Mercedes me (USA)

4.7 (26.7K)
147 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mercedes me (USA)

4.74 out of 5
26.7K Ratings
4 years ago, MB 4 MB 4 MB 4
Annoyingly annoying
Love the remote start feature, but like other reviewers stated, by the time it starts you are at your car! Also, now the app keeps logging me out though I have the ‘keep me logged in’ box checked. THEN I have to scroll to the bottom and accept the user agreement. EVERY SINGLE TIME! then I get to stand at my car looking like an as! As I enter my login information, hopefully correctly when it is sunny and difficult to see my screen. THEN I have to set up the gas ID yet again. WTH Mercedes?? Thought it would be so cool to not have to carry my key everywhere since keyless allows me to keep it at the bottom of my bag. If only it worked it would be the Best, but feeling like it is the Or Nothing part of the slogan. And I had to fork over $$ to activate this nonsense.
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2 years ago, rtp1340
Disappointing, won’t re-up.
The main reason I registered and paid almost $500 for 3 years was for the remote start feature. It took many attempt at trying to start the car, getting ‘too many attempts at starting’ message, at least 3 uninstalls, downloading the app again and again, to finally get it to start. The excuse I got at the dealer on why there was no remote start function on the key fob was lame, because Mercedes sells to many foreign markets and I guess some don’t approve of remote start, so let’s not put it in any cars. Ford sells to as many markets and yet I have remote start on the key fob my Edge ST, AND it keeps running AFTER I open a door. I won’t be renewing when the 3 years are up and after just a few hours am seriously considering cancelling it. I don’t need it to just lock/unlock the doors or to check where it is. It would be so much easier to press a button on a fob, rather than take your phone out, turn it on, find the app, open it, enter the PIN number, select remote start to go to another screen to press that ‘button’ and then wait, and wait, and wait until nothing happens. I worked in IT for many years and this product would have never been approved. As much as Mercedes’ cost, they could very well give the US cars (and all other countries that allow it) remote start on the fob.
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2 months ago, Keeeee.
Terrible Experience
If you bought your car used from a third party dealer, don’t even bother with this app. To start, it was working fine. I added my VIN and verified my identity. I saw my car in the app, the mileage, warranty, service history etc. The problem started when I paid $285 to use the mbrace service. Once I paid, I couldn’t log back in and the app kept prompting me for a VIN that I’d already added and verified. Except this time, I received the dreaded error “The VIN you entered doesn’t match what’s in our system”. I made countless calls to support, endured being transferred around, and even visited a Mercedes dealership and NOBODY KNEW WHAT TO DO. Thankfully I cancelled the service within 30 days of sign up. I’m expecting a refund. To Mercedes: I was very excited about my new car and was happy to join the Mbrace family. After these last 10 days, I’m very disappointed. Transfer of ownership should not cost a customer over a week’s worth of time. Customer support should not be helpless. The dealerships should be thoroughly trained. In any case, why couldn’t I just email a copy of my registration and have my VIN added by support? This whole thing was really off-putting and all for remote start that should’ve been included with the car, or programmable to the remote/fob. It’s 2024 folks! Let’s catch up.
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1 year ago, Jag78
Interface and reliability improvement needed
I am not want to give my opinion when it relates to apps, but I’ve come to the point that I am frustrated with this Mercedes me app for my 2017 GLC 300. The app has been very unreliable. The interface lacks quality in many ways. It should be easier to be able to download this and have it worked properly from the get-go. I’m not able to get the fuel level nor the tire pressure values shown on this app. I have called multiple times to the 800 number for Mercedes me. I have asked many times for assistance with Mercedes me app and all I have had is just to turn around and run around. No one seems to know how to get the app to work appropriately with the vehicle. Also, there are many of those representatives who are very rude and seem not to care of the situation that the customer is facing. I don’t care that this is a 2017. It is still a Mercedes and price value hold it sell for the quality of car it it does not hold value for any other aspect, considering that not even the representative seem to care, and that does not go for all of them. I ask that Mercedes takes time to consider the lack of quality as it is impacting the reliability for their product and service.
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8 months ago, Haleem2023
Frustrating Experience with Remote Start Feature
I've been using the Mercedes me connect app primarily for the remote start feature on my 2018 E-Class. Despite paying solely for this feature, the app very rarely starts the engine, even after multiple attempts. I initially thought the issue might be with my phone, so I changed it, but the problem persisted. I also switched carriers, trying Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, but to no avail. Last year, I cancelled my subscription out of sheer frustration with the unreliable engine start and unhelpful customer service. I recently decided to give the app another try, thinking that updates might have improved its performance as the weather is getting colder in my area. However, the issues started again right from day one. Despite multiple attempts every day, it is extremely rare for the engine to start remotely. I'm canceling my subscription today because the service has proven to be utterly useless. I strongly advise anyone considering this app for remote start to think twice; it simply doesn't deliver on its promise.
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12 months ago, everynicknameistaken89
App locked me out and wouldn’t open the car.
I locked the vehicle with the app. I’ve notice sometimes the remote start would not work sometimes but that wouldn’t be a big deal, just an inconvenience. Being on the technology field I know connectivity issues can happen due to to several factors. Today I locked the vehicle on the app trusting they would have a solution to short distance connectivity,(Bluetooth, wireless), NOPE. Not at all. I remained stranded on the middle of the town, called mbrace support they were also unable to unlock the car and had to request a tow truck. Guess who paid the bill? 100 dollars for the call and another 180 to the tow service. So not happy with the app. As a matter of fact not happy with car at all anymore. This is an S550 and I would expect more care when having technology components installed in the car. That’s it for me. Even if you don’t have an built in Bluetooth adapter in this car shouldn’t be the end of the world have a better programming to have these issues sorted out.
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3 years ago, Sickofcandycrush
Worse app ever
The app needs major attention. Doesn’t unlock or lock my doors. Barely turns on engine. Always thinks my car is unlock when it’s locked. Also the payment financial system doesn’t even work. It always ask to click the link to actually log in on the website not on the app. Very inconvenient and also it sets up auto recurring payments in its own. When I didn’t even set it up. I was notified it was on. Whoever is in charge with website and app needs to get on it and fix this stuff. It’s so inconvenient and the customer service rep is so rude and doesn’t help at all.
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4 years ago, wexlax732
Reliable app with super clean interface
MercedesMe is a powerful tool for any Benz owner. The start screen displays my exact AMG in an elegant and beautiful graphic. The layout is clean and easy to navigate. I can rest well knowing my AMG is safe and secure where I parked it. Push alerts are sent for changes in location, vehicle speed and engine starts. The remote start works flawlessly (as long as you have 5 gallons or more in the tank) and locking/unlocking remotely works no matter how far from the vehicle you are. My gripes are few: the app will error out occasionally and not send lock/unlock signals if service is poor. Some sort of sentry mode like our Tesla employs when leaving the car in a parking lot would greatly enhance peace of mind. My c63s amg has plenty of cameras to make this doable without tons of added cost.
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3 years ago, daytonawhite
Way more reliable than Jaguar’s equivalent app
This app is super simple to use, really convenient, and you can even make your monthly payment through it. My only gripe is the auto start feature. In cold weather, sometimes 10 minutes just isn’t enough to get the car as warm as I’d like it. Jaguar’s app allows you to run the engine for up to a half hour before it shuts off, and it’ll even activate the seat warmers once you get in. This one shuts the car off once you get in and you have to turn on the seat warmers yourself. On top of that, you can’t adjust the cabin temperature before activating the auto start like you can with Jaguar. Those are my only complaints. Otherwise, I find it really convenient.
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2 years ago, cedesrider
The worst customer service
So I bought my 3rd Mercedes in September ‘21. The only thing that is negative about the experience is the brace app. From initiation, the rep who set up my account seemed like a swindler. It is my assumption that they are payed partially on performance base since I’ve called 3 times after my initial set up and requested to cancel ANYTHING THAT IS A RECURRING BILLING FEATURE. I don’t think that there is any ambiguity in my words saying I have a complimentary service for some functions that run until 2023. Keep those. Cancel anything else. Now after hanging up with my fourth call to get my account removed from collections from their reps not doing what I asked I’m frustrated and seriously considering abandoning their brace program all together. And if they ever even consider making heated seats or other functions of my car as a paid monthly service I’ll start shopping with their competitors.
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3 years ago, Dada moo
No Apple Watch support
The apps really resourceful. First Mercedes and am pretty impressed. Provided a lot of insight on the health of the car such as mileage, gas, tire pressure, valet mode and remote start. All really useful information to plan ahead. Once of the best features is sending an alert when your vehicles unlocked. I’m really bad at that so it’s nice to have it. You can also see the location of your car if you rent it out or let family/friends borrow the car. Seems like apples dropped the apple watch support entirely. Been wanting to use this feature for over a year now but no luck. Also would love to see one unified Mercedes app with the finance info instead of switching to the Mercedes Me connect app.
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3 years ago, The DJ Platypus
Why Was My EV supported and Now Not?
I would be in absolute love with this app had I not been the unfortunate purchaser of a b250e where MBUSA decided to End of Life The EV Part of The App! What manufacturer does something like this? Was it really truly that difficult to maintain the connection with a few thousand owners b250e charge, charger locations, MPkWh, Etc? To be completely honest I feel really let down with the purchase of my first Mercedes. I understand the limited production of this vehicle that includes a third party (Tesla) Engine snd Drivetrain but ending the support of your first US EV? Why the car is completely capable of reporting the data when polled at any time. The Communications Module. Is LTE so that is definitely still supported. mBrace works fine in fact the 2019 has the same Telematics unit I believe and is MercedesMe Connect Enabled. Just feel very let down by a manufacturer I have lived since a child.
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3 years ago, FrankC-3
Very good but could use improvement.
Overall I like the app and find it useful. A few updates would make it much better, however. 1) Valet mode must be reset to on each time the valet moves the car. Often valets will temporarily park a car when busy, the park it when they have no one waiting. Each time this is done, the app must be reset. Would prefer the setting to remain on until I deactivate it. 2) Remote start was unevenly implemented. My car has it. My wife’s car does not. Should not be more than a software update. 3) I can lock and unlock from the app, but not close or open the windows or the convertible top. If I park with the top down and need to raise it, I need to go outside and be within a meter or so to use the key fob to raise the top and close the windows. 4) Every where but the US the app can be used to unpark from a tight spot. I don’t often need the feature, or it would have been handy once or twice. Unfortunately, this app is obsolete since the newest Mercedes-Benz pair with the new Mercedes Me Connect app. So I doubt Mercedes Me will ever be improved.
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4 years ago, Bactine
Exceptionally unreliable
I’m baffled at how useless this app is. The remote start feature has been an actual help maybe once in the 18 months I’ve had the car. Every other time I tried to start the car, I got to the car and started it myself before the signal went through the app. No benefit there. The locate feature is quite slow and not worth using this app—my map application remembers where I parked all on its own. Without remote start, or the ability to open or close windows, or turn on seat heaters, check the fuel level or tire pressure, I don’t see the purpose. If the app was reliable in doing what it’s supposed to do, I could give it four stars for at least doing *something*. I haven’t seen another mobile application as unreliable as this one. I’ve worked in software development for decades. In my experience, I’d expect to be fired if I was responsible for this app.
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4 years ago, urmarried3
Could be a lot better
Insurance companies have great apps because they need to know how you use your car. My car was stolen from my driveway and even though I had EMBRACE and got them connected to local law enforcement officers they were unable to make a case to the officers or provide a link to track my vh. The car was confirmed stolen and I don’t know why Embrace just couldn’t have made the auto unable to operate until it was confirmed recovered by the police. Embrace also needs to help educate law enforcement officers about their anti theft and tracking devices on all the new models. I live in a small town 50,000 people and was surprised that local law enforcement officers had no idea about embrace. They had never heard of it and were incapable of understanding what the program was capable of doing.
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1 year ago, ag banks
The Best Car Application
Every morning I leave to work at the same time. 10 minutes before I head out I warm up my car with the app. If I’m out doing something and left my car behind I can see where it’s location is if it’s unlocked I can lock it. I can set my service appointment and do over the air vehicle updates. I can create a geo fence so that I’m notified if Valet went for a joy ride and I can even change the settings of my ambient lighting. This is not all it can do… I already love my Mercedes-Benz but this app reminds me of how great of a brand I’ve chosen to associate myself with. Thanks Mercedes-Benz.
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3 years ago, JoeBoxer7109
Love my GLC
The car’s handling is flawless, the app only enhances the enjoyment of owning a Mercedes. I’m able to check the status of the vehicle from fuel to location parked. I do not like it however, when the App doesn’t recognize my login information this has happened more than twice. I was using the lock my vehicle from the App and it didn’t respond causing me to walk back to the vehicle to lock it. That’s is frustrating especially went away from home and out of town. That aside the App is a nice feature.
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3 years ago, Gri0213
Worse App Ever! It’s really a 0 Star
Horrible Horrible Horrible!! When you need the app “remote start” to work it doesn’t work! On those snowy icy days when you want to warm up your car for at least 20 mins especially when living in a high rise apartment, it comes back saying ....🔴Remote Start failed to initiate “unable to initiate because of a technical issue on our end”!! When I called Embrace they never know what the technical issue is. They always go through these repetitive trouble shooting steps that you’ve already done, and still nothing!! For god sakes I upgraded from a Honda to a Mercedes. At one point they told me to take the car to the dealership and see what they can do, really why, what does the dealership have to do with the app??!! Thank god I still have a free membership, this App is not worth the money!! Get it together Mercedes Benz/CEO/VP. Upset Consumer
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3 years ago, A new user 0987
Remote start is hit or miss...
Let’s face it, nobody downloads this app for the lifestyle or finance functions it’s the remote start function that we want. And that function is the least reliable thing that Mercedes has. Seriously, you email me reminders that a service is due and are spot on but you can’t make the app work. I’m going to say it doesn’t work about 30-40% of the time. That is Yugo level. I didn’t buy a Yugo. So if you want it to start every time just get used to getting in the car a starting it yourself. It’s either a “technical issue on our end” or “failed to initiate” or you have less than a 1/4 tank of fuel”. Spend less development time on the lifestyle crap and make the one desirable feature actually work.
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1 year ago, Everyday Jeaux
Horrible, customer service acts more like Xfinity than what I’d expect from Mercedes
Horrible service, every representative I talked to on the phone gave me a different answer on when my account would activate. The first person told me it would take ten minutes, the second an hour, the 3rd said it would take 2 days! And it never activated! When I called to get it canceled they said they weren’t able to cancel it try again in a few days… all of a sudden my account pops up as able to link but is still inactive. So I called to confirm my cancellation. Only to find out that the payment they said would process in 72 hrs processed immediately. Had to call back a 7th time, horrible experience, the training here seems very incomplete and my problem still was not resolved… 🤷
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3 years ago, JCC-3
Great for address loading. Can be glitchy, latest update is better
I have been using the program for about a year now. I do really appreciate the ability to remotely enter my address where I’m going to and have it show up in the car when I start it. It is a little glitchy if you remote start the car with the address loading up and then have to be re-pulled back out when you restart the car. The program in the last iteration was a little glitchy and would time out very often. The new version has been good for the last week or two.
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4 years ago, Spoody1*
The app is decent. There’s a few “ kinks that need to be worked out! Sometimes when I lock my car remotely from a distance, (inside a building, etc.) it doesn’t want to open when I arrive back at the car using the key fob. It’s as if it gone to a totally different channel and doesn’t recognize the key fob! This is a serious glitch! I usually have to unlock “remotely” even though I’m standing next to the car, then enter... Very Frustrating ! Please contact me if there’s a FIX...
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7 months ago, Lee2003w
Love the car, hate the app
This app is extremely frustrating and disappointing to say the very least. I purchased the subscription (hundreds of dollars) specifically for the remote start and lock/unlock features. I do not have a garage and I wanted to ensure the ability to start my car to warm it up or cool it down in extreme weather before entering my vehicle. Unfortunately this app is very unreliable when it comes to the remote start. It is unsuccessful more than half of the time and usually due to “technical difficulties”. You would think an E class Mercedes would not be dealing with this issue and although I love the car, I wouldn’t waste your money on this subscription.
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3 years ago, ron the goat
Love the app
I actually love this app a lot it makes having a Mercedes Benz so much more Luxury. I mean we lay enough for the car so it’s cool they added this my favorite thing about it is probably the start the car just by telling Siri feature they added it’s a real show out move lol all my boys and the ladies were with love it 🤣🤣 it’s dope u can set ur temperature to only thing I don’t like the car turns off when u get it in it I think that’s kinda stupid. Y’all should fix that other then that dope feature.
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4 years ago, Shondra’s IPhone
This app was a blessing.
My son was buckled in his car seat in the back seat. I put my bag in the car and closed the door. My key was left in my bag accidentally. When I realized that my key wasn't in my pocket, I tried to open the door to get my key but the door locked. I panicked. Luckily, I had my phone. I was so relieved to have this app to open the doors. I thought I was going to faint. I was so nervous because all of the windows were up. I feel like this app saved his life. Seriously. This is a true story.
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2 months ago, jnathanroberts
My most horrible app experience ever
I have purchased a 2018 GLA 250. The app refuses to recognize the VIN belonging to me in spite of the dealership showing me that it is indeed tied to my email and phone. I’ve spent three days now transferring from department to department and they all just point fingers at each other and then tell me to contact the app team (which is apparently impossible). As of today, a dealer told me this app is essentially dead as their agreement with T-Mobile moved to the new Mercedes Me Connect app and no one will be able to sign up via this app any longer. Not sure I believe that, as I subscribed to three years worthy of the mbrace Entertain (and Secure) package and MBUSA had no problem hitting my Amex immediately for the charge.
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3 years ago, BlackstoneMN
This app is still the worst. I have a 2019 AMG and the remote start is the main reason I’d use the app. When it does work it takes so long to activate the car I may as well just walk to it. The ability to sync the app to the car to adjust settings relies on a wifi connection. Sorry but I have a data plan already, why should I get another one? Good grief. For what I paid for this car it would be nice if Mercedes actually had an app that was designed in the 21st century. At this point, this is my last Benz. Why even bother with an app if it has such limited utility? Trite compared to the car? Yes, but Mercedes used to stand for flawless performance across the board. They are completely screwing people over.
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4 years ago, Abladu
The Mercedes Me App works now
I love the app now. But to get it to work in the beginning was a struggle. The installation process and usage, during the first few days was difficult. It was difficult due to technical issues with the app. But recent usage has been a breeze! I am guessing that recent updates to the app to fix issues to get the Mercedes Me app to work, has proven to be successful. I haven’t had any issues 3 days after installing the app on May 19th, 2020.
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3 months ago, Sorry 87888
Service is horrible
Just to connect the vehicle to your profile you have to visit the dealership. I had a dealership quote me for $250 just to change the user since i purchased a used car. The app does not gives you live updated of your vehicle location. I paid for the yearly subscription come to find out i have to pay $500 for navigation. Ill stick with google maps on apple car play. My infiniti QX60 app is way more user friendly and more productive than this app. Also customer service should have a closing time because they are useless in during 24 hr.
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4 years ago, Rami.AlYousef
Could be better
I love this app and everything done by Mercedes! However few things (me and many others asking for) could be done better. (1) allowing the users to send an address form Apple map to the application. (2) enhancing the application performance, it’s too slow. (3) allowing the “Driving Journal” to be more than 24 hours, it’s annoying yo keep activating this feature everyday. (4) adding the “Locate Vehicle” as an icon to the top list. Thanks you Benz for the amazing experience and I hope you do hear the voice of your customers.
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4 years ago, izquiertoto
New s class owner
I’m totally dissatisfied with the auto start function I been asking mercedes dealer for over a year already and the multiple service advisors I have spoken too , I have also call corporate to request this feature to be disable permanently but to go on deft ears and totally be ignore . As a new mercedes owner i don’t like my new car to be going off at every traffic light It actually stresses me out , my car goes off when pulling into my driveway also at a rail road wish it is not safe at all . When I ask bmw to turn the very same feature off permanently in my other car they did so and listen to me but mercedes won’t do the same . This really makes me wonder if they really care about the consumer they would have already created a way to turn this feature off permanently ? Hopefully they listen to this and honor my request Everyone I have talk to in the dealer including service advisers and managers they tell me that they been getting a lot of customers requesting the same thing and there in no available update to be able to turn this feature off .
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3 years ago, delma :)
Auto Start
I really hate the auto start by the time I login and submit auto start I’m already to go. The delay is horrible on the app. Then you can only try 3 times after that it will not work. Even though it never started. Mercedes go back to auto start on the Key please. We pay a lot of money, and I can’t auto start my vehicle when I most need it! Not looking forward to winter.
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2 weeks ago, Lee Proctor
Augmented reality
I ordered the e450 4Matic sedan twice in less that two years in an attempt to get Augmented reality. Each time It still arrived without it. I was told when the chip was available it would be activated. However, after being retrofitted I still don’t have the augmented reality app. Additionally other features that I have only ordered this model was the soft close doors, wide apple car play screen and the macchiato beige/saddle brown upholstery patterns that I only like have been discontinued. The dash cam I ordered was removed prior to delivery. The ability to control the seats from the driver side has also been discontinued.
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2 years ago, BritDark
Don’t even bother it’s a scam.
I called mbrace to register for their service. I was looking for a way to have the remote start feature for my e300. I saw on the options that if I purchased the $18 per month entertain package I would get wifi, iHeart radio and complete access to mbrace connect. It was right their in real words on the app. The sales guy said that was incorrect and they only offer mbrace connect with the secure package. So false advertising and now after talking to the dealership they told me to stay away from the app. It’s just a ploy by Mercedes to fleece consumers for more money. I have been a loyal Mercedes fan for years but after this experience I think I’m jumping ship to BMW.
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4 years ago, trone.202
EDITED - Bait and switch TRASH...not
I apologize for this previous review & rating without thoroughly reviewing all of the updates. However, I did have to call Support to find out where the Remote Start was. [ Once again, here we go with the app “latest updates”. Trash! Poor UX/CX. Jumps from one app to another. Hello...ever heard of enterprise consolidation? WHERE THE HECK IS THE REMOTE START NOW??? Car was purchased brand new in 2019 which includes a 5yr Embrace account. Now, with this recent app update (11/20), features like Remote Start are gone! Winter is right around the corner (smh)!]
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4 years ago, entrecomputer
Missing features
The paid subscription app will lock and unlock, and locate the vehicle. That is a minimum set of paid features. If you want more of my money you can enable the remote start since I paid for the keyless starter feature. You can enable after starting the heated seats since I paid for that option also. That would be useful since it is -10 in the winter mornings. Don’t get me started on remote shutdown if my Mercedes is stolen. Just thinking, all you Mercedes experience engineers. Thanks
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2 years ago, Upper Lars
Works well after they fixed the problems
For years this app was having frequent problems with both remote start (didn’t work half of the time) and location feature (sometimes showing the car as located a mile or so away). But Mercedes seemingly fixed these problems and now the app is doing what it’s supposed to do
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2 years ago, Veronspecie
Please do better
Honestly for a brand like this one would expect better. Very disappointing to come here and see others are fusing about this. Two issues I have with this app, firstly, I get signed out from the app and have to accept terms and conditions all the time. Secondly, why would after remote starting the car, it goes off when you open the door? I mean that doesn’t make sense. Please do better Benz! I’d to come back to see if I can reduce my star rating to zero or give this app another rating. All of a sudden my remote start never works lol. There should be an option for zero stars honestly. This app is USELESS
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4 years ago, Apidax
Terrible updates
The newer versions now keep on logging me out without reason, taking me on and endless scroll of an EULA already accepted 3 years ago. The new screen for login is clumsy and does not trigger the password menu on the iPhone, forcing the user to manually type in his email, select “log in with Password” and THEN have access to the iPhone passwords menu. Like, really, who is in charge of UX/UI for this app? It makes no sense whatsoever. And then, the rest of the app is exactly the same as in 2017. Just go back to the old version, it was much better. Or do yourselves a favour and ask the developers for the BMW Connected app for help: they did a much better job.
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1 year ago, GM Gorgeous
Love ME
I love the remote start. My main reason is for the cold weather. Today is the first day of very cold temperatures and it was such a joy to walk out and get into a warmed up car. So far so good!! And I can’t say enough about being able to locate my car. I’m notorious for not remembering where I park especially when I go into the city. This feature has helped me out so very much! Love Me!!!
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2 years ago, Rooster house
Get this software with the times!!!
I cannot figure out why car manufacturers do not give you the option to view any of you cameras when remote started??? Premium company’s (such as Mercedes’) I’m looking directly at you? I work in software, this isn’t crazy or far fetched. Stop making people pay premiums without supplying them. I hope everyone reads this, thinks about it, and complains until you get it together. So many reviews about your remote start, and it hasn’t been fixed?? Fix yourselves, or customers will move on. Sorry not sorry.
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3 years ago, Crowdes
The worst app and feature I can imagine
Being able to remote start was a major must-have when I was looking for a new car and this feature completely fails with Mercedes. I was skeptical about an app to begin with, and I was right to be. Remote start works at best 10-15% of the time, all the rest there’s some stupid response like “your windows are down” (when they aren’t) or better yet “remote start is down for maintenance. What a joke for a car that costs this much. Mercedes, take a page from Volvo’s book, or even Volkswagen, and create an app and remote start that actually function.
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5 months ago, kevin vivu
IOS widgets display not available on US Mercedes Me app
I have the Mercedes Me app in both China and the United States. While the servers are different, the content of the app is similar. The major issue with the U.S. Mercedes Me app is that it cannot display on iPhone widgets, unlike the Chinese version. I don't understand why the U.S. version of the Mercedes Me app still hasn't been updated to include IOS widgets.
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3 years ago, JasonP QA Engineer
It works but takes too long, login issues
It takes over 2 minutes to start my GLE350 compared to less than 5 seconds using a traditional remote starter. Granted, this app calls Mercedes server to authorize and then send return signal to vehicle, but 2 minutes...? This automated process shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds total. The only way to authorize this app after you’ve already unlocked your phone is to use Face ID. I’ve already unlocked my phone. I shouldn’t need to unlock this app. And why is there no backup numeric password as an alternate login? Face ID or nothing!
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1 year ago, djfut rntn
App is decent but…
So the app is a decent app. Most helpful is that it reminds me if I do not lock car. Also helps me unlock if my key is in a bag or something. Other features are fine / good. So why a mediocre rating? On the one year anniversary of buying the car, it wants me to pay $100 roughly to keep the features active. It’s like an a la crate menu that is confusing. But most annoying- I bought a car that costs more than $100k and Mercedes nickel and dimes on the app? Seems wrong.
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3 years ago, Daviska25
Hate that you have to use the key fob to lock and unlock doors on a 2020CLA. Also when signal is low I get alerts stating that the vehicle has moved, just to find out it’s was still there and the alerts were just coming across late, whew can you imagine thinks someone was riding around in your car and you had the keys right beside you?
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4 years ago, Jinx Lee
Deducted money from account twice!
The app itself is pretty easy to navigate however this past week I had money drafted from my account twice in 5 days. I have been paying through the app for a few months now and have never had a problem until now. I didn’t get any email of another scheduled payment and the funds had already been deducted from my bank account by the time I caught it. The customer service rep simply said “I don’t know what happened”. I schedule my payments for one time only and I am not enrolled in autopay so this makes me leery of using this app for any future payments.
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3 weeks ago, Akazai
Someone needs to fix the Driving Journal!
It’s been a while since the driving journal has been broken, shows enabled in the app, isn’t recording anything and can’t turn it off, every time I try to turn it off the message says; your vehicle maybe out of range or there may have been a technical error. Everything else in the app works well and unlike the experience but since app support is turned off too, had to use this forum. I would rate it higher if it were not for a broken feature that hasn’t been addressed in months.
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4 years ago, Rbabie21
Don’t like it
Had to give it a 2 star. The old one was better! This new App don’t support the finance section which was so easy to pay your bill on time and track your progress. Having to always go on the website isn’t fun! I hope they upgrade it but at this point it’s a waste having the app for me.
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2 years ago, B_Rosco989
Can’t connect most of the time.
Doesn’t work most of the time because of either network or technical issues. Tried out the speed alert and it activates and then 15 secs deactivates. Forget about the driving journal ever connecting. Also tried to look up service records since I had the vehicle in last month - no records. This tells me there is no ongoing development for repairing issues with this older app, older vehicle cellular technology causes connection issues, and dealer databases are not linked your account. Most likely going to cancel this service.
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