Microsoft Solitaire Collection

4.7 (208.8K)
125.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Solitaire Collection

4.72 out of 5
208.8K Ratings
2 years ago, RedstonewolfX
App is a jerk about its subscription
This app intentionally irritates you if you disconnect from the internet to avoid ads. I know they are doing it because a friend of mine who has the No Ads subscription doesn’t have this issue. Sit back, relax, and enjoy how annoying this game can be: - Opening the app for the first time each day prompts you to buy a themes update, telling you that if you don’t get it, your theme will be stuck at Classic. If you open themes (downloading the theme update if you declined earlier), you need to download new content (different from the content I discuss next) to actually get your themes back. Not sure why they don’t just keep the themes saved in the app’s Storage and Data that the phone storage can show you. - When you open the app for the first time that day, deal with the above prompt, wait for the load, and get into the app, the side menu prompts you for more useless update content. - Want to use Star Club, Events, or Daily Challenge? You need internet, obviously. The kicker? Daily Challenges doesn’t get retained in your device either. If you turn the connection off while in daily challenges, it boots you. - Fortunately, the Awards and Statistics sections are available at all times, so after being told they’re not available, you can see your statistics, view your awards, and if you’re connected to the internet, you can see achievements for the games you played while connected to the internet.
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3 years ago, tricera_bottom
Generally great app, only issue is that quite a few star club games are glitchy
EDIT: I’m an idiot and these games are 4 suit. I wasn’t paying attention and the games didn’t label them as 4 suit so I didn’t realize. Disregard. A weird number of Spider Solitaire games in the star club packs are consistently glitchy in a very specific way I haven’t seen in any daily challenge, event, or regular games. The cards just don’t act right—random cards will not act like they belong to any suit, so while you have a red 3 on a red 4, for example, the game won’t let you move these cards together. But putting that same red 3 on a black 4 will also not let you move it. This glitch makes probably 20 games or so completely unplayable, which is unfortunate, because I like to complete challenges and packs and seeing these star club packs unfinished leaves me a bit unsatisfied. That being said, this is by and large the best solitaire app in the app store. Lots of ways to play, and lots of incentives to keep it interesting. It does seem that they changed some things about the daily challenges to make it easier to earn the monthly badges, which I’m not a huge fan of. Just seems weird to be able to get a diamond badge after completing less than half of the month. Doesn’t affect gameplay at all though, just a small thing.
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10 months ago, Te extraño tio
Not Really a Fan Anymore
So I have been playing this game for many years, ever since I got my first laptop which was over a decade ago. I was very happy to play this game on the go, whether I had connection or not. Then as the game modernized, it started requiring Internet play as well as showing ads. I kept playing the game because I love the fact that all the card games were in one app, and keeps up with what levels I’m on in the different games. However the app seems a bit outdated at this point. With other games, when they show ads(for those of us who don’t want to pay for ad free play), it normally runs for about five to ten seconds before having a “fast forward” button to let us skip the rest of the ad. After 3-5 more seconds and we can ex it out and play the game we want. With Microsoft Solitaire, you have to stay for the whole 45 seconds to a minute along with waiting for the X to pop up too proceed to the game. And the ads are always about the same thing now. “Royal Match,” the game with no ads. Having to watch these between every game I play gets very annoying, especially since I have to sit through this terrible actors demonstrating the game or either the game itself trying to force me to swipe the screen. I always get fed up and go play some other game. I have dedicated so much time and energy to this game though and would hate to have to start over somewhere else, but it looks like that’s what I’ll have to do.
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2 years ago, Jessica L. Fick
Amazing Game, But Newest Update for Bonus Game
I think this is an amazing app platform to play solitaire on, as I have been playing on it for years now. Though, with the newest update that allows you to play a bonus game after achieving a certain level, I have been running into the issue of the game crashing and the app closing as soon as I've completed the bonus game. Then as soon as I open the app again, it says I have to resume the game and puts me back a few turns. After the first two times it happened, I thought it was maybe just an issue with my device and tried to restart it, but then it continued to crash, even after switching to another mobile device and even my desktop computer. This needs to be fixed. I've been a loyal player on this app for nearly six years now and I've never been so disappointed with the app before until this newest update. Please fix the bug that crashes the game and app so more players can enjoy it to its fullest extent. Thank you for your time and thank you for an amazing solitaire platform!
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3 years ago, arblgrv
5* for the game itself/2* for the online experience
The games are fine, the graphics are good, the art is decent, there’s a good breadth of art. The problem is that I like to play competitions and too often I’ll be in the middle of playing and the game will dump me out or freeze. Case in point the anniversary games. I got not quite a third of the way through the whole thing, finished a klondike game and the screen froze as I was waiting for my score to be counted and the next game to show up. This has happened too damned many times, and it’s super frustrating, especially when I’m doing well and bam! I’m locked out. My choices are wait and wait to see if somehow the glitch fixes itself (almost never happens), close the game, reopen it and then have to replay the game I just finished, or just give up. Lately I’ve been choosing just give up on it completely. What’s the point? By the time I get back in and replay my last game it doesn’t matter how well I’ve been doing, the time lost gives me an insurmountable handicap. It’s especially painful when it’s a very long match with a lot of points like the anniversary game play was. I am beginning to think there’s no reason for me to keep my premium membership on the site when I get shafted by it so often. It’s too bad because this is the game I play the most. I really enjoy it—when it works.
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2 years ago, Notsonicelady
#####Don't know who did this review under my Apple password but it's time to stop. My review: For weeks now I have been knocked off the server during game and, like today get error 101, which seems to be ongoing. When I went to Microsoft sight to see how to correct this issue, found the solution instructions were for Xbox. iPad not Xbox. I have played this game for years and would like to do so for many more. Get this fixed NOW!!!!!##### I have playedIn the last couple of weeks the game has started to stall and close in the middle of a game, dailies and daily tournament. The worst thing lately are the new full page ads for auto litter box, auto pet feeder and Facebook. I have to physically close the game as the close function and even the access site button do not work. I sometimes wait hours for the ad to disappear so I can't play. Additionally since the last update after only playing one or two games the system crashes. I literally have to restart the game. My connection is just fine so unless you are intentionally making my device obsolete with your upgrades, I suggest find a fix soon. I have been playing your game for a couple of years and is the best solitaire game, but the frustration is getting to me. Time to find a replacement app. I don't have issues with any of my other apps. Have never liked Microsoft and now I never will. Thanks for nothing.
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2 years ago, lbturgy
Addictive fun, but could be better.
I love this app and play it every day, but it has some issues that are a huge drawback for me. The daily Events are ranked by play time, but there’s no option to pause. So if I’m in the middle of a game and have to answer the phone or something, the timer just keeps going, even if you leave the app. The only way to stop the timer is to back out and quit the game and start over later. Not only do you lose any progress toward solving it, but the failure also counts against you. This issue is huge for me, I’ve frequently had something come up where I forgot to quit the game and ended up with a play time of several hours, completely tanking my place on the Leaderboard. With a pause feature or an automatic timer pause when leaving the app, this would absolutely be a five star game. There’s also been an issue with lag recently that’s super annoying, I’m hoping there will be an update to fix that soon. Lastly, and this is minor but still worth mentioning, you earn coins by playing the Daily Challenges, but I can’t figure out what you can spend them on, or what purpose they serve. One of the selling points of the premium subscription is earning more coins, but if they serve no purpose, what’s the point? Anyway, it’s a great game, and I recommend it, but the timer issue is huge.
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4 years ago, Janunson
Great gameplay, buggy infrastructure
This is the best gameplay, most attractive and satisfying graphics and interaction of any solitaire game out there by far. That’s why I keep playing it. I just wish the Microsoft underneath didn’t cause so much suckage. The game is obsessed with your internet connection, even though it really shouldn’t need it to play a card game!! It takes forever uploading and downloading... nothing, before you can play it, and after each game, and if your connection has changed, like from WiFi to cell, or to a different WiFi, it doesn’t cache the data and try on the new connection - no, it freaks out and won’t save your score and won’t let you continue playing. It also downloads some unnamed “new content’ constantly, then forgets it the next time you open the app, and downloads it again! And the themes- apparently what it’s supposed to have downloaded (you get to dismiss two messages every time it tries!!) are still screwed up every time you play, and when you fix them (which usually only lasts 1 session) it wants to download then yet again! Wow. So after writing all this down it’s clear I need to play a less visually slick solitaire game that isn’t so annoying. Again, the gameplay is the best, but the annoying bugs ruin it.
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3 years ago, Gruff'n'Stuff
Love it, but hate the connection issues
The game itself is great; I enjoy all five variations of solitaire it offers and for the most part they are well done as far as their gameplay mechanics. And I love playing the events-- but therein lies my problems. When you finish a hand, sometimes the game won't proceed as it should; it shows a spinning icon because it's apparently having trouble connecting to the service, yet my Wi-Fi connection is up and the signal is strong. If you select cancel so you can proceed to the next hand in the event, you don't get credit for the hand you just completed and must repeat it. Or, if you start a hand but then cancel out of it before finishing it because you have to go do something else, then come back later and start the hand all over again, the game doesn't merely add your previous time plus your new time, it actually counts all of the time from when you first began the hand to when you finished, even if you weren't playing the hand during most of that time and actually had the app closed down. As a result, the game might say that it took you, say, 8 hours or more to complete that hand, such as if you didn't go back into the game until after a night's sleep. That hurts your standing in the event's leaderboard, which pretty much kills your enthusiasm for participating in the events. When something like that happens to me, it rubs me the wrong way so much that I basically avoid playing the game for days or weeks.
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3 years ago, JoeinAK
Solitaire time out
Love playing solitaire only problem I have is with the timed games. I can’t tell you how many times that the service can’t connect after I finish a game. It’ll take an extra minute or two and this extra time becomes part of your total time. Example you finish a game in say 2 minutes and it takes 2 minutes to finally connect so your total time is 4 minutes so this is totally not fair. Apparently Microsoft’s developers haven’t figured out how to eliminated this extra time due to there servers being overwhelmed by users. Sometimes after waiting for more than 5 minutes I quit out of the game and become frustrated so then give up playing for a while and go about my day. I then return later in the day and when I finish the game I had quit out of discover that even though I haven’t been using the app my total time ends up being the 2 or 3 hours I was doing other things. I even had it be over 8 hours for a game. I’m using an IPad an obvious competitor to the Microsoft surface tablet, funny bet those connect all the time. Otherwise I give them a 5 star review. I’m imagining that their developers will never read this but oh well.
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5 months ago, 0206misc
Need a bug fix bad!
I’ve been playing this collection for years & all of a sudden an ad will play & you can’t X out of it. It blocks the game play. It only started doing this in the last week to ten days. Please fix this issue, I play solitaire before bed to relax, now I can’t. This really is the best solitaire game out there. HELP! I’m still having an issue with the game being blocked by not being able to x out of an ad! It’s extremely annoying! Come on! Get this fixed! I hate to think that after years of play I’ll have to ditch this game! At the very least acknowledge that you’re working on this problem or let me know that it’s not something you can fix . I have looked into this problem myself since y’all don’t seem to care! It’s Liftoff advertising! It doesn’t allow you to x out of the current ad by blocking the game your trying to play. This has happened to me with Microsoft Word as well so I’m assuming(and I know full well what that word means) that Microsoft is having issues with Liftoff. Settle what ever it is so your user can continue playing!!!
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10 months ago, PKFire22347
Ads have gotten more obnoxious
I've been using this app nearly daily for the last 3 years. It works well and there are a lot of options for game types. But I'm finally uninstalling this app because the ads have gotten worse and worse. Before, there was an ad right when you start your first match, and then another ad every few games no matter which game type. Also the ads were maybe 5 - 15 seconds long. That's how it was the last several years and I never had a problem with it. Recently every time you start a new game type (a solitaire game, or a free cell game for example) the worst and longest ad I've ever been subjected to plays. It's always a royal match ad and I kid you not I timed the ad and it was a minute and a half long! It plays as soon as you open the app, and every time you switch to a new game type so I see it at least twice every time I play. It would be one thing if these were the only ads playing but in addition to these long ads are the usual average length ads. It's just... Solitaire. Microsoft's app isn't better than other solitaire apps enough to justifying staying. There are so many other solitaire apps to choose from
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3 years ago, Jayline87
Favorite Solitaire App
I’ve tried multiple solitaire apps and this one is the best. I love the 5 different types of solitaire so that you have some variety. My favorite part of the app is the daily challenges they have (5 per day) and there are other challenges like the daily events. There’s a good range in difficulty so you can be challenged (expert/master) or just play for fun (easy). They’ve definitely figured out how to get people hooked on their app with all their challenges, badges and awards! My only problem with the app is that there is often a glitch in the daily events. You are timed on how long it takes you to complete all events and ranked based on your time. However sometimes the game times out and you have to do the puzzle over and sometimes it will count time you are not playing (for example, I did half the challenges, came back and it added the 5 1/2 hours break to my time). It’s not the biggest deal but if you’re being ranked based on your time it would be nice if the time was accurate. It would also be nice to be able to pause while you’re playing.
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3 years ago, Lagrima de Cristal
Amazing but...
I am fascinated by this game, some challenges are really complicated, and I love that they make you think, the only but, is that although you have an excellent internet in your house, sometimes a half game Solitaire server, suffers from some interruption, this You can see it when after a game, it does not save that it is finished, and if you do not close it or practically disconnect, add all that disconnection time to the registry of your game, so if you finished a new one in 30 seconds, and you leave it like this Waiting for it to reconnect, it will appear that you were there all that time, that it can be 3, 5 or 12 hours, or until you resume it, and add it to your registration, that's why you lose positions. And if you lose, just look at who, since there are players who have more than one account, the idea is to know the games and do them quickly, the second or next time, only then can they win. But if you won the first try, feel happy.
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4 years ago, ralexie2
Game memory
I love this application with the exception that when finishing a challenge, if you are disconnected from internet, the only way you can get back to the game is by closing the application and starting the challenge once again. You will be in a loop hole if playing the same game you finished but the sad story is that the challenge is timed and the clock does not stop till you finally get your score and can move on to the next challenge. Even after you close the application, the clock continues. Developers should develop a memory bank where the application can acknowledge it disconnected, save your progress and stop the clock. This is critical because every challenge is timed! It is weird that you never find out when it disconnects till you finish the challenge and are waiting for the score to appear so you can move on. Other than this, this application is the best I have ever played. Wish someone could look into making a patch to fix this. I don’t know if it just happens to me because I am using an iPad or it happens to any one on any other platform.
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2 years ago, MiniNiNi45
Well I guess you didn’t like my review because while I was writing it it disappeared sounds very much like Microsoft. It’s pretty much why I went to Apple with everything but I chose to download some of your games because they seem to be helpful for my mind since my stroke. Although, I paid for the ads to be gone for one of the games you would think that you would just do that across-the-board for those two or three different games. I’ve got the solitaire and the word game but you would think that you would just do that across-the-board ——because that’s just crappy ——you want somebody to pay something to remove ads for each individual one—— it’s either gonna be 10 bucks for a year or two bucks a month FOR EACH GAME and that’s just seriously WRONG. Y’ALL just wanna make a buck every way you can but I’m definitely canceling the other one and I’ll just live with the ads or quit playing.
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3 years ago, Amanda Jo 1984
I love this game and the daily challenge, but...
Never fails, almost every other day (some times several days in a row), I finish a challenge in the daily event and I don’t know if it’s because of the ads constantly trying to load and/or refresh or if there’s a server issue, but the connection somehow gets lost. I sit and wait while the thing twirls but nothing happens even though I am on wifi and have full bars. So, I wait, then get annoyed, close out app and come back. Then I have to repeat level again. Okay, fine.. whatever. But to make matters worse, when I finally complete it the second time, I am given a grand total time of the first round plus the second and the timeframe it sat there twirling all because of your software issues... messes up my time on the daily event and it’s frustrating! I want to get a good time to hopefully be in the top 10 but it is a rarity since your app isn’t functioning properly. Please fix this! I am not sure if it’s the ads messing it up or what but if so, I shouldn’t have to pay for no ads to get your app to work as it should. Smh...
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2 years ago, LizzyArizona
inappropriate ads
I feel I need to post this comment and warn others who might be playing with young people or could be triggered. I very much enjoy this app and was a new player. I've seen in other comments from developers that they have no control over the ads or content. An ad showed a graphic design game with a beautiful, innocent young woman dressed somewhat like a princess. the burly arm of a male appears wearing armor and defensive adornments. he was given choices about interacting with the princess--take a bath/have dinner, etc. of course he chose "take a bath." the next directive was " take off her underwear" and she recoiled and looked scared when the arm reached out and started to remove her veil. at that point the ad went to title and i dont remember the name. I was horrified at this insinuation of rape.I had to close the game. when i play now, every time an ad appears i fear it is that one. very stressful for me when i play this game for enjoyment.
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6 years ago, brian481516
Great game
I play Klondike solitaire frequently, over 2,200 times. I play it different the most people. I like to use easy settings and just try to beat my time. My best time is 1:06. 3 things I’d really like to see in a future version: 1) I really wish the bar at the bottom at least had an option to always stay visible. A lot of times I’m reaching for a button on the bottom and accidentally close it. That can be annoying when I’m trying to play as fast as I can. 2) it would be a really interesting feature if you could re-play a deck at then end of the game... or even save a deck so it can be played again at a later date (possibly multiple times). 3) it would be fun to be able to see more stats, average game time, etc. ideally it would be awesome to see a graph with game time on the y axis and date played on the x axis (plots points would be red or green for win or loss). Then I could see how I’m doing over time.
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10 months ago, BaireJane
Update on the Update
Thank you thank you thank you for removing the page where we had to select what level we wanted after every single game! But now you’ve added another annoying thing: the three dots that pop up the menu are in the bottom right corner which is where the back arrow used to be. Anyone who plays solitaire on a regular basis knows that they are always using the back key as part of their strategy to win games. Now I’m constantly hitting the three dots where are the back arrow used to be, and I’m constantly getting the menu popping up. Is there anyway you could move the 3 dots to the left corner or up top on the screen, and leave the back arrow in the bottom right corner? It’s just so annoying. The frustrating thing out of all of these changes you’ve made is that you don’t do things that are very intuitive or logical. Think it through as if you were a daily user, please!!
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2 years ago, LesleyOdyssey
Great game but glitchy tournaments
I love the game since first playing it on my pc years ago. I also participate in the tournaments. However, my main gross with this game is that whenever an ad comes up “before” I start a tournament game, it counts towards the time I actually do spend while playing. Last night I put the phone down during an ad and got up watching tv. 3 hours later, I take the phone up to close the ad and start the game. Lo and behold, when I finished playing the “easy” game in less than 2 minutes, I see the total time for a little over 3 hours!!!!! And God forbid I should have some internet issues “after” I’ve completed a game because the clock is still ticking away until the connection returns!!!! This is extremely frustrating and a huge turn off to play the tournaments anymore until last night but now I’m back to sticking to the daily challenges only unless this “glitch” is fixed.
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1 year ago, ☮ ☮ ☮
Love the games, hate the timer
I’ve been using this app for years and I love the games and simplicity of the interface. The ads are expected, the required internet connection is bearable, and the subscription offer pop ups only happen every so often. My only complaint is that when you’re competing in an event and you don’t finish the challenge.. the timer keeps going! For example, yesterday I was waiting for a friend in my car, playing the Solitaire Celebrities event. I was halfway through a Spider game when I had to leave, so I hit the back arrow to exit the challenge, came back before bed to finish it and the timer literally said it took 12 ***HOURS*** for me to finish it. I went from 3rd place down to 19th. I probably shouldn’t care so much about this but it’s really annoying that there’s not a way to stop the timer even if you exit the challenge.
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2 years ago, Butterbean42
Games will not load
This has been my favorite game for many years. I look forward to the Daily Challenges and Events. As of yesterday April 29, 2022 the games will no longer load. When I click to open a game to play it appears to try to play an ad but gets stuck on a black screen with the white swirling dots. I have 2 different iPads. The same thing happens on both. I can play on my Samsung phone without issue. The phone is much smaller and not as enjoyable as the larger iPads. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but I get the same black screen. I do not see anyway to report this to support for assistance. I have searched for resolution online and found many complaints of this occurring on iPad. None of the suggested fixes have worked. Please help get this fixed ASAP.
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2 years ago, unclebg
Sad excuse
Was fine till I got up into Bronze level 6 or 7 can’t remember because it has completely stopped loading! I’m NOT gonna start over from scratch just because their program stopped working. Checked the usual suspects, but everything else works just fine. It was fun and I’ve played thousands of games. Started from level 1 and months later it’s decided to stop loading. Either shows the start up page, or goes straight to a black screen and acts like it’s loading. After almost 10 min, it’s still trying to load. I’d dump it but I spent plenty of hours getting as far as I have. Really don’t want to reload it and have to start all over again. I have looked around ( before it started this) to see if I could contact Microsoft directly. Didn’t see a thing. So it’s up to them. Suffer with a bad review over something that’s wrong, or me just dump it and never play their games again! Not setting up a cloud account with them so they can mine my information for even more stuff than I already get. Over 2000+ games and it just quits. Hum!!!!
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3 months ago, Glroush
Very well developed.
I have played a lot of different solitaire games and I think Microsoft has run the bell as it were on this game. The graphics are nice, but more importantly the gameplay is good. Oh, I suppose you can find a problem with any game, but as far as gameplay and the variety of solitaire games, I haven’t seen anything to beat this. I have one GIGANTIC complaint, though. To eliminate the ads you have to subscribe to a weekly fee. It’s not even so much that the fee is outrageous, although I think it is, it’s this model. I’ve started to see other software do the same thing. Rather than just pay a one time fee, you end up getting locked in. It’s like the difference between buying a house and renting a house, with this game, you never have, anything. The day you choose to not pay, you are in exactly the same place as the day you chose to start paying. Absent this awful pay model, this game would receive five stars.
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6 years ago, Hannahbrian
Latest version ruined game
I rarely review apps and up until the latest version released near the end of September 2018 I would have rated this 5 stars. But the latest version introduced ads in the middle of gameplay. I thought to myself “I play this game a lot, I’d be willing to pay $5 to get rid of ads.” I clicked the “premium” button in game and saw it was $10. Ouch - that’s a lot to pay for a solitaire game - but I do play it a lot so maybe it is worth it? But then I saw it was $10 ANNUALLY!!!!!! You want me to pay and keep paying EVERY YEAR for a game of solitaire? With all due respect: what are you smoking? Actually do not tell me what you are smoking because getting me to smoke the same stuff is the only way you will ever get me to pay for a subscription for a game of solitaire. You took a great thing and ruined it with greed. I hope for the sake of the players that your greed ruins this game and you fade into an occasional memory. I’m sure there are other solitaire games out there - time to start looking for one that is not greedy. Even if they charge a one-time fee I’ll gladly pay it over your greedy subscription.
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8 months ago, arcane93
This is a card game, why does it drain the battery so badly?
So, I like this game a lot on the surface. Probably the best solitaire game out there in general look and play. The ads are super annoying and half of them look like scams, but that’s not even why I am giving the app a one-star rating (by themselves, they might cause me to knock it down to three stars). I know that Microsoft puts this app out to make money, but they could at least vet the ads to make sure they’re legitimate. I’m giving the app a one star-rating, though, because this app is a heat-causing, battery-draining monster. My phone gets very hot when I play it (and this isn’t new to the iOS 17 heat woes, it’s been happening all along), and it tears through my battery charge faster than pretty much any other app that I have. This isn’t some super-advanced, high-powered, amazing-looking action game, it’s a freaking card game. What on earth is it *doing*? And this from one of the largest companies in the world as well, who could surely afford to hire some competent developers. Come on Microsoft, get your act together.
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2 months ago, Laffaminnit
Excellent game, one weird issue
I like this app very much, and have been using it a few days now. There’s way too many frills and unnecessary features (tournaments, rewards, and so on) but I’ve just been ignoring all that stuff and enjoying the very well-made game. Now the ads… they are infrequent and not too annoying, but I’ve run into a problem. I like to listen to stuff in the background on my phone while I play solitaire but every time an ad pops up, whatever I’m listening to pauses. I mute the ad, which on other apps would cause the audio to continue where it left off, but in this case I actually have to exit the app and manually hit play on the audio. This is quickly becoming the most irritating thing on the game for me. I don’t know who reads these reviews (hi there, whoever you are!) but this would be a very much appreciated improvement. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Annavon
Tournament Timekeeping
I wish there was a way to track the play time correctly. Sometimes during a tournament, I have to stop playing. When I return and replay the game, it counts the time that I was out of the app against my total time. For example, I played a game for 2 minutes, but I get a phone call and EXIT the game and the app completely, I come back 2 hours later and replay the game finish in 2 minutes and 40 seconds. My total time should be 4:40, but it shows as 2:04:40. Today, I was playing during my lunch break. I went back to work and went home and took a nap. I finished the last game of the tournament in around 4 minutes. My total time should have been around 35 minutes. However, it showed more than 7 hours!!! It should only show the time actually playing, not time when we are not in the game at all. One more thing, it would be nice if there was a “pause “ button, so if you are interrupted, you can pause the game.
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1 year ago, MicrosoftSucksMonkeyBrains
All these years of having solitaire on regular PC and now these lazy morons can’t even get a simple reproduction of the same game to work properly on a phone. This update is even worse than the last one. Now, at least it can keep up to the speed of the player— but now when you’re playing and you get to the end of the deck, you can sit and tap the spot (where the deck was sourced from) to restart the deck from the beginning... over and over and over indefinitely and it will keep registering your tap on the position to the left, on the final card displayed. In other words, they literally programmed it wrong to where it registers a tap - not where your finger is - but on the adjacent card. IDIOTS!!!! On the last update, it did this sometimes. Now, it does it every single game. I wish all these lazy complacent morons at Microsoft would just pack it in and go home and let somebody else do the job the right way.
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1 year ago, GamerMomB
Used to be fun, now it’s just annoying
Ever since a recent update, the music and sound effects from a specific ad never go away unless I delete the game and reinstall. As soon as that particular ad shows up, it’s the same problem all over again. And every ad is always THAT ad. It’s that dumb match three to save the king game. Turning off the music and sound effects in game has no effect. Force quitting the app, or even restarting my iPad (brand new m1) doesn’t fix it. If this is an attempt to make me buy premium, it’s not going to happen. I already give Microsoft plenty of money for Xbox game pass. And I’m definitely not going to be downloading that match three king game since they can’t even make a simple ad that doesn’t break the game your already playing. It’s been two months and it hasn’t been fixed. They have a support link, tho there is no way to report an issue, so I have to resort to writing a bad review that they probably won’t even read.
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3 years ago, About to abandon Microsoft
Ads are a deal killer
Too bad. I love the games, which should be a sure bet for this app getting 5 stars. But the ads ruin it. I was almost fine with the ads before. I understand it’s part of the deal for a free version. But constantly (or so it seemed) rerunning the same LONG ad for a crappie game you’d never buy & can’t skip after a few seconds brought me close to the edge. Then they started giving you the option to skip ads you weren’t interested in and that pulled me back. But now, with their latest ads, they’ve pushed me over the edge. Now ads play UNMUTED as a default. How obnoxious to have an ad start blaring out for everyone around you to hear. Couple that with making the mute button on the screen hard to see/find and you get the point that they have no respect for users. ADVERTISERS! Please note you are making more people PO’d than you could possibly be winning over. You should boycott this, too. Microsoft, you can really do better.
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2 years ago, Felicity Porter
One of the best
This is one of my favorite games that I never miss playing. There’s so much variety and the game is very well done. I have been a premium subscriber for years and it’s well worth the money. The game has lots of features and the daily tournaments are great. The only issue I have with the game is that the tournaments don’t seem to allow you to pause your overall time, which is what prompted me to write this review. The other day I was in the middle of a tournament game when an important phone call came in. I switched my phone from the game to the call and the time kept running like I was actively playing. Yeah, a total first-world problem, but an issue nonetheless. Still it’s a favorite and part of my morning routine every day.
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5 years ago, 3WAgirl
Excellent Game, Could Use a Few Tweaks
I play this game almost every day. I love it, I love the daily challenges, and I love Spider most of all. Some things I would change: 1) When an impasse is reached in Spider, there’s no way to restart the game. In fact, there’s no way to restart any game in regular play. You can only start a new deck. What’s even weirder is that the warning sign says “quitting or restarting this game will count in your statistics” when you do it, so I feel like I’m missing a key option. 2) I have no option of playing a solvable deck if I choose Pyramid in regular mode. It’s always random, and that’s an option I’d like to change if I feel like it, just like all the other Solitaire games. 3) This is picky, but I liked the previous version of the “select game” window when beginning a new deck in regular play. The list is more straightforward, but somehow less classy-looking to me.
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3 years ago, alterbentzion
Why is this app always phoning home?
I play this game on a device that’s usually offline. I don’t have a Microsoft account because (a) I care about privacy and (b) I’m usually offline, anyway. Just about every other day, the game insists on redownloading themes, etc., or claims that there’s new stuff to download. If I take a pass, either my existing themes disappear until I get online again, or the game tries to download material anyway, and generates an error message when it can’t reach the Microsoft servers. Also, thedata doesn’t get backed up to my laptop when I back up the rest of my data - so when I replace my devices, my achievements all disappear. This has been going on for months, if not years. If these are bugs, then they need to be fixed already. If it’s just Microsoft trying to ping me, then please stop already! It makes an otherwise fun game very frustrating.
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4 years ago, fluffybunniesx
Classic Game with Flawed Mechanics
I love solitaire, and I’ve played this game on different platforms. I recently started playing it again and doing the events, but sometimes the connection to the server drops and I’m forced to cancel sending my completed challenge, and start over. The time that I’ve already logged on that challenge somehow gets saved but not my completion status? And to top it off even if you cancel sending the score, it counts all the time in between when you cancelled to when you try and complete it again. My latest challenge marked me down as taking 9 hours to complete when even the app hasn’t been open that long. I find the challenges to be some of the more interesting features this app has to offer so I’m disappointed that some of these flaws are here. Should be simple enough to locally store a variable that says the challenge was completed so that when there is server connectivity, the game can send the score.
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6 years ago, USMCgirls
So I LOVED this game then ADS ruined it
So this game WAS amazing. With minimum ads either at the bottom of the screen or a short AD... Now the ads are more frequent and one lasted a minute. This last time was the last straw. I was trying to do one of the daily challenges and when I clicked it an Ad popped up. When the X came up I clicked and got a warning saying I won’t receive my award if I end it early I continued and it went back to the daily challenge menu. So I clicked the challenge again and it played another ad, this time I let it complete and when it ended I clicked the X and it came up with the error. So I chose the option to let it keep going. It just stayed on the “download now” screen not changing so finally I quit the ad and it went back to the challenge menu ad. I am sick of games over doing ads. I get they need ads for money but overdoing it is another thing. Sacrificing user experience for money, loses you both users and eventually money.
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3 years ago, baddison92
*** My suggestion — I would like to see an undo/restart feature on FreeCell, Klondike, and Spider. The TriPeaks and Pyramid games already have a similar “undo all” feature that is really helpful. I would like to see a similar restart/undo all therwise I find myself having to click undo dozens of times when I get stuck during a game. Also maybe an option where it shows/teaches you how you could have solved the game so you can learn. And an option for hints during the events/daily challenges.*** Love this app! Great that there are 5 games in one, and the daily challenges and daily event games are really fun and encourage me to play all 5. Could be improved with an “undo all” feature on all games.
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2 years ago, guyanamw
I like the game but it does not cater for working population. The events should be at the regular 10 or 5 games. The 27 or 30 game event should either be weekends or like the daily challenge you should be able to go back during the month and finish the incomplete. Picture this up in the morning ready for work, may get a few daily challenges at the breakfast table. Get home, dinner, the kids homework, clean up, hit the sack, may get go after the events, because I know the daily challenges that I do not get done that day I can catch on later. Go after the events and 10 is the max before I fall asleep. If it is a 27 or 30 by next morning it is closed. There is no retrieving later like the daily challenge.
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4 years ago, Sharon Donahue
This is getting annoying
Once again I am forced to shut down the app after finishing a challenge and potentially having to replay it if the data is lost. Plus the timer will add the time spent waiting for the app to reload plus the time spent replaying the challenge so that it will look like I spent half an hour trying to finish the challenge instead of having done it in under three minutes. I get that you probably have thousands of people logging in at the same time and it’s a drag on the system but this is getting ridiculous. Please fix this issue, as the app is great otherwise. (Still wondering about being able to pause challenges and request hints during a game.)
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2 years ago, kwypbtsoom
I’ve been playing regularly for almost two years with no issues. However, this latest update with 30+ seconds of ads you can’t skip have forced me to delete the app. I was just about to reach level 900 in the Spider Solitaire, and had to wipe all of that progress, because of this ad. This is unfortunate, as there are no comparable apps. I did consider paying for a subscription but I cannot justify spending that amount of money for one card game. If it was a one time purchase, I would be more inclined, but a whole subscription? Not a chance. I’ve been reduced to downloading the app, playing until I reach that ad, then deleting, and redoing the cycle. I sincerely hope you rectify the situation, by at least getting rid of the 30+ second unskippable ad. This is Microsoft, though, so I’m not holding my breath. I’d rather keep redownloading the app than pay for the subscription.
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4 years ago, Xantharius
I love it. There is room for improvement.
This is everything you love about solitaire. The card action and sounds are great; the graphics look good; it’s a good solitaire experience. But— If I have just one stack of cards that’s unturned (everything is else is Kings or is turned) the app should just complete the rest for me—do I have to go through the motions of making every single card in the deck move into its correct place before “Solve” appears? I know I’m done! Just finish it for me! And when there are no remaining moves possible, the app should know that, and not make me ask for hint after hint just to verify that fact. I know that I can’t make any more moves—why would the app not just work that out and tell me right away? This point is definitely the one that needs the most attention, as it’s a pain to have to not just cycle through every card in the remaining deck, but also have to request a hint on each occasion to provoke the app to report that no further moves are possible. I appreciate the work that goes into app-making. Sorting out these two points would improve things considerably. Thanks for the work you’ve put into the app.
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3 months ago, broadleafrock
Review of Microsoft Solitaire
Microsoft Solitaire is very addictive but also very fun. I have been playing it for about eight years. I try to find ways to solve the puzzles quicker so I can consistently be in the top 25. I believe some people must have two accounts so they can practice each puzzle on a trash account and score big on the second account. I like to improve my times but I wish there was a way to see how I compare with the group for each of the five games and even by difficulty level. Overall the games are great and I enjoy the challenges almost every day. I know you have to make some money along the way but the long commercials are boring to watch after the 20th or 30th time! Thanks for making the games so fun though.
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5 years ago, CaptRonSolo
Greed has ruined this game.
I, like many others here, don’t ever write reviews, but this latest update from Microsoft is the epitome of corporate greed. It was a free game, so as much as I loathed the addition of ads I somewhat understood. I put up with it for a bit, but then they just got too annoying, and so I thought “I really do enjoy playing this game from time to time, so I’ll just buy the premium version for whatever they want”. Come to find out, I can’t BUY it. I can only rent it for an annual fee. For solitaire. It is a card game that has been around for as long as cards have been around, and they want me to pay every year?!?! They have lost their minds!!!!! It is a digital deck of cards. The greed represented with this move is abhorrent. I’m done.
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1 year ago, 📞📞✅🍏🍕💯✌🏻
i'm addicted to this game. I love their new daily rewards it gives you a card and you play three games of whatever game and then you get a bonus game. Every time he comes up and he says like oh so you seem to have some like download stuff do you want to download that and then you have to push no don't download that what why would you want me to do that and love you Siri it's me all so if you're reading this please please please please please please why is someone else user name my name like my name like my first and last name and I'm like I just want to put in my first and last name I won't let me because it's so annoying I think I'm going to target. I think I'm also going off topic.
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5 years ago, VonPadraig
Microsoft missed the boat with the opportunity for cross platform capability.
Whoopi! Microsoft allows me to log into my Xbox live account. Bit Whoop! Doesn’t mean a dang thing. There is ZERO cross over to remember games from my iPad to my iPhone using the SAME Xbox Live account AND my SAME iCloud account. Oh yeah, it asks to recover from Xbox cloud, it it recovers NOTHING. Just as bad, there is no cross platform capability for, IOS to my XBox and Windows 10. REALLY? If I am logged into my Live account, you should be able to store my game information!!! Worse still, I have the Premium Subscription on my Windows10/Xbox side, but Microsoft doesn’t allow that to carry over to IOS. And visa versa. I was trying to switch to something that would sync. I wanted to pay ONCE for a subscription. Since I can’t sync, I’ll just go back to the competitor’s product that doesn’t barrage me with ads. You screwed up Microsoft.
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4 years ago, LuluSD
Like the game...timing for challenges is wrong and frustrating
UPDATE: I just started the Pyramid Adventure challenge and decided to check my time after each game in the challenge. I just completed the first challenge without stopping at easy level within 3 minutes at most...I checked the time and it said 55 min 42 seconds. This is most discouraging & disappointing...especially as a premium player paying the annual subscription fee! PREVIOUS: Usually when you are interrupted in the middle of a game, you close it and pick up where you left off. This is also true of me solitaire, except that when doing a challenge...the timer still keeps going. For example, It may show I played for 8 hrs, when I only had an hour or minutes of actual playtime, so it affects my score. They need to stop the time when you have to interrupt a game and continue it once you open the game again.
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5 years ago, Desiree M. Miller
For the love of god do something about the buttons.
I’d give this game a five but it most comfortable to hold the phone in landscape mode when playing. However in order to hold the phone securely you have to do so in a way that causes you to touch the buttons and interrupt your game countless times when you inevitability bum the wrong one. One of the developers should hold the phone in landscape mode and play for 10-20 minutes and see how often they hit the wrong button. I have small hands and I do it with an annoying frequency. I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone with big ones. Also move the hide the buttons slider up and away from the iPhone slide (bottom of screen) they’re far to close and you often can’t pull up the game buttons because it’s not registering that that’s what you’re trying to do.
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2 years ago, jessi_bbarrett
Great game
This is my favorite app to play solitaire on. My one suggestion would be an option to complete the game after a challenge objective was met. For example: in the Klondike daily challenges, there could be a challenge to clear the 5 of clubs or to reach 350 points. Once you reach the objective, the game ends. I think an option to continue the game until it is solved would be nice. Maybe have a choice to either return to the main screen or to play to the end. I like playing the games all the way through and sometimes a goal can be reached so soon in the game but I want to keep playing it to the end. Other than that, it’s my favorite app for solitaire.
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1 year ago, Craig Albright
The Microsoft ad network. Taking over previously free games to adware annoyances.
Kudos to the mba who is responsible for this. I can only guess that you’re now the person responsible for the heated seat subscriptions at BMW. The 1990 version of this game was free. For many years it was free and included with your windows license. I’m sure the stack ranking system was about to fire this person for playing free solitaire all day. When C level folks found out Bill G sent a note to Jeff E and several other connected individuals to snuff the guy. He had a stroke of self preservation genius. In the very heated meeting the mba was *hoping* to get caught because he had an idea so crazy it just might work. What if MS rook their games back, shoved them on the notoriously malspam taboola network and then charge them to remove the ads that didn’t used to exist.
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