Merge Mansion

4.6 (156.4K)
272.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Metacore Games Oy
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Merge Mansion

4.56 out of 5
156.4K Ratings
2 years ago, EmilyLooC
Oddly addicting
Update: I have been playing this game for probably a year and I still love it. But please PLEASE make the events a little more attainable to win. I play as much as I can (and buy in game purchases here and there) and I can never finish the events. There is just too much to them to be able to finish. I have been playing granny’s birthday since the first day and I am not where close to being able to finish it. That being said, I am moving my rating up to five stars because I am addicted to this game. Thank you for all the improvements! This game is such a good little time waster, and you don’t have to be on it all day to get things done. I love that you can add on to your storage (though it does get ridiculously expensive). I have not had to spend any real money on this game and there aren’t ads every 30 seconds. It’l really is a good game. A few improvements would be nice though. 1. Have the reset time for energy be 1 minute instead of 1 minute and 30 seconds. 2. I love the newly added daily tasks BUT please let us pick which ones we want to do instead of doing them in order. I can’t finish mine because it’s ridiculously hard to get paint cans. 3. Maybe have a list of the rarer items? Or how to make them. There is a list of what they turn in to. But some things I’m not sure how to get. Fix these few things and this game would be 5 stars from me for sure!
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2 years ago, Alleonh
Don’t go this direction with events MM…
I’ve been hooked on this game for well over a year. I loved 2048 when that was a viral game and this is on that same wavelength just with purdy pictures. They’ve recently added events and t looks like there’s going to be maybe one a month now. Now I LOVE the events. They have all been entertaining. Every event has some new mechanic and you can tell they are trying to find the perfect balance. I’ve gotten to where I save my gold energies for the events so that I can maximize my play time and try to complete the event. For this one (Hopeberry festival) I know I did the best most efficient job I could without spending tangible money on it. But I just couldn’t finish the event. I had plenty of energy and gems saved up. But I just could not push past the items needed. I got close, but ultimately missed the mark. Last night I thought to myself “if I just had one more day I probably could have made it” and what do you know but when I logged in today it offered to extend the event 2 days…. For 4.99. Don’t do this. One thing I like about the game is that everything is attainable without paying. It might take longer but you can do it if you commit. I want the testing of events to be about that fine line where you can make it but you really got t work at it. Instead I think the fine line they went for was “just close enough but need that one little $5 push to actually make it”. Don’t do that. That’s just disheartening to your long time fans
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3 years ago, AsianBazian
Great fun little game
It’s a fun little game to play when you just want a break for a little bit. The game has the “energy” mechanic, meaning you have a limited amount of moves and then it refills after a bit, I like this mechanic because I won’t get distracted on my phone for hours. The best part of this game is that there are no ads in the game unlike quite literally 99% of mobile games. The game is also just satisfying, the reason for this is because you are placed in an environment that is in such horrible conditions and you have the magic to restore the place and it is such a beauty seeing it come from ugly to beautiful just like a caterpillar to a butterfly. I also love that there is always alternate ways to gain gems and coins and exp without having to pay real money, every day the store restocks and in comes the piggy bank and energy case as daily rewards you can claim, you can merge the piggy bank for big amounts of gems and coins, and the energy case can give you energy orbs that you can merge to grant you up to 100 energy points! Gaining exp is super easy as well, you can gain exp from merging medium tier items and or having an item in the game that generates exp now and then, remember to merge the exp stars to max for more exp. There is so much to this game and it feels like I could play it for ever, I don’t mind because this game is awesome. 15/10 recommendation.
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2 years ago, ChescaLynn
Great game, always room for improvement
This is a perfect game for people who want something to play throughout the day. The energy system needs time to refill, as does the generators, and so unless you spend gems on energy I’d say you get a good 10 minutes of gameplay every few hours once you’re past the tutorial part of the game. I really enjoy the side-quests that you play in order to gain special items within the game to finish large sections, and I enjoy the decorations and the holiday specials you play to gain the decorations you like (you don’t have to buy ones you don’t!) My one critique is, I wish there was a system to see where things came from. Some items come from the merging of several items into limited time generators (dressers give vases, vases give strange jewelry and tiles, and strange jewelry gives you more items from there). I have memory issues and sometimes have no idea where to find the items the game is asking me to give them. A system that allows you to track where you got something is really helpful, even if you don’t get to see past the generators (if you don’t want to spoil the upgrades). Other then that, I love this game. I have ADHD so I’m careful with the games I keep around, because otherwise I can lose hours without realizing it. This game is the perfect balance, great fun and progress for a short amount of time with cute graphics and adorable scenery as you upgrade it. Highly recommend!!!
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2 months ago, creviere
Nice game, however for me it’s too expensive to play
I like the game, but it is slow to progress because you have to merge too many items to get to the final one that gives you real points. 100 energy isn’t enough to get you very far, so you either have to wait for the game to automatically top up your energy to 100 again, which takes 90 mins, or use gems to buy more energy. You need gems to buy more of everything & they are hard to earn playing the game, just like energy points are hard to earn. So invariably if you want to progress before a side story expires & you haven’t finished it, you have to buy what you need from the store. You can easily spend a lot of money, even just buying grandma’s stash, which is all the gems you accrued playing the game. At just under $20 for the stash of gems that incidentally don’t last very long since items can cost between a few gems to several 100s or 1000s of gems to burst the bubble they’re in, you can imagine how much you end up spending to finish the game! If money isn’t a concern for you, have fun coz it was fun while it lasted coz I enjoyed the social messages within the game, like making a better effort to recycling & up cycle etc.
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1 year ago, MissPissyOne
Price Gouging and FOMO Bait
I like this game and have been playing it for a few years. Occasionally I’ll spend some money on gems (like no more than 5.99) and I wait for a deal because that’s the best time. I do this because the game is ad free and doesn’t take forever to load. However, recently with their events there is always some items that are either impossible to get without spending real money or spending a ton of time on. Most recently with the valentines event they keep asking for these fuzzy slippers to meet challenge goals and to fill spa tickets. To do this you have to spend energy to get the gift boxes. Spend energy to get the gift bags. Merge a bunch of gift bags to get the luggage. By the time you do that most of your energy is spent. The luggage only spits out maybe about 20 items and most of them are clothes. Not shoes. Then you need to keep merging shoes like 6-7 times to get these slippers. This means that to be able to keep up with challenges you either have to spend real money or you have to time it out to play every moment your energy is refilled and keep coming back. I don’t mind a bit of a challenge but this is obviously a money grab and using FOMO to get people to spend. Maybe work on that a bit. As it is I haven’t spent any money on gems for months and I refuse to spend money as of now because I can see what you’re doing with these events. It’s predatory and I’m not sure it’s worth my time anymore. It’s definitely not worth my money.
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10 months ago, uxroo
Overall great game
Playing this game for over one year, managed to finally clean 95% of outside and enter the mansion (not yet done the boat part). Overall it's fun little game you can play whenever you want but i start noticing with time they're constantly pushing more and more paid content. Sure game needs to have income and i'm fine with that (even paid around 15$ for it myself) but what I absolutely hate is events. They started to push those big events which even give you chances to decorate front, which is great but small problem is there is only like around 7 areas you can change and with each event it gives you same area to re-decorate for 10$ if you manage to unlock (not to mention you can't really see that area most of the time). Fine by me but what i hate about it is the fact that you can't turn it off. Game gives you stars for merged items, then it gives duplicate of item time to time if you want to buy it which turns in coin and now every two weeks there is event lasting for a month or so constantly spamming with random items with which you unlock free or paid rewards. With time this gets really annoying and i wish there would be chance to turn it off. (Now this is probably 5th event with items spawning every few merges) and tbh for 10$ not really worth it. Sure there are some other minor problems but they fix them fairly soon.
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3 years ago, reavis_frustrated
Cool game! Except...
I like merge games, and when you put in a solid objective like restoring a mansion, it becomes a really fun game. Here are some problems though. First, it’s very slow. Waiting on the energy to charge up takes longer than it needs to. Instead of getting one energy every two minutes, why not every one minute? That seem like a more reasonable time. Second, the story is ridiculous. There is a little context to what’s going on, but the characters rarely talk. It takes a long time to develop through the story. It would be nice if the characters at least commented on everything I put so time into. Third, as you progress through the merging section, you discover a lot of items, but before you know it you’ve run out of space. I could sell some items to free up space, but then what if I need them in the future? I could also put things away in storage, but then I would run out of room in that and STILL have to sell things, cutting back on the final item in the list. What you could do is increase the amount of space you have on the board, or make storage expansions WAY cheaper. You don’t need to price one cell at 3000 coins. IF (and a big if) these problems are fixed, I’m sure the game will become far more enjoyable, and definitely deserving of five stars. Until then, I’ll be stuck for a while. Thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Saplings5527839
Fun but lead to a delete and reinstall
I was enjoying the game, and honestly didn’t mind the slow pace of it. This is the first time I’ve played a game like this so I am still getting used to it. I got to maybe my 2nd/3rd task and it ended up with me merging so many items that I reached level 6 in the game, and my playing board filled up to the point of not being able to make any more merges. I surpassed the goal item (3 merge item) all the way to one that was 10 merges, but the game didn’t let me complete my task and am stuck with a board that is too full to continue merging items. I’d read an online forum that the game allows you to inventory items at around level 4 or 5, but there wasn’t anything I could find to help clear the board which at that point was mostly generator items, maxed out merge items, items that were seemingly random (but came with xp and coins that you could collect along the way), and a few locked items I had yet to merge with. My best guess is that I was supposed to leave one of the items on the board that was the level 3 merge way ahead of me surpassing the the 10th merge item (total merges this item has is 14). Hoping that being able to reign in the willingness to endlessly merge items to the end of time will be the solution after deleting and redownloading lol
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2 years ago, EmmaRN
Very slow game, items disappear
I was looking for a new game to play and kept seeing advertisements for Merge Mansion. I thought I would try it. There isn’t a tutorial so I had to just dive in to figure it out. Once I got the hang of it I realized the mistakes I made and had already filled up my board leaving me unable to do some moves. I decided to start over with a better strategy but you have to message support for them to reset your game. That was a pain. In this game Items build upon each other by merging them and then spawning new items. The items do not coordinate which makes it confusing. For example you merge to build a car and then spawn parts to make a lamp post from the car? Then the bush spawns tins cans? Doesn’t make sense. There are certain items you need to accomplish missions. There is no way of knowing where to get the items until you just start spawning items. There is no reference section to see all of the items so you can make a plan. There is a timer for each spawn with no countdown so you have no idea when you can spawn new items. Some of the spawned items are very rare so you have to wait until it spits it out. I finally got all of the rare items that I have been waiting for and when I logged into the game only 10 minutes later all of my items were gone and some of my spawning items were gone. So frustrating that I spent all this time only to have items go missing. This game had such potential but is very lacking.
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7 months ago, sherri323
Fun and challenging
I enjoy the game and the fact that it is challenging and actually uses strategy. But there is no way a 4 year old could play this game. Parents do not need to get it for their child thinking that it’s one a child can play. Another thing is the cost for inventory boxes. They are extremely expensive. There’s almost no way to purchase them without actually spending real money for them. Without them your playing board is always full and difficult to have room to merge all the items. It’s more like an inventory board with very limited space. It would be nice if you could stack items together. Instead of one item you could have multiple like items in one. I.e. five screws or give seeds, etc. five is a great number per box. I have bought packs, etc. but I’d rather spend my money on better things than inventory boxes. But that’s the only way to get them. The energy it takes to merge an item is also to much. It easily takes 100 energy to get a much needed item for a task in the game. I do hope you will consider changing some of these ideas in the near future. People really seem to enjoy the game and most like me like to chill and try to relax a few minutes without having to spend money that we need to feed our families. Thank you. Sherry
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7 months ago, I am CheriF
Chapel Hill
I have loved Merge Mansion I have been playing for about 2 yrs, & I’ve read many of the reviews where everyone complains of the energy taking long to build up again. I have not that problem at all. When my board fills up with too many items I delete the one or ones easiest to acquire again. Also the Button with the I will tell you how the string merges & it also says where the item comes from. You have a storage box to place very important items that you use to build with. But, those events especially the roses or magic witches ball take up space they are time consuming. I do not mind working at getting the item. I have never ever paid money for this game at all. I make sure I buy the money box and piggy bank I merge my banks to get a greater amount of money and gems! I merge my gems to get the greatest amount of gems to use as back up for energy. Yes I run out of energy ar times & I have to wait for it to build up but, it does not take long. It is a great game. I am angry that you keep pushing sorcery on us. Not everyone is into sorcery. Therefore I am deleting this game. I did not like that you pushed Buddha on us. I am a Christian and many of your players are Christians but you keep shoving it down our throats and there is no way to change the statue not non participate in your sorcery! That’s it I am done. I am on level 34 nearly at the final destination to jump to level 35. Good bye! It was great playing till you pushed you agenda onto us!
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2 years ago, Starletkun_17
Overall fun but updates are buggy
Updates made a lot of things glitch for me, but seems to be working now. With the updates you do get more gems based on merge chains so that is nice. For the game itself: Let me start off with how much I love the game, honestly, it just takes SO long to wait for you energy to regenerate. I wish I had read the “tips and tricks”on the wiki fandom pages before starting, it has significantly helped me improve my gameplay strategies. After spending $30+ on gems and coins I finally put it down and let it regenerate energy because I can’t afford to keep buying stuff for this game! I’ll spend $60 on a console game but that’s because it’s worth it and I own it afterwards. Not to mention the timed games on Merge Mansion that only give you a few days to complete when it takes 3 hrs to get your energy refilled… really wish the developers would add watchable ads for gems or energy, something to help other than twiddling my thumbs for 3 hours waiting on energy that I use up in 5 minutes of gameplay. Also took me a while to realize the daily tasks give you a box, once you complete the merge item click complete and get the box, but then you lose the item you spent all that time merging… smh. So be patient, do your research, have a strategy and enjoy!!
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2 years ago, Lua.678
This is a great time killer!!
I downloaded this game just a couple of months ago, and I seriously became a little addicted to it. Like, when I open my phone the first thing I do is check Merge Mansion because as I go growing, tasks are more difficult and time is gold valuable. The plot of the game goes quite slow, but I guess it is just trying to accomplish its function of keeping people entertained by the game. And I think it does do its job well! I’m just on level 25 and on my 4th, 5th location and it becomes so interesting to go leveling up the places! Grandma goes telling you thing that leave you on a serious cliffhanger, and that makes the process of slowly leveling up more interesting! The fact that we got family events make a nice and fun break from the normal tasks to help solve the mystery about the family tree. And I love the events you organize! I loved the 4th of July event for example. And this Halloween it’s killing it!! Halloween has always been my favourite event in the whole year and you guys really give it that spirit! In the end, I just adore this game and it has become the king of my screen time! It keeps me stuck to it and I think it’s a cool way to spend my free time! Keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, bgkmom
Getting nowhere
I said playing this game off and on for quite a while. I like playing it because it doesn’t take a lot of thought. However, I feel like I’m not accomplishing much. After I finish the first three or four sections of the mansion grounds, I’m at a stalemate. All of these other challenges, keep being added, and I find myself distracted by the various holidays, and do those pages and forget about the original page. Also, somebody else mentioned that it would be nice if we knew where the original item came from in the series for example, I have no idea where the thread is supposed to come from to make the yarn, also, I have no idea where the little tiles come from to merge to make a bigger set of tiles My only other complaint is that gloves seem to come only about one in every 50 hits. I started playing this game because it was a mystery but now I find that it’s just a matter of matching items. Where is the mystery? I want more story, and I want to get into the grounds in the buildings more all the things that are advertised on the TV commercials and on the computer commercials haven’t come to fruition. I haven’t found any hidden staircases or hidden doors, so I really don’t know what the mystery is. It’s just too slow moving. Sometimes I stay away for weeks at a time just because I’m bored.
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3 years ago, please consider the following
Please Read
Wow a mobile game I actually kept?! This game rly is fun, I think it has a lot of potential yet I still play it almost every day. There are small things I suggest improving on like how to merge certain things. For example I didn’t know you could merge the piggy bank forever and now that I can I get too much money and I’m progressing faster. Now, you have to wait 4 days for that much money so it’s realistic, I love the concept but I’ve done too much research online for this game haha. I just think you could help us walk through the game a little better, give us a list of the resources we can get. I didn’t even know some existed including the last piece to the garage being the event. All I had to do was play it once really well and I was already on my way to the item, had I known earlier…either way I love the game! It’s so relaxing, I love how there aren’t ads every 3 minutes, or even on the side to distract you. Not even to progress faster, how perfect. Your energy refills every few hours so you can hop on a few times a day and work on your tasks. Easy, fun, not very time consuming, perfect game. It’ll probably be my first and last merge game but I’m keeping it around. Nice work!
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3 years ago, papabearsone2018
Love it!!! But…
I love playing this game! It’s the first merge game I’ve enjoyed. However… I don’t feel like the storage space we are buying for the multiple items we store there is fairly priced… if there weren’t so many different avenues of merging to do it wouldn’t be so bad. With the extra 3 day games that transfer to the main board (that being the action that helped me get to the hood ornament) maybe a faster recharge when you run out of moves since we HAVE to play the side games to find those items. It makes it a little nerve racking for me at least, when i have to decide between where i want to use my moves. The final thing would be not knowing or having any clue that the items I needed would be found in the 3 day event, and the items won there would lead to what I needed, after merging them together. If there had been ANY indication or direction to point me in that direction, I’d have definitely given 5 stars. That being said, it’s very addicting and fun. I’ll keep playing for awhile I’m sure, but it’s only a matter of time before lack of storage, or being forced to sell items for more play space frustrates me into not playing. Overall it is very fun. And I’m hoping to continue playing for a long time. Thanks you developers! You taught me to like merging! Lol
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2 years ago, Dedrick K.
New updates make this once awesome game much more difficult to play
I’ve been playing Merge Mansions for a few months now, and it seemed like the creators understood what makes a game fun: providing incentives, making rare items not so rare that they are almost impossible to get such as allowing for special items (e.g., scissors) to help get special items a little more easily. However with the latest updates, not only did they add glitches (e.g., a bright circular light in the middle of the screen that moves upward and is very distracting), and not only did rare items become much more difficult to obtain (e.g., Want gloves? Forget it!), but special items such as scissors aren’t able to help obtain rare items a little more easily. That’s right! If you weren’t aware, as of last night (October 10, 2022) chests cannot be divided anymore to help boost the possibility of getting just a few extra rare items. This makes the game frustrating since it makes rare items even more difficult to obtain. Now, good luck to you new players who want to download the game. Most likely, you’ll be spending your real hard earned money now. I mean, why ruin a nice formula for a game that is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It’s not like scissors are unlimited…They’re rare as it is! To the developers, please make Merge Mansions enjoyable again.
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4 months ago, Malbers7
Fun but need some updates
Here are a few negatives: when special items are needed in the main game play and you have to merge items from two different sources just to fill that source just to get the special items. It takes forever. It is aggravating especially since those special items deplete quickly and you have to start the process all over again. Also there are way too many offside games that go on at the same time. It’s hard to play all these games and the normal game especially when some of those special games take up spots on the main board. I like the one that you merge items and get rewards for it (usually last for 30 days or so) but it can take up too many spots. Plus to buy a new spot in the inventory is expensive and that too take a while to get there. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the game! It’s addicting and gives me something to do when I need a break. I do love those special games that don’t use the normal energy that you use the main game play. Also, I am in the Great Hall and some of the required items (like the plastic bags and batteries and such) are so hard to come by. Currently I need 3 plastic bags and it will probably take me a week to get those because of how few and far between those needed merged items appear). Please help to get these sooner.
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1 year ago, femalevoter
Just ok. Some easy changes could make it better.
I finally downloaded this game after being bombarded with the ads, so kudos to the ad team for pushing for repetitive placement and multiple running of ads. Too bad the game itself is nothing like the ads. One would think with the word “mansion” in the title that you might actually fix the house. But that’s not the case; I’m to the beach house and nothing on the internet suggests fixing the house is a possibility anytime in the near future if at all. The backstory from the ads isn’t a part of the game, as far as I can tell. So, there’s the fact that the game doesn’t match the ads, which is one reason to knock a star off the rating. The other reason to knock a star off the rating is the size of the game board and the storage. You should be able to stack multiple items in one storage spot—e.g. three pairs of garden gloves should take up one space, not three. And increasing the size of the game board would be helpful especially since you need so many different things for each task—I.e. you need a dresser to make the vases which produce the seeds for the peony plants. I understand that the developers don’t do these changes to get you to spend money for more storage slots but the game would be more enjoyable if they made the one simple change of stacked storage.
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4 years ago, CJlove1981
I liked this game until.......
This game is fun and relaxing to play. But I do have some issues. For one, I’ve been playing every day for several months and I am still only in the garden/garage. There is way too many things to restore and each item has several tasks. For example, to restore one of many statues took 5 or 6 different tasks, each task requiring 3 or more items. I am only on level 15 after several months of daily playing (and paying to win multiple times) so VERY SLOW progress. But I think the part that annoys me the most is that the only two tasks I have available to complete right now is restoring a sign and getting a hood ornament. No indication at all on where to start or where I can get the level one item to begin merging (while each task has 13 levels) and upon Googling where to start, all I read is that neither item has been developed yet. Why put a task in the game that has not even been developed yet? I feel this game was a waste of my time and money right now. I understand games take time to develop, but these answers that they are not available yet we’re from March and May of this year which means other players have been waiting more than 6 months for these to be developed. What’s the hold up developers?
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2 months ago, Alikirby
COULD be a great game, but…
…it’s SO frustrating. You can tap a source 20 times, or so, then it’s a long wait for the producer to become active again. When it FINALLY does become active, you can tap it like 4 times and it’s back in time out. They often only give you ONE task at a time, and you spend more time waiting on producers than playing the game. That’s pretty frustrating, and I get enough frustration in real life. I guess they think we will pay $5 every 30 minutes to make the game playable, but that’s not gonna work for most of us. I don’t mind spending a little money on a game, but seems they get greedy and think if you are willing to spend a little, then they will just keep throwing detours at you to make you spend more and more. This COULD Ba fun game if they didn’t make it so difficult to finish tasks. Giving more than one task at a time would also give options for other things to do when a producer goes dormant. Another problem with this game is the inventory storage area. Each spot purchased gets increasingly more expensive. My next inventory spot is waiting for me to accumulate 18,000 coins to buy it. Wow. It’s crazy expensive and also takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Identical items SHOULD be stackable, but they are not. The game designers are causing players to lose enthusiasm over the game thru frustration.
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2 years ago, HumanMammal
A very nicely-crafted but clumsily-engineered Skinner Box
The game is designed to be as addicting as possible, with fixed and random rewards. The entire point is to make money by frustrating progress in a way that capitalizes on the compulsion of completion. When you calculate how many base components you’ll need to generate through taps in order to compile the higher-level items required to complete certain tasks, it’s a staggering quantity that will take months if not years to attain if you don’t pay them actual money to purchase items or boosts in the in-game store. To be fair, crystals can also be randomly acquired through piggy banks, but the massive caveat there is that the UI is so poorly implemented that it’s easy to accidentally tap to purchase an item in the in-game store, instantly draining all the crystals you’ve amassed over weeks playing the game, with no way to undo what you’ve done. There’s an Undo function if you sell an item from the game board, but somehow there’s not one to undo spending 90 crystals on something you didn’t actually want. That was the last straw for me. It’s a cute game that’s nicely designed and easy to play and pick up, but under the hood it’s just another Skinner Box designed to maximize your engagement and goad your into paying to bypass deliberate arbitrary frustrations that exist not to improve gameplay but solely to make money.
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11 months ago, NHK44
Addicting! (But have only played first couple rounds)
So this is a mystery kinda game (my thing) so I downloaded it. I was surprised with no ads and no payment (yet) of course I expect a lot of money type thing but other reviews haven’t been shouting that out. There is a lot of backstory though so much talking, talking, and talking! But anyway soon I except to edit my review saying I’m mad about this stupid game but not yet so I’m actually hopeful. There is one more tiny thing though when I left got off the iPad and came back a couple hours later I realized when I exited the game when Maddie (the girl in the game) was speaking to a boy in the game that it didn’t save it started over to where they started having their extremely long romantic conversation. This made me upset I skipped through the whole INTERESTING talk. It was interesting people. But other than that no complaints so far Now the object of the game which people should know about is to merge things to clean up a mysterious house and it’s very interesting which is an important word to have in your vocabulary but anyway (I shouldn’t get carried away) that’s it! Devs please read (if you want to) Thanks! ❤️🧡💛💚💙🩵💜🩷
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2 years ago, Boni-f
What am I doing with my life?
Gosh dang it, this game is actually good. Not something you can sit down and play for hours at a pop because of the energy mechanic, but good to poke around on for a bit. They’re surprisingly generous with gems (if you save up the free piggy banks for four days at a time to craft the gold one) and the only thing that felt predatory was not knowing exactly how long things took to refresh, WHICH THEY JUST CHANGED. When I saw “rebalance” in the latest patch notes I was ready for the worst, but they made higher-level generators generate higher-level items at a higher rate, making it easier to play the game for free. In general, the only reason why you would pay money is if you’re impatient to complete a task or if you want to play longer than your energy/generator cool-down permits, which seems like a reasonable trade. The last update seems like it was driven by people who actually care about the game and not just making money, which is perplexing for a free merge game. I downloaded the game because of the meme ads to laugh at the stupid gameplay and now I’m still playing, take that as you will, but I hope the devs keep this up going forward.
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2 years ago, qwertyikng
Love it!
This game is sooooooo fun! I play it everyday, i really suggest this game. Here are my top 2 reasons, you can make so many cool things, if a bug happens they give you a reward for the trouble it caused. Now this is such a good game but, i do have some suggestions, when you complete a task you should be able to choose what it looks like from different kinds of styles instead of the game choosing, also when they give you a really hard task maybe they can give you some of the materials you need instead of working on it forever. Also when you buy an energy box you should be able to buy more than just one a day same with the piggy bank. Lastly instead of doing a 3 day event to get the big thing you need just have it on the main board. I know this review may not make since to people that haven’t played it but the people who play this game know. Even though i have some suggestions this game is my favorite game. I really enjoy all the mystery’s, the fun season games etc. if you are trying to decide to get this game you really should! I’m not a bot, i just really like this game. Thanks for reading this review, have an awesome day!
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2 years ago, Bosschef1
Amazing game but…..
Hello, actually the game deserves a 5 star review but in the last two years we have seen too many changes to the game some good and some bad. The events are always fun and addictive so much that if you try hard you can almost but almost manage to finish them without spending real money, which is fun because I grew up completing games without having to pay real money not like now everything is a pay to win which makes it boring. The Halloween event is wonderful in terms of prizes because it gives me satisfaction to know that all the effort last year paid off since I got a level 2 chest without spending money from the event but this year the event is more complicated because I have to wait more than 3 days to make advances because the objects are achieved very slowly, it is a long time to wait and it is not worth it. That's why I'm still with the story and not the events but the story also starts to have problems with the items, I have a level 11 gardening barrel and the highest item it gives is the ax which takes me a week or more to get one shovel due to the time you have to wait and not much progress when you play I think they should fix those problems again because the game asks you for high level items every time and it takes a long time to advance which over time the fun becomes boring and finally the abandonment of the game. Thanks.
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8 months ago, 37598
Not enough play time
You get to play for about 5 to 10 minutes before you’re out of energy. Full energy is 100 and it takes 2 minutes to get 1 energy. That means it takes 200 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minutes to fill up your energy in order to play for about 5 to 10 minutes. When I first started playing I spent money on gems, then I realized how quickly they disappeared and mourned the money that I could’ve spent on books that don’t disappear in the blink of an eye. Update: Oddly, now a few years later I started playing this game again. I’ve spent waaaay too much on gems. I do a complaint though from the newest upgrade of the game. They’ve changed the “TRADE” Part of the game where you trade 6 items and get gems at the end of that, some of the few gems you get each day. Now, there’s a mistake with it. Not only have they changed it so you don’t get gems but I can’t win anything. Mine says that I need to do 4 trades and that I’ve done 3 out of the 4 trades. The problem is that there is NOT a 4th trade on there for me to do. It just keeps telling me that I still need to finish one more trade but I can’t make one appear out of the blue and the game hasn’t given me one. I’m at a loss. And I will definitely miss those daily gems from the trade section.
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2 years ago, Unicorn prinessess
Best game, but not enough space
This is one of the best games I play. It’s so addicting and I come back everyday. It’s so fun to rebuild the house and gardens and everything. Also, all the girls xtra decorations for events is all really fun too. There are no ads and it basically is the exact thing as the ad unlike any other mobile game. There’s only one problem that I have. When I merge stuff, I never have enough room to keep what I need for later. Yeah, I do understand there is a space where you can buy extra spaces for storage, but as it goes on, it costs 7000 coins to buy one slot. Coins are pretty easy to get, but it still takes for ever and I never get it in time. So when the trees are giving me seeds, I can merge for more because I have to sell them to make space to do the tasks to upgrade my garden or something. But other than that, it’s the perfect game to play everyday. Just make sure to not run out of energy to quick, other wise it’ll take you 200 mins to get back 100 energy. If the creators would fix this mistake, I would 100% have 10 times more fun. Even though it’s already my favorite game in my whole phone.
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10 months ago, Travelngrl
Good game, but…
I enjoy this game, but I am stuck in garden mode, have to merge so many times to complete task, get Very tired of same thing over and over, storage space is small and buying more is Very expensive. I am getting bored doing the same over and over and over and NOT getting anywhere. Should be able to go to different areas by clicking on ..say..mansion, garage, garden etc. And the merging makes no sense…a car spews out lamps?? And the bushes tin cans? Wth….takes forever to get items to do a “clean up”. Kinda enjoyed this game, but it is very time consuming to acquire items to clean/repair. Been stuck in garden forever! And the advertisement is misleading…there is no story line/plot. There are so many items that don’t go together and you have to keep in case it is needed later. Way to time consuming and waiting involved to get items to merge to bigger items to do a clean/repair!!!!!!! I think once you get the garden gloves or things etc that you keep them in the holding area and able to merge them so all the slots aren’t used up, and NOT have to keep getting them! I almost put 3 stars. Update: still playing but I get to spend only like 5 minutes on game because the slots are full, having to save items, or timers run out quickly.
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2 years ago, Teachy1234
Fun game with room for improvement
I have been playing for a while now, and do enjoy the game. As others note, it is satisfying to merge the smaller items to larger ones and see the landscape become more beautiful. I also think the recent bonuses that have been added (the golden scissors and the blue card) are great as I had been thinking for some time that there should be a way to unmerge. I also appreciate that they changed the cost of the inventory slots to something that was actually reasonable. Previously they were doubling every time, which made them astronomical pretty quickly. But I have three major complaints about the game. 1. If energy is gained over time, the time skips should give the the corresponding amount of energy. 2. The level up bonuses are not commensurate with the level. I got a coin box as part if the reward for leveling up to 40, and there were literally 28 coins in it. That’s a joke, especially when it took 13,500 experience points to level up. And 3. I am out of tasks (with the exception of the random events they put out). So the only thing I can do is merge to get experience points, which is not a fun way to play the game. It feels like there is no point now.
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3 years ago, vj7070
Great game that has continued to improve
I’ve been playing merge mansions for a while now and enjoy it. I like that it’s something I can play quickly throughout the day whenever I have time without missing out if I have to stop playing for a bit. They’ve made some great improvements over the past few months. The design is cleaner, and they also added in a themed event for Halloween that I’m enjoying so far. Their support people are really helpful. I reached out with a couple questions when I was first learning the game and they were really nice and explained everything well. I hope they continue to add themed seasonal events where you can earn seasonal decorations! I think that’s probably my favorite addition they’ve made since I started playing. Also, I feel like it’s one of those games you don’t have to sink a ton of real life money into. You can earn gems, coins, and energy often enough that it makes for a fair game. I’m on a budget so I don’t like to play games I have to sink my entire savings into. Really appreciate this game for giving me something to enjoy in my down time that’s relaxing and fun.
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3 years ago, Mtosti101022
Great game, some updates could be useful.
It’s a good game, combining the merge games with the mansion restoration games. There’s just some things that are bothering me. There’s almost no story. The characters barely talk or note things about the environment unless they need to be altered through the merge games, and even then it’s very sporadic and rare. Why is the main character (I forgot her name, that’s how bland she is) looking through the mansion? It’s probably going to be revealed but it all feels just so random and I have very little connection to the characters, rather than say, Austin and his family from Home/Gardenscapes. Next, I think the energy recharge is incredibly lackluster. Two minutes for a single energy charge? I’d be fine with even 1:30, but two whole minutes for only one charge seems a bit too much and just causes me to constantly be out of energy with no gems. Finally, I think a proper count down number instead of just the little pocket watch next to the icon for creation items is much needed. Some items have only a sliver left but I don’t know the actual time it needs to finish, so I just sit there for three minutes waiting instead of doing something else in the game. Besides those changes, it’s a good game.
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2 weeks ago, sdubcd
I Still Don’t Know What Grandma Is Hiding After 6+ Months Of Playing This
After another session Merge Mansions, consisting of me losing my mind over the very small available area to merge stuff, I have come to write this review. This game is not as cool as it looked in the ads. I thought this would be a mystery game about restoring a mansion and finding secrets, but instead I’m stuck merging tools to continue the slow process of restoring the front garden, begging and pleading with the RNG to give me a set of gloves to use, and being reminded of the horrors that are Homescapes and Gardenscapes. I find myself occasionally scrolling around the map to see just how MANY areas I have yet to unlock. I have not been able to step one foot inside that godforsaken mansion yet. I was really intrigued by the story aspects of this game, but it takes ages to unlock a new cutscene. There are the limited event stories, but the game never explains who any of the characters are, or what is even happening, you are just thrown into whatever limited event happens to be going on once you have unlocked the limited events. I literally joined in on a wedding between some random guy and some random old lady, and then in the next event they got a horse. What the heck?? Who are these people?? I just wanted to find out what Grandma was hiding, not this mess.
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9 months ago, Creepy!!!!!!!!!
Addicting but kind of a scheme
I've played this game for a while now and sadly I'm one who spent money for quite A few things. I've never made A review for a silly game before but this is a review I thought I should write. So first there is not enough energy for enough gameplay which I don't know why the game should even have that considering there is so much you have to do to get even a speck done. An item that you need (say the tool box) could take hours to charge and then say you pay with gems to get more items then you can't because you're out of energy and it takes hours to completely fill up. So then you spend the 1.99 to get 100 gems because you're at 5 gems at this point. So now you have the energy and the tool box is ready and you start getting items and realize there's not even half the items you get when it was fully charged so you feel ripped off. Same thing if you were to pay more for gems. And each time you pay for energy with your gems it starts at 5 and goes up. To me it's a scam not worth money because l found after playing this long if you want to have any sort of fun you have to pay. The game had so much potential and was really fun at first now it's just a money grab IMO!
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1 year ago, 123Ivy456
!!! Frustrated !!!
Let me start off by saying, I love playing merge mansion. I’ve been playing it for a little over a year I believe, maybe longer, and has been one of my “go-to” games. However, I don’t know who or why, within the last update, someone in programming decided to flip the 2 side by side blue and green buttons to “remove” the bubbles. I know I’m not going crazy, because I play this game every day and have muscle memory by now on where the buttons are, but I’ve spent SOOOO many diamonds now accidentally, all because instead of ReMoViNg the bubble to earn some coins, I’m spending diamonds to GET the bubble! **Insert angry face**. I’m beyond frustrated now, because for 2 days I’ve been accidentally spending these diamonds that I’ve meticulously been saving up for weeks!! Idk how many diamonds I’ve spent, but it’s been WAAAY too much. What’s even more frustrating is that there is no “undo” button for clicking on these bubble diamond, like there’s an undo button for when you sell an item. Please fix this, or at least give me my diamonds back. Thank you very much. Loyal playing gamer. P.S. I would give a 2 star rating, but I like the game so I gave it a 4 star.
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2 years ago, AquaticGarthic
The developers lower the chances of getting items when they are required.
I’ve noticed for a while that the developers lowers the chances of getting an item when it is required. Let’s say for example the seeds you get from vases. My vase the other day (fully maxed) got almost 20 seeds from it. Seeds are used to make a type of flower in the game. Well when I got those almost 20 seeds, those flowers weren’t required for anything. Now today I need to make 2 flowers and for some reason I only get 4 seeds out of the vase now. It’s a very common thing not limited to the vases. Like the paint cans, normally are somewhat common to get from tool boxes, but the one time I needed a fully maxed paint can, the chances of getting them were immensely dropped. I kid you not, when I needed one for a quest, I had to use the tool box over 200 times, when normally would get one after like 15 or 20 times. Why are you doing this? I demand an answer, why are you intentionally lowering the chances of getting items when they are needed? And don’t you DARE tell me that you guys don’t, I have been witnesses this for MONTHS, I know for a fact you do and I am sick of it. I would’ve written this sooner but I wanted to be sure that you guys were actually doing this, as I didn’t think somebody would go this low. Is this just a scam to get people to pay to skip ahead?
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3 years ago, anononut
Love it, idk why
It’s a great game that I can let idle and build my energy while I’m at work. I can open it every now and then to get more things to merge. I sell a lot of the little common things to buy more inventory space with my coins. Gets pretty pricy and the board gets full fast so it is a little annoying, but I’ve made it work so far without spending any real life money. I recommend checking the store everyday for your FREE piggy bank and the 50 coin cost energy box!! If you collect the piggy banks without using them, you can merge them up to 3 times and you’ll get more/better stuff out of them. People complain about needing gems but I had a ton to start out with and when I use upgraded piggy banks, they give you GEMS. MERGE THE GEMS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. It is SO worth it saving them up. Usually I’ll have 5 extra gems that I’ll use to replenish my energy but I won’t spend the 10 needed a second time. Also if you save up the energy boxes, you will get more energy to merge as well. Keep MERGING to get the most out of coins, gems, and energy and stuff. Slow paced game but I really enjoy it for my day to day life!
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3 years ago, Duktective
The game is very enjoyable except for large items.
I’ve spent a long time on this game, playing as a pastime. So far I’ve made it to level 25 but I’ve decided to delete it because of one reason: large level items. So far, I have had to make 3 of the broom items which each take 1024 cloth items. I just got another quest to make another broom and I would rather delete the game than have to make another. You expect your players to get 4096 cloth items for only 4 quests? Not to mention the event items which are even more difficult to make. I’m on the Casey and Skatie quest and you want me to make an item which is worth 2048 level one items, and I can only get the level one items by playing an event that doesn’t give nearly enough time to level up, and only gives you items that MAKE the level 1 items? Who decided that this system works? It doesn’t! It’s absurd to make players spend so much time to get a single item. If you were to fix this and make items max out at level 9 or 10, the game would be much more enjoyable and satisfying to get through, however, the game as it is now leaves me in fear of having to make brooms or other level 11/12 items and makes the game far less enjoyable to play.
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2 years ago, SarcasticJunkie
Great game but has some improvements that could be made
I really enjoy this game and the developers of it are constantly doing updates for it as well. The most recent update is the only one that I’ve had an issue with so far. I like that new areas are created/opened with the updates so that I can continue to level up to open a new area but the problem is with the most recent update, I can no longer play one of the three events to help me level up. So currently I’m at a stand still in the game…I have to level up another 5 levels to open a new area and it’s going to be a very slow process to get there. With being able to play the events, I could at least gain a decent amount of experience in the three days that it goes for to give me something to do on the game and level up. There has been some small events lately but those are very slow and don’t give much of an experience boost at all. Besides that, I do really enjoy this game and the effort that has been put into it. I just really hope there’s something that can be done about this so that I can continue to progress at a decent rate. Thank you for takin the time to read this
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3 years ago, Chelsea3K
10/10 would recommend
So I struggle to find these games where I’m renovating. (I.e homescapes etc) I personally don’t do the games for areas very well. Especially if it’s timed so it’s really hard for me to progress through the game. But this game is an absolute gem. Speaking of gems they do them regularly which you won’t find Often. I’m a sahm so I am not in my iPad a lot so having to wait for the objects isn’t a problem for me. However, I don’t like the limited account of item space and the inventory space gets expensive with every slot. That’s something I don’t care for much. Also I started that 2 day calendar thing and I HATED that it didn’t have its own separate energy to use from the main game. Makes game play harder and I didn’t finish that nor do I plan to. If that happen to change I will gladly finish. Other than those minor things I overall love the game. Also I don’t know if it’s a bug but EVERY time I open my app it asks me to rate it. I already had but now I’m making a review in hopes it gets to game developers. Also a question I was wondering is why not make it a chain merge?
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3 years ago, monroe1491
Progress too slow
If you can’t afford to do the whole pay to win thing (or simply don’t want to), the progression in this game is ridiculously slow. I’ve been stuck on the same three tasks for over a month now. Two of them require two of the level 4 paint can each, but the item to start building up to that is so rare that it usually takes several days of playing every chance I get to get just one level 1 paint can. The third task is the can for the statue in front of the house… a task that requires a level thirteen item and you can only get the seeds for the tree that drop the items to build up to the required item from blue chests, which are few and far between and when you do get them, it is not a guaranteed that you’ll get a seed. I haven’t even managed to unlock the house yet. If it’s already this slow to move forward, I can only imagine how much worse it gets. I enjoyed this game and even bought a few gem packs to try to speed things up, but it’s not worth it. There are plenty of other merge games that allow me to progress a lot faster without having to spend a fortune of special currency. I do hope that y’all will consider rethinking some of the progression restraints for people who can’t afford to constantly buy gems.
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3 years ago, BunnyChimes
Going Nowhere Fast
This is a nice little game at the beginning. Energy that wears down pretty quick and really just entertains you for 5 minutes at the most. But you go nowhere quickly before you even hit level 10. Everything that gives you resources has it’s own energy and no way to read how long until it comes back. Just a little clock icon that doesnt really give you any information. I’ve been trying from the beginning to make the “Stone Can,” but it takes forever just to make the next step. You spend entire days working up the merge tree of one item just to reach the higher level objects, and half the time the chest don’t give you enough to make a new version of the item’s source. I finally had enough. Even for a mindless game, this becomes more frustrating than fun rather quickly. It would better if the resources were endless and simply depended on your own energy instead of drastically limiting what you can make at any given time. Even the Events use your energy instead of their own so you have to choose between which one you’d rather do. Not to mention storage starts to drastically skyrocket in price the more you need so it becomes a constant battle for space if you don’t focus strictly on one quest/merge tree at a time.
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1 year ago, tawneechu
Introvert Paradise
I love that I am not forced to play with or rely on other players to advance or achieve items in the game, so I can play at my own pace. I find they provide a very good balance of earning high end currency (gems) and regular currency (coins), so you don’t feel forced to pay to play, although I wouldn’t mind spending the money for the packages they offer. I love being able to discover new items and that they have a record of all the items you discovered. Again, it makes playing at your own pace more fun and addicting because it feels like all the items will be attainable to you at some point. The in-game storyline does take a while to unlock after you complete a location; so I wish you were able to re-read them to refresh yourself in case you missed something previously. The multiple types of events they host are fun and adds excitement to the storyline. However the items you discover in special events are not kept in your records. I have been playing this game for more than 2 years, and it has always gotten better with each update.
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1 year ago, Kirei_Tenshi
Great game!
This really is a great game. It is fun, entertaining, and there aren’t any annoying ads. Probably my favorite part is that the devs listen to the players which really makes me feel more connected to the game and motivates me to keep playing. There is an energy system so I don’t get stuck playing for hours, in fact it’s great for breaks at work actually. My only suggestion at this point (I have been playing for a LONG time) is to make a tab system on the right of the home board with maybe 4 tabs that you can tab to open a board the same size as home board. You can use storage to move items between the board tabs (after a while those get crazy expensive). That way players could use the tabs to separate things like event items, tools, flowers, etc however their play style sees fit. As you unlock areas you could unlock a tab (would make us feel like home was growing with the story and solve the space problem like we have a shed, a storage room, an attic, and a greenhouse, etc). This would make space not an issue, less frustrating, we could keep our coin bubbles, and grow with the story! 💜
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3 years ago, Emu1112576
Long waits (please change daily tasks)
I have spent a good amount of time on this game since I’ve gotten covid. There is a lot to do. Certain tasks are reasonable while others can take weeks. (Would be awesome if energy was raised to 150 or 200 considering it takes over 100 energy to even get to a level ten of something) The timed events can be fun and if done right can make you a lot of money. Being able to merge the piggy banks also allows you to earn a decent amount of gems. I wish that you were able to pick and choose which daily tasks you complete instead of having to do it in order. Completing an entire daily task list can set me back days on my events and energy. Sometimes there’s things I want sometimes there’s not. It would make the game more fun if it was possible to pick which daily task you wanted to complete. Overall it’s a good game that you don’t constantly need to be playing. For the most part you don’t need to spend money if you don’t want. There are things that can be improved to make game play less boring and more reasonable for people who don’t want to spend $5 constantly.
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1 year ago, Valbert11
Great Hall Update
I've played this game for more than a year, have almost all of my generators at highest levels, have enjoyed most of it right up through the lighthouse them you slam right into the brick wall that is the Great Hall. Nice to have a new merge chain or two but every task is a high level item from one very low level generator. Right now the only tasks available to me are 2 plastic bags (I think that's what they are) and the power drill. It's going to take days for me to fulfill these as the one generator drops maybe 2 items from that chain every hour. And it sounds like the power drill is going to take way longer than that. So all my work on my board just bleakly flashes at me waiting to be used for orders that aren't coming. Total waste. Can't figure out why they wouldn't have tasks with what you already have along with the new chains so you could at least be slowly working your way through this giant room while waiting for the new generator to give up a few more pencils. I guess I'll just play the new festival and waste all my energy there since this new room is going to take months to complete. Too bad; I enjoy this game but this waiting around for an hour to get ten items, most of which I don't need, isn't really fun.
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4 months ago, Cannotsubmit
Pretty frustrating
I enjoy the game but find several things pretty frustrating. It doesn’t take long to hit a limit on generating items to merge. That wouldn’t be so bad, but when the time finally elapses and you can use that item generator again you’re almost immediately hit with another time limit. I waited 44 minutes for the toy car to generate more light bulbs for the 3 lanterns I need and when the time was up I was only able to tap it 4 times before it made me wait another 44 minutes. I also purchased a bundle of energy and gems but am not able to use the energy because the things I need to use it on are constantly on the time limit (unusable) AND there is no room in my inventory to make useless stuff. I have already purchased about half of the ‘extra’ storage slots and I barely have room to merge things. I have several items that automatically produce seeds and things…I’m about ready to sell them all, but several items warn me they are ‘rare’ and difficult to find later in the game. Also not good that you can’t tell what something generates without using energy and creating something…you can only see where something came from.
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3 years ago, smurf72
Fun but still needs improvement
As other reviewers have said, items take WAY to long to refill and 1 energy should be given every minute nit every 2 minutes. Second, I like the extra stories but they need improvement as well. They each need to have their own energy. Sharing the energy between 3 stories is ridiculous and makes the game not fun any more because you are always waiting for the 1 energy fill so you can play again. Third, all 3 stories should be able to be played at the same time. Meaning I can go from one to the other and play as their own SEPARATE energy fills. Fourth, 3 days is NOT enough time to finish the bonus stories. Especially, if you have to share energy with the main story. Casey’s story is ridiculous. You have to wait for the stupid blender to finish to uncover just 2 spots and then you have to wait to get the watermelons, if your lucky, to be able to fill the blender again. My 3 days is up before I can even clear the shadow objects. And as for not enough room on the board, I think there should be more room but I’m ok with what there is. But I do agree that the storage spaces should cost so much. Please make these improvements.
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1 year ago, AshHeiress
Deleting the Game
Moving my money to Merge Restaurant. Noting you can “throw” at me will bring me back. And all of my friends are going with me. Go f*#% yourself. Dumb game. Dumb dumb dumb. I’m happy that you have stupid, male Americans to buy your dumb f$&@*# game. Or females for that matter, this game is outrageous. And honestly, people are actually throwing money at it. Outrageous. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Absolutely stupid. Update 2/6/23: I’m still playing the game. Yes it is a fun game but it truly is not player friendly. See above, also incl. During “events” such as their current V-Day Challenge, as like challenges before, it is sloppy. Many items will be acquired for the “challenge” that you simply do not need. Other items take days to acquire. Also. In Gardenscapes, you can attain the goal of acquiring the decorations for your garden if you play a bunch. In this game, the only way to attain these items is to spend $. I’m not talking about the $4.99 “upgrade to decorate granny’s house. If I want to play this game at the pace I play it, which is consistently throughout the day. I should be able to acquire all of the rewards. I play A LOT. I will throw money down very sporadically. In Gardenscapes, I can contribute money where I am guaranteed that will at minimum feel the money went to some reward. In Merge Mansion, it feels so different and not in a good way.
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