lock/unlock, door/window, etc. What I use most is the lock feature in cases I forget to lock it or to be extra certain it’s locked, and also to start my engine before leaving my house to warm it up. I also enjoy how accessible the finance department, roadside assistance, or even just customer service is which they’ve all been of much help. 10/10 if I could give it a rating!
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3 years ago, jrakai
When it works great, but when it doesn’t .. weeks for anyone to figure out the problem.
This app like any other if great when it works. The moment it doesn’t which is often then it should, takes weeks for anyone to look into the problem. The complete waste of time is the first level contact when you explain precisely what you’ve done base upon last experience, only for them to ask you to do it all again followed by explanations for what you already know, then same outcome, nothing! Lost time .. more than an hour. They ask to give it a day or two for it all to sync, nothing. I call back, they escalate to next level. Week later, still not working. Mercedes’ is a premium vehicle, this software reliability? Not on par with the vehicle. Excuses, oh so many but results … zero! Be more drip people, wish the program was more reliable as it’s a massive plus to have. To those not experiencing any issues, you are among the few!
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1 year ago, SamP2020
New update broke the app for EVs
Why can’t I see my car’s range updating anymore after the recent update? The app is not in sync with my car anymore. I don’t get notifications anymore when the car starts charging and when the car is charged. This is basic functionality testing guys! Is this how Mercedes wants to be a SOFTWARE COMPANY? The EQB model with augmented reality has dashcam built in, but all I hear from my dealer is that it’s deactivated by manufacturer and there is no way I can even pay to activate it!!! The Apple Carplay won’t load in the full screen, what a JOKE is that!! Pretty disappointed with overall software experience both in car and in app. Being a software engineer myself I know these aren’t hardest tasks to address guys, especially for the big company like Mercedes-Benz. That tells me either the company is not allocating money to it’s software division, OR doesn’t know how to prioritize what matters for customers OR has crapy software engineering team (if so just pay more and hire GOOD SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS)!!!!!
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9 months ago, Amg1827
Trunk notifications needed
I love the app and all that it does but I have two issues that others online might seem to complain about. The main one for me is that my trunk will open with my keys being in my pocket or moving it and not realizing and the app does inform you that your trunk is open. I have had my trunk open multiple times for hours lucky for me it has happened at home where my car is backed in the driveway. I can only imagine for others who are out and about and this happens to them. Second thing is there does not seem to be a fix for those who cannot get their profile from the phone to sync with the car. I don’t know if I’m missing a great feature or not because since I’ve bought my car it has never worked Mercedes doesn’t know what to do nor does me connect support.
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3 years ago, Lakers4LF
New App Update (Ugh)
Never received notice of the change. Picture of my car is gone. A car cover? I can no longer make changes of ambient lighting inside the cabin which was my favorite feature. Can’t turn/off entry/exit lighting. Had I known an update was coming I probably would have turned off my auto update and take my chances with the old version like the one in your preview. That app version was awesome in my opinion. Hopefully you will add ALL of the features from the last app. Hopefully. Update on my review. I received excellent customer service in regards to applying a picture of my car in the app. The IT rep stayed with the issue until it was resolved and I appreciate that. I’m also warming up to the features as well. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Booyah98033
I had three 2019’s and now two 2019’s and a 2021, so ya I’ve had experience with this app. Because we’re in a moderate to cold climate, I use it often to pre warm thr cars, but I’m really getting tired of the engine attempting to start for 10, 15, 20 seconds and nothing. I look out my house window for confirmation and, yep, nothing. Unfortunately the only way it will function as designed is if I start the car manually, then it will reset. That means I go out into the cold. It’s not a bad connection since 2/3 cars start. It’s an unreliable app and certainly not what I bought. I call and speak to the help desk and what do I get “I’m so sorry for your issue.” Well tell your RND experts the issues!!!!!
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3 years ago, revwr
App NEVER works!
I am extremely frustrated! ZERO stars is more like it! I have had my 2020 GLC for 6months and after visiting the dealer and working with two MercedesMe Connect customer service reps NO ONE has been able to figure out why my app always says my engine is running rendering the app useless. They also can’t figure out why the in-car Wi-Fi (which I pay for!!!) has never worked!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, Mercedes has “reset” the system multiple times. AT&T reset the system and claims the car is receiving a full signal. I was under the impression that Mercedes is top engineering but I am seriously doubting that claim when they can’t even figure out a simple software fix. I am in a populate metro area (raleigh,NC) so WiFi and cellular data is very accessible. I would love someone at Mercedes-Benz who knows what they are doing to contact me and fix this problem once and for all. I am about to sell this car and never but a Mercedes again!!!
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5 months ago, gubkkc
App no longer works
Update: It seems that every time this app updates, not even on my phone, but on the programmer side, that I lose my ability to remote, start my car and lock and unlock my car from my phone! I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me personally, those are the only two reasons I use the app! Please resolve this immediately! I would’ve sent an email, but that is for some reason temporarily unavailable and nobody ever answers the calls! I’m tired of the runaround! I tried to avoid writing a review because I wanted to have my issue resolved. However, when I look at the information provided by the App Store, it says the email and chat options are unavailable! What?? My app opens but I see no commands . I just see a picture of my vehicle! What’s up with that!? Please fix this immediately! It was working fine up until this morning.
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1 year ago, Raver27
Works much better but still room for improvement
Fortunately Mercedes has improved this app to the point where it actually works on a consistent basis, which hadn’t been the case previously (it would only work maybe 25% of the time). However as others have noted, it would be so much better if it could also keep the heated seats and steering well on, but given that even when you leave it on when you shut the car off, you have to turn those back on, this would require further adjustments to the way the vehicle operates. Also since it only runs for 10 minutes before shutting off, why does one have to have at least 1/4 tank of gas? Also why does it need to shut off when you unlock the car??
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3 months ago, Joyride 1
Free charging at Electrify America charging stations
At first I experienced difficulties with Electrify America . I was being charged each time. So the Mercedes sales representative helped me through the necessary process using the Mercedes Me app. After we both went to the nearby charging station in my area, going through the app and allowing the station # at Electrify America to identify the vehicle registered with the Mercedes Me app, I was in business for the promised 2 years of free charging with my new EQV 300 . Thank you to Frank Vaccaro, friendly and super professional at North Palm Beach Fla.!If you want a quality Mercedes, I recommend Mr. Vaccaro- he was the most patient sales rep and simplified the process. Thanks, Frank , for your kindness and support!!
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2 years ago, Lovemyelement
Avoid buying a car with this auto start
Update: 1 year later. Today it wouldn’t start because it’s sensing the doors are not locked even though they are. Yesterday, same thing. Day before that, it could not connect with the car. It did work two days in a row last week though. My Mercedes only remote starts about 1 out of 5 times I try. I live in Alaska, so that’s everyday all winter long. Before buying my 2021 Mercedes I drove a Honda with an aftermarket Viper auto start from 2007 on it that never failed. In fact, it still works flawlessly. I can’t believe I have to get into a cold car nearly every day. This is unbelievable. I’m so angry I paid for this.
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3 years ago, Aeb737
You would expect more...
With owning a car like a Mercedes you would expect the app to run just as smoothly as the car does, however Mercedes has been known for their lack of technological advances. I like all of the access I have to my vehicle with the app, but it is never consistent. It also will report things that are not true (example: door open, windows open) resulting in limited access of the vehicle. The app will refuse to update making the user close down the entire app only to open it up again and find the problem still exist. I just wish it was on par with the performance of the car, but I guess you can’t get greedy.
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6 months ago, ThisappiscraphaIrhymed
Great control and alerts, aside from Hotspot
I'm a very big fan of the alerts: low battery, lock status, tire pressure, etc.... But it would be great to know the battery level, the actual numbers. I have a Jeep and it's supposed to do the same thing, but their app is aweful, and isn't reliable like this one is. Also the wifi hotspot is a disaster, and this app doesn't have any info or control for that supposedly great feature. It's working at 10% of speed, which T-Mobile claimed it was Mercedes issue... and Mercedes confirmed, but hasn't fixed 2 weeks later. The fact that customer service told me that all 3 carriers support the van and in fact, the Van is programmed to only work with T-Mobile, And nobody at Mercedes knows anything about this service, makes me think that nobody is using it. A quick search shows no support from Verizon or AT&T. T-Mobile isn't the problem, it's the total lack of understanding and support. Two weeks ago they were supposed to perform an update to the vehicle, (which is awesome technology), but I've heard nothing back. Thus the 4 not 5 stars, the hotspot use only a Me Connect thing
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4 years ago, Chrismholmes
Love the new look but...
I love the new look and feel of the new app. It controls many aspects that I had no control over in the previous build. I can’t wait to see the new apps that you have planned for my vehicle. Now the one thing missing that I recently found myself using in the previous app... Roadside assistance. The help function kind of buried in the app seems like more of an app help than I need some of the world class Mercedes assistance that I have come to rely on.... Please bring this back to a more desirable area within the app. If it is there, it’s buried and I can assure you, on the side of the road, no one wants to hunt in the app for the vin or a road side assistance number...
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1 year ago, Ajmdl.4jm
Friendly user
This app is actually very user friendly. I also love how it sends me notifications for my car such as, windows open, car unlock, car turns on/off, geofencing, and not to mention the valley protection. However, it does have its downside especially when it’s not updated. It sends out notification that my car turns on but when I checked it was not. I’m not sure whether it was a glitched from having the auto on/off ignition perk and just late notifications being sent out after but soon as I updated the app everything is good. So yeah lesson learned, keep it updated :) overall 5/5
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5 months ago, RisingPrince
Need better update
This app constantly lockes me out of my vehicle for days at a time. Locksmith refuses to unlock due to mercedes high security and since windows on CLA have no body frame they also stated they can potentionally break glass. Mercedes lockout service is worthless as I waited 2 days for assistance and of course customer service can never help unlock the car. I would also suggest adding climate control on the app for heat/AC/and heated seats. This should come standardized for 2021 and higher. That would be a must to have and I’m sure a couple thousands of customers can agree upon on. Please add better feature for the Beta Program. Please improve WiFi connectivity as it cannot maintain a reliable connection. I pay a premium and can only use 2-3 times out of the month.
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1 year ago, Ncuiejqbsuolanq
App is garbage
This app is extremely frustrating. It hardly works properly. Usually have to send the commands 5 times over before it’ll actually work. God forbid I try to remote start it while it’s unlocked and in my garage. Genius feature that requires me to have to lock it first. So there’s several minutes trying to get it to lock, and several more trying to get it to start (when it does actually lock, which is only sometimes successful). Ive given up and just go out and start it up the old way. Thing is I overpaid for a 63S luxury car and expect at a minimum for the features to work at least as good as my Ford. They don’t. It’s embarrassing. Anyway, the app quit communicating with the car a week ago. No fix has worked yet. Tons of good reviews for it in the App Store, so I thought maybe it’s just me. Simple google search reveals I’m not alone in this problem.
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3 years ago, lisisalusa
Billion dollar company with worst tech billy doesn’t add up
How do you have such a horrible app ... it’s been known for years mercedes app is horrible... yet two years later it’s still as bad if not worse bc now I can’t even open my app to use it. Had better service wit a car that cost half the price. Update - still ridiculously low quality app. I updated it a few days ago and now I can’t even use it at all. It’s just the logo and nothing else on the screen. Removed and downloaded it at least ten times since and still not working at all. Spent hours on phone the other day w customer service who still couldn’t get it to work. You should be refunding those for it not working properly. I bought this car to use it with remote start which won’t work now. I can gladly go back to another name to have higher quality products and services.
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9 months ago, Tricksy82
Overall good app
I think my main challenges w the app are that it’s new to me and not entirely intuitive to use. Really wish the app was able to function like a key so that I don’t also need a separate key. Also really wish that the app would automatically lock the car when I walk away without the need for me to hit the lock button on the key or handle. I appreciate that as a compensatory tactic, the app is good at letting me know that the car is unlocked and repeats the notification if I don’t attend to it. Took me a weird amount of time to find where the VIN was located - and again, probably bc I’m not familiar w the app yet, although it’s less intuitive than other user interfaces.
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3 years ago, App's not good
2019 C300
Purchased the car preowned, the app had previous owners information. Also stated the doors were open, coolent low and battery needed charging. After a service visit that was corrected. However, my registration would not allow all services to activate. Week 4 in this and the Mercedes connect two reps sent an email with information to show the dealer service center. I was told this may take weeks due to time zones in Germany. I am soooo disappointed with Mercedes. App’s are common in most cars at a lower price point. This is my third and possibly my last.
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3 years ago, Ereeka69
Absolutely disgraceful
Mercedes should be ashamed of themselves I’ve had the car almost two years and the app has not worked well at all. It worked intermittently for the first year then just kept telling me that my doors are unlocked and engine is running. Spent an entire year on the phone with the “support” constantly being told it’s escalated to Germany no answer no solution nothing. Finally got in contact with an amazing gentleman named David at Mercedes me support (he works nights 8pm-8am incase anyone wants to call for help) it took him few weeks but he was the o oh person in the entire corporation that kept his word and followed through. He made arrangements to bring the car in for service to update the computer. Well that was two months ago and it worked it was fixed but guess what it’s now back to not working. Mercedes should actually fix this horrible App It’s garbage
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1 year ago, Aviator Red User
Stopped working and lack of tech support
Bought my new car 3 weeks ago and the app worked great for about 3 days. Since then it hasn’t connected with the car. I called into the app support and the wait time was short, and the rep was responsive but they could not solve the problem. Now it’s been well over 2 weeks and each time I email or call for an update, all the case manager knows is that my case is “with the highest level of support.” No update on what could be wrong or what is the potential timeline for resolution. It seems that their case management and tech support are in different countries (obviously many companies do this) but there is no communication between the two to help give customers information into their issue. I expected a much better customer experience from Mercedes.
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2 years ago, Drkangel180
New to the app, but….
I want to preface to say I have a Tesla, so certain features on S580 could be better It would be nice to set the car to automatically lock when leaving the car rather than having me use the app. However, strangely, sometimes it locks itself at my home & I need to use the app or key to open it. I am the 2nd driver, so I don’t always carry the key. It should unlock or lock when the phone key is nearby, like when we touch the handle, without having to open up the app first. You have a different app for the finance dept; why not combine with a different tab within the same app? I have the old Mercedes’ me app that says it works with older cars, so then I had to download 3 apps.
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3 years ago, pbhs_
Just Okay
This is my first Mercedes so I don’t have previous Mercedes apps to compare how well they did or didn’t work, however I have had other brand cars and the apps are way more inclusive. I wish we could set/adjust heat/cooling from the app like other non luxury brands offer. I also wish we could open and close windows from the app as this technology is available for other non luxury brands already. This is probably not an app issue, however we should be able to remote start the cars with 10-15% fuel. The cars are practically electric so there is no need to have it as high as 20% and they only stay on for 10 minutes so 10-15% is more reasonable. I also don’t understand why we can’t remote start the cars if a window is open...?
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3 years ago, CrazyBoySupreme
Half way works.
The app does what it says it’s going to do as long as you’re talking about an iPhone! But an Apple Watch does not recognize my 2021 car nor does it allow me to start it from the Apple Watch or any of the other features. It consistently tells me that it needs to pair with mbrace but my car doesn’t work with mbrace. As a matter fact it doesn’t know my car which is the GLA 250. However when the doors open the app on the iPhone pushes to the watch so that I can lock the door with the app on the phone. There are no controls for the car on the watch. Which after spending as much money as I did seems ridiculous when a Kia can darn near be driven through their Apple watch app.
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3 years ago,
Good but not great
Love that the app can check several monitor aspects of the car including mileage, door locks, door open status. Love the remote start feature from the app. I wish it would allow you to turn accessories on such as heated seat and steering wheel during the winter… Every other car maker allows users to do this with the remote start if it was last turned on. Also very annoying that you cannot turn off the email plus text message that must be sent every time you start the car, unlock the car, lock the car etc. Per the dealer there’s no way to modify. Haven’t called Mercedes me folks yet, but whenever I’m bored perhaps I’ll ask their opinion
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3 years ago, pineapplekweeen
Windows open alert would be helpful
I would love to get a notification if any windows/sunroof are open and the possibility of closing them from the app (if I’m away from my car) just so it doesn’t rain inside and ruin everything. Also, remove the pop up “Logged in as ...” every time you go into the app. It’s kinda unnecessary and gets in the way when I’m in a hurry and clicking on location icon to put in an address. Another suggestion is to make it possible to turn the seat warmer/heated steering wheel/adjust thermostat from the app when I remote start my car so I can get into a toasty vehicle. Other than that app is good.
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3 years ago, app ugrade 👎
updated app is not helpful for PHEV’s
i have a 2020 GLC 350e hybrid plug in and the previous app was infinitely better. i can no longer remote start my car or pre set the temp. i live in a very cold rainy climate. leaving for work before sunrise was less daunting knowing i could get into a cozy warm vehicle (first world problems. i know. but i’m paying for a mercedes). i can no longer see if my car is charging basically all the perks besides roadside assistance and the very basic reading of mileage etc, are gone. this is by far not an upgrade. very disappointing. i don’t understand why they did this. hopefully they can put these perks backs.
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3 years ago, pathikjayani
Downgraded app
Just upgraded my GLS and was told to download this new app (vs. Mercedes Me). App is a facelift but left out a lot of useful functionalities. “Siri Shortcuts” are gone. Vehicle Manual is gone. It’s buggy, not something I expect from companies like Mercedes. Not sure if the testing was done at all. I keep getting false alarms of car being unlocked randomly. My TPMS only reads from 3 out of 4 tires at any given time. Locking/unlocking works 6 out of 10 times only. Remote start works 7 out of 10 times. If car is parked in Garage, forget about using any functions of the app, the car is “unreachable” (which wasn’t the case with the older app I used with 2018 GLS). Send to car function works only 50% times. Hoping you guys are working to fix issues.
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3 years ago, michele1elle
Used to work great, now? Not so much.
This app used to work great however since they did the “update”, not so much. It ALWAYS says my car in “on” and the “windows are open” when the car is OFF, locked and ALL the windows are closed. It’s beyond annoying. At one point I was concerned about seeing this so I went all the way back down to the parking garage only to find the car was just how I left it, LOCKED, ALARM SET & ALL WINDOWS UP. Even though this was the case (and always is after I arrive home), the app ALWAYS says my car is on and windows are open. It was initially stressful to log in and see that, now I know the app is crap and it’s ALWAYS going to report it even though it couldn’t more incorrect. I don’t even use the app anymore since it doesn’t report the information correctly.
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3 months ago, BabeVirgo
App barely works
Extremely disappointed with the functionality of this app. It worked fine for about two weeks. I’ve reset and reinstalled the app many times. And that didn’t work. I’ve had to hard reset it a few times. The app will work for a couple days after that, then stop updating and will be frozen displaying my car’s status from previous days. The app is not updating and showing the current status of the vehicle or sending any alerts. It’s not locking/unlocking, starting the car, etc. It serves no purpose except to take up space on my phone. There’s no point in even opening the app because it’s never accurate or useful. Infuriating to pay a premium for a vehicle and not have full use of all of the supposed benefits/resources.
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5 days ago, Papispunk
I don’t know if mercedes reads what is reported in here. Anyway; I would like to give a sugestion to the developer. For eq vehicles, it would be important to show charging stations at any zoom level and in use status. How can I find a charger near me if I don’t know the area on a long trip. The App doesn’t show chargers until I have reached a certain zoom level for where I am. So its possible that there is a charger right next to where I zoomed in but not in reach of the open window. Silly. Also your app doesn’t show charging stations that’s all in use??? Its still there right. Not for this App. So your next to a charging station but it is in use and not showing on the app. Let me decide if I want to go there and wait for the next available charger. Mercedes EV drivers are lucky that there is a different App -Plugshare-to really help with that. Please change this in your App here. I want to see all chargers in my area on the App at any zoom level, busy or not. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Omg junk
Garbage as the last 6 months
Used to be great as all options worked then something happened. Miss communicates from vehicle now. Doors unlocked when they’re locked , power supply on warning which now impossible to use any remote features. No one in the top tier department in Germany has been able to fix it! They say server problems in satellite. Don’t understand how there can be server problems as I have 2 cars on the app and 1 works fine and the other one rarely works. I’d give it 5 stars if I could get the other car to work the way it did the first 3 years I owned it. Has been well over 8 months to no avail to solve the problems
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2 years ago, Saed Alnaimat
I used to be able to lookup a location on google maps then click share and select Mercedes Me Connect app and it will eventually send the address to my vehicle. Unfortunately, this feature got lost. Now I have to go to google maps then scroll to the address and manually copy the address then go open Mercedes Me Connect app and go to location section and manually paste the address there. It takes like 8 clicks to accomplish the whole process. VERY INCONVENIENT NAVIGATION PROCESS. TOO MANY CLICKS ARE REQUIRED. Additionally, there is still no option to remote start seat heating which defeats the whole purpose of remotely starting the car. Remote starting the car only doesn’t do anything to internal temperature even if I leave the AC on warmest setting.
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