3.5 (850)
148.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for METAL SLUG 3

3.5 out of 5
850 Ratings
9 years ago, Jack_Medina
Hello anybody there?
These controls make the game not enjoyable. This game was made to be fluid and difficult not some kind of tank where i have to stop to shoot. If I lead my finger of the pad the character stops. I tried making the controls bigger but I mean hey the joy stick is supposed to follow the finger in mobile platforms. Fix please.
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8 years ago, Ukyo2099
Very disappointing...
ATTENTION: THE "NINJA" and "HYAKUTARO ARRIVES" ACHIEVEMENTS ARE BROKEN. To anyone who continue to keep on trying to unlock those achievements, don't waste your time. They're broken achievements. My Review/Rant: Metal Slug 3 has always been my favorite game in the entire Metal Slug series. I have played this game on the arcade and also on Xbox live many years ago. I've always loved the detailed and fluid character animations and background, and of course the fun and action packed gameplay. I honestly would like to give this game a five star but it suffers from horrible controls... But what can we expect from DOTEMU, I don't know why SNK hired this company to emulate their games on the iOS... All of the iOS ports of the well loved SNK games have horrible controls and the Bluetooth multiplayer don't work. And what is up with the limited continues? Should it be unlimited? And to all those who are reading this who loves to play multiplayer games with their friends and family members... I'm very sorry to inform you but ALL SNK Games' BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER DO NOT CONNECT. What the Fûçk? No updates, No Fixes. DoTEMU is a bullśhit company. Shame on SNK too.... It's really disappointing that SNK do not update and fix their games' problems and glitches. No matter how many times fans complain. I guess they are just like Capcom. It's all about the money, right?
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6 years ago, 3rd id
Best with icade.
It is a very good port with the exception of a few minor details. The biggest drawback will be playing with the touch controls on your phone. Unless you have a larger phone or an iPad it can be a bit of a pain to play the game. I have an iPhone 6s and it does make it a little difficult to see incoming fire. The way I usually play it is on my iPad at home with my icade. The icade and iPad paired together make for an amazing experience playing this game. However sometimes when I am out and about I get the itch to play some Metal Slug, and I can scratch that itch on my phone. The biggest thing I want to see fixed is diagonal shooting please! All in all I am pretty satisfied with the port, and would recommend it to anyone that loves metal slug.
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3 months ago, MetaMikeG
Save your money unless you’re very bored
Good lord I saw people complain about the controls but I didn’t think they would be this bad.. the game doesn’t register a lot of the button taps and don’t even bother trying to have a fair game with the games analog stick, please for all that is holy update the joy stick and make it bigger and more responsive. This game lives and dies by how well you can control your character and when the joy stick is this bad.. it just makes it unplayable. The port itself is fine, only crashed once on me so far. But yeah, please make the touch controls better.
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Excellent but...
I’ve been playing these games since I was a little kid on the arcades. Now with IOS 13 you can pair your DUALSHOCK or your XBOX CONTROLLER to play on your iPhone or iPad how freaking cool is that!!!! Well and for some reason is not letting me throw bombs with any button on my controller. I literally spent years playing with the screen buttons and never got used to it and never thought that IOS 13 was gonna let us pair our controllers. Anyway... It just lets me shoot and jump. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Make it shoot with square jump with X and bombs throwing with O.
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6 months ago, VintageJoe
I grew up, playing Metal Slug, the entire series, I owned it on PS2, and I continue to play it on my phone (I have an iPhone 13). The one discrepancy I do have is when using a controller I am unable to throw grenades. It is very difficult to complete some missions without the ability to throw grenades. I am updated also, for related to the controller and my phone, and no matter which controller I use I’m running to the same issue of not being able to throw grenades
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9 years ago, Clutch831
For all the people who complain about the controls get a bigger phone to play games like this. I have a 6+ and its perfect anything smaller dose not do this game justice. I gave it a 5 because its simple like the arcade and it looks and reacts great. If you have a small screen dont buy because you will complain like the rest. But if you have a big screen its a great game to have if your a metal slug game player.
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10 years ago, Sparkcloud
Fun game but controls hinder the experience
This game is simply amazing and made better with the opportunity to play on smartphones. However, this games notoriety in difficulty coupled with the awful control choices leave a bad impression with this port. The game probably plays well with a smartphone Bluetooth controller but the controls in game cause difficulty seeing incoming bullets and enemies. The decision to keep the controls static and on the bottom of the screen causes my thumbs to block off most of the action. Playing on the "windowed" format may help but then the game just looks ugly. Please consider more dynamic controls like those adapted so that movement can be made anywhere on the left side of the screen without needing to persistently go to the same spot on screen. Also make it so that as long as your thumb is still held on the screen that you can move in the direction you were making.
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5 years ago, Yung Pesco
Horrible controls.
This port has a lot of potential, but the controls in this version hold it back from being great. One major issue is the movement. You will often find yourself stopping in the middle of movement because your thumb will slightly be off the joystick. This creates an incredibly unenjoyable experience, especially when the game requires your movement to be slick and reactive. If that can be fixed, I can see myself having fun with this game. Otherwise, I'd rather save myself from the frustration. Also, please add iPhone X support.
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9 years ago, Gabovm
Great game, needs a save option.
Great game, the controls are fine if you play in window mode (not ideal but doable). What it really needs is an option to save my progress! I don't have 4 hours to play each time, i have 10-15 mins, so inl always start at mission 1 (which is already boring) and get to almost the same place (mission 3). I want to be able to pick up my game later. You do it in King of Fighters, the games "detects there is data from a previous game" and takes you to whatever fight you were in.
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9 years ago, someone_else_again
Epic game!
I've played Metal slug since my early childhood and it is my favorite series of all. Works perfectly on my iPad mini 3. People complaining about lag or force closing probably have older or unsupported devices. Please make metal slugs 4, 5, and 6. I would instantly buy them as I already have all the metal slugs available on iOS currently.
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10 years ago, Sully1337
Game co-op Bluetooth is unplayable and slow with iOS 8! Needs update! Thanks!
Please update game to function on iPhone 5s iOS 8 please and thanks! I just payed money for this game and I can't even play it co-op over Bluetooth with my friend. I can confirm that there are issues with IPhones co-op. It usually can't connect and if it does it is too slow and laggy to play.
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2 years ago, Gage#1angy
Please fix this
This game is incredibly hard to play with such a small joystick. Other than that this is an incredible port with some awesome graphics and keeps the same funny and dramatic levels. Very nostalgic and super enjoyable, just fix the size of the buttons.
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3 years ago, NandoAD
It’s amazing
As a kid I always loved this game I think it’s amazing now that I can go to work and on my way enjoy on my phone what I loved playing in the arcade back then to me there really is no bad side to this I love it all and I just wish we had some other metal slugs in the App Store now
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8 years ago, The Game Garage
Awesome with iCade
Awesome port of an awesome game. Controls are tight, graphics and sound are clean. Highly recommend this game, especially if you have an iCade. The joystick and button controls really enhance the game, and you don't lose any visual of the screen being that you don't have the on screen controller.
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9 years ago, 4hipster0potato4
More Players Please
I thought you could play with 3 players till I found you could only play with two people only. Could you please make it so at least 3 people could play together. I really hope you could since I would want to play with my friends.
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1 year ago, Travyleigh
Absolutely horrible. I LOVED metal slug X as a kid. The controls were literally the dumbest idea possible. If you move outside of the control stick area, it does not continue moving. Would have been wholly prevented, and would have likely made this game a 5 star game, had they made it a hold and drag controller that actually worked no matter how far you moved your thumb from the “joystick” area. It’s almost like 6 year olds set this up for mobile.
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7 months ago, DarkDragonSlay
Needs An Update badly
This game is very good, you porting it is already amazing. But you need to update this. You didn’t even have to add new stuff just fix the game. Controls you can’t size them big enough. Controller Grenade button doesn’t work. And add wide screen if you ever could.
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3 years ago, Lucid_Blood5
First time I played Metal Slug 3 was on the OG Xbox and I fell in love with the game. Even after so many years this game is still fun. Now I can play it whenever I want. The touch controls are a little difficult to use but, other than that it’s a perfect port.
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9 years ago, TheGreatkoopa
It's amazing
Works perfectly fine, nothing to complain about it. The controls are very responsive. I haven't tried it on multiplayer yet but I'm glad it has the option. It works way better than Capcom imports.
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2 years ago, JayShmay
Moving with new update
Always played this game on iPhone , but the new update made the controls smaller than usual , I can only resize them smaller than they already are , increasing the size limit to the controls would be nice
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5 years ago, gamerman1256
Simply amazing
I really don’t get why this game has bad ratings. It’s a incredible game that is very enjoyable. But there’s one thing that needs fixing-if I lose any mission after mission 3 then I have to start at mission 3 again. Other then that it’s a great game.
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3 years ago, MilesPerPrower
Looks fun, terrible controls.
I got through the first two levels before giving up. The game looks fun. It really does. But the controls are garbage. They barely respond, there’s almost a full second of delay when you touch them, if you drag to far with the movement slider it stops moving. I really think I would like this game, but the controls make it unplayable.
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3 years ago, MyNotes&Thoughts
A let down
This game is good. However, no matter how hard I try, I can never get pass the third level. After passing that level, the game freezes and does not allow me to move forward. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the game but it just won’t work. I’ve also tried using other devices but it continues to fail. I don’t think it’s worth the money
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5 years ago, mcdanielem
Can’t Replay Final Mission after Completion
Great game. I have completed the final mission several times and cannot replay it after completing. It re-makes me play mission 4 to get to the final mission again. Also can you update for iPhone X?
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1 year ago, Lokito %
Make the controls bigger please
I’m so frustrated the tiny controls are really annoying and they are absolutely a pain in the back-side. Can you please make the £uck1ng controls bigger? I would really appreciate it.
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10 years ago, Jesus Zavala
Support Issues
Love the Game having difficult time 1.the control system needs more improvement 2.does Not perfectly Support My Ipod Touch 4Generation that is Running on ios 6 Immabe very happy if you can Fix-It Thanks 😃
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7 years ago, DungeonJoe
I hope you update these games before IOS 11?
I hope you update these games before IOS 11? I want to get a couple more games while they're on sale, but if you do not update them? What's the use?
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6 years ago, Supreme mike
This needs to be compatible to iOS 11
I’m really upset that I paid for this game and the developer has not made this compatible to iOS 11, please fix this problem so I can enjoy my favorite game.
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10 years ago, Georgesbaby18
App problems
Why does my app always automatically close itself.. It doesn't even load anymore and before it load like super quickly. Anyone have any ideas on how to make this app work? I already deleted it and re downloaded but it still doesn't work... :'(
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8 years ago, JackoFlame11
Please add
This game is great but there needs to be more players like the max is 4. And you really should add part 4 & 5 because thats where they had more fun parts added to the game but thats just my opinion.
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9 years ago, Arimatheajoseph
Bought the game and didnt even question if I would see adds or not. However as I was playing the game (not during transition of stages), and ad for KOF came out and as soon as I closed it and resumed playing, another ad came out... I really like the game and that's why I bought all three metal slugs but this is not acceptable. It might be if it was a free app but really? I dont like to give one star ratings but this time I really had to.
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1 year ago, Chuck Tucker
Needs full controller support and key configuration
If it had full controller support then it would be perfect, my only problem is with the controls but the touchscreen controls make it very difficult to play
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7 years ago, Tortuga 🐢
Takes me back
Love this game, didn't think about playing this on mobile until now and love it. Brings me memories when I played this at the arcades.
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2 years ago, 🍉💣😡
This game needs to be updated immediately
I’ve been running into a problem when I reset the virtual joysticks. I clicked reset and now the joysticks are way smaller than before and they’re stuck like that. This is the worsts glitch ever, click reset and now you can’t play because the size of the joystick won’t go back to normal.
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4 years ago, Kitty Yeol
PS4 can’t throw grenade
When I try to play with a ps4 controller, everything works fine but I can’t throw bombs. I’ve bought this game a while ago, almost 2 years. Please fix!
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9 years ago, Conquer the squirrel
Fix it please
I love metal slug games, when I bought this I was looking forward to those great moments but every time I open the app it automatically kicks me out. So please fix it I really want to play this game but it won't work on my iPod 4gen.
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7 years ago, Pastykid
Needs to be updated!!!
Luved the app but now my 8Bitdo Bluetooth controller won't work. The game is just not the same without the ability of controller usage. For the price on these sink games, they should be regularly be updated. Please fix this. I want to give this a higher rating but can't Til there is effort put forward on the development side.
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9 years ago, Suspicious Flashlight
It's a Geat Game but...
Each time I try to play it, I only see the SNK PLAYMORE screen and then it crashes (has this happened to anybody else?). It's been happening since February of 2015. Please fix this bug.
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10 years ago, Dudemanguyimpersonater
Great game, but latest update :(
This game is still great on iOS. The controls are wonky, but I forgive that considering its on mobile. But this latest update... I have iOS 6 on my 3GS, and up until this latest update, the game ran smooth. Now, it will crash directly after opening. I love the metal slug series, but now I have wasted money on a game that I cant even play anymore. This needs patched immediately.
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4 years ago, alexisace28
the game is going well but when I try to connect a control it doesn't give me the option to configure the buttons so I can only shoot and jump but I can't throw bombs could they help me?
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6 years ago, Mitchismo
MFI controls need work.
First, the good: the game truly is a perfect port of one of the greatest standup arcade games ever made. The downsides are the touch controls are less than elegant and the MFI controls, which would be perfect, don’t map correctly on many devices. Only the jump and shoot buttons work on my two Steel Series controllers. No grenade button. That said, the mapping on my 8BitDo SNES game pad is perfect! Perfect. And so is the playing experience. 5 stars for joy—minus one for imperfect device mapping.
Show more
6 years ago, Misstrinity7
Update to iOS 11
Please update this app and the other Metal slugs! This is my all time favorite game and I miss being able to play it on my phone😩 Sincerely, A really big fan
Show more
9 years ago, Swagersauress Rex
Co-op capability disabled
I love Metal Slug. It's been my favorite for a while now. But as an online multiplayer gamer, I also love playing levels with other people. For some reason, Metal Slug does not connect iPhone to iPhone, as experienced with 2 iPhone 6's. I do not know if this is the same with other iPhone devices. Once this Bluetooth connection issue is solved, this app will be worth a 5 star rating.
Show more
7 years ago, coolaida14
What's up with the controls
The game is great but I can never keep my thumb in the tiny bounding box for the movement, I'd suggest getting rid of the bounding box and allow us to move our finger around the whole screen to move.
Show more
2 years ago, elchuny68
The controls can improve a little bit, plus add a external controller connectivity. Game is a classic and one of my favorites but it need improvement with the controls.
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8 years ago, Last_stand
Problems in the game
I can't play multiplayer using Bluetooth it just give me (lost connection 😡) I hope you fix it soon
Show more
4 years ago, Capofawesome
Controls are AWEFUL
Not sure if anyone else is having a hard time with the controls, but I sure am. Of course, I had an external controller, I’d probably be all set. But how in the world are you supposed to play a shooter when your aiming and movement are both on the same d-pad??? It’s a shame because I love the Metal Slug series.
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10 years ago, Meep..
What happened?!
I was playing this game fine and smooth. Multiplayer was great and responsive, but now that I got the latest update, that changed enough that the app crashes the second I open it! What happened? This seems to be only an IOS 6 problem, and you have to fix this! This is my favorite metal slug game!
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9 years ago, Bower jubee
Multiplayer problems
There is problems when Connecting with another player u have to try matching start about 5 times before it successfully connects
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