Microsoft To Do

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Microsoft Corporation
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2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft To Do

4.73 out of 5
217.5K Ratings
5 years ago, TheZZman2000
Best To-Do List App I have Found
I would have to say that overall Microsoft To-Do is a fantastic app and definitely the best to-do list app I have used. They make it very easy for someone with an ever growing and changing list of things that need to be done to organize everything in their life. For example: I have my main tasks listed in the default list but I also have a list for each of the jobs I work, and a group with lists for all of my college classes and their assignments. And the best part is you can view everything that needs to be done today, tomorrow, next week, and later from all of those lists all on one page in the “Planned” tab. This app also works really well across multiple platforms by instantly syncing changes. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. A main feature I would really love to see added for the versions on iOS and iPadOS is the ability to add Microsoft To-Do to your widgets this way you can see and check things off your list all right from your home screen. My biggest complaint is that whenever you add a task from the “Planned” tab it defaults to being due yesterday??? But overall it’s a to-do list app and I think you would have a really difficult time finding a better one out there.
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4 years ago, LYAppleUser
FINALLY Matches & Surpasses Wunderlist!
This morning, the creators of “Microsoft To Do” FINALLY fixed enough of the features on this app to meet my former expectations of “Wunderlist!” “Microsoft To Do” (at first) had a lot of fun new features like colorful backgrounds for lists, and a few more sorting options, but was still missing some of the BASICS I enjoyed in “Wunderlist:” Here are my favorite two: 1) Being able to quickly recover a RECENTLY checked-off item at the TOP of the completed items, within a given list. Example: In “To Do” completed items were initially only alphabetized. I have an ongoing (reusable) grocery list including HUNDREDS of products. I even number them, by aisle, to ensure I see them “in order.” (Even if I’m in a different store, it still, at least, “categorizes” them together). But an “accidentally checked off” item, while shopping, was virtually GONE (until I got home & realized what was missing). This was fixed! Now I can just look at the TOP of the completed list. And, 2) Now I can see upcoming tasks separated out BY DAYS. In the past, anything beyond tomorrow was lumped together. Now, just like in Wunderlist, I can quickly find an upcoming day to which a task can be quickly moved/reassigned. And one of my favorite NEWER features of “To Do:” if you want certain tasks to recur/repeat in the future, say, only Mondays Wednesdays & Fridays (as opposed to once a week, or once a day) it can do this! Very cool. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, nyx74
Not Terrible but There’s Issues
So I’m trying to wean myself off Wunderlist to the To Do app and while it’s not terrible there are issues. For one I’m not crazy about the Planned section at all. If anything it feels cluttered and unorganized. The earlier tab brings up tasks I’ve not set dates for and ironically haven’t used recently but the only way I can remove them is by marking them as complete and 100% eliminating them. So unless I want to continuously create a new shopping task rather than edit the preexisting one in my earlier tab I guess they’ll have to hang around uselessly in Planned. The other issue I have with Planned is how jumbled up the rest of the week looks when you’re trying to see what tasks are coming up. In Wunderlist your week was sectioned into days and your tasks were allotted to those days. Now the tasks are all piled together under one tab that accounts for most of the week and it just seems like unnecessary clutter. The other issues I came across was that “My Day” doesn’t auto populate which seems rather redundant and I preferred when the important tasks moved to the top of the lists. It would also be really awesome to move the tasks assigned to each day in an order of importance if that became available. I know To Do is still an app in progress but I do rely upon my planners a lot and hope it eventually becomes as successful as the beloved Wunderlist.
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4 years ago, friedlawyer
Game Changer
This app is extremely useful and, unlike many apps that are merely fun and interesting, this one could literally change your life or business if applied thoughtfully. It has some features built in which seem to follow suggestions from mainstream best sellers on organization such as one of my personal favorites: Getting Things Done by David Allen. I know it is based off another program which I never owned. I use the app on my iPhone, iPad and two versions on my desktop—one in a web browser and an iOS app. All four versions have similar features but actually have some extra features you gave to search for almost like a treasure hunt! The browser version allows you to copy tasks and next steps which allows you to create templates for repeated tasks. You can share lists with friends/co-workers as well to delegate next-steps. I recommend you explore the program thoroughly before spending time making detailed lists—there are a few things it cannot do, and knowing what they are helps you to organize your lists properly. I am still exploring the program but have been using it with a lot of success. Good luck. I’m sure Microsoft will continue to improve the program over time.
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4 years ago, djun13l
Works well just needs a few tweaks!
I used to write all my checklists on paper pads and cross things out and then throw away the papers when I was done, but this app is perfect! I can make organized categories of checklists so I can have multiple ongoing lists, and I like that items can be pinned to My Day for what I need to get done today specifically. And the checked off sound is great! My only complaints are that the UI could use some small adjustments. I like to check off items, but then after, I have to delete them. I personally don't think both are necessary but my main issue is that it takes a while to delete items! If I've completed a bunch of items then I have to spend several minutes deleting each one. Also, it's a little difficult to swipe the menu open, I frequently end up unintentionally moving the position of one list item so then they get scrambled, if I didn't accidentally combine two items and have to delete and re-add one. And of course when I want to rearrange the items, they don't want to insert to the bottom of the list either. I'm hoping these things will get fixed over time but so far I'm enjoying the app!
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6 years ago, Isami87
Needs a lot of work
I am a physician and a scientist who requires a good to-do app to keep everything straight on a daily basis. Wunderlist was really the perfect tool for this, allowing me to organize and share tasks with lab members and clinical colleagues. When I learned it would eventually replace wunderlist, I decided to give To-Do a solid try. I imported all my lists from wunderlist, familiarized myself with all of To-Do’s features, and used it in place of Wunderlist for a good week. Unfortunately, a year after it’s unveiling, To-Do still needs a lot of work. The lack of a way to group related lists and the inability to automatically place tasks that are due today into the “my day” folder are critical deficiencies. Sure you can click the lightbulb in the “my day” folder and select all the upcoming tasks with the help of “suggestions,” but many (like me) cant remember to do that on a daily basis. The point of a to-do app is to make remembering all of your daily tasks unnecessary. I had so many issues with missing things (I literally have a hundred tasks some days) that I had to switch back to Wunderlist within a week. I know that the Microsoft team is working hard on To-Do behind the scenes. I plan to keep checking in and switch to to-do once it truly integrates all the features of wunderlist.
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1 year ago, TxEngr
Not yet ready for prime time
Update: I dropped Appigo ToDo since writing my original review and now use MS To Do exclusively due to its interoperability with MS Office Tasks. I still won’t increase my rating recommendation because MS has failed to improve features making it a real task manager. In addition to the shortcomings I’ve already mentioned there are bugs they just won’t fix. One such bug is that when completing a task the completion date (as seen in MS Office Tasks) is set to the day BEFORE the actual date. I reported this to MS but they don’t seem to care to fix it. For me, MS To Do is just not quite there. I have it installed on my phone and I’m glad to see MS is continuing to add basic features so I’m hoping it will progress to the usefulness I’m looking for. If one is looking for an app to just make check lists it would fine, but if one needs a real task manager it doesn’t do that very well like MS Office Tasks for desktop. Among other features, I want to be able to sort by multiple levels (e.g. due date, then priority, then subject) and similarly to be able to search and sort by categorized completed tasks for archival record keeping. Microsoft, keep improving and I’ll switch when you get there. In the meanwhile, I’ll use an old version of Appigo ToDo which does it all pretty well except they have dropped Syncing with Outlook from newer releases.
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3 years ago, mikedoitunes
So close to perfect! Needs location awareness/geofencing
The way this functions and performs has the robustness, flexibility, dependability and platform-agnosticism to be a reliable personal task manager. It provides enough structure so one doesn’t need to think too much about where things go, yet isn’t too rigid where you feel like you need to work around limitations/restrictions. Works the same across all devices. Has rich-enough detail to use as a quick notes inbox w/ photo and file attachment included. Easy to add subtasks. Has alert and due dates as separate fields for fine tuned notifications. The only thing that needs to be added is geofence-based notifications so one can schedule alerts to be triggered when leaving or reaching a designated location. It would be great if this could also be combined with the alert times too, so you could schedule an notification for when you leave work only after 5:00pm. This feature is available in Apple reminders, and that comes really close to To Do minus the native app availability on other platforms. Microsoft, if you’re reading this, y’all have made the ultimate free task management app, and it has significantly improved my life. If you can add the geolocation features that would make this app perfect!
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1 year ago, Welding_all_tips
Missing one feature
This is a great list organizer. Deserves all of the five stars. Having separate lists that can be time organized makes my job, volunteering, and personal life much easier to manage. Now that the planned tasks that fall on the current day automatically populate to the My Day list, it is even more easy to organize. I see that the engineers have the capability to create smart lists. The ONLY missing feature I see is the availability for users to organize their own smart lists. i.e. if I have the same word in multiple tasks and I created a keyword list that looked only for that word. I work in residential construction. I have my houses set as different lists. It would be great if I could create a smart/keyword list that looked across all the other lists for tasks that had the word plumber. Then I could have an organized list for everything I had to call the plumber for. Or if I set up inspection dates for separate houses, if some of them feel in the same day a keyword list for inspections would make it easier to organize to make just one call to schedule them.
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4 years ago, NB Unicorn
Tasks and Outlook
Hello - I love tasks, however it doesn’t community to email as I would like. It doesn’t allow me to create a note/task tied directly to an email. Every email that comes in has action items tied to it. So if we had the ability to add a Note/task to that email, it would help us focus on the actionable items of importance. If we open 100 emails a day, that’s a lot of action items. And if we wanted to prioritize those actions of importance, we need an organized way to see those actions. So the tasks would appear in 2 locations exactly the same. Duplicate. One on the task bar as it is today, and the other would appear as a icon of some sort on the email itself. Could you add an icon on the email options for “tasks/notes” with time and date stamps on them so we can get even more strategic on what we are completing first. Also, if we do get the option to create an action task for email, can that option also be made available for the mobile app. I try and work on my phone as often as I can however it’s not as efficient as the desktop applications.
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4 years ago, Karid73
Not bad but not good either
I am also a wunderlist fan trying to make the switch. The biggest frustration I have at the moment is when I’m making my grocery list. I always sorted on wunderlist with the importance or the star icon. And then I put the list in order from my routine in the store. I weekly shop for a family of 6 and it takes me about 45 mins with my list in order including driving time. However with this new app I can sort my list by importance but then they won’t let you reorder your items manually also. So when I cancel the sort list by importance it changes it to some other way of sorting. Instead of just leaving it in it’s previous sorted order but making it so I can make manual changes it changes the sorting order. I have no idea which order since I took off any kind of sorting. It’s very frustrating. So it looks like it’s impossible to put my shopping list in order of how I go through the store to make it quicker. Without first writing my list down and then transferring it to this app. When I don’t have my list in order my shopping trip takes quite a bit longer to complete. It’s so frustrating especially with this corona virus situation and me being in the high risk category as I’m expecting. Please update the app to make it more like wunderlist!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Dangggd
Feature requests below! App’s only for sharpshooters and
Hey does your team still take feature requests? Get the product owner over here! 1. I’m no iOS dev but consider allowing us to snap items to the bottom of a list by letting go anywhere in the space below the last list item. My lists are short, 7-8 items, likely even more. But it’s really annoying to drag an item down and miss the invisible space that it’s meant to slot in. I prefer not requiring a license as an elite sharpshooter to append items at the bottom. An MVP feature may be a fading border effect. i.e. I’d like to scroll down quickly and fling the last item to the bottom with less precision. 2. Here’s another innovative idea you should user test. What if you make your todo items more like a diary? Give me a calendar to review the things I’ve done the days before. Don’t make users input a time. Just automatically save the time for them. Only sequence matters, from first day’s task to the last thing they do. Maybe an innovation lab might be good for these ideas to research and test.
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2 years ago, ivypoolz
Fantastic App
I’ve been using this app for months now and it’s incredible. Many of the features included for free here you have to pay for with other to do list apps. Being able to set custom reminders is amazing — being able to set tasks to repeat at custom intervals is so helpful! I love that this is cross platform as well, so I can keep up with my tasks on my computer as well as my phone. I use this app to schedule my day to day life and it’s helped me manage my ADHD exponentially. I have some feature requests Ive wished for, but ultimately the positives outweigh what i wish it had. The repeating tasks combined with the overdue function is a bit odd, as if you miss a repeating task more then once it will duplicate the entire task. This makes using this app as a habit tracker very difficult, and I have to use a different one. Using the app for anything else is amazing though! Thanks for not messing this one up Microsoft 👍🏻
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5 years ago, Skiskull
Gets Cluttered Fast
This is like every other notepad app out there, meaning it does nothing helpful for how people put together real life task lists. I use my iPhone’s notepad with checkboxes, and manually update tasks for everything i do. Some are daily, some are long-term. So of course a real to do list app would be able to organize that right? And allow daily tasks to reoccur and be completed daily, alongside long-term ones. Well this app, like all the others, doesn’t. You can make tasks reoccur... but they won’t show up in ‘My Day’ by default. BUT after you complete one for the day (eg. Brush teeth), it’ll just reappear randomly in the list with subtext of ‘tomorrow’, which is beyond useless, beyond unintuitive or logical, and clutters the entire list. Then the whole ‘My Day’ feature gets pretty dumb if tasks can’t autopopulate there. All in all, giving Microsoft the responsibility to make something intuitive is always bound to fail, so this is really just like every other worthless, weakly supported, temporarily-named, overlapping functionality MS product out there. Win10’s, and to a lesser extent the Office suite is fine (necessary evils really, you can’t escape Windows or Office), but don’t let that fool you into thinking ANYTHING else they ever introduce in their ecosystem is useful or useable.
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2 years ago, Legopika1
Lost all my lists for no reason
I have no idea how or when this happened, recently I noticed that To-Do wouldn’t let me open the app without logging into my Microsoft account. I didn’t think much of it and just figured I’d been timed out or something. When I logged in I’m fairly certain my lists were all still there (again this was last week, so it’s blurry), but today when I opened the app, it has me signed into my Microsoft account at the top (which looks different, I don’t remember the app showing me my profile picture, it’s possible that it’s a different Microsoft account, but I only have this one, so idk what account my lists may actually be under; when I first downloaded the app I logged into one but I can’t remember why it wouldn’t be the same as the one I signed into it with last week). But now the app has no lists, whereas I had quite a few Ive been using for school and other personal notes and tasks. I really hope it’s not all lost, and that this is just a rectifiable error on my part. And actually, now that I remember, I have had the To-Do widget on my home page, and just yesterday it was showing me my lists, now it says I have nothing planned. Again, not sure what the issue here is, but I hope it can be fixed and I can recover my data!
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4 years ago, HeatherMDP
Not as Good as Wunderlist - Needs Improvement
I was a Wunderlist user for many, many years. When I upgraded to a new phone recently, I saw the notice that Wunderlist will be going away (sad face) and this will be its replacement. I was happy to be able to transfer all my lists easily to this new app. However, one of the biggest annoyances about this one is that I can’t manually rearrange my lists! It allows you to automatically arrange it by such things as alphabetically and importance (starred items). However, you can’t rearrange it further. For instance, if you have multiple items with stars, and you have the list sorted by importance, but you add a new starred item, it goes to the bottom of the starred items, and you can’t move it to the very top unless you change the entire order of all items (whether they are starred or not) by date of creation or something. But then, your starred items aren’t at the top anymore and are scattered throughout. This is sssooo annoying; it makes me not want to use this app at all. I want to be as loyal to this app as I was to Wunderlist. This is a big oversight in the design of this app. Until this is fixed, I can only give it 3 stars. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!
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4 years ago, Dust907601
I am so frustrated with Microsoft To Do! It has been extremely frustrating trying to import my lists to Microsoft To Do from Wunderlist. It will not store any of my image files within the app, but says I can import them onto my phone or computer as a file, which defeats the purpose of having a list for things that need files. For instance, I have a dietary food chart that I need to refer to frequently. The app does not allow for this due to the file size being too large. I enjoy making lists of gift ideas or future things I wish to order with a web site or image on my list. It will not allow for any of this, which has caused me to no longer have access to these lists. I did download these as a file but it is not in list form but just a mis mash list of images one after another. Also, another frustration is that when I simply wanted to invite my husband to share a grocery list with me, it ended up inviting a whole group of my contacts that were added automatically somehow. I miss the ease of Wunderlist and hope that Microsoft can update this app to make it at least as good as Wunderlist was.
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2 years ago, Dr. Jebediah
Great app + Improvements
I use Microsoft To Do regularly to track tasks. It has all the features you would expect for a task tracker - scheduled dates, reminders, recurring tasks, etc. You can also add tasks to “My Day” to make a list of what you want to do today, which is very helpful for me. The app will even give you suggestions what to add to My Day based on scheduled date, which is great. Plus the app syncs with the desktop version in Outlook! In the past I recommended an improvement to the app, to allow us to skip a recurring task if it was missed. Well, now that feature exists! When you open a task, you can skip to current task if there are past recurrences that you didn’t complete. In Outlook it was already possible to skip a recurring task, so not having that option in the app was a bummer. I’m happy to see that Microsoft is listening to feedback and making improvements to their apps! :)
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4 years ago, billy'n'holly
Merely populates iPhone Reminders
I’ll give this app 2-stars because it doesn’t crash ... but seriously, why would anyone WANT to quit using the superior Wunderlist for this half-effort? Any item you create is stored in the iPhone Reminders as a to-do, but neither scheduled nor shared with associates. Items are not entered by default with a due date, and even if you do add a due or reminder date, they’ll disappear from “today” and don’t carry over to tomorrow, so you must manually add any tasks from a single list of ALL tasks. If you mark an item with a star ... well that’s meaningless. And should you open your iPhone Reminders, you’ll find 100’s of stored there, thereby making simple reminders (like “go to bed”) lost amongst the work tasks that didn’t require being spammed through the Reminders app, not to mention now your to-do of “turn in report” has the same unimportant notification appearance, sound, and limited snooze options as “pick up kids from school”. Utterly worthless and a lesson for how to drive away millions of customers so an app exists solely to have O365 but without any of Wunderlist’s functionality. What a waste.
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4 years ago, ABerry83
Missing the “PRINT LIST” feature! Frustrated...
I am a Wunderlist user who (like many many others) was forced to migrate to Microsoft To Do. I had for years used Wunderlist’s “PRINT LIST” option which allows me to print about a dozen or so weekly cleaning and chore lists for around the house DIRECTLY from my iPhone via AirPrint and send all my checklists to my home printer wirelessly—complete with indented tasks, sub-tasks, task notes, page numbers, neatly organized checkboxes next to each item, and even a proper header and footer with the date my list was printed, etc.; however, this same option to print is NOT available in Microsoft To Do which is very frustrating since I have use this feature on a weekly basis for years now. I had spent a significant amount of time creating detailed lists for other things such as an “RV Checklist” and others. Now, since we are forced to move away from Wunderlist to the lessor Microsoft To Do app, I will have to spend time finding and migrating again over to another better app that allows me a simple option to directly print my lists from my iPhone via AirPrint straight to my networked home printer.
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2 months ago, GrantTG92
Crashes frequently
Crashes 1-2x/day minimum, usually within a minute or two of opening the app if I haven’t opened it in a few hours. Always happens when I’m editing a task which is very annoying since the changes aren’t saved when it crashes. Slows down entire iOS until I kill the app after the crash. I would give the app 5-stars if it didn’t crash, but constant crashes mean I can’t even give the app a 3-star “meets expectations” if the app isn’t properly functional. …and of course, it’s a Microsoft product, so we’re all just spinning our wheels writing these reviews. Microsoft is too big to fail and doesn’t care about this. Just look at their support forums for Windows OS. You can never get a response from actual MS Support and good luck getting a human on the phone if you try to call them. All they will do is try to upsell you a support package. I’m writing this review NOT in the hopes that Microsoft fixes it, because realistically they won’t, but to let other potential users know about the frustrations they’ll likely experience if they download the app.
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2 years ago, IfYouCanReadThis
An Incredible Tool for Everything
My list of lists goes on and on….This is the most helpful app that I own and the one that I refer to many times a day- I keep my grocery list shared with my partner on it which allows us to add things whenever we think of them even if the other person is at the store. I keep household upkeep lists on it, I keep work lists by department and small things that I need to follow up on it, I keep a list of gift ideas on it for when I hear a friend or family member mention or compliment something so I have ideas in mind at the holiday season, I use it to create lists of questions for when I visit the Dr. office so that I can be organized and not forget something important- and to take notes about their responses. I use it for lists of book recommendations and create lists to help me remember the names of neighbors who I may not see as often. etc etc etc
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1 year ago, redneckteck
The switch
Well I also had a difficult time after Wunderlist. But with the updates and my persistent efforts I got ToDo to work close to Wunderlist in fact with a little more options. I was very frustrated to begin with but very satisfied now in fact more so. Even got my daughter who used Wunderlist set up like mine and she to is satisfied with it now. It was a long haul to get it working. I don’t read instructions I play till it’s what I want. Now that I have had To Do since it was first introduction I love it. I have many stores with lists for shopping items on each. I also use it for reminders. Love the way it lists separately the stores and items for each I shopping at more than one store. When I complete each item at each store I just tap and it returns to my list for that store so don’t have to keep adding. You can also use it for appointments. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, panic at the school
life saver
i absolutely love this app. i’m a full time student and i love that i can assign due dates to specific tasks and add sub-tasks to items and stuff, it’s all so intricate and keeps me super organized. i am obsessed with it lol i have just one recommendation, i don’t know if staff reads these reviews looking for recommendations, but if so.. it would be a nice touch if we could toggle to a calendar view for planned tasks so that we can see them by month! the only reason i still have a physical calendar is that i like to add my major events (exams, lab dates, etc) to a month-view calendar. if this were built in to my to-do app, it would be super convenient because i wouldn’t have to take the time to write everything in! i’m imagining like a calendar view with little numbers on each day based on how many things are set to be due that day, maybe even a little star if one of the items is also in the “important” list, i dunno. i think it would make everything a bit more neat & digestible for people who like looking at stuff by month. anyway, that’s the only criticism i have! and it’s not really even criticism, just an idea i had a little while ago and then found myself fantasizing about 😂 that’s when you know you’re really insane, you fantasize about your favorite to-do list app having a calendar view…
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4 years ago, Etta1975
Missing a few things
Over all good app but there are a few things it’s missing that other apps have. I make a list of “todo” and if I don’t get to one task it sits there in past waiting for me to click it. I e seen other apps where it will move to current day if task isn’t complete which will continue my repeat task and I’m not having to go back to click off each thing I didn’t do from past days before it will show up in current to do’s. Also I make a list for groceries, though it will cross the grocery products off when I click them I have seen other apps that you have the option to see it crossed off or completely removed from the list. I like seeing the things removed and this app doesn’t have that feature. Over all I will use the app but I still have to use other apps with this one. I would like a “one app does all” so I can delete other apps
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3 years ago, Argh iTunes and gimlet
Microsoft suspended my account for no reason. Leaving me without access to my list.
Wunderlist shutdown, like 2 years ago? I couldn’t bring myself to switch to the new Microsoft todo app, and continued using wunderlist without sync access. Well finally yesterday I needed to sync with other people, so I gave in, installed the app, and created a dreaded Microsoft live account. I spent 3 hours transferring things over, organizing, and coming up with new tasks with my wife for our upcoming huge trip. Then today happened. I tried opening the app to add something to my list, and boom! No more account. It’s been suspended for TOS violations. Huh? It’s a brand new account which I just verified yesterday. I tried going through the recovery process. Nope. They don’t like any of the phone numbers I gave them to recover. I contacted support. Nope. They can’t do anything other than walk me through same thing as website. My todo list is gone. I can’t even access a local copy of it. F Microsoft. They ruin everything they touch. I uninstalled it and will now find an alternative…. Then waste another afternoon rebuilding everything.
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5 years ago, Dang Hazelnut
Serves its purpose
My husband and I have been looking for an app that accommodates to our meal-planning. This one is by far the best due to a simple user interface, convenient checklist, uncomplicated tools, and online account integration. Although what we use is very different than what this app is intended for, it’s exactly what we need. We are removing one star because we find it difficult to retype all the entries for other lists. Having a copy-and-paste feature would be wonderful. Another feature we would like to see is an option to set which page is defaulted when opening the app. Right now, it’s “My Day” and we would like to be able to see the entire list page when we open the app. Lastly, we would love to see an expanded collection of colors and themes. Heck, I would love for it to be completely customizable where we can select photos from our camera roll. Looking forward to what the future updates this app has to offer!
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4 years ago, •CiCi•
Almost five stars...
This app is really nice for lots of reasons. One of these is, it's completely free! Which is super nice because I tried to find other planner apps however you HAD to get premium on all of them which made me really upset. Also, with this app, you can create a custom repeat unlike other apps where you can only repeat daily or weekly etc. I also really enjoy how organized it is. It's great for multiple things like, goal tracking, to do, school work, and much more! I didn't give it five stars because, 1. I was really hoping that I would be able to make the tasks diffrent colors or diffrent fonts not that this is totally important but I think it would make it more enjoyable for me. And 2. When you get into the app you have to long into your Microsoft account. Which isn't a big deal however, I did not have one before so it was a very long process to create one. 3. You cant use your personal photos as the theme background.
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2 months ago, A_turnip
If you’re not using this app, you should be
I’ve been using To Do for years now, after trying nearly every other competing list app out there. This one isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn close. Integrates nigh seamlessly with Outlook. Feature rich. Downright life changing. If you’re still carefully rewriting the unchecked items on your list to a fresh page in a college-ruled spiral notebook (like I did for decades), do yourself a favor and transpose that thing right into To Do. It’ll be in your pocket and at your immediate fingertips from now on. The ding it makes when you mark a task complete is almost as crossing off a paper list (and it keeps records of these). Seriously, use this for a few months and you’ll be gushing about it to all your friends and colleagues. You’ll wonder how you ever functioned before. Trust me, you’ll dig it, or your money back (LOL it’s free).
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3 years ago, ItsPavlo
Simple and effective
I don’t normally leave reviews but hopefully this can help someone like me, who has trouble staying organized and planning things if they aren’t written down. I much prefer pen and paper, but in today’s digital age it’s not realistic to always have both on hand and easily accessible. First of all, I’ve tried so many different task apps over the years (both paid and free) and I’m so happy to have finally settled on this one. The interface is very simple; you just type and press enter and your task is set. Additionally, you may opt to set reminders and due dates, either at time of writing or later. My favorite feature is the Siri compatibility, so I can always add things even if I can’t type at that moment. Next, this app wins because I no longer have to browse through a bunch of different lists and categories to see what needs to be done urgently; I can see exactly what needs to be done today, next week, and next month. I can also see what doesn’t have a due date, and one can be assigned later. The ability to sort by lists and urgency simultaneously is phenomenal. Finally, I only use Apple products and this syncs flawlessly across my iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and MacBook. Overall, this app does wonders for my productivity. Keep it simple!
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6 years ago, Grogboshi
This app and its web counterpart need a lot more work. It would be great if they combined it with Outlook Tasks and Planner into a single task management system, akin to Todoist. The app needs natural language support, a desktop Mac client, tie-ins with Teams to create tasks and projects directly from Teams, and tasks dated for today need to be automatically added to My Day so everything due in a given day is all in one place, rather than looking from list to list. It would also be great if it had a general Inbox to add tasks to as they come to mind and then organize later, like GTD prescribes. List sharing would be another big boost, especially for businesses if it’s linked to Teams, so that projects could be organized through ToDo and tasks managed. Apps like TickTick or Todoist show how powerful task management systems can also be easy to use and good for both individuals and businesses. Hopefully this app will follow in their footsteps and replace the myriad Microsoft task and project management options that currently exist (Outlook Tasks, Planner, To-Do), like Microsoft is doing consolidating Lync, Skype, and Teams.
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4 years ago, jpgeorge
Nice but feels unfinished (unlike Wunderlist)
TLDR: I think I can’t appreciate this app because I basically want it to be Wunderlist - and it’s not. Details: I’m another old Wunderlist user (since 2014) and I was forced to find a new app since Wunderlist is getting the real boot this year. I liked To do at first, but I’ve slowly grown to dislike it. It is not a smooth, solid app like Wunderlist. It glitches often - especially on the Mac. I couldn’t get used it’s “My Day” philosophy: having to pick tasks every day even though I’d set tasks for that day in the past. Just feels like an extra step, and I couldn’t quite get how it’s supposed to work with my tasks for which I’d set scheduled due dates. It has a “planned” view but it just doesn’t feel righ. And I cannot understand why they don’t have comments like Wunderlist did - that was very useful for track progress on tasks. So I’m going to have to find something else unfortunately. I really wanted to like this app, but it just doesn’t fill in the space left by Wunderlist.
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6 years ago, middlenameray
Steps are headed in the right direction but…
With the addition of steps/subtasks, we’re definitely getting closer to this app replicating the full functionality Wunderlist (need folders and shared notes support to make it complete). But there’s a weird glitch in the app and the steps keep disappearing/reappearing. Sometimes they show, sometimes they don’t. The first time I reopened the app after creating some steps on one of my to-dos I thought they didn’t take, so I added them again, then they vanished again on another reload, so I added them again. Turns out, when I opened the To-Do web client, the original steps I added and ALL the duplicate entries saved to the cloud like they were supposed to but don’t always populate on screen on the phone. What a productivity nightmare. Add a new step? They all appear again. Rearrange the to-dos? Disappear. If this bug can be squashed I’ll give the app a fourth star. I’ll be screenshotting any to-dos with steps in the meantime so I can be sure I can reference them when I’m on the go.
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5 years ago, millerrh
UI is phenomenal - but a couple huge complaints
This redesign is nearly perfect. I love the design so much more than Wunderlist. But it is missing a few key features that make it hard to use for me. 1) There are no notification bubbles that appear when a task is overdue like on Wunderlist. I used this feature all the time for recurring tasks that I want out of my way but to be reminded of when it is time to do them. These overdue tasks should be automatically populated in My Day and you should be notified of them. Or at least have the option to. 2) When viewing tasks in My Day or Important, they are all lumped together. If you have multiple projects, it can get disorienting. I prefer the way Wunderlist did it where you can see tasks grouped by the project/list they came from. Helps to organize these lists that pull from multiple projects better.
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4 years ago, GybeTack
Lovely, except for sorting options
I switched to this app because my gTasks Pro app has become too slow at syncing (it syncs via Google tasks). I like the features and interface on Microsoft ToDo, and the syncing is lightning fast. A major problem, however, is the lack of flexibility in sorting. gTasks allows you to sort manually, which is highly effective. With Microsoft ToDo if I want to sort, for example, by “Importance”, and then have the tasks move to the bottom of the list when marked “Complete”, I’m out of luck. As a result, the list quickly becomes cluttered with completed tasks (if I sort by completed tasks the remaining uncompleted tasks have no sort order). I can manually drag a task anywhere I like, but it snaps back to it’s original location immediately. I’ve ended up going back to gTasks Pro for longer lists, and using this app for short lists only. It would be a 5 star app of the sorting option gets enhanced.
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6 years ago, Unparadise
Over designed
I like the improvement I have seen in the past few months. I think Todo is heading the right direction. There are a few features such as assign to someone and attach photos to a note that are still missing. And it doesn’t do a good job integrating with other Microsoft services such as Outlook and Flow. But I hope these will be added along the way. One thing I strongly dislike about this app is it’s unnecessary big visual background that takes up 1/3 of the screen. Even though it goes away after scrolling its uneconomical use of limited real estate on the phone makes me hate it. A todo app should focus on what the user tries to accomplish and reduce every possible noise. I love the Things app for its simple design. It’s just so beautiful. You can feel that everything shown on the screen is intentional with a purpose. The original Wunderlist design was also really good for the same reason. Please offer the option to remove the annoying title background. I hate it! Thanks
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1 year ago, guesswho!!
Great App, some suggestions for improvement
I am using this App since many years (even before it was bought by Microsoft and was still the Wunderlist App). I use it EVERY day for work and in my private life. I honestly can‘t imagine organizing my stuff without it anymore. Really thankful to have it. It provides so many opportunities and syncing between different devices and people is a big plus. As a frequent user I have some items to report that could be improved. Please see list below. 1) There is no way to sort the sub-steps that are within the larger to does. A function for that would be most helpful (sorting options should be: alphabetically, most recently used, most recently added). 2) My partner and I never figured out under which circumstances the App shows only the unchecked sub-steps or all (i.e., checked and unchecked). We are both quite experienced in IT, so I am optimistic we did not miss a system setting. It would be really great if this function (show only unchecked and show all) would be added for the sub-steps. At the moment it appears randomly and we have no idea how to turn it on or off aside from removing the App from the cache and re-opening it. 3) There seems to be no easy way to copy/paste to does between lists or duplicate lists (and sub-lists). Thanks for considering
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4 years ago, GrooverKing
You just broke it! You changed the basic functionality from REPETITIVE list to ONE-OFF
The latest up(down?)date removed the ability to SHOW ALL items together and SORT the list while selecting items. This capability was a huge improvement over Wunderlist and was the only reason we switched. We use To Do for groceries. The list is over a hundred items because we buy the same stuff again and again. Using the completed list, we just find and uncheck what we are out of instead of tediously typing it in each time. Before this update, ‘Show Completed’ items mixed the two lists, in alpha order and we could quickly find items to add, stuff we forgot but need, and stuff added twice! The latest update ruined that functionality, and now it takes longer to make a list than just sending a text. The ‘Completed’ list is now randomly arranged, and can’t be sorted. Please restore the combined sort capability as an option for users who need a shareable list of REPETITIVE items, like grocery lists or household tasks or weekly agendas or repair parts.......
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3 years ago, MikeScam
Love the app but…….
I love the Microsoft To-Do app. I love the integration into Outlook Tasks. I love the seamless transfer from the desktop app to mobile and back. I love the availability of switching between accounts (easily) while using the desktop app on my windows 10 PC. That’s where the “But” comes in. I do not like the fact that you cannot switch between accounts on iOS devices without signing out then signing back in. I was hoping this would be fixed/changed with an app update but it’s been a while now (and several app updates) with no change. If the iOS version of the Microsoft To-Do app would allow for easy switching between accounts (like the desktop app allows) it would be perfect. I’m sure I’m not the only person who would like to see this feature hit iOS devices.
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1 year ago, artlife1
My favorite task app at the moment!
I missed Wunderlist but ToDo is on par now. It’s my favorite way of organizing my todos. I don’t have a lot of “projects” that Todoist forces me into. Nor am I walled into Apple like I am with Things. ToDo is everywhere but it just deals in lists which is enough for me. If you need project management this is not the app for you. With ToDo each morning I get suggestions about what to do today and I pick the ones to do today and they go into My Day. Easy. Then I can star some of those to focus on and see them in my Important smart list. Easy again. That’s it. I like being able to focus on just one or two tasks at a time instead of always having to stare at a long list. The interface is lovely but…it’s missing a big + sign for quick entry. It also would benefit greatly from direct integration with OneNote notes. ToDo also needs a dedicated Apple Watch app.
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6 years ago, Kaspa7
Missing One Critical Feature!!
I love the simple yet pretty layout of this app, and I love that I can create different categories (work, school, personal) while having a “My Day” area that shows me ALL tasks that I need to complete that day. Beautiful! HOWEVER, any task you put a due date on does NOT automatically show up in My Day once that day arrives! So even if I put a task as “due tomorrow”, once tomorrow comes it will not show up in My Day. So basically every single morning I have to go through my various lists and add tasks manually to My Day. The whole point of having a due date for me is to “set it and forget it”. It’s too exhausting to add each task manually every day. Doesn’t it make sense that if a task is DUE TODAY that it should appear in the MY DAY folder? Drives me crazy!! I also wish it would have a badge app icon showing me how many tasks are on My Day for the day, so I can have a quick glance just from the home screen of how many tasks I still have to complete that day.
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3 years ago, AmyR1101
Beautiful Simplicity
This app is honestly really great. A big problem I have as a major procrastinator is convincing myself I’m working hard by spending tons of time adjusting all the millions of features Todoist and Clickup and other full-featured todo apps have. Microsoft Todo is simple, but not to the point of annoyance. The UI is great, it syncs across devices, it’s free, it has basically all the simple necessities like setting dates for assignments and notifications - and, like I said, it’s totally free, no waving around massive discounts and upgrade signs every time you open the freaking app. It just works. The one thing I wish would be added would be being able to set a time when the todo needs to be completed, being able to add multiple notifications, and maybe more themes/colors. Other than that, it’s great.
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6 years ago, cierrabrooke
Improving, update by update
To-Do has definitely improved from my first download a year ago, but there are still key features that keep me with Wunderlist (app/company was acquired by Microsoft and that team now works on To-Do). Pros of To-Do that have me looking forward to a move from Wunderlist: - Dropped the skeuomorphic design - Has Wunderlist import feature (some reviews say this is still a little buggy) - The font is clean and visually pleasing Features Wunderlist has that To-Do still needs: - Folders and nesting for lists: I prefer to break out different projects and responsibilities within my work list - Option for a scrolling calendar wheel, or the ability to have weeks start on Monday, not Sunday when setting task due dates. I’m fine with the “Pick a date” calendar option, but I would SO prefer the ability to have this calendar have Mondays to start weeks. I’ve been able to do this in Outlook, so I know you can add this feature 😊 - Ability to update profile photo: Currently cannot update the standard avatar - Variety of neutral backgrounds: With To-Do, the background of the “Important” list cannot be altered. For now it’s an uneditable purple space telescope theme. I tried to swap every list to be a plain neutral blue with no cartoon drawings. Some people may love the cartoons, but I need more neutral color options and just want to focus on my to dos, especially the ones I’ve noted are most important!
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4 years ago, fluffyinsomniac
Leave it to Microsoft to Fix what wasn’t broken
I’m a longtime user of Wunderlist, with good reason. When I found out that Microsoft bought my favorite app, I was concerned, but decided to check it out. And I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to work similarly to Wunderlist. The import was a bit spotty, but nothing too terrible. So after using the new app and filling numerous lists, I got complacent. Bad thing to do. I went in to check on my grocery list, and got sent to the day’s tasks. I tried to click on my Tuesday list, and got sent to the Day’s tasks. No matter what list I tried to click on, I got sent to the same list over and over. It appears I’ve lost all my information. Needless to say, I’ll be going back to Wunderlist until I can find an app that won’t screw things up royally.
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1 month ago, Kan12235
Too many basic features missing
I am surprised that this app in the whole sophisticated Microsoft suite is so sub-par and there is little love from the development team Basic functionalities are missing such as 1) I can’t defer any tasks. I can create reminders but deferred tasks still show up and there is not way to filter them out 2) the categories in outlook are basically useless. This would be a nice way to create structure (e.g. for GTD) but they only work on the browser version and not in the app (and this has been going on for a long time now - not sure what the complexity here is). 3) The app doesn’t really have any shortcuts for quick entries (e.g like things or Omnifocus). 4) there is no section for deleted tasks. Once deleted it disappears in the ether. So my trust level is very low in the system (did I accentidally delete something?). On the upside, the integration with teams or mail is improving. But still - I am disappointed and unfortunately forced to use it at work
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4 years ago, The Smitten Kitten
Buggy still
A great start and I’m happy so far. I used to be an avid user of Astrid and Wunderlist, and have been pretty frustrated these good apps keep getting bought by mega corporations. (Yahoo and Microsoft) For this app, there are some bugs and quirky behaviors that are frustrating. I migrated from Wunderlist and these weren’t issues before. Some example below: - The weekly recurring tasks don’t work. Just try it. If I set it for Friday, it somehow labels it as “Thu, Fri”. Is it a time zone issue? I’m in ET. - The sorting doesn’t work well. As we could in Wunderlist or even Excel, a sort order should not lock the list. We should still be able to move items around. Imagine a use case, where I want the list to be first sorted by items in the order they were created...then I want to reorder some items to appear on top. Not possible right now. We just end up having a jumbled mess. - When you inadvertently check off an item, it’s almost impossible to find it to uncheck it if you had Completed Items hidden. In Wunderlist, when a task is completed, it gets sent to the bottom and they are sorted in the order which they were completed. Now not anymore. It’s jumbled elsewhere and due to the weird sorting behavior (mentioned above), I can’t find it. - No easy way to purge completed items? This should be a setting. I had hundreds maybe thousands in some lists, and I had to manually delete each one. (I had to because I felt the app was slow.)
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4 years ago, msnellgrove
Can be frustrating to use
I used Wunderlist to keep running meal plans and a grocery list. I switched over to To Do when they emailed us about phasing out the app. Since using to do, I have been annoyed with the “show completed tasks” feature. It’s easy to accidentally check off an item that you haven’t completed. In Wunderlist, I could quickly figure out what I clicked by accident, because it kept the crossed off item in the same location in the list (showed it in it’s original location with the uncompleted tasks still there). In to do, if you say to show completed tasks, it pulls them up in a totally different order... like a running list of completed to do’s. There is no way for me to figure out which one I just removed from my list by mistake. My app is also freezing up when I say “hide completed tasks”. It won’t go back to my list. I have to shut the app down and reopen it. When scrolling sometimes the app thinks I’ve selected a task and moves it... I understand the desire to rearrange items, but I would rather that be a separate menu or something. I make my grocery list in an order to begin with. I don’t want that order changed because I’m scrolling. Maybe include an edit option that allows you to move items, but make items stay put unless you specifically tap the dot to check them off. Too much happens by accident!
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11 months ago, 15 vs 5
Great app
I love this app as it keeps me very organized however I wish two things were different! 1: I wish that on the “my day” tab I could change the order of an individual task. I like to lay them out in the order I want to complete them and sometimes I want to change the order of tasks but the app only allows you to change the entire list rather than one at a time. 2: I wish that there was another tab I could add to that had every hour of the day like a planner. I would love to be able to plan out my day by the hour and be allowed to add multiple tasks under each hour rather than just setting a due date at a specific time. The best way I have found to this is by making a list that has numbers listed 1,2,3… and then adding my tasks into the notes but it gets tedious to do this everyday.
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3 years ago, Time to Sew
A disaster
I loved the To Do app. I used it first when it was just Wunderlist. Then one day it would not allow me to log in on my computer. I changed the password so that I could log in, but then it would not allow me to log in on my phone with the new password! I over a thousand lines of text in that app. I called Microsoft support to see if they could solve my problem, but they just told me that they had no such app and had never heard of it and that I had to call the developer. The way I finally solved the problem—if you could call it a solution—was to screenshot all 68 pages of lists for safe keeping. Then, since I had access only on my computer, I started copying every line to Reminders on my iPhone instead. It has been two months now, and I have only had time to transfer three or four lists to reminders. These lists included notes to myself about starting my own business, and it would be a tremendous loss to lose this information. I will never use a second party list app again! I wish I could give it a negative 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Jessesaint
could be better
A lot simpler and easier to use than OneNote for task, however I'd really like the option to hide "my day". I have zero interest in using it and would much rather have the mobile and desktop app's open into my first tab/ group. Please, it's always in the way and extremely annoying. Like OneNote, both apps need a trash can/ recently deleted, it's extremely careless for the developers not to include one as I've lost a few well-written notes over this non-including of an EXTREMELY important feature. Not even an undo option, issues with shake to undo, really??? At least To Do has an "are you sure you want to delete?", but it's not enough. Also can't figure out how to delete unintentional created groups in the mobile app, only on the desktop app... Okay? All around it's better then what's out there, just a few tedious important features missing for me to give it a complete five stars. also I don't know what your problem is, but if I take my time to drag and drop something it would be great if you didn't make it JUMP BACK TO THE END.
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