Microphone Live

4.4 (2.7K)
11.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Von Bruno
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microphone Live

4.41 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Drê¥Skīi_
Excellent App...but
We were going to a funeral for my grandfather and we had a speaker but the microphone that came with it was broken. Then I searched all over the app store for an app that would be a good replacement for a mic. This was the BEST app for a microphone supplement. Although, there is problem with the speaker that makes it echo if the Phone (With this app turned on) and the speaker and within 20 feet then it echoes really badly and makes a loud ringing sound. But if you keep the speaker on the other side of the room like about 30-50 feet away then it doesnt echo and it makes for a really good microphone app. 100% Would recommend!!!
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4 years ago, *art-teacer
I give it 10 stars, saves my voice
I am a teacher with a soft voice. I wanted a simple app, to be able To turn my iPhone into a loud speaker without a stereo system. This little app will be treasured if teachers knew how to use it. This is what I did. I bought a nice lapel microphone and plugged it into my iPhone 6. Then I connected my phone to my little Bluetooth jam speaker. Then a adjust the volume on my phone so there is no buzz. I don’t quite understand how it all works together but I am able to put the phone in my pocket , clip on the lapel microphone, and walk stitched classroom. Everyone can hear me. So thank you thank you for this app. I hope you don’t change anything because I love the simplicity and functionality.
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2 years ago, Zaren
Does what it says on the tin
I’m taking to wearing a half face respirator in public as #TheseTryingCovidTimes continue. I got the bright idea that I needed some sort of voice amplifier, since my voice gets pretty muffled in there. All I needed was an app to output to a little Bluetooth speaker… and this is exactly what I need. Great sound, low lag, easy to control. I immediately showed the app to one of my audio engineer friends, and he loves what can be done with it. As soon as I’m done here, I’m going pass it along to my other IT techs - this could be great in a Zoom setting, as a substitute for walkie talkies, or even a temp replacement for faulty AV equipment in a classroom!
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5 years ago, Catherine Silva
Amazing app!
So I was surfing on the App Store for a microphone app cause Im planning on interviewing some people and I needed to record it so ya I came across this app and it is very underrated so I went to check the ratings they seem pretty good most of them wer 4 or 5 I was impressed so I installed the app and I was surprised on how simple it was and how amazing it worked I was very suprised since it was underrated so I ended up keeping it I’m saving up some money to buy the payed one but I thought though the app was simple it was great so I ended up not purchasing the payed version so ya but one thing...... I would like the developer put more stuff into the app and that’s about it over all I love the app❤️❤️
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3 years ago, photog nc
App crashes routinely with new update
While it’s nice that the update gives you more control over which microphone on the iPhone to use, including attaching an external microphone to the iPhone, it crashes routinely. I use Bluetooth headphones and the app to monitor the audio being recorded onto the iPhone through the iPhone camera app and a Rode Wireless Go II microphone system. We use iPhones to shoot news stories In the previous version, it worked flawlessly. Now it crashes routinely. Can’t determine if it’s a length of time using the app, the camera app, loss of connectivity with the headphones, ad pop up on the app or IOS 14.6. I hope the developer can resolve this issue.
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6 years ago, Weezydrizzybaby
Truly underrated app
I looked around the app store for a good twenty minutes trying to find an app that will simply amplify my voice through a speaker in real time. Found a handful of good ones, but this is the first one I found that did it for free, and did it well. I found another handful of good ones, but they all charge for something, like just to be able to use it through Bluetooth. Stop complaining people, this app's simplicity is what makes it great. If you want more features, get ready to dish out some cold hard cash, because all these other apps won't do it for free.
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3 years ago, Pedal on
Good, but…
I found this app when needing to broadcast a meeting into another room. It works great and no complaints from those in that room as far as being able to hear. (I’m using an iPad and Bluetooth speaker) The only complaint is the three times during the meeting I had to restart the microphone. I can’t find any reason why it just shuts off/times out or if is crashing. Either way it was distracting both for me and those in the other room, as I had to watch to see if it was broadcasting and they missed portions of the meeting when it stopped. Hope this is fixed as I my need this feature in the future.
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4 years ago, Ahumphries4
AWESOME!!! Love it! Works great, so simple!!
Absolutely love this app!! Needed an alternate solution for PA sports (high school) announcing besides a standard wireless microphone system. Due to occasional signal interference with existing wireless mic. Decided to try Bluetooth. Needed a way to broadcast through my iPhone over Bluetooth connection, paired with a Moto Stream (which has farther distance over Bluetooth), and using my headset/mic plugged in. This Microphone Live! app was the first one I downloaded and tried from App Store. Worked like a charm, extremely easy simple to use. Can also use built in mic of my phone or with my wired mic/headset. So cool!!!
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3 years ago, Nico7rujillo
Great app but last update
This app is amazing, I don’t need to spend more money in microphones for my pc, I’ve been using it since a long time now, but the last update brought some glitches like: background and lock screen support not working, the on button becomes invisible or doesn't turn red while on….i hope it gets fixed. The most important one is the lock screen support as it doesn't drains your battery.
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7 years ago, AxisGal
Needs Floating toggle or split screen, noise filter
If using this for livestreaming it can be a pain. The forced screen orientation gets annoying when there’s no need for it, and you can’t use it in split-screen to toggle it on/off when needed. A small floating toggle like some video apps use would be useful. If you don’t have an external mic it picks up every swish and tap on the device which is really annoying. Making it so it only picks up on non-device noise would be appreciated too. Also a way to listen to music while talking. Just lower music volume if sound is coming through the mic or something.
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5 years ago, Aya800
Great for those without AirPods
I recently bought new headphones and wanted to try out the live listening, but it would not connect to my Bluetooth headphones because it was meant for the AirPods. This app works amazing! I can connect my headphones and walk away and hear everything very well. If it tells you anything, I placed my phone next my dog and could hear her breathing very loudly in my headset when I have went up a story in my house. You should definitely get this free app!!!
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4 years ago, umchrist
Great app but a lot of echo
This app works very well except if you are in the same room at the speaker you are talking through. In other words if you can hear your voice from the Bluetooth speaker so can the microphone and you will get a really terrible echo. I wish there was some way within the app to turn down the sensitivity of the input microphone so that it would only hear things directly spoken into it and not pick up the background audio. Other than that it works great but unfortunately i can’t use this app for what I intended to because the echo is just too much
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2 months ago, rdfo
Great app but missing echo cancellation
Hello, I bought this app for my parents to use as a personal amplifier as my folks are getting older. I got a cordless Lavalier microphone and a Bluetooth speaker - everything works but there is an echo as the distance from the mic and speaker is not far enough apart - the delay setting prevents feedback but not sure how to get rid of the echo effect as the mic itself is lacking that feature Thanks for an otherwise great app!
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5 years ago, nothkng2947
Highly recommend
I was looking for a microphone app to use for ASMR without wasting money. This app is very easy to use, if you want to make a video all you have to do is just leave the app, and it still records, but it only stops recording when you close out of the app. You can go into other apps with this app, except music games, it stops recording at that point. I highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, josiefrankjonesthe3rd
Nice App - Works Great
Does exactly what I need it to do. Works perfectly with my BT speaker to be like a PA system. Others here have complained about reverb or an ‘echo’ behavior. I was initially experiencing that. Then I looked through the settings and ‘turned down’ the microphone ‘level’ I think it basically reduced the sensitivity and gain, and the reverb cleared right up. Good crisp sound. I use my Apple headphones so it’s basically hands free. Works perfect.
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11 months ago, bhghgjgjg
This app has been pretty slow ever since. 🫠
So, when I was playing around with the audio in this app, it has been lagging, and looking pretty slow, and I had to close the app and try again, but the same thing happens every time! 😭 So, can you please make sure there’s no more lagging for the next update, Von Bruno? 😖 Also, I want this app the same way it used to be, like that would be awesome! 🤣 And this is all because I give this app three stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, 66flh
Great app
At first it worked well. Then there were a few updates. It would then stop working on its own and I would have to restart it. And the iphone would get hot to the touch. After the last update all problems are gone. Stays running all day, runs cool and uses little battery. I use this app with my wired Shure earphones as a hearing aid. Thanks
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2 years ago, Ee_-
It’s good but……
I downloaded this app because I have a channel and I wanted to use it to make my voice louder and I usually depend on reviews so I thought this was a good app. I thought all you could hear was your voice but turned up, but I was wrong. I heard my voice, an echo, and an annoying EEEK sound. I used it but it didn’t work at all. I like this app but please change these things.
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3 years ago, JohnnyGnStafford
Simple the best…
Been using this app for six months and can’t find any faults with it. I use it in conjunction with my Bluetooth walker headphones for recording distant sounds of animals in nature. A lot depends on the quality of the mic being used but the slightest sound gets recorded. I highly recommend this app if you need to record sounds, nature or people talking.
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4 years ago, Spireup
To the developer
Thanks for making this app. It works but the terms used (or not used) for the interface are confusing. It would help to have “From” on the left and “To” on the right at the bottom. Then it would be instantly more clear which is what. With the grey pop-up for the “speaker” it says “iPhone microphone” which is extremely confusing. It needs to be labeled as “Speaker”. Or Speaker/Output.
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7 years ago, Gizmo043
Stethoscope type
Used it with my LG stereo Bluetooth headphones as a Stethoscope to listen to parts of my auto while working on it. Built in delay is to prevent feedback between iPhone's microphone (which uses the iPhone's earphone next to the front camera as the microphone) and whatever speaker or amp you hookup either through the earphones jack, or (what I like) via Bluetooth stereo headset. (I'm using iPhone 5 with this.)
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2 years ago, Judmanc
Great app! Simple!
Works as advertised, super simple, and some great choices on what microphone on your iPhone you want to use. It could use a Feedback suppressor though. You have to be super careful on Bluetooth speakers as the feedback wants to jump in quick. Great prices for the upgrades and easy to use overall!
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6 years ago, Chocolacula
My personal megaphone
I love this app! I connect my iPhone to my Bluetooth speaker, and presto! A megaphone!! Perfect for making announcements at a meeting/gathering, leading tours and field trips, haranguing one’s children from afar (pro-tip: hide the bluetooth speaker well in the family room and then play a recording of yourself saying “stop it!” randomly) getting squirrely young athletes to listen to the coach, etc!
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3 years ago, Thek1Ly
Amazing app but
With the last update the app has been using a lot of battery and making my device heat up. It used to take very little battery and last very long. I hope this will be fixed soon
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2 years ago, ReekyStive
Little advice
Banners on app icons make the app inconsistent with other apps. Also, both the earpiece and speaker of the iPhone show up in the device list when the microphone is enabled, and often cannot be toggled. It would be even better if it could remember the last microphone selected.
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6 years ago, gvivster
Please please please add a landscape mode
Hey! I use Vidih to livestream art from my 12.9 inch iPad, and since I need to wait until after I connect the livestream to turn on the microphone, it's visually jarring to have to switch the orientations back and forth, especially while live. Can you please add a landscape mode? It would be 5 stars from me if so.
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4 years ago, /fh
Voice therapy
Doing my speech exercises I use the iPad microphone. The output goes to Bluetooth, feeding into an amplifier. I plug my headphones into the amplifier headphone out. It is very useful to hear my voice as people hear me. Otherwise, I hear my voice through bone conduction, which not realistic at all. Be mindful, loud sound may, or will, damage hearing.
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2 years ago, bob09123
Great for hearing aids too
I used this app to help a patient with an iPhone hear better. The app was very easy to use and the patient could hear his friend talking into the phone very easily. Also the patient had no need to purchase an expensive partner microphone!
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3 years ago, Taikorift
Bluetooth Headset not an option
The screenshots for the app show the ability to change which microphone you are using, such as a Bluetooth headset. I chose this app because I don’t want to hold my phone up to my face while I speak and would like to use a headset instead. This feature seems to have been removed.
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4 years ago, empanada~
Doesn’t do what I need but ui is nice
I need an app that will take input audio from a Bluetooth headset, and output that audio to a device of choice. This would be used in ER settings where doctors are wearing new sound muffling PPE to protect against the outbreak. If you are able to add this feature, and keep it open source, then it could help doctors amplify their audio from within masks and facilitate communication around the world.
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5 years ago, doytinice
Can I use as a mic on games
So I rate this this app at two stars because I was tricked into thinking that it would work on the PS4 but no it does not so people of the internet do not get this app if you are using it for any gaming also developer you should really put in the description that it would not work on such games I will be happy if you did that and I will change my two star to a 5 Do you not take too personal I do not want to give hate
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5 years ago, kerabite
You can use your phone as your computer's microphone
After buying a new computer, I needed a microphone as I frequently call my friends through apps like Discord. This app let me use my phone as a microphone, using a headphone cable. It's extremely simple and very reliable.
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3 years ago, Ignatius_J_Reilly
baby monitor
We use this with an old iPhone to send audio to either an airplay speaker or a Bluetooth speaker to listen in on the kid sleeping. The only tiny glitch is that I have to press the “on” button twice each time to start it, but the it works very well.
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2 months ago, Gaiagranolaranger
I was so hopeful …
Please help!! I was so excited when I found your app! But unfortunately it’s a fail for me on my iphone14 (iOS17) because the phone/app thinks my Pixel Finch lavalier mic is headphones, and it won’t send the sound to my Bluetooth speaker. In other words, it won’t allow me to divide the “sound in” (Pixel Finch with Lightning plug) and the “sound out” (Bluetooth Speaker). Major bummer! Please work with Apple to resolve this issue — I would love to be able to post a more positive follow up!!!
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6 years ago, Herokid127
Truly a 5 star work of art
This is amazing, I use it when I am just to lazy to pic up the mic, one thing that should be added is echo control idk if it is the position I am using it but the echo can be annoying, but even with out adjustments to the echo, this is amazingly beautiful and simple
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4 years ago, Mlasch
Works great, but that echo!!
It was so easy to set up and use, but because there is a slight delay, if you are using the phone where it can pick up the sound from the speaker, there will be an overwhelming echo. It worked if I turned the volume down, but that defeats the purpose.
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5 years ago, wifeofskater
Love it!
I was looking for an app to amplify sound from a school theatre into the back room so the kids could hear what was happening on stage. This was perfect! My phone piped the stage sounds to my WiFi speaker that was placed down the hall. It helped the kids make all their cues. An amazing solution!!! Thank you!
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3 years ago, TraderJim
Worked once then stopped
Worked the first time I connected to my tiki tunes speakers. But the next day it would not send out any sound to them. I can play music to them so I know they are connected just fine and tiki tunes is selected in the settings for the app. But it won’t work at all. Seems very buggy. Tried on another iPhone and same result there. Tried for several days. Checked everything. It simply fails.
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3 years ago, Mrs.Wavy90
By far the best I’ve found!
All the other apps I have tried either need wired headphones or are too statically! This one is so quiet and clear. Leaving room for only what you are trying to hear!
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2 years ago, 8&6%1020
Super fun little widget
App is so fun to play around with, i love doing random things with it. Hiding speakers in rooms and messing with friends, hooking it up to my car and making it a loudspeaker, using it to amplify my voice in loud areas. Its perfect!
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4 years ago, Omm 747
Hearing Aid 🤓🌈
I was searching for days and hours trying to find a way to make my Bose Bluetooth headphones work with the iOS Live Listen in my iPhone to act as a wireless hearing aid to no avail😰 Then I did a new re worded Google search and found this app in a thread 🌈🌈🌈 Omg. Just like that... PROBLEM SOLVED 🌈🌈🌈
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4 years ago, TJ MONSTER TJ
It used to work
So before this used to work I used it on discord before and it used to work and it makes me more louder to hear but now I can’t use it can u please fix this please. Cause every time I join a stream on discord it just like doesn’t work and it makes mid life broke
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6 years ago, kegozen
It does the job right
Nothing funky, small ad banner. Simple! Plug in the auxiliary and use your phone as a microphone for input elsewhere! On/off button along with amplification controller with normal volume buttons. Fantastic, lightweight, and straightforward app. It does the job right, for free.
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4 years ago, GamerPlayz123
Awesome working app!
This is so cool, and easy, and it works. You can make your voice as loud as you want, it amplifies your voice perfectly. I recommend this. Best microphone app on the App Store. All you haft to do is plug it in with a charger to a Bluetooth speaker. Thanks for the great app!
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3 months ago, ToastyChurro
Love the basic use of it, needs one thing more
Simple, great quality, but one thing I would like to see is the ability to pick my Bluetooth headphones as a mic, and Bluetooth speaker as an out
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3 years ago, MLynn29
No Developer Support
I very much like using the microphone live app however I do have some questions. Most apps have a way to contact developer support. however this does not appear to be the case with Von Bruno. Therefore I am not giving it five stars.
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3 years ago, I love dog 124
Doesn’t work
I give this review a 2 just because you have to buy the app to use it! Last year it worked and I had no issues but this year I did have issues with it it would always have a loud ring once I tried speaking into it it doesn’t work at ALL it is very weird now😕
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6 years ago, Peruvan
Been searching for years
This app is just truly amazing. All features included for absolutely free. Tested with my Bluetooth speaker while handset mic plugged-in, exact thing I have been expecting for a long time.
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5 years ago, Cupcakegirl333
Good! But one issue
Ok so I downloaded this app and I was excited to use it I recorded a video and checked it out then in like 5 minutes of using it it shuts off! So you’re left with a only 5 minute voice recording! Overall this game is good
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1 year ago, qqwwwweeerrrtttyyy
Would not install
I checked my internet, restarted my phone, and went into airplane mode for a whole minute and it didn’t install! I also checked my storage and I had over 10 GB! I used to use this app then uninstalled it, I tried to get it back today and it didn’t install! If you know how to fix this please let me know!
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