Mexican Train Dominoes Classic

4.6 (2K)
65.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Glowing Eye Games Ltd
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mexican Train Dominoes Classic

4.57 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, Gaililythe
Enjoyable Game
I really like this version of Mexican Train Dominoes. I had it on a previous iPad and played without having to view any ads. However, when the game downloaded to my new iPad, it now includes ads. I really am annoyed with ads. Is there any ways to play without? I would rate the game with 5 stars, except for the ads. Thank you to the developer for such a fast response to my review and the solution to my problem. I have changed my rating as a result.
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2 years ago, *Wolf
Pretty good.
Wish there were more rule options. I’ve never played it where you have to cover a double someone else laid. And also never where you were allowed to end on a double unless there weren’t anymore dominoes to draw. And then I wish you could set it so the dominoes went up to the double twelve. Nine just doesn’t seem like enough, the trains end so quickly. Also I don’t get the difficulty settings. Aside from matching up what’s in your hand dominoes is pretty much a game of luck so i don’t even know where difficultly levels fit into it aside from being able to expertly form your own train. And all it seems to do is give me less matching dominoes which again should be all up to luck in the first place. And then half the time the computer just seems to know what I’m gonna play and what I have. So if I have barely any matches that round the other players just never use the public train unless I do first. I don’t know how the whole algorithm thing or whatever works so maybe it’s not possible to have the computer not know what’s in your hand but it seems like it should be...unless it doesn’t know and it’s just coincidence. But that’s a lot of coincidences.
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2 years ago, MexTrainWreck
Not challenging, but fun!
I’ve played 4 games on the difficult level and won them all. Don’t get me wrong, winning is definitely great, however usually when you make a mistake it will cost you the game but you have learned something. The difficulty level needs to be upped IMO. That being said, this is the nicest interface and the game plays by the standard rules making it very enjoyable. My old Mexican Train App was not updated by the developer so I’ve tried most of the other Apps and this one, by far, is the BEST!
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5 years ago, danbyars
New Update
I hate the new update. It says that it is easier to read but everything is just more faint and hard to read. The bold colors from the previous version were a lot better and much easier to distinguish. There was no need to change the coloring format. The new change in color style is all pastel but is “easie” to read because the domino numbers are outline in black. I can only guess the developers are trying to make it more “trendy” and “sleek” so now it’s not modern. They should just have another app for this version and name it Mexican train dominoes Modern. It’s definitely not classic anymore. Classic dominoes means that they are the definitive dominoes which these hard to read, pastel dominoes are just cheap looking and a knock off
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1 year ago, pfstumpf
Game review
I’ve now been playing the Mexican Train game for sometime. I don’t like the fact that the game automatically blocks the trains before you know what you have an end of game and all the trains are blocked, but several players have tiles in the game that we played live. Somebody goes out to win. I’d also like to see this game have an undo feature if you play a tile and you realized you played the wrong tile and wanna play another you don’t have the capability to do that. Other than that it’s a great game.
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3 years ago, DamienGirard
I love this game. I play using actual dominoes occasionally, and that’s why I discovered the app. Now I play several times a day & have been for a few years. If I have a few minutes to spare, I play a round. One feature I do wish it had is to play other people, and also a landscape mode.
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2 years ago, Kevin&Jenn
Will not restore my purchase
I like the game — it’s a great way to pass time. That said, I paid $1.99 to remove ads about a year or so ago, and it worked fine. I hadn’t played the game for several months, and when I picked it up again, the ads were back. I used the “restore purchases” button in settings, but I’m still seeing ads. It’s only $2, but I’m afraid if I pay to remove ads, it will ‘break’ again. No thanks.
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4 years ago, mcroy1908
What happened?
My game switched for no reason I see from playing one hand against the board players (with names) to my having to verrry slowly play all the board players ( numbers only) against one player named hope? How can I regain my original play?
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4 years ago, Not broken; don't fix
Mexican Train Dominoes Classic
I have been playing the Gold version until recently and decided to try the Classic version. The game is fine, easy to play and almost addictive. However, many times after the first of three matches, the screen goes blank. I have to go back to my desktop, delete the game and go to APPs to pull it back from the “cloud” and reload. This happens often and is not worth the trouble.
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4 years ago, jmo111222333
Not statistically possible
Been playing this game for a while. Always on most difficult setting. Something happened in the last month or so. Historically, I won about 1/2 the time, if not more. Since ‘the change’ I don’t win. Heck, i regularly come in 3rd or 4th place. It’s not statistically possible the way a certain player in a game consistently draws what is needed on any train. Over and over and over. While, honestly, I rarely draw any matches, get lousy trains, and when i draw, i regularly get dominoes with a larger than average count (11 would be the average). I know how to play this game. I have made excellent trains and know what to look for while building a train. Something happened and it took a lot of games before i decided to post this review.
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5 years ago, Wordy :-)
Loved the old game
This is not an improvement to the game. I much preferred it the way it was. The fact that we have no choice to go back irritates me. I liked playing sets of 3 games where you saw your opponents score each time. Why did you mess with perfection?
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5 years ago, SDH17
Mexican train
My original Mexican Train eventually dies. I tried this new one for several hours, read all instructions and information and gave it a good chance. But I still do no like it at all. It changes the scoring without my choosing it. It changes from 13 rounds to 10 or 5 or one for no apparent reason. It doesn’t have an option to organize your train for you. And other problems I can’t remember. I want my original game back!
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1 year ago, B3va1ry
Almost a five
The game has started cheating. At the end of each round one of them will play twice without a double to make me lose the round and let them win. This has happened on every game I played today which has been many. Please fix this!!
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1 year ago, RDE1911
Want a chance
I enjoy the game but I want complete chance when drawing tiles. I play the hard or pro and with my last 1 or 2 tiles I have to cover a double and probably over 90 percent of the time it’s a 15, 14, 13 or double. Why is that? I want the same chance that the other players have. Does the level I play make this occurrence? Very frustrated RDE1911
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5 years ago, LilJPMama
New update
I don’t like how now all players but the actual real player get to have a name.... why can I not put in my name?! Even if you click to go to Facebook it doesn’t link to your Facebook like some other games it just takes you to their page. It was bad enough when you changed the colors but now moving the board so that the draw and pass are in the middle put them in the way of play. Not a fan .....
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5 years ago, Flightsimmom
A great game!
This is the same game that I used to play under title Mexican Train Dominoes Gold. I loved that game until the developers “improved” and ruined it. This is the original version, only difference is it is played in portrait rather than landscape. This is the game to get. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, Sandottie
Gets redundant
It was super fun at first but the more I played (easy, medium or hard levels), I noticed that all my hands of dominoes were the same ones! For example when the double 6 round was played, I had the same hand of dominoes as the last time I had the last time double 6 was drawn. So it gets boring. This game would be way more fun if the hands were all randomly drawn!
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3 years ago, mmdrys
Game is addicting
I wish they would change it up with different names but I have been playing this for a couple of years now and never get tired.
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4 years ago, nyrxman
Addicting Game
I truly enjoy the hours I’ve spent playing. I only wish there were an online version so I can either play against members of my family it other online players. Any thoughts of developing such a version?
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1 year ago, Corvette 1966girl
Like this game but wish there was a way to slow it down is bit, since I am a newbie and need to see how it plays out and especially the scoring at the end.. wish it would show individual scores and how we got to it.
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2 years ago, King Tutankhaman
What a waste of time and phone space
This is a waste of time and phone space. It goes nothing like the actual game, loaded with annoying ads and freezes up in the ads so that you cannot get back to trying to play the lopsided version of the game offered! Just looking for a little diversion to help take your mind off inflation and the current pressures? Keep looking because this is NOT it!
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3 years ago, bentleyshelbylea
I love the aesthetic of this app, but it’s just unrealistic and frustrating. It’s unrealistic for the computers to ALWAYS get the dominos they need, for them to have 4 sets of doubles in a row, and to ALWAYS block my shots. I get these things happening every once in a while, but not every game. Frustrating that a strategic player has no chance.
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2 years ago, 1Pop3
love playing the game. only problem is when your playing the 2 computer opponents you might win 1 out of 10 games. Maybe!!!!!!
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8 months ago, EastCoastGardener
The AI is programmed to cheat in all their dominoes games.
The graphics are nice, so I guess it gets a star for that. But they program their games to cheat (mostly coordinating amongst the AI players with one throwing themselves under the bus). They do this so that they can get chumps to pay to “win the previous round”. The game is fun though, once you understand how they are programmed to cheat then it is fairly easy to trip them up and beat them.
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3 years ago, Mombardo
Why does the top person always win?
I started playing this game a few days ago and I have noticed in most,Mia not all the games, the top person wins. Not the second, and certainly not the player. Is there a bug you need to work on?
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11 months ago, New comment girl
Love This Game!
I first was introduced to the dominoes game a few years ago so I was thrilled to see this game in the App Store. I am totally addicted and play it multiple times every day.
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1 year ago, Samipain
This was playing normally in the beginning......and for the past week or so, it locks up so you actually have to dump the game in process and start a new game.....aggravating to say the least!! Please fix your issue - this is being played on a new iPad......
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4 years ago, Ms Sol
Mexican Train
There is a glitch in the game. I am stuck again where it shows I have 3 cards but I only have 2. It says a move is possible and there is nothing I can do.
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11 months ago, PMspider
Classic Mexican Train Dominoes
This is truly a challenging and enjoyable game! I like the options and the variations of the game—play different skill levels, play solo with computer players and with human players! Patsy
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3 years ago, sgriff443
Too much lagging
While I enjoy the app overall, I do not enjoy having to close the app between every round to get rid of lagging. With all the options to “speed up gameplay,” this really should be looked at...
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7 months ago, princess marty
I am absolutely addicted to this game!! Never get tired if playing. Just wish the app was available on my laptop!
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2 years ago, penny ce
Fun game…
Could be made better if it was truly a multiplayer online game. I would love to play with family across the stat
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2 years ago, Theresa"s IPad
Clear ad that is preventing the game to be played
My bones are hidden behind an ad for another app, how can I get my bones. I’m stuck, it won’t allow me to play. Therefore the game is not able to finish playing. What do I do to clear the ad?
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4 years ago, Desdijc
Enjoy but pop up
I enjoy it but the pop up speech bubbles are slow and annoying “Ian passed” “your turn” “must cover double” I think highlight around where next piece or around the name would be sufficient
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4 years ago, didntgetit
Fun to play
Easy to understand how to play, but challenging. It takes planning for moves ahead of plays.
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3 years ago, Grandma movies
I hate the ads that are on Mexican Train! It takes forever to clear them off which ruins the game when you have to wait so long to get to the next round. I am thinking about deleted it because of this. Please fix it! Thank you
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2 years ago, Magus404
Good game
I play often and enjoy it. Wish I could control the speed of play.
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1 year ago, Buttercup55cr2
Mexican train
I love this game but every time I click to open the game it takes me out of the game. I Need your help please. Thanks Cathy Reese
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4 years ago, KimStoud
Stuck in a round
When the tiles were all drawn and no one could play we are all just passing. Can’t end the game. You would think the game would realize we are not able to play if we all pass two turns in a row.
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3 years ago, theroundrobin
Fun, but...
Like to be able to play it online with others. Text messages re: the game play disappear too fast
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4 years ago, KLR Ken
Great version of Mexican train!
Only online multiplayer would make it better! Highly recommended!!!
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2 years ago, Amyc2h4
Link with friends please
It would be nice to play with friends without sharing a phone
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4 years ago, BobHnz
Great pastime!
Good game, but why not let me put my name instead of player1. Also would like to play with friends over internet!
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6 years ago, jr4155
Latest update
Personally speaking, I liked the previous much better. The tiles are now very large and the plays take much longer. In general, I liked the old format. I have played hundreds of times and unfortunately losing interest. Sorry.😔
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5 days ago, dekay929
I play this Mexican Train game every single day! It’s easy to use no complaints.
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3 years ago, ChicagoGus
Last score
Can’t retrieve last score!
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7 months ago, Chill will 707
To whom this may concern, my question : on the first turn, why do the dominoes switch from one side the next? it confusing when I am trying to set my trains up to play and the first dominos you play on the first turns, switches.
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5 years ago, Grama 70
Great app.
Love this app but sometimes it just shuts down. Right now game won’t close saying I have a move possible and I don’t. Do like the format and ease of play.
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2 years ago, Fineburg Bob
Not a Bad Game
but, the adds are 15 to 30 seconds long after each game. Also, the add Free charge does not state if it is one time or monthly. Also, the rules don’t follow most domino bore games.
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3 years ago, tigerf@n
Love the game & play it a lot however it keeps freezing up a lot & I have to uninstall it then re install.
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