MGM Rewards MasterCard

4.9 (14.6K)
42.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Bankcard
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MGM Rewards MasterCard

4.88 out of 5
14.6K Ratings
6 months ago, Lemons29A
The card has been really helpful to me weather to make my purchases, extra money, and reward points this service is by far some of the fastest services I have seen.
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5 years ago, Jeanette A.
Get a different credit card
The app itself needs work. The bankers can’t make changes to the app so you will get added and hidden fees if you don’t make the changes yourself and it’s difficult to do when the app wont allow you to delete account information. This card offers no real rewards other than a few points here and there. The bankers customer service find it easier to place blame on their customers rather than show empathy or apologize once in a while. This card will also charge you interest on a zero balance even after you pay it all off in full. The penalty charges or interest add ten dollars every time after you make a mistake and they will only remove one fee but your stuck paying the rising fees. Just get a different credit card, this one is too much hassle and the app doesn’t give notifications.
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2 years ago, l.magee
No notice
Definitely need to read the fine print given this a quote on quote casino card. Didn’t know that one of my purchases was a cash purchase and instead of notifying me first they automatically just deducted my spending amount. Like what’s the purpose of a casino card? If you can’t use a cash purchase which again I didn’t even know since I purchased an item on a website that I wasn’t aware that used it as an ATM transaction and not a credit transaction? So now my available credit is lower which screws my score but whatever I’ve been paying my bill on time with no issue so as long as I’m paying, I don’t understand why I can’t use the card. Will probably cancel once I finish paying the balance ridiculous.
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4 years ago, Murf4104
Garbage app...
Every time I attempt to log in it bites me an unacceptable content-type message. I have rest my password many many times... it’s Been like this for months... as for viewing reward information, they make you have to log in all over again. How about a sso or web hook? Why aggravate your customers to the point they hate attempting to sign in? Also not supporting all special characters... why? That’s just what I need to remember... that one crappy app does not support a variation of random special characters I like to use... I’d recommend spending some coin and get some decent programmers. The woman I just ranted to when canceling the card would appreciate that!
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4 months ago, FNBO reviewed
MGM Mastercard
Did my first run at changing and adding things. You cannot get back in to your account when your changing email address. You have to go out completely and sign in to you credit card. Double work! Are you really logged out of the first sequence to go back in to do other changes?
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2 months ago, Jacqu M.
Needs Express Payment with immediate update and access to funds
The app works well. BUT… after you make a payment you have to: 1. Wait a few days for the funds to be removed from the bank account 2. Wait a few days for the funds to be available in the credit account 3. App NEEDS a choice between a STANDARD payment and EXPRESS payment 4. I would prefer to have an option to pay an express payment charge of $3-$5 per payment request to have everything updated immediately and my funds available immediately. Other credit card companies have this option. It would be nice to have this app do the same.
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3 years ago, RoMiami4
Shameful Bank Practices
I recently went on vacation with the family and took along my Firstbank MasterCard to use during our trip. I made several attempts to make a purchase and was unable. I finally decided to call the bank in the hopes of rectifying the issue. My account had been closed due to inactivity! During my lifetime I have held accounts for numerous years without inactivity and have never experienced a similar issue. Time for M Life to find a reputable bank that knows how to properly accommodate it's customers.
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3 years ago, jram78911
Has not worked in iPhone 11 in last 30 days
App used to be great on my iPhone 11, now it does not even open . Try reinstalling same result. Ohh well back to the desktop site
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6 months ago, Tactical one
A gamble for sure!
Just activated card and there is no option on app to create account, just by reading reviews I can all ready see how sketchy this card will be. Don’t fall for the perks on this card as they all have fine print that will only benefit the house. Not surprised, just stick to your other cards unless you really need this one. I will probably just cancel it, just so I have peace of mind.
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7 months ago, 6kings fan
Please help a loyal customer
The worse ever. I didn’t know when my credit payment was due. The credit company reduced my credit limit without proper notification. If this credit company doesn’t improve customer service then I would cancel my card asap. Unacceptable and very unprofessional for customer that are loyal.
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11 months ago, 701kp66
Trying to enroll
I am trying to enroll my card. Will not even let me access any functions such as forgot password or user name. I have another card through the same company and when I follow the mgm website it takes me to my other card and will not let me enroll my card. Trying the 888 number and on hold. But if I missed a payment the phones would sure be working.
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2 years ago, IamSMC
Notifications Settings on iPhone 13 Pro
Good app for seeing charges & making payments. But missing notifications settings on iPhone 13 Pro
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1 year ago, Akmccool
It’s ok
It works fine except that it can’t store more than one payment account and as I pay from 2 different checking accounts, I have to input the checking account every time which is annoying. It also takes several days to process. I also hate that I can’t schedule more than 1 payment at a time. Sub par to other banking apps.
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3 months ago, KZ master
Great card
I love that I got my 100$ in mgm rewards. They gave me a good credit limit, better than Caesar’s visa. My mom has this card n we are very happy! Heading to borgata soon!
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1 year ago, Ryan LM
Even though the app may work correctly, the way the bank, FNBO, calculates payments and interest is flawed leading to late fees and other charges that I’ve never experienced with any other card, support knows they have issues but are unwilling to address the problems, it’s not worth getting nickel and dimed and having your credit dinged for a few points with MGM
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5 years ago, Alaska Pisces
Can not login once I’ve setup password security questions. Does not recognize my login credentials. What’s the point? C’mon mlife and first bank of Omaha.
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6 months ago, Sbowe72
Setting up recurring payments
I have tried several times over the last few months to set up automatic monthly payments but can’t seem to navigate to get it done
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5 months ago, RobThaReader
Never a Problem
Very easy to use and never have any problems
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4 years ago, Codaujukuddldt
Great App, can we use Face ID
The app gets what needs to be done. Online payments and checks balances. The only thing is can you update it to add Face ID for faster sign in?
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1 year ago, JamminAce
Privileges denied
You charged me for parking even when staying at your hotel/casino. And now, we don’t even get head of the line privilege on check in or buffets either. What’s the use of your stupid card? I’d rather use my Capital One or Discover card, getting 5% back, than use your stupid non existent privilege card!!
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10 months ago, sam//!
Cant get enough!
Can't say enough about MGM, the rewards program ,the hotels the employees everything just awesome!
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1 year ago, zrd18
Great app and your security is far better than other card apps thanks
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1 year ago, lickher1010
Fast and easy payment set up
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10 months ago, bennny 17
Automatic payments
I thought I had this set up for automatic payments but back in 2022 I was surprised to find out I did not. I was also not able to set them up I also can’t see the words I’m typing as I do this review. Lower it to 2 stars for that.
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4 years ago, DCJ001
This is the only credit card app that I have seen that does not allow the user to download credit card statements. Please add a button that allows the downloading of statements, or, at least, the printing of statements.
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2 years ago, smithje3
No notifications
Hard to believe this app has no push notifications or any settings that appear in iOS settings. Basic function is good but way behind on development.
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5 months ago, Gnx805
First time card user
Looks like a good card and good customer service
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2 months ago, RHJR73
Awesome Card to have!
I love the MGM Rewards Card App…makes it super easy to keep track and make payments!
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5 years ago, JPDEsq
Horizontal vs vertices view
I wish it allowed for screen rotation- I use it on my iPad and have to hold it vertically when I prefer to use it horizontally. But it otherwise does what it needs to.
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2 years ago, 83polo
Love this credit card❤️it a must having this card
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4 years ago, SB-40SF
Worst Mobile Banking App I Have Ever Used.
This app needs a serious update. I’m continually locked out of my account and have to call customer service to get a new password. Why hasn’t the bank fixed this, as I see I’m not the only one to have this problem? I’m so frustrated that I’m close to canceling my account altogether. Fix this! Sidney B.
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2 years ago, qngie23
I love my card very happy with it never Gad a problem
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2 years ago, Monterup
Are you guys working on the app?
App won’t open or work I don’t understand why FNBO won’t work on apps and online can someone inform me what’s going on I would get on the board and make a difference cuz this is ridiculous if I knew FNBO was unresponsive I would of went somewhere else
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4 years ago, sys3175
Refuses to open
This application has been having issues opening with the latest versions of iOS. It will go to the splash screen, then return to the Home Screen. It was working in the last beta release but refuses to open with the release version.
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2 years ago, bt😊
Good app but always have trouble with Face ID working with it
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5 months ago, Kingtrib
MGM and them are not partners they don’t work together or communicate was redirected 7 times and nobody could help me. The slot dollars back are at a lower percentage then cash back on any other decent credit card. You can do better don’t sign up!!!
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4 months ago, lossimo
Have been unable to make payments via this “app” or online. Having to make a phone call harkens me back to a time when GW Bush was in the White House and the markets were getting ready to slide. What a time that was and what an “app” this is! 🙃
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2 years ago, SonTzu Tang Clan
Cut my limit for no reason
II had an unexpected need to run up one of my cards and MGM took that as an opportunity to cut my limit down to basically where I had nothing left on the card. They cut it by like ⅔. Not a great way to treat your customers.
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2 years ago, Mrgb79
Love this card!
Such a great card great benefits, great company to do business with
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4 months ago, Suu2daWuu
Slow at raising fico score yet quick to reduce score once you use your card for anything. Credit scores are a scam!!!
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2 years ago, Carmen Rufus
Loving this card
#1 card got me. Just love it
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1 year ago, Rusty Choppers
The worst credit card and app
This is not only the worst app but also the worst credit card. They are constantly crashing and they do not add up rewards correctly.
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1 year ago, JG!$$
Bonus points!??
Signed up for same promo with a friend He received his 20,000 points for spending 1,500 in first 3 cycles and I got 10,000 And I was the one who sent him the email promo! Was told nothing to be done! Very disappointed
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1 year ago, DRBSDO
Could be a lot better
Clunky app. FaceTime login does not work. Long delay to get points rewarded. Unreceptive support service.
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2 months ago, steel1216
Great card to have awesome
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1 year ago, 5678924462001
App is too slow
Takes forever to open, and if it wants to open.
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2 years ago, mrtheburks
The app used to be great. I used it regularly to make my monthly payments and check my balance, all the usual things. Now the app will not even load beyond the logo screen.
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5 years ago, Len Kendall
Why is there a button to view MLife rewards in the app if you can’t actually do it? It just sends you to a website. Additionally this app doesn’t take advantage of Apple’s FaceId to login.
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6 years ago, Jsbgolfer81
This app is great. Up to date and fast. Everything I need. Great job Mlife!
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6 years ago, lvnmalife
Great App
App does what I need from it, I know what I spend so that is never an issue for me. Thank you
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