MetaTrader 5

4.7 (31.1K)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MetaTrader 5

4.74 out of 5
31.1K Ratings
8 months ago, J0NNYK1NG
Great platform!
This is my 1st time using a Forex platform, and MT5 just runs so smooth. I love the fact that you can set Stop Losses and Take Profit Targets, that was a huge plus for me. Other then that it’s pretty simple. I’ve actually been trading in Demo for a couple of months now, so that’s a huge plus as well for beginners, letting you get some practice in and find a strategy that works with you. Also it helps familiarize yourself with the charts and how the whole Forex market works. There is a few things that bother me but not enough to switch to another platform. 1. I’ve been struggling to find a broker to use especially as a beginner. I wish MT5 could recommend one maybe or somehow help with finding one that suits your capabilities. 2. If you set a bunch of buys/sells the system seems to freeze up sometimes. I don’t know if that’s normal on the demo side but I could see how it would be a HUGE problem if you had a lot of money down and couldn’t get out or buy in on a trade. 3. I’m not sure if they provide all the markets I’ve tried to find some like some futures and stuff like that but no luck. Even some that are provided on the app are just there to look at I guess but it cant be traded. Other then that. I really like it, and I’ll be using it for a while.
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5 months ago, NodrogRecips
MetaTrader 5 is he powerful and versatile
MetaTrader five is a powerful and versatile trading platform that has gained popularity for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. It offers traders a wide range of functionalities, including live market quotes, interactive charts, and an extensive selection of technical indicators. The platform also supports automated trading through its Expert Advisor feature, allowing users to create and implement their own trading strategies. MetaTrader five offers multiple asset classes, including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, providing traders with a diverse range of investment options. Additionally, the platform is secure and reliable, offering fast execution speeds and robust data protection measures. With its intuitive design and comprehensive trading tools, MetaTrader five has become a preferred choice for retail and professional traders alike.
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5 years ago, hyperkayone
its metatrader
what else is there to say other than “hey it’s the famous Metatrader!” with a practical no nonsense interface, a full on package for coding and algorithmic trading, a full blown community that is integrated right into the app. everything a trader needs or is going to need, is in there. with its iOS release, it keeps the parts that are necessary for a good trading experience but let’s go of some of its details that comes with a desktop set. it brings everything you need to monitor your trades and positions, change or edit or close them. it’s light weight. and it’s not sacrificing important features to be that. you can still navigate, monitor and analyze stocks and quotes. in its mobile platform, Metatrader is still a full stack offering everything for a technical analysis. i just want to say, thank God for Metatrader!
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1 month ago, Ztcguvuft
My view About meta trade
I've been using MetaTrader for a while now, and I have to say it's really good. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible even for beginners. It offers a wide range of powerful analytical tools and indicators, which are essential for making informed trading decisions. One of its standout features is the support for automated trading through Expert Advisors, allowing you to automate your trading strategies. Additionally, MetaTrader is available on multiple platforms, so you can trade from your computer or mobile device. The extensive community support and strong security features further enhance its reliability and effectiveness. Overall, it's a solid choice for anyone looking to get into trading.
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2 years ago, MacBookPro225
Forex killer trader
I like MT5 better than MT4 but I’m always Using MT4 since I started forex and then using MT4 because most Indicators are fit and stable to use In MT4 platform. MT5 Is the app that Is so easy when buy and sell and exit profit Is so easy hitting the closed button it shows the color when holding and you can keep holding until profits Is green but you have to know what your doing using It. I recommend using MT5 since it’s so easy to use. Some brokers don’t support MT5 because their just not ready for it yet but majority of the brokers are using MT5 and I recommend Using it if you are plan to use it. It all depends. But other than that, it’s a great App I love it.
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11 months ago, Bark real
MT5 and Spot Gold
I’ve been interested in leverage trading for awhile and MT5 was recommended by a friend. I signed up for a Demo account and started trading. With $100K initial stake I was able to increase my Demo account to over $600K in one month. At this point I opened a real account. I did my due diligence and texted back and forth with a customer service rep from MT5. I put a small amount in MT5 and moved it back and forth to my Coinbase account. Money moves within minutes. So far I am pleased with the platform. It’s quick and easy to use. Trade history keeps my records in an easy to view form. Hopefully my real money trades work out as well as my Demo account.
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2 months ago, anusha israel
“Fantastic Trading Experience with MT5 App!”
I’ve been using the MT5 app for a while now, and I must say, it’s been an absolute game-changer for my trading experience. The app’s interface is sleek, intuitive, and incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for both beginners and experienced traders to navigate. One of the things I love most about the MT5 app is its versatility. Whether I’m on my phone or tablet, I can access all the essential features I need to monitor markets, execute trades, and manage my portfolio, all in real-time. The charting tools are top-notch, allowing me to conduct in-depth technical analysis with ease.
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2 years ago, Toymmm
continue (a big problem)
I think it is a very good app but the big problem for me is that you can not zoom in the charts in vertical direction. when u have a fibonacci retracement in prices and the predictions are above your chart u can not see your price targets. the developpers shoud add the abbility of vertical zomming in and another functions in future as soon as possible. I shoud say the ability of horizontal zooming in exist and I don't see any problem. another problem: when I am writing this note I am glad to say the above problems has been solved. thank you for your attendance. But another problem is you can not use logarithmic scale of graph in this app. it is very crucial problem. Solve and add it ability to the application please. thank you for such a good application. hi again, thank you for solving some problems, but because of absence of logarithmic scale ability in the charts, I can not give 5 star. you know in trading strategies it is very important to see your chart in log scale. it is one of the basic necessities. thanks for your attention
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4 years ago, Call me Pips
Experienced Trader
i love metatrader 5 way better than MT4 . Although i do believe there can be wayyyy better improvements . i trade on 3 different devices with the same account. if my lines & everything else can crossplay on all my devices that would be the greatest update yet & save me a hassel! Also im sure im not the first to talk about notifications... & yes im aware you can get them but its a process noone really does 🤷🏾‍♂️ but its time we get on to that ! this is a very profitable app so i believe it should be as crispy as can be. thank you - a happy customer
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3 months ago, Steven USA
Beware of scammers
To start, yes the MT5 is a legit trading platform, But unfortunately they let fake brokerages to trade on MT5, there is no difference between real account and the account I used (now I know it was crated by scammers) it was a Hedge account like any legit account, once crated my broker account and deposited money, I could trade on MT5, even more, every trade I’ve done was showing on my broker account, looked like 100% real, until one day my broker website disappeared, I can still trade, but will never see my money again.. I would like to know how Apple and MT5 are letting scammers to operate on MT5 with no license or checking if the brokers are real or scammed.. of course I contacted MT5 they sent me back to my broker for money issue.. That’s too easy to let scams happen in their app and denying any responsibility.. A complaint was filed with the FBI.
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1 year ago, iamkronos
Great App
I love the MT5 phone app so much better than MT4. It’s so much more modern and fluid. At first some aspects can be a bit confusing but when you learn them they’re actually very intuitive. The main reason I gave this review 4 stars and not 5 is because the server connection on MT5 mobile app is really horrible. It takes several seconds or more to refresh if you come back to the app from something else. Sometimes it takes so long I close the app and open it back up. Just a heads up, once they upgrade that connection this app with be 10/10 for sure!
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3 years ago, Ikebongo
This app lists fraudulent companies who claim to be brokers. If you choose them and invest your money through them, they will defraud you. There is a security hole in this app where those fraudsters will give you a fake login that only works on the mobile version of MetaTrader 5 and not on the desktop version. They take control of the app and show you charts and account balances that are fake. Therefore, until this app begins to properly vet those who say they are brokers, I think Apple should shut them down because people are losing their life savings on this app. Also, they should know the servers that are connecting to them and be able to provide the locations so that any scam or fraud perpetrated through this app can be traced. USE THIS APP AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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4 years ago, saggybutt
I never write reviews, and I don’t trust anything digital or through my phone. I give this app 5 stars because of how easy it is to FIGURE OUT if you want to master it. I give it Five stars because although there are other apps for forex, I don’t see the need in trying another one when I simply wanted to just buy and sell for profit. I know if I try another app I’ll probably enjoy it just as much as this one, but the fact that I don’t care to try another app that delivers the full functionality of trading, props is given when it’s due.
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3 years ago, Shoota829
Just starting to get into forex trading and without much training or even watching tutorials I find it pretty easy to use. I’ve been practicing on the demo account for past few days to get a little hands on experience before I open up my live account. So far I like this app but this is the first and only forex app I have used so far but majority of the info I’ve seen or read recommend MetaTrader. I’ll check in on some others once I’m comfortable but for now the demo account is awesome for learning and hands on experience purposes.
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6 months ago, Mei Mei (JJK)
A short review
I truthfully have no complaints. It’s a fairly simple interface that’s user friendly. For the developers and whoever else this could pertain to in the MT5 space.. if I was you, I’d take notice of your competitors and try to maintain pace with them. I think you guys have dominated the trading space forever and that can make it easy to rest on your laurels. I like you guys and want you to stay on top but as a consumer, here’s a friendly heads up that others are on your tail.
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4 years ago, Jwarstyle
works well only the color themes bother me
I've been using metatrader since it was version 3 and I really like the dark default theme it's easy on the eyes and it's very contrasty. With this version even though they have colors you can't really change the entire layout like in the desktop version or the iPhone version. I felt it's important to address this issue because trading at night on the iPad is a disaster. Update I wish the company could add feature like sorting out your live trades into categories. Short term, long term etc... Update. It would be nice to have percent change and amount of margin you’re holding. In $ value as you did with the desktop app
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9 months ago, Joe198901
Oracle369 review
This app is great, I love the simple easy to use format, I’ve had it for a while now in practice mode to see if it will work for me and I can’t enough. Use it to practice over and over and over till you enough confidence, big believer simplicity as god is simple. So yes I love this app. I wish though it would be easier to find a broker finding a broker is mission impossible and bring the minimum trade to 50$ instead 100$. Finding a broker is probably the hardest part.
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5 months ago, Utadomous
I love both but MT5 just a little bit more
Yes, I miss the price action that is still visible when you’re about to trade in MT4. If they put that in MT5, it’s a wrap for 4 completely. MT5 is like MT4 and Trading View had a baby. I would suggest making sure your broker uses it and if they offer a demo account, use that account to familiarize yourself with it. If even to determine that you prefer MT4. Better to have your own experience and find out for yourself than listen to others.
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1 year ago, justified_ 1988
Scam Alert Grandva Capital LLC
App seems to be legit, but there are tons of scams linked to social network apps and meta trader. I was contacted by someone on what’s app saying that there was a new group with a “Professor Jonathan”running the show. Some of the group members said they knew him. When I contacted them none of them had proof. The picture on the profile did not match the person speaking. “Professor Jonathan” would come and post on the group chat and give “knowledge” and trade signals. BTCUSD is what was being bought and sold. Everyone who was posting was a fake. I only found 2 out of the 15 people that I messaged who were real people. I even found the name and address of the person link to the LLC. We’ll see what happens next.
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1 month ago, Legatodex
Needs Mobile Alerts
The app is okay, but there needs to be an update where users can place mobile alerts. Users shouldn’t have to have a laptop/desktop connected to the internet, to place an alert from a laptop/desktop, and stay on, in order to go through the hassle of having an alert on mobile. There really should be a way to add a mobile alert through the mobile app with no correlation to a desktop/laptop. It’s surprising that this hasn’t happened yet.
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8 months ago, RamiliaF
Overall the best platform amongst many. One suggestion.. do place a button that allows to wipe off all the indicators and marks on the screen with one push and(!) this change to stay temporary (or customized) as very often need to see a clear chart for a sec with no indicators on for clarification of something but at the same time don’t want to loose all the indicators that had been placed . Kinda a button for indicators to be in invisible mode temporally ..
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1 week ago, ceothess
The MT5 app is an excellent trading platform that offers a wide range of features for traders. With its user-friendly interface and advanced tools, traders can easily monitor and manage their trades. The app provides real-time quotes and allows for the execution of trades with just a few clicks. The charting tools are also top-notch and provide traders with detailed analysis. Overall, I highly recommend the MT5 app to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient trading platform.
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1 week ago, Marlo’s new
The best platform to investing
My personal opinion with this platform is one of the best platform to invest because it’s allow you to get well financially and also had diversity of tools and options that you can perform as knowledge And experience as personally grow in the marketing of exchange currency I’ve been really great to performing in this platform and I appreciate to To have multiple tools and options that is been helping me to perform .
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1 year ago, Flakes242
New version faulty
I just got this new version less than 24hrs ago and it’s trash on my iPhone 12. It’s not showing my indicators on the secondary chart only if I turn my cell sideways then they show up. Using my tools on the main chart it’s acting up as if I want to move the entire screen, and then when I finally get a chance to fix my tools the app closes, when I open back up it doesn’t keeps the memory of what I just did😡. Can’t see all of the numbers anymore of where price is at (if it’s a 8 digit number now I can only see 5-6 digits even if I turn my cell sideways…. Before this new version I never had these issues and I love mt5 so please fix this asap!!!
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5 months ago, AustinOtega
Disappearance of Analysis. 😡
I love this App but the major problem is after wasting time doing some Analysis then If you Close your App and reopen it , you won’t find the Analysis again. Which is so Annoying. Also if you can try Add Alert settings for IPads and also Text Tools if possible both Long and Short Tools also. I’m giving Mt5 a 10 star ⭐️ but I hope they fix this Glitches of Disappearance . Thanks 🙏
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2 years ago, -/;()&@"0987
MT5 is awesome but I’d like to have alerts
MetaTrader 5 has helped me and so many others to create the type of life we want to live. For that, I’m very grateful. The thing is that I will go about my day and a trade I was looking at would pass by. I’m order to better my experience with this app, it would be appreciated if I could I could have the privilege of having that freedom throughout my day, with the assistance of alerts. These could be strictly horizontal or maybe even depending on certain changes with indicators.
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4 years ago, Kaylakidd
I would love to give this 5 stars but....
I have been using MetaTrader 4 for a while and was excited to see the new interface one MT5. I started using it and found out that I could not connect with my broker or most brokers for that matter; which I thought was kind of strange considering that MT4 has that ability. So overall, MT5 has a great idea, I love how you can quick trade right on the charts, so for that reason I just use this as a demo account, but I really wish I could use it with my actual broker with my real money. When that happens, I will gladly edit my review because MetaTrader is a great app!
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4 months ago, Pseudo Masochist
Notifications on IOS app
It will be very important to add a notification/alert OBJECT in the object list so that traders can also set notifications on a particular level of interest instead of placing buy/sell limit(Not really a fan). With a notification object added to the mobile app I can rate you five star and defend it anywhere at anytime. PLEASE this is a very important update to consider as soon as possible. Thank you
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1 year ago, ShammSauce
Makes it very easy to enter positions on the go!
I love how easy it makes to enter/exit positions on the go. The only reason I didn’t rate this 5 stars is that I think there could be some improvement for managing the list of instruments in the quotes window. I would like to have quite a few things on my watchlist, but the problem is that if something is on your watchlist already then it will no longer show up when you type it in the search bar.
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2 years ago, MichaelYerushalmi
Research the "pig butchering" scam FIRST if someone wants you to use this app
This is, no doubt, an excellent app. But it is being used by many fraudsters who want to steal everything from you. Ikebongo's review is correct. If someone else wants you to use this app, PLEASE research the "pig butchering" scheme before you get sucked in any further. If it involves a romantic friend who has an uncle with trading tips, abort!! And block that "friend". Otherwise, if (and only if) you are an experienced professional who knows what you're doing, enjoy the app!
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8 months ago, TSD14
The app is great but one thing
I have been using MT5 for a year now and I honestly enjoy using it on a daily basis, its simple and easily adjustable for your preference but one thing that needs improvement is the server. Sometimes It's delayed or unresponsive and im stuck waiting between a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes for it to return back online. Also Im confident it isnt my broker due to the fact I used MT5 demo account before going live with my broker and both problems occurred.
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2 years ago, APG117
Anthony Planadeball
Is a great app no problem with it and is easy I'm not going to say was a challenge but if you want to have a place to learn until you are ready to get on the real thing is here not too many platform give you a place money so you can really practice until again you are official prepared for the real is going to be losses like all in live win losses but here you get you eager what it work for you okay Thanks..
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4 months ago, damiantellis
I like it with one exception, a couple of days ago my account disappeared where I couldn’t see my open trades, etc., and I didn’t know what happened. I had to log in but I never logged out. Was a little scary because when I clicked the MT5 icon on my cell phone and there was nothing I was confused. Other than that all good and I like using it better than MT4. Oh, sometimes loading for different time frames is slow and that also never happened using MT4.
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3 years ago, Mac_soft
Provide the ‘none’ option when choosing indicator color.
MetaTrader 5 is really seamless. Easy to use. I love it But I really want the option where you don’t get to set any color for a indicator and just choose none like the PC version. I’m tired of having to set the color of the indicator to my charts background color each time. Provide a option where you get to choose none when you don’t wanna set any color for a indicator properties just like you have for the PC version.
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6 months ago, KRR2 18
Great Mobile Alternative!
MetaTrader 5 for mobile platform is a decent addition to the official desktop platform. While the mobile edition can’t replace the desktop version, especially without the use of features like custom indicators or any scripts compiled in the MetaEditor, mobile MT5 can create and modify positions with ease and can track positions that were placed previously. This MT5 is a nice addition to any traders work who would like a way to keep track of and manage their positions.
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3 years ago, ynrykrn
Waaaay better then MT4
I like the improved UI/UX and I also like that it puts you near the price of the security. It’s very fast moving which I also like too. I also like that it highlights your position on the graph so you know how it’s doing. One thing I do want to complain about is that the price for BTC on MT5 and trading view is way off so it can be tricky placing trades but I’ve been profitable consistently thus far. I’m just waiting for more brokers to adopt MT5.
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1 year ago, Sunny Gsm
This team should work on how to fix this meta trader 5 price’s problem. most of the time it always frustrates and annoying to close orders. once you close an order to take a profit, the app will shows that it as send response to server, in d end your will lose profits because the price might have moved against you before the trade close. Mt4 is 100% more faster, nothing like this existed on Mt4. but i preferred mt5
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7 months ago, Demitri A.
Suits me better than 4!
Just started learning how to day trade. Downloaded this and MT4. While MT4 seemed easier to understand at first, by the end of the week I felt it was lacking when compared to other widely used platforms. Gave MT5 a try and haven’t looked back since. MT5 easily competes with the other more main stream platforms. I can almost trade exclusively on my phone. But then again I’m not too advanced yet.
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2 months ago, boum chagalakbdhbs
I like it better than MT4
Having used both MT4 and MT5 extensively, I must say I prefer MT5 for several reasons. Firstly, the additional timeframes in MT5 provide more flexibility for analysis and trading strategies. Secondly, the built-in economic calendar and depth of market features in MT5 offer greater insight into market conditions. Lastly, the ability to hedge positions directly in MT5 eliminates the need for complex workarounds. Overall, MT5 offers a more comprehensive trading experience for me.
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2 months ago, $1NB4D
My love hate relationship
I love this app, went from using MT4 to MT5 and it has been the best app for trading during my 8 years in the markets. Personally the app started to have a down fall when a lot of brokers got banned off the app which was super frustrating, but still overall the best trading platform I’ve ever used, hands down. Thank you to the developers, but please bring brokers back to the US!
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3 years ago, 🤥😲😬😮🤥😮😥
Better Than MT4
Personally enjoy the updates on MT5 better than MT4. It makes adjusting trail and stops easier with a simple slide of the screen on the chart screen which is amazing. Also switching your Watchlist within the same chart is easier as well you don’t have to keep going back and fourth to the quote section to switch your chart. Overall more cleaner feel and look to MT5.
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3 years ago, TradeDogg
This app is intuitive, portable and powerful. It provides an array of popular stochastic indicators and trading tools necessary to accommodate today's typical trader. It is adaptable to a range of platforms, i.e., PC's, smartphones and tablets that are available today. Charts can be viewed on a number of timeframes and can be customized to display information that facilitates trading a variety of styles. It interfaces with a number popular brokerage houses and can be used to trade crypto-currencies, ETFs, Forex and stocks. This is an outstanding app.
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3 years ago, CC-NJ
Great app!
I love this app. My only wish is it had a line chart in the Trade section like in MetaTrader 4 and when I Close a profit the app should have my trading price so that I don’t have to bounce back and forth before closing. Also the ruler in chart view should allow me to scroll up or down or back and forth. I have to close the ruler to get back to the chart and then enter my Take Profit.
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5 years ago, BlindSin
Great app
I have been trading for quite sometimes and nothing beats metatrader app for phones it’s easy simple to use eye friendly and easy to set up a lot easier than the desktop app. Though now I can’t seem to be able to trade on my phone I can’t buy or sell anything at all. This happened when I changed from IPhone X to IphoneXS Max couldn’t find a way to contact support yet but I can’t seem to be able to press the top right button for trade (buy, sell options) to pop.
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2 years ago, damthissucks
SCAM!!! SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!!
Please do not proceed with this app they have fake brokers and make it looks good and let you win and win as long as you keep the investment coming you will have no access to the profits i have lost 5k in a few days and once's they knew I wasn’t going to invest anymore they wanted me to do the market and they are in control of the market when i was giving in they stole everything . Its was a great scan they make it easy for you to win 1000 in 5 min and when i was trying to pull my profit our to pay my self they have complete control over this account and wasnt letting the funds proceed
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2 years ago, P918:7.&289
Some dealers scams and taxes
Careful. There seems to be many dealers on MT5 that require you to pay capital gains taxes to withdrawal your money. Some even blatant enough to take your tax payment money and still not let you withdraw your balance. They just keep pocketing all the money you transfer into the MT5 account balance. Stay away from Indusgold Markets Limited. Indusgold Markets Limited is the dealer that stole my money and requires me to pay capital gains taxes to withdrawal my money. Keep in mind. If you are in the USA all capital gains taxes are to be paid by you personally to our government treasury department and IRS. Do not fall for this scam by this particular dealer.
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6 months ago, L 'n' J
It’s a different experience than the desktop version
There’s a lot that I like about this app but the one thing that is missing is being able to use points instead of prices for SL and TP levels before taking a trade. Desktop has that while I can’t do that in the app. Also switching accounts is a major inconvenience on the app, it doesn’t remember the other accounts credentials so I have to enter them every time when switching, that’s a real hassle.
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7 months ago, A1 Chef
5 stars
Just started using MT5 , really is just a better/ fancier version of MT4 ! Really not that hard to learn once’s you just practice. MT5 is little more tech savvy . The only thing I miss is on mt4 the screen will turn completely turn red or blue depending on your position , more of personal opinion. I will go forward with mt5 for my trading , I think I will still use mt4 time to time .
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3 years ago, Uzdragon
Great app but real time clock is missing
I love this app and strongly recommend but few missing features made me give only three stars. One of them is the missing real-time clock: I have to close the app to check what time is it. At times this becomes real annoying. Another one is the missing overview of all your indicators with set parameters. You have to open each indicator to see your settings of parameters. The overall overview on one screen would be appreciated.
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8 months ago, ElectriKate007
4 stars instead of 5 you ask?
MT5 is great. Allows you to put in your TP and SL. Stop loss is most important thing as a trader. Managing your trade and getting out is key. 4 stars instead of 5 you ask? Sometimes during high volatility MT5 freezes. Not sure if this is FTMO or MT5. Can’t trade in mobile app or desktop. Be sure to always have redundancy and SL while trading because if the platform fails (all of them do) you want to mitigate your risk.
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