Microsoft Excel

4.8 (1.1M)
273.5 MB
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Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Excel

4.76 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
4 months ago, M.K.R.R
"Microsoft Excel is an indispensable tool for anyone needing to manage data, create spreadsheets, or analyze information. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Excel makes it easy to organize and manipulate data with precision and efficiency. From basic calculations to complex data analysis, Excel offers a wide range of functions and formulas to suit any need. Its ability to generate graphs and charts allows for clear visualization of data, making it simple to identify trends and patterns. With cloud integration, collaboration on spreadsheets has never been easier, enabling seamless teamwork and real-time updates. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, Excel provides the tools you need to excel in your data management tasks. Overall, Excel remains the gold standard for spreadsheet software, offering unparalleled functionality and versatility."
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10 months ago, Tissy Daddy's Girl
Tough if not already trained in Excel!
I was able to pick up Word and teach myself how to operate it, coming from a completely different word processing background. Way back when a new office mandated Word as the processing program, I said “OK, I’ll be fine.” And I was. I’ve really tried to do the same thing with Excel. But Excel doesn’t seem to be quite as novice-user-friendly as Word was ~25 years ago. I’m good at math, I’m good working with charts and tables, good handling computations and with setting up patterns for computations, whether by hand or in other programs. But Excel is hard to learn when you don’t have a background in this program specifically, a class on Excel, or you’ve purchased a book (some of which are terribly expensive). I wish there were ways built into the program that made it more intuitive and easier to learn. If there were, I would use it for every data table that required/included columns with numbers, data &/or mathematics. But I don’t have the time to try to teach myself a program that requires significant time learning simple tasks. I’ve got multiple college degrees, two completely different professional licenses, and a background heavy in science and math. I’m not computer phobic. In fact, I’ve taught other people how to work in other programs & applications. Excel as the first program I haven’t been able to just handle.
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1 year ago, Engineer/Weld Inspector
Working offline, functionality loss and privacy encroachments
I have to build work-arounds in the Ipad version of Excel. The most aggravating one being the fact that I have to be logged into my account in Excel even to work offline. I have to work around that by putting my Ipad in airplane mode. It is not appropriate that the Excel user who chooses the portability of the Ipad should be logged into an online account in order to use the product. And with every new iteration of Microsoft’s renewed user agreement, I grow more suspicious of Microsoft’s encroachment into my privacy. I do not have the time to read the minutia of the dozen pages of legalese. My choices are accept what ever new level of data privacy I am surrendering to Microsoft or don’t use the product. For this reason, I am presently learning Apple’s Number’s program. Once I get used to the loss of functionality Numbers may not have over Excel, I plan to abandon Excel altogether. I realize that there may be limitations on the Ipad version of Excel due to copyright, intellectual property agreements, and patent infringements between Microsoft and Apple, but these petty rivalries only make Microsoft look worse. And it does not excuse Microsoft from not making a fully functional version of Excel that can be used on the Ipad.
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2 years ago, Disappointed Student 2021
Not supporting key features for statistics students is frustrating
I am a Music Education student who is required to take a basic statistics course for my degree. I also used to be an engineering major where we were required to do an advanced statistics course. Not supporting KEY features like the Data Analysis Toolpak in 2021 where many students are using office 365 on tablets is very disappointing from a company that prides itself on its office suite. It puts thousands of students at a disadvantage because they (instead of being able to use their preferred and possibly only personal device) have to go to computer labs on campus, which are not always guaranteed to work or be open when you need them to be, to complete what should really be a mundane class in the curriculum of basically every humanities and social sciences major, and at much higher levels STEM majors. I thought the excel app would be more robust than the google sheets app but it really doesn’t even compete when the main pull to excel is its add-ons and because it does not have those google sheets is really the better option with much more ease of transition between devices.
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5 years ago, Ya, right.
Why do I suddenly need a Office 360 subscription??
I like being able to access my excel files from my iPhone. Works great for simple editing and updating. But suddenly I can not edit an excel file that I had created on my laptop and had been able to edit it on my iPhone before. It opens read only and when I try to save it to another name or location it does not allow it because I now must have an Office 360 subscription. I never had one to begin with. I have a one drive account, but that does not get me around this. WHY do I suddenly need an Office 360 subscription? It’s MY file; I created it OUTSIDE of this iPhone app. WHY are you holding me hostage? I can’t find an explanation for why this happened and why I now need the subscription. Google Sheets seems to work just fine and I am now using that instead. Are other Office apps going to do the same thing to me? Incidentally, if you get stuck by this, I finally got around not being able to write the file anywhere by mailing the file to myself from inside the app and then I opened it with Google Sheets.
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5 years ago, UNLV rebel!
Seriously slow on the latest iPad Pro
I am using an iPad Pro 256GB Wifi + Cellular version and I am extremely disappointed on the speed and features of the app. Not sure if the app or iPad Pro is to blame but the vlookup, match functions are just not working as gracefully as it should be. Each time I input a number, it would take 5 seconds to return the correct values and it is just not acceptable on an advanced device like the iPad Pro. I have to admit that my spreadsheet has over 50,000 of rows, 30+ columns and 10+ spreadsheets but there are no macros and images used at all. And for anyone who relies on Excel to process this huge amount of data, this is just a very common scale of a spreadsheet, not to mention it is only 10MB. Either Apple or Mircosoft seriously needs to look into resolving this issue or there’s just no point of having this powerful application on the iPad.
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6 years ago, Doc D55
RMD Excel
I'm very happy now. The earlier version not so much, but now I'm very happy. I've been a Microsoft user for 30 years. I totally love Excel. I've used it for work, keep as checkbook, travel expenses, on and on. My title was Constructed Manager, of multi-million to billion dollar projects. I've got 4 college degrees. Love Excel. However anyone can make use of this program and love it. This current version is the very best to use on Apple ISO products and very easy to use. It's just a matter of experimenting and before you know it your an expert. Enjoy! 02Aug16 The improvement continue to make Excel better and better. I've been using Excel on my own Microsoft computer for many years and I continue to find more uses and simpler way of doing things. This App is continuing to evolve making everything simpler and more fun to use. I strongly suggest to try it if you haven't before. 04FEB17 This App has completely gone down hill. A very simple thing to do is format a column of numbers. Ex: Dates, Dollars. Well....if anyone figures out how please let me know without having to write a very time consuming formula. That is the only method I could fine. When this App first came out, one (1) Tap set the cell or the column format. Now? Forget it.
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6 months ago, Nikolai__
Almost Great
😅 There are problems with Account Sign In. Even though I already have M365 paid account and I signed in with it, Excel still asked me to create new paid account. 😅 Another minor issue is that it doesn’t remember last Zoom level. So have to ALWAYS adjust zoom level for every document that you open. Im surprised that such simple feature as remembering Zoom level is absent from Excel app. 😅 Another thing is it ALWAYS asks to try Excel Prerelease Version in a business bar. But whenever I click it, it first asks to re sign-in, and then Excel opens an Error page with content “Oops, Sorry we couldn’t find what you were looking for”. 😅 And last, the Document Preview on landing page, displays columns K through T. It should start with column A instead, or wherever there is column with content. 😅 Besides those 4 fit and polish issues, Excel works great.
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1 year ago, TheAngryOtter
Functional but not full-featured
I partly blame this on Apple and partly on Microsoft: but when the WEB VERSION of excel is more fully-featured than your iOS/iPadOS version, you should probably consider why that is the case. There is absolutely ZERO excuse why Excel (and all the other Office 365 apps) are not fully featured on iPadOS. It’s not even an ARM vs x86 thing anymore as they have clearly brought Office over to apple silicone. Please, for the love of god, I want to actually use excel on my iPad but when it can’t properly function with any modern enterprise-level workbook I just can’t even bother. Yes, it works for basic Excel functions. If you’re workbook practices are still rooted in what was done back in the 90s and early aughts, this app will be perfectly fine for you. Anybody who works for/with large enterprises who have lots of workbooks, data sheets and external references, steer clear as this will create more headache for you than anything else.
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2 years ago, SchoolmarmMel
Latest update broke the edit feature
I see that others have already reported this, but the most recent update completely broke the editing feature because you can no longer see the text that you’re trying to edit. Part of the reason this is so disappointing is that this is the third time that a major feature has broken in Excel. In some cases it coincided with an iOS update, but it always seems to take them weeks or even months to fix the problem which is very frustrating. (And with one of the two earlier issues I tried contacting both Apple and Microsoft support and they both kept pointing fingers at each other.). The two earlier issues were: 1). An update that completely broke the dictation feature. 2). An update that broke the “paste special” feature, so if you wanted to only copy the format or contents of a cell you were out of luck.
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3 years ago, Ringdelio
Microsoft is destroying functionality!
Wuderlist was a wonderful app. It kept lists, synched across my devices, and across my family (if I choose). I used it to run my life. MS acquired it, changed the name to ToDo, decided it was perfect as an enterprise project management system (it’s not, and I have run big projects), and made it nearly impossible to rely on if you are not sitting at your desk all day like a MS developer. It got rolled into the MS system, and of course double password protected. Right away I hated this—I don’t need my grocery list defended from the Russians. Then it decided that I couldn’t leave it on—it would log me out to protect my data. A big waste of more time. Then it decided I needed to use their proprietary two-party app to provide a backup authentication. Did they even think about how much fun this would be standing in the middle of Home Depot and trying to work through this morass just to verify which woodscrews I wanted to buy? Here’s a hint for the developers—software should help us get stuff done, not be a merry-go-round of interaction with the system. Time to find a new app.
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1 year ago, gradyzero
The Mobile version is great for viewing old spreadsheets
But I would not recommend that anyone doing serious accounting or consulting work use the mobile version because it is next to impossible to enter formulas since you have to use touch rather than a mouse. The fields are extremely difficult to size and what I usually see is many fields particularly numerical fields with ########## in them. And attempting to enlarge the fields is impossible on an IPhone or IPad. Now on Windows 11 or IMac Ventura 13.1 with a large screen and a mouse its much easier. Yes I use all Microsoft products on my IPhone and my IMac too. The first thing I do when getting a new computer or phone is get rid of the Apple knockoff version of Office 365 and replace them with Microsoft version of the same product.
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3 years ago, PATRIKCZE
Corporate policies applied to personal accounts!!!
I do not know what happened if that is fault of our corporate policy or Microsoft fail to implement MDM, or Apple fail to provide proper functionality in iOS 15 … but I do not understand why I’m blocked by our corporate policy everywhere means in all Microsoft applications. Whenever I would like to open document from my private Teams in word, excel, power point, I’m always failing with inaccessibility because for some reasons corporate policies are applied to my personal account. What the heck ! I can’t simple print nothing. How is that even possible. Aren’t all applications send boxes how Microsoft achieved this stupidity !? I don’t care who’s fault it is, just fix it asap! Totally useless app which leads me to use purely Apple products like Pages, Numbers, etc.
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4 years ago, Urahmus
So far, so good
I consider myself an advanced Excel user and was skeptical of the limitations that would be imposed by the iPad version, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far. I have just started using the iPad version but have not yet encountered any major limitations for the activities I use 90% of the time. The cell borders options are not as complete as in the PC version, but that’s a cosmetic thing I can live with. The program integrates fantastically with the cloud, and all updates are immediately available on other devices. Very convenient to use the iPad for quick additions to a sheet, without having to go to my desktop computer, boot it up, do my work, and copy it to a thumb drive or email it to myself. This is easy to get used to...
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5 years ago, Wrlitzr
Don’t use this if you need it to work...
I use excel to track my business miles on my iPad while I’m out in the field, and it seems like at least 3-5 times a week I have to completely uninstall and reinstall the app because it stops being able to open any files. It just says something went wrong and the file can’t be opened. I’m able to open the file on my phone and computer, it’s just this version of the app that has this problem. The first few times it happened I tried resetting the device and clearing any app cache I could get access to, but the only thing that would fix it was completely reinstalling. This is not a small app to be downloading several times per week over cellular... If it weren’t the only app capable of handling the specific formulas included in this spreadsheet I would definitely be using Google Sheets or Open Office instead... If you need a general use spreadsheet app I highly recommend looking at one of those instead to avoid this persistent pain in the neck...
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3 years ago, TheAlphaBelle
The Potential for productivity on Microsoft Office iPad
I have been seriously disappointed with the Microsoft office products on iPad. I wasn;t expecting much since it in a iPad after all but as someone who is a student, teacher, realtor and study intelligence for the military this iPad is lacking the basic necessities. Word - I can perform 2 functions and I get the same use out of Notebook. Excel- still haven’t been able to find one useless aspect. I expected way more out of Microsoft Office and the possibities it provides on an iPad. Especially for someone who has been a committed user since the very beginning. What yeah was that like 1990’s or 2000’s. Extremely disappointed. If this is the best that could be done for Microsoft on an iPad then at least make it easier to navigate and more capabilities. Perhaps downloading different fonts for a start? Thank you for all your hard work and allowing my feedback!
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5 years ago, e-book lover
Some of the iOS limitations are puzzling
Overall, I’m very happy to have the convenience of using Excel on my iPad. I’m not a very sophisticated user, so the stripped down version is mostly workable for me. That said, some functions don’t seem to be present at all, and it’s puzzling why they aren’t included in the iOS version. I keep getting a ‘circular reference’ error in one spreadsheet, for instance, and can find no way to locate it using the iOS app. I finally went to my PC to resolve the error. Since all of Microsoft’s dubious ‘help’ seems to refer to the PC version, looking up ‘how to’ information can be an exercise in frustration. If there’s a chart that tells you which functions aren’t included in the app., it should be prominently displayed so as to avoid the many wasted minutes looking for something that just isn’t there.
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7 years ago, ABelieber
You will lose your work!!! Don’t buy
Bought the subscription to Office 365 because I wanted to use Microsoft Excel. First 2 projects I worked on went fine. My 3rd project was a huge one (a $800 fee for me). I worked on it for 6 hours when suddenly my work vanished ... disappeared right in front my eyes! I tried everything, but I could not get the document back. Came to the realization that while the “auto-save” feature was “on”, the app was not saving any of the work!! The Microsoft cloud had nothing! Made a quick research and found that this type of complaint has been posted by others going back to 2014!!! What??? IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED??!! Clients have had the same 2 bad experiences (failure by the auto-save and the document disappearing) AND MICROSOFT HAS NOT ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE. So, despite buying the iPad Pro intending to use Excel, I now will have to buy a Window base laptop. Grrrrrrrrrr.
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4 years ago, Floatsflyer
Miserable app
I have 30+ years experience using the desktop version of MS Excel on Windows based PCs. Consider myself fairly proficient. iOS version on iPad looks like, but does not function like, Windows desktop version. First, it appears to be web based so there is serious lag time between attempting to make changes and seeing your attempt appear on-screen. Second, I have spent last ten minutes attempting to copy three adjacent cells (two with numbers and third with formula adding them together) then pasting them into several rows directly below them. Highlight the three cells, long press then tap Copy, highlight group of cells below, long press then tap Paste and what happens? Those three Copied cells are not Pasted but instead one cell shows contents of last item (a cell description) I Copied from a website. Tried four times, same result. Very frustrating. Shame on me for expecting a Microsoft app to work well on an Apple operating system. Guess I need to learn how to use Numbers.
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6 years ago, Scarlet in the Living Room
Love me some Excel
Okay so, I’m an MS Office girl from way back. From websites to databases, you name it, I loved every little bit Office could offer. But then I got an iPhone, and I found myself straying to other apps compatible with my newfound iPhone love. I tried Office for iPhone, but at that time, the two designs just didn’t work well together. But recently I’ve needed to work with Office and I gave the iOS version another go. All I can say is Hallelujah, y’all!!! Microsoft has worked out all the kinks, and my two tech-loves can coexist at last! Oh , and not for nothing, I recently got an iPad Pro 10.5 with an Apple Pencil, and OMG, y’all!! I’m in database-formatting-outline-creating Heaven!!! Give Office for iOS another try- you’ll be happy you did.
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5 years ago, RMKang
Please FIX the apple pencil support
It’s great, not having to carry around my macbook pro and use excel for work on the iPad. I’ve gotten used to and actually prefer to use Excel on iPad for a quick project. However, after the update for Apple Pencil 2, program does not respond upon opening sheets, switching tabs, etc when you are using the apple pencil unless you tap on the Draw tab, and tap again on Home tab. It wasn’t doing that before the update. This does not make for smooth, quick work process, having to switch back and forth. I talked to the Tech Support about this, and was told that basically it is what it is now and that I’d have to wait for MS to fix this issue. Sooner than later would be great. Also, if there is a way that allows multiple sheets open at the same time, that’d be wonderful, but one can only dream.
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7 years ago, Batgirl0520
Love Excel, despise recent changes
At one time I would have given 5 stars as Excel is one of my favorite programs. But some recent changes have made this app almost unusable for me. I'd rather turn on my computer and wait to use that Excel instead of the app. If I try to scroll up and down with the key pad open, it usually closes the keypad on me. Opening it again every time is a pain. When I enter a number in a column and hit return, the keypad automatically reverts back to the text keys instead of the numbers. If you are entering numbers in a column, chances are you will want to keep entering numbers. Having it go back to text every time is obnoxious and totally a waste of time! If I select a cell with my finger, it is basically impossible to then select an adjacent cell. I need to tap one away from the one I actually need first and then go back.
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2 years ago, Nick name taken2034
I hate this on the iPad
I have to use microsoft on the iPad I use for work. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate excel and microsoft. The current ceo of ms has basically forced who I work for to insist we use their products. I kinda think that’s monopoly practices, but whatever. I got the iPads before I knew about that rule or I wouldn’t have purchased them. Total waste of money because they are now very expensive paper weights. Excel on the iPad is clumsy and glitchy. I do field work, like in an actual field, and having to edit these sheets is annoying. I use my personal iPad to make a sheet in numbers then open it in the excel iPad. If I had wanted to use excel or any other ms product I would be using the surface, which we have, and it was also a huge waste of money because you have to use that keyboard. The ‘pad’ part of the surface only works with some apps. Again, not something they tell you when you buy it.
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4 years ago, Progolfore
Simple necessary tasks missing!
Nothing is more frustrating than using an app that is a shell of itself. Especially when it comes to simple tasks. I had excel spreadsheets on my PC that I had generated and each one I created a logo and title in the header. These headers aren’t generally seen while using excel but are available to edit and use through a menu on a PC. Now I use an iPad Pro solely (PC died) and there is no menu or method to change headers on all of my excel files I have previously made. My spreadsheets are useless because I can’t change a header in their iOS app versions. And I am a Microsoft 365 user/payer. I called support and asked where I could give feedback on this to get someone to look at it and change it and they told me I only could go to a PC to give feedback on this. They didn’t have a method in a browser on an iPad! That’s crazy messed up! Microsoft, are you listening, why are these simple and necessary features not available?
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5 years ago, !BabyGirl89!
Love Excel but having issues on IPad
I am having issues with this application on my IPad. I can not use the application at all. Also, this application logs me out of Office 365 from time to time and I can’t access my files. Then when I try to log back on I have issues and it wont let me. This only happens on occasion. I am now logged in to Office 365. The real issue now is, I can not even use this application. When I first open the application it tries to open the last document I worked on. The issue is that it wont open it. It just keeps the pop up that says attempting to open and will not do anything. When I try to cancel it, it then pops up attempting to cancel and won’t. My application is no longer working on my IPad due to this. I’ve tried to turn the IPad off. Stop and start the application. I don’t know what to do.
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5 years ago, cletusd
You killed my spreadsheet!
The new comment feature RUINED my previous notes. I used to be able to edit them at will. Now because they have all been converted to these “threaded comments”, for one they take forever to open up when you tap on them and I cant edit them. Ive had this particularly useful spreadsheet that Ive used for years and now its almost no good to me. I was on online with tech support for 2 hours trying to see if there was a way to reconvert them back to simple notes. It turns out I have to use the my laptop and redo the entire spreadsheet to re-add all my notes. I cant even find the “add note feature” on my iPad version. I am not happy at all with this comment thread feature!!
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3 years ago, Matt3466
OK but easier to use on a computer
Good app but Excel is easier to use on a desktop or maybe a tablet computer. One good thing is that I can use Excel on my computer and then use the cloud to view the file on my iPhone. That way at least I can view or print the file without carrying around a larger tablet computer. Unfortunately, however, the Excel screen on my iPhone is scrunched up and the help feature is not as accessible on my iPhone. I suppose this app would be useful for people who are extremely familiar with Excel and it’s formulas but for average users like myself using Excel on a larger computer is the way to go.
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1 year ago, DaveDaley
Fatal flaw - deletes data every 3 months
Ive been using Excel for many many years - I’ve used the iPad version since 2018 and I’m seriously disappointed. Every 3 or 4 months all my data for those months of my budget spreadsheet completely disappears. When it happens there is no trace of it having ever existed. I’ve reconstructed the data and tried to restore the worksheets lost, but I’m out of patience now. I can’t keep doing this. I can’t get a response from anyone about why this is happening. Users are apparently on their own, with no help from MS. Too bad too, because I have the PERFECT budget spreadsheet replete with formulas, charts, and tables that track utility usage, balance projections and it comes out very close to reality. But I just can’t keep doing this. I’m looking for something else that won’t loose all my work regularly.
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8 months ago, RWhitacre
Why keep the app watered down?
For the most part, my iPad is leaps and bounds more powerful device than the MacBook Air I got a few years back—I see no reason why that won’t happen when it comes time to upgrade again—so I kind of wonder why the mobile app still has such limitations. Example, there’s no text-to-columns or other functions that I have to use the desktop version for. I understand coding and other behind the scenes aspects are actually quite the heavy lift, so apologies if I’m too antsy for something that is still in the works and will take a fair bit of time, but I honestly do not see a significant reason from the end-user perspective to not have most if not all of the desktop features in the mobile app if possible.
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5 years ago, Andrea Bowen
Not nearly as functional as it needs to be - Dropbox compatibility
I’ve been using this Excel for iPad/iOS app since about the time it came out. This is probably the case with all the Microsoft Office for iPad/iOS apps, but I’m experiencing this right now with Excel, so I’ll call it out here. Just about all my work is on Dropbox. Excel automatically tries to open the previous thing that I was working on. And if it gets hung up—Excel basically doesn’t open because it can’t figure out how to open a file that’s in my Dropbox. I’m down to the point that I’m just opening my old Excel files in Google Drive, because at least Google Drive lets me edit, and I can save my old stuff as an Excel file if Excel for iPad ever gets its act together. I’m finding the Dropbox functionality really dreadful, and am happy to talk to someone at Microsoft about it. I want to use Office products, but this weird situation is driving me bats.
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6 years ago, Hungry for Chicken
Perfect for on the Fly
Don’t get me wrong there are definitely limitations with it being on mobile, some limitations even that I don’t think would be too hard to implement over time. That said though for what excel on mobile does offer it is very worth it. Whether I’m making moderate changes to an existing workbook or creating a new one before finalizing it on windows 10 (usually because of the limitations on mobile), it is very user friendly and allows everything needed to create a basic workbook. It still has room for improvement which is my reason for only giving 4 stars but in the end it’s a very good mobile adaptation.
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4 years ago, Great Lake Sailor
Functional but one issue
I am a professional mariner who uses this app to run spreadsheets that assist me in navigating and handling cargo. They essentially act as custom calculators with the convenience of my phone. Implementation of excel into the smartphone format is great. I build the spreadsheet on my computer and transfer it to my phone. I like the dedicated number keypad. I do not at all like how I am regularly unable to “edit” read, use, my spreadsheet without internet! It is saved to my phone, but the hokey subscription requirement of connecting to the internet or locking up my spreadsheets completely castrates this app’s usefulness. I cannot rely on it when I need it most, at sea out of the range of any internet services. You seriously need to fix this fault. Make me pay for it if you have to, but for goodness sake not everyone has reliable access to internet. You are killing those users’ loyalty to Microsoft. I go for months without internet access. If you have options for us and we just don’t know about it, please do better to advertise it. Great app. But useless because you regularly lock me out of it!
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5 years ago, Fishnsoph
It’s a great app except for one major annoying thing
I use the app daily for work and in my personal life. I have one major gripe with it though. I’m not very tech savvy so please forgive my basic way of explaining. The top green bar/menu (while a sheet is open) with the arrow to go back to the list of books, the undo button, font, search and share is not constantly available. It’s there when you open the sheet. Then it’s hidden. Sometimes it comes back when you press the green arrow and other times it’s just gone, with no way to get it back. Unless I close the app completely and restart it. I really wish this section was more user friendly. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can’t seem to find another way to have it shown. Thanks for letting me vent.
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8 months ago, Fuzzybuzzard
One of the best ever!!!
I have been using Excel for years, both in my professional and my personal life. It has helped me in a multitude of different applications from my financial information to my checkbook to gathering information. Creating quick graphs or elaborate graphs to present data to someone for ease of understanding. Keeping track of Medical data, personal loans so many things. The best thing is that it is easy for an every day person to learn in about five hours to be a great help in their life. I will continue to use Excel in so many ways in my daily life until the end of time! 😉💙♏️🌈
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2 years ago, rocket3500
Office 365 only works with internet connection, requires sign-in.
I have been using MS Office suite for iPad for years and it has progressively gotten worse when it comes to the hassle of authentication. The latest requires me to have a constant internet connection to edit documents and may ask for sign in credentials up to 2-3 times per day! Truly an annoying way of using this software. If you are not aversive to Apple's version maybe try Numbers instead. Generally the program works once signed in with the exception of CSV files. For those wondering... No, I am not signed on to multiple devices trying to use the same program. No, I have not reached my limit of devices in use or installed. No, re-installing does not help.
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4 years ago, Spesrf25
Not Enough Like the Desktop Version
While there are a good amount of features, this version is not usable for me because it does not have all of the features of the desktop version. For instance, I need full functionality for graphs and solver functions and a list of others for engineering practice. I was very bummed when I used this excel for my iPad Pro, and had to keep using my old MacBook for Excel projects. To reflect, I again say this Excel version is not usable for me because I have found myself in the middle of projects that require functionality that is not there, wasting a lot of time and effort because I have to move to another device with the full suite. This version is good for reviewing work that is already completed on a full version, though.
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1 year ago, El Dorado Jim
Sub par - unnecessarily and disappointingly
Too many differences between iPad and iPhone version to what long time users expect. Too many disclaimers that iPad excel doesn’t do this, doesn’t do that…disclaimers that I have to click through EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app. That alone is dumb. Then there is a partially functioning stock data feed function that makes me crazy…by now does it not make sense excel is better / perfect at drawing in basic data sources like stock / financial info? You would think so given the age of the application and the financial wherewithal of Microsoft. Overall just very disappointing. Makes me constantly seek alternatives and think about replacing it. Not the thoughts you want rattling around your customers’ heads….unacceptable that Microsoft can’t get this basic stuff right.
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4 years ago, yongkoh
It doesn’t sync to OneDrive
I was very excited that I could continue my work from PC to my iPad Pro away from my desk. The functions were pretty much comparable and I don’t see any missing functions for what I need. doesn’t sync back to OneDrive. I spent a few hours trying to figure out, the PC version didn’t have my changes on iPad and my iPad still have the new changes but didn’t upload to Onedrive. I tried to save it several times and I should have Save a Copy but I didn’t. Finally, I tried to open the Onedrive version on my ipad and I lost all my work on IPad. This is very disappointing and I don’t think I will use this app again.
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6 years ago, BestAppsUser
Can’t update on Unlimited ATT and Verizon plans
I will no longer use Wifi - the artificial limits on download are about to make me delete your LARGE App. I have a case at Apple and of course they blame you and the carrier - the support agent agrees it is “Stupid”. I wonder why it’s okay to stream Gigs of a baseball game or a movie but downloading an app that is Broken is a NO NO. MS NOT that differentiating these days. Same for other MS apps. I like Outlook but LookOUT to be gone too. And since I own the company that buys 365 and Azure gone is a BIG gone. Tick. Tick, tick. I’m sure that you are now aware I can let other users know all is well in a few days or so, therefore rating will go to a deserved location. As my I always say, “ when it doesn’t make sense it is about the Cents. Let’s use some common sense, and worry less about the small cents. Ready set GO! - drdave
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3 years ago, Upser12345
WARNING TO ALL: Excel is off the rails
If you create a worksheet then update it repeatedly. Eventually it won’t successfully be saved in either an iphone or an iPad using iOS 14 or iOS 15, it’s an MS PROBLEM & THEY WONT FIX IT. They only support windows versions in reality. I’m learning Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets. I am an excel power user with many complex sheets and I find this lapse very frustrating. It’s a data coherency problem internal to Excel’s process for keeping interim backups, and their programming team is lazy and incompetent. I have tried several work arounds including “reset and clear all workbooks”. Works sometimes for a couple of saves, then the problem returns. I have resorted to saving copies. Thus renaming a file e every time it’s saved. SHAME ON MICROSOFT FOR RELEASING SUCH CRAP, DOUBLE SHAME FOR NOT FIXING IT. An easy fix would simply to reinstate and older version, say six months ago.
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5 years ago, 2doggs
When able to open, very useful.
This app is great if I can open it. At least twice a week I attempt to open the app and it freezes, giving me a message saying it is trying to open the document. I tapped the cancel option and nothing changes other than a different message saying it’s trying to cancel. I close the app and try again multiple times with no success. I end up having to delete the app, then reinstall it to get it working again. But without fail have to go through all of this again in the next couple of days. I’m not one to post negative reviews very often, but this has been going on for about a year now. I drive for my job and need to track my mileage. Excel is my preferred method.
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3 years ago, CM Quarters
Overall works fairly well as a program and has many capabilities. But there’s some quirks/features I wish it had. For example the ability to unprotect a sheet and protect as sheet. Also, and this bugs me more than anything, is there not the ability to set “AutoSave” feature default to be either On or Off. I have several workbooks that are designed as a form and I don’t want it to save changes every time I open one to look at it. If I accidentally change something and not notice it or I want to make a change to get new perspective but not keep it, I can’t have the file revert back to the last saved copy unless I remember to turn AutoSave off as soon as I open a file.
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5 years ago, concertmaster3
Almost like the desktop version... almost
The iPad version of Excel has a good foundation, but unfortunately it lacks features that you only see in the desktop version. For me personally, the most important feature that they left out of the iPad version is that you are not allowed to create “notes” (what they used to call “comments” in pre-2019 versions.) Yes that’s right, you can create notes for any cell in the 2019 Excel desktop version, but somehow this feature is unavailable in the iOS version. Microsoft, if you are reading this, please add the ability to write notes to individual cells in Excel for iOS! Even the Mac version of Excel has this ability! Come on Microsoft, please make your products more consistent across all platforms!
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2 years ago, Mocmach
Major issue with Excel Spreadsheet
I don’t know what is happening with Microsoft but their customer service is terrible. I can’t seem to get help with a major issue with spreadsheets not working properly cells don’t work, sheets completely blank out when opening and support just will not respond after leaving a phone number. I’m so frustrated. You’d think with a major company not paying attention to their long-time customers is just wrong. The online support is awful!! I need help and after reinstalling the spreadsheets nothing has changed. HELP!! This site was my last resort.
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5 years ago, crabbaliya
Saving doesn’t work properly
I have noticed since there does not seem to be a way to actually save and exit a file, it doesn’t always save correctly in Microsoft cloud. Or sometimes if i try to save a document I’m working on as a different file, it seems to be that i can ONLY access it from my iPad. It does not show on other devices that the folder is shared with. If i go look for the file in Microsoft cloud, it shows like it’s more in a pending status. I can’t rename it, move it or delete it. It also says that it is zero kilobytes, so nothing is in the file, just a name but i can access the file WITH data in the document if i go through recent files in Excel only.
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3 years ago, Svelttington McSkinnypants
Good when it works
I so badly wanted this app to work. I’m running it on an iPad Pro (2021) so thought I’d finally have plenty of power. But the app crashes, freezes, and permanently dumps data almost every time I use it. It’s a big spreadsheet but it runs fine on my PC and the iPad Pro has the same processor as a MacBook. I don’t understand why it won’t work. Trying to reach customer support just leads into a maze of automated messages or older conversations that fail to address the issue. If this app worked, it would make my life so much easier. I’m praying for help with this. Please improve this app.
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4 years ago, AggieGarrison87
Simply intuitive without loss of functionality
When excel was first released there was a last of comprehensive instruction, each command proving a dos CMD ascus direction on how to input the function. While lacking any description of the functions use(s) and the possible commands that could be coupled or integrated design a program or automate your projects to a higher degree of accuracy, providing ideas how to optimize and expedite your results. Excel has extremely extrapolated it’s capabilities, created an interface that’s user friendly, and with each iteration they’ve been gradually improving their product! Highly recommend!!!!
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7 years ago, DME_Ski
Enjoying this App
This App has been a consistently great experience for me to use. I haven’t yet come across the problems others have, however, I use it for basic things like inventories and logs, so I may not be using it to the extent others are. I also really appreciate reading the reviews that have complaints and see the developers’ responses to these important reviews. The developers are quick to make the fixes, almost every week it seems, and I think that makes not only for a great App but for wanting to stick with an App (and their company) because you’re getting awesome service. Thanks, again!!!
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1 year ago, The second user
IOS Excel Review
Many functions of the program are not available in this version. Not having them prevent power users who are accustomed to using shortcut keys and navigating the ribbon via the Alt key in a traditional laptop/desktop version of the program from operating as efficiently as they typically would with the app. It is good and effective, in that it brings over all of my documents where i need them when i need them with the ability to progress documents, just not as efficiently as if i had a laptop with me - but that is the difference between an iPad and a laptop. Still great work with it, great to have it, as always with most things - still room for improvement.
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3 years ago, CodeZone
Save functions are not trustworthy.
I love Excel. I use it to keep track of my personal monthly budget and record work expenses to maximize tax deductions. I was very disappointed when I found that there are big issues with the save functions. The auto-save function only really works if you never leave the document you’re using. If you exit the document to open another, all progress will be lost. In addition, the app automatically switches auto-save back on when you manually turn it off. I lost four months of personal budget data and am terrified that I’ll use my tax information every time I close the document. I would love to see this fixed so I don’t have to be afraid of using more than one document on the app.
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