MHVFCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (4.9K)
41.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mid-Hudson Valley FCU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MHVFCU Mobile Banking

4.77 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
2 years ago, racindave99
It’s does what I need
What else can I say? I’ve been using this app ever since it existed. It does just about everything and anything I need it to do as far as banking is concerned. No issues and no complaints. One of my favorite things believe it or not is that it doesn’t require me to change my password or a regular schedule or after a period of inactivity (which never happens). I have another account at another banks and the frequency of change of password is ridiculous. That requires a call to my local branch and it’s time consuming. Thank you MHVFCU for NOT making me go through that.
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5 years ago, Sara845
Pending deductions.
Your app is always changing. One day it will show a pending deduction with the deduction showing on my balance. On other days the pending deduction isn’t being shown deducted from my account balance. It makes it extremely difficult to balance my books when the app is never consistent. If a pending deduction shows, my account balance should show it as well.
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7 years ago, Heem914
App has its hiccups
I love this app when it’s working which is most of the time but for the times it’s not it can be annoying forcing me to login to the website instead. One thing I would add to the app is being able to set up auto transfers via the app instead of logging in the site.
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2 years ago, 12351352468321
Update made check deposits miserable
The app worked well enough before, but after a recent update, the mobile check feature is a pain. You have to exit the app and come back between taking pictures off the app because the “rotate your phone” message won’t go away (despite being rotated). I’m a big fan of the mobile deposit, been using it for years, but this new “notice” is the opposite of helpful.
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4 years ago, ah DJ gh gh
Deposit checks through app
The image captured by your app is of very low resolution. Perhaps work could be done to improve that and therefore decrease the number of times we have to retake the photograph. Other financial institutions have a much higher resolution photograph. Thank you.
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6 years ago, 12477girl
How much is really available in my account?
The only improvement I can think of that is like to see is in bill pay. Why isn't the payment deducted from my visible balance immediately? This throws me off and has caused issues for me.
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4 years ago, Best game so far!
Not great
Overall, MHV leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to customer service. Although this app is an upgrade from their previous version, still it is inferior to the app of my other local credit union and inferior to my commercial banking app. Additionally the customer service and support for MHV Visa customers is inadequate; the platform through the app takes several hours before updating to show the most current info.
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7 months ago, Richygiama
MHV is great
I’ve been banking with MHV for a few years now and the staff is mostly fantastic, they work with me through all sorts of ups and downs and I love that about them which is why I stay. the highland branch manager, she is very helpful and professional.
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5 years ago, Mkellerhouse
Best app, best bank
I have been with this bank for years and I will never switch. Mobile banking works flawlessly and bill pay is great also. I’ll always stay with this bank!
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5 years ago, TGIF24557
Makes me regret joining this bank
Too many times the app doesn’t work or doesn’t show my current balance and sometimes I’m in a place were I need it urgently. The check deposit is way too ridiculously slow. It takes DAYS for it to go into my account. I need a bank and app I can rely on and this isn’t it. Now I’m going to have to waste more time finding a new bank.
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5 years ago, mnkhbcgdg
Not happy
I’m upset because I always have to deposit the check in the bank because the picture never comes clear
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6 years ago, MeganEhay
Makes a mamas life easy!!!
I love that I can deposit checks and transfer when I need to. It makes a stay at home mom's life much easier when it comes to paying bills!
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1 year ago, happyhorse....
Customer friendly
Employees of mhvfcu are always helpful, pleasant, friendly and accommodating. Free checking, and accumulating points for rewards are a plus. Bruce cohen
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4 years ago, _mysa
In App Errors
I love the app and think it’s very convenient but I don’t really know what’s been going on lately it’s been a crashing and continuously giving error messages. it’s a little frustrating and when trying to go on the site it does the same thing.
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3 years ago, 123 Sun
On line banking
MHVFCU is so convenient to have on line checking and to have a mortgage with. It is worth it to check it out
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3 years ago, Demitri76
Very user friendly
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3 years ago, Packer Backer 007
Mobile Deposit not working
In the past I have used mobile deposit with no problem. Now when I take a picture of the check front it give an error message that is does not recognize the image. It shows the image and it looks good. I tried closing app and rebooting phone. I even tried my wife’s phone. Nothing works. 🙁🙁🙁
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6 years ago, Ms. Homes
Great app. Love being able to send checks into the bank without leaving my home.
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2 years ago, TamSid
I absolutely love MHVFCU, this is crazy I was just telling my coworker about you guys this week. “Like I’m never leaving them “
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7 years ago, Elemeno.P
Works Great For Simple Stuff
I use this app to move money between accounts, and it works great. It's saved me tons of time and effort.
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7 years ago, Haymaesim
Love the bill pay!
Couldn't be easier!
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2 years ago, BUR_DBH
Very bad experience
Worst experience I ever had with a bank kept finding ways of me not having access to my money letting a closed account freeze my account even after I went and got proof that account been got took care of
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6 years ago, This stuff makes me yeaaaaa
Quick, easy and very convenient. Love every bit of this app
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3 years ago, Mujahid163
Very good bank great service at all times
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5 years ago, Descon123
Best Bank in Hudson Vally
I am member since 2012. Staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. Always find banking solutions easily. Debit card is a plus. Thanks MHVFCU
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8 months ago, gagagavgsbzhebjsbs
Server issues
Times I really wanted to check my account the servers where down.
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4 years ago, Mrs. McLucas
I love having all access to all of my accounts on the go.
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2 years ago, Ansh s ingh
Good service
Staff very friendly
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11 months ago, josiemmm
App no longer opens
App does not open on iPhone. I have deleted and installed again several times. It works once or twice and then will not open.
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6 years ago, RNP053
Makes banking easy!
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6 years ago, earv57
Love it
I love this app makes banking so easy!!
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4 years ago, Daisy712174
Easy to use
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1 year ago, Johnny5NeedInput
Getting Application Error
I am not able to use this on my iPad due to an error being retuned.
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6 years ago, Bear_glizzy_19
Its alright could be WAY BETTER....
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5 years ago, desi<3
The bank app as well as customer service Barely work
There has been
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5 years ago, world9987
Needs to be updated
Needs to update the interface it’s a lil hard to navigate
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6 years ago, wayshamd
Oh so easy to use
It’s an app!
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2 years ago, JohnnyP62
Customer service
The Newburgh managers, Ryan & Eugene are outgoing, friendly, professional and likable. A true smile would look good on the face of the female teller with long black hair. Thank you. Sincerely, John Pelletier
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4 years ago, rhenry19
Best banking app everrrrr!
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4 years ago, Ndjdiejfnf
App crashes a lot and it also annoyed me that it asked me for feedback. 1 star.
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4 years ago, Lloyd in NY
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12 years ago, Calypso Kid
Love it!!!
It just doesn't get any better. When I first talked to a live teller at 4a.m. I was blown away. Now with this app I have easy access to all of my accounts in on my phone. The only thin that would make it better is if they could integrate a cash dispenser on my iPhone for more convenient ATM withdrawals! :-)
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9 years ago, Silvachelle
It's better than nothing?
My biggest problem with the app is that the current balance information is unreliable/inaccurate. The pending transactions are sometimes accounted for in the available balance, and sometimes not. There is no running balance within the posted transactions, either, so it's impossible to even figure out what's what by doing the math. The remote deposit takes two business days to process, even for a check drawn from another MHVFCU account. In short, it's like a 5-year-old dressed up in mommy's heels and pearls.
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7 years ago, Bex in the Big Apple
Very easy to use. Concise without unnecessary extras that could get in the way. I don't live near any of the branch locations, so transferring funds between accounts is super easy with the app. Plus, with the mobile check deposit I don't have to worry about traveling to a branch. Love the app, so glad it exists!
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9 years ago, Fearnomanonlyme
Add POP feature
Has mostly everything one would need in a mobile banking app, except one thing. The POP feature should be added which allows you to receive and/or send money to anyone via phone number or email. Most major banking apps have this feature. If this were added I would rate this app five stars.
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9 years ago, Saugerties12477
I've used other mobile apps that allow check deposits. This is just as user friendly as I would expect. Even had tags to remind you what to do on the reverse side of the check - to note it's mobile app deposit. No issues at this time. Satisfied.
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12 years ago, L'nea
I like the app but do wish there was a way to contact the bank through it. I'm traveling for a few months and have had some trouble using my bank card and need to sign into mhvfcu through the Internet (safari) app on my iPhone in order to get help. But so glad it exists!
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8 years ago, MsLiz41
Great app
Great app - Finally! I'm really glad to see MHV coming up to the 21 century. The changes make it completely fantastic to bank with them. The one thing that would make this a home run would be able to deposit checks through it like a couple of others do. But it's great anyway! I'm very very happy.
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12 years ago, onetinsoldier69
Below par
In an "app"-based, technology driven world, the inability to perform tasks available in other apps is a major drawback. Tasks such as online check deposit such as is available from Chase and BOA among other institutions. Yes as an institution you do offer 24/7 live teller assistance but what if we are not near a facility? Above all, use of an app allows us more 24/7 access except it does not provide all the desired functionality of the teller service you have made the center focal point of how you serve the consumer. App is eh.
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9 years ago, Moo58
Banking in my Pajamas
It's a little tricky to get photos of the checks just right, but still easier than schlepping to the bank each week. I like that I can do my banking at home & I never have had a problem with these checks being added to my account balance.
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