Michigan First App

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Michigan First Credit Union
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Michigan First App

4.79 out of 5
20.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Convenience Wins in My Look
Love it
I am a frequent user of the app. It’s essential to my family. I appreciate being able to upload checks without having to make a trip to a branch. Another convenient trick is being able to easily access my account and routing numbers. Transferring funds is super smooth as well. However , as I have multiple accounts , I would suggest a smoother transition into them. Maybe offer a screen with multiple accounts easily accessible. One issue that is overwhelming is My debit cards are always being comprised , prompting me to go inside the branch for long periods of times and getting replacements. Most of the time the machines are down or printing faulty cards, which makes the process even longer . I only mention this because time is very precious to me , as I am a very busy person and always with a tight schedule. However, nonetheless THE APP GETS FIVE STARS FOR CONVENIENCE 😄
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6 years ago, Summer1634
Used to love it
It went from being wonderful to very frustrating. I had been depositing my pay check weekly on the app- it was wonderful, everything I had ever dreamed it would be .... Suddenly in the last two weeks there was a day hold put on my check . Inconvenient, but tolerable. Then today I deposited my check, from my same employer ( who works for your bank and writes my checks from her account at your bank ), to the same account I've had for five years and there is a three day hold.... Which is VERY inconvenient... No rhyme or reason .... I called and was told 'it happens' ..... When I asked how will I know then from week to week when I can get my check cleared ... They said there was no way - huh ?!?!?!? - That's awful customer service if you ask me . Nothing has changed with my account or my employers! I have bills and need to know when there will be money to cover them .... I know one of the main points of the app is so people are able to do their banking online and avoid coming into the branch .... I have to tell you , that this is going to be a disadvantage to us both because I will either be going back into the branch every week to have my check cashed immediately or finding another bank
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2 years ago, Neleficent
The app is mostly fine, I appreciate being able to mobile deposit checks and transfer to other bank members. A glaring error makes the experience a disappointing one though. I have reported on multiple occasions to the customer service team that the app does not sync all transactions and that can be very misleading and cause distress for end users. I have a credit card with Michigan first as well as my regular accounts and when I make a payment to the credit card from my checking account there have been more than a few instances where my payment appears withdrawn from checking but never appears on the credit card as paid. I can view the full transaction if I go online but this is extremely inconvenient and scares me that my card balance is off or that my money has disappeared from my checking without being applied to the card. It negates the redeeming qualities of the app if it can’t preform a basic function of displaying transactions appropriately. I wouldn’t give a negative review if I hadn’t already reported this issue multiple times.
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5 years ago, Old Boatman
App Review
I joined Michigan First 2 years ago and immediately set up the mobile app. It has worked flawlessly and is very convenient. I have been a long term member of another credit union and was so frustrated with their app I didn’t use it. I recently began using theirs again and found that the photo portion of depositing a check still has problems. While using the same smart phone the system consistently says “use a dark background” as the check is resting on a black desk blotter. While waiting for the system to allow me to manually capture the image the system times me out and I have to start over again, extremely frustrating! Thanks for a user friendly app!
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5 months ago, Theluxegirl
Basic app, could be better
I generally like banking with the credit union, but find that most of them lack the features you would find at other tech savvy banks. One thing I miss is having a savings account with a buckets feature that allows me to visually see my money, broken up into different categories. It makes it easier than having multiple savings accounts and since this credit union doesn’t allow you to link multiple savings account I think they should really institute a bucket feature. That way I could have one savings account with my money, and then specify what amounts go to my needs. There isn’t even any budgeting feature that allows you to see where your money is going to or that you’re spinning on certain categories went up or down from month to month. Overall, it’s pretty basic. It has a long way to go in terms of what fintech is doing these days.
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2 years ago, Kind of disappointed.
If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It
This app was extremely convenient. I enjoyed the face/ recognition for easier sign in for my multiple accounts… now you guys have just made it extremely inconvenient to log in to multiple accounts from the same device. What was the reason? The mobile app has a toggle that advises you not to turn it on if you have multiple accounts; but now that button is pointless- you’ve added unnecessary steps… and it isn’t for “security” because there isn’t an extra authentication process. Why change it? Takes an extra minute to switch from accounts when it used to take 10 seconds. I never write reviews but I’m highly annoyed by this unnecessary update. What happened to convenience? I could see if this inconvenience added extra security but it doesn’t.. in situations like being in line to pay for groceries and having to turn my card back on (for security purposes) has become a real hassle. Almost makes me wish I didn’t have so many accounts with Michigan First.
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1 year ago, DrTSJ
Helpful to have
I gave it a four because I wish that there was the same functionality in the app that you can have when you are on the website. For example on the website you can edit recurring payments but in the app you can only delete them. Also on the website your pending payments show up with the most recently occurring payment appearing first and on the app it shows far out payments. For example on the website it would show pending payments beginning with October and ending with January but on the app it shows pending payments beginning with January and then ending with October. It’s REALLY GOOD for checking your balance, transferring money, locking your card if you need to, setting up bill payments, and depositing checks.
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2 years ago, MFCU Patron
On the Go App
When out and about, I use the MFCU mobile app. There is sometimes a short delay when transferring monies from one account to another so I do confirm it has arrived before purchasing or banking. I mainly use the app in the grocery stores if I spend more than expected or at the garden nursery until I am given the final price of my purchase. It is also helpful if I find I need ATM WD for a last minute meal while out. The current Legacy website is then used to make my transaction notations, which I hope will not be ending at the end of June. It such an excellent online and mobile system, best if any other banks or credit unions I have used.
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2 years ago, JoAudJo
Mostly Very Good
I’ve been a member of Michigan First for literally 50 years. I gave the app a five because I do like it and I use it occasionally. It does however have some annoying glitches. The thumbprint login doesn’t work for me. There are some very annoying issues with the comment section which I use all the time. It doesn’t recognize my tap the first time and I have to keep hitting and hitting the area to get it to recognize. You can’t use certain punctuation in it, however those are minor annoyances. overall, it’s fast and convenient for the transactions that I complete so I gave it a good rating.
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4 years ago, Zame Gombie
Between using this app and online banking, the only time I step into the credit union is to to visit the ATM if the drive thru is full. Only 1 big encountered thus far and that was when I attempted to do this rating. I just did a transfer and received the prompt to rate this app. I hit “sure”. Transferred to the ratings portion in the App Store, and hit the back button. The transfer screen got stuck and wouldn’t reset. I could switch to Bill Pay, Accounts, etc but the Transfer screen was stuck on the last screen. So don’t rate the app till you are done with all your transactions. Would like to see 1 improvement though...the ability to save to separate accounts and switch back and forth as needed by tapping on the relevant account.
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11 months ago, Jdh36det
Continued Appreciation
I am impressed with how Michigan First continues to implement new features for the app and online banking. I appreciate being able to log into my primary account and then have access to all of my other accounts with the one login. If I choose I can log into each account separately with their unique user and password or I log into my primary account, then make transfers into the other accounts with only one password. I love it!
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11 months ago, great app, use it all the time
The app is good but cannot pay my credit catd online
The app is good, I can get a full view of my accounts, paycheck deposits, make transfers to and from checking, savings , mortgage and HELOC. The two weaknesses of the app for me: -Mortgage is on another site and when looking into it it takes you to the other site and you cannot go back to your other accounts, so this is not a very smooth transition. - I have not been able to sync my Credit Card to my online profile, so had to write paperchecks and submit payments by snail mail. So I stopped using this credit card.
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3 years ago, amclalin
Great App
I really don’t have anything bad to say about this app. Has facial recognition built in so I can log in quickly, and I generally like the layout of the app. I can’t think of any problems with it at the moment, but I particularly like the mobile check deposit function. It’s not the first bank I’ve used that had that but the process is very quick compared to the last one I used. Will update if any problems occur.
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1 year ago, reggieallenjackson
Overdraft fees, and unexplained holds on funds
Although they have the money now addition, it would still be extremely helpful if you were allowed 24 hours to deposit funds due to an overdraft. The banks offer this option, and it’s extremely helpful in avoiding nsf fees. In addition, I’ve deposited funds that have cleared the account the funds we’re scheduled to be withdrawn from within 48 hours. However, the funds are still held with explanation for an additional 8 days without any explanation from Upper Management why the funds were still in hold after producing evidence of the funds deducted from the account funds were received from.
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6 years ago, Jharid
I can conduct all of my business right from the app on my phone!! You all clearly understand the needs of mobile customers! (You even have a frequently used option for transfers between different members & accounts)! The only suggestion I'd make is creating an option to switch between accounts; i.e. not having to log out of my personal account to log into my business account. Other than that, I'm very pleased!
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2 years ago, djtorg
Need quicker fixes for me to love it
There is a problem with the auto pay feature in the credit card screen. I set auto pay on in the app but go in later and it has been turned off. I have reported it twice. I actually went into the credit union to report it and no fix yet. This could cause members to miss payments that they thought would automatically be sent. This is a serious issue as it will affect members credit score. Please fix immediately. Long time member for over 40 years.
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5 years ago, Mrs. Miller Forever
Mobile deposit
The only thing that I do not like about the Mobile deposit is that they put a hold on the check and it can take up to 2 weeks for your deposit actually hit your bank account I deposit the same check every month for the same amount and I still have to wait weeks before the money hit my account I literally have to call them a few days after to have a manager deposited it into my account every month and the crazy part is I have enough in my account to cover the check and They still put a hold on it.
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5 years ago, ImOutOfNames
Could be better
Just a few more features would be wonderful. It would be nice to save information for multiple accounts to make login easier. Ex: if one account is saved with quick login, I have to manually put in information for another account and again for the main account I want to check and re-save my password. It doesn’t “remember” accounts for quick transfers. But it asks to save for frequent transfers. Also, a search bar would be nice to quickly look up transactions. I have to scroll and scroll to find what I need.
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12 months ago, Retired school principal
So convenient
I’m a frequent user of this app is. It is so convenient I can stay in my house or wherever and transact iyou my business, efficiently, two effectively and spontaneously We’ve come a long ways from the 70’s which is when I joined Michiganfirst. We had to physically go into a building to ascertain money or make deposits. Now we can stay at home, be in another country and handle our affairs. 🙏🏾❤️👏🏾
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2 weeks ago, CCAlford4
Still enjoying the app and it’s improvements. Easy to take care of my banking from home as well as keep up with my accounts I read a review that I wholeheartedly agree with. I thought I was the only one who experienced my cards being compromised. I am not complaining I am making you aware. The app itself I love. I even enjoy banking with Michigan First it’s the best institution I ever had.
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5 years ago, SpunkieBee28
Gets the job done!
Since I’ve started using the app it’s been great. Of course it’s not like speaking with a live representative but on the job and during random times of the day and night it works wonderful! I’m able to see transactions and transfer money to all my accounts. I haven’t tried some of the features as of yet,I recently tried the check deposit feature and it was a really smooth transaction.
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5 years ago, 2487789800
Love it
This app is so simple to use and allows you to save so much time checking your own account rather than calling in.... But even when i call in the wait time is not that long and they are always very helpful the apps lets to see all your transactions and make your transfers so easily i freaking love it never have to call and hassle the agents for simple things that can be done yourself ! Thank you Michigan first !
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2 years ago, akw1990
I’ve been with this branch for almost 20 years, always had my direct deposit come here. I’ve had loans and paid them off. But during this pandemic over the last 2/3 years they have not been helping me at all. Can’t refinance a loan, and now I have a loan somewhere else they won’t release the funds into my account. They charge you $20 every time you don’t use their network of ATM seems like extortion to me. I have to drive to 2/3 miles just to avoid losing $20 if I want to use ATM. I’ll be finding another banking home to take my service to because when I needed them the most they chose not help.
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1 month ago, Quay Z
Tried & True
I’ve banked with Michigan First for a few years now.. the app has spoiled me with convenience. I have others that I network with that use other financial institutions and it often perplexes me at the amount of things they have to go in person to do while I can do so much just from my app! It’s definitely a great tool & im confident with the security of it.
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3 months ago, MSG Neat
Almost perfect
I would like to be able to edit the accounts set up in ‘Bill pay’ i.e. enable our ability to change the address or account #. And I would also like to see payments to the credit card account posted on the card as immediately as it’s withdrawn from the account. There’s no lag time if you transfer money to any other account. Overall the app consistently works very well.
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3 years ago, Havvdnabscc
Like the app
This app is convenient. I like that they make sure your password is secure enough, I can easily view my accounts and recent purchases + the company info, I really enjoy the feature that allows me to take a picture of my check from home and it deposits into my account the next day. The only con is I wish speaking to a representative was more accessible, perhaps through the app. That would be more helpful.
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6 years ago, WMUKELS
Something is Wrong!
The first few months of using the mobile app there were no issues. Until recent there seems to be some problems that keep occurring. The mobile deposit doesn’t work sometimes and tells me the app is unavailable but how am I signing in. Also the 24/7 question part hasn’t been working either as I keep getting error messages. This is a great app to have and has saved me a lot of time traveling to the bank but there’s some glitches that needs to be fixed.
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2 weeks ago, jaimari4
Was pretty good, now better
I’ve been trying to add an external account using this app for the past 3-4mos. It would take me through the verifications and codes, and appears to add it, but never did. Today, it finally went through. Not sure why today was different, but the app appears to be working better. Also love the convenience of Zelle!
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4 years ago, binjordan
This specific setting never worked
I love the app it does everything you can dream of accept mobile deposit. I could never deposit my check by mobile because when I click on the deposit it pop up and say I have exceeded my daily deposit limit. I have never used it once since I been with Mich First.
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5 years ago, debasl
Great App!
This app has become essential for my banking needs with Michigan First. I'm very pleased with most of the new features - Bill Pay, etc. It would be great if the ability to make notes for transactions (similar to the way notes are made using the main website) was available. Update - Thanks for adding the option to make notes on transactions in the app. It would be great if the notes could be synced to the Michigan First website.
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4 years ago, Dr. Pepcee'
Lost my JOB
I was laid off in 2019 and was experiencing hardship. Michigan First worked with me on my car loan, personal loan and credit card. The team was amazing and so understanding. My loans were arranged to for my situation as a result my car was not repossessed and my loans never went in default. I was so pleased with my services and the genuine care of the staff that I wrote a letter to the President of Michigan First. To my surprise, he responded! I love this credit union!!!!
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1 year ago, Dav The Dude
I have been a Michigan First Credit Union member for years. Switching over to the app made my banking so much more convenient. Knowing what my balance is or being able to switch over funds instantly puts my mind at ease. I’m also able to budget my spending better while on the go.
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4 years ago, Caminadora
Good but it could be better
Love the convenience of the application. Just wished that BillPay worked faster. The system said that my transaction was going to be done in 3 days and now it is been 5 days and the recipient has not received anything, but the money has been already withdrawn from my account. I wonder if Michigan First will join Zelle at some point or have the system be more efficient for transactions of different banks.
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3 years ago, Roguewarer
Much Improved
I’m glad this app now allows user to select to login from different accounts (I have multiple w/MI1st). I’d been complaining about it for a while, now, & wanted to give a shout out to the developers! Thank you!! I’d still like to have a “search records” capability from the app, but I honestly don’t “need” this to enjoy the functionality it provides otherwise. Nice work!
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4 years ago, TamIraISingBecauseImHappy
Wonderful credit union and a wonderful app. They give you atm’s near you. App is easy to guide through. You can sign up for alerts through the app and disconnect them as well. My favorite part about Michigan first though is the 365 live call line. You can call with questions about your account or just general questions at any time or any day. It’s truly the best.
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3 years ago, Myboysmom1970
Love the app. I seldom have to go to the actual branch anymore which was a drag for me. Very convenient but could use a few more features like calculator feature also if you access other accounts. Would also be useful if bill pay had similar features like online such as a confirmation number.
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2 months ago, Johnnie R. Blunt
The Best Banking App Ever
This app just gets better with each update. I’ve been a credit union member since 2008. This app is the main reason I remain a loyal customer. I have changed jobs and have relocated several times since then. This app allows me to safely do my transactions no matter where I live.
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2 years ago, Kik_again
Above Expectations
This is a great app! Everything I've needed to do has been available to me through the app and any additional needs are easily handled through the support feature or in person. I can't think of anything else I'd want from a banking app at this time.
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5 years ago, ms. fuqua
Love the App but.....
I love how easy it is use but I have two issues. Why all my accounts not link? I have a savings account for my child that’s not link with my others and won’t link up because I have my child name on it. I don’t understand that....still my account just with my child name on it. Please fix! Second issue: transferring money to outside banking accounts shouldn’t be hard to do.
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4 years ago, DopeAxxKiya
A girl on the go!
I’m a college student always on the go and this app helps me a lot with being able to transfer money from one account to another and very easy to check account balances. My Aunt and Uncle transfer funds to me all the time and this app houses their accounts just in case I wanna send them money too! I love this app 😍😍😍
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2 years ago, Lynette48
Great app to have
I have been with Michigan first for years love them, their overdraft is ridiculous and could be lower but the app is nice gesture another thing they could change is the deposit your check with a picture that needs improvement
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3 years ago, LovelyTiffy
It’s all about convenience
I use this app quite frequently between me and my family members, we are able to send each other money quickly. In addition, I am able to transfer funds between accounts without having to contact the branch, which is great!
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9 months ago, VICTORIARSM
Essential banking
I no longer live in the physical area of the credit union. This application has allowed me to be seamless in my transactions. Michigan First has been my credit union of choice for over 40 years. I highly recommend the CU and this app for all your banking/financial needs.
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2 years ago, ZerstörerWürger
Fast Convenient and Simple.
Michigan First Credit Union‘s mobile app is very fast convenient and easy to use. It has save me lots of time from having to run down to local branch and do a physical deposit, that would have been necessary in the old days.
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2 years ago, "The Blues Man"
Depositing Checks
As a traveling musician/ actor the app has been a great help in depositing checks. With the current pandemic it’s been more of a help. I can safely take care of this banking function. Go Michigan First!!!! Paul Miles I still enjoy the app since the pandemic. It’s safe and most effective..Thanks for the service. Paul J. Miles
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5 years ago, Mommy2lexysumm
Great App
I really like this app. It is so easy to use. I like that I’m able to transfer between accounts very fast and also I can see what’s going on with my account in a minutes notice. I’ve been able to catch some really important transactions going on in my account by using this app. Love it.
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4 years ago, miss2cents
Helpful added features
It would be nice to save multiple accounts for easy log in access ..like I have a personal/business/a account for my son. The deposit process or holds is really long compared to boa which is like a 24 hour process on business days..I also cannot save my card to the wallet app on my iPhone. Also more loan details should be viewable not just the amount and payment due.
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5 months ago, Camera_chic
The app is convenient and easy to use. If i could make one change it would be to be able to access all of my accounts with one login. A different login for each account is bothersome and inconvenient. Otherwise I would have given 4 stars.
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4 years ago, BLIZZARD7230
App rating
This app helps me control myself with spending and it will tell you when you have an overdraft fee and you can change the setting to send you mail or emails or you can do both like I do to know when I have overdraft fees so I would recommend using this app
Show more
6 years ago, Madikens
More features
This app is pretty nice, I wish however I would update your pending transactions like the website. The app shows pending but doesn’t subtract the money from the account like the actual website. It makes you think you have more money than you do. Also, I would love for Michigan first to incorporate Apple Pay! It’s almost 2018 and this company is stuck in 2007 still with technology
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