MichEd Mobile

4.8 (1.8K)
95.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michigan Educational Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MichEd Mobile

4.81 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Cydnee C
I love the app upgrade!
The new upgrade makes everything more user-friendly. I love that you are able to see all of your accounts in one place and the navigation is seamless.
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5 years ago, Shopgirl@pro
Mobile App deposit
This feature has not been operational for three days. Is there an update? No. The courtesy I received on Sunday night attempting to deposit a check and being assured that the IT issue was on their end was infinitely better than Tuesday morning after they had hours to get it operational. I shouldn’t have to tell the associates who are going to help me to tell me their names. And phone extension. Account number? Phone number? Name? Click. So unprofessional.
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2 years ago, qbheat12
On vacation over the fourth and after decades of in person deposits I decided to deposit my first of month payroll from northern Michigan. Two of my recurring monthly checks exceed the amount for photo deposit. I’m up here for 9 days and now I’m going to have to jump through massive hoops to solve this. A check’s a check - make them all work!
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4 years ago, #34joe
Can’t make transfers
Unable to make some transfers using this app that are available using the website. Called techs and they said just use the website
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3 years ago, jimusha1234567890
Making a check deposit is too difficult. Photos keep getting rejected.
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5 years ago, abshusvehhekd
Touch login still not working
Prior versions would allow you to sign on via fingerprint recognition (once configured and activated) but now each time I open the app and press the touch login button, I’m advised that I first need to log in and activate that option. I do so, log out (and/or close and reopen the app) but the same thing happens when I again try to log in via touch—Touch ID login doesn’t work in this version, please fix.
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8 years ago, Katbugnobe
This app is good, but could use improvement: 1: Get touch ID support! 2: Don't require logon every time I do something else on phone or at least make it a setting so I can decide how secure I want my account. Implementing #1 would alleviate this issue as well. Basically get TouchID and this app would rock!
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5 years ago, CMU1976
Financial Support
MECU app allows me to make transfers immediately as needed. Which gives me piece of mind while making transactions. I have been a member since 1977 and I have appreciated their support.
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5 years ago, 1!89$
I have been using this app for along time, this month something changed and now every time I’ve tried to make a deposit it has failed-not happy.
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5 years ago, Motownman313
No internet connection
Every time I try to login, I receive an error message that there is no internet connection.
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2 years ago, T-IN
MECU does a nice job as a basic credit union. However, they do not seem to offer incentives and deals like other credit unions do.
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10 years ago, Kristi42769
Needs fixing
Every single time I log in it always asks me a security question. I have a verified account. Please fix this
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8 years ago, Htw112898
Mobile app
I use this app often and like the functionality and landscape.
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6 years ago, Delaruelleth
Very easy to set up and use. Would recommend for those who want to monitor their transactions.
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12 months ago, zahariad
Key Features Don’t Work
MECU doesn’t support Face ID and whenever I try to connect to it via Plaid the connection fails. I have been with MECU for 30 years but if they can’t manage to get with the times I’ll find a more modern credit union.
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10 years ago, Amanda Eldridge
The app stop working today as of September 17, 2014. It says it needs an updated version and yet there isn't an update required! Apple please fix this immediately. Overall the app is great but the updates are horrible!
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3 years ago, StiveDuly
Has never actually worked
I open it for 5 seconds before it’s forcefully closed. I have deleted the app twice now and re-downloaded it but still the problem persists. I even got a new phone a year ago and the same issue.
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4 years ago, AnnoyedLJD
One day fix for iOS 14 bug!
Didn’t work on iOS 14 and they fixed it next day!
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1 year ago, Hotrodthug
Garbage.. At least once a month I get an error message and it’s not just me either my wife and daughter get the same message. This has been going on for 2 years or so and I have a different phone then last time.
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6 years ago, NicNic1577
I love this app - very easy to use! I have never had any problems and the updates are great ;) Love my credit union....
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10 years ago, DJ1NZ
A few major flaws
1) cannot log out of one account and into another. 2) cannot transfer money to another linked account
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5 years ago, Arlyn Joy
MECU mobile banking
Easy to use. Is a great advantage Highly recommend
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6 years ago, crissydu
Do not like always asking me questions that I never was asked during log in
Not dependable now it wants me to pick a star before sending is there a minus star?
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6 years ago, Hrs;
This app is horrible. Not only does the copy/paste not work but it won’t even let me sign in and I know I have the correct password. This is an easy fix MECU. Give your customers reliable online banking like other banks. It’s 2018....raise the bar for yourselves!
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9 years ago, Lt Col Chris
Best interest rates anywhere for auto loans.
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3 years ago, Dgbaumgartel1
MECU provides all my banking needs!
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8 years ago, Kat11111111999
Love this app!!👍👍👍
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5 years ago, Jetta375
Most Annoying to use
Constant updating, won't let you in, must call for assistance. Not convenient AT ALL
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10 years ago, MDSNOW16
Does not work
Keeps asking security questions without allowing login. Please fix.
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10 years ago, EMich*
E Hamp
Awful app. Too many glitches. Never works right consistently.
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5 years ago, #MECU
Fix your app
It’s been down for a week.
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10 years ago, Yenam
Can't download?
I have the latest IOS and I still can't download it
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10 years ago, OrionRosales123
Somebody real
Does not work at all, keeps asking odd questions.
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10 years ago, Matt123468954
Doesn't work yet
Keeps asking me strange questions.
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6 years ago, JP92995
Bad interface.
Will not let me login.
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11 months ago, Lora -Lynn sharpley
Awesome service
Awesome service
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10 years ago, CtrlCtrlFast
This app is useless! I already have it on my phone and when I go to use it, it has me put in my username and the next screen is that its out of date and I need to update it. Clicking Update Now, in app, takes me to the itunes app store download page for the same app!
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