Metromile - Car Insurance

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User Reviews for Metromile - Car Insurance

4.65 out of 5
23.6K Ratings
7 years ago, ItsMaxK
Really Great, but...
I wish that the App would alert customers when there is a connection issue with the device. I feel that email is an outmoded vehicle that is filled with spam. Sending an email saying that one might be fined the value of 150 miles a day, for a technical issue, is a bit odd for such a modern way of getting insurance. Please be more aggressive and modern to send such an important message. I had an issue with this as my metronome was draining my Prius starter Battery. To rectify this, I was sent a cable to plug into the Cigarette lighter receptacle and then plug the metronome into that. The cable wiggled loose and I didn't notice it. I receive so many emails, every day, that I do not read emails from companies. I presume that they are just ads or requests for filling out a review. One other way to fix this would be to send a notification with stats of the last drive. I would notice if I stopped receiving those and I would look into why. They could say "You drove X Miles and spent $Y on fule and you only spend $Z on insurance!" I honestly hope that this is taken into consideration for the benefit of all customers and the image of Metromile. When I started to get charged for 150 Miles a day, I lost my love for Metromile and that saddens me. I write this in hope to turn that distaste into something better for others. Thank you for reading, Max
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1 year ago, bigrespect
Good, cheap coverage; bad customer service
The app is fine. Most of the functions work OK most of the time. The insurance is certainly cheaper than any other company I’ve received quotes from — we typically drive around 7500 miles per year. I’ve had to use the coverage a couple of times, and I had zero problems with claims. Of course, the rates went up after these events, but remained cheaper than competitors. Unfortunately, if you buy a new car, adding that car to your policy is absolute torture, and customer service is not very helpful. You’re supposed to be able to do this via the app; however, I’ve changed cars twice, and both times the app did not work and said that I had to call a phone number. Since I’m not likely to spend 5 hours in a dealership buying a car during the workweek, I had to call this number on the weekend twice. Nobody is there. The dealer did not want to allow me to buy the car without insurance, so I very nearly had to get a short-term policy to cover me until I could get in touch with Metromile. Ultimately the dealer relented and let me go, as long as I promised to call Metromile on Monday. But I just don’t understand how Metromile can, in good conscience, not offer any support whatsoever for people who shop for cars on weekends or holidays. I have a feeling I’m not the only one in this situation.
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5 years ago, roschoice
So not satisfied
I joined because I wanted insurance on my truck that I rarely ever drive. Want to be covered in case I do drive it or if something happened. This company sounded great as I’m not having to pay the same as I do with the car I do drive daily. Sounded great....until.... my battery in my truck does not work and goes dead. Usually that’s fine... I don’t drive it. But now I’m threatened and charged because “they don’t get a signal” well ya don’t get a signal because my battery is dead! So you charge me $15 a day until I can get out... jump start my truck drive it around the block just so you can get your dam signal. So it’s winter and cold and rainy. And I now have to go out on my day off to jump start it. Then the day I go back to work is when I get my threatening email. So then I get charged another $15 a day for 3/4 days the next week until my next day off to go fix my truck. This company and insurance is not worth it. And now with these added charges all the time it’s no cheaper than a well known company. This is called “hook and sinker” they hook you with a really great sounding offer but then sink you with their hidden rip off pricing. “Their signal” my car don’t work... not driving it. That’s why I came to ya in the first place now ur a rip off just like all the other companies. No thank you. This is a zero star for me, just had to be able to write this review. I will be canceling.
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2 years ago, fckyou89
Hopefully I Can Change My Review Soon
I don’t want to give a bad review, but at the moment I have to. Everything is fine as long as your device works the way it’s supposed to. But if for some reason you have a problem, you can expect a lot of confusing and difficult issues until you can get it figured out, which is required on your end even if it’s not your fault that it’s not working, and you don’t have time to look into it. The only way I can get my issue resolved is to talk to a real person in the phone and explain what’s going on. But it was the weekend and the offices are closed. In the meantime, I’m still being charged 150 miles, not a flat rate as I thought, but a DAILY rate, for every day I can’t resolve the issue. Even though I can’t because I need to talk to a real person in the phone to do that. I’m still not sure how much extra I’m being charged. I still haven’t been able to talk to anyone, but I’m hoping to tomorrow when they are open. If the issue can be resolved without large expenses, I’ll be okay. But someone needs to understand why I’m not able to deal with the issue, and I can’t tell them on the weekend. So I hope to be able to change my review to a more positive one, once I can talk to someone and hopefully work out any excess charges.
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7 years ago, Star-Lord76
An Easy-to-Use App for Affordable Insurance
My wife and I just recently switched to MetroMile from Esurance because we purchased a new vehicle. We cut our first month’s Esurance bill IN HALF by switching (just so anyone reading knows the savings are pretty spectacular). As far as the app goes, it is easy to navigate and provides stream-lined information instead of a lot of clutter. You can also start a claim right from the app (which thankfully we haven’t had to do yet). While some people are wary of being “tracked” by the Pulse device that you have to plug into you OBD-II port (it’s basically plug-and-play), I would like to remind everyone that LoJack and GPS and location services DO THE SAME THING. It’s no different. The Pulse device provides up-to-date billing info and can help you locate your car if ever you need that feature. My only minor qualm is I wish it was a little more low profile, but it’s not the biggest of issues. The only other trouble I’ve had with the app is it crashed for a few days due to a server issue, but I attribute this to a newer company that’s making their way in a big world of competitive insurance.
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4 years ago, ChrisKlaer
Claims at a snails pace!
I have never seen an insurance company take SO LONG to issue a payment for a claim. I had someone hit the back of my car, break my tail light among other things, and due to a funeral and a busy schedule I don’t have time to take it in and get it repaired. So far I received one phone call, and apparently they did their Metromile estimate, which was easily a fraction of what common sense says it’ll take to fix it, issued my payout and closed my claim and NEVER contacted me. I’m still waiting on my supposed payout, which apparently they have the only direct deposit that takes at least a week to get, 5 business days apparently. I’ve never heard of any company ever taking longer than a day, two max for direct deposit. That’s the whole point of direct deposit, it’s supposed to be quick, not take as long as mailing a paper check. I’m not happy and advise people to beware. I’m also still driving around with a busted tail light waiting on that snail direct deposit to hit my account so I can buy a new one. I’m going to have to go get some estimates also, bc the payout I was never notified about I don’t think is right. I’ll update if my experience gets any better!
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3 years ago, shershap
Fortunately, I’ve never had a claim, so I can’t attest to their services in that department. However, I’ve had Metromile Insurance for many years now, and the rates are fantastic for someone like me… I live in a Metropolitan area (“Metro”-mile, get it?) and drive infrequently. The “normal” insurance companies would have made keeping a car in a big city unaffordable. Before I had this insurance, I was contemplating giving up a car entirely… but now I have the security of good insurance coverage at a very reasonable price, and my own car to use whenever I need it. I use public transport for local trips, but over the years, Metromile has saved me a great deal of money, by allowing me to avoid rental car rates when I need to take a longer trip.
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7 months ago, 24 Swag
Great for Savings but Claims needs Work
I definitely love Metromile for the savings they provide when I’m not driving; it has literally cut my insurance in half! The problem I have is the extensive wait times to get an update on my claim. Getting someone on the phone for claims is a 30+ minute wait when my current position is 5 in the queue which is unacceptable! Its like they have literally 1 person working the phones everyday. Using the call back option is a gamble because I’ve tried it and they never called me back which I’ve lost days in providing information to the car shop. What was supposed to be a 2 week fix and paint job ended up being double the time due to the back and forth with claims and the non-communication between them and the shop that I had to play facilitator between the two groups. Savings on car insurance due to this ordeal has now become more of a hassle so not sure if its worth it anymore.
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6 years ago, Musabbir Khan
App is not good
The insurance is great. At least I think it’s good as this is my first month. I can only say something after the first month. But I can say that the app needs a lot of work. To begin with the map portion of the app does not show any map of where my car is parked - it’s useless. Sure, it shows me how many miles I drove and what money I spent on gas, but how does that help when I don’t know what average it is using? I’d say this is an app where the developers have no idea what the business requirements are. It seems they just copied and pasted some functionality from some other app like Dash or Automatic, but didn’t think about what actually this app should do for their customers. The app is also not intuitive. To find the billing I have to go through many things to find what I need. I feel like there are so much room for improvements and to a point that they should completely redo the app. Anyway, the rest is up to the developers to improve.
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3 years ago, AniMay-CyLeb
Amazing Auto Insurance
You will not hesitate or have 2nd thoughts in recommending this auto insurance especially for used vehicle. It has a tracker that not only detects the your mileage but the performance of your car. Where can you find an auto insurance company that aids you when something is wrong with your car. You don’t have to guess or worry that mechanics will give you wrong diagnosis & charge you more. The moment my dashboard sent a light Metromile immediately emailed me and specified my car’s problem. Right at that I know what part to purchase & what to tell my auto mechanic. Thanks to Metromile!!!! Kudos to your company!!!
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5 years ago, Joyce663
Works well
I especially like seeing my fuel level and the history of the driving routes I’ve taken on the app. And when I had a rear end accident last year, the claims process could not have been easier or smoother. Communication was via the app (which I liked vs. phone calls or email), the reps were responsive and helpful, and Metromile’s settlement offer (and payment) was quick and fair. Had been a little bit concerned when I originally switched to Metromile because I’d never used a pay-as-you-go car insurance model before, but service during my accident processing was as good if not better than any I’ve had with conventional car insurance companies I always had in the past, and Metromile has been less expensive for me since I don’t put many miles on my car.
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8 months ago, Jazzyalex
About this insurance by all means
I was going to change that insurance for a long time due to overpriced rates but was always forgetting to do it, unfortunately. Recently, I got in a car accident (hit and run) and got moderate rear back damages. I made a claim online, submitted all requested info and went to a body shop for a preliminary estimation. Metromile automatically issued a ridiculously small estimate (about 5-8x less than real damage). I got email from an advisor that Metromile will send a check and then can accept supplements from body shop. Both me and body shop had a question to insurance and tried multiple times to call, left many voice mails, sent several emails - zero response in one week! Customer service is non existent! Advisor name is Jessa Furmick. Something to think about - if you open Metromile web site as a customer and went to login - good luck to find how to login. Whole UX is targeted to new customers and sales , existing customers? Who carers? Another thing - Metromile positions itself as a tech age insurance. In fact, it’s 2023 and their online chat bot is extremely dumb. I logged in (again, good luck with that) and bot still had asked my email. Ok, provided. Want to connect to agent. Asking email again. Ok, gave it again. It’s 1hr min , weekday, working hours, still waiting for response …
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5 years ago, disgruntled123
Poor Customer Service, billing for phantom trips, and buggy website
Both the Metromile iOS app and desktop website sre showing several short trips per day, often displaying at a few minutes in length and a few hundred feet of movement. During this times, my vehicle has either been parked on the street or stored in my home’s garage. When trying to use the website’s page where a list of recent trips can be viewed, on either Chrome on Windows or Safari via Mac, the website is incredibly slow and unresponsive. On some days I don’t drive my car, I’m being charged a few cents per day. This is not acceptable. I’m concerned about the apparent accuracy of the Metromile system and also concerned about the device draining the battery. Lastly, back in May I was experiencing the opposite issue in the app - and that was that tripe were NOT displaying. I sent an email to Metromile support and never received a reply. These issues are unacceptable.
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1 year ago, LeahReks
Ruined By Lemonade
I had Metromile previously when I wasn’t driving much, before they were bought out by Lemonade. I had no issues back then and was easily able to cancel my policy when I was driving more abs needed to change to a traditional insurance plan. I signed up about a month ago and it’s been a nightmare since. It took more than a week for them to let me know I couldn’t have anyone else on my registration in order to insure me, this wasn’t an issue previous. I decided to go with a different insurer due to the hassle and let them know this. It’s been weeks and I still haven’t been able to cancel. First there was no response back aside from that they were charging me money because I hadn’t plugged in my device. Right, because I canceled my policy, emailed again. Still nothing. Tried support chat, which stalled multiple times or said was temporarily unavailable. Tried to call, phone lines were unavailable in the middle of the day on a Friday. Finally got another support agent to respond and still no confirmation of cancellation, just another no signal charge alert. Avoid them at all costs, especially if you don’t have the time to play support tag just to cancel your policy, which you should be able to do straight from their app with a click.
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1 year ago, rowlover
The app recently stopped working unless you grant it permission to access location
I do not share my phone location with apps. I find this feature to be invasive. The metromile app recently started to require that permission in order to access the app interface. It also asks for motion information, though I’m not sure if both settings prevent you from accessing the app. The sensor and tracker on my car should suffice for tracking mileage as it always has before. My driving record can be used to determine whether I am a safe driver as it always has before. Now I will need to rely on a printed version of my insurance info. which is fairly inconvenient for me. At least mail the insurance cards out if you are going to lock the app behind a softwall.
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2 years ago, metro-mn
Really good insurance for city car owners
I signed up for Metromile by switching from Geico where I was paying $220 per month even though my car was just parked in the garage. I really like the pay per mile plan as me and my husband don’t even drive 10K miles per year. I was extremely satisfied with their claims process. I had a bad damage to the right rear side of my car which costed $4000 to repair. The Metromile covered everything over the deductible without any intervention from my side. And the app provides good information about our driving history as well.
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5 years ago, stealrose
I’ve had metromile for years. Different states, broken devices, thousands of miles.... this insurance is the best. Yes, devices can break. Just be nice get ahold of someone in customer service and they’ll correct it. I was over charged for a broken device and also one that I had sent back and they didn’t receive but it was fixed and they credited me for it. Even though i drive quite a bit it’s still waaaayyyy cheaper than other full coverage insurance companies I’ve reached out to. Anyways, so glad I stumbled upon this insurance as an ad and decided to check it out 🤪
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7 years ago, Jlbunny
The service doesn't work and I am being overcharged
I agree with other reviews. They mailed me a new device and I installed. It doesn't work. I had to travel for work so I just left. Of course, I didn't drive my car since I was out of town. And then my insurance payment just keep going up day by day and the app just keeps telling me to active the device. Well, I cannot when I am away from home and the car. I shot an email to them. No response and my payment is still going up. This is terrible. It is not my fault because I had a device from them worked for a year. Now their new one has problem, how can I solve it?! Update: I got home tonight and kept trying to activate the device. The app keeps telling me to install it no matter what I do. And my payment went up again today. This is a derisory issue!
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1 year ago, Moogleii
Doesn’t effectively use notifications, it at all
Apparently I received a single email about 2 months ago warning me that my car insurance would be cancelled if I didn’t take action. The app never sent any notifications, and I didn’t see the email. Fast forward to today, my policy was promptly cancelled. What’s worse, Metromile then told me they can’t renew digitally, and that because I’m in California, it’ll take 2 weeks before I can get a new quote. So I’m sans car insurance for up to two weeks. To top it off, I’m planning to go out of town in a week, so now I have to notify the DMV that the car will not have insurance for the foreseeable future. All because of a single unread email from two months ago. The app should really send notifications for something so important.
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3 years ago, Nightmare dubs
I haven’t written a review before but I felt Metromile deserves one. I wish I had gotten this insurance a long time before. I am 66 and disabled and only drive about 12 miles a month! I was paying over $125 a month! I thought it was time to try Metromile and see if it was a scam or real. It absolutely is real! This month my bill was $18! I saved $100+! What a relief for my wallet! My purse is no longer a pain in my shoulder! Lol Thanks Metromile! -Diane-
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8 months ago, Jerel85
So long… Metro Mile! 3 Star review
For 3.5 years, I have utilized their services; they are reasonable, but at what cost? First off, this program constantly tracks your car, which means you give up a lot of privacy. The Pluse gadget requires continuous electricity from your car's battery, which causes a parasitic drain. Fortunately, my Durlast Gold battery from Auto Zone was warranted and replaced each time. Yet, still inconvenient when your car won't start after sitting for three to four days. Customer service was prompt to let me know of any loss of signals and even waived a few charges. Not the worst experience, i wouldn’t consider it again.
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1 year ago, Jim in SDCA
Metromile is a SCAM! AVOID AT ALL COST!
Despite claiming they only charge for Miles driven, their device is buggy and has no power source of its own. My battery has not been keeping a charge and that has resulted in hundreds of dollars in disconnection charges. Reading though their negative reviews I just discovered that their device will drain your battery. What a SCAM! Even after I told them about the issue my report expired after 2 weeks, a totally random amount of time, and they started their charges all over again. This fee is charged DAILY! If you overdraft your banking account you get one charge. They don’t charge you again every day until you make a deposit. Be smart and select any other insurance company on earth over this one.
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3 years ago, aferenci
broken tech. avoid metromile
i’ve been a customer for 2 weeks and signed up with 3 cars. their tracking unit requires you to plug into an interface which your car may or may not have. For my 2020 vehicle plugging into that port turns on the car alarm after the car is locked. So I needed to use the cigarette lighter adapter. For my 1991 vehicle, a cigarette adapter plug is required because no interface for the module. Metromile provides these adapters free of charge. So no problem right? Unfortunately the brilliant minds of metromile made a cigarette adapter plug that will NOT stay in place and consistently becomes dislodged. The metal prongs have no force mechanism so the thing just pops out on its own. So now i’ve incurred fines for “removing my device” because of a faulty piece of hardware that is out of my control. Unless you want to duct tape the adapter in place on my console in both vehicles. Unbelievable from a massively funded tech-enabled company and feels like this is an intentional oversight to incur fees from unsuspecting drivers. I’ll likely cancel and go back to geico. Buyer beware. PS i work in insurance tech. which plugs into your cars
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6 years ago, thebowlbee
Great service, but app crashes.
I’ll be as lucid as I can from the beginning in saying I’m running off developer previews for iOS, however the app will work for me the first time I install it, however the next time I try to open the app it force closes almost instantly and the only way I can open the app again is to uninstall and then re-install the app which is highly convoluted. I attempted to install the app on another iPhone not running the developer preview and I came with the same conclusion. Even through the past few updates it seems to be force closing after trying to return to the app the second time.
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4 years ago, blb2040
Insurance is good but agent not so much
My husband had an accident in August. It is now the end of November and nothing has happened. They are supposedly waiting on the police report from State Farm (the opposing insurance company) they are blaming this on Covid. My husband has lost his job and we have been without a car. We need to get this settled. Our agent ignores our calls and emails. He will only get back to us when I threaten to speak to a supervisor and make a complaint against him. This has been going on for way too long and we need to get this resolved. Every time we try to talk to someone it falls on deaf ears. When this is over we will be looking for a new insurance. I am not happy.
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5 years ago, ragy_forex
Claim service is outstanding
I am not sure about other people experiences, but mine was above and beyond. I filed two claims right after one another, one for collision and right after it a hail damage claim, bad both Metromile took care of them in the most efficient and quickest manner. Also to mention my claim adjustor Brendan Basler was unbelievably helpful, he was always there when I have any questions or needed any help.
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6 years ago, Narvati
Wouldn’t recommended it any more
I started using Metromile at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. My thoughts were it’s cheap, easy to use and app-friendly, I don’t even need to remember where I parked. It’s all nice and good until accident happened. My car got scratched by another car pulling out from the parking. The Claim Representative Bo Martinez is very unresponsive. She never returned my calls, promised to called back but didn’t, not replying e-mails. I called Metromile and request to have another Claim representative assigned but was refused. I couldn’t find the reasons. I would still be using Metromile for the meantime due to financial reasons, but I will most likely switch to other insurance company who cares.
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6 years ago, jonfulford
Recently switched, horrible roadside assistance
We recently switched to metro mile. Rates are great. However roadside assistance is horrible. My wife’s car broke down I called for roadside assistance, they said they will text me with the name and eta of who is coming. 45mins go by and I had to call another tow company to come tow her car to the dealership. After the car was dropped off by my towing company I called, I received a call from someone who could barley speak English telling me he is there for the car and can not find it. Mind you I never got a text letting me know anyone is coming.......I will be looking into AAA or some other roadside company
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6 years ago, Sid111114353
Good app, cheap price but bad service
It’s a cheap price and the app works well (has some problems recognizing whether you’re in garage or street sometimes. Wish there was a way to manually tell it that car is not on certain street so I don’t keep getting alerts). My biggest problem is with their lie about referrals. I’ve referred 2 friends so far and not gotten the referral credit from either of them. It’s not about the money as much as the bad service to say you’re going to give referral credit and then not do it. It makes me worry if they’re going to treat me the same way if I do need to file a claim.
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3 years ago, linj18
Pulse does not work
The Pulse device loses signal often and when it does they add $150 to your account for each day. They are closed on weekends so the automated system will send you messages several times on Saturday and Sunday saying you will be charged but you can do nothing about it until Monday. Moreover, troubleshooting is pretty useless if you have to park underground. Even if your Pulse is able to pick up signal again after the troubleshoot drive, it drops the minute you enter your garage… and then $150 charge per day continues. The app, the device, and the customer service coverage all need a ton of work.
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7 months ago, Rnbiker78
Cheap insurance so you get what you pay for!
Took forever to pay out claims. Had a non-fault accident and my vehicle was totalled. They have poor communication once they started processing claim. Hard to reach claims team. Multiple emails and phone calls and turn around time to get a response takes days. They issued my check and decided to mail it standard mail. Mail was lost at transit then they informed me they could do EFT, which they never offered initially. Been two weeks since payment was processed and settlement fund still not received. Bad experience. Will not do business with them again.
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10 months ago, Bobo12345!’
No help
I have called Metromile since oh 10 o’clock this morning. Put on hold waiting for the virtual assistant. Supposedly our agent got cut off call back again been on hold for two hours and still two people in front of me. This is ridiculous. I’m calling because you guys did not complete your job correctly by sending my information to the state of Arizona for my new Ultima, I’m gonna start looking around for a different insurance company because I can’t spend three or four days on hold just to get an answer. OK have a good day I won’t.
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5 years ago, evgenitomov
PULSE looses signal
Twice in a month my Pulse device lost contact/signal with Metromile while I was away abroad and the car parked in my indoor garage. I could not reset it promptly as my trips were both over a week. I got a grace period extensions from Metromile but they have a limit of twice per year. I worry about this happening again and as it is not my fault but a problem with the device, I should not bear the burden of the inconvenience or the possible penalty fees if I am not able to reset the device promptly. I fly abroad fairly often and now I am considering switching to another insurer.
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1 year ago, nealhamburger
Gaslighting Scam
This company is terrible. We’ve been with them for about 3 years now and all they’ve done is raise our rates. There’s no context for it, they just go up for no reason. The last rate hike was met with a nice message saying I’m a safe driver and I’m getting rewarded with a discount! Even though my rate went WAY up. LOL! That’s some good gaslighting there guys! The base rate is higher than our last normal car insurance now. The app also requires that you have location tracking on all the time now, which is shady and completely unnecessary. We are canceling them and moving on. Don’t get scammed by these guys.
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5 years ago, 1BlackBelt
Unfortunately Rough Start
The in app vehicle selection, when you have multiple vehicles fails to work 90% of the time. In addition, any text entry fields do not automatically scroll or otherwise fail to show text input. Lastly, while not related to the functions of the app - the customer service has been lacking in terms of clarity. One of the devices they have sent us is not registering with the vehicle and I notified them was told I would not receive penalty charges while we work to resolve it - got an email stating I’ve been charged 150 penalty miles and will continue to be until the device is resolved.
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4 years ago, Bash562
I’ve had 2 claims
Not only has Metromile been smooth with my two claims since I opened an account, their customer service NEVER disappoints. I am extremely happy to be insured by this company and let me tell you I was very hesitant in the beginning because of the per mile charge. Its actually very fair pricing Whether u have expensive cars that you don’t drive much or daily driver; this company suits all. Thanks Metromile.
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2 months ago, sofreakingfrustrated12345
App is completely unusable now
As others mention, since February this app is dead. I’ve tried reinstalling but you can’t log in. They need to retire this app if they are planning on getting rid of it or merging it with Lemonade somehow… should be pretty basic communication to policy holders. I loved this app before - I loved that I could see my gas % and my journeys. Yes you can do that on the website but being able to use face ID was really nice on the app. Really bummed because I thought this company was going places. Lemonade is pretty good for my renters insurance but they are doing horribly in transitions metromile users…
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6 years ago, Oceance96
Guys so I’m 21 and have been with metro mile since I was 19 and like I really love this company. They are great to deal with if you call and like are amazing if you need cheaper coverage if you don’t happen to drive much. I just switched from metro-mile to Geico but it is only because I have to drive more lately to college. I highly recommend them to college students or just anyone who doesn't drive far.
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3 years ago, sforstall
The only car insurance app improves your driving experience
I really love Metromiles service for driving, they care you less money if you drive safely. The app provides you your past trip with estimated fuel cost, which gives you a high accurate overview of your gas spendings. Thanks for making the car insurance better in this world!
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6 years ago, Petes Phantom
The future of auto insurance is here.
MetroMile is awesome, everything about it is awesome. You can get diagnostic codes on your iPhone thanks to the module installed in the car. You can see where your car is parked anytime you don’t know where it is. Pay by mail is the way to go. I wish they didn’t drop Uber from their platform. But the app is totally awesome highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, Kuxyo
Falsely Charging my account.
You guys charged my account on the december 19 with an extra 150 miles because i didnt plug in my pulse plug but i was currently on vacation i dont get back home from vacation until December 22. I called you guys yesterday on the 20th telling you guys that i couldnt plug my thing in cause im on vacation. The guy on the phone said he will fix it and he took off my charge but told me that next time if i ever go on vacation just let you guys know ahead of time. I said i will. this morning on the december 21, for 4:28am i get an email saying you guys charged my account again. Im highly upset and not satisfied with this app.
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6 years ago, TeeBee39
Not Worth It
Disclaimer: If you want to try this insurance, you better hope you receive a device that works or you’ll be paying for it... literally!!! I was super excited about this insurance since it would save me a lot of money. I only use my car on the weekends, so insurance based on mileage would mean I only pay a third of my previous insurance company. BIG mistake switching!!! I received my device and it would not install. I reached out to customer service by email and did not receive a response. I called, and did not receive an answer. I’m currently being charged 150 miles each day that the device isn’t installed... even though it is (the red light on the device is on, and my app says it’s installing). I’ve tried rebooting and nothing seems to be working. I can’t get in touch with anyone at the company, meanwhile my bill keeps adding up. I’m cancelling my policy ASAP and going back to my previous AAA insurance.
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3 years ago, uzikone
Overpriced and no support when needed
Car insurance from Metromile for the car with 10k miles per year about twice more expensive compared to well known competitors. Need a holiday trip on your car - you’re looking in a hundred dollar on top for the mileage you will drive. If you will try to cancel your insurance from the app (same way you signed up for it) you will quickly realize that it is impossible to do. You have to call customer support during business hours within short timeframe. Which is completely against california law. Don’t waste your money and time with Metromile.
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3 years ago, BlkSnowbird21
Metromile is the Best
I am dealing with State Farm with a home owners water claim. I have been with State Farm for over 10years never filing a claim of any kind. They have dragged there feet have not wanted to honor there claim it’s been a nightmare dealing with this company the worst ever. I filled a claim in 2019 with Metromile they were there for me! I love this company I will tell everyone about Metromile the customer service is excellent! Thank You.
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5 years ago, DietApple
They Over Charge
They charged me 5K miles in a month because my car wasn’t running, when I called them the CSR guy refused to refund the $157 fine. That guy was extremely rude. They also sell our location info to their partners. Read the fine prints if you can. Thank god I haven’t needed them so far who knows how they gonna turn out when you have a claim.
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7 years ago, emacsnw
App keeps crashing
Overall the service is good. Service is much better than all the other instance companies. But the app keeps crashing. Sometimes it shows null (null) as my vehicles. When hitting the back arrow from the vehicle details page, it crashes all the time. Regarding the obd2 device: they sent me an upgraded one because the old one on one of my cars didn't work anymore (not sure why bit the red light was solid all the time). I plugged in the new one the day I received it and the red light is solid on. But I received an email blaming me not plugging in the device and is going to charge me 150 miles per day which is nonsense. I mean cannot you read the mileage after you fix the device? Updates: just received another email saying they cannot receive signals from the device connected to my second car. This is getting worse.
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6 years ago, }l{ l3-l3oi }l{
Nice App but...
I can’t use it with my iPhone X. When I open the app it’s automatically on a log in screen with the spiny thing when I haven’t typed my password yet. It doesn’t allow me to enter my password either. I have deleted and downloaded the app again with no luck. Hoping posting this review will resolve the issue. Main issue with this issue is that if I need to file a claim on my app I am unable to. Fix please!!!!
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6 years ago, scammed by Target
1 year teaser rate
After 1 year low teaser rate, they jacked up my premium by 50%, on both monthly premium and per mile cost. No accident, no ticket, no address change, no change in driving pattern. No change whatsoever. The reason: “we constantly adjust rates based on the cost of providing insurance in your state and on the risk based on your individual driving habits.” Would not tell me exactly what led to the increase, only offered me to lower my coverage to reduce my premium. I guess they need to show more profit to their investors to get more funding to pay for nice offices and free perks to their employees before going IPO.
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5 years ago, uficvjcici
I enjoy the fact that your payments go down when you don’t drive as often but if you do drive more one month depending on how much you drove you will end up paying more than most insurance companies would charge. I was with the Einsurance and for full coverage I was paying $190 a month driving about 600 to 800 miles a month With Metro mile 800 Miles is over $200 a month.
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6 months ago, MarcRob520
Don’t recommend
My Insurance with another company ended literally yesterday and I wasn’t able to renew on time, so I thought I’d give Lemonade a shot. They turned me down because I went a day without insurance even though my car was parked the whole time.. This was a waste of time 3 questions in and they are asking and marriage, they give you four or five options and if you hit “it’s complicated” which is an option they give you, their response is to hit you with a joke as if needing car insurance is a joking matter. SMH
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