Microsoft SharePoint

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Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft SharePoint

4.61 out of 5
114.4K Ratings
2 years ago, matthewshaneredhawk13
App keeps logging me out
Hello , Everytime I close the phone or minimize the all on my phone it makes me log back in everytime now . I have a iPhone 12 Pro Max and it use to never make me log in now every time I want to use SharePoint on my phone it makes me log into the app . I have restarted my phone and everything . Looks like the app needs to update but shows no update available on SharePoint for my phone . Any suggestions or help with this would be greatly appreciated as I use it a lot
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3 months ago, Analog4ever
Over engineering/google wannabe
For people that work in the field and are not up to date with all the new ways to upload or “share” one would think an app with the word share in the title would be the easiest thing to do! But instead your design team is disconnected from the world outside of the cubicle they live in… stop trying to be something you are not and get back to the basics. No one wants another social media platform to deal with! Just make something simple and to the point, dare to be original for a change… you do realize the last people who didn’t have cell phones and computers in every house is starting to be the ones in charge of the world, think like they do and how much simpler things where for them 30-40 years ago. Also which ever one of you intelligent idiots design a system that you can use the keyboard on your iPads that will scroll up as you type so you don’t have to close the keyboard to see what you have typed. Thanks!
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1 week ago, OliverClark
Unusable - illogical and cumbersome
This app is poorly made which results in a cumbersome user experience. In order to login to an institutional account, the app crashed twice and required reset to allow logging in. It took an average user in our company 15min. After login, in order to access the homepage of our SharePoint site, it takes 4 clicks. (Frequent sites - our page - navigation bar - home). It would be far better if it included an option to set a home page that the app opens to, or allows you to list your preferred sites. It does neither. Lastly, once you’re on the SharePoint website page, it has less functionality than in a browser. It doesn’t have back buttons, doesn’t have search, doesn’t allow easy downloading or viewing of files. The navigation bar sometimes crashes and the app occasionally requires restarting. It’s such a shame because this app never had to be this bad. Seeing this terrible functionality, our company decided to use an iPhone iOS shortcut to open our SharePoint page in the safari browser. It works great and has none of the problems above. It’s my hope that in the future, SharePoint can improve this app to remove the above errors and elevate the functionality beyond what can be done in safari or a regular browser.
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6 years ago, Gilamath
This is barely an app
When I want to access most things I use SharePoint for, rather than give me anything like a mobile experience, this app just serves as a sort of browser to show me a poorly optimized site. This would be okay, but the issue is that the site itself is hard to navigate and downright clunky. I’ll try to tap a button and suddenly the keyboard pops up on its own and I’m typing invisible letters when I was trying to click on a drop-down menu. Very odd, makes the whole app frustrating to use. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Microsoft’s app ui, but at least it’s functional and not too buggy. Please devote some more attention to this potentially very useful app! Make it easier to navigate, and easier to find things I’m looking for. Maybe add a first-time user tutorial like most similar apps do. At the very least, make the app an app, not a proxy for websites!
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6 years ago, Heck No!!!
Finally!!! 👏🏾🙌🏾_but needs more.
Update 1: I now use the sharepoint app as a viewer. I enjoy the recent update of being able to create folders. It is about time. Can we also get more editing features for our sites instead of going through the browser?? This will truly make the app better. It is about time the Sharepoint team made the app useful. It made absolutely no sense with what they had before. Needing two apps just to use one partially? Seriously whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired. You should have always been able to view files within the native app. Again, now you can use the app. It would be great if they added editing features to the app. Do that and this app will become what it should have been all this time.
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7 years ago, coloITguy
Needs work
The mobile app for Sharepoint is missing some very basic functionality. First, it doesn’t work as a stand-alone app: it always wants to open OneDrive for Business to view a file. Why? Why do I have to install two apps just to view a document in the Sharepoint app? The other major missing part is the ability to handle document library views. We build views to filter as well as to streamline navigation. But the app doesn’t show you views and display document libraries with all of their columns/metadata. It just shows you a “pile” of documents and doesn’t look like the same view you see in the web version. While I expect some differences, the tablet apps should be very similar to the web experience. Hoping that Microsoft makes viewing document libraries better very soon. And eliminates OneDrive for Business as a part of viewing and navigating.
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4 years ago, ThomasS 94
It was ok, now it’s a problem
We’ve been using SharePoint to track COVID symptom reports and for managers to monitor their team’s submissions. Unfortunately the latest update to the app has broken the use of views when lists are accessed through a link. If a link to a filtered view is used, it will only show the master view (even after I disabled mobile access for it) with no navigation bar to change the view. We found that uninstalling the app and opening links through Safari works fine. These kinds of inconsistencies have always existed but now it is critical that the process work for our organization’s health and safety. It’s not a good day when the mobile browser version of a product is better than the app.
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6 years ago, hoytraptor
I Want to Love Office 365!
It’s almost like the Microsoft engineers push out O365 updates and go back to using Google around the office. Straight down the line Microsoft is making enough progress to keep us hanging on, but more often than not the apps are clunky, the functionality is slow, unstable, and ill conceived. This app really doesn’t do anything to add Sharepoint features for iOS. Some with Team, Planner, and OneDrive (although that is the best by a long shot). Microsoft should hire someone that is an expert in Evernote that knows all the ways that app is lighter, faster, and more functional than OneNote on every platform. Please, make these apps work for users that want you to succeed. We’re invested in Microsoft, we’re support these tools around the office, and they’re either too illogical for beginners or too clunky for advanced users.
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2 years ago, Mike garrison
Returns to home
I like the fact I can access everything on my phone in an organized and easy to follow manner. However, any time you hit the back button or something seems to go wrong (happens more than you’d think). It sends you all the way back to home page. Which is an issue when I’ve been going through lots of folders within folders. My worst gripe is how I can’t successfully upload files from my phone. I have a 13 pro so I am doubtful that my phone is the issue. I’ll add a photo to a folder and it just sends me back to the Home Screen without even uploading the picture.
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4 years ago, Jared010101010
Multiple account issues
I had to remove my personal account (personal domain, using office 365 small business web only version to host email) from the device because it would keep asking me to log in and interfering with my work Office 365 enterprise account. The app works well if you have only one account, and maybe if you have multiple enterprise accounts it could be ok too.
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3 years ago, Hoochalaffa The Great
Use Edge Instead
In a lot of cases, everything that can be done from a web browser can’t be done in an app. I’d at least like to see parity to the mobile web browser experience within sharepoint and then something to make the app appealing. At this time, the app doesn’t serve anything that a mobile web browser doesn’t already do better. Sharepoint as a product has been great, just this mobile app doesn’t seem to bring much to the table that can’t be done better from Safari or another mobile browser. I basically use the app to avoid logging in with MFA. From edge, if you browse Sharepoint with the desktop version, you get a lot of the posting and editing power you normally get on desktop on a web browser.
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3 years ago, karmic02
Too many bugs
Update: was able to reinstall the app today but still being kicked out on the sign in page like other users are reporting. Please please fix this. — The SP app has been unstable at best, but since the recent “update” it has gotten even worse. For a few weeks I have not been able to log into my company O365 account. Recently I tried deleting the app to reinstall it and even thought it disappeared from my iPad, when I come to the App Store to reinstall it again it still shows as on my iPad. I don’t have the option to download, only to “open”. Please fix this app, so many of us rely on SharePoint for everyday work.
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6 months ago, HDultrarider
SharePoint is so versatile, that’s why it’s great and everyone is using it throughout our organization. The search function needs to improvement so you can further define specifics to find exactly what you want, without have to go through many pages of results.
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4 years ago, RahulMoh
Deep Linking option through a web clip
Team any update on this? Should I be able to use the url schema ms-SharePoint:// for deep linking to pages? Overall my experience with the app has been awesome. But every time we had to do the search and find the site. Is there any way I could deep link the direct site to open in the app through a web clip or clicking through the direct email link of the site? If yes that could possibly avoid some additional clicks... please let me know if it’s doable?
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6 years ago, Mr Jaam
Epic fail last 2 updates
I’m an electrician and I use my iPad the update cads that my company uses to wire houses. Just over the last two days of updates all of the things I was using to make changes are gone. Is there any way you guys can fix this. You asked for more information. Before the update there was tab that would drop down and I would pick the pen thing and that would drop down a list of things I could to my cad, like installing text or I could write on the cad like a pen. This is now gone after the update. It’s putting me in a real bind right now as I’m in the middle of 3 projects that needs this program. Can you guys please fix this.
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5 months ago, Annaoxie Horse
There are so many great things about SharePoint, but I am constantly unable to navigate to the files I need in the app. It is beyond frustrating. The entire point of several companies I work with setting this up was to be able to access files remotely, and repeatedly, this function has alluded many of us. Recent files is not enough, it is difficult to navigate to older files. Also, at times it is difficult to navigate between profiles. I suppose on the whole 1 star rating is harsh, but this app has failed me time and time again.
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3 years ago, DragonsWing
Works well on mobile
It has been some times since I used The sharepoint mobile app but so far this version seems to flow and work very well. My only suggestion so far is that when I need to upload several files to something like a calendar event, it would be nice if you could select multiple files to upload instead of having to do it one at a time.
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2 years ago, luneknight42
Account issues
Ever since the update a few months ago, the app is somehow tied to an old work account I don’t use. I’ve been unable to sign in via the correct work account no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall. I’m unsure how to unlink the attribution between my phone and the obsolete account. I use the app on my iPad and love it. My work integrates heavily with sharepoint to include a calendar we all work from. The ability to pull the calendar up on a native app is much more convenient than logging in to the browser. I just don’t know how to fix accessibility on my phone. Additionally, the app view of the calendar list is pretty vanilla. Being able to view all the color overlays like the browser would improve the experience a lot. As is-it serves the need to make accessing the information quickly and reliably.
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6 years ago, 0987654321234567890987654321
Pretty good, but still some kinks to be worked out...
I use this SharePoint extensively to manage a series of community sites that I run for clients. Unfortunately, while the site works perfectly through a browser, the comments section at the bottom of my sites cannot be seen through the mobile app. Until that’s fixed, I can’t recommend my clients use the mobile app, which seems like a missed opportunity.
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3 years ago, Digghappy
Pointless on iPhone
Yay an update! Maybe this will fix the utter crap calendar view! Nope, still a mostly worthless app. One of the worst apps for productivity; calendars are especially uncooperative. Doesn’t open any calendar on my phone. Tried the website and it’s just as bad. The only way to properly see a calendar is to use a computer. If my work didn’t use Microsoft, I would ditch this app and never return. I have no idea how Microsoft stays in business when they pump out such unfriendly rubbish. Not a fan of Google but it’s miles better than this software and it’s free.
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5 years ago, Shacker
Just like everything Microsoft, it doesn’t work. [WORKS NOW]
** Updated ** Well, Microsoft responded to this review and kudos to them for doing so. They promised a fix in an upcoming release and again - they stuck to their word. The issue is resolved now and I’m upping this back up to four stars. Thanks for listening, Microsoft :-) ***** So, at some point in time, there was an update to this application and now the keyboard won’t pop up when trying to do a search on a share point site. This basically breaks the entire app and defeats the point of it. It doesn’t work on iPad or iPhone with iOS 13. I get that Microsoft isn’t crazy about Apple or iOS but then why not just pull all applications off of the App Store instead of creating junk like this?
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5 years ago, Jcrocksmysocks
Weber on the rise
Weber has really been trying to improve in all aspects. It takes time and patience is key but I know they are on the right track. I started in 2015 and since then it has changed every year a little for the better. I appreciate this and I hope to stay with the company for many more years.
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5 years ago, zzamuluss
Pretty, but ultimately useless.
On the surface it’s a clean, attractive looking piece of UI design but has little to no actual interactive features. It’s not possible to upload files, nor view them from the app. It’s a glorified file index. It leans heavily on other apps for basic functionality and beyond the first screen of each tab the interface is so badly laid out that half the time I can’t tell where I am or how I got there, or how to get back without quitting. Make this what it should be: a file manager and viewer. OneDrive with advanced file handing tools and an intranet browser.
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6 years ago, Thomas_Praxis
Pages don’t display
My experience is that when I open a site in the SharePoint mobile app, publishing pages do not appear for some sites but they do on others. After comparing the differences between sites that do and don’t, it appears to me that the common thread is that if a site has sub sites, then pages do not appear. If the site does not have sub sites, then the pages do appear. It’s frustrating because we have spent time building responsive mobile friendly pages that work great in a web browser, but they aren’t available in the mobile app.
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5 years ago, BDBDBD
Can't access calendars
The SharePoint and related Outlook apps are decent means of accessing information in SharePoint. However, the absolute refusal of Microsoft to allow IOS apps to view SharePoint calendars makes the Office 365 for Business process useless in my opinion. SharePoint group calendars are a vital part of making SharePoint useful to most organizations, yet there is no way to view those calendars on an IOS device. I contacted Microsoft Business Support a few months ago and was told, after five days of back and forth, that this is "by design". Really? The concept is great and for viewing basic information in the news feed or most files, the App works relatively well. But c'mon Microsoft - in 2019 I should be able to use a group calendar on all my devices!
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2 years ago, jmisci
App is unusable for uploading stuff
I’m not a boomer who has no idea how to use technology—I’m pretty good at navigating directories and googling my way out of programming problems, but after 20 minutes struggling to upload a file with a clunky interface for iOS, I’ve given up. I’m almost convinced it’s because Microsoft wants to punish users with iPhones (or that Apple wants to make it unbearably hard for Microsoft to design their ecosystem on iOS), but regardless this is ridiculous. Back to emailing to myself and uploading on a computer.
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5 years ago, askthecableguy
This application does not function I’ve entered in all of the data that is needed and I’m constantly getting the message stating “something went wrong.” The share point link works because I’m using it in a browser but I’m not able to use it with the application.
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4 years ago, Miss_Abled.
Microsoft = No Support + MANY compromised account issues
I lost my pricey Office 365+++ highest tier account along with at least five other paid for accounts. No support number. When I call customer support could care less. Stolen domain(s) and accounts. Loss of important and private information. Not okay. Email support is ridiculous, it is NOT the 1990’s. Whom can I contact in the USA via phone who speaks fluent English to help? Guessing nobody. Thanks to whomever took the very little bit of money I had and continues to abuse their personal gains. No excuses. Microsoft = No Support + MANY compromised account issues
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6 years ago, Mac OS X 10.9 user
Latest update broke Home functionality
Update: the team fixed the issue and now the home link works! Back to enjoying the functionality and on-the-go access to our team site and documents.
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2 years ago, bernbarn
Slow and clunky. Moving files within SharePoint is painful
Screens are inflexible. Especially when moving files from one folder to another. Also I transfer a file and often times it hasn’t updated to allow others to see it for a half hour! This may be a server fault not the program
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5 years ago, writergirlx22
Perfectly unusable
Awful. I cannot browse files that have been shared to me, they have to have been saved. I’m not going to save literally 100s of files individually. Not only that, but when I go to sharepoint on my computer, there’s no way to “save” the files that have been shared to me! I can only see the files in my “recents”, and again, I’m dealing with 100s of files, of which I do not use all of them on a daily basis. Did any thought go into this, or was it just thrown together without much consideration of usability?
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6 years ago, Enoch S
Good idea, but BETA experience
I like where your going with it but it seems like it’s totally incomplete and duct taped together.. it’s sort of ghetto when another browser style window pops up on top of the “app” in order to view the home page... it’s not something I’m proud to implement at our company.. why not just use the browser at that point.. if you make an app, make it app quality and standalone..
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2 years ago, Brent Hawthorne
SharePoint app needs to go away
Come on, SharePoint team. Either have the app present the sites as designed, lists, libraries and all, or just kill the app in favor of the browser. Why won’t it present a document library as the views are designed? All these years, and we can’t get a consistent experience out of the app, then it should just go away. If I could block our users from downloading this, I would.
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3 years ago, Aaron Duren
Redirects you to website for upload or download
You know how it’s called SharePoint and it’s for sharing files? Seems like I’m adding a step by opening this app that only redirects me to the website to download the actual files. This becomes an actual app when that ability is added, until then I’ll just be going straight to the website like before.
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6 years ago, OJMolinar
A Communication Binder in the palm of your hand
Back in the day companies had communication binders and File cabinets fax machines to send you a copy if you misplaced a form and you were screwed if you had a deadline and the office was closed. This stores and shares and keeps your company communications policies and procedures in one place 24/7
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5 years ago, SQ1 Group
Professional look even for small companies
SharePoint has been a great experience for our small organization. Very intuitive: in just a few hours our company had a hub for news, documents and cool widgets with market data. Recommend!!
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4 years ago, podcaster!
Cannot log into sharepoint!!
I was able to log into my sharepoint server but now it continuously asks me for credentials for other accounts that are no longer active. I am able to log into the sharepoint using my main account, but it quickly takes me back to the sign in page and it still remembers my old account which prevents me from accessing my site. How can I remove old accounts so it doesn’t do this?
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6 years ago, LovebUgfg
Awesome app!
The glue that keeps Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and Delve together - makes entire 365 suite feel like a seamlessly integrated platform. Documents mount with brilliant resolution taking full advantage of iPhoneX+ screen capability. If you use other 365 apps that link to documents stored in SharePoint then you should absolutely get this App.
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4 years ago, Micho21
Wish it was more reliable.
Too many bugs, too many unnecessary error messages. I have to go back out and log in. I pay month for Office365 Business Premium and GoogleDrive or iCloud just works better. I'll say this one last and final time Microsoft; stop worrying so much about changes and new office apps. Make the stuff you already have work better and more user friendly. Again, this is the LAST TIME I WILL TELL YOU.
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2 years ago, HealthyMe!
Easy to navigate
Sharepoint is an easy, fast, accurate resource for information. The pages load quickly and the links are well mapped out. No issues here, love the app!
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6 years ago, Who went first??
App Search Feature
Hello, I love the app- my only complain is hat I can not use the searchable feature in he top right via the app nor safari. It works well on desktop but the mobile versions don’t even allow me to type in anything to search which is critical for my use. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Munge plum
Could not the content
When I was trying to see file in each group. “Something went wrong” notification appears all the time
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5 years ago, Bearcreekmom
Can't save files to SharePoint folders
I can't believe more people don't see this as a serious flaw. One of the main features of SharePoint is supposed to be document accessibility, but you can't save through the SharePoint app to a connected folder. The same applies to the Teams and OneDrive apps. So NOTHING in Microsoft's stable of general accessibility apps can put files in a business folder. Doesn't anyone else see a problem with this?
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6 years ago, Lorbrow7635
Horrible App.
The app itself constantly freezes and then reloads which takes me back to the group page. Anything I try to click on won’t load either. In fact I don’t get as much as a buffering bar. It will keep the document or link highlighted but no change to take me to the document. I have to be honest, I’m not too overly surprised considering it’s Microsoft. Their stuff NEVER works. I wish my company would use Apple instead so we could be more productive.
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6 years ago, shairpointfailure5
Worst experience yet
I’m not understanding the high reviews for this junk app. We have E3 licensing through Microsoft, which includes using SharePoint online. The site works fine through a PC or mobile web browser. However, using the app is a terrible experience. We literally can’t do anything other than view a document list. Opening and downloading documents fails. Seriously, MS if your OneDrive and sharepoint apps want to beat out Dropbox, they need to be functional
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2 years ago, DeBoeCu
Sign in issues
Had to delete my app and re-install due to password issues a couple of months ago. Ever since, I have to sign in EVERY time. It doesn’t matter if I just minimize (while app is still open) and pull up another app or if I time out. It is EXTREMELY aggravating and time consuming. Support gives the same standard answers and doesn’t seem to be concerned how it is affecting users.
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2 years ago, Nick Wollman
Lackluster iOS app
As I’ve commented before on other Microsoft apps, the amount of features and buttons and whistles that are missing from the iOS apps are mind-boggling. They crippling the entire iOS experience, which for some business users is the only way that they will use Microsoft apps. On iOS. So please start updating all your apps and start putting all of the web portal features on to the apps.
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6 years ago, aserna nyc
Needs streamlined conversations integration
My only issues are that SharePoint app doesn’t support classic Yammer! Feeds and there is no way to click through to open the Yammer! App to get to those feeds... while is does support the new Yammer! Feed, it doesn’t let you directly comment in the Sharepoint app- instead it automatically opens your Yammer! App for comments.
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6 years ago, CStrab
Better than the desktop version
When I’ve got data cleanup to do, the iPad app saves me time- more responsive than the desktop version -easier to visually scan for needed updates.
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4 years ago, babymnm
Very Handy
I love how I can access work stuff from this app! My only issue is I can open it once to get into everything and then any time after that I need to delete the app and reload it. I go to open it then it shuts right back down. I am baffled. It’s becoming a pain to delete and reload all the time!
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