Merrimack Valley CU Mobile App

4.8 (2.9K)
101.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Merrimack Valley FCU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Merrimack Valley CU Mobile App

4.77 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
3 years ago, jiincha13
Merrimack valley credit union....
This is the best bank I have ever had. They are on point with everything very respectful customer service employees and they have great offerings. I just love this bank and wouldn’t change it for no other!!
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2 years ago, Stingybus
Helpful app. Infuriating push notification system
I’ve set up notifications to alert me when accounts go under certain amounts. They seldom alert me promptly. Most aggravating example is when I turn app on to check my balance, and a flood of alerts suddenly ring out on my phone telling me that so and so account went under threshold hours ago. I should not need to keep the app open to be alerted in timely manner.
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4 years ago, hateit4allreasons
Confusing over complicated
I think this new app is way to confusing and they should have never done the change. To many things to look at and click way to over complicated. it makes me hate it already missing my old simple app that i knew and loved not this spread sheet that i have to go threw.
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4 years ago, fatpigs56
Awesome experience
This is a huge improvement over the old mobile experience
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2 years ago, AwwShucks
Great app & great bank
I love having all my accounts in one place where I can clearly see what I need to see. My only gripe is that I only get email or app notifications when the app is open. Which kinda defeats the purpose of said notifications.
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2 years ago, nb oince
Not happy
BRIDGEWATER CU has gone way down hill since taken over by MVCU. Not customer friendly. Taking my auto loan business elsewhere. Locked out mobile app after two mis-entries. Changed password, still locked out. Time to shop for another CU.
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3 years ago, Love or hate🤩😵
Very easy to use
This app is really easy to use and to figure out. The app shows you all your money and in the account you have it in. Super easy to move money/add checks. Overall it is amazing and you should get this!
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1 month ago, ddk5683
Merrimack Valley Bank
My review is everything is clear and precise, since the merge completed I have had no complications or complaints
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4 years ago, homefolks
MVCU Bridgewater cu
Worst app. It’s so confusing even your own help doesn’t know how to help your customers. After being a founding member of the Plymouth Municipal CU/Bridgewater CU This is the worst change ever. I was on the phone for over an hour today and still cannot excess my account. Hope you fix this app real soon.
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4 years ago, billnobile
What a terrible web site. Difficult to navigate. After more than fifty years as a member I’m having thoughts about leaving. Somewhere along the line management has forgotten we are a Credit Union, with “MEMBERS”! Not a bank with customers. And I haven’t forgotten how they changed the signs to MVCU BEFORE they asked the members to vote on wether we wanted to go to a state credit union. Seems like they kinda assumed the vote would go their way.
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7 months ago, Thanking banking
Great credit union
Sincerely love this credit union The employees are so helpful kind & polite Also MCVU is on top of any fraudulent charges I couldn’t want more for a credit union
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4 years ago, Satisfied-Boomer
Convenient and easy to use
The app is pretty intuitive, and the new features are a welcome change.
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4 years ago, Queenofstyle96
Mobile deposit doesn’t work
Mobile deposit doesn’t work and there is no 24/7 customer service to resolve this. Also since you have to write “for mobile deposit only” you can’t deposit it at a bank. If you are going to offer mobile deposit make sure it works. Very upset. Switching banks.
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2 years ago, Ms PJ jammies
Best banking ever
Hi my parents and father in law St Cyr and 7 other people started it at Western Electric Company. Employees are top professionals kind and always helpful Bless All Ms PJ Jammie’s
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4 years ago, Rexall173
Cannot view cancelled checks.
When I highlight a cancelled check transaction then select ‘view check’ it brings me to a blank page with only the word ‘done’ in the corner. Please fix.
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5 months ago, Chacarron223
Broken Update
Latest update has an issue opening a calendar to select a payment date when trying to pay a monthly loan payment. Can’t manually enter a date either so the app has become useless.
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2 years ago, EttaMarcella
Disappointed in how the Bridgewater identity is diminishing; years ago we were told that would not happen. We do not live in Merrimack Valley.
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4 years ago, 09858
Way too hard to navigate
This app is so much worse than the BCU app. Pages won’t load, and it’s way too difficult to navigate. I wish we had never merged. Remember when they said “nothing would change” and it’s gotten horrible. I may be looking for a new credit union.
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4 years ago, hhhhhheyyym
I can’t even get into this app after having BCU and now Merrimack.
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3 years ago, Oscar Kulins
Great Bank
Nice people to deal with
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2 years ago, porky durgin
I’m considering leaving this bank after 10 years
This app is awful and is constantly changing and not for the better. The newest one is horrible I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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2 days ago, Stagedolls1
Down again!
You need to give notice when doing maintenance. No need for us to try to sign on and think something is wrong with our personal account.
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1 year ago, electricsauce
Great bank!
Nicest people!
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4 years ago, DDV09
Bring the old one back
Please bring back the old app! The look and feel was so much better than the new merged app and it worked...
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1 year ago, Linda DiGloria
Financial services
Kerry Fowler is the super Best
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4 years ago, Mcpuffin923
Update is trash
New update, collided with Bridgewater CU MAKES THE APP HORRIBLE. I used to love using my online banking app, but since this merge with Bridgwater, mvcu has lost all good faith and credibility. Probably going to switch banks.
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4 years ago, NDlight
Cannot view cancelled checks
Cannot view cancelled checks.
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11 years ago, Megamortus
Awesome !!!!!
This app has finally come out !! I've been waiting for ages! My buddies jumped ship as went to another CU because there wasn't an app for MVFCU. Glad to see I held out! You guys are the best !
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2 months ago, Tokyo Ghoul 🦄
issue with new update
i can't even get into the app because it's "down for scheduled maintenance" but it's been down for the past 4 days ?
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9 years ago, glowing
I love the convenience, but remote deposit no longer works
I do all of my banking online, and once they added the remote deposit I was very excited because I really don't live very close to any of the locations. It worked for a while, then once they updated the iOS, it has not worked since. Please fix this! I have been with MVFCU for over 20 years, however I'm strongly considering changing banks to the one that's down the street from me because it's just much more convenient.
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9 years ago, Jenalawz
Please fix mobile deposit
I can't stress enough how important this feature is, and it barely worked before ios9, and since iOS 9, it freezes when you click the button to take a picture of the front of the check. I have been a customer of MVFCU for almost 20 years, and I would like to remain so, but not being able to do this is a pain. I don't live close enough to any branches to swing by during regular business hours, an I live 40 mins from the closest branch, so this provides a convenience that I need. Please fix this feature, it really is a deal breaker.
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5 years ago, KJH-2
Can’t view account transactions
This app suddenly stopped showing my checking and savings account transactions about 2 years ago. The message that I always receive is that I “have no recent transactions”. All I can view are the account balances. I’ve tried deleting and reloading the app several times but the problem remains. I’ve also called the support line at MVCU and left messages several times but I’ve never received a return call. Bottom line: I’m very disappointed and frustrated with this app and the lack of support that I have received.
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5 years ago, WDNtW
New Update - Improvements But Newly Broken FaceID/Biometrics
The update finally fixed the years long issue I had of not being able to see transaction histories but now there is an issue with the FaceID - when you authenticate with your FaceID, it confirms that it worked then upon confirmation the FaceID toggle goes back to off and you end up in an endless cycle of authenticating and it shutting itself off again. Please fix this ASAP.
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11 years ago, Thandrol
I'm glad my credit union has joined this brave new world, but where is the deposit check through the camera part? Otherwise it works great. Graph feature is a little odd, at first glance I thought it would show me what I had spent on what, instead just amounts over time. Full functionality of the website is helpful.
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11 years ago, JML31337
A good start
Happy to see this finally come out as its absence was the bank's biggest weakness. I hope they add online bill pay functionality soon! Would have really preferred that over the charts and graphs if I had to choose one feature.
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5 years ago, Hiildaah8
Touch ID doesn’t work
Just as the other reviewer said about Face ID, the Touch ID is doing the same thing. You go to settings to turn it on and scan your print and it enables it, says congratulations, then simultaneously slides to the off. There’s literally no way to enable Touch ID. Can’t wait to waste my life putting my password in until they fix this issue, at least I’ll remember this one lol
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11 years ago, J&J978
I love this app! All my account info right there and quick transfers in a pinch! I just changed phones and this is the first app I put in!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Whittneyyyy.
App Deposit
The new feature of depositing checks through the app is nice, but once it is finished it says "transaction #xxxxx is under review". How long will the transactions be under review before the money is deposited into the account?
Show more
11 years ago, Rockdoctor15
Great to see this finally happen!
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7 years ago, AshSilvRN
Decent app but why no bill pay?
Why can’t I pay bills with the app? This seems like it would be an obvious feature and I thought it once had it but now it’s gone
Show more
4 years ago, RC2428
Not a good experience
First time I downloaded the app, I tried to do a mobile deposit and it said that it failed. Later I re-downloaded it and then it would not let me log in to my account. Overall, I would not recommend it.
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7 years ago, stevenmyfish
You took away bill pay from app now every time I try web always get locked out because of Security questions and I should keep changing I think I might have to change banks really disappointed
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8 years ago, elmcgee
Apple Pay????
The App update notes says it has Apple Pay support...I do not see this? I tried to add my MVFCU debit card but it does not accept it..How does the Apple Pay work on this updated App?????
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6 years ago, Kari0204
App not working
It always says something about me not being able to login in every few days it’s annoying
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10 years ago, Who is Hu?
Needs mobile deposit
Not sure how this app still does not have mobile deposit. Huge oversight, it's an industry standard.
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6 years ago, NA-Bassmaster
Can’t pay online bills
Apps really only good to check balance can’t pay on line bills check scan never works app closes unexpectedly, This will make me change banks as I need bill pay on app, not up to date at all
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9 years ago, FunFunFun009
Mobile deposit just stopped working
This app was pretty good until the Mobile deposit option just stopped working. Always freezes and doesn't work. Awesome
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6 years ago, xZeL-_-KiLLa
Can’t deposit check
It says it needs to see MICR Number and it’s already there, I don’t know why it won’t work
Show more
9 years ago, Macs nitty
Mobile deposit freezes
Mobile deposit freezes every time I try to use it. This is about 90% of the reason I wanted the app, very disappointing.
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10 years ago, Millz978
Can never sign in! Put in the correct password but keep getting "user lockout". Better off just using the website.
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