Mi Home - Manage smart devices

3.7 (8.4K)
445.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beijing Xiaomi Co., Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mi Home - Manage smart devices

3.69 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Upset Updates
Generally good
So far the app is generally good. My only complaint is Sign in with Apple is COMPLETELY butchered. If you first Sign in with Apple it’ll make you go back to the home page and then you have to Sign in with Apple again and then it asks for your email (which it should already know if implemented correctly). After initial set up if you sign in again with Apple, it makes you once again confirm conditions you’ve already confirmed and then once again asks for your email (which it already has…). Other than Sign in with Apple issues, I’m pretty satisfied with the app. I have the W10 mop vacuum and it is really cool, the map is nice. My one note if is there is a firmware update and it is already cleaning, it’s a pain. It’ll say “update now” or “exit”. You can’t update if it’s cleaning and if you exit you can’t stop it from cleaning. Exit needs to simply dismiss the message, not force you back to the home page. Still, 4 star app, don’t let the 2 negatives I’ve pointed out deter anyone from using because overall it’s good.
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1 year ago, Nai-De
Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro
Is a great scooter, hampered by this useless app. I literally have to install a home management app to lock/unlock/update the scooter, as if it were a home appliance. Of course, this ever will remain the only item in this app, which even with shortcut on the home screen, makes the user experience ludicrously convoluted. Not EVER going to buy a not HomeKit compliant home automation device, nor a phone/tablet. So 98% of what the app is able to do, just gets in the way. But worse, the Scooter doesn’t support automation, so one can’t even make lock/unlock shortcuts. But it doesn’t stop there. Home Automation from a watch interface remains a clumsy experience. But the ONE thing one would be wanting to use the app for, to lock/unlock the scooter, so one doesn’t have to carry the phone or dig it out of a bag: THAT’s exactly what the watch app can’t do: it doesn’t seem to display any device that’s not a home automation device (assuming it works at all, given that the only device I have is the scooter which doesn’t show). So, watch app is useless to lock/unlock the scooter; the iPhone app takes at least half a dozen taps plus waiting for BT connection and Face ID to achieve the action. The whole app thing mars the otherwise pleasant experience driving the scooter; real pity, because it’s a constant nuisance: every stop you make with the scooter, you’re annoyed over and over again.
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4 years ago, Magic Bots
S5 and S6!!
We love our roborock vacuums. We have one for our 1st floor and one for our second floor. Easy to setup and add to our Google home assistant. They run on a daily basis and keep our home vacuumed and mopped perfectly. Our home is 99.5% laminate flooring with the other .5% being rugs. With ease the s6 adjusts and vacuums the carpets. The apps new features are awesome letting you set no go zones and allowing you to break up rooms and name them. Top notch bot for a reasonable price with lidar nav. Meaning it doesn’t just roam it actually has a meaningful path it’s going to take so it’s more efficient during clean up. With a total of 3029 square ft to clean these bots get their daily work and do it well. Maintaining them is a breeze with the app telling you everything you need to do and when it is time to do it! I would have loved to get the S5 max but couldn’t pass up the great price of the S6. If your looking for more of a mopping bot I would take a look at the S5 Max if that doesn’t matter the S5 and S6 are perfect additions!! So cheers to Jaunita and Juanito!! And thanks Roborock for making our days easier!!
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5 years ago, Ezzuminya
Great lil robot
Have only used it to sweep but it does a pretty decent job and is pretty fast about it... only problem is the dust bin does not empty itself during docking/charging time!! but the cool thing is once you hook it to your phone it has a pause feature and you can remove the dust bin after it has been from room to room for awhile, empty it out and replace it. Go back on your phone and hit start or continue not sure what it said exactly lol but it continues right along until it covers anything it has access too.. so yeah pretty awesome so far but like I said I have not tried the mop features... future bad review may come. Dunno? I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt cuz I like it so far.. fingers crossed... hope this helps someone out there looking to buy one of these things... oh yeah battery life was pretty decent long as you kinda pick stuff up off the ground and the less it bumps things the better battery life.. just sayin!! Later
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4 years ago, Spambush
Fix some defaults, otherwise solid for vacuum.
The app has some surprising capabilities but you have to hop down the rabbit hole to get to them. Probably the easiest fix is to default to having the device save the map. Once the map is saved dividing the space into named rooms/areas is easy. Once that is done the app is easy and reliable for the most part. Particularly nice is the pin and go feature which drives the robot right to where you need it for spot cleaning. Noticed some buggy behavior with the remote control feature in the app not recognizing joystick touches. Quitting and restarting the app seems to clear the problem. The go home command always works as does selecting individual areas for mopping. Solid robot!
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2 years ago, T Sacch
Roborock S5 crushes the competition
I have bought, sold and repaired the top brand robotic vacuum for years. Still sell on auction site. I was dyed in the wool top brand only. not into other brands. Well this S5 unit got sent to me accidentally and I almost sent it back. But then I decided to test it after making a deal to keep. Well let me tell you, this thing is far better. Better app. Better mapping. Better features. Better performance. I vacuumed the bedroom with the top brand high spot unit. It wasn’t collecting anymore dirt or dust after three runs. Then I ran the Roborock and it picked up a full bin. Twice. By the third run it was only getting half bins and then eventually just fresh golden retriever hair from the dog following the vacuum around. Great unit. I will upgrade to the S7 series as I can.
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3 years ago, ladymblack
Stopped working for no reason
App no longer controls the Roborock vacuum. Sometimes it connects to the vacuum, but the vacuum refuses to acknowledge the app. I tried to get support, but it doesn’t appear to be available in English. I’m also less than impressed with the vacuum itself. For one thing, there’s only one brush on one side, so if you want it to vacuum to the left, that’s just too bad, too sad. For another, it has this idiotic thing sticking up from the body (supposedly to help it get back to the dock, but which doesn’t do that job very well) that causes it to get stuck in odd places. It also does not do well in any area where some exploration is necessary, which means that it never fully cleans my kitchen. The iLife, which just bounced off the walls, did a much more thorough job even though it had less sophisticated programming and failed to obey scheduling within a short period of time. I can’t imagine buying anything else from this company.
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5 years ago, /@294!:7.akficr
Cleans better than my old Dyson!
Love this little vacuum/mop. We have 2 cats and although I vacuumed with my dyson animal immediately before starting this vacuum it pulled enough dust and fur up to fill the dustbin. Our rug hasn’t been this clean since we got it. I’ve used it 3 times this week and we’re thrilled with it. Only reason for 4stars instead of 5 is ease if use with the phone. It’s not so easy to set up for those of us tech challenged folks in fact it’s still not set up. I happened on the the remote once when I was looking for something else and haven’t found it again now that I want to use it... the nice thing is we can just place it where we want to clean and press start.
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5 years ago, rachel_n_west
App rating not machine rating
The app has many features that are excellent. However it is not very user friendly. It can be a little confusing to try to set up your vacuum robot to complete certain tasks. I had to scour the whole app and spend over an hour getting to know where things were within the app. If you don’t have some features set up, it won’t allow you to set up others. Then you have to back out and go find where those settings are. I do love all the features this vacuum can do and that you can go through an app, just wish it was easier to set things up and the understanding of what features are in what categories.
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8 months ago, smooth day
Not perfect hut ok
App is somewhat not user friendly. Need to search, trial and error, got something by chance. The region setting is vital important in initial setting. I am in USA and the app recommended choose United States of America which will lead to watch never found by app. Then after two days found the region selection in profile section and chosen Mainland China. Hooray app found my watch in few seconds. The afterwards setup is ok and successful. You should add a note for overseas user to choose Mainland China first and after set up, can change to user’s time zone and use it good all over the world.
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3 years ago, janniebobannie
Love “Gladys”!!
I so love my Roborock! “Gladys” amazingly does a great job getting up dog hair on my short haired dog, it’s easy to set up and I can set her to vacuum any room whenever it’s convenient. I haven’t used the mop feature yet, due to the odd shape of my carpeted area vs tile, but just have to map it out and find the time. I had another brand that stopped working after warranty was out and was NOT happy with it from the start. Gladys is still working strong…zero complaints here! Have had her over a year and it only got stuck once, which was my fault. You will love it!
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5 years ago, Littlejoeman
Needs a little work
I use this app with a Roborock S5 robotic vacuum cleaner. The device offers a “zoned cleanup” mode, which is nice, but the app does not allow the map to be rotated or for the zone to be drawn as anything other than a horizontal rectangle, so the zone doesn’t ever match the shape or orientation of the map. I end up with a zone shaped like a square that is overlaid on the map of a room that is shaped more like a diamond. Also would be nice to be able to break the house into multiple zones with different cleaning schedules (e.g. kitchen and living room every day, bathroom twice a week, bedroom once a week, etc.). All in all, it’s still not a terrible app and I love the robot itself, just need a little improvements to the app.
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5 years ago, AdmfromFisher
Great product!
Very satisfied with this robot vacuum cleaner. Much more intelligent than one of the earlier products I bought from another manufacturer five years or so ago that just traveled around the room like a drunken sailor until it’s battery needed charging. This one really maps out the room well, makes intelligent decisions how to split the job up, and the carpets look great, like it was mowed it in even rows. Especially like the iphone map feature where you can block areas, set up virtual walls. Great when mopping! That claims to be a beta test feature, but works pretty well.
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6 years ago, Abdullah.S
Great app
Great app and fantastic Roborock S50 vacuum, I love and appreciate the fact that they keep them updated regularly. The only problem I have with the app is when I go to “Remote Controls” in Settings, it keeps testing the network and checking the firmware update, then it says: “Make sure both the vacuum and the phone are on the same network” while they both are on the same network. This feature used to work when I first got the vacuum but stopped working recently. Not big of a deal for me since I don’t use the remote control, but it’s nice to have it around. (US server + updated app + latest firmware)
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4 years ago, nada71134
The Worst App/UI ever
I bought the S5 about a month ago. This is the worst app and the worst app by usability that I ever saw. Everything is so convoluted and complicated. Doing something simple requires many clicks and logical workflows are disjoining. The vacuum we itself is the worst. It will redraw and redraw our house, for some reason it can’t tell where is it and it will add random rooms of to the side which don’t exist in the house when it is in the room it already mapped. I don’t understand why it doesn’t let you edit the maps so that at least you could for ones create a proper map. This way it is in a perpetual wrong redrawing mode. Also, putting no go zones is useless if it doesn’t recognize where it is. I had such high hopes for this product, but so far Ivwish that I just bought a Roomba.
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5 years ago, robndenver
Roborock S50 is great on hard floors-not carpet
So far, this S50 is amazing on hardwoods for vacuuming and mopping. It is all working like it should and very efficient and effectively. On carpet, which is short and light tan/beige color, it is not doing well. It circles the room, then starts to go back/forth like normal for about 4 passes. Then it starts to continue to go over the same exact line repeatedly without stopping. All the way across the room, then back; but won’t go deeper into the room like it did when it circled your room to start. However, on the map, it shows that it is making progress in the room and taking a new line every time. I have told it to go back to dock and it can no longer find it’s way. It is about 10 feet off from all the routes that it would normally take to get back to the dock. After about 30 minutes the map disappears, and ultimately it finds its way back to the dock. Then the next time it starts a new map of the whole house. Frustrating about carpet. Thankfully my house is 75% hardwood, but still expect this to work on low like light color carpet. Robert
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2 years ago, Huskies1970
Great customer service
I changed my internet provider and a new router was installed. My Roborock S6 would not connectFrus with the Wi-Fi. I contacted customer service and grew increasingly frustrated at the inability to get my vacuum to connect with the router. The customer service rep was patient and very professional. Over the period of several days, we arrived at a solution using the MiHome app rather than the Roborock app. I appreciate the patience the customer service rep showed with my issues and never giving up on trying to find a solution.
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6 years ago, NickSTL
A bit lacking in the UX, but it gets the job done.
The app is obviously written by folks with a limited grasp of English. There are some features that it is missing that I would love to have, such as naming rooms on your house map, setting areas to avoid, etc. These are fairly minor annoyances, and perhaps will be added in future updates. That said, the app works! It is fairly easy to understand and I haven't had any major issues with it in the 2 weeks or so I've been using it. It needs some tweaks and improvements, but it's not bad at all compared to many others out there.
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6 months ago, Natka2109!
Dreamebot D10plus and Dreamebot W10
Hello everyone, I have this vacuums already around year. One what I can tell I really like to use D10 for carpet cleaning and I really really love!!! to use W10 for hardwood floor. W10 my favorite, I have two dogs and one cat and my house really clean. And my privacy is safe. I did huge research with different brands, and maybe on market you have more “smart” vacuums, but it will has cameras which always can interact your privacy, I don’t believe in such cybersecurity, so I prefer good stuff with out cameras. For me this two the best choice.
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2 years ago, D_Chicago
Too Sensitive
The app is actually easy to use and the interface is easy to navigate. The problem is the camera is too sensitive to changes in light even on the lowest setting. So if it gets very cloudy or the sun comes up or goes down, we ALWAYS get notifications saying movement detected. There’s no movement. It’s just the camera switching into night vision. It’s really annoying as i get at least 2-3 alerts EVERY day that are meaningless. The picture quality is very good, but they really need a firmware update so we don’t get notifications just because the light changes and the camera has to change modes.
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2 years ago, soltannnnn
It’s s very good but
This app is very good, but the main problem is that it does not show the monitoring videos of the day when the Internet access camera was cut off. For example, a few days ago, the internet of my house was cut off. My camera was cut off and I was in another city, but the monitoring videos of that day was not shown and it showed the previous days, and I was very worried that something might have happened with Multiple contacts with telecommunications The internet problem was solved and I gained access to the cameras.
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4 years ago, elvenng
Need improvement on basic features...
Recently bought mi smart sensor set. The app is great as it supports conditional scenarios configurable through automation but they should also give us the capability to configure the default behaviors of the sensors as it's weird to have sensors that triggers the alarm without sending notification to the device unless these are configured through automation but the automation is always on! Even when the alarm is disabled! It is stupid to manually on and off each and everyone of it if we owns many automations and sensor devices. Also, please please please implement a status to display whether the alarm is triggered or not and also option to manually trigger alarm through app when needed..
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5 years ago, new to home automation
Once it’s set up, works great
I’m new to home automation so am learning the possibilities from scratch. Bought the 1028 camera first, then added two Yeelights. The only challenges I experienced in the setup where related to incorrect region selected. Can’t connect a lamp bought in spain to the app set up for United States for instance. Same with the sharing function: only seens to work if the person you’re sharing with has their account set for the same region. Took me awhile to figure out but got there in the end. If I had been able to find the answers to this in the FAQ I might have rated this a 5-star.
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6 years ago, Kohkane
What All The Bad Reviews?
I have no idea why there are so many bad reviews on this app. I’m currently using it for the Roborock vacuum and the app has been fantastic for that. It’s the only Xiaomi product I own, but considering they’re a Chinese company translating an app, I didn’t expect the English translation to be that great, and yes there some issues, but nothing that makes the app difficult to use. The app is updated frequently, and bug fixes come out quick. Using the app to activate the vacuum, use zone clean up and track the vacuum works great too.
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5 years ago, spaghettiocat
Can’t connect vacuum to WiFi
I have the Xiaomi Mi vacuum and despite best efforts could not get it to connected to WiFi until I changed my region to Chinese mainland. I live in the US. When I had it set to US, it would allow me to put in my WiFi info, but then wouldn’t connect to the device. On Chinese mainland settings, I can actually see the specific vacuum I bought, and finally got it connected, but within the app when I click on the vacuum to update settings, I get the error “please connect to local server”. Changing back to the US then loses the device. I’m at a loss. The vacuum cleans very well but I’m very frustrated with the app and getting it all connected.
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4 years ago, geezjeff
Not our precious timers?!
Hey all - great work in the multiple maps. App and communication is better. That said, you removed the ability to specify which of the rooms or areas you clean via timer! This was a very core functionality to the way we used our vacuum. We have a mix of hardwood floors and carpet. We’d set it to clean different parts at different times, using the mop for the floors. Right now, you can only set a timer or scheduled cleaning for the whole floor, which is sort of worthless to us. Please return our specified area timers ASAP! Thanks kindly.
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4 years ago, Fstarbkk
Getting worse...
This app is actually getting worse every time they update it. When I first bought my air purifier, everything worked. Was able to control it from anywhere. Gave me continuous status readings and solid control. Now I’m lucky to get a connection at all. When I do, I have to go back to the main screen, to get an updated reading. Using that same network and everything as before. After so many app updates it has become nearly unusable. And nobody is listening. There’s no customer support... nothing! They make a great air purifier. But since most of the control is through the app, it’s becoming a giant paperweight. What a shame!
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5 years ago, aFive720
Some layout issues on iPhone XS Max
Overall, well designed app. It feels as if a lot of thought went behind it, I definitely prefer it to what iRobot has. However, there are a few layout issues that make operation hard. On iPhone XS Max, the home interface looks fine until you enter your Robovac interface. I have the e35 vacuum and the app doesn’t account for the iPhone notch. Due to that, the top area of the app looks pretty odd. But it also adds functionality issues as back and menu buttons touch areas are off. As a result, you need to tap all over the place in order to access those menus.
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7 years ago, drossi
Last update fixed crash issues
I just got my xiaomi vacuum robot and at first the app crashed every time I tried to launch it. About a day later there was an update and now the app works great. I registered the device in "other" since my country doesn't appear, downloaded the English voice pack, and it works great. I set a schedule for cleaning and even started it remotely a couple of times. I get alerts and follow the progress online, change the vacuum setting etc.
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7 years ago, Juergenhu
It keeps crashing on start!
It was frustrating that after the latest update the software refuses to launch at all. It seems the developer did not test the English version and it is still a total China product that does not care those who don’t read Chinese. It used to be OK and I had high expectations on Xiaomi, coz their products seems having good quality and looking good, but there are glitches and not necessarily user friendly in terms of software, English version. Seems the language barrier is a pretty big issue between the developer and their international users. It is time for any non Chinese to think about it twice before deciding to buy any xiaomi, if you are not going to start your Chinese class.
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6 years ago, Quartylynn
Love both the vacuum and the app. You are able to use the app to customize every part of your vacuum, such as where to go, when to charge, and which rooms to clean specifically or block off. It quickly maps your house and you are able to save the map for future use as well as seen where the robot has already cleaned. I really like how you can choose the voice and volume of the robot. I hope they decide to put more voices in other languages!
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5 years ago, camdn10
The Roborock vacuum is awesome, but this app blows
I really like the vacuum and the only way to control it is through this crappy app. The rumba vacuums cost more but their app works. This vacuum does a great job but I hate using this app. Main problem If you ever move the robot to another floor in your house it loses its position and thinks it's on the privous floor. If you try and delete the saved map it sometimes works. A few months ago it didn't have the ability to save maps and now they have a hard time deleting them.
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4 years ago, Ipad4me2
From ok to useless
I purchased 2s air purifier some times ago and I liked the way I could operate it through this app. Unfortunately after recent app upgrades the purifier shows as “off-line” and dedpite numerous reset attempts nothing will make it work with this app. I deleted the device and tried to added from scratch to no avail. I tried to reinstall the app - same result. It is a dud now. It is not just a dud but also whenever I try to use it it crashes after just couple of clicks. I messaged customer support twice but have not heard back. Too bad as the purifier is a good product but with such terrible support and ineffectual applications makes me hesitate to bay anything from this company ever again.
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4 years ago, docweddle
Great for Flying TELLO Drone greater distances
For over a year I have been using this Xiaomi range extender to fly my TELLO DRONE greater distances using my iPhone as the controller. Without the Mi Home range extender I can fly and transmit video feed about 75 feet. With the Mi Home range extender I can fly and transmit video about 300 feet. The Mi Home unit will only work with drones which transmit a 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi signal. Go to You Tube to learn how to set up this range extender. The specific tutorial on You Tube is titled “Xiaomi Mi Wifi 2 Range Extender/ Full Setup Tutorial for The Ryze DJI Tello, by “Gadget Inspector”.
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5 years ago, Ltjdk
Excellent Security Cameras
I have 4 of these cameras in two separate locations. They have been working flawlessly. Can check all locations with no problems. Functionality, clarity and features are great! For what these cameras cost and the relative ease of installation (make sure you follow the instructions and be patient. Takes time for connections to take place. It will happen, guaranteed) Customer service is prompt! You will not be disappointed. Price is EXCELLENT just like the camera.
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6 years ago, Jinn.Kim
Please help!!!
Please help to support Globally released products (i.e Roborock Vacuum) at Mi Home app when select Mainland as a region. I use multiple Xiaomi devices that were released in China and from the beginning I set my region as Mainland and set all 17+ devices. The most recent purchase was Roborock Vacuum Global version and it just can’t be added to my home with Mainland region selected. It can only be setup when I select a new region and use this vacuum device only. Please help to support Global versions at Mainland region as well!!! Please please!!!
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4 years ago, Loretta
I love my roborock vacuum. I had a robot vacuum in the past that was a flop so I was very hesitant to buy a new one, especially since they are not cheap. This was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. We have a black lab and light colored wood floors. The black hair was driving me crazy! The roborock and it’s ability to control through the app has kept my OCD in check! Love the ability to see and modify the map, know what maintenance is due and when, and control the vacuum from my phone. Love!!!
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2 years ago, #Mrmom
Robby the robot
Robby the robot as my kids happily named him works excellent on both my hard wood floors and carpet and transitions well to both. I went ahead and purchased the maintenance kit which includes new brushes, sensors, pads etc for an extra $25. I have had mine for about 6 months now with no problems. But I am also very diligent about watching the app for notifications about cleaning periods and what to switch out…. Super easy. We really like robby he’s a great addition.
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6 years ago, XY111
Good app. Also English is the default language
Clean neat app. I have no idea what the other reviewer is talking about. The app is totally in English if you select US (international) as the region option. Unless you buy the local version to be used in China (Xiaomi also sells them for Chinese users living outside China, but they label the product as as “for use in China” on the website), then you will get Chinese as the default language, because people in China speak/read/write in Chinese, not in English.
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7 years ago, VTReader
29 September 2017 Update: New release crashes immediately upon launch on iOS 11. Even tried app delete and reinstall. Xiaomi, do you guys ever test your apps before you drop them? This is getting old... Xiaomi, please get it together. This new version crashes instantly. The most recent version would not allow adding of new devices on iPhones using the latest version of iOS. What's the point of your software/hardware ecosystem if it does not work? This is starting to be a joke. And I say this as someone who owns 15+ Xiaomi wifi enabled devices. If you are thinking of buying this stuff, do yourself a favor and stay far, far away... Even your latest update on March 22 crashes on open. Once again I repeat...any potential buyers of Xiaomi products, STAY FAR, FAR AWAY... The saga continues...March 30 brings another flawed update. App still crashes on open. I am beginning to think Xiaomi just does not care about quality control. It won't be long before this means that customers stop buying Xiaomi products...
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3 years ago, Mikeradu
Robot house map keeps being lost
The robot does a great job - but every once in a while, there’d be an app update and the robot will say it has found updates to the map of my house and then everything is gone - replaced by a map that not only is incomplete, it is also inaccurate. What’s most irritating is that you have no option to at least save a map which you KNOW it’s right and revert to it when something like this happens. Re-mapping my house and then adding room names and going thru the scheduling of cleaning times isn’t fun or what I want to do monthly…
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1 year ago, salttholmes
Bad UX
No going back button for all your settings page. Do you just assume people always know swipe right to go back? And your Swipe right to doesn’t work all the time and I ended up getting stuck in the settings page multiple times. Also your naming…what the hack is DND?? Am I supposed to know? I don’t work in your company, I don’t supposed to learn your language. change to something users know at a glance okay? The bar with 3 buttons at the bottom of the page is so confusing. Most people assume that’s where menu bar is located. When I clicked on it I assumed it was switching to another page but somehow my vacuum starts moving lol. Can’t you make it look more like a button controlling the vacuum, less like a menu bar? Also, the map doesn’t really reflect my home, the vacuum always on wrong route…still can’t customize the route (or the function so hidden I can’t find…) very difficult to use even after using it for awhile.
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3 years ago, Vannthorn
Internet Camera! Not a security camera!
I am living at province. internet connection lose very often ,so I cannot accass the camera while is no internet. Sometime at night I need to check out around the house from inside the house but cannot because no internet. Note: Camera must access from LAN better than from internet ( more speed and eazier) when we are at home. I have used other brand ip camera 360* 720 it can access without internet. I really disappointed with your brand devides when I cannot do like other brand. I hope your brand fix this . It is security camera not a internet camera! ? ? ?
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4 years ago, gigit1611
Zone cleaning broke after update
The app is fairly easy to use with robot vacuum (roborock). Map lays out your home and home can be broken up into rooms (color coordinated) or zones (where you draw a square over the area you want cleaned). I prefer to use the zone function but after the last update the zone function broke. My robot vacuum will try to begin cleaning but says “can not reach the zone, returning to the dock”. I tried adjusting the sensors, the dock, everything and nothing works. However it works perfect fine if you select the room function. Pls fix.
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2 weeks ago, TextCodeMan
Stupid carpet paths
My ROBOROCK vacuum does a good job cleaning the carpet. But it starts in any room closest to the dock and ends furthest from the dock. Then it goes back to the dock, diagonally, right through the nice pattern that it just left, making for an ugly result. My recommendation is to start at the FAR end of the room, and work back toward the beginning. This will leave a nice, even pattern, and even save battery power. I’ve tried to contact the manufacturer through the app, through email, through trouble, tickets, and NEVER gotten any response. is there ANY way to get in touch and provide feedback?
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1 year ago, LorraineWDC
This app requires you to provide your Apple ID and password. When I tried to create an account with Facebook, or entering my email address it told me that my Gmail account is invalid (I’ve had it for more than ten years). Then, I called support for the app and they insisted I have to provide the serial number of the blender I wanted to connect. This is absurd! While we tried to read the serial number that was in such small type that our regular magnifier could barely make it readable, the customer service person hung up on me. Do not install this app. It is clearly trying to get you Apple ID information and is a complete scam!!!
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6 years ago, Funknyuyao
awesome. Great price, easy set up
I’ve tried everything from Alexa to Apple, to Google and since they are focusing on software not hardware, integration with other third party sensors lights security cameras etc is painful and sometimes impossible. Opposite feeling about the 20 or so smart home devices I bought from Mi. Just note only works on 2.4ghz WiFi signals, not 5ghz. Otherwise I love it. Fraction of the prices I paid for installation countless “smart” devices in my home in the US.
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5 years ago, Anna Sowell
Love this robot vacuum
This thing is absolutely amazing, love that I can control it from my phone, it’s independent, it barely ever get stuck and the zone cleaning, and mapping the house its awesome! I love love love this thing, and would definitely recommend it to everyone. It made my life so much easier, having dogs in a house it’s hard to keep the floors clean especially if you live in the country, but this thing here makes all the difference in the world
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4 years ago, *JC1
Roborock Vacuum
Love this vacuum! Can’t tell you how many steps it saves me. I’ve programmed it to do zone cleaning for me on areas where there’s areas blocked out around furniture. It works perfectly. I’ve even used the floor scrubber with water to clean certain areas with excellent results. How nice it is to come home tired and turn on the vacuum (without having to push a a heavy machine around) and know my home will be spotless in no time. Thank you so much!
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6 years ago, Amedautrui
How about to improve?
The translation to Russian is not completed. I've recently noticed that by pressing on gateway icon in the app I can turn on/off arming mode with a trigger. But in reality I can turn it on only in app. If I try than to turn it off it constantly turn on 3-5 seconds later and the arming mode really continues to work, only two presses on a physical gateway button turn it off (after that the trigger in app also change its position to off mode and does not return to on state as when I try to do the same but in the application). Please, fix it. iOS 10.3.1 latest app vers iPhone 6S. Gateway 2 gen.
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