Metronome Ϟ

4.7 (28.9K)
27.6 MB
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Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Metronome Ϟ

4.66 out of 5
28.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Heir.bear
This is the best app ever👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
I’ve been looking for a bunch of metronome apps but a bunch of them they don’t work. I play the violin and I think this is the best about their by stars. A lot of apps that cost like five to $10 they’re kind of useless and then some of them they were good but I try to save my money because who wants to use something that may like the app may not working anymore So I try to look for apps that don’t cost money and when I found this app is like this may be a rip off I may take away my time but who cares I’m gonna try this so I try to look for apps that don’t cost money and when I found this app is like this may be a rip off and may take away my time but who cares I’m gonna try this, So I downloaded it and I play the violin and I’m a beginner playing violin so I need help hearing it so I use the stop and I am in love with it it’s the best app out there for metronome don’t waste your time for looking for other ones just uses it’s the best one sorry if mine is superlong bye 👋🏾😁😁😁😁😁
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4 years ago, I am literally amazing
Best metronome app!
I use this app for violin and it’s the best metronome app I’ve had. I’ve been using the free version. It’s well-designed and organized. There is an option the have the button flash on the beat, which makes it easier to keep track of the beat when it is sometimes difficult to hear when I am playing so loud. You can also customize the sound the metronome makes. Some of the sounds are weird but there is one that I really like. The one issue I’ve had with this app is that it does not work with AirPods. The app stops working and I have to get out of it. It can be helpful to use a metronome with headphones because it can be difficult to hear the metronome, depending on what you’re playing. This isn’t a big deal though, and I would highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago,
Can’t change the setlist order any more… WHAT GIVES?
I love this app and have recommended it app to so many students as well as fellow professional musicians. I love how configurable its features are, such as time signature, voices, subdivisions. The sounds alone are far superior to any other metronome app in the App Store. And the tap tempo feature is always so quick and easy when trying to clock the tempo of any song I’m working on. However, the most useful feature for me has been being able to save particular metronome settings for each song and then arranging the song click settings in a playlist or setlist order on a gig-by-gig basis. Recently, I noticed that I could no longer rearrange the order of the different songs’ clicks, and to do so would mean I’d have to create a brand new click for each song. I’m wondering why this feature was taken away, and if it may be able to come back.
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7 years ago, Juliejuliejulie1979
Playing loudly does not mean speed up
I have a tendency to speed up when I'm playing loudly and it messes up the time. I can't always hear and catch myself especially with harder pieces. My counting is unreliable. I find it difficult to read music, pedal, find the notes and listen that they are matching with what I see AND listen for a click. The main reason for the great review is because you can change the metronome from a sound to a person counting. It is much easier for me to hear a voice counting (even a strange robotic voice) and keep time with that. You can also change the time signature and pick which beats you want it to count on. It is much less expensive than a metronome in a store and much,much more helpful. This has helped me tremendously.
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9 months ago, Samurai Sammy 😭😭😭
It’s wonderful!
This app is amazing! I love using it. As a fellow piano player this comes in hand very nicely. I’m a beginner and when I started using this app I saw a lot of improvement. My piano teacher originally showed me this app and said, “Hey if you’re allowed to, get this!” Because we play some fun games with this app. I really enjoy it. It helps that it’s free because I don’t have money to spend, especially on apps. So this was a really nice app to find. It’s for everything you need. I love that there are pre-set up modes. You could practice at 190 for example and you could click the ‘5 minutes’ button. It’s really nice. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a metronome app!!!
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8 months ago, Youdontwanttohearthisdoyou
For inner ear balance training
After experiencing severe vertigo due to inflammation in my inner ear, I need to retrain my ears to keep me balanced. The PT at my vertigo clinic recommended this app to help me perform the exercises at the proper intervals. I move my head back and forth in time to the beat. I’m supposed to work my way up to 120 BPM but can currently only do 60. This app is perfect for my needs except for one thing: my exercises are to be for 30 seconds duration, but this app’s timer starts at one minute. That’s fine at 60 BPM—I can simply count to 30. Not sure how I’m going to manage 30-second timing when I’m able to increase my speed, though. A first world problem for sure. The app is easy to use and very much appreciated. Nicely done. Four stars only because it’s not quite perfect for my specific situation.
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7 years ago, Stevedw52
Timing is all important!
I had a spotty education in music as a child, learning to play the piano but never being pushed to play particularly in time. My desire to play the trombone in grade school was thwarted (I found out over 50 years later from my mother) because my parents thought I would not "stick with it." Obviously, I lost the opportunity to be exposed to an orchestra where I would have had to learn to play in time. Now at 64, continuing to develop my abilities to play the violin and wanting to play in my church orchestra, I need help developing the ability to play according to the time signature. This metronome is easier to use and more effective than the formal metronome that I bought at a music store years ago!
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8 years ago, Southpaw Grandma
Perfect! (Almost)
Excellent app for beginning drummer! I've been using this app for about six months and it is very helpful. The voiced count kept me in time. I am now working on using the click counter. Still in 4/4 time in my music, but this app will allow me to change when my playing improves! This is still the best metronome I've found. No longer have to use the voiced count, different click sounds helped me to find the one that works best with my ears, and being able to change the time (3/4, 2/4, etc.) is great. I am having issues at times with freezing, and must stop and restart the program; sometimes restart the iPad. Problem could be it is an older iPad.
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6 years ago, Cheese Man 11
Everything you want in a metronome!
For Christmas ‘17, my sister wanted me to pick up an inexpensive metronome for her family as a gift. I remember hearing about such apps, so I began scouting around (as opposed to finding one in a store - which isn’t so easy these days). After looking through about five or so, I came across MetroTimer. I subscribed to the free version and that was good enough for basic introductory usage. For a small upgrade, It really was everything I wanted in a metronome and for a family that has an extensive music background, would be perfect. All the features from time signatures to tempo to sound or light meter, you will be very happy with this choice. Happy counting!!
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7 months ago, Lex The Gentleman
Must Have App
I normally don’t leave reviews but had to in this case. I have been a drummer for years and have always struggled with keeping time. MetroTimer has completely changed that for me. I no longer am worried about lagging or speeding up because I am now always right on time! And I absolutely love the Presets where I can already have all the song names with tempos my band is playing loaded in and ready to go. Thank you to the makers of this app for such an easy to use, helpful app that has helped revolutionize my drum playing forever. This is a must have app for any drummer struggling with keeping time and staying in the pocket.
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3 years ago, Kempsk
From a professional musician
I’m a full-time professional musician and I use a metronome most days while practicing or studying music. While nothing can beat a real metronome in terms of ease of use, MetroTimer is so awesome to use when I don’t have my real metronome with me. Furthermore, the “tap” feature is invaluable! It’s so wonderful to be able to tap a tempo to see if you can replicate a certain number of beats per minute (as a conductor) or to listen to a recording and track the tempo fluctuations. I recommend this to all my students! You have nothing to lose! UPDATE: still using this all the time after several years. Thank you!
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1 year ago, J. Schanick
Needs small change
I play the drums for our local church. I bought the paid version of this app and I use this app to create our setlist, with each tempo and time signature attached. I'm mostly very pleased with this app but the one option I would love to see added is-on the setlist create a way to edit that selection without going through the hassle of deleting and making another one. You slide left to delete, I would love to see a feature where we are able to slide the other way to make a quick edit. We have to make adjustments on the fly and this would be a big deal if it were added. Thank you for your consideration.
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4 years ago, ScottBrosFan
Great App
I decided to get this app when my band teacher started telling us to submit our musical pieces by video with a metronome in the background. I have always struggled with my rhythm and this app has helped tremendously. I play the trombone, so when I got a new trigger trombone this helped me while I was trying to learn everything. Although I love this app, there are a small suggestion I would have. If there could be different sounds for the metronome, that would be great. Maybe a cowbell sound or something. It makes my brain want to listen to the metronome more when I mix the sound up. Overall, this is a great app and I would request it to anyone who needs a good metronome for anything.
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7 years ago, 🙉🙈67
A great musical app
I am a pianist and this works perfectly to fit my needs it works so well if you don't want to use a metronome it hasn't glitched for me and it is nice on the go too it even has features so if you know how long your song is you can set it on a timer I can feel a difference in my playing when I use the metro timer but I still would try to use an authentic timer because my opinion it's easier to control and it is exactly totally real too but all in all this is a really great app an if you can't get one I would totally recommend this app I heard about this from a friend
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7 years ago, Greentrails
Best Tuner Ever!
This truly helped me a lot. I can now count w/ the beat and stay w/the beat by listening to this tuner. It has helped me a lot and I hope that is the same for everyone else who uses this. I hope in turn that when you are in need of a tuner or something to help you count that you read all these great reviews and pick this one. This WILL help you w/ all challenging pieces and help your students too. I encourage you to use this for your own good to help you if you are like me, and have trouble staying steady on the beat. One last thank you to the people who made this app!
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6 years ago, C.newt
I love this app
This app is perfect for me because I am a kid and I play the piano and I have tried like 1 million metronome apps and this is the best one I love it and my piano teacher is the one that showed me how to do it and it was very easy and there’s so many settings like practice timers and everything it’s so easy you never have to do stuff like somethings like set it and everything you’re able to just hit a plus button and it just pretty much does anything my dad has a different app and it really doesn’t work sometimes this one’s like 1 million times better.
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4 years ago, crazzycaitlin14
Amazing metronome
So good especially for Violin or any instrument it helps to keep track you can change the sound and make it go faster it even tracks a timer that can help you practice or do whatever you need your MetroGel I think this is one of the best metronome apps ever out there I suggest everyone should use this also a Lotta apps want me to pay to use her timers that they think are so fancy and metronomes and keeping track tools so this is just the perfect up for me and I think it helps so much for music
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2 years ago, Mike346006
Basically all you need
I’ve used this app to learn basic drums and guitar, neither good yet but this app is great for keeping time to get better and play with friends. I recommend the pro version if you want to play anything other than 4/4. The interface is nice and simple, features all you need, and you can save favorites. I like that it doesn’t collect data. Why would a metronome need to? I haven’t tried a lot of different apps, but that’s because this one suits my needs.
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7 years ago, ab44145
It is wonderfully adaptable
The ticking on this metronome can adapt to multiple different sounds. The volume of the metronome can also be changed apart from the one for the entire device. Plus changing from one speed to the other is absolutely great with a large scale change and a different way to adjust the final few numbers. And I love the way you can put a timer on for the metronome too and be able to hear the change because the metronome itself stops. It is a wonderful app overall.
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5 years ago, AZ Freethinker
Great app, easy to use!
I’ve been using this app for a few years with great results for clients and even my own training. As a physical therapist, this app is invaluable for things like gaze stabilization exercises to help treat vestibular dysfunction. It’s also super helpful for slowing people down on strengthening exercises, such as those used for tendon rehabilitation where slow movement speeds have been shown to be helpful early in the rehab process. For muscle hypertrophy goals, the metronome (set at 60 BPM) is great to keep people at a prescribed tempo.
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6 months ago, Zendrumdude
Great app, annoying “ding”
I love the idea of a timer- I use it on stage in my in-ear monitors to get a tempo established and then it stops (1 min). But WHY is there a “ding” sound when the timer is done?!?! It’s annoying and really out of place when you’re performing. Honestly, it’s making me look for a different app to use. I hate it. What is the purpose of the ding? Obviously you know when the metro stops; you don’t need a sound to know the time is up! Maybe add a preference setting to turn the ding off? I’d give 5 starts for no ding!
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4 years ago, midnight wolf 2000
The best of the best!!!😃
This app is amazing, I have been looking for a metronome app for a long time and most of them cost $10 or more but, this app is free. I love this app it is so amazing, I rated it five stars because it deserves five stars it has somebody counting 1234 and it’s just really amazing you should definitely download this app it is totally worth it you are totally going fall in love with it. I play piano and I love this app even my teacher recommends this app anyway you should definitely download this app.
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3 years ago, Mndnfhhdbsusnufh
Best app ever
This app as no adds and also you can make it say 1234 in a funny voice and when you need to count to four over and over this app helps with that this app helped me with my violin when I was 17 I saw a violin in a music store and I was like I want to learn how to play that so I started playing at age 17 and I am 31 right now but I do not play anymore I stoped playing at age 24 so I might not know how to play any-who this app is the best and of you do not have this app um get it right now
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7 years ago, Marshking
So easy to use
I use this with all my private string students, orchestras, and piano students. The only thing I would change is, I tend to set the timer by mistake. I don't usually want it on. Meanwhile, my students and I go into fight or flight syndrome when the timer goes off, having been pumped through the speakers. The set-up seems to be vulnerable to the thumb setting the timer without even knowing it. My students have had the same issue with it. But overall, I love this app and recommend it to my students.
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6 years ago, Mollyzin
This is the one I like!
This is a terrific metronome. I love the counting voice but it's very simple to choose another when I want something simpler. Being able to set rhythms is very useful--I have the pro version. I'm recovering from a frozen shoulder and the practice timer helps me to do do short, focused practices and avoid overworking it. I bought a few different metronome apps initially and this is the one I kept and use. Update - a year later, still love it, still use it.
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1 year ago, rubcreator
Best simple metronome: bar none
This is a simple app that collects no data about you, is free, and works simply and smoothly. As an added bonus, it has more than half a dozen of metronome sounds built-in. Godsend. The only added feature would have been a persistent notification bar allowing to get back to the app if it's just left running in the background/ minimized. Other than that, it's perfect.
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2 years ago, Tanner Jay74
This is the one
The timer makes things simple and easy, so you don’t have to use two apps to practice, although thank goodness it doesn’t stop playing when other apps are on, because I use it with my drone tone app to practice scales. The only thing I would add is a 25 minute timer button on it so you could implement the pomodoro technique more easily, but that’s the only change I would make.
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2 years ago, MTippett10
Best app for any metronome that you can get
This free app is absolutely the best time keeper you could possibly get out there. I’ve been using it for at least two years now. It is versatile and has several different sounds you can use. It has a light on it that hits on the one so you can have a visual not just an audible. I’ve tried several other metronomes, and this one is simple easy and very versatile. Get it.
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5 years ago, @KingTakeover
Makes Composition a Breeze
Can’t say enough about this app. Favorite feature are the multiple voices. I prefer to use the vocal count or the snare hits. The best thing about this app is that it can play in the background while you freestyle or sing out ideas in your voice memos. Just pick a bpm, launch your voice memos (with headphones and a mic) and start figuring out your song. It’s easy to take those ideas into your DAW, produce a song behind it, and many more.
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4 years ago, David C. Anderson
Needs a better voice counting!
I absolutely love this app. As a former teacher I always showed my students how to use the metronome. Many teachers just say go use one but never teach the students how to use one. This app has so many variables and can be used for so many counts that it is invaluable and should be on everyone’s iDevices. Would be nice to record my own account on this app. That way we could put the drum or sound or voice we want.
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2 years ago, soultunings
gratful for the ap with a suggestion to make it better
I have used this ap off and on and this morning I was very busy and asked myself if I had enough time to practice. I said I would just put in 15 minutes and realized I could keep myself accountable with the built in timers. I have not been using this ap to its full potential. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the bpm adjuster is not made accessible to blind people who use voice over.
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6 years ago, Mistaslick
Thank you!
I don’t have many apps, but this one has helped me stay on track with my practice. Whenever the timer goes off I feel a sense of accomplishment and feel I am closer to my goal. The formatting is very natural. The fact that the scope of the timer is limited has actually helped me psychologically, because otherwise I would be far more intimidated to practice for longer periods of time to nothing but a click at a single tempo.
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5 years ago, jimmyfritz
Easy and intuitive
I’ve been using the free version for at least a year. If you’re an instrumentalist you know how important it is to practice with a metronome. This one is simple and easy to use. I’m a brass player, I was able to find a sound which cuts through my own noise. I just upgraded to the pro version. I don’t really need the extra features. Just wanted reward the developer a little for all the good use I got out of it.
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2 years ago, Alvin@123
An amazing coincidence
My piano teacher asked me if I had this app and she said I’d I don’t I have to download it and my parents were out of town and they only would come back at 5:00 PM so I didn’t know what to do! Because my phone has a Face ID of my mom so everything needs Face ID of my mom! Luckily I found out I already had it and when I used it I found that playing piano wasn’t that bad! So o think this app is AMAZING!
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4 years ago, #BasketballAwesome
UwU ;)
When I first started playing piano, my piano teacher got A little frustrated if I couldn’t if I wasn’t playing on the beat. But when I got metronome, it helped me throughout the past 3 years of me playing piano. And it makes playing the piano so much easier and fun for me. I’m not sure if there would be anything on this app that I would change. And if you guys have heard of the app simply piano, this app just might be as good as it.
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6 years ago, Reinadarino
This app is amazing for first time. Musicians you don’t have a metronome it’s really helpful on keeping your tempo and not speeding up or slowing down i’ve been playing my instrument for a while and it helps me improve where there are rit. and a tempo even as a musician who has play their instrument longer I still enjoy using this app when I don’t have my met. One thing I with it had was different time signatures but other that that fabulous!!! 💕😏😫😩👌🏻💦🍆🍑
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4 years ago, Rosalina Hawks
Good App!
This is a good app and it’s easy to use! In my first year of band and this has helped me practice at home, school, and even on the go. It’s free and has only some in-app purchases. The highest it can go is 250 bpm (Beats per minute) unless you buy the upgraded version. Personally I have no use for anything about 250 yet, but if you do need above 250 than you can either buy the upgrade or another app! 5 Stars! Keep up the amazing work with this app!
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1 year ago, i looooove turtles
Best metronome
I needed to learn this hard song fast or else I would get embarrassed so I used this trusty metronome which I use all the time for my hard songs and it really helps, there is multiple options, and you can set it to a surprisingly lot amount of time speeds, which most metronome apps need a paid subscription for, get it now if you are looking for a metronome.
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3 years ago, Yupi301
“ Wow, can’t believe a metronome app w/ a timer , along w/ many different sounds. You can apply this guys for anything ( literally anything) It can help you be in rhythm to boxing/ running / benchpressing/ or when you want to meditate. You can simply listen to it, and snap your fingers... To the sound ( get it in the right *BEEP*) You gotta do the research on it tho, it is indeed powerful when you understand how you can use it! Extremely grateful for this app! 🔥🙏🏻💯
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8 years ago, Twinklefingers1
Great app
I've used this metronome for over a year, and this app is the best. I bought the pro version which is about $3, but it is so worth it. The features of this metronome beats any mechanical metronome over $20. There are few things you can't do with this metronome. It is loud, and with the pro version, you can get different sounds according to your taste, different rhythms, different beats, etc. Don't use any other one. This is the best metronome app on the App Store.
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5 years ago, pacman701
Awesome but few problems
Whoever made this, give them a cookie and a star! I LOVE THIS APP! There’s just a couple problems: 1. Plays outside of the app When I exited the app so I could open the App Store and write this review, it kept playing. It’s not that big of an issue. 2. The tap button works in a confusing way When I press the Tap button repeatedly, I always end up with 250. I think you should program the tap button to go up one metronome bar every time you tap it. And maybe add controls to the tap button so choose whether you want the tap button to go up one metronome bar or down one metronome bar. If you could add/fix what I wanted in the next update, I would give a 5 star rating, but still, I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH IF IT WAS A PERSON I WOULD HUG IT! Please make more apps like this! You should definitely buy this app!
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4 years ago, NH DRUMS
Love this app!
I have used this Metronome App for about 9 or 10 years now if I remember correctly. It’s an excellent app. The adjust on the fly metronome bar is easy too use, it’s sensitive, but I prefer that when I need it. I wish I could change the time signatures without flipping the app main page, but I also understand that the simplicity is also a highlight, so I’ll make due with that. Thanks for an awesome app!
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4 years ago, Vihaan Jambudi
I don’t care about the metronome light and it is the best metronome app.
The metronome light is very bright. The metronome light blinds me but everything else is great. I don’t need the timer. I use this metronome app for the metronome speeds my piano teacher gives me. The tap is great. I like it. When I do not need the metronome I set the speed to 30 and pause it. The other side: The voices are very good. I don’t know about the star on the upper left corner. I think it is the best metronome app ever.
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3 years ago, Zach The Legomaniac
Great app
Works great for my purposes which is mostly drum practice. There are surely more detailed apps that let you program any pattern you want and allow for more accent variations, but for most users, this is all you need. It’s easy to use and you can save different settings for different scenarios. Two recommendations would be: 1) ability to pitch-shift to help the metronome stand out if you’re practicing an instrument that happens to be in the same range as the metronome. My workaround is to pretty much always use the spoken “1-2-3-4” which I never have an issue losing track of. 2) an easy way to create gap clicks. I have a couple templates saved that pretty much do the same thing but it took some work.
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5 years ago, ricket guy
Working on it🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️
I really like this app but I really don’t get some of it like the metronome pro which you can preview🤔? And also that any beat🥁you play on that it still stays on when you exit⛔️ and it takes a really long time to turn it off and I don’t even know how I do it that is the only thing I would really appreciated if you can stop that unless it does that for a reason. Thanks and bye 👋🏽😆😆😆
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5 years ago, PuppyPerson🐶🐶🐶
I love this app!!!!!!😀😀😀
This app helps me a lot. My teacher taught me that one of the best compliments you can get is that you have good timing. This app helps me practice keeping a steady beat, and not speeding up( which is sure easy to do ). This app has all different kinds of features to keep up your study routine and to get used to the right habits. I would recommend you to go and discover this app for yourself and personalize according to you!
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7 years ago, Scottyangel
It works
Old as I am, I remember the days where you had to buy a metronome. You plugged it in or wound it up, and then it clicked well you practiced. Those things eventually broke or wore out. If it was damaged or lost you had to buy a new one. This app is free and it works better than any of my other metronomes. If I need to practice in a loud environment I can use the flash. I have made frequent use of the practice timer as well.
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2 weeks ago, Rapunzll
Simple but good
I’m retired now and don’t walk as much as I used to being at home most the time. However this has encouraged me to walk more. I have a long hallway so I just go up and down that went up to five minutes Doing two kinds of walking so 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon or evening. And I like the price! (It’s free!)
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5 years ago, Pazicus2000
I’ve used this app for five years and it hasn’t disappointed me once! I like that the app doubles as a practice timer, so that you can plan how many minutes you will spend on one piece of a musical selection! I also like all the different meters and the sound selections. If I’m playing a 3/4 piece that switches to 4/4, it is no problem. The metronome voices are nice to switch up occasionally, too. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, hr_rain.mountains
Needs a bigger field of tempo!
This app is great for the piano but it doesn’t help with the songs you’re supposed to play above 300 beats per second. The range is currently, as I speak, 30 beats per minute to 250 beats per minute. I am currently playing a song that you are supposed to play 315 beats per minute and this app doesn’t support that. I have to use a cheap metronome that doesn’t always connect to the right tempo. I would use this app more if they would update the range.
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