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User Reviews for Microsoft Excel

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2 years ago, Marley Mountcastle
customize keyboard
THANK YOU for bringing back customize keyboard. I wrote in a couple times about that and am so so grateful. You do not understand how much it impacts my work and how quickly I can move. One thing you have up on Google Sheets is that feature. Also - the autosum, that is something they need to incorporate as well. One thing they have that you still do not is to assume what column you want to sort based on what column you were in when you went to go select the data. If that feature were added to Excel, I wouldn't even go to Google Sheets at all, but sometimes it is handier to use them when dealing with sortable data.
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6 months ago, LABeachGuy
Unaddressed bugs that kill the app.
I'm an avid Excel user. The windows version is solid, I've been on the mac version for about 3 years and Microsoft is ignoring a few big issues that kill the experience. 1) Nothing... absolutely nothing.. stays on the clipboard. It falls off, I'm constantly recopying data I just copied to paste it into another Excel sheet or workbook. 2) The right mouse button/click option randomly stops working, so I have to reboot the app (but works fine in my other apps). 3). Some form fields aren't large enough to display the formulas - example, Chart formula fields under the Chanage Source option, so they have to be copied into a 3rd party text editor to make changes and then pasted back in. In addition, you can't edit in the field or it starts selecting random cells and including them in the equation (if you delete or move the curser forward). Beyond all of that, I'm not sure why they decided to create a different layout? It's entirely different from the Windows version, so there's a learning curve. As an example, 4) the automatic formual option is a royal pain on the Mac. It gets in the way more than it helps, so I do all of the equations by hand. I'd be in trouble if I didn't know the equations.
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3 years ago, tired2x
Years dealing with the same bugs and errors
I have had excel for years and like most of us, we have seen very little improvement to the bugs that destroy the quality of Microsoft Suite. In this instance, excel and word are HORRIBLE. If we had another option, I would be using it by now - knowing that we dont I guess is why you lack the incentive to make significant improvements to your products. Thank goodness for antitrust laws! Excel crashes as many times as it please while working, the alert boxes wont close unlesss you force quit a document which opens in auto recovery only to find it out it never recovered where you left off - if you're lucky enough to remember where you left off. Even where you select pickup where I left off, is inaccurate which I'm sure you are aware of also. One day, I can delete content in a row or column, the next day delete doesnt work. It is so unreliable and unfortuntately cannot be my clutch for getting work done. The file doesnt always open when downloaded through an attachment, and no- there is nothing wrong with the atachments - it is part of a larger issue with Excel. Your company's whole suite is unbearable to work with for serious projects. I am beyond exhausted and frustrated with all of your products.
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2 years ago, musicisGOOOOOD
Minus one star for overbearing OneDrive tie in
Not sure whether it was a lack of resources, poor planning or an intentional act of pushy programming, but Micosoft has presumptuously woven in OneDrive to their preeminent suite of office software. Saving a file should always default to physical storage or at least provide all options on the front end, not default to OneDrive. It is annoying. What if I don't want to autosave files to my OneDrive but to my desktop? Well, long gone are those days. I wish Microsoft didn't make their products feel more like Google online apps. I don't want Microsoft 365. Some people do. I get that. I want old school Microsoft power/functionaility when I download the individual software/app for one of their programs. I don't want to be forced to use OneDrive. Divorce the two, make OneDrive an option on cloud storage, but let your programming recognize OneDrive is not the default option for most Mac users.
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2 years ago, Jeo134
Excel is good no doubt but slow when using on the M1 Mac book
Excel does not need any introduction. It is great, but when I am using excel on my M1 mac book, despite the M1 mac book being faster, the excel lags quite a bit. When navigating through the excel sheet, the data and graphs keep disappearing and appearing due to the lag. Sometimes, the sheet looks blank, and then data and charts will suddenly pop up because of the lag. I recently bought a Surface 8 pro just because of this issue, but even Microsoft’s own “pro” device also does not run smoothly with Excel. Microsoft, can you please tell me why this happens, and is there a plan to fix it? Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer has any physical stores, so I called for support after buying a Surface 8 pro, Pen, and keyboard for over 1300$. Initially, I was told to hold, and after more than half an hour of holding, the line was disconnected. So, I had to return the surface pro 8. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, bengregg
I only use it because I have to, but it works
I used Excel years ago on Microsoft Windows, and hated how often Windows would crash and I'd lose my data. However, this version on Mac seems to be pretty stable (no crashes so far) and is in many ways more intuitive to use (at least for me) than Google Sheets. I would probably give it 5 stars, but I think the pricing for Microsoft office in general is pretty ridiculous, given that it's basically 30-year old software that hasn't really evolved that much in the past few years. I do think the move to the Cloud (Office 365) was a great idea, but when you consider that Google Docs is free, it's hard to justify paying as much as we do for this product, especially when you consider that Microsoft's move to .xlsx file format (from .xls) was essentially so that they could continue their monopoly. Boo.
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9 months ago, Rescue Flyer
update on EXCEL review
paid for both the one time MAC version and Office 365, ongoing. No support available to make either run on the MACs, regardless of OS version. At least it doesn't crash the computer. When it did run it store files off somewhere instead of on the computer. Now....nothing. UPdate. Gave up and have Office 365 which includes Excel. As for doing analytics, it is excellent, particularly on business and general statistics. As it doesn't take spoken input not try to create formulas to solve problems and you might get with Mathematica, what is does is handle 2d arrays of numbers well. I run with multipages, summary pages for making graphical dashboard using Excel as a simulator. Pivot table and the solver function are great. I think it falls short for trying to find a solution to a scenario if that cannot be exressed as a series of normal equations on a sheet. I do not like that it new stores your spread sheets off in some third clould only it knows, related to Microsoft and not in Apple's icloud or Googles space of AWS. This unnecessary complication makes versioning sheets and having multiple work them nearly impossible. Their update process could use more order, too. In business you do NOT want the underlying logic changed by updates - I want a major excel sheet frozen including OS, drivers, and ap.
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3 years ago, Mitschku
Great product but annoying issues on the Mac version
The only reason why I gave Excel a third star is because I cannot deny that it is and always has been terrific software with endless possibilities. That is still the case even on the Mac operating system and it's far better than Numbers or Sheets. With that said, there are so many issues that are so frustrating and I don't know where to start. I'll start here: Microsoft products do not do well when in full-screen mode. There are a couple of noticeable bugs such as an inability to change the name of a worksheet and more when it is in full screen mode. There are so many little things that is frustrating such as the inability to use a keyboard shortcut to select all of a set of data when a dialogue box is up. So much more can be said, but overall, it would be nice to see Microsoft invest more attention into Excel for Mac.
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8 months ago, 100 Watt Walrus
Worthy king of spreadsheet, but resting on its laurels
Every once in a while I flirt with Numbers or LibreOffice, but I always come back to Excel because it Does All The Things and does them best. Having said that Microsoft products are absurdly bloated (no reason this app needs to be 1.2GB), and there are so many helpful features in the Windows version that's just left out of the Mac version, and so many little, obvious featuers that SHOULD be, but Microsoft just can't be bothered, no matter how loud the user community gets. Examples: There's still no way to make Undo specific to each spreadsheet instead of being universal across all open spreadsheets. (I understand why this is the default, but NOT EVERYONE IS AN ACCOUNTANT WITH DOZENS OF LINKED DOCUMENTS, Microsoft. Let workaday users turn this off!) Also, it's STILL impossible to quickly reveal which cells are locked/unlocked. There should be a toggle for this, just like you can toggle whether cells show values or formulas. These are the kind of things, along with the ridiculous bloated size of all Microsoft apps, that keep me from giving Excel five stars. Maybe someday Microsoft will stop resting on its laurels and start making this product better and skinnier. But after over a decade of the same complaints, I seriously doubt it.
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1 year ago, A1L9E9K2
Good but could use some backend improvments
Its great to have a comparable version of Excel on Mac vs Windows/PC. Only thing I would like to see is some backend improvements and some much needed and long overdue updates to functions and functionality. Dates and times need to be updated and easier to work with especially with use of functions. Backend calculations could also use a little improvement such as the ability to automatically calculate sheets or even specific cells vs whole workbook or manual or when saving. The method of running calculations could use improvement for efficiency as well to prevent Excel from locking up and freezing or completely crashing the program or entire computer. At the very least some level of safety to prevent failure in a case when there are heavy calculations being done.
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3 years ago, Rumboogy33
Forces users to use OneDrive
As of the May 2021 update, Office apps now requires internet access about once per day to validate the license. The problem is that when you give these apps internet access, then send the contents of all Office files that you open to OneDrive (Microsoft's cloud). Microsoft is convinced that the forcing all their customers to use OneDrive is going to turn around their slow but inevitable death at the hands of Google Docs - but of course it won't. Ironically, one of the strongest reasons to use stale, dusty, full of bugs Office apps before this update was that you could keep your data out of the cloud (by blocking just Office from having access to the internet). But the geniuses at Microsoft just killed that last benefit. So my message to Microsoft: give me a way to turn off saving my files in your cloud. This used to be possible but you forced everyone to participate. If you don't give me a reasonable way to have you not steal my data, I will not renew my 365 subscription.
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3 years ago, Amanda eveningfall
Micosoft Excel for the MAC
I am extreemly disappointed in the quality of Excel for the MAC. I used the PC version up until a year ago and had stabitity probloems with the file system. The MAC version has many bug and is no where near as good as the PC version. Their are annoying things like the Format Cell window not showing up on the screen with the spreadsheet being edited and if the Format cell Window is not moved to the same screen as the spreadsheet the format commands are not executed. I have had problems with the allignment of the mouse pointer and the location of a highlighted box of cells being offset, and needing to switch to another sheet, click and return to the original sheet to correct the cursor allignment. I have also had problems with stability of spreadsheets that have VB associated with them. Crashes, locking up, typing in empty cells causing crashes.... In short this version is a productivity killer please test it thuroughly and fix it!
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1 year ago, bklynsjp
NIGHTMARE BUGS = DATA DELETION gross greedy subscription model
oh how I wish I could go back in time and just painstakingly move all my spreadsheets into google on my own time instead of making the subscription switch. i am now frantically sifting through old hard drives in order to try to find out-of-date versions of all my spreadsheets that have just mystically disappeared. Getting some weird error message when I try to recover, and Microsoft customer "service" asked me if I'd looked in my trash file yet (seriously guys?), then told me I must have a virus (I don't - use a mac, ran scans, and the only problem I'm having is with their product, hmmm.). The rep then very rudely told me to go away, and that speaking to a supervisor was impossible. Beyond infuriating to have been forced onto the greedy greedy greedy subscription model only to have everyone's biggest cloud-computing fear come true: vital info disappearing into the ether with no recourse. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this vampire garbage.
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1 year ago, Mr. Mehoff. First Name Jack.
Its Excel. You use it. You might not want to, but you have to.
Industry Standard, Spreadsheet Monopoly Holder. Its like your local electric company or water department; you might not like it, but if you need it, you have no choice. It used to be a 1 time purchase, now you have to buy it EVERY YEAR to continue to use it. BUT, does this requirement mean they have improved it at all? Nope, Same old Excel. In fact, over the past 5 months as I have been preparing for tax season, I have lost countless hours of work when the program crashes (before you Keyboard warriors say I lost my work because of my own negligance, I keep a timer on my phone to SAVE my work every 20 minutes , or the length of 1 TV episode.) even if I regularly save the file im working on. Lots of features could be made easier, but instead you still have to almost hold an College Degree to utilize the most basic functions. Is this Review going to changew anything? NO. Are people still going to buy it? Yep. Including me.
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3 years ago, Kindbat
I hate excel
I hate using Excel. It was not designed for people who use Mac computers, nor was it designed in an obvious/user-friendly way. Microsoft should take a page out of Apple's book and make their spreadsheet program easier to use, like Mac Numbers. Why is everything in excel hidden? Why doesn't the help feature directly highlight where the feature I'm looking for is? Why is formatting so difficult? Why don't all the cell involved in a function become highlighted when I click the solution cell so I can see every cell involved easily?! Why is there not a keyboard shortcut page in the help feature? Why do I have to research on google how to do keyboard shortcuts, or how to make functions work?! That stuff should be in the help section! As an accounting student, I have to use excel. After 10 years of using Mac Numbers, I can definitely say that Numbers is better in so many ways, and Excel is ruining my life.
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11 months ago, OrlandoTT82
Forcing subscription
A year ago I purchased the license for Microsoft Office 2021 for home. Excel stopped allowing me to save exactly one year after my purchase, which was two days ago. I contacted support and was first inaccurately told that the work I completed that day would be saved. I save all of my files locally, so knew that was not correct. After reminding the "support" person of this, I was then told to upload everything to the One Drive which would ensure everything was saved. AGAIN, inaccurate info was given. After pointing this out I was told to create new sheets on One and copy my work there. According to "support" engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solve. Until then I'm without access to the software I paid for outright. The online system is not nearly as user friendly and has major lag times. Everytime I log on I'm asked to purchase a subsription to access the thing I have already paid for. Such a scam.
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1 year ago, LMT_2023
Has been crashing more frequently
Excel is an extremely helpful tool that I rely on daily. Lately, it seems the app has been crashing more frequently, which has caused me to lose work, even with auto-save on. Additionally, I routinely need to have several excel spreadsheets open at once and leave them open for a few days. I've noticed that at some point I run into issues opening more grids, getting an error message saying I need permissions granted, even if it's my own grid. Then, other times, I am unable to save a grid I have open (only an issue upon first save), and have to come up with a workaround to avoid losing my work (copying over to Google sheets and exporting from there. I am working on a Mac, which could be part of the problem, but would love for more reliability in this application for Mac.
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8 months ago, G1234S
Good but needs improvements
I have been using Excel for Mac for a few months, and most of the features work fine. However, some of the features supported on windows machines are not available. Also, there are a couple of features thatdo not work as expected. The first is the combo chart with the line on secondary axes. When creating a chart with 4 or more series, excel automatically assigns the last two as lines, and it does not allow the user to choose which should be bars and which should be lines. The second feature is the subtotals. When converting tables back to ranges, some of the cell references get messy, thus not returning the correct result. I have had to manually fix the incorrect calculations in order to achieve the correct results.
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5 months ago, vaughan.woo
The numbers app can't do numbers
I deal a lot with ICCIDs and need to keep track of them in certain reporting workbooks. The fact Excel can't handle long numbers is asinine. Also if you paste one into a number type cell, the ACTUAL ICCID is lost and it truncates it with a bunch of 0s. And you have to store an ICCID NUMBER as TEXT. Major frustration. Also the fact you always have to "Convert text to columns" when pasting numbers in or else formulas don't work is also a huge problem. I end up having to leap-frog source->IDE (or Apple numbers)->Excel. I also hate that large workbooks with large tables can take the whole system out. I use tables instead of ranges because when typing formulas, seeing which table/column and not just $D$14:$F$4857. Apple Numbers does ICCIDs and automatically creates tables and does so quickly. It's just that nobody uses it, so I have to be stuck with excel...
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3 years ago, Anonymous-098*
Why just Why.
When I first purchased the Microsoft package for Mac back in August of 2021 everything was running smoothly for the first two months (Microsoft package is required for the university I attend). When more updates for the software came along, Excel and other microsoft apps began to glitch. The biggest issue is the project I was working for school was not saving. It would not let me upload to a usb, cloud or any other option. The error that it kept giving me was "this is under read only" when my Mac settings for my project was unlocked and able to edit. I had to log out of my account and reset my computer, resulting in a loss of all the progress I put into it. This is reported as a common problem with only Macs. Microsoft, please quadruple check and make sure the update will not screw up people files or computer. These kind of errors is exactly why dumped mircosoft PC in the first place.
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2 years ago, K7MAP
Better Than Nothing
Here are my two complaints about Excel on OneDrive. 1) Not consistant syncing acrost all devices. Mostly works most of the time but sometimes some devices do not get the most recent version of a spreadsheet. You have to do hacks to get your devic to be properly updated. 2) On an iPhone entering a series of numbers to be added is frustrating. The numbers are one one keyboard but then you have to go to another keyboard to get to the " " sign that you need to put between the numbers, then you go back to the keyboard with the numbers. Rinse and repeate for however many cells you need to update with a series of numbers. That is probably an Apple issue but it makes updating a budget super frustrating.
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1 year ago, taliahadaway
great but can't save
I mean, it's excel. It functions well, I can navigate everything fine, but for some reason I can't save. It's linked to an account and all, but it won't upload. I can't turn off my computer if I'm working on a project for a while because I risk losing everything if recovery doesn't catch up well. I tried updating it, reconnecting/re-logging into my account, nothing worked for a while Now I have to send everything to myself and then select "save to Downloads" if I want to ever turn my computer off or not fear my latest work being lost to a crash. Seems as though others online have had this issue but I didn't see anything actually resolving the issue. Other than the stressful saving process, it's great!
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1 year ago, Bill From NOLA
Long Time User of Excel
I spent a 40 year career in Accounting & Finance working for a Fortune 500 Company. I started in the mid 60's when our first PC contained a hard drive you had to "park" before you physically moved the machine. Financial statements for hand written on paper forms and sent to the "typing room" where typed copies were prepared. We had to check the typing by using a 10 key adding machine to check the doccuments before the statemetns were printed & published. The first thing we did was put all the financials on spreadsheets. I think our PC was an IBM 186. Things have come a long way, but Excel has been my trusted companion all these years.
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4 years ago, Krejko
Wouldn't recommend even if it were free
There are tons of issues with this software that makes it very difficult to use. A short non-exhaustive list of issues includes: going against operating system standards by using ctrl key instead of cmd key for keyboard shortcuts, its missing tons of standard functions like 'unique', often fails to fully open large files where it will truncate large portions of a document, the software is unable to open two documents side-by-side if they share the same name, during my evaluation period I was prompted if I was sure I wanted to close the documents without saving (even though saving was disabled) even when no changes were made. This seems like very low-quality software where there was little to no attention to detail. I can't think of any case where I would recommend this software over any of the available alternatives, many of which are free.
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3 years ago, Rbiggedy
You will be replaced and go bankrupt
You are trying to charge people money as a service, for a product they already paid for. I don't want any services. I just want access to the original product I paid for. I don't want to have some internet connected garbage for big tech companies to steal my data, and I don't want to pay for that "service". I want to have my own word and my own excel files that I already paid for, and I don't need updates, and I just want to keep what I already paid for like how you don't have to pay a monthly fee or yearly fee to the car company on a car you already own. Whatever you make off of people in money you will lose from their friends and family after the original users write bad reviews about your "services" and then litteraly look up the actual service based companies you've bought or founded and then boycot those too, in protest.
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11 months ago, Funnirider
excel works
however, the reason for the 2 stars is that excel likes to randomly delete files that I have created, used, saved, opened, saved, modified, saved, etc. Then, out of nowhere, a file will vanish. It doesn't go into the deleted files and doesn't reappear on startup. The last file that was deleted was a master to all the other workbooks in system of files. Fortunately, I was able to retreive the file through some backlog file recover system I don't quite understand on my Mac. I like Excel because it works well. But this one bug seems to be a problem, not just for me but for others as well.
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1 year ago, BrianKann16
Just like I know so well, except....
It seems I have enough passwords today to protect the most vulnerable politician. Only to get into my own created documents in time to present them to a live shared screen meeting, just for example, I have to reset this, reset that, verify my Human existence, PROVE that I have Office 365, and show a note from my mother. It's reached a point of being obnoxious. I APPRECIATE the security and value it. But I do not want to be prevented from using my own PAID a count and go through this honestly EVERY day. Microsoft, please, thank you but 'stand down'. It's okay. I'm not Hilary Clinton, a Biden, Obama, or a Trump. I just want to do my work.
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1 month ago, Mike & Betty
Excel works well!
Although now a retired scientist I remain active in botanical work, and that means from time to time I am reliant on large spreadsheets of species data with many attributes to study and sort out. I just wanted to note that Exdel has continued to be easy to work with and quite fills the bill for me. While we all like what we find familiar, I know that there is always something to learn in terms of sifting through and analyzing data. Excel is in general more intuitive to work with. Thus Excel makes it easier for me to "stretch my wings" and continue to learn newer and more effective ways to manage and analyze my data.
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3 years ago, Leblancly
Why is this getting objectively worse over time?
I suppose I understand how microsoft thinks it is improving workflow and collaboration, but everytime I update my Mac I am faced with now needing to disable all the various collaboration and auto-save features you have added. For instance, I should not need to open the compose window in Apple's Mail application in order to simply save a file locally and be able to email it to a contact from my web-based email account. Files should not suddenly default to saving in the cloud instead of the folder where they have been consistently saved and I have been opening them from. Every single file link in my "recent" files is now returning an error instead of opening the file. I don't have time to be fighting with my software instead of actually, you know, actually being productive!
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4 years ago, rinconsteve
Excel Thoughts
I like that 365 is available on so many devices. I've even used it on my phone in a pinch. The print functions however seem to hark to another darker age. There is something about Excel that seems dated and tired. This is not about footprint or how it looks, but things seem harder to find. The old tricks for putting together a chart are buried under layers of clutter. The charts themselves have not evolved. As one of the most valuable companies in the world I would like to see Excel receive the attention it needs to be easier and more powerful. It still does the job, but please, fix the print funtions. Oh, one simple innovation would be a very small version of itself for doing quick math problems. It shoild be scanner friendly, and only naturally fill a little square on the screen when open, like a smart sticky note. Going backwards is not acceptable.
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2 years ago, Balisue
VErry slow to use and to open on iMac
I have a iMac with latest IOS system. I have been using Excel since its inception. It just gets slower and slower. Often it takes 3-4 tries to just open the app, and I have to wait 5-10 minutes each time just to have it crash. Then when I start using it, the first time I do any function, even just clicking on a cell, it takes a couple minutes to wake up and get to work. Now when I finally get it up, I never close the apps I am working on so they will have a chance to re-open more quickly. I so wish Microsoft would fix this.
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1 year ago, Dr. BJ44
Good still
I used to use Excsl back in the nineties for my Soccer statistics and i even wrote my own grade programs (Math teacher)... it was simple to use and I just needed something to keep track of liquid drainage (gallbladder surgery) in February.... downloaded Excel and after a few minutes of reviewing my Excel skills were off and running.... as if I never left. The only thing is i don't use office too much anymore and it IS RATHER COStlY to use... SO looks like i'm gonna have to use Apple's ssuite in the future ... unless you can give me a sweet deal!!.. (rather doubt it!)... but anyways. thank you for making it easy to use.......
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5 months ago, ndjxnanja
I love Excel
Excel is the greatest product I have ever used. 4 years ago my wife gave birth to our first child. I don't use it for work, I'm unemployed. I use excel to watch how it carefully aranges numbers, how the fonts can be warped and changed and how unlimited computations can be instantly made just with the input of data. I am a good father. I make sure my child is fed everyday. I choose to use excel in between the breaks of Fred needing attention. Despite this my wife thinks that she can criticize how I spend my freetime because she's jealous that I don't have to work unlike her. I love excel, please never take it off the appstore.
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3 years ago, 19Manolo60
feedback excel
I use to know all of the symbols for the various options to work with it very efficiently. Today I have to guess as to what each symbol means or represents. It would be great if I could click on symbol and it would pop up as to what it represents. The other option is to have a key below so I can refer to it often for reference and know what Im doing. The easier it is for someone to use an application the better for the company because they can refer or use it more often to administer documents data and such. What are the other options for me to use this application without paying a monthly fee? Thank you
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2 years ago, Pepper583
I've been using Microsoft Excel since it first came out (1980 or so?). I taught it to myself on a Commador 64 with the software on a 5 1/2' floppy disk. I'm a retired CPA and I primarily used it to create financial statements. The first one was for a small trucking company here in Minnesota. It took me about a week or 10 days to format and create that first statement, but it was well worth it. I first started with other spread sheets (Lotus 123 and VisiCalc), the process just didn'r click with me like it did with Excel. I retired and sold my accounting practice about 20 years ago, but have continued to use Excel for many things since.
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4 months ago, It Can't Be This Hard . . .
I signed up for a $99 Family Package last year (to date it is only myself that is using these platforms) - I have had excruciating issues with BOTH EXCEL and WORD as I have converted TAX documents (excel) and OTHER word documents that reflect year on year expenses/changes BUT that were created several years ago in a previous Microsoft rendition. For example, on a basic WORD document that I am trying to update contact information - I am UNABLE TO HIGHLIGHT and DRAG information on the document. I have literally spent HOURS researching and trying to identify what needs to be "switched on or off" in order for this to work. Similar issues have effected the use of older excel documents (and I have been very careful about the compatability) but I have figured out a clunky work around - NOT for Word
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3 years ago, KP1125SR
Awesome App
The biggest wow factor for business is when you stream data into an Excel report from a database. When they open the report they get the latest data. Another wow factor is using the object oriented capabilities of VBA, using classes to model the business. Typically when IT gets a request, they require a requirements document. They base their program on that doecument, then the requirements change - start over. Do not base a program on the unstable requirements doc - model the business. The business is stable. The requirements doc strips out business data - bad idea.
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1 year ago, Dale Lane Gang
Has glitches saving to one drive from Excel on Ipad
When opening and using Ipad Pro, quite often has an error that there was an error and can't save version to one drive. You can save it using a different file name to get it done, then go back and delete old version in one drive, and rename the newly saved updated file. Just a pain, and it only started happening a few months ago. Haven't seen any fixes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both apps, didn't fix it. Also, the Ipad pro has the same m1 processor as my mac mini, but you can only do about half of the functions with it's limited capabilities. Fix the save glitch and make it full functioning and it would be a 5 star.
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4 months ago, 16/50
Extremely cumnbersome on a MAC with a touchpad.
I used EXCEL for many years to do predictive analysis and to prepare graphs for PowerPoint presentations. I retired and switched to all MAC computers (Phone, Ipad, and MacBook Pro) needed an EXCEL-like program for ome work. Tried the MAC "NUMBERS", pretty colors and graphiocs, but it is not the equal of EXCEL for serious work. Downloaded PC Office Suite on my MacBook Pro. Found EXCEL would work, sort-of, but the absemce of a 2 button mouse profoundly hampers it's effectiveness. EXCEL is VERY cumbersome on a MAC. Impossible on an IPhone, difficult and limited on an IPad, and a nlittle better (as the above ) on my MacBook Pro. Any suggestions ? The MacBook absolutely will not accomodate a mouse, even the single button one Macintosh says is supposed to work.
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4 years ago, Convert Units User
Office Problems Solved
For a long time, as far as I can remember, working on MSOffice applications on a MAC (and sometimes also on a PC) was a pain. With the advent of Office365, all these issues have gone away with its web-based platform-agnostic nature. Some minor lingering issues remain, where you need to run Office Apps locally to get full functionality, which has some limitations on a MAC (OLE, for example). Overall, Office365 has been a quantum jump in the overall experience; this is most likely due to a change of leadership at Microsoft.
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5 years ago, Mauijoni
I own the license to this software and created docs on my pc for years. I downloaded the app to my iphone where I continued to access my files via icloud until one day, inadvertently not locking my screen, managed to delete the excel app with phone in my pocket. Once I discovered the app had been deleted, I attempted to access my files ithat were saved in the cloud... they were gone, they were ALL GONE!! Files I had created on my pc and saved in the cloud were deleted when the app on my phone was deleted. I bought the rights to use the excel program on my pc, I have the right to save files created there in the cloud. How does Microsoft have the right to delete a years worth of work simply because i deleted their crappy app?!? OUTRAGEOUS! and the tech support will do nothing but consume hours and hours of your time... USELESS!
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2 months ago, Geoff in New Kent County
Microsoft 365 One Drive server too busy
I had to go a week without files I had worked on for months because the One Drive server was too busy. That is unacceptable. I was able to get them back by going to the One Drive. I will not renew my Microsoft 365. I like Excel, but saving files on One Drive will never happen for me again. Your FAQ section is not very helpful either. My advice to everyone is to back up your files somewhere else; not on a Microsoft Server, it is unreliable. Check the blogs; there are plenty of other people with the same issue. Microsoft has not fixed the problem. Recommend that Microsoft find a better way of helping customers. None of your AI resources knew how to fix the problem; only cover up the problem.
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4 years ago, RaulH2469
The Formulas don't carry Over with Copy-Paste like before
Very disappointed to see that in this version the formulas do not carry over correctly with copy paste. Don't get it! Even if you had them right in your old excel documents, in this version you would have to be very careful and don't rely on copy-paste for your formulas. It would either copy the numeric value of the formula you're trying to copy or it would copy the formula, but without transposing the correct colums and rows as it used to it with older versions!
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10 months ago, Thumbs up on Excel
Actually fun to use
In the '90's, I set aside plenty of time to learn how to use Excel. I wasn't especially computer savy, but I enjoyed the typing and fared a little better than my counter-parts. I wasn't number oriented, but I WAS interested in being able to efficiently keep track of my financial information to make tax-time frustration-free. I was delighted to find entertainment in creating spreadsheets. Yeah. Me. spreadsheets. Fun. Now in the '20's, I will occasionally mention to people that Ecxel was the best thing EVER invented. I get a thumbs up every time.
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12 months ago, ajend2
I do appreciate all that one can do with Excel. But with the incredible power at my disposal, I find it hard to find my way around the menu to do simple spreadsheet tasks. I only use excell for occasional use, so it is difficult without daily use to remember how to get to functions I need. I used it almost daily when I was working. Now only occasionally for personal projects. Some times I have to switch to Apple's Numbers, which I do not like as much, just to get something done.
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2 years ago, Adiv
Once You Go Mac, Excel Never Comes Back!
Excel for macOS (EFM) is nearly useless as an application development platform. The VBA Editor is severely limited in functionaliy compared to its Windows counterpart. The Project Options dialog isn't accessible from the VBE menu. You have to find it in Preferences, which is not discoverable and truly awkward. Worst of all is the lack of support for Userforms. Such an omission is inexcusable. macOS has a persistent menu bar. Therefore, the Ribbon UI often duplicates and contradicts the menu bar options. Since the macOS menu bar can't be dismissed, EFM has two competing systems for accessing application features. Thsi product needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up specifically for the macOS, instead of clumsily bolting on Windows elements where they do not and cannot work.
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4 years ago, AwesomeElaine
OneDrive should NOT be the default
I do not agree with the fact that Office 365 automatically stores documents etc to onedrive. AND I thought this would be solved by loading OneDrive to Finder (I use a mac), but it didn't synch AND help from Microsoft was provided but I thought about how this was just encouraging a fragmented storage situation for me. I recently had help to change the default storage of Word, Excel etc. items to my desktop but I still have many things in OneDrive that I do not want there. IThis is so frustrating as it just creates a ton of work that I don't have time for. AND it exacerbates fragmented storage - of course I don't want all things on my desktop but I already use too many other cloud storage systems to add one more...
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1 year ago, Sean Goggins
Amazing Numerical Magic Fun
Remember those silly old days when we had to use an abacus to construct a pivot table? Or a western saddle to connect to a database? Those days are gone with this magical math based tool. You can even create FORMULAS that calculate the mean AND the standard deviation for a list of numbers. Are you an accountant? Imagine the possibilities: Instead of writing complex computer software to put the rounding errors into your own bank account, now you can just have a "REMAINDERS" column and voila! Now you're slowly getting rich. Wonderful!
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1 year ago, nikealodean
Changing with the times
I've used Microsoft Office products since their inception. I even taught them through Office 7. Then, I retired from teaching and stopped using Excel, Word, Power Point, etc. very often. Now, I'm having to relearn them. I don't understand how things work as I once did so finding my way around has been a challenge. I don't like ICLOUD as the home for my products at all.. But, I really like Excel and its sister applications very much. Since I married 7 years ago, we have applie products. Apple's answer to Excel just doesn't measure up! Excel is the best.
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11 months ago, Bowie Ballard
Good but not "Great"
Microsoft Excel online is actually quite "good" but unfortunately it is extemely slow (even with 5G internet bandwidth). I spend way too much time waiting on Excel to bring up an existing Excel spreadsheet so Excel's "slowness" significantly "slows down" my abilty to move very fast in my very high speed investment business startup company. "Speed Excel up" somehow and I will immediately become one of Excel's major cheerleaders as I've used Excel many many many times in the past so I will not be switching to any other spreadsheet system such as Appie's "Numbers" spreadsheet system!!!
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