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User Reviews for Microsoft PowerPoint

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2 years ago, Jtixtlan
Canvas Rearranges Design Elements when Uploading
If you are a college student and you create a PPT on Mac and you save and then upload itt as an assignment on Canvas, a lot tof tthe design elements get moved around and it makes a mess of the presentaion. pics and texts boxes are no longer where you placed hem, so your design looks bad. What I have to do no is export the presentation to a PDF an dupload that as the assignment, and then email the instructor to tell them that Canvas is wrecking my presentaion so I sent a pdf instead. My college moved from Moodle to Canvas last year and I have had this trouble ever since. When the PPT presentation is saved as a PDF, you lose all the extras you added like voice narration and sound effects, music, notes, etc.
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9 months ago, DrLouMusic
You're getting better but the product still has many frustrating parts. For instance the open folder is now gone on this version and on other versions I use with different customers, it's there and useful. The library of icons and art that you can use is also lacking. Why don't you allow all the types of icons that Visio uses? It would make it usable. Also, the section part is great but it's clumbsy and when you open you always have to collapse. Why can't you select a flag that lets you open collapsed. that would make the tool much more usable. Integration with teams is still terrible and with email if the product is open, you can't send the file. Why? just version it and send. Theres' much more but it's useful but not a product that has the power of things like Lucid, or visio, but it could be much more usable, so you get a three for teasing me with function and ideas, then falling short when I try to use it my way as the main unit. It's keeping this type of work, design and developent documentation, a dark art...who knows maybe AI might help you.
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5 years ago, Chazzle Dazzle
Printing Slides is a Joke
To my knowledge, this is mainly an issue with PowerPoint for Mac as my colleagues who use PCs don't have this issue. When you go to print the slides, they look fine if there are multiple on a page or if you print the notes version, but if you try to print 1 slide per page the images blur when printing! And not just a little fuzzy, they turn out with lines going through them and just look like they never completed loading. This also happens when exporting to a PDF. The PDF looks fine on the screen, and then as soon as you go to print it, a random image will blur out like that. Is it the same image everytime? NOPE! It picks and chooses which image it wants to blur out each time it prints. There is no rhyme or reason to this issue. I exported to PDF, Exported each slide to jpeg, even took screen shots as a last resort and had to just deal with the fact that the color was completely different on the printed screen shot slides. This has been an issue for MONTHS and is all over every forum - the fact that this hasn't been addressed by the MS team is unacceptable! If I'm printing client copies of proposal presentations it shouldn't take me all day due to troubleshooting!
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12 months ago, Bryanmsi
Nearly Excellent
PowerPoint has been around for decades and sets the bar for computer-based presentation software. There is a reason that creating a slideshow on a computer is called 'making a powerpoint" even if other software is used. PowerPoint has reached a level of maturity and capability that is impressive, and nearly any feature for a traditional computer slideshow is included. It also plays well with other MS Office tools and even has a fairly good online collaboration capability. I deducted a star based on the following. First, it has become bloated and overcomplicated for most users with features that only a very few will ever find, let alone need. Second, it isn't keeping up wth the next generation of interactive and web-based tools from Google or even Canva when it comes to media and collaboration. Third, its visual design capabilities fall a bit behind Apple Keynote. Still it is a great program for serious business users.
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3 years ago, Rumboogy33
Forces users to use OneDrive
As of the May 2021 update, Office apps now requires internet access about once per day to validate the license. The problem is that when you give these apps internet access, then send the contents of all Office files that you open to OneDrive (Microsoft's cloud). Microsoft is convinced that the forcing all their customers to use OneDrive is going to turn around their slow but inevitable death at the hands of Google Docs - but of course it won't. Ironically, one of the strongest reasons to use stale, dusty, full of bugs Office apps before this update was that you could keep your data out of the cloud (by blocking just Office from having access to the internet). But the geniuses at Microsoft just killed that last benefit. So my message to Microsoft: give me a way to turn off saving my files in your cloud. This used to be possible but you forced everyone to participate. If you don't give me a reasonable way to have you not steal my data, I will not renew my 365 subscription.
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4 years ago, Reportsharing
Power point review
I'm a very disappointed client. I purchased the PP 365 Office app with the understanding I would be able to use it on my computer and my ipad. It works with my computer but It has not been working on the ipad. On the ipad It only gives me the few features given on the free sample app only and is prompting me to purchase the PP 365 Office package which I already did. The IT support person was unsuccesful in helping me after over an hour of troubleshooting ;and through that process a few powerpoint programs already saved in the program were erased completely. As of yet microsoft has not been able to provide a solution. Needless to say I would not be recommending the product.
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3 years ago, UlyDoes
The Best Slideshow maker of all time!
I was working on a Science presentation for my class that I was going to present later on, when it came across to me that I had Microsoft PowerPoint on my Mac. I was honestly so thrilled and could not have found a better way to make slides... The fact that you can choose any font you want (with the widest variety of choices) makes it all worthwhile. Another great feature is it's fire transition effects! And lastly, the auto-generated design ideas are perfect, I you will find indefenitly what you are looking for by choosing PowerPoint. Legit, you couldn't get this from any other slide creator! And it's definitley worth what It's worth! :) Thank you so much to the development eam at Microsoft for making my life easier!!
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3 years ago, PhillerUp50
PPT for Mac...sub-par
I make my living designing presentations and I've been using PPT for decades now. So many of its issues have been addressed since the '90s, and in the latest auto update, I lost the ability to use CMD-SFT-M to bring up the crop tool. It may seem minor, but it's just another aggravation to add to the list re: this program's use on the Mac. I'm convinced that the software developers never, ever use their own software and are unaware of how cumbersome it is, what its many quirks are -- therefore they never fix them. And finding answers to these problems is like finding a needle in a haystack. Too bad, because it could be so great if they could make it function better.
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7 months ago, KZFisher63
Go To for my work
I have used PowerPoint since 1996. I've used it on both Win & Mac platforms. I've seen it change over the years but it continues to be my "go to" for speech presentations as originally designed. In recent years I began using it with my MacBook Pro for video presentations (especially during COVID) & used it for teaching on Zoom via OBS. I also now use with vMIX. I also use it similar to MS Publisher making slides that I then convert to flyers or other media for marketing -- making PDF or screen capture of slides for FaceBook & other social media. I am on PowerPoint as much as Word some days.
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3 months ago, generichandle
This platform used to be great, but it's become a slow evolution into mediocrity
I use MS Office Suite for work at a community college. Our account is hamstrung by restrictions on Mac software. Who does that in education? Then, Office has perennially been the main source of bloat in my life. If my machine is overheating, fans on high, not responsive, I can pretty much assume that if I force quit one of the Office programs, that solves it. I say this as a person running Adobe CS. I want to like it, but I've long since moved to open-source and online tools because Office costs too much, does not provide anything that free solutions don't (besides annoying proprietary formats) and it can't even deliver what it promises because of baffling and punitive licensing restrictions. We get it. MS wants to make more money, but frankly, it's time to move on to free an open-source tools that do more across more platforms.
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3 years ago, ecbanks
Got sick of being nagged.
I didn't want to see the nag screen to leave a review anymore, so left a 1 star review. FEEL MY WRATH. Okay, I'm not really that angry. I mean, it's PowerPoint. Who could be angry about that? It is what it is. A fact of life. Like being angry about your kitchen sink. Or having to wear shoes. You just use PowerPoint. Now, my kitchen sink doesn't nag me to review it. So, if I were compelled to give it a review, I'd be in the 4 star range. It's not perfect. I have some minor complaints. But the point is that I don't think about my sink at all. I just use the thing. That's PowerPoint. I just use the thing. It exists. Everyone else uses it. It's the lowest common denominator in the presentation world. Plumbing. Why nag people for a review? A review is utterly irrelevant. And thus, one-star. Not because PP is bad. It's just...PowerPoint. I have no feelings about it. Until a nag screen appears. Then I'm annoyed.
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9 months ago, AMaeBrod
Not allowing saving on Mac OS
This has been happening all..the..time.. Out of nowhere, I will not be able to save any documents that I have been working on. This includes the entirety of the Office Suite of Apps. Luckily, my husband is in IT and does his best to mend the issues via what he calls the "Terminal" and he can pretty much always fix the issues. However, they always return and there is nothing I can do about all the work I have completed. I then have to copy all of my word document over to my iPhone notes app, let my husband work on it, which will always require a restart and then try again. PowerPoint and Excel I just have to cut my losses because I cannot copy them anywhere. This is incredibly frustrating and making me want to switch to a different suite of apps. This needs to be fixed immediately.
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1 year ago, isaacsuarez08
The master of perfection on desktop
I had been using Keynote for over 5 years from now (at the time of writing), which was pretty powerful, but the con to it is that it is Apple products only, and I wanted power with compatibilty, and I heard about this and I have a shared Family subscription of it it was just pure amazing. It actually has more power than Keynote, especially with its features. The problem on the mobile and web versions is that the feature set on these versions are very limited, even if you have a 365 license.
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3 years ago, xSamuel Johnx
Always a Last Resort
Biggest issue is probably with the UI, I always have to google how to do something because the menus/tabs have never made sense to me. I've worked with many design programs and software and PowerPoint is always the most difficult to use. My other big problem is with fonts. Holy crap. I can never get fonts to work. I've given up trying. I usually have to create a Google Slides or Keynote deck with different text boxes of each style I want to include and export to PPT. From there I can still use the font I need by copy/pasting. I pay for this app too because unfortunately a lot of clients use it.
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4 years ago, crisascunce
Still a few things I would change
First off, it's a much better product than years past, that's for sure. Having said that, there are a lot of things I would change. If there's a way to add text styles in a styles panel like you have in word, that would be great! Page or slide numbers are annoying at best. Also the edit capabilities of the graphs are not the best. I would also like to see better quick key commands for better efficiency. For example, you have a keyboard shortcut to size text, but not to change the text alignment, or to group objects or to reorder those objects. Also if it can just work a little bit better on a Mac as it does on a PC, that would make my life worth living.
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4 years ago, Ionakohoe
Saved Me Several Times
As a therapist, I've been called on several times to produce an online or personal appearance talk for groups. I'm not that bad-looking, but who wants to look at my face for that long? Being able to produce slides to illustrate or clarify my points has benefitted my audiences greatly. Plus they have saved me from wandering off the point--or being able to get back to the point, once I have meandered away in pursuit of an answer to some question. Easy to use, creative, Power Point makes me look like a genius.
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4 years ago, AmirSamary
I was a heavy user of Corel DRAW in the past. It was amazing for vetorial drawing. I make most of my graphics when building presentations with Power Point. I always used Power Point to make presentations. Then I switched to Apple's keynote for one year. Power Point became so much better then Keynote! The Morph transition and the powerful tools for building graphics are my best friends. I can only hope Microsoft keeps improving the vectorial drawing capabiltiies of power point, which are far from what I could do with CorelDRAW, but they are so powerful already! Amazing tool. I use it every single day!
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3 years ago, 6076caperucita
I want to make some animations presentations and I am unable to use some of the animation tools. Why? Well, I joined to a chat expert an month ago and told me some features can not be used in a macbook pro but for sure I should be able to do it in a windows computer. "why don't you get a windows and get rid of your apple"? what? my mac pro is brand new and that is the reason I had to update all the microsoft tools and ended here writing this mediocre rate review. I cannot use all the tools in PP for animations and that is a bummer!
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12 months ago, Bonita1952
I've used PowerPoint for years and it's my "go-to" for presentations, but the new feature, Designer, that makes suggestions for lovely and appropriate designs is the best feature I've seen come from the MS Suite in years@ Whoever the designer was, Kudos! It is a feature that works and it displays in a way that is absolutely on point nearly every time. I have one request--I can't seem to copy a slide to move it to another presentation and the designs aren't named, so I can't find them in a library--am I missing something?
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4 years ago, kbthirty3
Very Frustrated on Sunday a day of rest
I find it very difficult to get the power point to work!!!!!! I am on a MAC and Microsoft is failing me. I REALLY need to do lesson plans, and I cannot get it to load nor come up on my computer!!! Then, the One Note ( which I DO love) keeps telling me I need more space and cannot connect to other tools!!! I need and love using One Note for my lesson plans and it keeps telling me I need more space and I cannot SYNC because I have run out of space in my OneDrive account. Does one need to keep buying more and more space? I want to save my lesson plans. Can I save them in a dcocument and bring them back to One Note. I really need them in each student's folder ON One Note so I can reference them while I am writing and composing my new lessons! HELP PLEASE!!!
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3 years ago, Yergnik
So easy to work with
I have access to specialized software for making illustrations or graphics but end up using Power Point instead because the tools are much less complicated but give me the same end result needed. I like the graphic design suggestions and hope they continue to expand those ideas. I use the slide presentation format and make a custom size page for posters or small sizes for customized buttons or messages for website work. It is a great tool to have all around.
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2 years ago, Doc Duke
PowerPoint made my career
A lab scientist for years in biotech, PowerPoint allowed me to create scientific teaching content that could be presented to many audiences in the healthcare community For my company, I created and filled a much needed competency, enjoyed using PowerPoint, and had many teaching opportunities at home and abroad, seeing a lot of the world. I had a long, rewarding career, thanks in part to the creators of the late '80s edition of this groundbreaking product. I'm using the latest version for consulting opportunities that have arisen in retirement. PowerPoint made my career.
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4 months ago, jamjam1010
PowerPoint is a Mighty Tool!
As a PowerPoint Unser since the day it was released I can say that it is the most reliable program for presentations and beyond that exists! I work in the graphic design field, however I am not a designer so i use it to capture images or shapes, convert them into usable files of all types and import them into other programs like Canva. etc. This is just one of the hacks but I fond myself using it daily for many many things beyond creating compelling ppresentations. It is a mighty tool indeed!
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2 years ago, Fighter Erica
Powerpoint for Mac
I personally had a problem when I did not have a college email that I could hook it up to it and I only had the option to have the read and view only without paying for the in-app purchases. Now that I have a college email hooked to the microsoft word, I am allowed to create new and edit powerpoints for my summer college class. Also, I will bed using this app more often when I have to make powerponts for all the classes that I will have in fall.
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4 years ago, Big Mountain Dreams
could be better on Mac
The "record slide show" function is not up to par with the windows version. It seems you can't record one slide at a time and can't choose when to start. Once you click record, the recording begins. On the windows version, clicking "record slide show" takes you to the record screen where you can then choose when to start and which slide to record. Everything else I've used on the Mac version so far works well.
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1 year ago, House Of Meme
Audio no longer exports
I have 365 for Mac OS, and have been using the porgram without issue since January. As of a few days ago (I assume with update) I'm getting the error message "We're sorry. Some of the narration weren't exported to the video file." Well it's not just some, it's all. Even past PP files that successfully exported fully as of three days ago, no longer export with audio. I really am in a dire situation here, and would like some guidance as to how to fix this. Thanks!
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3 years ago, sungmanitu1
i'll take keynote anyday!
I had been using keynote and having to convert my projects to powerpoint. Every time, i lost important fonts, colors were lost, page setup was all they have .pptx for mac, ok, it might save me extra editing time since i dont have to export it from keynote, but i am not impressed by microsoft programs at all. I think the only one that is of any use to me is excel, which i use for subnetting calculations. Power point is still not even as good as pages when it comes to colors, fonts and certain other things. I only have this program so that I can do my school work which requires power point. otherwise, I use keynote or pages.
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1 year ago, Deanoo
PPT for the Mac is great!
I love PowerPoint for Macintosh! It is easy to use and has all the features of the PC version. What is important is that, unlike the Mac versions of Word and Excel, Mac PowerPoint has almost the exact same features and short cuts as the PC version. I wish and hope that Microsoft will update Mac versions of Word and Excel to have the same features and short cuts as the PC versions. Why not make the interfaces exactly the same? Certainly Microsoft managers and programmers can do that.
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4 years ago, Trvlneagle
I absolutely love PowerPoint. My organization uses Google Slides a lot. No dispresect to Google which I also love, but when I want to impress and inspire with a vision for our organization, PowerPoint blows them away. Love the interface and the results are always spectacular. It's fairly intuitive. It did take some time, but I taught myself by just clicking around and now, don't mess with me. When my staff finds out I'm planning a PowerPoint presentatiomn, they bring the popcorn! :-)
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2 years ago, NYC BDBx
Masterful capabilities
In using the MS Powerpoint slide, MS continues to add value to MS PowerPoint capabilities. For example, by adding prictures and words to a slide, microsoft has incorporated different shapes and arrangements that bring the presentation to life. For example instead of the boring white or monchrome backgrounds. MS has added colorful borders, at least 10 or more word and picture arrangements so the information is visually appealing and draws your audiences attention. Can not wait to try this same approach with an embedded video. Thanks MS team.
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3 years ago, MAB-P
I have always loved PPT
I have used it since it frst came out.... I am a teacher. However, I am having issues and I cannot figure out or find info on how to fix them. When I make changes in my lesson on my laptop, it automatically goes to my desktop from which I actually teach my online university classes. BUT it is read only! If I want to make a change on my desktop, I cannot. That is very frustrating. Any ideas? MaryAnn
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4 years ago, Sueb8
Just a few too many layered bells and whistles
I use images and few words in my presentations. I used to access text wrap in a single click and hold. Now It's embedded into Arrange and it's just one more step that's annoying everytime I want to position or layer images. I consider that a strong set back. I also find changing text and object colors harder. If I set a color scheme, I don't understand why new shapes keep appearing in blue. That used to be an easy task and maybe I haven't had the patience to figure out what I should be doing. I just know stuff was easier to set up in the last version I used.
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12 months ago, Uncle Ed in Bangkok
Delivering whats been promised
I am a happy subscriber to Microsoft Office and use Word, Excel and PowerPoing practivally every day. It's always been reliable and when I get stuch, I go to the internet to get answers to my questions, usually how to oversome some issue. I would be in bad shape professionally withour these great tools. Keep improving on them and providing good tutorials. I'm 79 years old nect month and plan to keep using Microsoft products for as long as possible.
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3 years ago, HugeWasteTime
I cannot use this program that I pay yearly for. It asks for a padssword that it does not recognize. I cannot use it, and it is time consuming and frustrating with the message requiring a password that does not work. That message is constantly appearing and does not allow me to work on anything else until I move it to a corner of my screen. Not only annoying, but time consuming, whic impelles me touse other programs, even free, that do not give me problems and waste my time. It is the same with Word and Excel. I wish I did not have this in my computer and moreover, I wish I was not throwing away my monery paying to be anoyed and to waste my time.
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4 years ago, Deleted Work even tho I Saved
Randomly Deleted All My Work even After I saved it
it works great but one time it deleted all of my work after I saved and clicked x. Really annoying even called microsoft and after spending 50 minutes with an indian guy who barely spoke english we could not get my work back. t was probably a one time thing... a weird glitch but it got rid of three hours of my work and saving it did not prevent anything.
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3 years ago, eleuthero
Requests for review
I like PowerPoint. It would be even better if it interacted as seemlessly with watches/phones like Keynote does. I have taken off another star because it constantly asks me for a review. Everyone knows about PowerPoint. It doesn't need reviews... well, except for the poor school children being raised with Chromebooks. That might be cause for a review. Congratulations Microsoft, I have restored one of your stars just because of this sad reality. I have not taken off any stars because people usually don't know how to properly use PowerPoint.
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3 years ago, MPLARNEY
added services i dont want or need.
MS OFFICE as a subscription. I get it, the package has been staple, and you deserve to make money from it. But this onedrive thing is for the birds. I dont use it, stop defaulting to it at every turn. stop. please for the love of god. Also please figure out how to authenticate my subscription if my work is still open from before the expiration date. Office just wouldnt let me save , (subscribed service only) but also didnt know that i had already renewed my service more than 24 hours before. So this implies that OFFICE is happy to dedicate cycles to checking if my subscription is valid while i am using the program, but seems to stop once it disables me. what ? make better choices.
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2 years ago, cszostak
There appears to be a glitch when using a MAC. I create powerpoints and save often. Towards the end of my creation I receive a "read only" response and can't save under different name. It just gets stuck. :-( Also, my PowerPoint is currently locked on my main MAC (working on my MACPro). The problem is that force quit doesn't come up and when it finally does, it locks everything on my screen.
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1 month ago, Kevin May 9
Multiple Crashes and Missing Presentation Mode Functionality
On Mac, PP crashes multiple times within a given session when editing in the app via MS 365. Deleted and redownloaded the app and waiting to see if this has resolved the issue. The main frustration is a lack of presentation mode functionallity for Mac that exists when using a PC. With a PC, you can minize or adjust the size of the presenter view window which is not available with a Mac, which only allows a maximized window. It's annoying that the same program allows a function on one platform but not another.
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1 year ago, vdxfff
we have purchased this program and now it won't run. we have not used it recently, and are not super computer literate. Now the program wants us to sign in or activate a one month subscription. we want a program that doesn't have to be constantly updated to function. and the new programs to accept the old without all the new cool stuff.
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5 months ago, soblevins
annoying bugs
Constantly changes background to default (white) whether I change the background manually, using the "design" templates or using the slide master. Whenever I open the powerpoint or copy and paste a slide within the powerpoint, the preview bar on the left and the main editing window show slides that are black background in the upper left quardrant and white on the remaining three quadrants. Often jumps from slide to slide for no apparent reason when I am navigating with the mouse. This program is way to expensive to have bugs this persistent and this ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Started using in the early 90s
Changes in Powerpoint over the years
I have been using PowerPoint since 1992. It is a great program and has served me well both personally and professionally. I am disapointed however that is is not as intuitive and easy to use as it once was. I think that seems from the storage of data on the cloud requires additional steps to load save and edit documents. I find fewer people using it than I had imagined would when it first caem out. .
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1 year ago, SaveAsCopy10000
RIP Syncs from Desktop to Online
Can you please fix this Microsoft. I've lost track of the number of times I've gotten the error "We can't upload your changes right now because we can't connect to the server. We've saved them locally and will retry uploading the next time it's opened." Either enhance the online version so that I have the same options as desktop, or fix the sync issues that occur when changes are made in the desktop app. These issues make it nearly impossible for more than one person to make a change to a presentation without risking corrupting the presentation file.
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2 years ago, Herk33
Problems. when using in Zoom
I have a new 24" Apple with the M1 chip. On three succive uses of PowerPoint with the extended keyboard, it is not responsive in advancing slides with the arrow keys--part of the time. The Magic Mouse is usually responsivee, but both the arrow keys and Magidc Mouse jump ahead and back on their own. It's a steep learning curve to find. options used overt the past 25 years with the redesigned app. A better tutorial is needed. In addition, the font is changed when cutting and pasting--ver3y irritating.
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11 months ago, Internet Software Reviewer P.
Best Editing Software Ever!
I've used PowerPoint for years and what's so awesome about the app is that its not only great for making slideshows...its great in making practically everything. From making videos, logos, animations, and more, you can do anything with Microsoft PowerPoint. I highly recommend it over using Google Slideshow or any other presentation app. This is by far the best on a whole other level! :-)
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5 months ago, Liz Anderson
Designer not working
In the past, the designer would help me to redesign my simple slides to make them more effective. It no longer works, except on occasion. Also, the slide designs are still focused, it seems, on presentation done on screens instead of those viewed on phones. The fonts are often so small that they can't be read on phones. In this day and age of Zoom and remote learning, the slides should be designed to read on phones without having to make the fonts bigger on your own.
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10 months ago, Alaska-Reader907
I really like it but there are some features that could change
I love it for going over my powerpoints for college. I wish it would let me do full screen on the slides while still being able to write on it with my apple pencil. I think Goodnotes lets the user do that. Powerpoint should ad that feature. It would make the slide a lot bigger which would be with note taking. Seems like an easy feature to add.
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2 years ago, Paulosq
Complete lack of innovation
I'd give a 3.5 rate. It's the same old and reliable program. Real innovations, for instance more connected with the internet, with the owner's own data (photos, texts...), a really good Google Search bar with the same level of Google's Excellence (not the same mechanism, of course) and in line with MS Office and PowerPoint brands' equity. And no more Design Ideas, a fantastic & wonderful idea terribly, awfully executed.
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1 year ago, Sharontaylor0226
much improved
Newest version of PP is pretty good, and has come a long way. I wish there were more creative options for "smart art" that don't make it so obvious you are using smart art. I do like the design master, but it works a bit funky and I hope you keep working on this feature. If it could read what your previous designs looked like and helped you shape your completed powerpoint (from slide 1-10) that would be really cool.
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2 years ago, Rottenbones
PowerPoint - Saving
I downloaded a Company PowerPoint and put the name on it, during the process of making it my own, which is company approved, PowerPoint will not allow me to cahnge the name. Also, when I close it out it asks, "do you want to save". I click yes, try and close it out and it repeats the process, over and over. Is it saved if I closse it completely with 'NO', no-one knows because it is repeating itself. This must be a glitch with the newest update. I have not had this problem in the past.
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