Meritrust CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (8K)
46.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Meritrust Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meritrust CU Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
8K Ratings
3 years ago, ALW TOPEKA, Ks
Service Given
I would like to truly thank Charlene of the Meritrust CU Lawrence, Ks location. Charlene has not stopped checking on me inquiring of any help possible Meritrust CU can offer. Charlene has reached out to college Ashley in the Credit repair assistant department of the Meritrust CU Wichita, Ks location. Ashley called and suggested setting up a phone consultation for steps to the path of restored credit. Neither Charlene nor Ashley once hesitated giving world class service and guidance. Never once judged me but truly encouraged me. There is a light at the end. Meritrust I can honestly say you have hired World class Charlene of the Meritrust CU Lawrence, Ks location that assisted me starting over. Charlene then reaching out to Credit Guidance Consoler Ashley of the Meritrust CU Wichita, Ks location. Meritrust Thank you. AL Williams
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1 year ago, KSeaman
Love CU, Hate App
I love the credit union. I enjoy using the ITMs, I enjoy going into “my” branch, and I have had a excellent membership experience overall. I can’t stand the app. I’ve waited too long to post this review because I keep hearing that a new app is coming. It’s still not hear. My biggest issue with this app is how difficult it is to make an external transfer. First they hide the option, not in the “transfer” tab, but on another menu entirely. Then you can’t transfer from any account other than your membership account. Then creating the transaction takes a normal number of clicks, and your given an extra box to check saying you’ve read TOS. But wait, you actually have to open the TOS before it will believe your checked box. Click another button to initiate the transaction. But wait, you think you’re done? You are not, you must confirm again before scheduling the transaction. It’s the longest most hidden transaction process I’ve ever seen on a mobile banking app. Very frustrating for someone who makes external transactions often.
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6 years ago, Scott2132
Love this bank and love this app
I can almost do everything I need to from this app. The only thing it can’t do is deposit cash money for me. Easy to use, doesn’t crash. I can even see my payroll deposits 2 days before they are available to me which is nice. Again I love this bank and love the app. Meritrust’s Willingness to make sure I was taken care of and I got the best deal for me won my business and it would take an awful lot for me to leave them. They truly have gone the extra mile to make everything work with ease and work smoothly. I have even converted some of my family members to move to a Meritrust bank.
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6 years ago, Coding manager
Really 3.5 star- poor Alerts timing
Overall I like the app alot, however my biggest irritation is the timing of the account Alerts. Many times I get my “large withdrawal alert” a very, very long time after the withdrawal occurs. I also don’t understand why some transactions that have already occurred in store show as “pending” and have not withdrawn yet. It seems logical to me that if a large withdrawal that might overdraw my account is about to hit, it could mark as pending and send me an immediate alert. I’ve had too many occasions when I had plenty to cover my normal withdrawals but something unexpected goes thru at the same time and bam... overdraft and fee... with alert later in the day that a large withdrawal went thru. Thanks... really helpful(sarcasm). The text alerts just come in too far after transaction occurrence. Figure out the alert timing please, and I’ll come back and 5 Star this!
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1 year ago, jayhawk1861
Mobile check deposit is working again! 🥳
UPDATE (Jan 2023): This issue has been fixed and is working great! ORIGINAL REVIEW (Nov 2022): The mobile check deposit feature works great on my iPad but has been broken on both my wife’s and my iPhone for several months. Regardless of the phone’s orientation, the mobile deposit feature thinks the phone is in portrait orientation and prompts me to rotate my iPhone so I can take the picture despite my iPhone being in landscape mode. Orientation lock is off as well.
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6 years ago, LivyFan
Best customer service!
As a newly single mom, I haven’t had a checking account, or a job other than “mom” in 7 years. I opened my Meritrust account with $100. Within a week I had already messed up, and had my automatic paycheck going into the wrong account. I panicked! I went into our local branch (E. Kellogg Wichita, KS shoutout) they had me fixed up, reimbursed for my fees, and on my way, in 10min. I was so embarrassed I was in tears, but the sweet girl at the tellers desk was so helpful, and understanding. PLUS, I can use any Credit Union ATM with no charges! Double bonus!
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5 years ago, DriverVonDoom@ICT
Best bank in Kansas
No mysterious (maintenance) fees, card holds are taken care of quickly so you know what your bottom dollar is regularly, you can make cash deposits with their eATMs, you can make a withdraw at their eATMs for any amount in dollars, you don’t have to change your password all the time like I have to at my secondary bank which shall remain nameless and you can replace your stolen/lost debit card at any location at any time. The only thing I wish that you could do at this bank is earn back your foreign ATM fees dollar for dollar like I can at my secondary bank. Also I’ve heard good things about when you refinance with them even though I have yet to do it. Meritrust is awesome. (Period)
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6 years ago, Thecleveronesarealive
Really annoying mobile deposit functionality
Or rather, lack of functionality. I’ve tried doing everything the app tells me to do to deposit this stupid check, but it refuses to accept my photos. They might as well not include that function at all since it doesn’t work. This is extremely frustrating since the banks open after I have to be at work, and close before I get a chance to go to the bank. The app performs extraordinarily in my experience when it comes to all over respects. I would love for the check deposit feature to be a little more advanced.
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4 years ago, Job pro
Great app for a great bank.
This app is fantastic, it allows me to do all my banking needs while I’m on the go. They have developed this app to evolve with how people bank and handle their financial business. I have been with this bank for 23 years and they never disappoint me and continue to improve for us member's.
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5 years ago, Splash_tko
It’s ok could be better
App works perfect once’s your in the problem is getting in. It’s always timing out or gives error even while using finger print password access. Maybe a update could fix the bug issues
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5 years ago, Someniceguyonu
Deposit bug
I like this app a lot. It has saved me numerous times while Im out of state and my gf is home alone. My biggest issue is depositing checks. It use to work fine but lately it has rejected every single attempt saying that the background is not dark enough... With an all black background. Now I have to drive 3 towns over to get to the nearest bank.
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7 years ago, Jake 9253
Seems pretty good
Only had it for a few days, but it seems to work pretty well. Has Touch ID login, as well as Eyeprint ID. Not sure how well the eyeprint works, but Touch ID works fine. If I could recommend one area of improvement, it would be to make transactions show up faster. It's not bad, but it isn't immediate like I'm used to. Just a minor gripe, though.
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6 years ago, NaiJV
Call center employees
Once I lost my wallet and had block my card. I couldn’t log onto it on my meritrust app so I called and they were so nice. They literally stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour making sure I could get into my account. I wish I remembered their names.
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7 years ago, Katzrok09
Absolutely THE BEST banking app ever!!!
I've banked with Meritrust for years! This app makes my banking experience with them SO EASY when I'm on the go!!! I especially love the check deposit option. I can take care of all my banking needs anywhere! LOVE this app and ABSOLUTELY LOVE Meritrust:)!!!!
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3 years ago, sherster35449
Love Meritrust I’ve had it for going on 7 years I’ve never had any complaints or issues. One day I’d like to have the feature to be able to lock my card for the app. Every time I call I’ve never had any issues with a rude employee or anyone with a bad attitude.
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2 years ago, Sunshinecheeks389
New Update
This app used to be fabulous! As of lately it has been an absolute pain to make mobile deposits. The app wants you to rotate your phone but when I do I have to do it several times to get it to work. I hope they fix the bug!
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5 years ago, wish i could put a nickname
Slow but convenient
The app is slow most of the time even when I have wifi or full bars. But it is really convenient to deposit my pay checks via the photo since my job doesn't have direct deposit. Definitely faster than driving to the branch though
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5 years ago, nycsinger09
Sign in NOT working
This app is usually amazing but in the last few days no one can log into their account. I have three businesses and have to view transactions along with tax info I need to access. There is no reason for this error to be going on for days. Please get your app developer on this ASAP so it gets fixed for customers. We all have business, travel, and personal things to take care of. I am very frustrated about this!
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2 years ago, teeniemoon8
What happened?
What happened to the app? It used to be almost perfect. After the last update, I can no longer see pending items. It now takes days for purchases to show and I almost over drew my account because it took almost a week for a charge to go through. I am not happy with the new update.
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6 years ago, colechasetcc
Love having the convenience of this app. Would love to see the ability to further customize my account info in the future. Also, I love my options through Meritrust on my accounts. Thx :)
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2 years ago, Me@867
Still having Camara problems with mobile deposit
Is anyone else still having problems with the Camara when doing mobile deposit. Last time I left this review Meritrust replied they were working on a fix (it’s been some time ago) ????
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5 years ago, RMGCJK
Was great..
Been using this for years, it did everything I needed and did it very well! I’m not sure when it started but it’s been long enough for me to fed up and write this review. This app is either being updated or always loading. It still performs the functionally I need, but at a turtles pace. I set a block of time aside when I want to check account details. If it’s the weekend, I can rest assured I can’t because it’s updating..
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5 years ago, prncslilly25
Been with Meritrust 5+ years
And I’ve never been dissatisfied with their customer service. The app does glitch and it’s very annoying sometimes when it won’t display your information. That is literally the only complaint I have so I’d say, winning!
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6 years ago, Duanbu
Great app
I love this app. My only problem with it is that a lot of times when I make a bill payment, it takes a day or two to show up.
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2 years ago, LaceyCruse
Mobile deposit
trying to make a mobile deposit and every time the screen is blurry and I get a message saying flip your phone sideways to take a picture and then it never works. I’ve tried for three days now. Please fix! I have updated my phone and checked for all updates, and nothing is prompting me to update my phone.
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2 years ago, Turboman1017
Check deposit not working
I enter the amount of check then tap the camera button and an overlay pops up asking to rotate phone(used to not do that), I rotate my phone and it doesn’t pick up me rotating it so now I can’t mobile deposit. Tried uninstall re install, orientation lock. Nothing helps
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2 years ago, Bookerktm380
Mobile deposit is awful
Mobil deposit requires unlocking the “Lock Screen rotation” function to allow a mobile check deposit in the latest update. Even after unlocking the screen rotation the camera function will only start working after about four rounds of crashing the app.
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3 years ago, 2131 Bones
I love Meritrust and their great customer service and all the services offered. Old school customer service the way it should be.. Thanks Meritrust!!
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7 years ago, The Real Patty Mack
Great App
I love having my checking, savings, and auto loan accounts at my fingertips. Mobile check deposit works great as well.
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3 years ago, sillygurl3!
Love the app it’s quick to open and check on my accounts, easy to transfer money from 1 account to another 🙂
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5 years ago, Jo3 Smith
Best bank so far, employees are nice and had always been satisfied with my banking needs. I highly recommend coming here 10/10
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6 years ago, Chiefsfan_Cole
User friendly
I greatly enjoy the Meritrust App! Makes all of my mobile banking fast and easy. It’s very user friendly as well.
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4 years ago, Jeshua Pence
Giving my balances and faqs isnt mobile banking. The USAA app lets me start accounts, update PINs, explore other services and get information with 24/7 support. Having Meritrust is terrible the support pages all lead to contacting them and you can only contact them during bank hours so it truly kills the online experience they don’t understand.
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2 years ago, HNguyen27
Great in the past!
Most recent updates have left it impossible to deposit check on mobile app! Screen rotate is unlocked, app deleted and refreshed multiple times, still getting the rotate screen message.
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7 years ago, AnemicRachel
I love this app. It’s super easy to use. I use the check deposits almost daily for my business and it’s flawless, with an immediate deposit. It’s perfect!
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3 years ago, ok wow rude
Review of App
With the exception of your amazing employees, this app is the best. It is convenient, easy to use, and such a time saver. Coincidentally, one of your amazing employees helped me with this app.
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6 years ago, MoMeMaBass
I love having this app to be able to keep up on my account where ever I go. I is a easy app to maneuver through. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Logan LoSo
One of the most inconsistent mobile banking apps I’ve ever used. Only works about half the time.
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1 year ago, ????!buttercup
I am 45 now and started at BWCU when I was 14 years old. Always been a great place to bank.
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5 years ago, Akagodsrideanddiedaughter
I love having access to my accounts anytime of the day. I’m a visual learner so this app allows me to see how my money enter, and exits my account.
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7 years ago, BitterBarista
Best Banking App Ever
This app is SO useful and easy to use. It makes my life so much easier, I can't imagine not having this app to help me with my financial responsibilities!
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3 years ago, flibbertygibbit
Awesome app
Very fluid and easy to navigate. No problems at all. Makes mobile banking a breeze. Thanks Meritrust
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2 years ago, Lutezy
Mobile Deposit Broken
Haven’t been able to deposit thru the app because the app says I need to rotate the image. Makes no sense needs fixed, hasn’t worked since I got the new iPhone 14 Pro. Fix your app with some of the money you are stealing from customers thru fees!
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6 years ago, Ryaninwichita
Face ID for IPhone
Good app but you need to enable Face ID for IPhone X. It’s been out since November and this is literally the only application I have that hasn’t enabled it yet
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5 years ago, drumanimal05
Why the limit on deposits?
$5000 limit on deposits makes no sense. Other than that it’s a great app.
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6 years ago, Narski 718
Three star
Sometime it work and sometime it doesn’t work that way I give it a three star
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7 years ago, Carlson1128
Meets All My Needs
This app has everything I need in a banking app. Meritrust makes it so easy for me to stay on top of my finances!
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5 years ago, Leprecon216
Excellent easy to use application. The only thing that’s missing is a way to lock/unlock the card if it gets lost.
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2 years ago, Kkenzz063
Mobile deposit
Mobile deposit won’t work. Can’t deposit my check.
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2 years ago, Eruca E
Camera glitch
I’ve been trying to use the app to deposit checks for several days and the camera is blurry and won’t take a picture. I’ve tried reinstalling and shutting the app to no avail. Very inconvenient!
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