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User Reviews for Microsoft Outlook

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3 weeks ago, Gonzo2009
Want to Love It
I really want to love it. It's sure pretty, and functional. The email side works just fine, with less of the lag of the previous version of Outlook. All good things so far, right? Calendar even looks nice, and shows within Outlook itself. Also good. But tasks/todo's/reminders, whatever you want to call them. Click that little check mark and it opens a browser window. Why couldn' this all be done in the same application? Or even better, why couldn't tasks show IN the calendar where they make the most sense? You're looking at what you've got going on today, which includes not just whatever's in the calendar, it also includes whatever things you've got to get done. If you can put it all together it would be an easy 5 stars and I might even consider changing my email client (even though you guys don't really do read receipts, which I really appreciate). EDIT: One of my accounts somehow has the option to do read or delivery receipts. Cool. But I can't do that with the other email accounts like some other programs do (Newton or Polymail or even Canary for examples). Still 4 stars at this point. Good. But could be even better.
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3 weeks ago, DepravedVitalArt
Functional, but could be more friendly
There are several features that I am used to as a business user on Windows. Recently there is a removal and "dumbening down" of features both for Windows and I assume Mac users. Search options on both platforms leave a lot to be desired. Trying to combine multiple search terms leads to frustration with inaccurate or incomplete results. In a corporate setting there are hundreds if not thousands of messages in my archive and I need to be able to search them to find "receipts" and other artifacts of business. Categories used to be of help, but the fact that those have undergone changes in the "new" Outlook where they are presented as a prefix to the subject in lieu of a distinct column that can be grouped/sorted is highly frustrating. Would love to have a Microsoft Outlook developer sit with me for a couple of days to watch me try to work...I can do the basics, but I feel like there is more that SHOULD (and WAS) possible.
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3 years ago, PleaseFixTheLogin
Great support
Have used Outlook forever on various platforms. Every email platform has its plusses and minuses, for me Outlook has always worked better than other options. Never wrote a review before today though. Was having an issue with a Google account that seemed to be an Outlook issue. Outlook frequently solicits feedback and claims to offer support, but I have learned not to expect any support from Microsoft. I tried a chat anyway. Amazingly, I got a knowledgeable person right away. Asked intelligent questions, dug into the problem. In the end we determined it was a bug (which is what I had expected), he submitted an internal bug report. I would have been impressed just getting that far. I was really surprised when 2 hours later the bug was fixed! Maybe a coincidence, but an issue that had been happening consistently for weeks stopped happening. Can't 100% say it was the result of the bug report, but I'm impressed even if it was unrelated due to the quality of the support.
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5 years ago, pluther33
Outlook and Mac Birthday Sync Issues - always 1 day off
I’m having an issue sync issues with Outlook on my Mac and my other apple devices (iPhone and iPad). Email and Calendars all are fine. The issue is birthdays and anniversaries do not sync and in fact area always 1 day off. Regardless of if I start the contact birthdate in Outlook or on an IOS device once Outlook syncs the dates change by 1 day on the devices. This was not occurring on my Outlook on a PC and only started with Outlook on the Mac. I’d checked all the time zones on the 3 devices and all is fine. I’ve spent hours tying to fix. I hope there is a solution as I’d like to use Outlook but if this continues I will be forced to goto Apple contacts and calendars. I went through Outlook support and after a lot of back and forth and testing I got the following final feedback (with no resolution): "So, the above test which you performed proves that the interaction of an OS X client causes this behavior and since this can be seen over OWA as well, I tried researching over this and found out that its a server side bug which is the cause of this issue and when interacting with OS X clients and Outlook for Mac is nowhere playing any role here and instead show you the details or information available in OWA."
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4 years ago, Isabomb1234
Great App, Confusing to Maneuver!
Let me just say that this app is great. Super smooth, very fancy, I should say. BUT, there is one very big problem that brings it down to 3 stars. It's very hard to learn your way around. For example, where the heck are the setting??? I've been searching for settings for a LONG time! There's no settings button! Another thing, why I can't I change the display? It's in dark mode, and I can't find the button to change it to light mode! And, yes, I do know about the moon/sun icon that changes the brightness of ONLY the text part, but not the whole screen, which is just dumb! Seriously, where is the setting!! There's absolutely no settings button anywhere, and I don't understand why you wouldn't put in a simple, dumb SETTINGS BUTTON!! It's not that hard! Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have a MacBook, and not a dell or something. I swear, if you only have a settings button for Dell, then you're just horrible. You know, after writing this, I think you deserve TWO STARS, not three! I'm changing it right now!! Maybe you guys would like to get back to me and tell me how this app actually works!! I'D BE HAPPY TO HEAR YOU OUT!!!!
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2 months ago, Inggyn
Oh well!
I had Windows for many years, there were so many things I was able to do, but ended up switching to Apple as it made more sense to sync with all my Apple products. What made it even more easy when making the switch was the fact that I could purchase Windows Office. Having Word, PowerPoint and Excel was crucial. I had worked with the similar features for apple and I did not like them. That I was not going to give it up. Now I am a bit disappointed when it comes to Outlook. There are a few things that aren't available any longer and it is driving me crazy! They disabled the ability to form groups within your contacts. I have been using the Mail app but that does not allow you to create groups either. Add to the fact, whenever I am sending attachments, some can't even view correctly, hence started using Outlook. It is great that you can find synonyms right on the email. You can't do that with the Mail app. Still, it would be great if they could bring that feature back.
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3 months ago, Scrum Dog
Better than Apple Mail Constructive Criticism
I'm starting to get used to this new version, and there are some things I like, but I came here to leave construtive criticism. But it is better than Apple Mail with the way the pins work and the way the colors accent certain things - such as how a draft reply is nice an red and obvious. Two Criticisms: - When you sort your inbox by From, it would be nice to collapse all the messages into the senders, like you could on the old version. - It would be nice to have client-side sorting rules that can move a message that arrives in one inbox (account 1) to another inbox (account 2). I don't think there's a simple way to establish a server-side sorting rule that moves a message from one inbox to another, even if they are on the same domain. In the old version of Outlook on desktop, you could set those rules up to move from one inbox to the next, now it can't - which blows!
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2 years ago, Bob Flynn
Passing grade but missing some obvious things
I use Outlook for Mac everyday. I manage two different O365 mail accounts with it and it does the basics well enough. In some cases it's better than its Windows counterpart. For example, when moving a message, you can type the name of the folder you are looking for and it will bring it up. On the other hand, you can't navigate to a folder through the move dialog. There are things missing which I consider basics for an email tool, e.g., resend a message and delayed send. On the calendar side, I can't add calendars from our staff directory, I have to go through the web UI and then they show up in the desktop app. I'm willing to concede that's in there and I just can't find it, but that in itself is a problem. It's buried. Also, there does not appear to be a way to import or export .ics files. I regularly have to open .ics files in my Apple calendar app to get them added. Silly stuff like that. Still, I keep using it... Perhaps counting on inertia is Microsoft's business model.
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12 months ago, mschinnell
No Thanks to "New Outlook"
I've used Outlook for years (and Entourage for Mac before that). I've always considered it to be the top-of-the-line e-mail and calendar program, especially when using Microsoft's Exchange servers. But with the move to Office 365, Microsoft began pushing "New Outlook" and it it horrible. I've had my e-mail set up with POP3 (for reasons), which wasn't originally supported, so I reverted back to classic. Once POP3 was supported, it couldn't import the accounts. Once there were set up again, they lingered separately from the "On My Computer" mail--and I couldn't move messages from their private little worlds to my main e-mail universe. Rules were also no longer supported. Categories were different (and with a very hard to read/see color palette of limited choices). And so on and so forth. Luckily, I was able to revert to "classic" mode and keep all the functionality I had. So long as I can stay in "classic" mode, I'm okay. Once Microsoft finally kills it, I'll probably use something other than Outlook if Outlook can't do what I want it to.
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3 weeks ago, ypwandrews
LIking the direction...
But there are things that are still frustrating. LIke not being able to have tasks and calendar integrated. Not being able to change calendars once a calendar event is saved. Not having locations in calendar pulling data from Contacts. But I do like the Zoom and Teams calls integration, and the UI is much better in this new version. Still not sure how I feel about the Focused/Other inboxes but I'm trying to get used to them and find a way to make them work for me. Desktop version is much more usable, but then it only makes sense to use the mobile version, which Informant 5 blows out of the water. Sigh...first world problems, I know. I like it well enough to use it daily, but with some limited whining and complaining along the way. :-)
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4 years ago, The Jessie
The worst calendar and email experience I've ever had
Outlook was designed by people who have never watched a user struggle to use ths unintuitive and frustrating piece of software. There is no way to allow invitees to edit a calendar invite, which makes shared team calendars impossible. If you decline an event, getting it back is a nightmare and completely unreliable. searching for an email means searching every folder individually & even though I've done it a bunch, I still have to search for the search bar because it's in a weird spot & moves around depending which part of outlook you're in. Can't have email always sorted by unread, so to get an empty inbox you've got to archive everything, which is an active action rather than a passive one. Alas, I'm stuck with this because it's what work uses after changing over from Google products. I miss Google's offerings with a firey passion because it's collaborative first software that is designed with the user in mind. I admit to being tempted to leave my company over this constant frustration and whenever I'm interviewing in the future, I'm going to factor if they use Outlook into my decision.
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3 years ago, JustFowler925
oulook is tired
I hate gmail. Call me old fashioned, but outlook used to be the most productive and reliable email service available. I liked the linear - non-conversational - non-search first layout that outlook foced you to use. The reason i hated gmail at first was the grouping of conversations. Well, with the "new" outlook basically mirroring gmail, guess what? I'm now getting used to grouped conversations and search and guess which application is terrible at this? yep, that's outlook. Sorry Microsoft, you guys should have started this 15 years ago, now it's just too late. oh and another thing that used to work well but doesn't - the calendar. I'm so disappointed at outlook calendar - its impossible to manage multiple calendars and timezones. Google makes this simple. There is really less and less reason to even try to use Microsoft products anymore. the more they just copy google - but poorly - the more it reminds me i should not be using MS office anymore.
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1 year ago, MikesterAZ
I know, it's Microsoft, but hear me out
EDIT: I'm reducing my stars to 1 until they fix their search function. I still love Outlook but I don't know if it's how they cache the archive or what but half the time you type a search that you know has results and it just sits there blank. I find exiting and reopening helps but wow. Seems like an easy fix. Tag me when you do and I'll edit this!! -- Apple Mail is just not it folks, and I've tried plenty of others including Spark, Canary, Airmail, Hey, and more - all of them overpriced when you can have the whole Office suite for the same price. It would be different if corporate boomers didn't insist on using Word for literally everything, maybe I could exist as a freelancer without being swept into the Office vortex, but reality means maintaining the Office subscription as a cost of doing business and that means Outlook is just sitting there, available as a "free" option with paid qualilty features - and every time I come back to them, I realize how well put together this email client really is.
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4 years ago, Peyton4827
Pretty good, but it has a few issues
It's pretty good, but there are a few issues: - Calendar reminders don't use standard macOS notifications. They use some custom mini window approach, and these windows often get lost on a multi-monitor setup (they won't display on full-screen spaces, so you can miss them if a monitor is displaying a full-screen space). - Can't view email and calendar pages at the same time. I'd like to have the option of opening them in separate windows--they *feel* like separate apps, so it's frustrating that I can't switch between them as I would with other apps. I would love to keep email open on one monitor and calendar open on another. - Why does the invite creator set the reminder time (e.g., 15 Minutes)? Some people make it way too short, so I have to remember to set overrides. And if the creator updates the invite, my overrides are reset and I have to remember to set them again. I should at least be notified that my overrides have been cleared, and be given the option to add them back.
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4 years ago, Julioangel 45678
Outlook FINALLY Got It Right!
When I was a 6, an Apple Macintosh 128K was donated to my family. That's my first memory using computers. When I was 10, an iMac G3 was given to my parents when a friend didn't like it. When I was accepted to college with a scholarship in 2006, I got a MacBook. When I got started my bachelors in 2015 I got a MacBook Pro. All this to say, I love and prefer the Apple experience and the simplicity of it. This new Outlook for Mac really delivers on the enhanced performance and functionality. This is easy to use, understand and best of all, it's completely customizable. My features are available to help me perform more efficiently and become more productive overall. Thank you Outlook for seamlessly integrated yourself into my preferred experience. I now have the power, the look, and most importantly the feel of Outlook alive on my desktop.
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5 years ago, Mel_007
This app has Issues with 360 account that need to be addressed.
Tried using this app to avoind always using my internet browser. Not because I’m a fan of Microsoft product but because my current job pays for outlook 365. Lasted less than two days. First day, install the app have no issues with it. Second day, app keeps sending push-up notifications indicating that it needs access to my email password on key chain. I put the password and allow to always have access but it keeps doing the same and I can’t see my email anymore while using the app. Contacted IT support from my workplace and they said that that was happening to the versions installed in 2016, I follow the steps as described and still can’t get access to my email. Ended up going back to using the browser in deleting the app. Whenever these app developers decide to make products that actually work with their own paid email, then I’ll consider using it again. Lucky for them I don’t have a choice in selecting email companies, if not it would be different story.
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1 year ago, AngelaG6
Never thought I would... but it works!
Sadly, the native Apple Mac mail app stopped working on macOS Ventura. I tried multiple other mail apps and they all failed in some way or another. I reluctantly tried Outlook because it was my last hope... and it works! I love the ability to make different workspaces and assign groups of emails to those workspaces. And I am enjoying the Focus tab and easy way to organize email. I'm still getting used to the interface, so will take a bit... but I think I will be able to use this longterm. I wish it had mail track open / link click tracking like Mailbutler for Apple Mail. And the Junk Mail folders don't work for grouped mail. I have to go to each individual email account and click on teh Junk folder to see junk, move false positives and then empty folder. If I try to use All inboxes Junk, even though there is a count showing how many junk mails on the left, on the right it says nothing here. But, of course, there is --- as going to each individual email account they are there. This could be improved. Outlooks seems to have more functionality geared toward tasks, scheduling, and getting things done. I'll keep using it and see how it goes.
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2 years ago, shiningsee
Very Good but a Few Shortcomings
The Outlook app is good enough to be my favorite email client on macOS. Elegant design and feature-rich. If you're in the Microsoft ecosystem Outlook is a no-brainer. However, a couple flaws/missing features leave Outlook frustratingly short of being awesome. For space reasons, here are just two: One small but constantly annoying flaw is selected emails are not visibly highlighted in the middle pane. You can select multiple emails but there’s no way to visually verify which ones you selected. This can be nerve wracking, e.g. when selecting multiple emails for deletion or archiving. Even more frustrating is that highlighted emails are clearly visible when in dark mode, so obviously the feature is there but the shade is far too light or non-existent in light mode. I’ve also asked many times for the ability to make contacts as VIPs and have notifications including badges optionally filtered as VIP-only. No one else sees the value of such a feature? I refuse to believe that. It seems Microsoft will only pay attention to feedback for things that are obvious to almost everyone and thus receive the most votes. Of course that should be a priority, but not the ONLY focus.
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3 years ago, CC @ T
Gets confused, requires activation randomly after updates
I had an timely email to send, but could not due to an activation issue. I had to search for the solution which ultimately was to quit Outlook, open Word logout/login with my O365 account, and then re-open Outlook to send the email from my drafts. Calendar commonly gets locked into a view and will not change the current view even if you select a different week/day or even change view types. This can get confusing and cause issues if you do not realize this while scheduling a meeting with a client over the phone. Restarting outlook fixes this issue temporarily. There is a toggle for New Outlook mode. It looks slick, and I have been able to adopt it for daily business use. That said, address auto-complete resets, so be prepared to retype all your TO addresses for the first few days/weeks.
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9 months ago, Fly18944
No longer an work/office solution
The lack of quality and growing errors in the Outlook product is making Microsoft a non-player in the work environment. There are so many problems and issues with the new Outlook that remain unaddressed. For example, you can no longer work offline to edit emails and prepare them for a mail merge send. Contacts are hit and miss and once created can no longer be edited. Groups or "lists" as MS wants to now call them can no longer be created or edited if all of the contacts are not in your contacts list, which you cannot add to because the software is so buggy. The fact that MS is charging for this buggy and broken software is a crime in itself. I am using several Apple and Googlel 3rd party workarounds and will demand a refund for the remainder of my office purchase. If not granted, I'll turn it over to my DA's office, where MS seems to be in trouble most of the time for their scams, collusion and overall monopoly business software.
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8 months ago, rdalban
Good luck if you need to search for emails
The search function is barely usable and entirely unsuited for queries involving more than one term. You cannot use any kind of booleans for searches, and every term is treated as OR. Please fix this ASAP. For a recent example: I just spent 10 minutes digging through search results for a simple query (from: me, with words: poster printing). Outlook returned all kinds of unrelated results (e.g. emails from me, but not containing any of the query words, emails with ONE of the query words, but not from me). Ultimately, I had to search for "poster" and scroll through over a hundred emails to find the email I wanted from two years ago. If I were using Gmail, I would get that same email in the top 5 results on the first try. I only use Outlook because I'm forced to use it through my employer. Coming from another employer that used the G suite, it's such a stark downgrade to have to rely on Microsoft...
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2 years ago, autumnt08
Not Up to Par
When you have the privilege of operating the Outlook app on a PC for work, and then have to switch to the Outlook app on the Mac at home, it fails in comparison. The layout and look of the app is nice, but the functionality is extremely subpar. There is a confusing and ineffective way to send emails with delayed delivery, creating quick steps in a chore, and so much more. Not to mention, these functions will only work if the app doesn't crash on your first. I expect so much better from Macbook applications, but with a Microsoft based program, it's no surprise that the standard is below average. My hope is that they do a complete refresh of the userability of this app so there is a seamless interaction for professionals who work an an organization that utilizes Outlook for their communication. Overall, very disappointed and would not recommend, but with no other option... what are we supposed to do?
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10 months ago, Cain77429
Outlook/Office for Mac Nightmare
I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to regain back my missing Outlook notes and calendar events. Luckily I was able to find this article that talked about missing Outlook files after switching to new Legacy Outlook version. I spent almost 2-3 weeks unable to find important files and calendar events that I create to manage my clients. The lack of support from both Microsoft and Apple trying to resolve this issue has been a complete nightmare. I don't understand why Microsoft offers Outlook/Office for Mac, but lacks the support to help it's users. Also Apple should not offer a software that they can't provide support for via Apple store or your trained technicians. Worst technical experience ever !!!
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3 years ago, Alusine Consulting
Continued Stakeholder Relationship with Outlook
Call it sabbatical observational inquiry of another setting in the United States when I enrolled in collaboration with Outlook Microsoft to communicate in many mediums. With resourcefulness, I was a resident of Franklin County, Columbus, OH. A month after arrival was COVID. From my experience as Professor who interacted qualitatively and quantitatively with 300 students try-month in previous career classification were correlations with intercultural communication; limited interpersonal communication. Social isolation, self management, culture shock with and accomodation were some discriptions of observations of every day OH during time and place. Thanks to support of credible Outlook Microsoft for making me to use my interpersonal communication, intercultural communication knowledge, plus more. Lets hope for more relationship continuation with "Outlook."
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1 year ago, pezgoon1
Much improved over the standard mail application with some quirks though
There are so many things I loved about the maill app, the integration and ease of use, but there was so much I hated. Seriously apple, barely any junk filtering AT ALL?? Requiring the servicer to deal with the junk mail rather than the app. Seemingly poor junk reporting that didnt do anything etc etc Only things I don't like, less integration with things like iCalender and such, but also something that bugs me, is scrolling. While scrolling it isn't optimized? Fluidized? Im not sure what the wording is but you get shuddering while scrolling. Only thing I have ever experienced it on while not in battery save mode. Overall though a massive upgrade
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3 years ago, LittleFlower123
Inconvenient notification & incovenient synchronization
My biggest complaint is that "app stopped working" notifications are too late. It is more convenient to know the ap sopped working in a timely manner so that I can swiftly switch to the web version. My 2nd concern is semblance between desktop app and web version. First I wish my Google calendar events would appear in my desktop app as they do in the web version. I wish I could schedule appointemts in the app as easily that I can in the web version. That aside, the app is great at sending me reminders of event that I originally created in my Outlook calendar. The app also makes it easy to write, sort and read emails. I especially like the signature feature.
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1 year ago, NinjaDee999
Constant Issues w/ Outlook
Outlook has almost constant issues. I've deleted and downloaded it several times. I am now getting an error box that says "Client tried to access nonexistent namespace. (Mailbox should probably be prefixed with: INBOX..." Well guess what. It is! This after not receiving emails until sometimes days or even weeks late or not at all. Constantly having to re-enter my password even after it is "saved" and having to reach out to colleagues every couple of months for "test" emails just to check if everything is working. Why do I continue with the hassle? Because I am not in charge of the origination of my email - I would have switched to gmail by now.
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2 years ago, The Trouble-Maker
Not Simply Satisfied...
I showed up in Scottsdale with an edge...I could not book an on-line apppointment! And immediately found out I could not get any help until 5ish...but for some reason, Justin came over and began helping me to solve some issues while he was on a break! He was great: knew his stuff and had an incredible customer focus. When Psage came over to us I was sure I'd never find another Justin...wrong. Sage with a P was beyond genius...and she worked on my issues quickly and correctly with a sense of humor and personal interest. Kudos to the Scottsdale Apple store and its two fabulous employees. PS the young man at the entrance/exit was also quite wonderful...he not only apologized for blocking my exit...we danced...Amen.
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3 years ago, RandomNickname8788
Ok, but not perfect
The macOS client is a bit clunky and (I presume) missing features that are present in the Windows client. 100% custom keyboard commands would be nice (in macOS, such commands are done through a system preference and MUST include a modifier key like Control, Option, or Command, so I can't mimic the single-letter commands I've used in Gmail for years). Flicking back and forth between mail and the calendar is slow-ish. Not sure what's happening there. Conversation viewing is... off. Unlike Gmail, where a conversation in the reading pane is truncated but viewable, in Outlook you have to click the little conversation icon at the top. Then, you can't control whether it's most recent at the top or bottom. So the entire conversation view (at least in the reading pane) is "off". You can't compose or reply to messages inline. While others prefer a new window I don't, but there isn't an option for this. So, overall, my productivity is down because this app isn't as streamlined or as elegant as Gmail, but my work uses Exchange and Outlook has features that others apps don't (like find-a-time scheduling that Spark or Canary don't have), so I find myself continuing to come back to Outlook even though I'd rather not due to the lack of customizability.
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4 months ago, MS Issues
Outlook on Mac
Once again Microsoft has caused hardship on people and end users. Alert configuration is now not achievable on the configured Email boxes so every alert shows up on the desktop instead of the specific boxes we want to be alerted on. MS upgrades are actually downgrades. This is from someone who has worked with MS products over the years as an Engineer and an Administrator. Why are the rules different compared to Outlook 2010 when it used to connect to Exchange? Also MS installed apps on my Mac that's not necessary. In the future YOU (MS) should place all the apps on the App Store so we can download them, they should update from there...MS forced install Windows Defender by making MS Teams not available on the App Store. MS does not care about people???? or do they? This is extremly annoying, an MS Tech called after a support ticket was opened and unfortunately he too can't resolve the issue to supress dektop alerts for specific mailboxes configured on Outlook for Mac.
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2 years ago, -IdahoSAM-
Surprised by Diminishing Functionality
I have installed, tried Outlook out, uninstalled for awhile, and repeated this process on and off over the past couple of years. As a past Windows user, this was the common app for me to use for both home and business use. I just reinstalled a day ago and find that the icloud calendars no longer sync well with my icloud calendar. Also, on the calendar page, I can no longer change the default "Washington DC" weather location. It no longer recognizes my city, which it had in the past installation. I want to like this Office 365 suite, but I sure don't understand why it takes SO LONG (literally YEARS) to make something that works with Apple systems. So today, another uninstall, and then perhaps in the fall, before mysubscription runs out, I will try again. If still not functional, then I cancel my subscription sad to say.
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1 year ago, Austin at Work
Redesign is actually good
Once I tweaked a few things to be the way I like them, I like the redesign. It's smoother and more customizable, but my favorite thing is the mini calendar side bar next to the email pane. Almost every day, I'm checking my email and think, "Do I have a meeting today?" and then I have to go down to the calendar button in the bottom left, click over, check, and click back to my email. Not a huge pain, but something I notice the cognitive dissonance of. Now I don't need to click anything because it's always right there on the right side of my screen, rather than the space just being wasted on the preview pane being too wide.
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5 years ago, ihatefall
Outlook reminds me why I left Windows
I have to use outlook for work, which is part of what makes this so frustrating. I can't move to something else. The app is klunky, sync issues, poor design (hard to view outlook calender and my email at the same time...... something I have to do for nearly email I send) Also the app runs like a virus. If you're offline and heaven forbid you forget to turn off outlook...... you pops up over and over and will not close until you go into activity monitor and force quit it. so annoying. also the seperate notifications pop the happens.... no use the notification center just like every other app. Outlook isn't special. AND LET ME CLOSE THOSE NOTIFICATIONS without having to go into the app again. I am literally looking for a new job because I hate using outlook so much. I thought it was the stupid surface pro they forced down our throats but actually its outlook (the surface pro is awful in it's own ways but that is another story.)
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2 weeks ago, E-scope
The good new is, of course, it integrates perfectly with MS Office. Many of the same formating tools you'd use in Word are there, so it is easy to format emails with bullets, numbers, tables.... But the disappointments are MANY and in many ways inexcussable. "New" Outlook It is clearly configured to work well only with Exchange. If you are using it as an IMAP client, many features don't work. Often time you have to revert to Legacy Outlook to add functionality, then convert back to New and see if they transfered. For example: - sorting messages by size - deleting attachments - applying rules - adding new contacts to the address book Most frustratingly of all for me is that MS Teams calendar invites don't appear as ics attachments so can't be added to Apple Calendar. Other invites come through fine. I suppose equally frustrating is that the app repeatedly fails to find addresses which it has previously found. The Support team responds quickly, but the answer is often the same: send us screen shots, send us a recording.... then "We are sorry but that feature (an utterly basic email client feature) is not offered for IMAP accounts or non-Exchange accounts.... Please leave a suggestion...."
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7 months ago, Mz7727
Small differences betweenOL iPhone. iPad and Mac
Hello MS OL, I would like if all of the Microsoft Outlook apps be exactly the same on all of the three versions. One example is that in one of them I can mark multiple e-mails, hold down the shift key and mark multiple messages. However, I have not found it to be the same in all of the three apps. The "New" Outlook lacks many of the great options and tools that the legacy version had and I still want to use. I tried to call Microsoft customer support in Brazil and in the USA and it appears to me that long-time Microsoft customers like me can no longer talk to a human being. The online chat is horrible. Microsoft needs to mirror Apple's support and that is why I am migrating as much as possible to Apple devices and softwares. R.I.P. Microsoft as MS committed suicide with this lack of support decision.
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2 years ago, Unsure?:/
Calendar Fail
Two biggest peeves: 1. I can either see my inbox OR my calendar, not both! Why can't I pop the calendar out of the app like I can with draft messages? When I'm scheduling meetings and flipping through my inbox comparing multiple people's emails witth availability or multipke emails with key dates, this is super frustrating!! 2. My attachments keep disappearing! Not immediately but after 10 seconds or so just when I start to get confident and look away or hit send! I don't know if this has to do with mac or apple icloud. I'm guessing there could be a glitch around file security but regardless I would like the option to approve a file rather than it just diappearing without a error message! I have to check speciifically for that with every attachment I wait. Its so frustrating!
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5 years ago, DGM777
Best Email Client For IOS
I have been so discouraged using email on IOS and Mac, painful to use actually, in conversations in emails it's difficult at best to find the latest email on a string. Other folks I know complein about the same. The I found Outlook, I always used this on PC but never thought it worked well on Apple products, times have changed. I downloaded this about a week ago and now email is a breeze! Everything works even my GMail account which never fully works on Mac or IOS, now I can even delete messages in Outlook with my GMail account and they really do delete everywhere, no more auto archive forever. I am so so glad I started using Oulook on my Mac and IOS device, seriously this is a great APP.
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2 years ago, Allunderwater
Search Function
Is just buggy. i use outlook on my phone, my pc, my mac, my ipad, and i get different search results on each. And when I search for more than one word, I rarely get what I'm looking for, despite having Zero problem with Gmail's search of the same dataset (i forwarded all my emails to gmail for this reason). It's 2022. Search is a solved issue. Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world (still despite issues like this) but you'd have thought they'd have solved it by now. That and a smattering of other clunky UI functions that are a mix between over-powered and executed half-assedly for an overall frustrating experience. I would not recommend. Folders again are a function of the poor search function. And for companies that live and die by their email, it's somewhat disconcerting.
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5 years ago, TiRoSp
Outlook CM is NOT a Customer Manager
I am so incredibly disappointed with Microsoft. They offer Outlook CM as an add-on. They advertise it as such for Mac users without the massive cavaut that the bulk of the CM is not actually available in the addon as it is with the windows version. All you get is a running tab on the side of your email to see the history of the contact. There is no main tab with ribbon to create "Customers ~ companies", to see "timelines" to map customers on bing, to see all the contacts connected with that company. When I purchased this through my company, I couldn't find these options. I then reached out to tech support which assured me that the addon was the same as the windows version. We then spent over 1 hr looking around on the web app and the app on my mac only find out after she consulted with her supervisor that it is not the same. I reached out to a tech support via the app help and again his response was simply to recommend a change.
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2 years ago, Bryan 2022
No mail search/indexing on Monterey
It's normally great - or could be great. However, since updating to Monterey OS, indexing of my inbox and folders doesn't appear to work at all. This means absolutely zero ability to search or filter mail and find what I'm looking for with my work. I've looked online and it's a known issue. This is a total deal breaker. It's been out for over 2 months and anyone using Outlook with the latest OS is now dead in the water as far as productivity. For such a large company with such resources, this is just unacceptable. (I wouldn't have written this review to blast them, except that I was prompted by Outlook today to share my opinion, so... here we are.) Once indexing and the ability to appropriately search my email returns, it will be great. I otherwise enjoy being able to choose Mac computers and still mesh with my company's IT infrastructure, currently based on Exchange.
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4 years ago, Mark_GetSet_Go
Works fine for email
Outlook for Mac feels like a shareware version compared to the PC edition. I can't have the Tasks and Calendar view on the Home interface, the Tasks features are not quite the same to create views that meaningful, and clicking on links to put webinars or appointments on my calendar are not smooth. The email experience is fine, which is the majority of what I'm doing with Outlook. But, I'm accustomed to having day organized in Outlook but that isn't a reality on the Mac. I've switched to using OWA for the calendar and Todoist for my tasks. It is a little less convenient and required developing new habits, but I'm pretty happy with the workflow. Hopefully, Outlook for Mac will catch up with the PC edition one day.
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2 years ago, cugwithx
Why can I not see old email?
The new interface is actually not too bad, and I used to like Outlook, although I really liked it MUCH more when it was still Entourage on the Mac. Functionality was better, usability was better, the interface was a bit uglier. The killer and why I can't use this application is that it doesn't show old email. I have emails going back nearly 20 years, and the new interface just doesn't allow access to these emails. What's up with that? Update after developer feedback: I have filed requests/bugs for old mail not showing a few times, basically from the time when the new interface was available. I've then tried it every few months, filed another bug report. Someone "smart" seems to think this is a feature, so I'm giving up on Outlook.
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4 months ago, Aanchusteguig
Dev Team Help!
Hello! Hope you can do something about this... The filter options on the outlook for Mac still have opportunities to make it easier go through the inbox. One of my main wishes is the possibility to filter first by a set of dates, but then have the option to filter also by who sent the email. So I can see all the emails that where sent by a particular person of differente people on a specific set of dates. I have not found the way to do it because when you filter by dates, the three lines that show you that options to filter by sender disappear. If there is a way to do this that I don’t know of I would love you can tell me how to do it. If there is no way right now it would greatly help to have this option. Thank you.
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4 years ago, SZEMPS
Mac Version Needs Work
I just started using Outlook for the Mac about two months ago. I have been using webmail to manage either my work exchange account or my other 10 or so gmail accounts. I decided to try the Mac version of Outlook. Even though the feel is mostly the same as the Windows version, there are some differences, both good and bad. I like the ability to be able to move a message to a folder by typing the name of the folder, something similiar that I was used to in Gmail web version but is lacking in Windows version. However, here are the two items I don't like so far. I cannot create new folders for my Gmail accounts. I have to logged in Gmail on web to create them. Second, there is a new Outlook version for the Mac, however it doesn't support Exchange. How can you have a version of Outlook that doesn't support Exchange. Outlook and Exchange are like Peanut Butter & Jelly, they just go together. Working from home for the last 8 months has had its challenges, but I think that since WFH will be more normal now, software developers will need to look at their products and adapt that they will support the remote user with ease and help them work easier.
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3 months ago, DanielleElizabeth
Microsoft Migraine
Outlook is a mess, just like literally all applications and services provided by Microsoft. The glitches are truly pervasive. My account has stopped composing emails from the inbox I'm in, and since Microsoft doesn't have customer support I cannot get it fixed. My email will randomly toggle messages into the archive or trash while I am *actively typing a reply.* Sometimes messages will not display, and I'll randomly have an unread email from two days ago appear in my previously cleared inbox. I'll search for an email by sender name and the search function will fail to find the 10 emails containing the search term. The list goes on. If you can avoid using Microsoft, DO SO. SAVE YOURSELF. I only use this headache of an account because my job requires me to use Outlook instead of Gmail. Love yourself enough to know you deserve a better email service than this.
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2 years ago, Dl123673
Extremely disruptive, infuriating
I was forced to update and now I'll be spending most of a day trying to put my system back together. Because I hadn't updated, my word App would no longer allow my access my files, saying I needed to grant access or save and new docs i had been working on. I researched and found that this is a common issue for Mac users so I updated. This requied me to quit an reinstall ALL the office apps(which took over an hour of my workday and DELTED all the docs that had not been allowed to save). It is now the next day, my outlook needed to restart AGAIN and now all the shared email inboxes it IS MY JOB TO MONITOR are gone and I have to re-add them as well. Are these updates supposed to be for the benefit of the customer - because it has not been for me. Please figure out a better system for managing/implementing these updates - this is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, MrKernicus
Still no ability to adjust week numbering correctly
Fine app overall, but they still haven't managed to fix the week numbering issue. For example, week one of 2022 should be able to start with the first full 7-day week of the year, however that isn't possible in Outlook settings. In Mac OS, you can change Calendar settings under Date & Time to switch from Georgian to ISO 8601, effectively solving this problem. Why can't Microsoft update Outlook so that I can adjust to display the "correct" week numbers under calendar? This is critical for syncing my calendar with co-workers and is a small, but annoying frustration.
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2 years ago, Magellan Doug
Slow at acknowledging and fixing issues associated with updates
I’m committed to using Outlook due to the previous years of building on versions that worked IE: Smart Folders and Filters that kept my inbox clean and sorted through rules that populated smart folders. I’m committed like buying one apple product, then another and now tied to the hip to use it. When it works, it’s good but when new updates come out and destroys the ability to sort and use filters as simple as just sorting by unread and the online forum shows multiple threads of others dealing with the same frustration all while Microsoft takes a nonchalant, no sense of urgency approach to fix it as if it’s not that important, I would have to say I am less than satisfied.
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5 years ago, ebizexec
Very disappoint in the quality of the software.
I don't understand why Outlook is considered a good product versus other options out there. I find the software very buggy and complicated to use. Microsoft really needs to do a much better job across their entire suite of Office 365 applications and services. I cannot believe the number of service issues that impact 365 services almost on a daily basis. I'm just waiting for Apple to provide enterprise iCloud and some productivity integrations. I will jump ship from Office 365 in a heartbeat. This software is terrible and the entire suite is actually a net productivity killer for me and many of my clients who struggle with functionl fragmentation and redundancy across the Office 365 portfolio. Get on the ball Microsoft! This is a hack job!
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3 years ago, AKJoshTalbot
Needs better user experience
Outlook works fine enough, and that is the problem, it's fine. There are so many little things that are very annoying or just dumb in it's user experience (at least with a Mac). Little things like: I can not arrange my folders in any other way other then alphabetical. I can't put my most used folders at the top and my least used at the bottom or my bosses at the top. Other very annoying things like in the calendar if I make any adjustment to a meeting that person gets an email. Sometimes it is not necessary to email the person involved in the scheduled meeting about a minor change I make to the meeting. It should be optional to email them but it is not. There are dozens of not thought through user experience issues through out Outlook.
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