Microsoft PowerPoint

4.7 (408.1K)
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Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft PowerPoint

4.72 out of 5
408.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Bornkool
It’s OK but difficult to use on the phone
I really like Microsoft products however when you’re trying to type on the small keyboards that you have with your phone. You really lose out on accuracy and sometimes because of the size of your fingers you may press the wrong button’s and so forth. However if you got the time you could probably do some productive work on an app like this but it’s not something that’s going to happen very quickly. And also sometimes some of the functions that are easier to get to on the full program seem like they’re either not on this program or hard to get to because of the number of menus that you have to go through. Nevertheless it is worth it to have this program the more programs a person has the more options they have so I do like the program overall however there is a certain curve that you have to get over.
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9 months ago, Erik Youngdahl
Ridiculous gatekeeping
Displaying my PPT on PowerPoint on my phone would save me from downloading a third-party app, so I naively thought I would open my PPT in PowerPoint instead of saving it to my device. Oh, foolish me. When I went to save the PPT from PowerPoint, after confirming it displayed okay, I was greeted with a prompt informing me that in this app, without a subscription, I cannot save a PPT to my device. So I had to close PowerPoint and open a third-party app that didn’t gatekeep basic functionality like saving a PPT you imported. What is the point of using a Microsoft service when it is going to hassle me for trying to use such basic functionality? What service cost are they incurring by me saving my own PPT onto my own device on my own network that requires me to pay them almost ten dollars a month? Why would I ever choose to pay for this software when it is so petty upfront and when there are so many other options? And what possessed me once again to use any Microsoft software knowing that I have regretted it every single time? I suppose I will never know if the premium subscription features are worth the price tag, since it looks to me like Microsoft is charging the subscription cost of an actual service with actual overhead to unlock basic features that are already in the software I’ve downloaded.
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4 years ago, Batmanxxx2013
Feels like a downgrade
I grew up with MS Office products, and I have always been a solid advocate of it. But I have to say that Power Point has been a let down so far, when it comes to using it on iPad. I have been dealing with the same problem, for several years now, reported it three times, and no has responded et alone fixed the problems/bugs: (1) On iPad Pro, converting PPT files to PDF is near impossible, when it comes to moderately sized PPT files (ie with a moderate load of images). It simply doesn’t convert. (2) Loading files that are already stored on the iPad takes forever, or is play do not reopen sometimes, and the system keeps trying and trying to open the file in what seems like forever. This problem seems to be less persistent when WiFi is turned off, but then that defies the whole point of being able to use many of the functionalities that are otherwise only available when you’re connected online. I am still a big fan/supporter, and only use Power Point for my presentation work, but I have to say that something’s got to give, eventually, f they don’t address such issues.
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2 years ago, JW 925
Firstly, I love Microsoft Window products. I purchased this brand new iPad for my class, and I needed MS Word and MS PowerPoint. I jumped on to make my first PP presentation and I figured it out. With the IPad OS even if you hover over a feature it still doesn’t tell you what it is. So, I have to tap n learn. Thankfully, I have muscle memory using windows based platforms and PP, but that is another discussion. Secondly, I made my presentation, saved it, and went to pull it up later. I saved it in OneDrive and on the IPad. No can do! Neither file would open up for me. I started hunting around the internet and this seems to be a common issue with the iPad and MS PP. Once again, both are the latest versions. So, I will use my old HP and bang out another PP and hope my six year old laptop holds out for another couple of months. Meanwhile, this latest and greatest ipad cannot support this MS platform. I know. Different software, not meant to run on iPad. Well, maybe Apple shouldn’t allow it to run, or maybe MS should fix it to RUN on Apple. I know both of these companies have employees going to work for each other. Save your money if you are thinking about MS PP for your ipad.
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4 years ago, Alphadogtucker
Missing basic functions, hard to navigate
The app has most of the formatting functions you’d expect, but what good are they if you cannot do basic editing? - To cut or copy text, you have to use a search function and type in “cut” or “copy.” But once you have text in the buffer, there’s no Paste function, not even using the search! Unlike most apps, press-and-hold only brings up a magnifying glass. - The auto zoom function has two degrees: whole page, where you cannot edit text, and zoomed in, where you can edit text but can only can see the left half or right half of the page. If the cursor is at one end of a line and you want to move the cursor to the other end of a line, you have to Zoom out and then zoom back in. - You’ll get tired of the above flaws very quickly. So I added a text editor app to create the text and then copy it into PowerPoint. Then I tore my hair out for hours, looking for a way to paste the text into PowerPoint for final formatting. If the vital cut, copy, and paste functions exist, they’re hidden better than Jimmy Hoffa’s body. - My advice: find another app unless the text in your slides is extremely simple.
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5 years ago, BassBoi1
Literally, I don’t know how I would get through high-school without PowerPoint. It’s not the best app if you don’t get the office subscription, but if you do, this app, and all of the other Microsoft powered apps, go a REALLY long way. The suggestion system for it is absolutely spot-on in getting what you really want your presentation to look like. The transitions are limited, but you can usually get by by using the same one twice. I’ve wanted to express my absolute LOVE for PowerPoint for so long, and now seemed like the right time to do it. I just wanna say thanks to Microsoft, their team, and everyone involved in making this almost flawless app!
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3 years ago, Djcomfycomf
The app constantly crashes
I’m not really someone who writes reviews, especially when the issue I’m writing about has been written before but honestly the fact that the same issue still hasn’t been resolved is frustrating. Any time I try and use the app on my iPad, it crashes. I have forced closed, deleted and re-downloaded the app, restarted my iPad, factory reset and still nothing, the app still crashes. I understand that things happen and apps wont always work the way you need them to but this is super ridiculous. I downloaded PowerPoint so that it would be easier for me to take notes during class but it may be better for me to hand write my notes given the fact that I can’t even get the app open when I need it. I don’t care for a glitter pencil especially when the app is constantly freezing and crashing when I need it. Please resolve the problems the users actually care about so that we can properly use the app. Thank you in advance.
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3 years ago, megs1019as
Can’t even use it
Recently bought a brand new iPad Air and Apple Pencil for the sole purpose of using it for school (I am a nursing student). I cannot even use this app, because whenever I open it so I can write notes onto the slides during class, it crashes. Sometimes I can’t even get as far as the app completely launching before it crashes. I have the same issue when I try to save any notes I have taken that way they aren’t totally gone, crashes before it will even save/send. I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can that I have found suggested by Microsoft and none of it solved the problem. Based off of what I’m reading, this has been an issue for several months and has gone unanswered and unresolved by Microsoft. I am just very disappointed and frustrated that I spent so much money not even two weeks ago on this iPad and Apple Pencil and cannot use it for the main reason it was purchased due to the bugs in this app. Please fix this!!
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7 years ago, Deezey311
New update is not an improvement
The new update is a huge down grade. You now get glittery pens - but functionality has been lost. I used to be able to shrink the size of the powerpoint slides and type in the note section along side - which was carried throughout the powerpoint file. Now every time I switch a slide, it is MAXIMIZED to the largest size possible - and I have to re-shrink it down again and again. Even worse, the slide can no longer be moved to the side to accommodate the note space so that you can view the slide and notes fully and simultaneously side-by-side. Not only that, but every time I minimize the application to jump on safari powerpoint restarts completely, and I lose my place in the slides. These complaints may not seem like a huge deal, but for someone who is in PA school and sits through 6 hour lectures, these are huge disappointments and annoyances. I’ve used powerpoint since I began college 6 years ago, but I will be using another app if these problems aren’t fixed soon.
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5 years ago, Phoibos
Too much flash and too little standard features
I really do like having PowerPoint (and the rest of the office suite) on my phone and my iPad. And there’s a lot I can do on them to edit a presentation. But while Microsoft keeps adding pretty things, there are very basic functions that are missing, making it sometimes impossible to use this in a work environment. My currently biggest beefs: 1. No ability to select and copy/move/delete multiple slides. A slide sorter would be nice for doing that but I’d just go with the ability to do it in the existing interface. But moving slides from one presentation to another is just too painful if you have to do it one slide at a time. 2. Missing highlighting option. Not because I can’t highlight text (would be nice but I can do without that) but because I can’t get rid of highlighting someone else put in a slide (using a different version of PowerPoint). This is absolutely annoying because there is NO workaround. There are other, smaller user interface issues, but they are annoying, not insurmountable. In general, for most purposes, this is a good app. Just beware that it is missing features that you are used to from the desktop version.
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1 year ago, Satisfied User :D
No Capability To Insert/Import of PDF
I have noticed that PowerPoint seems to restrict the user from inserting or importing a PDF into a slide. It appears that Microsoft doesn't have a way to convert a PDF to a PNG file, which can be inserted into PowerPoint. This would be very helpful for users who have to work with data sets that have been exported to PDF and need to be used in a PowerPoint. It would save time from manually adding/recreating the text and graphics from these documents. Also, if there is a better file conversion (other than PDF to PNG) that would maintain (or increase) the document’s native resolution and clarity yet still allow the user to insert the document and auto-adjust it to the PowerPoint slide’s dimensions. Please share the location of this function as I have not been able to locate it.
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3 years ago, Envioux_1
If I could give it a negative 1000 I would
In the past 3 months there has been a forum on the MS website about educators and students having difficulty writing on ppt slides because the app will crash and delete the progress. It has effected me drastically in taking away my study time and trying to find a new way to learn. I write and notate on my ppts and rely strongly for them to study so I can finish nursing school. No one from MS has responded in 2 months. They stopped responding when they couldn’t find out what was wrong and left us with the problem. FIX IT MS. This is a huge let down because it obviously isn’t compatible with the new IOS updates. Do something !!! Help us. Update 9/28: they still haven’t fixed it. They keep recycling old information to follow when the forum already said it doesn’t work. Meaning… they aren’t actually working on a solution. Use OfficeSuite instead. Thank me later.
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12 months ago, Señor Sawyer
Great, But Could Be Better
I have been using PowerPoint for almost a year now, and I have to download it get onto my iOS iPad, I started to face some issues. For one, the iOS version of PowerPoint, in my experience, seems to be a bit slow. Now, I’ve used the Mac PowerPoint before and I faced none of these problems. On iOS, it just seems to be a bit slow in my experience. And I have one more good recommendation for this app.: When I’m searching fonts on PowerPoint, it usually takes me a long time to find just the right one. I would love it if there was a search bar above, so I can search my font rather than wasting all that time to look for it myself. Those are my only recommendations :)
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6 years ago, Axnacion541
Corrupted File
I had a very important presentation to make and at the last minute there was an issue saving it and it got severely corrupted apparently. It hasn't opened since. This is such a shame and now I understand why Microsoft and Apple are so reluctant to fuse together for projects such as this. It's a complete disaster; an utter failure of the highest regard. One would expect more of not one, but two multi-billion dollar companies, allegedly attempting to (re)design a program which has already been on the market for over a decade. Seriously, it is as if a novice, trainee student from a back-alley detention center in Detroit was hired to design this app for a net sum of thirty cents. A disgrace. Additionally, some of the formats for inserted pictures actually reduce the quality of the photos themselves. This is also a problem with the PC version. I'm glad to be able to witness the headway Microsoft has made towards addressing these deficiencies. Or, perhaps lack thereof.
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6 years ago, The Biker
Glaring flaw
I use PowerPoint on my PC and iPad, with the files I edit sitting in my iCloud Drive. I rehearsed an early draft of my presentation on my iPad then spent several days working on my presentation on my PC. I then opened up PowerPoint on my iPad and it overwrote the version of my presentation saved by my PC to iCloud, without warning, with the old version I’d opened days before on my iPad. I lost several days of work due to the bizarre auto save feature. If I’d waited to put the presentation on my iPad until the morning of my presentation I would have nothing to show after it overwrote the most recent version. Why PowerPoint would auto save when there’s a more recent time stamp on the system file is beyond me. This is a fatal flaw that makes this program one star to me. Otherwise it’s a great app, but I could have lost my job due to the overwrite so its hard to recommend this app to anyone working on presentations that matter.
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6 years ago, Bdawgno1
What happened with the latest version??
My slide show keeps blurring slides and crashing after showing few slides. Up until your recent update, the app has been working perfectly on my iPad Pro (12.7 inch model). With the last update, I cannot use this app because of not only what I described above, but also the app freezes. Typically happens after swiping (with or without slide show) after 10-15 slides into the presentation. I’m running latest iOS 11 on my iPad. However, the app works fine from my iPhone X (running beta iOS 12, beta 8). Can you please fix this issue so I can rate this app 5 stars again? This is with version 2.16.1 (your latest version available). I have full Microsoft yearly membership for editing PPT, XLS, DOC files via the apps. Dear developer: feel free to email me if you need screenshots. I’ve tried this on several different slide decks from iPad. Same results unfortunately.
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6 months ago, XxMegaGay420xX
Not enough in app purchases
It’s a decent app. I tried using PowerPoint once for my ex wife’s wedding. It was a slide about the stages of early age male balding and focused on how my hairline wasn't bad enough for Lisa to divorce me. She decided to file a restraining order. I really like all the transition options between slides. My favorite is the airplane one because it reminds me of my ex wife’s face. My only critique on the app is that there isn’t a feature to help me deep fake my ex wife into some hentai. Yesterday I used PowerPoint to make a presentation on fruits that look like vaginas and my gay son walked in. I’m thinking about giving him to an orphanage so that Lisa wouldn’t have to worry about him if she started dating me again. Lisa’s neighbor just texted me that my wife’s favorite color is green so I think PowerPoint should make their logo have some green in it.
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4 years ago, PAssword@23
Arabic Language is Broken
I’m writing this based on my experience using PowerPoint on a Mac, not a mobile device. There is a serious issue with PowerPoint when you try to type in both English and Arabic in the same sentence. It is extremely common in the Middle East for someone to need to add an English word in parenthesis in the middle of an Arabic sentence. However, PowerPoint will jumble up the words and punctuation when you do this. This is a serious issue that affects more than 420 million Arabic speakers in the world. Microsoft needs to address this because PowerPoint is nearly unusable for those who need to create presentations in both English and Arabic. * What’s strange is that Microsoft Word can handle the two languages together better than PowerPoint. Although Word is not perfect either in the area.
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2 years ago, XXAAVVIIE
Lack of substance
I find the iPad version of PowerPoint a nuisance more than a helpful app for professionals and students alike. There’s no way to make sub-bullet points, no way to indent any of the text, the option to add a text box is literally at the end of the “insert” bar so it’s annoying whenever I have to add any text box (which is what you have to do the most when you’re creating a PowerPoint), there’s no way to exit from the presentation mode without having to touch the screen and the screen kind of twitches whenever I try to choose a text box to edit the text so I always end up tapping outside the box which means that I’ll have to do it all over again. Also, if your goal was to give the app a “clean and simple” look, you don’t have to literally cripple it to do that.
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8 months ago, Serenityah
What’s the Reason???
Had a PowerPoint presentation project due today. All I had to do was record my audio speaking over the slides, but guess what? This app doesn’t let you record audio in it on the iPad, you have to attach it…. But guess what again? The PowerPoint app only lets you select recorded audio from your APPLE MUSIC LIBRARY, which is impossible because apple library, since it doesn’t allow external audio (recorded audio)….. so how can one included audio on their PowerPoint presentation on an IPad? You can’t… After hours of trying to figure it out … but guess what again? the app contains a “rehearse with coach” option, which listen to you speak/present your project, but it doesn’t save any audio….. if it can have the “rehearse” option then why isn’t there any option to record and save audio in the PowerPoint app? What’s the reason? 🤔🙄😒
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7 years ago, Katyb113
Not nearly the functionality as it should have on iPad!!
I’m really disappointed by this app. First of all I have trouble working with large ppts that I’ve saved to Dropbox. I often get a notice that I “no longer have access to the file” and have to save a copy...which then doesn’t open. So sometimes I’m just screwed. This is frustrating. Further, there is no timing or recording option in the “view slide show” tab. You can’t select multiple objects at once, the lasso select tool doesn’t work for me, and it’s very hard to move around on the slide. Maybe I’m just not used to it, but it doesn’t have nearly the level of functionality as the full version on a Mac. So frustrating because I would love to edit, save, and practice my presentations on the go. This is a major reason why I bought an iPad.
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5 years ago, JustinRJackson
Paid version needs feature parity with PowerPoint Online
Right now the iOS version (even paid) is pretty weak at best. While I can review the file and look at it, only the most basic of functionality is carried over. Things like SmartArt are a constant thing I need to edit which is completely unavailable in the iOS version. What’s more, is while it is available in PPT Online, if you have the iOS version installed, trying to launch a PPT from any other program (Teams, OneDrive, even the browser) simply loads the iOS version. In order to do basic editing of even slightly more robust things like SmartArt requires me to constantly uninstall the iOS version, do my edits in the browser, then reinstall the iOS version once complete. Please get at least feature parity with the Online version.
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5 years ago, Sir Jeff of Lee
works pretty well
It works similar to editing PowerPoint in a Teams site. Much functionality is missing, but you can get the basic job done. One thing that doesn't work on the iPad, for me, is that when I select text, I no longer get the pop up menu (e.g. select, select all, copy, paste, etc) this is VERY inconvenient. I have a couple work arounds for some of those elements, but it forces me to have to jump through several steps to do a simple action. This used to work, and then on a recent app upgrade, the menu disappeared. Hope I'm not the only one and they can fix this pretty major bug.
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11 months ago, Nick-Brignola GLC
.Power Point
I have worked on ppt for many years now, and the reality is when you create a presentation from years past and now are able to update various features due to upgrades from Microsoft Office and especially Power Point, it becomes a powerful visual media for training, communication, orientation, marketing, advertising, etc. I know there are some who say they don’t color ppt presentations but I for one try and use the full color capabilities of Power Point and all the bells and whistles it has been designed with.
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6 years ago, BestAppsUser
Download too BIG!
I will no longer use Wifi - the artificial limits on download are about to make me delete your LARGE App. I have a case at Apple and of course they blame you and the carrier - the support agent agrees it is “Stupid”. I wonder why it’s okay to stream Gigs of a baseball game or a movie but downloading an app that is Broken is a NO NO. MS NOT that differentiating these days. Same for other MS apps. I like Outlook but LookOUT to be gone too. And since I own the company that buys 365 and Azure gone is a BIG gone. Tick. Tick, tick. I’m you are now aware and I can let other users know all is well in a few days or so, therefore rating will go to a deserved location. As I always say, “ when it doesn’t make sense it is about the Cents. Let’s use some common sense, and worry less about the small cents. Ready set GO! - drdave
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6 years ago, Igiveadam
Good but wish I didn’t run in to so many dead ends
60% of the time, it does what I need, but there are some basic functionalities that are just missing and it doesn’t make sense why. You can’t search or replace copy in a presentation. Forget about copying multiple slides from one presentation to another (you have to close your presentation, open the one you need slides from, copy a single slide, close that presentation, open the first again, copy it in, and then repeat that process for every slide you need to copy in! Come on!). Honestly, at some times it feels like Microsoft is just messing with Apple users. “Fine we’ll give you our software for iPads but good luck getting anything done! Should have bought a surface!”
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3 years ago, kend2110
My issues started about a week ago with what I bet is the newest iOS update. But from a forum post I found fromJune 2021, many other have been having this issue for much longer with little to no response from Microsoft. I’ve submitted three tickets (one of which, the employee had me on hold for over 2 hours, with no check-ins to tell me how anything is going) and done the suggested basic troubleshooting on the forum post, with no improvement. I cannot get PPT to stay open for more than 10 seconds on my school iPad to be able to do literally anything on it. My school also isn’t able to do anything with it because it’s a Microsoft app. So I’m stuck here and not even able to view or take notes for any of my classes because no one is responding.
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10 months ago, CTS is God's little girl
Best presentation app ever!
I just have to say that this makes doing presentations so much more easier especially when you’re in 6th grade! And it is definitely helpful when making party invitations! So I just wanted to give a 5 star review to this amazing app! And whoever reads my review please come visit my church in North Richland Hills. The church’s name is Adamant Believers Council. Please visit! And if you re in torment our pastor, G. Craig Lewis, will deliver you! I hope you are saved and redeemed by the love and power of Christ! Thank you for reading! Your friend, anonymous.😉
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7 years ago, Beveerrrrrllllyyyy
New update is subpar
I used to love this app when I’m taking notes on my IPad. However, its slowing me down and annoying me. Here’s why: 1. Whenever I try to type something in the notes section, the slide doesnt resize anymore to fit the screen with the section open. Even if I try to minimize the slide, you can’t move it to the side to keep the whole thing in view. 2. The names of my presentations are disappearing! For example, I’ll have a presentation that I named “Ch. 14 Cardiac Assessment.” Now it’ll only show me “Ch. 14.” I’m getting confused in trying to open the correct presentation! 3. When I try to save my presentation from one drive to another, it’ll save the presentations in both drives instead of just transferring it to another. I don’t know if that bothers anyone else, but it bothers me. PLEASE FIX THIS WITH A NEW UPDATE. OR JUST BRING BACK THE PREVIOUS UPDATE!
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6 years ago, Icosace1022
Save a copy
Someone is currently editing this review. To edit this review please save a copy. Yeah, I’m playing with you. But seriously, every time I close a document and then open it later I see the description above, yet with the word ”document“ instead of ”review.“ And often it doesn’t even have to be later, it could be a few minutes after closing it. I’m not going to create five or ten copies of my work all around my files because you guys have a glitch in your save/autosave mechanism. Tell me how I am going to get done my presentations for my college courses!? This is actually important! I know it’s not all about me, but fixing this glitch could help everybody with the same issues and more. Thanks for reading, but I can’t fully thank Microsoft, Apple, whoever is in control of this app, etc. until this is fixed.
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2 years ago, Mafquackin
After taking a full class’-worth of notes in my O-Chem class on my iPad Pro, it crashed and deleted all of it. I restarted taking them, frantically trying to catch back up while still listening; it did it an additional 2x and it would still not save my work. It did this last semester sometimes, but it has somehow gotten worse because it’s now happening every time I use it. I updated both my iPad as well as the PPTX app. I am going to stop using this app if it’s not fixed, just have to find some other alternative I guess because this is absolutely maddening. Happy to improve my review if it is addressed because it has the potential to be perfect for my needs, but until then, the 1 star is just because 0 was not an option…
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3 years ago, Badgerhound84
not 100% like the computer
So on my iPad Pro, this is still not 100% like using a computer for my powerpoints. I'm a teacher, and I prefer to have my slides set to 8.5" x 11" so that way, when I print them out for student handouts, they are perfectly formatted. However, the only 2 options here are "Standard" 4:3 and "Widescreen" 16:9. Although I can change the slide size on my computer, and it retains its format when opening on the iOS app, it still is obnoxious to have to go through that step rather than just completely edit on my iPad without using a different device prior.
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3 years ago, reens_castle
Definitely a downgrade
I love Microsoft Office, I truly do. When I purchased this app I thought it would have the same features I get when I am using a PC. I was mistaken. I am limited to how I can edit, and even when I download templates from the actual site since I have a subscription, there are so many hurdles, you can’t directly paste into what has been formatted, you have a limited amount of edits that can be done to a picture, just very basic features that are not in this app. This app is disappointing. SOLUTIONS MICROSOFT PPT! 1. Ensure editing features that are widely used on PPT on a PC or MAC can be accessible in this app. This includes but is not limited to: Copying and Pasting buttons, Format buttons, allowing pictures to be pasted into shapes, if you have a template available for those who have a subscription TEST THE BLOODY THING OUT ON AN IPAD AND SEE IF ITS EASY TO USE AND FORMAT FOR GOODNESS SAKE, don’t just provide a design idea for when a picture is inserted this should be a feature for the entire slide, DELETE MEANS DELETE (I can’t tell you how many glitches I have had with this app).
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6 years ago, Shiloh Graves
Mostly good, room for improvement
This app is mostly good, but I have encountered an error when taking notes in presentation mode. Sometimes I the ability to swipe between slides goes away and every stroke I make to attempt to do so just puts ink on the slide. It often takes many attempts to get the functionality bar to drop down from the top so that I can exit and re-enter presentation mode, which then usually fixes the problem for a time. In general, I think Microsoft could improve the functionality of the PowerPoint app to include the features of OneNote within a ppt presentation format and do away with one note altogether, thus eliminating the need to export ppts into one note.
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3 years ago, Red Grange
Average but better than most MS mediocrity
I never expect much from Microsoft, after 30 years of suffering with buggy, poor performing products but this is a bit better than most. I still prefer Keynote for major presentations (especially video and media intensive presentations), but some people are still stuck with Windows OS and I usually save to PPT for them. PPT on iPhone is ok and if not for MS being so obsessed with login minutiae (a less than 50% chance of getting past logging in challenges that plagues MS apps), I would rate higher. Not as bug-free as Apple software, but a little better than typical MS software that is unsupported and buggy.
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7 years ago, dougsmith1977
Useful Teaching Aid
I’m using Powerpoint mobile to record teaching screencasts and find it very useful. ONE SUGGESTION: Could you add different colored pens and highlighters directly to the quick access bar at the top in presentation mode? When I tap to change color, that appears on my screen. If it were simply in the bar at the top and didn’t drop down, then I could simply crop that part of the video before I post it. I’m guessing there are others who would be interested in a similar feature. Thanks!
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5 years ago, _willknight
Issues with saving to iPad in most recent update
There’s a bug with the new update. When trying to save items to my iPad, I have to save the item, close out the app as the app freezes, re-open the app, save the item again in which the option to replace the item comes up since it’s already been saved as a zero kb empty item, and when I replace it this seems to bypass the glitch. It’s been like this for weeks. Figured it would have been fixed by now. I didn’t have this issue prior to this update. Not the end of the world, but very annoying for a grad student who has new PowerPoint lectures to save each day.
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11 months ago, TaylorMHarper
Update ruined it
For whatever reason, when I updated the app on my iPad, it took away the ability to print multiple slides per page in the format that I have been for the last 4 years of my schooling. I have been exporting the PDF of it once I have it 6 slides per page in portrait mode into good notes to take notes for years. Now the only option is to cram all the slides together on one page with no space in between as if they’re one big photo. It’s horrible for note taking and I hate it. Also, the app is suddenly ridiculously slow to create print previews and open slide shows. This is isn’t an update. It’s a downgrade horrible enough to make me want to delete the app.
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4 years ago, mp619
Excellent app for iPad Pro, slightly buggy
This is an excellent and essential app for all students. It allows me to write on slides as I am following along to the lecture in class. The only downside for me is that with heavy usage of this app (I am probably on it 8+ hours a day), the app shuts itself down when trying to open a new presentation. This forces me to have to delete and redownload the app, almost every other day. Until that issue is fixed, I am leaving my review at 4 stars.
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6 years ago, 1970Pattie
PowerPoint on my iPad
I have recently retired and begun using an iPad, wanting to untether from a home computer. I purchased a PowerPoint and 360 subscription for my iPad. I was able to easily create a nice slide presentation including diagrams and photos, so I rate that aspect 5 stars. I haven’t found a way to convert my slides to a handout with 4 or 6 slides to a page, and haven’t gotten an answer from Help, so no stars for that. Overall, I like the program, and hope I can find all the functions I want on it.
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5 years ago, WFPB eye doc
OneDrive Rocks!
I actively use five devices, and four are portable. Four from Apple, the fifth is a Windows device. Being able to grab any device at any time and add a new thought to a presentation is quite the luxury, and previously many of those transient thoughts were lost. Navigating the iPad versions was a bit of a puzzle but I finally found all the functionality that I had learned how to use on my big computers. Having it is easy to edit and share presentations saves a lot of pre-presentation stress. Philip Paden WFPB eye doc
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3 years ago, Mommazoo1234
I teach history and use this PowerPoint app constantly! It allows me to work on my presentations even away from my computer. There are a couple of little quirks I haven’t figured out yet and seem to be easier on the computer, but I tend to just go on my computer after the presentation is mostly complete and fix those couple of things then. But for the most part I absolutely love this app and it’s made my life soooo much easier!!!
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7 years ago, olliebeaners
Updates needed
Please improve the UI of saving documents to places other than Microsoft OneDrive. I understand you want to encourage usage, but there needs to be better options for other cloud saving and local saving options that are more immediately accessible. MORE IMPORTANTLY, there is a serious issue when using PowerPoint with a Bluetooth keyboard and my iPad Pro 10.5 inch where the text input lags almost a full two seconds!! This is a PowerPoint only issue, as the text input delay is not present anywhere else in the system, and even not a factor of a demanding program because non-PowerPoint commands, such as multitasking or volume control respond immediately when using PowerPoint. It makes PowerPoint almost unbearable.
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1 month ago,
Really buggy and lacks desktop features
I am not sure if it is PowerPoint or iOS, but I have been trying to use PowerPoint on my iPad for a few months now, and it is really buggy. Suddenly, shapes can have their sizes changed without a restart, or text does not show up, etc…. Additionally, features related to text alignment and shortcuts that are present on the apple desktop version don’t work on iPad. I have updated both iOS and PowerPoint. I really want to like this, and I still use it despite the bugs, but it seems very buggy compared to other iPad apps and compared to the Mac desktop version.
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8 months ago, Tim D'Annecy
Difficult to use on iPad
This app is very frustrating to use on an iPad with a full keyboard. Text editing doesn’t respond like you would expect—navigating through text using arrow keys and the Cmd/Option keys, formatting and resizing text and objects, working in the slide interface, adding animations, etc. are all very frustrating to use. There seems to be a full second delay when you click anywhere and I always seem to click multiple times on the same thing just to make it feel responsive. Very different experience from the desktop app and I really hate using this version.
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3 years ago, Cash1129
Several issues, please fix
Two very annoying issues, please look into this. All of the Microsoft apps have the same problem. 1- They add random lines across the document when you’re using “draw” mode (Apple Pencil) to take notes just from the heat of the pencil, this happens when my pencil is not even touching the document but placed above it right before I draw the next letter or word. (This occurs when I have “draw with touch” turned off) 2- then size of the “pen” changes randomly for no reason. Making some words or full sentences bold and then goes back to the normal pencil size. Specific to PowerPoint: when I am writing notes using Apple Pencil on top of the notes/slides that I downloaded for school, it constantly selects the text boxes and moves them around at the slightest touch. I want to be able to just take notes on top of slides. I don’t like doing so in presenter mode because you can’t change the size of the font and everything comes out as extremely bold handwriting. There’s also not undo button in presenter mode. Please fix these issues
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6 years ago, Pdx_biker9
Another Numbingly Lame App by MS
I have to use office 365 at work and was told oneDrive was great to use since I could edit my files on personal devices while out of the office. Well I’m on vacation and need to send out a report. Got onto onedrive - clugey file structure but worked. I opened the file in ppt to make a few small changes and ... impossible. The app won’t let me make a simple edit to an html text on a page. When I exit it saves my mistakes without asking, so now I’ve screwed up my file. I can’t make a SIMPLE change to my ppt to get my report out. I’ll stick with vpn and a full sized computer or convert the entire thing to IOS files and edit with apple’s stuff next time. Another waste of time trying to get MS software to work.
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6 years ago, LostSalez
Please Update ASAP
I have been using the same two 50-75 slide presentations daily for 2 years with minimal issues. Since update 2.16.2 crashes occur half way into every presentation. The crash occurs on different slides every time. When crash occurs I can only describe it as the slide turns into the equivalent of old school UHF TV fuz ...only instead of black and white the pixelation is colored. All slides remain this way until app is closed out. I updated to the latest version of iOS and deleted and reinstalled App and all presentations to no avail. I deeply regret having updates to app download automatically, as past versions worked adequately for my limited needs. If Microsoft cannot play nice with Apple please just pull Apps form the marketplace.
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6 years ago, Mdonat1105
Great concept but unreliable
Was very excited initially about the potential of using PowerPoint on my iPad. I do lots of presentations and it’s not always convenient to use a laptop. So I was hoping this would be the ideal solution. Unfortunately, it’s not very stable. I have attempted to use it about 20 times on my iPad and almost every presentation I’ve done it randomly closes on its own. In addition there are many times I work on the presentation on my desktop and those changes do not always populate on my iPad through the use of Dropbox. I thought initially maybe it was dropbox but none of the other the information that I’ve access that way has been an issue. Hopefully they will work these bugs out.
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7 years ago, donovan1983
A bit quirky with Dropbox, buggy PDF export
I use PowerPoint primarily to convert my professors’ PowerPoint lectures into PDF and it used to work adequately for that. It often took multiple tries because for some reason the app would just not be able to upload the exported file to Dropbox and would not give any warnings that it failed, instead leaving a zero-byte PDF in Dropbox. When it did work, the PDFs were the same as what the Windows desktop version produced. In the most recent update, however, exported PDFs have a box drawn in the upper-left corner of every single slide that is not in the original file. The desktop version doesn’t do this and neither does Apple’s Keynote iOS app. This breaks my only real use for this app.
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