Mi Claro PR

3.2 (3.3K)
105.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
América Móvil
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mi Claro PR

3.23 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
9 months ago, Angel's_Baby91
App has a lot of bugs and delays
Just like their service and their horrible customer service, the app is average or below, a million bugs, slow, delays, constant error messages. if you have it good if not you wont miss it.
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2 months ago, Predacon8226353537282
Improvement Needed
1. The pay module does not support Apple Pay, the payment gateway is Evertec uses 1980s technology. Adding a payment credit card fails with no reason (Visa) 2. The application loading keeps covering the screen for an unreasonable amount of time even after you can see that the action was completed in the background. 3. Combine this with the wait time required for anything through their phone system and you will die before getting anything solved the 98% of the time 4. Claro harasses with offers through calls and texts, I have been called 5 times in a day. They sell their database to third parties and they do not track their sales efforts 5. In person support feels like dealing with CESCO; in other words, get a day off to spend it in a store to complete anything related to your voice plan.
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5 years ago, Fxxmoto
Has some Bugs & Face ID Not Working
App is ok, there’s some bugs and glitches one of my main problem is when you have to type for payments or any other things that requires to type it has problems you click the area where you want to type and it doesn’t do nothing and keyboard doesn’t show and you have to try a few times and then later it works, other times you have to move the page or zoom it or whatever so you can click the area where you want to type. The other is they eliminated the Face ID that helps a lot to get in to your account more faster than typing every time the password.
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2 years ago, Tagger99
Horrible app that shows the companies lack of investment
The app is the worst. It just loads and loads and does nothing. The company like is app is all around poor service unless you get a good rep from the call center. Claro like most companies needs to first fire this app developer they have in-house or external. Find a better developers that understand how an app should work. Then start to working on firing you poorly trained and lack of proper communication skills. Then your company and service will have a fighting chance in the new age we live in where service paid for actually works.
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4 years ago, Coqui Unlimited
To be fair to the App creators the app is good, now the phone service itself is ridiculous! Local calls say they are from Afghanistan or Russia! The system is rigged to constantly call asking for payments, but when it’s for them to fairly give credit for their lack of good service or no service at all they are slow to do that. This company has no shame and are lame for the elderly and disabled.
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3 years ago, JASoriano
A lot to improve
Here my personal opinion about the APP It fails frequently When you pay your bill there should be an email confirmation, sometimes you see the green screen confirming that you did pay, then you click cerrar, soon after there is a message, your payment was not completed , you pay again and you are charged twice. The timing message your session expired looks like need to be adjusted , too often get you out and needs to try again.
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3 years ago, Lovelypan_da
Service is crap!
I have been trying to log into my account for like two weeks now. i asked for help and they said it would take 48hrs to fix the problem with the app a week has passed and I’m yet to log into my account i tried the report issue button in the help tab and I can’t even send the report message…the app is completely useless. I’m looking under rocks for a reason to keep being a customer for this company.
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3 years ago, Prjagman
Worst Commercial App Have Used
App freezes constantly. Have tried several times to update user info on page and get unable to process at this time message. Also get a session expired messages when trying to pay thru app. They talk a lot about service but quality of internet service it’s deplorable. Counting my days to migrate to high speed satellite services so can say “good bye and good riddance” to this slow internet speed and non-customer oriented company.
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3 years ago, Bob di Master
Device consolidation!!
I’m Just curious about Last Update mentioning that theres a new option to pay off devices individual, but theres no option or link aded to it. Bad There’s No Option added To The app.
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2 months ago, Edgarjoel
Does the job!
The app does crash sometimes and it might take a bit to load. To be honest, it does the job and it helps pay the phone and makes my life easier.
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1 year ago, 23Bori
For payment you pay and get the green confirmation but no email and you check your balance and you still owe the amount you just paid. Check my bank account and they took the money. I don’t understand how a company can legally steal money from people like this. I have seen others double pay because of this “error” which seems more like a trap then an error if it happens to everyone
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2 months ago, HectorLoUb
Worst app ever!
For the past six months I’ve been calling with the same situation, being kicked off the app, having to change passwords multiple times just to get into one of my accounts because the other one is never linked. I’ve called every month for the past six months to try to fix the problem and it never seems to be resolved. This app is just pure and unadulterated trash.
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1 year ago, Landy 7221
Chat crashes
I have been trying to communicate with them thru the chat to claim a that I paid off a phone in November 8th and every time they say they are going to check the information, the crashes and closes the session. It is ridiculous, on a single day it crashed 6 times while I was making my claim, that is still unsolved 😡
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2 years ago, Petedjpr
Good app but very slow
When I try to make a payment the app keeps loading for minutes until I give up and close it. Sometimes this situation cause to be delay in payment.
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2 years ago, Malonso 98
Can be improved
Recommendations: App is to slow, can it respond faster? It does not includes current offers, can they be included?
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3 years ago, jmsr.9826
About functionality
The app it’s super convenient for make payments, but i think it can improve the interface.
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3 years ago, AmaMor138
When it comes to payment there’s no problem, but when you’re using the customer service chat it always closes itself and it’s virtually impossible to hold a conversation.
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5 years ago, Lando011970
Widget with last update doesn’t work on ios 13
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3 years ago, MigdyS
Fails too many times
App goes on a loop when you try moving from the different accounts to pay. It crashes frequently.
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5 years ago, JenJenRod
No longer working after update!
The app was working just fine. I could see my internet usage (I have a modem). With the new update I can’t log on my account. I have to do it through ebill on my browser. It just doesn’t work, at least on iOS. Please, go back to what it was!
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2 years ago, LivingMyDrean
Horrible live help chat! Gets disconnected
Forget about chatting with an agent to report No Service. They disconnect you or app is that bad. Can access help since service is down in both accounts.
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2 years ago, ThatsSoEt
Very slow, almost impossible to use it
It takes a long time to log in, and even a longer time when trying to navigate its different sections. This app is terrible.
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10 months ago, Agudiel21
New Update
The app have a lot of problem you put your credit sales in your correct password and have a very long delay to us and most of the times block your access. Need corrections
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4 days ago, edwismith
Takes too long to load
Takes forever to enter the app and not it’s not my internet connection. Thanks
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1 year ago, westCoast runner
Needs improvement
I’ve had multiple login issues even though I have put the right credentials.
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3 years ago, la abuelo da paco
I can’t pay…
It’s been more than 5 months since I started to have problems trying to make a payment… Please fix it.
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4 years ago, Alexamloiz
Can’t make payments on the app
It’s been several months and customer service always says it’s under maintenance...for several months??! Not possible. Not happy with app or with their customer service. Simply horrible in all ends.
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2 years ago, Shma981
Poor service
Unfortunately I’ve had a bad experience using the application, customer service could not resolve or at least clarify my situation. They have a lot to improve.
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1 month ago, Jfighter9
Terrible customer service and awful phone service
The company is a real scam! They are always trying to steal from the working poor! Their service is as bad as their moronic employees!
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2 years ago, Elexi43
Alway presenting problems/ issues
It seems like is never working or platform is habing issues. When it does work… is very slow and unresponsive.
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2 years ago, quezobione
Stays loading
The app is alright for what it is. But needs UI work. Loading screens taking forever just to navigate the payment tabs.
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2 years ago, xxxx. llllllhhhhjh
App is not updated
Manage the payment is a pain. The recurrent payment was configure but the system does not recognize the recurrence and the payment method enter neither.
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3 years ago, what's with the Nick
No update available to download
The app tells you to update but there is no update available. I am unable to access my account due to this. Please fix it
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5 years ago, vicesascu
No no no
It’s a trash like they don’t let me fue into my account I asked for service client and they respond me that they can’t not do anything . I pay my amount and it doesn’t update me into like 2 days
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1 year ago, mara0920
Don’t let me pay
I have to keep calling to do a payment even with different cards
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2 years ago, josue7788
Don’t let me sign in
It’s time to fix this crap of app since I have my service I haven’t been able to sign in
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2 years ago, mygoldenmarley
App is like using a 1999 website
Seriously, you have so much money. You can spend in improving your app.
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5 years ago, 3gdream
Need to upgrade the app
Last update eliminated automatic login, making difficult accesible difficult
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8 months ago, Chico cangri23
Claro PR
Slow display, PDF invoices doesn't show, not very functional
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6 years ago, Tiorobert23
Pura Basura!
en iphone 8 no loggea se queda loading, loading y loading y loading,loading loading loading loading loading loading loadingloading loading loading y nunca entra, 🤬
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5 months ago, Es una porqueria de app
Could be better
This app is way too slow, it don’t really help at all, in 2024 this is embarrassing
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3 years ago, Anderson$$$
System failed
It won’t let me login at all change passwords, reinstalled app nothing
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1 year ago, wilaliz
Mi claro app
This app no longer on my phone. This is we’re I pay my bill and keep check on my usage.
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5 years ago, rllavona
Please fix the widget... since fewww versions ago it doesn’t work at all and i think is the only thing worth downloading this
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5 years ago, Stiviiex
Last update
Last update it’s horrible. No face id, no finger id. Slow and not easy to work on it
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3 years ago, Yaveran
Upgrade doesn’t work...
They ask to upgrade and doesn’t work. Horrible service Claro
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2 years ago, megaanibal10
Good service
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3 years ago, jmgzzzz
App seldom works
This app is worthless! It gets hunged up all the time. It is not reliable at all. A piece of trash!
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8 months ago, Marrburg
Bad math
I made a payment and it posted as a debit doubling my current balance due. Not happy.
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4 years ago, jowyrivera
Piece of crap never works
Terrible app full of bugs can’t pay bills
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