Mexican Train Dominoes

4.7 (17.3K)
88 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dilly Dally Games
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Mexican Train Dominoes

4.71 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Disneylandbiker
Can get frustrating
Basically it’s fun but, the computer always has the advantage. I’ve noticed that on some plays when the other players should have to draw a tile, their total tile count does not go up. The computer will not let you continue until you draw a tile so your total tile count always goes up. Other times, when the other computer players draw a tile it is exactly the tile needed. It’s been my experience that playing with real plays this does happen, but not as frequently. All in all, it’s still a fun game and great for practicing your strategy.
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4 years ago, Gamerinski
Zero stars - too one sided
I thought I was the only one who felt like this but it’s apparent I am not. The game his very heavily weighed toward the computer players. They all team up against the human player (me and you). I thought it was a fluke until I started paying really close attention. They don’t play defensive against each other (playing out of turn on each other’s train, playing blocking dominoes, etc). But as soon as they can, they will play an open double and then play on your open train even if it’s a domino out of their train. I have never seen a more unbalanced game in my life. I have played literally hundreds of games and it always results in the same. The computer players team up so it’s always 3 against 1. Too unbalanced to be fun. It just turns into a frustration fest! Save yourself the trouble and get hearts or something else. This game is rigged to get you to buy their upgrades to play rounds over. Don’t fall for the money trap.
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1 year ago, TMo559
Update Fixed
Thank you for reaching out and explaining the very easy fix! ******************************* I have played this game for a few years now. I just updated my phone software and the new format is AWFUL!!! Why….WHY would you continually have to open and close to see and play your dominoes? I used to be able to see them all together, drag it and play. Now, open another screen, select a domino, flip back to another screen then play the domino? I went from sliding the piece immediately to four separate steps!!! Seriously?!?? WHY!? If I could give zero stars I would
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6 years ago, xxxxxxxxxxvvvvvv
Rigged game
I have been playing this game fairly obsessively for 6 months. It has definitely improved my strategic game as I win more when playing in real life, but it is rigged so that the computer players get significantly better dominoes that the human player in a game with real people someone will be short the opening domino about 2-5 times in an entire game. With this game I will be missing the starting number that many times and more all by myself. I just deleted the game as it is far too frustrating and seems cruel on the part of the designers.
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3 years ago, RUSHmanDave
Not really worth it
This app cheats. It itself plays by its own rules, makes up its own moves, and you’ll lose rounds that you might have normally won. Also in whatever was revised in this latest update, something has changed in how you earn vouchers. Sometimes you can watch 3 videos and earn nothing, sometimes just one. It used to be 3. I think I need to find a new app for this game. Very disappointed with thus app now. And to think I spent money for one of their T-shirts.
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2 years ago, Señorita Hazelita
You might win one in one hundred
If you enjoy being cheated by bots, you will love this game. It is so fitting that the bots have robbers names. You will almost always have to draw before they do. When a double is played, and they have to draw, their score never goes up on the first round, but yours will. The player above you, Jessie James, is able to block your move 99 out of 100 times…especially if you could win the round. I love playing dominoes with real people and win my share of the time. This game is not fun!!! If you play to relax, find a game that has real people, not bots.
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8 months ago, Ms Royale1
Best Mexican Train Domino’s
I’ve been playing this app a long time now and I find this game to be as random as if playing with my family and friends. Though we play doubles differently, I quite like how its done on this app. I win sometimes and I lose sometimes just like for real. I use this game as practice lining up my train. Once in awhile I use the auto train builder to see if I made the best choice. There are a lot of games out there that are worthy of complaints but this isn't one of them.
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3 years ago, you dont want a bad review
Still Hate new update
I spent - rather wasted - my time watching videos ads from TRAIN BUILDER in order to get a hint. I get 0 hints. Each time I think it will be better, but it isn’t. Don’t waste your time. Totally inconsistent. Yesterday I used Train Builder watching a video to get a hint. It refilled it to 9. Today I did the same thing and didn’t get a single hint. The developers still have a long way to go to make that a good choice for an app.
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10 months ago, BeingAbuela
Mexican train
Long ago and far away...MT used to be hard to win--very hard to win. So I quit for a long while. Got too discouraged (which is my wont😕). Then after a while I took another look and -- voilá -- I started winning. That's fun, of course, as well as the as well as the way to each is NOT predictable at all. I'm addicted "fer shure" but TY. Much later - I had again quit for quite a while as I was losing 90% of the time. Restarted lately but alas!! I’m still losing 99% of the time.... Writing this quite a while later - I’m still losing much more than winning but have become resigned to merely enjoying the play ….
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5 years ago, grammysteph
I love playing dominos and this version is easy to follow. However, the same computer was player does win over 75% of the time. But, the worst part is the lack of total randomness. It seems as if every time I get down to one tile left one of the other “players” will place an unplayable double. Or, if I have an open train as soon as I get a chance to close it the “player” above me will somehow manage to play a tile I cannot play on. Yes I know that is quite possible and the point of defensive play but the odds of it happening 3/4 of the time seem a little improbable to me. Lastly, I’ve had several times where I could swear I’ve played the same round multiple times.
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2 years ago, this i a sham
I love the game but it is depressing because I seldom win. I win about every 10 or 12 times. That’s depressing. Another complaint, There is an ad for a missing girl stuck on the page and I cannot play the game, or get out of it. Also don’t like the sexually incinuating adds for the casinos I love the ga,e but, Now this game is stopping, going blank. And it takes hours before I can play it again. This game keeps freezing, and I get just a white screen. This is getting more frequent. And is frustrating. As of to day it has been locked two two days now. Please fix it.
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4 years ago, Judy499
Game Rigged toward human players
I am deleting this app because the game is rigged against the human player as other reviewers have noted. The computer robots invariably wins each round and I usually end up having the highest points which means I lost that round. Frequently, one of the robots wins 5 -6 times in a game. It seems that every time I get close to winning a round one of the robots mysteriously comes up with a win. It is strange that the owners of this app would program the app in this way as players eventually get the message and stop playing instead of the owners programming the app so that the humans win at least 50% of the time so they will continue using the app. Not worth my time and deleting as soon as I complete this review.
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2 years ago, k@994a
Stopped working
I’ve been playing this game for months and love it. The app updated a day ago and will no longer open on my iPad. I’ve tried turning my device off and on, deleting the app and reinstalling it, but still won’t open. Very frustrating. Is it possible to go back to the previous version? UPDATE: Sent this message and developer responded that an update to support iOS12 was pending. Must have been approved as it works today. Thanks! Love this game even though I usually lose.
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7 years ago, Rothenmr
This game is not random
The same player wins. I get frustrated not only seeing the same computer-based player pulling more than 50% of the doubles but also winning with more than 50% less score —slightly above 200 while my score is 420 to 450. I play this game with the family and it win 25% to 40% of the time, accorded no to the captured statistics. The game needs an update with proper randomization. I have never seen a player win 3 times in a row while they same player pulled 2 out of 3 of the starting doubles for the same games he or she won. Addicting to play to help improve on my skills playing the dominoes version with humans but frustrating.
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3 years ago, Poppy1629
Don’t plan to win this
The game definitely favors to computer players. That said, I used to enjoy playing for practice. There are ads between each game, and although you see the same ads over and over, they are not too bad. Now however there no X to click to get back to the game when the ad is through. Instead it takes to the download page in the App Store and if you click done it takes you back to the X in an endless loop. I am giving up on this one and trying another one.
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7 years ago, Krtwin
Fun way to pass time
Better than other Mexican Train games out there. Really enjoyable. Since I haven't spent the money to use the "options" it seems like I haven't won a game since. If that keeps up will lose me. We'll see. UPDATE: I do spend hours playing but do question the randomness of the deal and winning. I wouldn't spend money for the options available so maybe that explains the way the dominos fall.
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4 years ago, ~£<{*|£'
You will lose most of the time
In someone else’s review, they thought the game was rigged. I believe it’s true. I agree that you will lose 75% of the time. There are times I have tiles to play, and I can’t play them on either my train or the mexican train. I am assuming that you need to buy something to be able to play all the moves you should, so I bought 20 vouchers for 99 cents. I figured if I buy something I should get something, but I don’t know what I got; I still can’t make some moves I should be able to. So I’ve accepted the fact that it is what it is. I play just to ‘practice’. I would like to see the developer respond to the many negative criticism regarding the game being so one sided. At least confirm what many of us experience. And I would like to know what the 20 vouchers I bought get me. It certainly doesn’t allow me to make the moves I SHOULD be able to move. Update: couldn’t take the one sided play anymore, I uninstalled it.
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5 months ago, Jannidee4
Mexican Train
I really like this game but was starting to get frustrated because out of playing so many games and only winning a very very low number of them, I just decided that I was going to make up my own rules. So, every time I come in last place, I tell myself that I won because I had the biggest number. I now win 49 out of 50 games. 😀😀😀.
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3 years ago, MacNAustin012544
Unable to start
I was not able to start a line because my dominoes did not contain the starting number. When I tried to draw, it wasn’t allowed because I had not put down a domino. The game also did not allow me to pass because I hadn’t played a domino. In most rules of Mexican train, if you don’t have a starting Domino to start, a person has to draw and then pass, if there is not a leading domino to play in order for the game to continue. When this happened, the game is not able to start for any of the players. This appears to be a flaw with the game. Please fix this issue.
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7 years ago, Abcass37
Mexican Train
I don't like how the game was changed. I liked it better without all the help. I would very much like to see it go back to what it was, or make 2 apps, one could be the original and one could be your new version, that I don't like !!! I also would like to win more often. I hardly ever win and that isn't how it used to be. I used to win a lot, which makes the game fun. No one likes to loose every time they play a game. Soon they will go on to another one.
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4 years ago, domino amigo
Bug found
Best version of the game I could find! Only bug is that if the domino is too low in the lower center section of the screen, you cannot access it. Instead, you will swipe out of the game. It has only happened to me once but I could see it potentially happening again if not careful. This only is relevant for iPhones that do not have a physical home button.
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2 years ago, ncstateuncapp
One player always wins
I have played this game over 5 years and while it has helped my playing in a real game, it can be frustrating. One game I played last night had one player winning all but 2 hands in the game and got a total of 23 points. The other 3 players each had between 500 and 800 points. Very unrealistic.
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1 year ago, Fizzy Mamma
Love the game. I think there a problem
Love this game! Very relaxing. However, I’m having an issue. When it’s my turn, it will say I have a domino to play. I don’t. I’m having to restart the game. This has happened a lot. At first I thought it was an isolated issue, but it’s happening almost each game I play. Any chance this can be looked into?
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2 years ago, A.Fan2011
Completely frozen
**UPDATE - still no response from developer. Update:app freezes on my iPhone after I complete a game. Only way to get to a new game is to delete the app and reinstall. No response from developer here and no way to contact developer through game or here on apple. A real shame. Also, it is "rigged" in that the robots never make a mistake so winning is darn near impossible. The app keeps freezing on my iPhone (running current iOS). I bought the "remove ads" option and can't get to a new game. HELP please! I love the game and want to give it five stars but can't play it.
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1 year ago, Bearmobile
Like it but freezes so done with it.
I’ve had this game for a few months. Enjoy playing it, haven’t seen the one-sidedness others cite, but then again, I just play through. LIke to win, of course, but not critical to enjoying. However, I have now deleted the game for good as it freezes t least once a week and no way to get back to game. Have to delete and reinstall. Happening more frequently, so I’m done. Moving on to another one.
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4 years ago, Hufma
Wow! I had to play this on and off for several days before I finally won a game!! So frustrating. I had to keep starting new games just to get into second or third place at then end of a game. Also the instructions are pitiful! If you’ve never played this game before you might have trouble understanding it. And what’s this “buy vouchers” routine so you can do simple things like replaying a round? What a rip off. I’m still debating if I want to remove the ads/purchase the game for $4.99. I’d like to know if it purchasing it would increase your chances of winning more often. The jury is still out on this game.
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2 years ago, Jessbevhop747
Mexican Train
We play Mexican Train every Tuesday night at church and practicing on my phone helps me to play well each week. I will soon be 76 years old and this game keeps my mind sharp and makes for an enjoyable game for grandchildren to play. Our granddaughter began playing when she was eight and loves playing this nonviolent game on my phone.
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6 years ago, Too bad, I liked your game
Odds are against the last player, which is you!
Game is set at three “computer players” and you and you are always last. There is no random pick, you are always last. This puts you at a constant disadvantage and you really have the least odds of winning. I played this game extensively for the past month and wrote down how many times each player won. Statistically speaking, “you” (me) had a snowballs chance in hell of winning, regardless of strategy. The game is rigged to support the computer players (3 of them against 1 of you) unless you buy their vouchers. Deleting it from my iPad.
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7 years ago, DJJJPOPE
Not like real life
I’ve been playing this game for four days and, for a significantly high percentage, one of the computer players always has a perfect hand (where they go out without having to draw a tile). Although I would expect this occasionally, it is occurring about 80% of the time. And I have yet to win a game after four days of playing. Anything that can be done to make this more realistic would be appreciated.
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7 months ago, Mark Henri
Not A Real Simulation
The game forces plays so it’s not real. For example, you must play on your own double if you have a domino that matches. It forces you to play your domino on other’s train instead of draw. The computer wins way too much because of this. There’s only limited strategy because you can’t refuse to play a domino and draw instead. Very frustrating. On the plus side, graphics are pretty good and it’s got a nice interface.
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4 years ago, Gibnook
Not working after update
I have enjoyed this game for some time. Though I never left a r view, I would have considered it worthy of 4 stars. As of today it will not open. Tried deleting and downloading it again without success. Did the update yesterday create this problem?
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2 years ago, RC2020!
Rigged game
I have been playing this game for a while now, thinking that over time the stats would balance out. I was wrong. This game is so clearly rigged towards the computers and it is incredibly frustrating. I love a good challenge, but this goes beyond “challenge” when the computers are constantly getting the right dominoes and playing unrealistic moves to block trains any chance they can, even if it means breaking their own train up. Unrealistic, annoying, and absolutely pointless. Not sure what the developers are thinking not fixing this game.
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5 years ago, carllemo
Having trouble.
I have been playing this game for months, but it just recently started telling me I can not draw or pass because I have a move when I do not actually have a domino I can play. This has happened a couple of times recently. I will not pay to start over. So about to download another game.
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4 years ago, RcknrbnReview
Not random and TOO many ads
I have always thought that the algorithms were not quite there since the same ‘person’ would win over and over. And, I think there are too many winning and losing streaks. But, I put up with the above complaints because I enjoyed the game. However, I am uninstalling the app. There are far too many ads recently. Sometimes there are two ads between EVERY round. The ads are very long, too, and sometimes you have to close multiple screens/ads before you can get back to the game. Disappointed.
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1 month ago, Tazz1962
One sided computer wins 85% of time
Love the game. However as other persons have mentioned the computer does win most of the time, and the other players team up against you. Also the count on the dominos does not always go up on the other players. I was watching very closely and it glitches or their dominoes. They don’t go up. Anyway I wished the playing screen was larger as well. Expand the screen please.
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1 year ago, kiki kolls
Mexican Train App
I play this game, but it never lets me win. I know the concept, but I’m beginning to see a pattern in the game, and know what’s coming, meaning, if I’m in the lead or only have one domino left, I can bet on another player throwing a double that causes me to have to draw 5 or 6 dominos, which assures that I am no longer in the lead. I have played this a hundred times and never win or even come in second. I an usually last every time. It just gets old losing every time!! That doesn’t happen in the real game of Mexican Train.
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3 years ago, Angel2073
Love the game, but upgrade is needed!!
I’ve been playing this game for a couple years now and it’s great! But I recently upgraded to a new iPhone and the buttons at the bottom of the screen are now really difficult to push bc they’re so thin! So when I want to pass, it will try to do the train builder! Very frustrating!! Please upgrade the buttons and make them bigger or move them from the bottom!!
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6 years ago, fedup1919
This game is set such that unless you buy the extras you can not win... the same player wins most of the first i thought maybe it was just more difficult, that’s not’s created to not allow you to win unless you buy the hiss... I’m taking it off my iPad..there are others more friendly, worth my time..set up a bit fairer...I’m now tired of this game...I’m deleting it. Sick of all the loud interruptions from the unnecessary...they just want you to spend money..plenty of other games like this less frustrating n annoying
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4 years ago, WxDoc
Please fix latest fix!
I've enjoyed playing this for years -- then the crashes started. Three fixes ago (Sep 2020), the "crash on start" began on my iOS 9.3.2 iPad. A few days later, you fixed that issue and I enjoyed playing the game again. Then, you installed another (the latest) fix and the "crash on start" began again. PLEASE FIX the latest fix so I can enjoy the game again!!!!!!
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4 years ago, laa8103
Good game, but
You can tell you are playing only the computer and not people. Sometimes it blocks my space and I can use my dice, it makes me draw and pass, I literally have to pass in order to move on, although I have a dice that can be played. Even with these quirks, I have fun.
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2 years ago, Tim30013001
They will beat you
It sounds stupid but it is rigged against you. When forced to pick from bone pile, it always takes me 3-4 dominoes to get what I need. Computer always takes one maybe two. When computer has to draw, amazing, they can always play on theirs or another train! While you rack up 4-5 more. And you always draw the double 12 or 11 just in time for computer to go out.
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5 years ago, rayzer928
Good Game!!
Very good game. Definitely challenging. However recently there has been a bug where if you haven’t played for a day or more it tries to start a new game then freezes after a few moves. Even after closing the app it still freezes. Hopefully this can get fixed soon to get back in the game!
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2 months ago, McRex
Advantage, computer
I’ve been playing this for a while, and seems like when you draw a tile it’s always a high number tile. This has not been my experience in real train. The computer seems to deal itself the best hands most of the time. Fun for a bit, then you get kinda sick of always falling prey to the above mentioned “ticks” of the game.
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2 years ago, Moog!
Good game! A couple of suggestions…
I play this game a lot, and like it. I play it almost exclusively on my iPad. There are 2 things that drive me nuts, though. First, and most importantly, I wish there was a way to speed things up. I don’t need to take a good, slow look at what the computer players are doing. I need the game to move faster. Secondly, and less important, I wish the tiles could snap to a grid (maybe an invisible grid?) to keep things a little tidier. Otherwise, I think it’s probably the best Mexican Train app in the App Store.
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4 years ago, vietzkea
Don’t love the latest update, but still a solid app
I hate the latest update, buttons are in the way and it made my current in progress round wack. But I’ve been using this app for years and have stuck with it over other ones for its simplicity.
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5 years ago, recovered2019
Mentally stimulating and fun until it’s not.
I have enjoyed playing this game for a while. It is addictive and it was a blessing while I was recovering for a serious accident. However, the advertisements have become excessive. I don’t mind to pay to play but commercials have gotten longer and longer, the last one lasting minutes. I am going cold turkey. It will be challenging but the memory of those commercials will help me make it through. Good bye.
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5 years ago, CherylTM
Buy or Beware
It seems that if you don’t buy the options like choose your draw, you can draw many, many times before you get a tile you can use. In the last three games I have only won one hand in each, no matter how well I am able to set up my original deal. I love to play, but DO NOT want to buy the options, and there aren’t any rewards/points to earn by playing well or using the options. Mostly a waste of time. Just deleted the game - maybe another one won’t be so obviously trying to make you buy the options.
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3 years ago, ckovy
Poorly (or intentionally) designed algorithms
A co-worker recommended playing Mexican Train, so I downloaded this app. As noted by other reviews, the playing is skewed toward the ‘computer’ players, having multiple joining dominoes, so very few draws are needed for a player; whereas the human player could play all but 1 or 2 dominoes and then gets stuck drawing several more (often large counting) dominoes. I only play a round or two before getting frustrated at the significant scoring variances. I will be deleting this app.
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4 years ago, TexasMarci
Would rather buy a game
Would much rather buy a fair game than play this rigged one. If you need to draw and have a double the other players don’t seem to have to play on your hand, They just keep on playing. I noticed that I was the only one having to draw from the deck, the others did not draw. I had one tile left and ended up with seven left, that just doesn’t happen in real least it doesn’t happen this often. Really really rigged. They should design a truly fair game and sell it, I would purchase it.
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6 years ago, True1717
April 2018: I use to really like this game but something has changed where you can usually tell who is going to win within a couple of hands. It is as if they program who is suppose to win so there is numerous hands where they get zero score as everyone else racks up the score. If you want to play a game where you typically lose this is it. It use to be where I would win most of the time and that’s not fun either. Nothing random here....I feel like they do that as an incentive to purchase the extra features e.g., replay hand.
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