Merrick Bank Mobile

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Merrick Bank
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2 years ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Merrick Bank Mobile

4.55 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
2 years ago, ChargingWaters
Reviews don’t reflect the reality now
I don’t know what it was like in the past, but I can say, even though I haven’t used it too long yet, that there is no way i see this as poorly designed. I’ve seen that and this is not that. It has a lot of choices in the menu and is well designed and intuitive. I can’t speak for any bill pay functions but I can say that 1. This type of credit card isn’t usually going to itch your scratch for that, use your bank, checkbook, apps, whatever else. Usually bill pays through banks are slow and even send paper checks so you should maybe autopay directly and record somewhere yourself to make sure things get and stay paid even if contested. This is one of the better apps under the umbrella of low credit credit card/banks by far and I would from only take real stock in the reviews from this post on into the future. I wish some of these could be deleted. One suggestion for the app makers to fix this: with the next big update, make it an entirely new app page and app so that you can start fresh. This modern version is bogged by reviews that don’t even really count anymore. May have to make some big change to qualify I don’t know, but it would be worth the fresh start.
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6 years ago, jewel game fan
App will not remember my login info
Everytime I login I select the box “remember me” and then proceed to use application settings to allow for quick preview. Then I attempt a login later in the day and once again both these options aren’t saved. The app has deleted my user ID and does not allow me to use quick preview. I have used the app for almost a year, only recently has this become an issue. Please fix. Other than that I had loved the app. App update: I changed my one star to 5! My issue was the system deleting my user info for quick log in. The issue has been continually fixed for about a month now, I’m happy to report this no longer seems to be an issue. Now for the positive, what I like about this cc app in comparison to others, my payment post next day, this makes Merrick my go to cc if I want to make a last minute charge. I really like having my bank payment post quickly. My only complaint now resides with rewards, this card offers zero, but has no annual fee or other random fees. I do really like that Merrick gives credit line increases every 6 months with no fees also. I will keep this card forever.
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2 years ago, beccaboo111
Great bank
I enjoy and appreciate Merrick. I have had no issues at all with Merrick bank or the credit card associated with my account. The entire process of applying ,obtaining, using, and paying for the Merrick Credit Card was remarkably seamless and if your like me and have to deal with a lot of financial apps and services to move money, save money, get money, ect it was a refreshing experience. No pointless questions, no long waiting periods, no non-existent customer service —in fact they have been on point with every area, at least what’s important to me in a company and I plan on sticking with them. I will also say they gave me a chance and a somewhat decent Intrest rate when my credit wasn’t the best. It’s helped my score go up and I will remain faithful for that reason if no other. But I see now there are plenty of other reasons to stay with them. I am pleased with this company and the services I have utilized from them and have nothing but great things to say about this company!
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6 months ago, 1neoffzapparel
Great App And Great Credit Card
Merrick started me out with a $700 credit limit even though my credit wasn't great. I actually didn't think I could get one anywhere. Turns out to be the first credit card I ever had and I’m 45 years old smh lol. Soon after paying my bill on time for about 4-5 months Merrick boosted me up to $1,800 without even having to ask. That money came at the perfect time too. I will say the interest is high but it only affects you when you max out and slowly pay it back. You have to pay it back quick and keep your spending reasonable or you’ll waste a lot of money because as soon as you pay back $100 Merrick almost takes it all for fees so you never see you account balance decrease and you’ll stay maxed out even though you paid them $600 in the last 6 months…all that went to fees since you paid it in increments of $100. I hope this makes sense and helps someone.
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2 years ago, ?!$&?
Maybe it’s your device?
Idk why this app has such bad reviews but it works on my iOS 11 Pro Max. Haven’t had an issue with anything except sometimes the loading is slow ~30secs, but that’s where others lack patience I guess. I really don’t understand why these reviewers don’t just log onto the website to do their do’s instead of complaining about the app not working??? It’s not hard. I mean it’s an app… No app is perfect. They all have flaws. The only thing I do wish they would do is allow it to be added to the apple wallet because carrying cards around is old in 2022. Plus cards get scratched easily no matter how much you clean them or use card separators then you end up not being able to make transactions. The tap & pay is a plus... Still old tech tho. Great bank in my opinion… Thx Merrick.
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4 days ago, ghgftyu
Merrick and Me🥰
I was never able to qualify for credit cards through any other lenders. I had no credit history and nothing to build off of. I qualified for the first time in my life for a credit card through Merrick. I have had my card for a while now and it has made all the difference in establishing credit and beefing up my credit score. The app is easy to use and I love how convenient it is to just pay off the balance directly from my checking account. It’s been so great that I’m honestly hesitant to ever try to get any other credit cards as I fear the experience won’t be as seamless as it’s been with Merrick. Thank you for taking a chance on me and letting me prove I am trustworthy and capable of handling the responsibility that comes with having a credit card.❤️
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2 years ago, DODCJ
Very Good
When I saw all the bad reviews I got discouraged. I had already applied for and been approved for the credit card and then I was afraid after seeing so many bad reviews but it was too late because it was already on my credit report. But I have to say I haven’t had any issues with this company or their app to make an any payments, check my statements or anything, so I don’t know what the problem is but I’m glad I have an experienced it.
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10 months ago, Desert Rat II
Quit Working
So I’ve been paying my card using the app since the day I got the card several years ago. Today I tried to make a payment, and the app will not recognize my face, and will not let me click on anything. It just goes through the same cycle over, and over, and over, cycling like an idiot. I tried to log on on the website, and the download just sticks. So, I decided to call and make my payment over the phone, and they want to charge a five dollar fee. It’s not that five dollars will break me, but the principle of it is: why should I pay a fee because I am not able to make a payment as I normally do? This is absolutely ludicrous to me. I’m wondering if it’s happening to everyone, and they’re not making some large amount of money based on fees from people because they have to pay over the phone, instead of the way that they normally choose to pay: via the app, or online.
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2 years ago, JojoRene
I don’t think my issue is solely with the app because I face the same problem on the website as well. The first month was completely fine but now my ‘Current Balance’ & ‘Available Credit’ won’t update anymore after purchases or payments. So at any given moment I don’t know how much my Balance is therefore I don’t know how much my payments should be. I’ve called customer service before and they told me on what date my account would refresh and it did but does that mean it’ll only refresh once every statement cycle??? I just recently made a payment on my credit card a week ago and I still don’t know what my actual balance is so that I’ll know what’s going to be on the cycle statement which will be shared with the credit bureaus
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11 months ago, Bubitalapara
Gotta give it to them
I have now raised it to at least 3 stars because everything previously was taken care of but when its not one thing its another. The app is extremely glitchy and it wasn’t like that before and I am receiving messages about my statement being available and days later about 4-5 days later receive a message saying the payment has posted when it has already posted a while back. I think its receiving info extremely late but that is not convenient for anyone trying to know their most current info. I know that’s something that can’t be fixed right away but a huge suggestion is to help bring it to date with that info not a whole week later.
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1 year ago, I love apps man
Overall Well Developed
It’s a bit of an old UI compared to my other banking apps, but it still works & can be navigated easily. Thing is, I can’t see a virtual copy of my card, I’m unable to lock & unlock my card at will. There’s a lot of modern features that are quite standard at this point that I don’t see implemented. The 3rd star is for how for easy it is to navigate thru the app otherwise it’s easily 2/5 without that. If you all would be able to make a widget available for the Home Screen, & include those aforementioned features that would easily be 5/5 ! All my other banks support that feature & it’s really useful. Hope you take into consideration & decide it’s the right way to go.
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2 years ago, el1973
Annual fee
Had the card for a couple months I live in Massachusetts I canceled the account they’re refusing to give back 2/3 of annual fee Section 114C: Annual fee: notice; cancellation of agreement; reports Section 114C. A card issuer as defined in section one of chapter one hundred and forty D, whether located within or without the commonwealth, may assess an annual fee provided that the cardholder as defined by said section one, is notified of the amount of any such fee on or with the billing statement for the billing period prior to that in which the annual fee is billed to the cardholder's account. A cardholder may cancel his credit card agreement at any time during this period without penalty. If the cardholder cancels the agreement at any other time during the year, he shall receive a refund on a pro-rata basis of two-thirds of the annual fee.
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3 years ago, AshleyDawn83
Issues opening app
When I first downloaded the app, it was great. I was able to log in and check my account balance, check statements, make payments, etc. and time I wanted to. Over the last week or so, once I get past the front loading screen, when it gets to the account information, it’s just a blank screen. It’s funny in a way. I’m only like a month or so from hitting that point of having my card balance to increase, and all of a sudden I’m having trouble accessing my account from the app. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times over the last week or so that I have been having the issue, and it is still doing the same thing.
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4 years ago, djsooshi
I have to wonder...
This app is about as dependable as a 10 year old condom in bowl full of thumbtacks. As many of us have busy lives, using the app to pay bills on the go is convenient. Whenever I try to get in the app to the pay the bill, app doesn’t work. Once in a blue moon it will pop up. I wonder if it’s so they can charge you a late fee? Anyway, I’m sure it’s just a lack of good IT to make the app work. I have an iPhone 11 that updated as it goes. No other CC app has this issue - you try to get on and takes you to a blank page. Lol, especially right after it sends an alert that it’s time to pay. Or maybe they want autopay? 🤷🏽. Going to finish this bill and not use the card
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4 years ago, tat2dwaguy
From a 5 to a 2
Initially I rated this a 5 as I have been using this app since 2017 when it was extremely limited in functionality and very basic. The update to the new UI and added functionality was a major improvement. After the iOS 13.4 update and app update a week ago I cannot even get the application to load. Launching the app just opens a blank white page and nothing else happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application as well as tried it on different hardware. The same thing happens on my iPhone 11, my daughters iPhone XR and my 5th Gen iPad. Both phones are on iOS 13.4 and the iPad is on iPad OS 13.4. Please fix this bug as the application is currently unusable.
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10 months ago, Army Strong 23
Can’t log in
I give this app 3 stars because it’s simply not working… when I get to the log in screen it keeps saying my app cannot log in due to internet connection issues… the website is saying the same thing. However my phone is up to date and so is the app! I tried on a different device (thinking maybe it was my phone) but no… same issue… I was able to log in once to turn on quick view thinking that might help and still no. As soon as I logged out the issue returned and I can’t see any information. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!
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10 months ago, Dadd01
So secure, you get locked out
I changed my password successfully a while ago, but the very FIRST time I tried logging into the app again, it locked me out saying “I’ve exceeded my log in attempts”, and then provided a number for me to call. Every time I called (the number didn't matter, I tried every one I could find), I was either unable to get to a representative (must have been “after hours”), or put on hold FOREVER, or connected with someone I simply could not understand. If you want to spend your time trying to get into your app and being unable to pay your account through it, then this is the app for you. Otherwise, THIS IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING BANK CARD APP IF YOU MAKE JUST ONE MISTAKE LOGGING IN.
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3 years ago, cew60
Blank screen
Sometimes the app works well, but other times I get the Merrick logo followed by a blank screen. No amount of waiting or restarting the app helps. Then later that same day, or the next, it works fine. More consistency would be nice. **** The blank screen problem only happens when I’m using cellular connection (5G). Connecting through WiFi to my cable modem the app always works. It turns out I use the app most often to check my balance when I’m out and about, so it’s irritating.
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1 year ago, logicofwar
Trash app
I’ll agree with the other review that this app is a lot of miss. I have an iPhone 11 and this is the only app that has issues on my phone. Constantly blanking out or quitting. Trying to pay a bill is such a hassle. I am starting to question if this is the way it is so they can charge a late fee. Utterly ridiculous. Update: it’s improved a lot since last time I reviewed! Now does Face ID and hasn’t bugged out on me often
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5 years ago, S chassis
Bill payment
🤬🤬🤬🤬 Not being able to pay via debit/credit card has absolutely made this card worthless too me!!! I’m not accustomed to waiting 4days for you to take your money after I’ve given you authorization. They have hit me with returned check fees every month now for the 4 months that I’ve had the card😡😡😡😡. In 2019 you would think that every credit card company would get the memo that we need the payment process to be user friendly!!!!! Of all my credit accounts merrick bank is the worst when it comes to taking and accepting payment. Make sure you read about acceptable forms of payment when you apply for a card!!!! I’ll never make this mistake again. NEVER AGAIN!!
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3 months ago, Tony_JLA
Great Credit Card
This is a great credit card for building credit. Credit limit is decent if you’re just learning to manage credit. I make my payment on-time each month and never have any issues with payment not being received. Also, I have never been charged any random fees. The online portal is great for making payments easily and I love that I can track my Experian credit score.
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2 years ago, juliepego
A Suggestion…
I noticed the Merrick App doesn’t have an option to increase my credit limit. I have paid all my bills on time every month since I received my card n credit karma suggested asking my creditors for an increase to boost my credit scores which I have been working hard to do while trying to maintain my steady payments including every day living n expenses especially the unexpected ones, example: Car Repair n Health Bills. Otherwise, I absolutely love the app n it’s easy to use.
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5 years ago, HOHIKM
A really really great company!
First of all, Merrick has given me the best opportunity to repair my credit. I have been working hard to do this. When I lapsed on a payment , I was charged a late fee. I was so upset and thought I’d try to see if Merrick would forgive my late payment just this once. Guess what? They did! The rep was so kind and helped me in 5 minutes or less. Thank you, Merrick for understanding the human experience. 🙂
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4 months ago, AB12BA21
App not working after update
App used to work perfectly until your latest update which will not allow me to log in. I’ve had the app for years it HAD worked well, now it hasn’t worked for past month at least. The login symbol is greyed out. I can log into online account through the website only. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling and clearing caches/cookies several times. Nothing works. Everything is the same on my end all my other apps work fine, just this one doesn’t work ever since I updated the app the last time. There’s no email to support address technical glitches so I rate this app at a 1 star.
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6 years ago, Polylogy
Recent transactions
I have called about the app only showing me transactions from April and May of 2016!!! It is Nov 2017, this has been the case since September 2017. I was advised they knew of the problem and were working to fix it. I still have not seen an app update and the problem is still happening. With all the credit card fraud, I will not be using my card at all until this is fixed. There is no easy way for me to check pending transactions to verify activity on my card. Until this issue that is extremely overdue to be fixed, I was satisfied with the app and card. (I was instructed to uninstall and reinstall... i did that, it did not fix anything.)
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3 years ago, CorinneTS
App is totally annoying
It is not a user friendly app and there is no connectivity to their website. The user is unable to get to paperless statements from app or look at any transactions that are not immediate or find any other information that the card holder might need, it is extremely annoying. And for some reason it seems the password you have for app you are unable to use on the website very frustrating as it wants to change password for app to website who wants to deal with a bunch of IT crap to just look at your statement to make sure nothing hinky is going on.
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3 years ago, 6LK KNG
Don’t get this card.
This card is a scam!!! I haven’t missed a payment since I got this card, but my balance remains the same. I have paid more than the amount that listed on my minimum payment, yet my balance never decreases. However, my minimum payment goes up every couple of months. How is this even possible? My minimum payment shouldn’t be increasing if I’m paying my balance down. Stay away from this company at all cost. They didn’t post my last review, which tells me this company is a fraud. I will see if this one gets posted. I am reporting them and all of their activity to the Better Business Bureau.
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2 years ago, HamTyler77
Quick-freeze feature frozen?
I used to app to put a quick freeze on my account. When I went to “unfreeze” it, I noticed the quick-freeze feature (which is still advertised on both app and website) was nowhere to be found. I called their support line to inquire about unfreezing my card. After waiting for a rep for an hour, he told me to go to the app section the feature was previously and unfreeze it there. I told him it did not exist. He seemed confused but said he could unfreeze my account from there and put me on hold. Then we got “disconnected.” Yeah. Now I have a card with no way of unfreezing.
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4 years ago, CottonDrum
App never remembers me
I’ve had this app for years, and the card itself wasn’t horrible. However, I’ve had the hardest time trying to get it to login by way of the app. Online seems to be the best, but via the app is terrible. If you are someone who pays by app please remember Merrick is going to set you back about 25 years with making your payments. It honestly shouldn’t be this hard to hand them money, but for whatever reason they make it extremely complicated. Customer service has to be slammed with resetting customers passwords daily. Hopefully, they’ll get this corrected one day!
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4 years ago, jakeb25
Just No move on to the next card
These people are ridiculous. I have never missed a payment for years. Keep a zero balance. I use a different credit card for 6 months and they just close my account without telling me. I go to use it and nothing. They left me standing with no way to pay at a register. All because I didn’t use their card “ enough “ and i was using a different companies card. Thank god i have 8 other cards with no balances too. Lol. They just want your money and to make sure your indebted to them. They do NOT care about building your credit. Stay away from these wolves. If I could give a zero I would.
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4 weeks ago, Overlord of mars
Nice Easy To Use APP
I had a card with this company for about a year and a half now and I enjoy using the app. It’s simple to make payments. It doesn’t have many bugs and doesn’t screw up all the time like some other apps, and it gives me a clear view of what I owe and what I’ve spent. For a smaller card company they did a really good job.
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1 year ago, vibrant801
I got this card to boost my overall credit limit, which is the only redeeming quality considering the fees and charges attached, but turns out I was just in for a gigantic headache. Here’s how they scammed me and how they’ll scam you: I initiated a payment well before my due date, over the minimum payment, then I check back a few days later and to find the payment was sent back and they charged me a $30 return fee. For WHAT? I sent a payment in from an account that I can prove had the money in it and I get charged $30? Absolute scam. DON’T GET THEIR CARD, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND EFFECT YOUR CREDIT.
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3 months ago, mgcwinner
Merrick Bank Card
I am pleased with the Merrick bank app, I can check my balance, and/or make a payment at the same time. It’s quick and easy and honestly is one of the better credit card apps out there. Thank you Merrick Bank and hopefully I can get a credit line increase soon I’ve had this card for a very long time. God Bless
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3 years ago, Javakai
Great card if you pay it back
I had two cards secure I always pay back in full also used the card in the dates after reporting So far the card works great no problems using the app,if you pay 2-3 days before or even on the due date there is really no issues my credit is finally at 670 and now you can get more picky about who you choose
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3 months ago, Great Attribute
Love Ny Merrick App
I have been very happy with this app because it gives me access to my online account to view all activities, but what’s even better, it gives me access via face recognition to ensure the privacy and security management of my account, with the quick and easy viewing. Highly would recommend.
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2 years ago, geo0104
Needs improvement
This app works fine but it needs some serious changes in displaying alerts or notifications when your account needs attention. If you miss a payment by mistake and the letter from the bank arrives late, you will not know your account is past due by opening the app, it shows the information in a way that everything looks Okay in your account, there’s no red or yellow banners telling you that your late, you’re going to be charged a late fee, etc.
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2 years ago, KatieCat81
Worst customer service
There’s not an employee that works there that speaks fluent English. I’ve called 5 times in the last week. The customer service reps are not only incompetent, but rude. They disconnect your calls. They promise things they don’t deliver. The supervisors promise to listen to the recorded calls, and promise to fix their mistakes, but they don’t follow through. I was told my card would be shipped 2 days express 5 times now. It keeps getting sent regular mail and then an incompetent employee cancels it but reissues regular mail again. This is the dumbest group of humans that I’ve ever dealt with.
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2 months ago, My shadow for me
Merrick bank credit card
An excellent credit card , am extremely happy with it and how quickly they responded to my issue 3 weeks ago when they observed a transaction that I had not made, quickly advised me, cancelled my cards, reissued new ones and credited my account so I would not be charged. Wonderful caring people!!!
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12 months ago, liu40
Horrible service
For some inexplicable reason they keep freezing my card and it’s horrible the communication with this customer service, the put you in hold and then transfer you to another customer department which the waiting it’s ridiculous, they only said “ I’m sorry”. We are going to remove the freeze but then they do it again and you can’t find out when you’re at the store ready to use the card. I’m canceling this card cause I don’t need more stress in my life!!!
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3 years ago, anthonys list
I always try to pay 2 weeks ahead of time in case there should be a problem because why would i chance it? Any way ive had no problem at all with them in fact i think they are very professional in fact they remind me of capital one which I think is “Top of the line”!
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3 months ago, T Love 315
Merrick Bank
I like Merrick bank a lot. I have been with them for years and they definitely work with you if you come across a hardship. I really appreciate their service and they are fair when increasing your available credit. I will continue using this card. Everyone should get one.
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3 years ago, Big Johnny Gunn
Takes forever to release funds
You can make a payment, the payment comes out of your account, but for some odd reason, the funds aren’t available until a week later. Don’t be drawn in by the double up on on time payments. There are much better card options out here. I was drawn in by the double up, but learned quickly that this is not the card for me. There isn’t even an option to Express pay, so funds are available right away. Bad card and a bad decision on my part. I will never use this card again.
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1 month ago, Riadeee
Very Easy to Use
Go Mobile Merrick Bank Website , I feel it is easy to make payments each month. It shows all you transactions and information on your account. As a Senior, it is very important to check your account to make sure no one else is using your account.
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1 year ago, why ughhh
I can’t get on the app or my account at all!! They restricted my account AFTER I made two large purchases and are making me jump through hoops on the phone to resolve the “fraud” issue then transferring me and the next rep doesn’t answer! They’ll pick up then hang up without saying a hello!! This company is crap! All my other credit cards and banks send me a text or an email asking me to confirm a purchase to avoid restrictions and closing of accounts or cards. They should do the same! Especially since you can’t get through on the phone!!!!
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3 months ago, griffy406
Been with them over 12 months credits gone up, payments have been easy. Nothing to complain about except they have a cap at $1200. Which for me is good right now. I’m just trying to build credit. I now have options for others but I’d like to stick to this one for now.
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9 months ago, bigboypalmah
It’s good but..
I love the app, but I feel like there could be many more options and controls to go through. When I schedule a payment for a date, I wish it would go through that morning like the rest of my auto-pays, instead it comes out that night or even the next day. It’s inconvenient. Other than that, I enjoy the company. Nothing but great feedback for the company, the app needs help though.
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1 year ago, jrlaf
Iffy company
Applied and approved over two months ago and yet to get my card every time I call to see why I haven't I get some foreign person who can’t speak English and can’t understand they give some excuse one said it be shipped then week later called said it hadn’t even been made yet then two weeks later called again they said there processing company of the cards went down and to give it two more weeks like it shouldn’t take three months to get a card that I need and was approved for three months ago shady company
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3 years ago, Ebonidebra
I have not had one problem with this app. I appreciate how Merrick Bank confirms payments received every time. They also confirm charges that exceed my threshold I set for myself. Customer service is wonderful. You do not have to go through multiple prompts before you reach a live person. How wonderful.
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1 year ago, Harrison3334444
Awful Customer Service. Do not use Merrick
My account was closed without any notification whatsoever. I haven’t missed a payment in 11 months. Not only did they not notify me, they are still charging me a monthly fee even though I can’t use my credit card. When I call customer service, they transfer me 5 times (hoping I hang up) and then when I finally speak to someone, they say they can’t help me and that I can’t talk to a manager but I can leave a voicemail. Absolutely terrible financial institution. Do not ever use Merrick Bank.
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2 years ago, mwtyr2654
Works so far
The app works fine for me. I guess the only thing to keep in mind is that you really really have to pay much earlier than the due date. You can’t just send the payment the day before it’s due. I tend to pay a couple weeks before the due date.
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