Merrill Edge

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Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Merrill Edge

4.64 out of 5
122.3K Ratings
Your company has converted me into your biggest fan
Thanks so much for the most helpful, patient and intelligent representative named Kristy. I've been practicing law for 26 years and truly wanted to switch Retirement company until this morning. Your representative Kristy for the first time in years helped me not only resolve my critical issues with accessing my accounts but she really somehow got me to easily transfer funds into my account and start rebuilding my portfolio which had been depleted losing my oldest son, Dr. Bernard Laguerre two years ago. Thank you Kristy and I hope your company not only promote Kristy but use her talents in training all your folks. Have a prosperous year. If you mail my office your company information I vow to distribute them to my colleagues and during my Speaking Engagements. Respectfully submitted
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4 years ago, jon_quinn
Merrill rep are idiots (no seriously)
I’ve been using all the major brokerages and I assure you Merrill is by far, the worst. 1) merril customer service is filled by a bunch of idiots who clearly know nothing about brokerage service or industry. I asked to close and transfer out one IRA account and asked it be done the very day. The idiot rep didn’t understand what that meant and I had to explain to her over 1+hr call. Eventually by the time her associates got around to it the order was delayed and executed the day after, resulting in considerable losses in my portfolio 2) Merrill promotions were disingenuous at best. Every other brokerage facilitate accounts based on SSN and balance, with Merrill you need citizenship as well. Funny this wasn’t outlined in any pamphlets prior to my money brought into the system. This kind of cheating behavior is why Merrill’s reps have such bad reputation as swindlers. 3) Merrill edge app itself is terrible and doesn’t sync well with other BoA apps. The interface looks to be something designed by a highschool dropout over a long weekend, and the backend interface for linking across accounts is so terribly designed one wonders why they even embedded the function. Seriously do yourself a favor and move your money out to reputable brokerages and save yourself the hassle of wasting hours upon hours of chat with account reps clueless about their own industry, profession, and company services.
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4 years ago, tanpham10
One of the Worst trading apps on my phone!
One of the worst trading platforms apps on my phone. I am forced to use this app because we have Bank of America checking account for the last 25 years and are very happy with Bank of America app, the best in terms of pay bills, credit cards rewards. But the Merrill Edge app is lacking soooo many features that others (TD Ameritrade & E-trades) offers much more. It lacks of (1) current stock news (2) trades stayed in “pending” for days to complete (3) can’t execute using trailing stop in $ and %, no matter what percent I entered, it always errors “much enter from 1-25%” which I’ve already bought entered 2%. Overall, it just not up to par with TD Ameritrade “think it swim” app or E-trade app, those two are my favorite trading platforms apps. I would delete this app if I didn’t care amount meeting minimum amount assets with Bank of America to get bonus 75% cash rewards for my credit card.
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3 years ago, Blues man 22
Apple Watch does not display all entries in the device watchlist
As the title says the Apple Watch (series 7) does not display all the items in the device watch list. I have 13 stocks in the list and the watch only displays 11. I have rebooted the watch and phone and have also deleted everything from the list and re-added them but it still not working. What’s even more frustrating is that I cannot find a way to report this to Merrill other than to call them. Using the links on the App Store take you to a page asking if you would like to open an account. If I had questions about trades I would call the number provided. I have technical issues that I doubt phone support, since it is a general number, will be able to assist. I want a way to email directly to technical support. I like the app in general but the lack of ability to get in touch with tech support to report app issues and enhancement requests lowered the rating.
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1 year ago, Njoyin'it
Poor app for routine trading
I have been using this app for years and it seems to be getting worse with every “upgrade”. I believe they are intentionally making a clunky, slow, hard to use app to keep routine traders from using their platform. I also have funds in E*Trade and TD Ameritrade TOS. Those are superior by far in terms of log in speed, trade speed, and overall functionality. If you are going to ’set it and forget it’ this might be your app, but if you want ease and speed there is nothing to see here. You can log in to another platform and place a trade by the time this one has recognized your face and their banner messages have flashed before your eyes for the 3rd time upon your 3rd login. I have an up to date iPhone with a up to date app, so that is not the problem. I only stay with them because of the cash benefits I get with being a BAC account holder, but that could change soon too.
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3 years ago, jay336.rdr2
Made good changes recently
I switched over from robinhood to Merrill edge about a hear ago but missed the user interface of robinhood for a while; i always felt the ME app was a little clunky, but as of the last few recent updates they added many features i approve of and appreciate. It could still use some better organization as it can currently have a lot of text/info on a page or screen and look messy, but it’s good info. I think their charts/graphs could use improvements also and would like to see something similar to what robinhood has set up in that regard - easy to slide around and see info on the charts.
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5 years ago, semitrader
Sluggish interface makes you lose on trades
Unlike Schwab and E-trade that load in a couple of seconds, this apps loads half a minute on iPhone 6S (20+ sec to offer fingerprint auth); therefore, if I wanna sell a sharply falling stock, I may lose significant money due to price changes. Similarly, in the stock buy/sell dialog it doesn’t offer any insight into CURRENT price (yes, it takes a lot of clicks to enter the order), so I can’t know if the market has (suddenly) changed the direction until it’s too late (competitors’ apps allow you to refresh and see current price on the same screen you hit Confirm). Lastly, upon executing the sale, it’s not transparent what the ACTUAL sell/buy price (it’s blank unless I navigate back to specific order, takes 10+ sec). No wonder why they offer “free” trades for preferred customers! Bottomline: traders may want to steer away from this app, as it’s clearly not designed for market volatility in mind.
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2 months ago, Xeon Holt
It’s bad. Use another brokerage app
I have used and viewed several other brokerage stock trading apps and Merrill Edge is by far one of the worst. To start, it tries really hard to match the BofA app in terms of design and layout. This means you get an app for doing stock trades that has a bunch of the UI taken up with things you won’t ever click on. Transferring funds to your account seems to take a long time as well and you don’t have immediate access after transfer. At least on lower balances. (This is confusing) A strange thing that’s annoying, Merrill will split your cash between two types, a cash balance and a cash balance that looks like a money market, so you see your cash as shares $1 = 1 share. It’s kinda confusing and is the case for any money transferred into the account. Any cash from dividends goes to a normal cash balance part of the account were it’s just a dollar amount shown not shares. Actually trying to make trades is a lengthy process and is limited in options. It’s not particularly useful to find I formation in a stock. I think the only thing I like is the break down pie chart of asset types but, that’s common in many other platforms. I recommend looking elsewhere as this app makes investing a more challenging experience then needed.
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3 years ago, Ty.wicks
Honestly expected better…
I’ve been a BofA client since I emigrated to the US a decade ago. I have a top notch credit score and BofA extends me some very decent credit. This app (and the whole website) is clunky, not intuitive, and entirely fails to assist individuals in what they are trying to do - trade and save. I had it when they banned me for quite literally something they didn’t warn me about - buying stocks, and changing my mind. Apparently, you cannot do that - even if you’ve paid for them in full and up front. All I can say if that Merrill has no Fidelity towards its customers based on my experience. I will be moving my entire portfolio to someone with more Fidelity with a more user friendly experience and more willing to warn their customers that they cannot spend their money as they please.
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3 years ago, erictran95
Almost Perfect - Improvements on Design & More Extended Hours
I like the professional look of the app overall, but I think it would be great if you guys can simplify the design more, such as: instead of having customers to manually select “Normal Hours” & “Extended Hours” by jumping back and forth 2 tabs, creating single page where customers can click on a button to select “Extended Hours” if they want to trade in those hours automatically. I like Webull app because of that automatic extended-hours trades feature. I would love to see that feature on the Merrill Edge app because I don’t like to transfer my main portfolio ($200k+) out from Merrill Edge to Webull, but I will if this costs me my profits, simply because I have to manually set up the extended-hours trades every time.
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3 months ago, Sandyhd
Can’t pay bills through updated app
Another case of an unnecessary update to something that functioned really well. I received a reminder from one of my utilities that I had a payment due and I wanted to check to make sure that I paid it. The Merrill app now opens looking like Bank of America, and it doesn’t let me see what I have paid or have pending to pay in the Bill pay function Please add it back! I travel an amount of town 24 weeks of the year. It’s not always convenient to log onto a computer and trying to do that on the website through a phone is really challenging. I am pretty tech savvy, and I tried to find a way to see the old bill pay options both on the Merrill app and the Bank of America app and it is not easy to find. I’m not sure it even exists. Some of us have real lives, and want to see more than just how our investments are performing.
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4 years ago, EcklarA
Lost Functions no improvement; get serious about this product
With this new Merrill Edge App I can no longer enter extended hour trades that was and still is available on the old app. Also, this app does not allow you to enter any fixed income trades such as insured CDs or bonds. Why do competitors offer these expected basic functions but you do not when you are suppose to be the best? Furthermore, when selling a position, this DOES NOT allow you to sell versus a purchase date for tax loss harvesting or simple tax planning. It is time for the creators of this app to seriously update it to exist in even the most minimal of modern worlds.
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8 months ago, sclappyo204
Hands down worst trading app ever
Merrill and bank of america are hands-down two of the worst and most unethical companies on planet earth. They will close your account down for no reason, and then not give you an explanation and also hijack your money. I had an account closed down six months ago, and I have been trying desperately to get my money back from the account and they refused to send me a check in the mail or tell me why the account was closed down. I have literally hit a dead end and will be forced to hire legal counsel to get my money back from the account they closed down for no reason. Stay far far away from Merrill lynch for a trading account. There are about 10 other trading apps you could use that are high quality and great companies to deal with. Merrill’s platform is also slow and agonizing to use to place trades. It’s the worst I have seen so far.
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3 years ago, MSucur
Ok app
Have been using the app more often for about two months now with the longer experience of using some competing apps. The way the app is setup is much less intuitive than the other apps - at least for me. In fact it’s so less intuitive to the point of confusing sometimes. I will not go into detail s of this statement but I’ll just say that I use for reasons of some other benefits I get related to my bank’s integrated service access. One way or another, if you don’t have other important reasons to use the app, there are much better choices to manage your investments out there. It almost feels like the app caters to investors that are much less of a self-managed and much more of a hands-off type of investor.
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8 months ago, Nizar Ibrahim
Nothing like it.
There’s no platform that’s remotely close to Merril Edge. It is in a platform that is intricately linked to Bank of America, one of the largest banking institutions in the world. Having this interconnectedness, you don’t see much advertising for Merrill Edge or Bank of America for that matter. Both speak for themselves and their customers quite clearly without multimillion dollar advertising campaigns. In doing that, BOA and Merrill Edge have removed all banking and trading fees from their platforms for most customers who use Merrill Edge and BOA. The best part is immediate transfer of money from the banking platform into and out of the trading platform. I love BOA/Mail Edge!
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3 years ago, yamoinca
So much better than E*TRADE
This is mainly delight having come from E*TRADE as a comparison. If you’re looking to keep an eye on stocks both what you own and just for speculation, this app outfperforms E*TRADE. Basic stock monitoring flow is so nice since it always shows your positions no matter where you are looking at a stock from unlike E*TRADE where it might tell you you have holdings. You can details to a stock in a watchlist as if you bought X shares at Y price on Z date. In E*TRADE you can just add the stock name. And of course it is great because you can easily move money in/out from BoA account and keep level of service.
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4 years ago, jlisko
This App needs work
I opened this acct bcuz I heard good things about Merrill’s Roth platform but this should get looked at quickly. I often have times in the app where things take lots of extra loading and then don’t go through. Then there’s no pop up that shows why it didn’t— the research is difficult to access really. And it’s difficult to search for equities to buy just not a fluid experience. Robinhood does all of these better and then some. When I transfer money in I can use it immediately, on BAC’s app it takes FOREVER for my money to get in and be invested. It should be easier to add money to my account in order to invest under your company.
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2 years ago, SWSellers
Needs an upgrade that responds to user demands
Mobile app is useless for routine trading. If you buy and hold forever, probably sufficient. TDAmeritrade, E*Trade, Fidelity all superior to this app. The integration with BoA is helpful. If you can get this app right, it could be a game changer for your market share. Having a single place for all accounts would be ideal…but you need to be able to quickly see basic market moves/futures. Watchlists are buried in the app settings or way down on the dashboard. Watch lists can’t be modified or sorted even in a browser. I do not want Merrill guided trading so please allow me to remove this from my dashboard. The Merrill Edge platform and mobile app are shockingly behind in technology and user experience. If your at a desktop, the ICE trading platform is nice…bring some of this to the mobile app.
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4 years ago, DCBCeagle
This system has 2005 Functionality
Just tried to sell Berkshire class B and system doesn’t recognize Merrill’s own symbols. Also a problem, the system does a horrible job of executing cash transfers to the Merrill account. Merrill edge takes 2-4 days longer than any other financial institution’s system of the 6 or so that I use. Also, Merrill Edge has poor integration with other systems that Merrill is using in its back office since the system continues to send our insufficient funds emails even when funds have been transferred. It is a lot of superficial nonsense missing some effective functionality and integration.
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2 years ago, EricRhysTaylor
Extremely Crotchety & Dated Slow slow slow
i’ve been using this app for several years now, and must say it is hopelessly outdated compared to think or swim or Robinhood or any number of modern broker apps. Every process from logging in which takes 2 to 3 times longer than it should even using FaceID to pulling up existing orders to viewing what’s in my account takes too long. Practically every page has a huge amount of boiler plate disclaimers which are completely superfluous and you never see on other broker apps. Not FDIC insured may lose value, etc. etc. The app should be thrown away and re-created with a fresh modern approach without any of that wasteful language that gets in the way of the interface functionality. Login should be extremely fast, and it should be easy to see existing positions and orders associated with those existing positions. Also, I should be able to pull up and edit all option and stock outstanding orders fast on one screen instead of all these separate screens that take so long to load. Time for a fresh rebuild from the ground up!
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2 years ago, KatCuellar3
Bad for day/swing traders.
I give Merrill a try just because Bank of America is my bank and wanted instant transfers and it works my issue is the trading system is to slow, it freezes, laggy It doesn't execute fast and its hard for options trading I had to call support because sometimes when I trade options it saids I need to apply for options and I already traded and was approved and they told me the system lags I just need to log out and log back in… I immediately withdraw my account and transfer to Tdameritrade. I hope one day Merril get a better trading system fast execution, no lagging, able to use charts efficiently. I give 2 stars just because the transfers withdrawals are instantly and support are nice.
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1 year ago, chaoscpt
Its okay not great
its okay. has very few mutual funds to invest with and the news on the app is junk. The news rarely covers important market topics and mostly has sports. there is a research topic not related to the news, which I do like. The reports are from bank of america and are very detailed. If you are new to investing it can be confusing. I feel like the app is only here to get you to buy the guided investment options. I would not go this way for retirement options. its good for stock market investments though.
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4 years ago, julianappa
Full of bugs
This app is terrible compared to the competitors. It's full of bugs. For example, when I try to sell shares I can't select the order type (market) unless I click on sell all. After I select and deselect that then I'm able to choose order type, but then cant proceed with the order because the preview order is grayed out. I've literally lost thousands of dollars because I couldn't sell when I wanted and had to wait to get on a computer. Also, after every order, the page defaults to my IRA account instead of my investment one, so when if I want to rapid sell a few stocks, I have to make sure I revert back to my investment account. I've sold things on my IRA that I had no intention of because of this poorly designed UI/UX.
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2 years ago, Premanocta
Easy to use for beginners
My first Ever Roth IRA, didn’t know it was this simple. I just deposit the money or xfer from my own Boa account and that’s all. The keep the change makes it even easier, every Friday I just xfer the money I’ve gathered through out the week and invest it. It’s a true winner for me. After that just look up the mutual funds or stock etc etc you would like to buy and click it that simple. I’m a total noob and it was easy, I hope someone else has the same great experience. 5 star
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4 years ago, RiderRich
This update is a downgrade.
I’m not one to criticize, as I understand that, overall, apps are amazing and make my life so much better. However, this update is painful. I won’t be updating the BofA app, till I must. First, too load, every aspect take much longer than the previous version I had. And that wasn’t fast at that. Scrolling is now choppy, noticeably so. I have been spoiled with the smoothness of the previous version and other apps. The tile format dictates that more scrolling is necessary, why? The loading time, when viewing my holdings, is seriously long, and the coloring of the gain/loss in the green/red is very slow to load. The first time, I thought the market was closed, due to all the information displaying in black and no updates in pricing. On the account page, the gain/loss for each account was displayed. I liked this as I had an over view of each account performance. Now there is a gain/loss for all the accounts, and you have to view the holdings for each account, to see it’s performed. Again, with the painfully slow loading time. I truly hope someone reads this and makes this app a user friendly experience again.
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3 years ago, Drhbayazit
Bad interface
Overall I have had somewhat good experiences, but I still struggle to get used to this app's interface. It's not user-friendly, and I need to wait a long time until it opens a page. Also, I need to refresh the page to see the transaction. Otherwise, it will not show your transactions. One time, it sold my share but still shows unsold and I waited for a while until I realize it was already sold. Please update the interface of this app.
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5 months ago, Sky-lo
The grass is certainly greener
Have multiple trading platforms with other companies. Decided to try Merrill Edge because I had account with BOA as a holding account. Grossly subpar to the competition with respects to settings, design, trading platform, awkward balance reporting, trading restrictions, login, the list just goes on. Death my a thousand cuts design. If are absolutely brand new to any trading and you should have gotten an advisor anyways, then this platform is a great platform to keep you from effectively trading independently which will only inspire you to use their broker anyways. I wouldn’t be surprise that they leave all the good trading tools unlocked for their specialists to drive business to them. So here is your one star honest review from a trading veteran.
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5 years ago, Estes,CO
This is the WORST Brokerage APP
The App is rudimentary and hard to navigate. I have just spent 5 minutes looking for ACCOUNT BALANCES before I stopped doing my business here to answer your rudely intrusive survey. I usually avoid using the App, because this is my experience. You are also in the process of ruining the website experience with that awful “We are here when you need us” bug on the right side in the middle of the page, no more roll over quotes, no more hi lo quotes within the charts. Just sad colored dots to remind us of what you have taken away. Huge drop down for quotes that cover half the page, and fit poorly so the whole page becomes weird.
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4 months ago, Terp2011
Alert notice won’t go away: update!
Thank you for fixing this bug. No more red alerts!! The app shows a red #1 on my home page. I go Into the app and there is nothing to read. So I log out and the red alert still is showing on my app logo! Please fix. I called customer service and they told me to either reset my iPhone or delete app and reload. I did both. Problem still exists! It’s a bug customer service says! Please fix. Thank you.
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4 years ago, 2 mmaannyy komercials
Unrealized profit/ loss screen with iPhone use
I have been using the ML website for 5 plus years on a daily basis. Please put an edit key on the unrealized profit/ loss screen in order to be able to change the column preferences. I use an iPhone specifically and when opening up that p/l screen, the column order will change with the slightest movement of my finger on the screen. I would like the opportunity to have my information columns (cost, price, # of shares, etc) to remain in the order I like, and the edit would be optional, but lockable as well. 2nd request by the way. Thank you
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4 years ago, Sundog111
If you don’t have a choice
I’ve banked at BofA and am not moving my accounts any time soon so I’m stuck with this platform for BofA. I have trading accounts at several other places like Schwab, Fidelity and other banks. This app is the worst. The UI is awkward, it’s slow, login repeatedly seems to lose my info. Merrill was the last to support Touch ID only getting it running in time for Face ID to replace it. Worst is it costs me money. Their price improvement is non existent. Buying at the market you might as well buy at the ask. You really have to do limit orders on everything which is annoying when you don’t want to helicopter an order. I’m only writing this in hopes it spurs investment to improve the app. If they did I would trade more in the account.
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1 year ago, Harrisj1234
Can’t enter text
For some time now, I am not able to enter text to search for research or identify a stock to trade. This occurs on two different iPads, so not a hardware issue; it occurs whether I use the screen keyboard or the Magic Keyboard, or a computer keyboard using universal control. I hate using ratings to ask for technical support, but Apple won’t let me use the “report a problem” because (apparently) the app is free. Trying to call the support number is worse than useless. The problem is compounded by the fact that I just purchased a new iPad, and cannot enter my credentials, so cannot even get information, which I can on my previous iPad using Face ID. Any help would be appreciated.
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3 years ago, tonysub150
Decent but not great
Interface is pretty easy to use but the app / website are still quite clunky and not super intuitive. I use a smaller local bank for checking / savings and I’ve had difficulty linking the account to deposit into my Merrill accounts. Also data does not automatically refresh when looking to trade. You have to refresh it continually to see the changes in price & bid / ask. They also have zero online support. Basically force you to make a phone call or visit a brick and mortar if you want to troubleshoot something. In general their online presence is really weak. As stated previously it’s also difficult to link external bank accounts online. Actual nuts and bolts trading and research is adequate but tons of room for improvement if they ever want to appeal to younger traders.
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1 year ago, SunnysGirl7
Great App
I started using Merrill a few years ago, knowing nothing about how to trade stocks. I still don’t know that much, but when I do know I’ve learned from this app, and, I’ve been making a great percentage of money compared to what I can make with my dollars saved in a bank, I do have more complicated investments through a broker which I’ve had for years prior to working with Merrill, but this is a lot of fun and I feel like it is more rewarding.
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1 year ago, PIT in CLT
Not an intuitive app
Smartphone apps should drive ease of use as paramount to their existence. This app does the opposite. It’s very difficult to find what you want to do and it doesn’t clue you in as to if you’re doing exactly what you want. Example, I recently transferred money from my checking to my Roth IRA. When I went to conduct a trade with my Roth IRA account, the account that the trade occurred in was my Traditional Brokerage account and not my Roth IRA. It seems that despite being in my Roth IRA account when I started the trade, the app defaults the account being traded in as my Traditional Brokerage account and not the account I started the trade from. Now, I executed a trade in the wrong account. Thanks Merrill! What a idiotic way to setup your app.
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5 days ago, DontSumi
New dashboard is not intuitive
New dashboard is not at all intuitive and has a “close” as well as a “log out” button at top. Close usually means you want to close a pop-up message that the app thinks is important but is interrupting you from what you’re trying to do. Nope, this now means they’re going to log you out. Maybe I don’t want to confirm my address, which hasn’t changed in years, and I’m an adult who knows how to update my address accordingly, but instead I am booted out. Thanks for not being intuitive compared to how app developers have trained us to ignore marketing add-on messaging for the last 15 years.
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3 years ago, BurberryKid
Great App
I love this app. It’s easy to use. My only Changes would be that 1. You have the option to sell individual shares from the mobile app. What is this first in first out non-sense lol. We all don’t want to get hit by the tax man when we are selling positions. 2. The historical performance shows the principle amount and then the returns for that principle amount. If you add more principle, it needs to reflect the added principle and then the return on that capital . Can’t just keep lowering the returns when you add new money. Edit: still clunky . Have to select option strikes and the app lags. They need an update to the options section to show real time price updates for each strike price. So I don’t have to use yahoo finance or Robinhood for a more updates options table
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10 months ago, hatillohatillo
Can’t find how to make a simple transfer of money from checking to IRA
Call a service rep and he couldn’t help because he doesn’t work with the app. Service representative make me feel insecure about my investment with BoF! This is my second attempt in the past month, it seems to me that the service reps are learning at my expense! And because of this experience I will be finding another investment advisor to help me with my goals.
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4 years ago, siva4
You need people with knowledge to help rollover 401k accounts. Also if some one starts helping they must assume it’s assigned to them. Then follow it with the customer till the money is fully rolled over into the Merill IRA. If you amuse my file you will understand that how many Meryl people I dealt with and how many Merill hours is wasted. I am pretty sure by the time you roll my 401k it would have cost you at least $2000 to do this transfer. I am pretty sure you can create a better system with little cost. Thanks
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3 years ago, Instinct Fail
Failure of App
Your app is a disaster today. Two of my brokerage accounts are frozen. I am losing money, and no one answers your phone lines. I am a Platinum Rewards Client, but you are treating me like I do not exist, and have cost me Thousands of dollars today. Your customer service is a breach of our agreement, a violation of our confidence, and totally unacceptable. I expect you to take appropriate action to make me whole, and that means covering the costs of my losses.
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5 years ago, Marlay53
Difficult to Follow
I previously had ETrade. It was so easy to read and interpret. I wish Merrill would follow their example. The reason I switched was the connection to Bank of America. I like that I can transfer money in and out of my checking account. I don’t like that they are difficult to read. I like to look back at the history of stocks I trade. I never can find that feature on Merrill. Please compare to ETrade. Perhaps you can improve your app. Thank you.
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4 years ago, theDistrict11
Very hard to trade
This app needs some serious UX redesign starting with app performance. It’s extremely difficult to make a trade. For instance, I select a ticket and click through to trade. I then select the appropriate account to trade on and the stock ticker gets cleared out and I have to go and search or input again. Worst yet, if I mistakenly selected the wrong account and filled in all trade information, when I go select the correct account the app clears out the entire trade and requires me to fill everything in again. For an organization so big with so much money, take this app seriously. No wonder Robinhood is growing so big. Get with the program soon or else I’m taking my entire portfolio elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Giveclash1star
Worst trading app in the world
I’ve used E*TRADE fidelity td robinhood and a slew of others and Merrill edge is by far worse app of all of them. This “new” update was cosmetic and it literally killed an already garbage slow app. You can no longer login and if you do, good luck getting anywhere as it will sit there spinning. Oh and if you get anywhere “try again error” will pop up 70% of the time. You guys are completely worthless. Complaints have happened for three years and they just don’t care. This is not the institution you want to go for your trading and investment needs. Go elsewhere. I only stuck with this because of the access via BofA but now I’m really considering cashing my 1 mil proflio and moving elsewhere
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5 years ago, Alanbike
Glitchy option order process
Clicking on my option to sell it should serve up the usual assorted list of input and actions. Instead, it serves up a blank screen requiring me to know the symbol to proceed. If I don’t have it ready, I must enter the underlying stock’s symbol. Only at that stage does it identify my option associated with that stock and give me the chance to place an order Another extremely annoying bug is serving up an order entry slip for the wrong stock. I have very carefully touched a stock in my portfolio and instead of it, Edge serves me a slip with the symbol of the stock one row below the one I want. I have asked witnesses to observe and they verify what I’m describing.
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4 years ago, 73262759502
UI not as good as Robinhood, but more convenient
I prefer this app more than Robinhood due to me having Bank of America accounts. Robinhood holds cash from sold stocks for several days before it can be transferred while Merrill can do it instantly. My main issue is the user interface. You have to manually look up stocks and it’s rather difficult to use compared to Robinhood. Hopefully new updates come in the future that make it easier.
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2 years ago, Updock
35 Minutes: Merrill you can do better
I make monthly auto retirement contributions to my Merrill Roth IRA. I wanted to stop the auto contributions temporarily. No way to do that on their website or app. I had to 1. Wait 25 minutes for them to call me back. 2. Be on the phone with an agent for 35 minutes before I was forwarded to someone in “distribution” who was authorized and had the ability to stop my contributions. Not feeling like a valued client at all and after many years with Merrill I will begin looking elsewhere. Too inconvenient. Merrill you can do better than this - I hope you do soon, can’t recommend your services to others until you do.
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2 years ago, NYCPDBLOWS!
New App Feature Bugs
Let me preface this review by saying that the service reps/advisors at Merrill are kind, patient, helpful professionals. They’re great; the updated app? Not so much. What’s with setting alerts? There is no submit button anywhere. Scroll up, scroll down—nope. That is terribly inconvenient. Also, why remove the order status button from the bottom menu? This is also less convenient, though at least the feature still works. Please fix the alerts feature for iPhones though!
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2 years ago, 70sSinger
Why so complicated?
Just got this app because I need some Monet so want to sell. Keeps saying, not available. So I try to send a message because I am not used to buying or selling. I hit compose, them it opens a page to write a message and includes in subject line: attachments. I am not sending an attachment, just want to ask a question. Everything has become so complicated and inefficient everywhere making it always difficult for the customer. This app/company no different. You can never get answers without jumping thru a million hoops. No wonder the world is so angry.
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4 years ago, GrannieU
Excellent way to trade
I love my Merrill Edge trading app and Merrill Edge. The dashboard is very cool and it seems with each update more features that I just thought would be nice are implemented. Investing staff is super and they seem to be familiar with the application so if you want to know if you can do something give them a call. I recently called about the order of my accounts and was walked through how to make the change.
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3 years ago, Trader 57
Has improved
This has improved. Sometimes though, if I want to change a limit order it doesn’t read it correctly and tells me I need to change my order, even though I did! Way better than it used to be though. I do wish it would show asset allocation per stock so I would know exactly how much percentage I have on each stock.
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