Mercury Cards

4.2 (3.8K)
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Current version
Mercury Financial LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mercury Cards

4.24 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Nanny of SLC
Prefer the old app better.
I liked it better when it was just Mercury. I don’t care for some of the changes they have made. Making my payment after it switched was slightly confusing. I liked that I could cancel a online payment and change it needed, but can’t do that now. You can break down your payment to smaller payments but I don’t understand how that works for each month. I do like that I can still set my own payment amount and make multiple payments if I want. I like that my payments post pretty quick after they clear my account.
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11 months ago, Rich_Brest
Works Great!
Load time is fast. First screen shows all the information you need without having to tap or go to a menu to reach a second screen. Also like the multiple payment option which favorably effects your credit score. I have a few credit cards with their apps and this one works better than most. I prefer paperless and I’m able to see everything I need to on the app. On transactions you can filter and get to the information you need and maybe one feature I’d add to the app would be to have the ability to send the filtered transaction data to my email in CSV or excel format for expense forms. I’m sure that feature is available on the website but I mostly use the app.
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2 years ago, Evilmincer
Read this before you apply
I currently own a card with Mercury. They target people with low credit score, and at first it is good because it really helped with the credit. However, this company does not give increases to your credit, they are not registered like other credit card companies, QuickBooks doesn’t recognize them, nerd wallet doesn’t recognize them, and it takes them forever to report your credit changes. For a beginner with very very crappy credit this is a good card service. They do not protect the customers from fraud, in fact or blatantly apathetic about it. So when you apply you are applying for a card to build your credit and nothing more. Whatever they start you out it is what you will stay at for years. It has already been two years for me and still no credit increase and I can’t connect it to my QuickBooks like I can with the other ones. So think twice before you apply for this company
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2 years ago, wary app man
Fire the techies
The new Oculus version of this app is total crap(to put it lightly)! I couldn’t get it to work from the time they published it. Just now, it took me an HOUR+ to get one payment made, and that I had to do on the phone, because the app has no options other than an ignorant programer’s idea of minimum or “spot” (like a first grade reader - remember spot?) or balance. Then, the app hangs and doesn’t work, anyway!! NOW… after making my payment over the phone with the department that should understand how the silly app works, the app WON’T CLOSE. Over and over, I tapped logout, then continue, and it stays open! I think that means their site and or app has been hacked. So now I’ve deleted it and will use the website from now on. If they make a game out of that, I’ll close all Mercury accounts - and advise all others to, as well. Whoever re-designed this app to look and act like a child’s game should be replaced. Bank accounts don’t need to be toyed with!
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5 months ago, Abbigale25
Stay away
Honestly, it started off well you guys, each and every one of you should know the truth that they target people with low credit scores even when you have a payment plan with them, they give you more credit when your almost finished paying it off they give you a credit increase bringing up your spending power but leaving you to pay the amount that was not there and then tell you to pay the other amount and if you don't they will sell your information to a third party taking off almost 200 points that they never placed there in the first place which is messed up. A bit of advice save your self from this insanity I wish I had someone to tell me don't they call and keep treating you to pay then after before you know it it's sold without your knowledge no date of it or ntg
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2 years ago, KasaraEm13
I haven't even gotten my card after months
I opened an account a few months ago. I waited for my card for a couple weeks, but it never came. So I went to request another card. There is no email address to contact, you have to go through the phone number. I held for 2 hours one day and I never got through. There is no other way to request another card besides that number that I can find, no button in the app or site. I've tried calling multiple times over the last couple months and I have never been able to speak to a person. I suppose I could do a snail mail, but then what if that's lost as well? I've pretty much given up. I would just close my account, but I would probably have to get a person on the phone for that. So eventually it'll close due to inactivity hopefully.
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2 years ago, Just Miki
Great card to own
I had a chapter seven bankruptcy in 2019 . Honestly didn’t expect to get approved for this card, but I decided to apply after conceding for sure me time. Got approved for $2500 and set up my account online. It was easi and fast. After few days my card arrived and I started ising it. Have no issues of any kind. I’m very happy with the card. I don’t know if they doing credit limit increases but I’m okay with what I got for time being. Hav another 9 credit catds , making all my payments on time… will see how it goes. Thank you Mercury for giving me a second chance.
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2 years ago, getawaygalsd
You asked, let’s see what happens with the info
For me this use to be a Barclays card. The app was super. I miss those days. There are many hiccups with this app, starting off with the loading. I have a grandmother who moves faster. Second is payment changes. It doesn't always happen the way it should in this app. It would also be nice if I could see pending payments on the first page (under what is due). Bouncing around too much in the app in my open. Hmmm, more steps (I am thrilled). Another issue is taking a trip. In this app it only allows for foreign travel…bi-coastal US not an option. I guess they only pay attention to card activity if you leave the good ol’ USA. I can go on but you need to read the other folks input.
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2 years ago, Deebutterflies
Much better app after re-design
I like this app better. I find it easier to navigate. I like the option to breakdown payments and do them weekly. You decide the amount and when calendar pops up you can choose the dates that are convenient. You can cancel it change dates day prior if need be. I didn't give them a 5 star because they need to do better transfer offers, when they do and you decline it doesn't need to keep popping up every time you log in.
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1 year ago, Mrsbrown2340
Do not get this card
I went into a settlement to pay off my remaining balance with my mercury card. I was told to pay it off would be one year. I had automatic payments set up. After my 3rd payment I was informed I was 75 days late on my payments. I then called and paid off the remaining balance. This was 4 months after starting my settlement. A few weeks later I was then informed I still owed over 500 dollars. I paid off full balance November 2022. It is now February 2023 and they are still saying I owe over $500 and that I am now 40 days late on my payments. Thanks to this my credit has been greatly reduced. I have called them 4 times to fix the issue and get told every time that they are starting a new case to resolve my problem.
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1 year ago, Melmel9006
Don’t do it!
I received a Mercury card in October 2022, I had a credit limit of $2000 which is similar to other cards I have… I got this card only to build more credit. They put my account on hold as soon as I received the card (which was my fault, I had just moved and put my old address on the application) however, I submitted all the requested information multiple times… I even had to go get documents notarized… after 7 months of dealing with this company, and being told “your account is under review, we have no answers but you can call back later” calling at least twice a month, being on the phone for hours… today I got a response. “Your account was closed due to fraud”. Wow. Do better!
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2 years ago, Amber Michele
Easy to use
I really enjoy this updated app! It’s easier to read and interpret. I have come to really appreciate the main page that breaks down your limits, usage and remaining balances. I also like the update with the payments that shows how you can break up your payments and what your interest looks like based on your payments. The rewards are a little hidden but outside of that it’s easy to use. It would be nice to see a quicker short cut for the rewards. Thoroughly using this app.
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11 months ago, Goat2023
Making a payment
It’s very confusing. You need a separate tap space for your custom payment. It needs to be specific. You should be able to delete your minimum payment amount. I got charged twice once for my selected payment and then for my minimum payment. It over drew my account at the bank. And bank returned it which Mercury then hit me with a return charge. Yet my first initial payment was over the minimum due. The system is not user friendly.
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9 months ago, Jaytaan
Great Account - ANNOYING APP
Being able to pay with a debit card is by far my favorite feature! I wish more companies would allow this. It makes for easy payments and my money is almost immediately applied and taken out of my bank account. I absolutely love it! I have had zero complaints other than the load screen animations! For someone on the go and in a rush to check balances, the last thing I want to do is wait for an animation to finish for me to see my balance. That is the only reason for the 3 star review.
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6 months ago, Chrissybroyal
5 star but one minor tiny quirk
I love the ease and quickness of the app! I can make my payment in a minute! However, it can be at times irritating to get past the make a extra payment reminder half screen that pops up every time. But I also like it because it gives me the opportunity to do that as well. So not a bad thing at all!!!
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2 years ago, AJLothbrok
Really Helpful, Both Now and Later
I got a card with Mercury after a bankruptcy, and every step with them has been great. Overall, I am horrible with technology (even at the age of 26), but the app and website have been straightforward and simple for me. Mercury has truly helped me rebuild credit, so although others may have had a different experience, I suggest this card/company to everyone!
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1 year ago, Charles on track
Mercury is FAB!
I have seen negative reviews. I believe your experience once you use the App and services offered, you will be extremely pleased. You can choose your due dates, manage your purchases, manage your payments at a moment’s daily. Apply, it’s a valuable tool to get your finances and Credit Score on track to freedom to choose success. They helped me after Chapter 13 right away.
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1 year ago, armand stroni
Apps freezes on payment
Hi, I have iPhone 11, with their new update, I am unable to make payment because it freezes on the payment option page. Where it asks how you would to make payment via single or multiple payment. It doesn’t let me select anything, not even the “back” button. I have even restated my iPhone and still freezes… starting to annoying me. I keep going to a browser for payment, laptop and even on my iPhone. What’s the point of having the app??
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2 years ago, Brandon Patterson
Happy with the service
App is easy to use. As some of the other reviews suggested, I also was given a higher than expected starting credit limit. Looking forward to seeing what it is increased to. No comments on APR. I never pay much attention to that. So long as the balance is laid before the bill cycles there is no interest, + I’m building credit. Rewards program is okay.
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2 years ago, seh1951
Old app was a LOT better
Sometimes change and new ways aren’t better and this app change is a perfect example! As others have said, the fancy little opening takes time and does nothing! The payment process is time consuming, confusing and sometimes you don’t know if it actually took. I now make my payments on my laptop instead of my iPhone app as it’s faster and a lot less confusing!! If you developers are going to change something, how about actually make it better, maybe do some testing before releasing garbage!
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1 year ago, Cindyp1962
Payment and Face ID not working
Since the last update I had to change my password because Mercury said my password was wrong. Face recognition not working and I had to use web browser to pay my bill. Then today I get a text saying I was past due when in fact I was not. Please fix the app it’s acting up terribly. I never had a problem my two years with Mercury until this past update. Thank you Lee In customer service for your help today when I called.
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2 years ago, slazamar
Others think
I have no problem with this card I’ve had 3 increases already within 2 years of having it when I log on I see my payment pending I see my balance what I owe I don’t know why other people are having such a problem! I make my payments 3 days before it’s due and I always pay more than what they ask for so I’m very happy with mine!
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2 years ago, blairebeard1
Awesome card
I’m not understanding the bad reviews on this card. I have numerous credit cards and when I got this one, my credit was actually good. They INCREASED my limit quickly as well, which I saw reviews complaining they never do that. The app is so easy to use and I love the cash advance options. Hands down my favorite card. Cash back rewards is awesome too.
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6 months ago, Tayluor
User friendly design
This app is amazing as it is easy to see how much credit you have used and the remaining amount of credit available. It’s allows you to set up auto pay for the low monthly minimum payment and notifies you when you receive a credit line increase.
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2 years ago, Rbhoffical
They update their website/put their website offline way too much. Every time I decide to check my balance, guess what? Website is down. I’m tired of it. I bet you can suggest that their website is down as I’m typing this cause it’s true. Also, I can’t login from app to pay off card. I have to login from a computer because it says incorrect credentials even though it’s the same credentials. So just know when you get this card, 35% of the time, the website is down!
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2 years ago, americanittons
Liked the old way better
The old way I was able to pay when I wanted, as much as I wanted. You could see your payments post quickly you can cancel the payment if you think you made a mistake. This app does nothing for me it’s confusing. Can’t make the payment you want for the amount you want, other than the preset payments the have. I have never in the years I’ve had credit cards to my name can’t make the type of payment I want. In other words YOU HAVE TAKEN OUR CHOICE AWAY OF HOW WE WANT TO MANAGE OUR ACCOUNT. In paying up and closing this credit card. NEVER AGAIN.
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2 years ago, FrannieinFlorida
New layout is great
Nice layout and easy to find options. I’m all for improvements and making it easier for the consumer. This card came with a great credit limit and great terms. I have paid it off once and began using it again to establish a solid payment history. No complaints here, keep up the great work!!
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6 months ago, kljean
Simple Interface
Extremely easy to use. Login with face ID is amazing. The graph it uses with the circles to show balance/credit is really fundamental to see your spending left. Being able to split payments is an awesome option, used once and no issues. I usually pay in full. Overall, 11/10. I love my Mercury acct. They treat me great.
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2 years ago, carolb.7
Very slow
It’s very slow to load when opening the app. It’s also slow when maneuvering to different pages once inside the app. I read a review that said it would be helpful if pending charges were listed on the first page, along with current balance, available balance and credit limit. I concur, it would be awesome! I rated the app 3 stars because of the slow load and maneuver issues.
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2 years ago, John Twickenham Longfellow
Takes TOOO LONG to open up!
I liked the app without it. It slows down the startup time by about 30. My time is precious and while it MAY be of benefit to a very select group of people, it takes TOOOOO LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG! to get to the info I’m looking for! I personally do not need to see a graphical representation of the numerics of my account. I know what the percentages are. The ONLY reason I use the app is because they FORCED IT upon me. Sorry if this sounds too harsh, but 1) I’m being REALLY honest! 2) I do NOT NEED the opening graphics to WASTE my time! Thank you!
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3 years ago, FrustratedMaggie
Building credit
I love this card! I used it for a couple of months and they increased my credit right away. I started with a $500 limit and they increased it to $1,500. I have no issues with the app. Like with everything I make my payments during the week so that I can see it reflected right away. So far the best
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2 years ago, NicciD.
It Works Just Fine!
Firstly, let me say that I’m a new customer of Mercury, and too this app. However, at present time I have no complaints about this platform and it works just fine for me. I have read some reviews that state: they prefer the old version and I can’t dispute that. I will only say I’m happy in using this one.
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11 months ago, Angelbaby00
Need easier access to terms and conditions on app
I love my card and I really like how the app works I regard to seeing my total credit, balance, and available. What is frustrating is finding any terms and conditions. I believe they should all have a link directly to that especially when it’s a variable interest rate.
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2 years ago, I Love Hye Ran Yang James Lee
Very good app clean and easy to use. Love it allow us to view monthly statement and able to see reward balance, redeem , also setting profile pretty good enough info. Easy to use no hiding menu like most others. Hopefully more promo offer so we can use this card more often ! Keep it up
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2 years ago, Just Happy 777
Great App
I love the new look! Also, It is very easy to manage payments, etc. I love the fact that I am able to chose when and how much, I would like to pay. I have had this card almost a year and a half, they have increased my limit several times without asking. Great job, Mercury!
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2 years ago, IT Guy 554
Slow. Confusing
I honestly don’t like the new app. What do I want when I log on to my card account? Quick overview of my balance, what I have spent and when I need to pay. And this new app makes me wait a long time until it finishes the animation that is cool for the programmer but wastes my time. I used to check all the time and now am dreading to open this app. Sorry but this alone made me use a different card more often just because I hate checking this one
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1 year ago, keithcooker
Jay’s Review
The app could use some changes. The app is currently confusing to make a payment. It needs to have an easier understanding on how much you want to pay on your bill. I always set the automatic payment to the minimum amount so afterwards I can go back and pay more after I see how much I can afford that month. The app could be easier to navigate for this particular payment.
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3 years ago, prince vidic
I couldn’t be happier after seeing this card on credit karma(had it about a year now)
I love the card, the app, and the customer service! Best card to get when your starting out or trying to build/rebuild credit. They offer cash rewards that u can use to pay your monthly mins!! Amazing company and service!
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3 years ago, fjsjxkcdnr
Payment Reversal Issues
I’ve tried three times now to make a payment and the money has been in my acct but it keeps getting reversed after a week for, “insufficient funds”. My bank says everything is fine on their end, and now I am afraid of paying high interest. I don’t know how else to pay! The app itself works ok, just annoying to have to type in my full password each time instead of it just saving.
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11 months ago, Junito O.
It works!!
I don't have any operational, and/or administrative issues with this app. It works perfectly fine for me. My only issue has to do with rewards. The card itself is not competitive. Most cards offer 2% in rewards, for example Citi, Amex, FNOB, and Wellsfsrgo. In order to stick out amongst the lot, it needs to offer a flat 2.5-3% if they want swipes.
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11 months ago, Safety in truth
Convenient look
Hi I just wanted to say, as a senior citizen, i generally don’t like change. But I really like the new app better than the newer lad. It is easier to find things and get the bill paid. Thank you for your forward thinking and giving us an app with a modern look and use. VR Mayes
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11 months ago, Fred Lite
Cash Tewards
Why doesn’t this card have rewards from purchases? I have 4 other credit cards and they all have some rewards. I just don’t use this card unless it’s an emergency for that reason. The app. Is find . I have no issues with it.
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2 years ago, M1 took my money
App keeps crashing on payment screen
I’m unable to make a payment via iPhone app. Two weeks before minimum balance due. App crashes on select payment amount and payment frequency screen. Only customer support available is a phone number and y’all busy. Please update app so I can make a payment before account is in bad standings and extra charges occur. Thanks
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2 years ago, Smartcookie2
Bad business
Called twice now regarding a chargeback where a flower company charged me but never delivered the flowers. This company, now going on 90 days, has not returned my funds nor have they contacted me for important information that i have regarding this chargeback. If you ask me this credit card company is fraud!!! any other credit card would have credited your money back and conducted a dispute. NOT THIS COMPANY!!!! They keep your money and want you to pay for those fraudulent charges!!!!! Will be reporting this business!!
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2 years ago, Ja disappointed
New app
My first attempt on the new app to be able to pay my bill and it was extremely annoying because the app literally just freezes up and does not work at all so of course I haven’t been able to pay my bill now I’m going to have to spend even more time trying to do this to pay the bill instead of having the ease of an online payment I now have a problem because you got rid of an app that worked and put in one that doesn’t !
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2 years ago, WhiskeyMack
Didn’t need a change.
WAY too much animation and intro just to try and get the information you want. All my other cards give me all the info I need just by activating the app with facial recognition. If it takes longer than that you’re doing your customers no favors when they want to check their balance at a register. This went from my favorite card to my least favorite because of this change.
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1 year ago, Funfunfunfunfunfunfu
Love the app
So easy to use. I have notice people say they didn’t get a credit increase I did after 6 months of o time payments. They take awhile to report to credit but it has definitely helped bring up my credit a lot!
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2 years ago, Zaypod
Wish more cards were like this!
I love the fact that you can make weekly payments! And that it gives you a clear forecast of the impact of each payment level. I wish more credit cards were like this.
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2 years ago, Arthurrt
Overseas Customer Service Terrible
Lately it’s a super long hold for a phone rep if they even take the call. Last call a rep took the call after a 20 minute wait. The rep kept silent for 2 minutes. I told them I will nott be hanging up and run up their clock up resulting in their processing less calls. That got me transferred pretty quickly. 😊 I did end up with a U.S. rep and things went well.
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2 years ago, Ejerryh
Great card-great app
Love this card. Good limit to start and has been increased several times. Great experiences with old app and I really like the new one. Practically everything can be done at a click. With automated payments and notifications, it’s super easy to manage this card.
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