Microsoft 365 Admin

4.6 (4.7K)
83.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft 365 Admin

4.63 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
3 years ago, K.New2009/20
I really like this Product
I really appreciate the products and prices available for Network and cloud security in today’s world offered from Microsoft. Their products have really stretched the industry and beyond what you would expect to be available when it comes to securing your network, or devices. The user friendly Graphs and charts that make understanding important features and information management such an easygoing task. The associated documentation that is always accessible and accurate is never too far with just the click of a button. It’s relevant and a step-by-step layout that a beginner can start to navigate and become more knowledgeable on the wide range of technology, products, mechanics needed to secure anything from a phone to a large scale data center.
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4 years ago, KING3PAUL
Amazing IT Solutions!
This suite of professional grade software and cloud IT products; as office applications and personal computer solutions continue to exceed my expectations while preserving brand quality! I’m consistently blown away in professional amazement at such sophisticated advancements, that do not leave me in a maze of discontent matching any lapses of my needs currently to be updated and brought up to speed in regard to capabilities and capacities- affordably. To the fulfillment of all product deliveries and continuity of legacy with the brand I’ve trusted the most and continue to with such a longstanding, trusted, iconic brand, as my personal computing source provider for office and personal business products and software- I tip my hat and applaud all the Teams ;), professionals and developers! Great Job Microsoft!! Keep up the excellent and amazing work!!!
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2 years ago, Saleem W
Thanks for the transparency
I would like to say that I truly love all Microsoft applications and products. When I first started using them it was for the wrong purpose and cause. As I gained more insight as to what is/was happening, I was shocked and felt violated because of the intrusiveness. When I sat back and reflected I could actually see what was transpiring. It’s a must that one learns ethics, moral conduct, and integrity. It’s a must that one gains the knowledge to utilize these platforms in accordance to the principles and conduct of them across the board. Of course I’m not perfect and no one is. I’m gonna get better. For some it takes a long time to comprehend the lesson that’s being dispensed and they may have to put their hand on the stove a few more times than others to feel the burn. I just like to say thank you Microsoft and all the subsidies that work together to strive for excellent performance. I’m growing and I aspire to be great. If there’s anything beneficial that you have for me to be successful I would definitely would like to speak with someone from the team. Success is in my future! Sincerely, Saleem Watson
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2 months ago, Megan18135114
Best work account I have ever had. So happy
I have tried out other Admin/Work groups. After some time would go by and getting to see true colors shine, as different scenarios arise. I can honestly say Microsoft is NUMBER 1 In customer service and support. With the “other admin” accounts, if I needed help, it either never came, I would get a email (sometimes the information would help me, most of the time it did not). So if you are looking for a admin account with people who seem to care about you and your business, Microsoft is the way to go! I never have to wait more than 45-60 minutes for an agent to reach out.
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2 months ago, lola keen
365 admin
User friendly design and layout for your business and website. Communication with customers through this app is key to building your brand or business. This app approaches key factors such as finances, and users rights. It allows administrators to manage productivity, access data sources for other users. Most importantly the app provides communication and problem solving surrounding incidents that are internal or external that may affect users productivity. The data integration for this app allows users a platform, providing ongoing updates for issues such as data breach, privacy, and maintenance concerns. Great application!
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3 years ago, DonkeyDix99
It Does What I Need it While on the Road
Is it perfect? No, but it makes my life a lot easier! I manage several M365 tenants for multiple customers. Sometimes, I need to make a change while on the road. This allows me to do this easily. It does not have everything I need, but it is good at what it does. I’m not making massive changes, but if I need to remove a license, block a sign in, or create a user, BAM! Done. If you’re a M365 admin, and you don’t want to be tied to a laptop everywhere you go, this will help ease the burden of using a mobile hotspot and booting up your laptop.
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2 years ago, Phyrefyter
I’m not IT …
… but, have been forced into the job since I own the firm and no one else wants the additional duty. The MS 365 Admin app makes my job a lot easier and much less painful. I get a new employee I can easily give them an email address and whatever level of Office apps I think they’ll need to do the job. When an employee goes on holiday, I simply put their account on hold. The email gets automatically forwarded to another employee and the apps are locked along with their One Drive account. I can do this from the convenience of my mobile phone.
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2 years ago, SUICIDE-USMC
USMarine - Download This and Save Time & Hate Apple
If you don’t want to sit at a desk all day and manage your business from an office then this is the app for you. I have been with Microsoft Exchange since the beginning and it continues to get better. Unlike Apple’s Technology which is moving backwards in time; MicroSoft progresses. I can only wish that Bill Gates would’ve put Steve Jobs out of business in 1996. I have honestly prayed that Tim Cook loses everything for ruining Apple. I wish that MicroSoft would purchase Apple and either close the company or destroy the products iOS and OSX.
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1 year ago, BKCLabs
Great quick admin tool
I think the mobile admin tool helps administrators that constantly have to provide real-time feedback and response to the mobile IT landscape. I do find that most functions work quickly and accurately. There are some valuable features that I think they could implement within the app to really solidify it as a go to place for administrators on the go. I would recommend considering adding universal print, basic device management (from endpoint manager/ intune, not office 365 mdm), and maybe license purchasing. thanks
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3 years ago, SweetysSpud
Ease of access for quick detail changing on the fly
It’s nice to be able to update a password or block a user during off hours when you get a frantic phone call from a Client. It is a mobile app, and there is a lot to M365 Admin. It doesn’t have it all but it has the primary things you would expect from an app to perform quick actions.
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1 year ago, hi there -//:()$@
Typical msft quality
It’s not a msft product until it crashes. Well, it seems that it has to crash first before it can start working. The search function doesn't work until then. Logging in takes like two minutes. And if I need to send a password reset email to a user, it will attempt to use my built-in mail app using my personal email (instead of how they do it in the web version). Oh, and can I assign a license or quickly make a purchase of a license for a user (like the web version)? Nope! Msft will tell you "Something went wrong"(TM). This app is worse than a third party knockoff. They oughta take a page from Google and make their apps "functional". This app is useless.
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2 years ago, Amazingly fun!!
What were you thinking?
I’ve been using this app for a long time, I manage about 35 different companies, and most of them are on office 365. This app is handy when I need to make some quick changes and I am not in front of a computer, but the latest update to the app that switched all my accounts to a little bubble that I have to scroll through and doesn’t tell me what company it is makes it impossible to find who I’m looking for so it renders the app useless to me. I cannot spend five minutes looking for a customer by going through every single one. The list where it used to show which domain I was clicking on was perfectly fine. Why change that???
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2 years ago, S†∑ƒ∂n
Fake reviews?
What’s up with all the fake reviews for this app? There’s no way users are so enamored to use the tone and language for half of these. All this app does is sit and spin, trying to load the home screen after logging in. Tried all of the troubleshooting steps - uninstalled, made sure it was updated… no change. I have been able to use this app once since installed originally, and it took at least 5 minutes to load that time. Since then, nothing. Wouldn’t be writing the review except for the number of obviously fake reviews here. Was hoping for something that would provide benefit by being able to access my tenant from anywhere- alas, not the case.
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2 years ago, BreganXO
Junk… mediocre like everything these days.
The decade of 2020 will be remembered as the decade of mediocracy. With the great COVID excuse still running wild, companies everywhere get to put out junk and people simply accept it. This app is a great example of an unfinished and poor attempt at service. It may be fine for managing existing users, but dont expect to add a license, and add it here. I had an emergency add, while on the road, and i simply couldn't do it. I couldn’t add a new license using my phone because the browser wouldn’t scroll down to the Continue button, so I had to call someone to do it for me on a pc. Then, 4 hours later, this app still doesn’t recognize i have a new license.
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2 years ago, Iwatsutech
Never Works
The app just boots to a blank screen. Many others have written this same review. I have uninstalled and reinstalled repeatedly but for 2 years it has never worked. I keep thinking it will be a bug that’s fixed but never has. I get a login prompt that then immediately opens a second login prompt over top of it. After successfully logging in and completing MFA from both of the logon pop ups, it goes right back to a blank screen. Interestingly enough though, I keep getting notifications from the app. If they can’t fix it in 2 years, I’m not holding my breath for a resolution.
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10 months ago, Plexus IT
Works Great!
This app is a HUGE time saver. Most of the basic functions needed to admin a 365 tenant are here. No need to login through a computer console. The app keeps me logged in and I can easily switch between tenants to create, delete, reset, users, groups, permissions, etc. The only think it lacks is the ability to purchase additional licenses. Otherwise, this app is a God send.
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8 months ago, TrueLuck3
Gets The Job Done Well
The MS Admin app is honestly the best administrative tool I've used on mobile. I can take care of most common tasks directly from the app. Adding and managing users and groups, licenses, updating profile pictures, etc. This app has also become my go-to for system status updates and service health issue tracking. Very useful!
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4 years ago, Valco3326
Makes Sense
I love the features! Most admin mobile apps only basic user management functionality. Far from providing the “on the go” admin experience which means always carrying two devices. Well not any more! Seriously, well done Microsoft. This app gives me the flexibility I was looking for and I can’t wait to start developing my new mobile strategy around it. Please DO NOT change it.
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10 months ago, rjs2nj
Simply does not work
Started to work for a while, but this app is completely inaccurate (admin status etc) and not reliable. Microsoft can do better all the money that you guys make very disappointed in this app and Microsoft. My company is definitely looking for options other than Microsoft. Also very annoying with the meaningless notifications that it keeps putting forward, especially a stream of them at night.
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1 year ago, RockeyReed
Answers Questions BEFORE You Ask Them!
Information is timely, accurate, comprehensive, and understandable. The information provided allows me to intelligently answer questions from the users I administer. This lets me work on other issues and post alerts when needed. If you’re a Microsoft 365 Administrator you need this app in your toolbox.
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3 years ago, jb+gb
Flexibility On-The-Go
The 365 Admin App for iOS iPhone provides a convenient and flexible tool for updates & changes + additions while on the run. Anything that provides ease of access to all the corporate accounts and apps, users and info without requiring bulky tagalong equipment gets a big plus in my book. Microsoft 365 Admin App for iOS iPhone checks all the boxes when away from the office.
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4 years ago, J_in_Mia
Outstanding Issue/Outage reporting
It's more of a process thing than an attribute of the app, but being able to look and see the status of know issues is tremendous. Rather than telling users we will look into a problem they are having, quite often we are able to respond with both a status and initial reporting time.
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3 weeks ago, Mrspelaez
Great notifications!
This week I kept getting blank pages when opening my docs and just thought it was my phone and didn’t think much about it. Today I had a message come in through the app and learned that it was a MS glitch! It is now fixed and I can forgive my phone!
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3 months ago, FranekRomero
Very useful application to do many different things for a company or a single person and employees. Personally I trust Microsoft and it doesn’t matter how fast other companies do things it is about doing it right one step at the time from A to Z Microsoft is the best the rest are just trying to copy What they do MICROSOFT is number one Thank you MICROSOFT.
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3 years ago, OSOMANOSO
Great Admin Tool
This app lets me know what is happening to my online presence and users from anywhere. It also lets Microsoft communicate with me so I do not chase things beyond my control, or at least let’s me know when to expect problems. I find the product to be transparent between my business unit and Microsoft, my business partner.
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3 years ago, orliecarneiro
Microsoft 365 Office
I give this application a five star rating because of its ability to work in a way that I can no longer make bad business judgement calls, and because of its predetermination to let me know when the company policies will be enabled, which is at the time when I see them get installed in the app.
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2 years ago, Uncle Bill 76
I find my iPad mini is so easy to take with me. Apps like this make it so much more useful as a network admin. This does nearly all the day-to-day jobs I do related Active Directory. I can do them while I’m with the user and don’t have to write it down either paper or electronically, then run back to my office. Great time saver!
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1 year ago, Kevron
Disappointing app
I would love for this to be a useful tool, but it is so unreliable that I don’t even bother using it. If I am out and about and a user needs something updated or to change a license, you would think it is straight forward. But more than half of the time the app doesn’t work and won’t load more than a the first dozen users. Get your act together Microsoft please, but we all know they don’t care about what anyone says. They’ll just point fingers and say some other software is causing the problem. Pathetic.
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5 years ago, RoanokeCouple
Easy to use
Puts health information at my fingertips. Allows to easy updates to user accounts. Still finding where it gives me ways to make admin of users and licenses easy to do remotely. Only issue I have found is that when I add a user to Dynamics 365, I cannot get to the settings within dynamics 365 customer engagement to update a new user’s security roles.
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5 years ago, CloudFound
Needs some attention
Microsoft makes beautiful iOS apps. Outlook is best in class for mail hands down. I don’t really understand why this is so bad. For admins who aren’t desktop users at a MSP, this app is a really valuable tool on iOS. Force quitting a frozen or FaceID looping app mid-password change...or while freezing a login ... is not what you want. The mobile web view is a non-starter on iPhone. I would love to see proper screen size/notch support, dark mode support, and functional Face ID unlock!
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2 months ago, Echemenon
Lets me do most of what I need in a hurry
Basically title. App works good for me and my company. There’s quite a bit it doesn’t do but anything i need to take care of immediately is pretty convenient. Also a good place to quickly check your service tickets and overall 365 service status.
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9 months ago, DR=PAM
Al-In-One program makes iPad Pro the Administrators Dream
Microsoft 365 is on my iPad and allows one to accomplish everything a computer can do. I like it because it works everywhere one goes - work home, business meetings or just in the park. From business letters and invoices to texting to flyers and broochures it is the Small Business Owner and/or Consultants dream.
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6 years ago, UltraSoulForce
Excellent. What more would you risk?
Without being a worry wart, what more could you ask for without trading risk for comfort? Microsoft, if I may be ALLOWED to have a free MIND, is on our side (2018), while the oTHER is feeding the bEAST. It’s good to know that righteousness still exists in the world. I would have given it a 5 but there’s always room for improvement. You know what?....I changed my mind. 5🌟🌎
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3 years ago, Silatan Vardor
Life Saver
This app has saved me literally hundreds of man hours in just allowing me access to review, update settings without taking the time to unpack a laptop when something comes up. It is one of only 8 apps that sit on my Home Screen - and one of only 3 work related apps on my device.
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1 year ago, herpab
Very intuitive & and responsive app
Love the app. I can quickly manage my organizations needs from anywhere. The app has everything the online admin does but the app is much more intuitive and quick to handle. Been using it for 3 years and no complaints so far.
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4 years ago, mjwii75
Great for Mobility
This is a great app for remote management and checks most of the boxes I need on the fly. There are some small items I wished it could also do but those are more towards the individual admin centers, more monitoring, etc. But I do most of those at the desk in front of monitors. This is more than enough to respond and be informed away from the desk.
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2 years ago, GA:JMillz
Great tool for when you’re on the go
This little handy mobile feature is great for simple tasks when you’re moving and on the go and to check in on things while traveling if there is no Wi-Fi or time to take out your laptop
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3 years ago, DisappointedGerman
Keeps me up to date, but is laggy...
The app is great and gives me a decent amount of control, but I can’t do what I can from a browser. It is also often slow and sometimes doesn’t work well, just like the web interface... but worse. If the reliability and abilities were better, it would be a five.
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2 years ago, MichaelEarls
The data I need when I need it
I really count on the service alerts I receive from this app. The quality of this app is top notch and looks like a very expensive app. It's well designed and provides me with exactly the data I need about my cloud infrastructure.
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5 years ago, T3c#vo0d0o
Crashes in 12.0.1
The app immediately crashes when opened in 12.0.1 therefore making it useless to me if I can’t count on it to be updated and tested to work reliably thru IOS and App version updates. This has been an issue in other iOS & Apo releases. I have fond it overall thru the versions to be about as reliable as a damp book of matches. Huge disappointment from Microsoft - They seem to care more about making things “easy and inviting” with the modern preschool looking GUI than they do about making things that actually work.
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2 years ago, Sllewis
Everything’s right at your fingertips
Microsoft has come a long way. I love the apps for business admins. Chafes can be made with a click without launching a browser and talking to support. I like to read the updates and favorite the ones I’m Looking forward to.
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5 months ago, Grampa Paul
Very handy
I have many customers using Microsoft 365. This is very handy for me to go in and administer their account. Change someone's password, add an email account and all on the fly from my cell phone. If they gave a 10 star rating I would give it 10 stars!
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3 years ago, IT Profesional
Great Up-to-date information and reporting
Great notifications and navigation to keep clients and customers updated and engaged for both upcoming changes and issue items. More features getting added for a more powerful tool is great.
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3 years ago, AllanC in Michigan
Latest update
Great enhancements on things! Especially now there is the ability to edit and remove accounts which didn’t exist before so they just kept adding up on the switching accounts screen.
Show more
3 months ago, BeccaG64
Microsoft’s 365 Admin app is a big help
It can be hard to keep up with so many cloud based this’s or that’s. This app helps me stay on top of all things O365. It’s especially helpful to have reminders and notifications that lets you know about upcoming changes etc..
Show more
10 months ago, NavyChop2
Very User Friendly
Easy to use, all important user management functions are just 1-2 clicks away. Latest version is a significant improvement over previous versions with the ability to create new user accounts
Show more
11 months ago, Reggie JZ
Great app for quick O365 management
It’s so convenient to just open the app, add a contact, add a new person to a Distribution List, create a new group, and do all those other quick tasks, on the fly and without having to get to my computer.
Show more
2 years ago, JBizzle0606
Great app
The ability to do basic management tasks mobile while on the phone is fantastic. I’ve had the app for years and have arm continual improvements with added functionality. Excited to see what the future holds.
Show more
1 year ago, otis5722
Awesome admin app for all kinds of tasks
This app is great for doing several user administration task on the fly. Sitting in a restaurant I'm able to reset passwords or turn off an account (most common issues), rather than having to wait to be at a computer! Well done!
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9 months ago, About to change banks
Great app. One slight issue
Great app but sometimes it stops allowing user lookup. Requires app to be restarted after waiting a few minutes. Love what it makes mobile to prevent having to take my laptop out all the time. Makes password resets easier during face-to-face support. Huge time-saver overall.
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