Microsoft 365 (Office)

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Microsoft Corporation
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4 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft 365 (Office)

4.75 out of 5
770.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Old man learning new tricks
Office360 ,writing assignments
At first I had my problems . But now I’m getting used to how these apps work . Sometimes I have problems still but I credit that for never using these apps before . Yes everything is new to me before I started to go to full sail university my life was pretty easy. But now I find I have to quickly learn these apps because I have to use them all the time life is really a challenge now I haven’t been in school since 1975 the year I graduated . When I grew up we didn’t have cellphones we didn’t have notebooks and life was really pretty simple and then the big boom. Now we have all kinds of things that we didn’t have when I was growing up. These apps have been a challenge at first but now I’m getting used to them and they have been a big help in doing my assignments for school I’m still shaken while useing them but it’s getting easier and I’m getting things done that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to so I now actually like them thanks
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4 months ago, MEJ's wifey
Office 365 is the Leader on PCs
I have used Microsoft products since their inception, having been a secretary or administrative assistant for the first 19 years of my working life. And I taught these products throughout the years. On the PC they are the best. But, they are large all-inclusive products. If you only do word processing, you get more program than you will every need. If you only use Excel, you still have to buy the full package. Their best product for the average user was MSWorks, but they abandoned that product, which was priced lower than the Office platform. MSWorks came installed on most computers by default. Most of the people I know wish MS Works was available to use. The Office products are too bulky for what the home user needs. So why force a large portion of users to buy a package that requires $99/year subscriptions. Over a 10-year period people are paying nearly $1000 for using these packages. It is a crime! Simplify things for the end user because many people are turning away from Microsoft because they just can’t afford it. The senior citizens using computers today, many who have never touched a computer, don’t need the big and bulky Office products. Please, Microsoft, bring back MSWorks!
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2 years ago, RobertHockey
Error message prevents me from uploading changes
I have had this type of problem since roughly 2017 and it’s never been fixed by Microsoft: I keep getting the “can’t upload, please sign into your account” error message whenever (or sometimes) I try to let Word or Office app on my iPhone 13 Pro Max upload any text changes I make to my “.docx” Word document files and the result is unintended data loss on my end! This error message happens every day and I get it like five times in a row and whenever I click the “sign in again” button on the error message it never leads to anything and I have to close my app and open my current work document all over again… this makes me furious and I’ve tried to fix this and nobody has a direct answer. Also, there is a problem with the scrolling whenever I try to simply scroll to the end of my document and it bumps me around the page constantly and I have to figure out where it left me off so I can re-edit whatever it was I was editing before. Is there a reason for all of this happening? I used the Word app before on other older iPhones but they all suffered extreme data loss when I tried to simply edit and upload changes everyday I used it. Now I’m stuck! If anyone sees this then I hope they can help Microsoft or whoever makes the Office versions for iPhone work better in the future. I use Office every day!
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4 years ago, MaxAgHammer
Useful (when it works), but slow and very limited
I don’t know if this app by itself is better than having the three separate Office apps installed, but it takes up considerably less space. I use this almost exclusively for Excel documents, and this app is an adequate editor for very simple things like adding new data entries and viewing attachments received via mail or shared via cloud based file services. However, this app is EXTREMELY SLOW to work with and its interface feels claustrophobic and fiddly on an iPhone 8 screen. Maybe it’s better on an iPad Pro, with the larger display and more powerful CPU to run it? I don’t even try to do anything so complicated as enter formulas or format cells when I’m using this app… like I said, the UI is not great. A word of warning: if you rely on Dropbox to store Office documents that you frequently work with and update via this app, you will tear your hair out in frustration at the way Office turns into a complete basket case trying to deal with Dropbox storage. I don’t know whose fault that is, Microsoft or Dropbox, but it’s infuriating and will happen to you even when doing the simplest things to documents retrieved from Dropbox folders. It gets even worse if you’re using a VPN… be ready for lost work and mondo pain. At least everything works even slower over VPN connections, so you have that to look forward to.
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2 years ago, Luq07
No way to edit an plain text file
One of the most annoying things about Office for IPad is the inability to open or edit a plain text file. Really? We are talking plain text with zero formatting. As an IT person, I often use notepad on my desktop since it saves your text without formatting. I use it for scripting and sometimes just saving rough notes. The problem is, there is no way to edit such a file on your iPad. If I’m away from my computer and need to share some script I wrote or some documentation I wrote, I can’t edit it and remove my rough notes. Even copying and pasting is difficult in OneDrive since it seems to open as some sort of table. Plus you can’t change the file extension from .txt to .docx on onedrive to allow Word to even see a text file. The only way to see it exist is when you attach it in word or share from onedrive. I’m so frustrated with this but I’m stuck since my company uses Microsoft and not Google.
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8 months ago, Bucket ó Love
So many years in school using Microsoft
My information systems teacher says while teaching Access that I’ll be able to put all the data into a spreadsheet and cascade that across Microsoft suites/ platforms. Genius. I’ve been thinking of doing that this whole time. She also said it doesn’t matter until you have experience in a business. Looking back if I could just get Publisher on Mac I’d be in my own and doing the data entry, wondering what could have been. Since I looked again and saw that my professor was teaching the truth because believe me I’ve been trying to connect databases to UI’s and it’s difficult. I thought y’all would appreciate that I noticed. I just now realized that this company actually put in a whole bunch of work! For all the students who practiced Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Access while putting together their money to learn how exciting it is to be alive now that the possibilities are a reality.
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10 months ago, Anon App Review
Most negative reviews probably should be ignored 😉
People are complaining that it’s subscription. If you want a free aiffice Suite use iWork, free with all Apple devices. Office AutoSaves for documents on OneDrive only. This has always been the case. It does not do this for files saved locally or on iCloud, Google Drive, etc. this is the case even on Windows 11. It had been this way for almost a decade, now (since Office 2016, and maybe even 2013). Creating and editing documents is free for devices 10.1 inches and below in display size. This includes all iPhones, iPad Mini, and older iOads that are 9.7 to 10.1 inches in size. If you’re using an iPad Air 2 or later or any iPad Pro, you’ll need a subscription to create and edit documents. Problem? Use iWork - Pages, Numbers and Keynote - instead. They are Office- compatible. The crying, wailing and moaning about this being subscription is ridiculous. It has never been free de facto. If people actually read the app description, they would know all they’d need to know. The Microsoft 365 app is practically flawless and great for smaller screened devices. For people who many need multi-window support (to drag and drop between apps), the discrete Office apps may be more optimal - though they take up more device storage. I haven’t had an issue with those on my iPad, either, and tend to prefer them there for that capability.
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7 months ago, Doc in Ohio
Transformative Productivity Suite - A Must-Have!
I’ve been using the Microsoft 365 App for several months now, and it has significantly improved my productivity and workflow. The seamless integration of essential tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with cloud technology is a game-changer. Whether I’m working on a complex spreadsheet or a dynamic presentation, the intuitive interface and powerful features make the experience smooth and efficient. The collaboration features are particularly impressive. Being able to work on documents simultaneously with colleagues, regardless of location, has streamlined our projects and enhanced teamwork. The added benefit of OneDrive for secure and easy file storage and sharing is invaluable. Another aspect worth mentioning is the mobile app. It offers almost all the functionalities of the desktop version, making it incredibly convenient to work on-the-go. The constant updates and improvements show Microsoft’s commitment to user experience and keeping up with the latest technological advancements. Overall, Microsoft 365 is not just a suite of applications; it’s a comprehensive solution for modern, digital workspaces. It’s worth every penny for the convenience, efficiency, and productivity it brings to both individual and collaborative work. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, LemonBitter
Unreliable and Little Customization
As a full time researcher and writer, I have little reason to not use Microsoft Office. The mobile experience is terrible. Half the time I go to do work on my iPad Pro, I have to spend most of my time and energy troubleshooting persistent problems with the OneDrive, Word, etc. Unhelpful messages with zero error reporting or reference number. “Can’t upload something is wrong” is what I would tell support, not something that the app should tell me. Because of finicky and poor file management with Office, I have lost work in files that were saved and named. It doesn’t help that I have to manually create formatted documents to get around the lack of control for formatting defaults (font, font size, paragraph indentation, paragraph and line spacing…) There are weird lag spikes in typing. I can’t simply sit down and do some quick bits of work. And the lack of dark mode is appalling. Somethings do work pretty well, but are also a little finicky like viewing documents side by side. This app experience fails at its basic function of providing a reliable and customizable user experience.
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3 years ago, jiminhasjams
Trash on IPad
I am a college student using Microsoft Office for essays and assignments. There are a lot of things that bug me about the app structure but my biggest complaint is the app’s constant lagging. Whenever I type on the app for a bit more than, say, 30 minutes, the app stalls to a halt. When it gets to that point, when I type, the letters come on the screen seconds after I type them in. And even when I try to close the app down and open the Doc, the app still stalls. Then, I resort to switching to the Word app (which does the same thing), and I just fall into a cycle of switching between apps. I have an 2021 IPad 12.9 Pro that I recently bought, so I know that my device isn’t the problem. I also don’t know why it takes so long for documents to save on the app. When I finish typing and go back to the Home Screen, the doc says that its still uploading onto OneDrive. When it comes down to this, I usually switch to Google Docs, and I never see the same problems I have with Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word. Please Microsoft, I want to use your apps, but I can’t deal with the constant stalling
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7 months ago, Netzahualcoyotl.Oficial
It's an acceptable app for light work. However, the main problem with the app is that the One Drive cloud won't upload any files that you created from your computer. In the event that you worked on a spreadsheet from your work computer and saved it. But later when you're away from a desktop computer or laptop and need to make a quick correction. For example: submit a saved signature. Your Office 365 app on your phone or other devices, like an iPad, won't allow you to access those files. Any work you get done on a computer and saves to your One Drive it saves well while using a computer. However, the files won’t upload to the office 365 app installed on your phone or iPad and it just shows errors (file failed to upload) It’s a total frustration! Not worth downloading the office 365 app for mobile. Unless, they really decide to fix those issues quickly. I’ve noticed many people that have rated this app have had the same issues with the app.
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7 months ago, RobertoStorio
Cloud disaster
Using One Drive has been a disaster for me. Entire files have disappeared. I just saved a document so I could sign it on my iPad, but as is often the case it's no where to be found. Documents which are automatic save, but the next time I open it it is no longer an auto save document so I have to save it once again, etc. I've also had lots of documents that never sync. I can see them on the list, but with clouds next to them and they just won't sync so I can't access them. I now create my documents with Word, but save them to the Google cloud or to Dropbox, both of which always work perfectly. Interesting, after I copied all of my files from One Drive to Dropbox they all synced in One Drive and I was finally able to access documents that just wouldn't sync previously. However, I have lost many documents using One Drive and I wouldn't think of using it anymore. Word and Excel are obviously the gold standards. I advise using them along with any other cloud storage. The only disadvantage is that you won't be able to autosave.
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2 years ago, ericsangel2012
Absolutely love this!!
I use this for spreadsheets and such for work and it works great and seamless between my iPhone app and Surface Pro. However with this new recent update, when you click on the bar to begin typing you can’t see what you are typing until you click on another cell and whatever you have typed appears in the box. I’ve tried typing in Light and Dark mode, because my phone stays on Dark mode so I thought it might’ve been a bug with Dark mode but it doesn’t work in Light mode either. My phone is an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Please help, I know it seems like a small problem but it is annoying because if you mess up typing/spelling in the cell you won’t know until you click off and you can’t fix it without retyping the whole cell and hoping you don’t misspell or mess up again or you will have to blindly retype the cell again. Please help!!
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2 years ago, Strider man
Big Fan
When it comes to software for general daily business proditivity the Office Suit hits the mark. It is no wonder why they have 90% of the market (guessing). I am also an avid Apple user so it was always a bummer with the two best of the best not working in harmony. Now days, other than some goofy tool layouts, they are compatable and work seemlessly between platforms. I just bought an iPad Pro to help with my mobile business requirements and i was impressed with the application version of this software. I can do 85% of what I need to do right from my iPad Pro. The 15% is shared gaps between tablets and software as well as limited functionality of the off products as it compares to the trational computer versions. All in all, well done … can’t wait for the future improvements.
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2 years ago, @ColoLawyer
Questionable reliability
Over the past 6 months, I’ve had great success transitioning between the desktop app and this iPad app and great failures, too. As other reviewers have commented, sometimes it doesn’t save work and you can’t get back hours of work. Also, sometimes something gets messed up in formatting of documents going between the desktop and iPad apps, and back the other way. In one situation, I lost a considerable amount of work on the day something was due. I was able to go back to a previous version but had to redo some of the work. It’s not as seamless as it seems it should be. Hopefully, the rebranding from Office app to Microsoft 365 is more than just a marketing change. The convenience of using 365 collaborative tools is so great that it’s worth the risk of losing some work here and there. But it would be better if that risk were eliminated.
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1 year ago, DogsandCatsDogsandCats
Microsoft Office 365 Online does not back up/wipes file data
MS Office is, of course, a great product, but leaving a 1 star review for a particularly fatal issue. I was participating in a data competition in February 2023 and was using Excel. I was working on a file for two days when I needed to close the file and reopen it. When it loaded, all the data was gone. There were no previous versions on my computer or in Excel to salvage. I always save my work, etc. so my issue wasn’t one of the top 10 obvious ways that things go wrong. I use the subscription ($6.99/month) version of MS office. I have 365 as well as the Home and Student 2016 version. What prompted to write the review is I just got a message from a friend who is taking a final today. She went to open her MS Word online file and all of the content was gone and could it be recovered. These are notes for a class taken from January-May. She reached out to MS customer service and nothing could be done. I mostly use Google products and have never had this issue.
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1 year ago, Naveed Mohammed
Best productivity app
As someone who is constantly on-the-go, having access to my documents and files from anywhere is crucial. The Microsoft Office app makes this possible, allowing me to access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on my mobile device. This has not only saved me time, but has also increased my productivity. Additionally, the app allows for easy collaboration with colleagues and friends. Whether I am working on a group project or sharing a document for review, the Microsoft Office app makes it simple to work together in real-time. Overall, I highly recommend the Microsoft Office app for its ease of use and helpful benefits. It has become an essential tool for me and I believe it can do the same for anyone looking to enhance their productivity on-the-go.
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2 months ago, Amateur Weather Junkie
The Whole Package vs. IPAD and IPhone Vesions
For what one gets, it’s a good value. There should be more storage options. The desktop version works well enough but not so much the IPhone and IPad versions. When I first had installed it on an IPhone, there were separate application interfaces for Word, Excel, etc…. I don’t like the one app that opens them all in a web based mode. I’ll find my file in OneDrive but Eveyr time I do something else for a while, and then come back. It doesn’t remember that I had a file open. It makes me pick it again so that it updates. That wastes time. When using it on my IPad or IPhone, it’s not easy to copy just the text that I want. It tries to copy a only a word, then a whole line or a whole cell. I have to move really slow just to capture the piece of text that I want to copy. The IPAD and IPhone versions should work more like the desktop version does.
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10 months ago, ursulapeace
The worst software ever
Microsoft office is the bane of my existence. It is completely counterintuitive and frustrating to use. I am forced to use it in a major writing project. Sharing files with permissions to edit is a nightmare. . I could go on and on. I stopped using my Mac due to unbelievable issues. The help pages are useless. So, I bought a Surface Pro. Highly recommended for writers. After updating the software a myriad of different issues arose. Permission issues, saving issues, and more. I can’t save the document to my hard drive . I’m forced to save it to the cloud. Sometimes, I’ll suddenly get the message that I am unable to upload the file I’ve been continuously saving for the past 2 hours or it will revert to a for Ed version of the document. I actually get nauseated thinking about using Microsoft. I’ve been stalling my writing project for weeks due to the overwhelming sense of dread. No kidding .
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3 months ago, Farseeker90
Update broke it
Despite complaints I actually liked this app until the latest update. Ever since the “update” that changed the focus to Copilot (I know you’re in love with your AI Microsoft, but leave it to its own app we just want Office) this has been broken. The majority of the time when I try to create or open a file it just gives the useless error “cannot open/create file”. God forbid they tell us what’s wrong right? So I have no idea why this app can’t seem to do anything other then Copilot anymore. Sometimes force closing makes it go away, but it comes back eventually. They apparently focused so much on Copilot that they forgot about the Office side. At least the individual apps still work. As far as I can tell they still get updated, hopefully Microsoft doesn’t kill them before fixing this mess. All I can suggest is searching for the apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and using those until this gets fixed.
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3 years ago, alexisrose22543
I really like this app. It’s very useful to have on my phone, as it allows me to do my work for college on the go. I have had one major issue with it. I spent four hours on an essay for English, and it was perfect. About 15 minutes before class, I was editing it just before I was going to print it. I had all the text highlighted, and I was just changing the paragraph spacing and font. I somehow hit the backspace and I lost all of the text. My phone buffered for a moment. I wasn’t panicking, at first. I hit the undo button, but nothing happened. I tried a couple more times, still nothing. A little bit of panic started to set in, but I was trying not to freak out. I went back to the paper’s history, and it hadn’t saved for hours. This essay was a big part of my grade, and it was all gone. Sure, I should have manually saved it, but it usually saves on it’s own. Moral of the story, save your work, because the app might not.
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3 years ago, Ksabry
Not for real Editing work - not reliable
This app is not a replacement for separate office apps, word, excel and PowerPoint, it is nothing but a quick way to add and delete some data, other than that it would be very hard to create a complete document trying to use features like tables and objects and formatting etc. i used it on iPad Pro M1 yet its performance was bad and many features are missing. Also you will face a problem when sharing the document from a windows to iOS using this app, as the view of the document is different on both. Objects tends to move from its place and the whole formatting of the documents gets ruined. That is not the kind of quality that we were used to from Microsoft when it comes to office suite. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT better use the separate apps, yet still it is not as powerful or easy as on windows and that is a shameful strategy from Microsoft to not power up office on apple products.
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9 months ago, JHSPH in Kampala
I hate this program
With Office 365, Microsoft continues a long and (apparently) proud tradition of making things worse with every “upgrade.” Why stick with a flawed though reasonably functional desktop program (I guess we’re supposed to call them “apps” now) when you can put it on line, make it harder to access, remove some formatting features so users have to download their documents anyway if they want the full functionality of previous releases, and shuffle menus and menu items around so that existing users have to spend hours searching for functions or settings that are no longer where they used to be? But as users, what can we do? It’s the only thing out there, so we’ve got no choice but to use it and put up with whatever irrational “improvements” they decide to stick us with? Suggested new tagline for the company (recycled from others, but oh so appropriate anyway): “We don’t care - we don’t have to care. At Microsoft, we’re part of the problem.”
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4 months ago, shy_ka T.
Exploratory and high efficiency.
Bing with co pilot has automated a lot of tasks. It is like having a personal assistant on hand. I personally like the suggestions where it cuts off a few additional steps and gets me directly where I want to be. For e.g. I can now enter my choice for a recipe - not too spicy, cuisine - sea food, ‘ marinalogy’ (why ! I feel fish can be art, although seafood works best with a citrusy profile. It’s an insider joke my AI and I share ). Anyway, I did nt have to go through a bunch of videos or blogs when my vegan/ veg blogger did nt have a recipe. All I had to do was tell co pilot what I wanted and it appeared on my screen. I like the ease of doing things but sometimes I feel like Co is waiting for me to make up my mind. Thanks for reading the review and have a great day !
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3 years ago, Hsbbba
Incredibly confusing interface
The iPad version is adequate though it’s hard to tell if a document is auto-saving or not. When I tap the “back” button, thinking I’m going to the main menu, Outlook opens as if I’m sharing the newly edited document. I then find out the edited version has NOT been saved. Even more confusion ensues when I work on docs on my laptop. MS One Drive is completely useless. Every document appears to have a different “save” pathway- eg “OneDrive”, “OneDrive personal”, “OneDrive for business”, etc. Sometimes the web version of Office opens, sometimes the app opens. Nothing makes sense. I’m glad I my institution wasted their money on this and not myself... That being said, unfortunately I’m stuck using this garbage.
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1 year ago, Mps445576
Write up product
Featuring many templates to choose from within the various Microsoft office applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and notes, Microsoft has really enhanced the functionality and technical attributes that have increased the aesthetically stunning attention drawing designs that increase the overall appearance to entice people to read the work that is created utilizing the tools. While there are some shortcut features that could benefit to the addition across the board, being that they may be found in one application but may not be utilized in another project, the overall ease of use of all features is still quite prominent. Thank you for coming up with a great product!
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7 months ago, Jdepatie
I made the mistake of getting Microsoft programs that require the password since my password is on my cell phone and I can’t access my cell phone passwords without a password I’m screwed. This is true all Microsoft programs passwords are required to get a password. Simple programs are required to get a password. There is no way past password if you don’t happen to know it, or have it written someplace other than Microsoft, Microsoft has screwed itself and everybody else with your geek writers who know everything but have done nothing you don’t get my stars. I am required to get a new password. Every time I enter my cell phone and want to use a Microsoft program because if I don’t happen to remember my password and I can’t access my password without a password I have 1000 different passwords to Microsoft get me nowhere, something tells me you folks need to rethink your password program. Goodbye. I dare you to contact me about this if you even read it.
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4 months ago, ndaero
Great to use, but questionable security
I have both the iPhone and iPad versions of this app. On both, I have signed in a personal account and a work account. I have recently noticed that my personal documents are showing up on the Recent list when I have my work account selected. I don’t know what this means for the underlying access to the document itself, but at very least it gives the appearance of a privacy breach. Fortunately, work files are not showing up under my personal account but I have no reason to believe that could not happen. I wanted to delete the app but apparently it’s the only way I can edit my files on iOS devices now. This problem really needs to be fixed, whichever account I am under I should only see files for that account, the app should not be mixing them up.
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4 months ago, puddintan3
i'm on my fourth year subscribing to Microsoft 365
Where are the desktop versions of these apps for iPad? This barely functional crippled mobile version of Office apps is unusable. I have been using Office since the 1990s at work and at home, and so has my wife. There are just too many functions to list missing from this watered down junk. And a lot of the things that are helpful in the real apps are just not there. Find and replace does not have a list of special characters and other things you need to search through a document with in order to replace paragraph marks, tabs, spaces, and lime feeds to reformat raw text. There are free apps that do this easily. I have considered not renewing this time because of this, but I did need the OneDrive storage for a while longer. for the present, my PC is unavailable, so I am using an iPad Pro with an M2 chip that is plenty powerful enough to run the desktop, not this mobile junk.
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1 year ago, den yn
I am trying to write a paper. There is a glitch on the third page. Every time I try to print out my paper, the last sentence is printed on the top of the fourth page. Even though I have written only three short paragraphs on page three, the last sentence of the last paragraph is separated from the paragraph and is put on the next page; page four. Then, the paragraphs on page four are pushed halfway down the page. I have deleted my work and started it over on a new document blank page. Again and again, only to experience the same problem when I print out my paper. Please correct the glitch on the new document page!
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2 months ago, Jason Maynard
(Update) Ads for premium users
Update: This issue appears to have been resolved since ads haven’t been shown as a premium user. They are still annoying, however, given the limited screen space for some devices, particularly iPhones. Original (edited): I’m getting sick of paying money only to be served ads still. Paying $11 a month to still have ads is unacceptable, gross, and greedy. There’s nothing more to love than a giant banner ad across the document I’m currently working. I can’t see most of the document as is, but surely you’ll find the space for ads.
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5 days ago, mmoriah
Don’t waste your time
This app is awful. Several times already I’ve lost hours of work because the auto save feature does not work. I can do an entire assignment and then come back to open it and it will look as if the work is still there. If I attempt to open the file a few minutes later, it is blank. This has happened over and over when I’m ready to turn assignments in, leaving me scrambling to redo entire research papers and case studies. I cannot stress how unreliable this app and the Microsoft word app are. Do not waste your time doing anything in these apps if you want them to save unless you’re willing to continually download copies (when it wants to actually identify your subscription) to your device. School is difficult enough as it is without what is supposed to be the most reliable program suite crapping out on you when you need it to work the most.
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3 months ago, Well3Yeah
I’ve been using this since it very first came out. The version for my iphone and ipad have been very buggy, and frustrating but worth it because of the ease of synching across my devices. I’d have to close out and log back in to get a feature to work properly, etc. That is until this evening. I’m a writer. I worked for about an hour and a half to two hours. I got a good amount of work done and finished the story I had been working on. I went to print it out and noticed it was an old version. NONE OF MY WORK OVER THE PAST TWO HOURS SAVED!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. I could accept it if it was a little behind and a few words or even a few lines got missed, maybe…maybe. Not this. This isn’t some free app. I pay for this monthly. How freaking absurd. This is a multibillion dollar company and this app has been out for over a year.
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1 year ago, chase conteder
Worst software
Microsoft has ruined one of the best packaged software’s ever. Trying to change everything to make it think for you is the worst they could have ever done. short cut key strokes, no longer work the constant upgrades and changes after you’ve re-learned the software is a nightmare. Once you relearn the project and the various locations of tabs, they change it to add new bells and whistles, which nobody can use. When you are attempting to cover 3% of the population who uses a feature and it changes the software for 97% of the others is a catastrophe. Stop changing and leave well enough alone. If you include outlook in this discussion, it is catastrophically the worst email software ever written. Outlook is so cumbersome so intensive so user unfriendly that if there was a Nother software package, I’d be an instant customer. Microsoft go back to the drawing board
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2 months ago, UMDTJF
Was Great, Now Not
I’ve been using this for about 9 months and for the first 8, it was great. I used it daily to track my finances and gym progress. In the beginning of March, I was forced to get the updated version, and that’s when the issues started. First, my files weren’t saving and it wasn’t for a few days that I noticed that the dates weren’t right and I was missing data. I created a copy and re-added all the missing information. I’ve had to do this every few days since then. Now, copies are vanishing. I’ve noticed multiple files are missing that I know were created, most recently was yesterday and today. I created copies as of 4.02, then that was missing yesterday I had to create a copy as of 4.05 because 4.02 was missing, then this morning 4.05 is missing.
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1 year ago, Peky_69
3 stars because of the colors
Unbelievable, but true. Under Satya, Microsoft gave up its colors to the real leader, Google. Given the history and how each of the corporations came into existence, it's finally the right move. Microsoft never had a good legacy, Google did, since day one. And, after Windows 7, Microsoft cannot create an operating system. In Windows 8 they have to get rid of the Start Button and the signature. Therefore the change of all trademarks. No more Microsoft colors, thank you, God. They are belonging to Google, the ruler of them all. At least Microsoft is learning, thank you Satya for that. But, if you don't want to pay a penny you still can. Just searching around for much better free tools. I just don't know where Satya was during the time that I was saying that it's going to be a dessasteter. Fortunately, he laid me off and now I'm running my own business that is working in the 22nd Century. Tons of things are free and developers are paid better than anywhere else. And, they are working on demand. Just won't recognize the Office anymore. Or anything from the ex. MSFT. How about just black 😉
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4 years ago, Dan62103
Why isn’t this universal at start?
I’ve had an iPad since day 1, gen 1. I have waited ever since for Microsoft and Apple to meld their strengths and have a good workflow for office on IOS and cloud files. After reading about this app’s release I was hopeful this was the one that would become the solution. And then after downloading’s prioritized for phones and does the lame compatibility version for iPad. I don’t work in the tech industry, but would bet money that an analysis would show people using office on mobile devices are largely on tablets and less on phones. Are that many people really making presentations and excel files on phone screens? This needed to be a universal app or prioritized for iPads first and then have a phone version. Feels like a no brainer and failure for now for me. Hoping iPad prioritization comes soon.
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2 years ago, K@wika
Great for Microsoft Apps, not great for IOS
I have really enjoyed how office keeps slides in the proper format compared to other apps I use for school to try and keep notes. The hyperlinks and the videos that are incorporated into the slides make them very easy and give it a definite leg up in downloading powerpoints versus the Notability app. However, Notability’s note taking and customization is far superior, which I 100% suspect is due to my using of an iPad and not a Microsoft device. The writing and note taking on Office is pretty limited and generic, which is why I’ll use Office for the powerpoints and other PDFs but that’s basically it.
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10 months ago, Case McCall
Read Aloud
Read Aloud has decayed from being a mainstay of every aspect of my work, to working only sometimes, to working only after I deleted and redownloaded the app, to now never working under any circumstances. It reads in an unintelligible and hideous electronic voice, whereas it used to read in either the male or female voice, both of which were very pleasant and natural. Across this app and the Microsoft Word app, Read Aloud has become absolutely broken and it’s been so long that you think a trillion dollar company could have fixed it a hundred times over by now. Literally just throw one entry level engineer at it for a day. Other than that the app works fine, though you can’t format a text the way you can on desktop, adjusting paragraph parameters and font sizes.
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1 year ago, WeakDreamer
It’s all good!
Microsoft has changed so much over the years since I started at the date of conception of Microsoft Operating Systems. (A while ago) I have taken several courses in the past to name a few Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Teams, and SharePoint all needed for my present employment. I can’t forget Publisher, which they shouldn’t have taken away, I loved it, it was so handy to make flyers, posters, cards, etc. oh well, I moved onto Power Point. I really have enjoyed using Microsoft Office 365 not only in work but for personal reasons as well, I am able to do small projects and keep myself organized, and I sure need that. Unfortunately, life took some unexpected detours for me over the last eight+ years. So for now I have been brushing up on some old skills, and learning some new ones, and there is so much to choose from, I suppose I will never get through all of them, but I will try. Thank you, Microsoft for what you do, however, don’t get too big out there, that us less unfortunate people can’t afford to use anymore.
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2 years ago, K Nur
Scope of improvements
First of all, thanks to Microsoft for bringing office to iPadOS. Great to have a functional app. However, there is still a lot of scope for improvements such as table border coloring, etc still not as nice as a desktop app. The file opening is slow, and could be improved. Switching multiple docs would be a plus. Also, keyboard shortcuts for page zooming, etc could be really great since most iPad pro users use the magic keyboard. Day by day, the iPad is becoming a means of desktop replacement. In addition, remote control from iOS is also very useful for frequent PowerPoint presenter. There are only a few comments...
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6 months ago, Ben in San Diego
Absolute Garbage
The whole point of having an office suite that works across different operating systems is…that it works across different operating systems. I thought I had a reasonable facility with Excel, but this thing is utterly alien to me...weird, limited and unintuitive. And trying to search for specific instruction for specific problems online is an exercise in utter frustration. Never had this problem with Windows Excel. I was always able to find great advice in seconds. I give up. I had bought my iPad Pro 12.9” specifically for going paperless with sheet music in orchestra, for which it works great. I was hoping to use it for general computing as well rather than bouncing between OS’s. But I think the experiment is over. I’ve had enough fun trying to get work done in the i-verse. Time to get a newer, lighter, serious Windows notepad.
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2 years ago, Alberich_
Great for College
This app is amazing for writing essays on the go. I recently got the Magic Keyboard for my iPad and I’ve been using it for essays. My only issue is that I wish I could add my google drive as a location to save my files to. Everything is saved to my google drive and I prefer it over one drive. It’s a major pain having to save my files to the files app and then transfer it over to my google drive. (Honestly I wish the desktop version of word would allow you to add a google drive to a location you can save to, but this is a review about the iPad app so, whatever.)
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4 years ago, Mark Verizon customer
New Office app confusing in opened / created Word files
Since the installation of the new Office app, if I go to OneDrive on an iOS device and open a Word file or create a Word file, what interface shows up in the opened or created file isn’t Word app or a Word interface. Instead this “Office” app opens. It’s very confusing. The Office app interface is very basic, and even the font graphics are simplistic. Since I have discovered this quirk with the “Office” app, and since going to support didn’t give me an easy way to address the issue, I cannot rate this new Office app very high, only one star low. If I open just the Word app, it seems to work just fine. So today, to try and avoid the Office app doing this, since I already have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps installed and working well on iOS devices, I removed the Office app and dropped my rating to one star.
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4 years ago, Apps as I see them
Call it “Office Lens Plus”?
The Office app for iOS as of February 2020 seems to be lacking a lot of the power promised in the various videos from Microsoft floating around. It looks like this app was rushed out before it was finished. One video shows the ability to create a PowerPoint from an outline, but try finding the “Create Outline” button in this version. Office Lens already has some great capabilities - such as scanning a whiteboard or making a PDF - and this app does those too. And while it will get those images or scans over into a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, that’s hardly bringing them all into one place in any easy way. I hope Microsoft will continue to develop this into what they’ve promised. But at this point, there’s not enough in the app, and what is there isn’t quite integrated yet.
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3 years ago, PATRIKCZE
What’s wrong with you? Corporate policies MDM are applied to personal accounts!
I do not know what happened if that is fault of our corporate policy or Microsoft fail to implement MDM, or Apple fail to provide proper functionality in iOS 15 … but I do not understand why I’m blocked by our corporate policy everywhere means in all Microsoft applications. Whenever I would like to open document from my private Teams in word, excel, power point, I’m always failing with inaccessibility because for some reasons corporate policies are applied to my personal account. What the heck ! I can’t simple print nothing. How is that even possible. Aren’t all applications send boxes how Microsoft achieved this stupidity !? I don’t care who’s fault it is, just fix it asap! Totally useless app which leads me to use purely Apple products like Pages, Numbers, etc.
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5 months ago, Is this nick name taken too?!
Terrible for writing
The app is poorly fitted for use on a phone. The zoom feature, font selector, and the ability to select a certain part of the text to change something is inconvenient. A tragically large amount of space is blocked by the useless microphone button in the bottom right of the screen, blocking the user from seeing the last several words they are typing. The app sometimes does not save, and the autocorrect feature is only somewhat functional. The issues the app has could easily be fixed but instead are ignored. It does not get updated and will soon become outdated. Google has far superior alternatives, but if you are required to use this app by your school or employer, it will work good enough.
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1 year ago, Raym no2
A file fiasco - not ready for prime time
I was doing well with the excel package until I needed to save the file to a different cloud drive. I was finally able to do it. However, when I went to reopen the file in the other cloud drive - or - a copy on my account Microsoft cloud - or - from my Ipad Pro, I received the message “Can not open the file. something went wrong.” Da! and double da! Really Microsoft!! Thanks for explaining it all to me. So here I sit with lost and unrecoverable data and quite a few hours worth of work. But perhaps I am being too harsh because even though I do not know what went wrong, or how or what to do, at least Microsoft verified my problem that something went wrong. And, apparently they planned ahead for it by creating an error message.
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1 year ago, cch226
Can’t save or upload to google drive
I have a Microsoft 365 Subscription and I have tried several times to upload my word doc to google drive from my iPad. It was saved in one drive, on my ipad also and it won’t upload. I keep getting an error message saying that something went wrong and the file couldn’t be opened. I then went to google drive to upload from there, and I keep getting file failed to upload. When I go to Excel, it’s telling me I have to do a trial. So when I ask to restore a purchase, it tells me there is non. I can upload other files like photos or videos from my iPad to google but not my office documents. Very very frustrating.
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4 months ago, cdawg1295
Gets the basics done and thats about it
You can write with word, you can create an excel doc, you can create a PowerPoint. Thats about all you can do. What you can’t do: work on two things at once (can’t use an excel document to have readily available info for a PowerPoint to be made), customize Word settings (resets every single time), rely on app to work correctly (I have lost documents because I went to safari for a brief moment to look at information and returned to a blank document with my work in progress being completely deleted after maybe 30 seconds; PowerPoint designer will work for one slide but not anymore than that as a note comes up that says “Sorry, we have no ideas for this slide.”) Editor’s choice says this app is supposed to feel “frictionless.” All I deal with is friction with this extremely poorly designed and buggy app. I’m seriously considering trading in my iPad for a new laptop for the simple reason that this app is absolutely awful and, at times, extremely difficult and inconvenient to use as a student. I’d rather use Google docs. And I can’t stand Google docs.
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