Microsoft Translator

4.8 (161.7K)
29.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Translator

4.75 out of 5
161.7K Ratings
1 year ago, #LanguageLearner
The best I have found for a large group conversation
I have been using this app for a number of years and it always did an adequate job of bi-directional translation to help me as I learned Spanish. About a month ago I discovered the Group Conversation functionality and it has been a complete game-changer. I teach ESL classes to a diverse audience with five languages present and it initially did not look like it would be possible to have a multi-language class. The Group Conversation allows everyone to hear in their original language as they learn new material and then we can all practice in English. I have been able to use it in four class sessions so far and after working out some initial kinks, it works great. The only thing I would ask for from Microsoft at this point is better written installation and set up procedures. Initial setup with a large class is cumbersome but I am not going to rate this lower than five-stars for that piece. The functionality rocks. Well done. Update: One feature that has been changed in the new version is the removal of the two buttons in conversation mode, one for each language. It is now only auto-detect. This has not worked as well as having two buttons when it comes to accuracy. I prefer the option for either method, like it used to be.
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5 months ago, Lego Damashii
Update! Delete History!
Update Jan 2024: The ability to delete your translation history is finally added! Split screen is back, sizable, and rotatable! Good user interface improvements and better options in settings! Nice update, guys! Two bugs I found: #1: I can’t get auto-speak translations to work. #2: In split-screen mode, both user microphones are on my side of the screen. One should be on the other person’s side. hopefully these will be fixed soon. March 2023: I really like the new ability to tap the microphone and have it continuously translate, without it shutting off the microphone every time the speaker pauses. That said, the split screen option should also still be available, as it is not practical to explain to someone speaking a different language that they should download the app and initiate conversation mode on their own phone. It’s a good feature, but should be optional, not mandatory! Also, please add back in the ability to delete all history at once. I do not wish to individually delete hundreds of translated messages. [UPDATE: Devs say this will be added back in] Also, there should be a way to do one-way translations. Sometimes the app incorrectly hears Japanese language as English, and tries to translate it into Japanese!
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2 years ago, lugvvkdixkssnz
Quality app should charge for it.
I use it to find characters left out of the 2nd addition Collins while translating the other…. Well I will keep that to my self… though it all started with a Websters for 7 dollars ever English speaking person should buy and start at “letter” the problem with the binding in the 2 simpler books is an issue I may need to buy them twice. This app can do much more than the two books. But I enjoy the ancient characters considering the keyboard can distinguish them better. The knew characters are PC but the old characters are better at guiding. This program recognizes both and uses a slightly different font to help recognition of characters one may find on on the street as a business owners personal touch. One time I was looking up characters in mandarin to see how it was said they surprised me with a addition to it that only a teacher would say. The attributes of one’s hand weighting may account for the inability to compute a translation for my personal righting but the “cost accountant” probably said hold on that.
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1 year ago, El d'maré
The Imploding App!!!’
This was my go to translator app, I raved about it, but I just received an update yesterday and it is absolute crap now. It’s not even the same app, everything is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! It’s not as easy to use now and I can’t copy and paste the translation like I used to. I used to be able to communicate with my friends by copying translated messages and texting them, amazing, but apparently that was too convenient and made way too much sense, so Microsoft, as usual, had to change everything and ruin a great piece of software, and why? Didn’t it take you guys a lot of time and money to build the previous version m? Anyway translations can no longer be copy/pasted now. Too add to the devastation the app used to have a split screen that you could just talk into your phone and it would translate it facing the other person, amazing idea, the best I’d ever seen, but Microsoft being Microsoft, had to change that too. Why?!?! I’m just glad I don’t drive a Microsoft car or the steering wheel would probably change from side to side annually. Just when you learn to use the software they change it. I don’t even know what this company is thinking anymore, not much, apparently. Honestly I think they just F stuff up to look busy and keep their jobs. I’m downloading my new translator app right now. Don’t even bother with this one. It’s a shadow of its former glory.
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4 years ago, Thisisnotakid
Probably not the fairest review...
I just got this ten minutes ago, but I want to say how good it is. I also got another translator where most features are paid for by subscription (which I probably won’t do because I don’t travel), but this Microsoft app is totally free and no ads or in app purchases, including the camera scan option!! I can’t say much else because I just got it, but from what I’ve seen, it’s terrific. And I previously had another app that also had limited translations and so on... The thing I find annoying (and yet I understand) is the Monthly part of subscriptions. I’m fine to pay just once like seven dollars or whatever, but the fact that it costs monthly (even when you don’t use it and its hard to unsubscribe) is what makes me avoid it. At the same time I get it, they got to make money to improve translation. I would if I used it more... but this one is fine because its free and Microsoft can and does afford it. If they can’t you could switch to Google but I don’t like it as much...
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6 years ago, Zareview
Better than Google Translator
I moved to Switzerland and I used to use google translator for everything since it had image translation feature that came very handy when in restaurants, or in streets. However, after using Microsoft translator, I never went back to Google app. First off, MS translator does much better job of pronouncing the words or a phrase by slowing it down for each retry. Secondly, when translating through image capture, it puts the words in the original image. Google and other translators bunch them all up in an unformatted paragraph which make it unclear where a sentence ends or starts. Very nice work by MS. The only improvement I would recommend is to have the landscape feature work. Currently, everything must be in portrait.
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7 months ago, DrScottWatkins
The service is good but this app needs work
Edit: this app has got better and worse. The problems with dark mode have been fixed. However, the big issue now is that this service has become very unreliable. The conversation is regularly ended prematurely by the server. To be clear, the app is not crashing, my browser (on which I also join) is not crashing. The meeting is being ended at the server side. It has got much worse over the last 6 months. In today's 2 hour meeting it ended the meeting 4 times. Each time I had to start a new session. I use Microsoft Translator on my desktop regularly and it’s great. However, this app has a few flaws. Firstly, with my iPad in dark mode it is extremely hard to see the text I type. Next, the app has not been written to function side-by-side with another app on an iPad. That feature was introduced years ago. Finally, and most significantly, if you temporarily toggle into another app this app closes the conversation and you lose everything. I’m on an M1-powered iPad Pro. This is a supercomputer. This app shouldn’t have any memory problems on such a device, it should be able to stay open and in the conversation in the background while I toggle to another app.
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4 years ago, I'm_a_Christian
Issues with Some Languages, and Multiple Missing
Whenever I translate to and from Hebrew (true example), the punctuation gets completely messed up. Oftentimes I’ll hit the double arrows button to translate the results back to English to check. Whenever this happens (and this issue has improved some over time with updates), if there was a period at the end, one magically appears at the beginning as well, and so on with question marks, exclamation points, etc. (though not with commas). Also, several words in both Hebrew and other languages aren’t recognized and make radical transformations, including both common and proper nouns. In one incident, I repeatedly tried to translate a sentence containing “Galilee” (a region in northern Israel), and when I checked, “Galilee” had become “the cylinder!” I tried over and over with the same results. These were not the only times there was a glitch in the system, leading me to distrust Microsoft Translator with languages other than the Romance Languages (Spanish, French, etc.), with which I encountered much less error.
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7 months ago, Cu_STOMER
Trash New update and UX is harder to use than previous version
I thoroughly dislike this new update they made 9 months ago. The app is actually harder to use and less seamless than it was before. The app no longer translates as you type and If you accidentally mistype a word or sentence, you have to rewrite the entire thing over again! Switching between languages is actually more difficult and it no longer gives you similar words/ multiple translations for the same word. Some default translations provided aren’t what is used in conversations, so the feature that showed multiple ways of saying a word was actually really useful. You also can’t change the reading speed for translated text anymore. These were not issues in the previous version. How can you call it a new and improved version when it’s more trash than the last?? I used to love this app but it’s gone completely downhill. They just removed all the features that made it awesome to use. I’m extremely disappointed and am deleting it. Would not recommend this app anymore.
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1 year ago, Himalayan Hiker
The update killed it
Once again Microsoft can’t leave a good thing alone. The most recent update took away all the best features, like being able to copy/paste and especially, especially the split screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH?!? I also noticed the font size on the translations, especially for language like Hindi or Korean, is smaller makes the translation very hard to users to read. I depended on this app when traveling through Italy, India, and Greece and have used it religiously for years now. It took away all the stress of being stranded in areas where little English was spoken. I needed it when I found myself in the emergency room in Croatia, and had no one to help me explain my problem and fill out the paperwork. I would have been lost without it. The split screen is so helpful when shopping or even renting a car. I’m sick to have to delete it and hopefully find something similar. Didn’t you all do any user research before you updated???
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6 years ago, Wbarras
Just what I have been searching for
Just downloaded this app. I have been playing with it all afternoon. We are planing a trip to Japan in the fall. I have been thinking of purchasing one of those hand held voice translators. I have been reading reviews and looking at all manor of voice translators for months. Hand held and earbud translators range anywhere from $100 to as much as $400+. Well.....this app seems to have everything I have been looking for in a voice translator. All in an app on my iPhone 8. An additional plus is I wont have to carry my phone AND a separate voice translators. And the basic is FREE! I gave 4 stars because I haven’t had a chance you use this application while traveling. I have a feeling it will rate the five stars plus!
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3 months ago, jsaxis
Look no further
It’s the best one out of all the ones offering the same thing. I tested all of them on free trial prior to attending a lecture in Madrid (in Spanish) — I had to consume information live, fast, and clearly. This app was the only one that was reliable. It recognizes paragraph breaks in speech to feed you one point conveyed at a time in an ingestible feed. I showed the lecturer and the staff: they were all impressed and said “that’s all correct”. It also saves history. I’m sticking with this one. Forget the others asking for money just to offer very little — especially jn comparison to this app.
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2 years ago, Kylejgordon23
Don't rely on Mandarin Phrasebook
I downloaded this app because I’m learning Cantonese and it's one of the few translators that support it. I’m really happy to see Microsoft recognizing Canto and making resources available for learners. That being said, I went through the mandarin phrase book out of curiosity, and there are many, MANY errors. For those familiar, it literally tells people to say “I don’t speak Chinese simplified,” which refers to a writing system not a spoken language. It goes on to suggest asking for a phone number by saying “how MUCH is your phone number” (你的电话号码是多少). There are also cases where the pinyin romanization does not match the characters above. Most of these errors wouldn’t make it impossible to be understood, but you’d definitely get laughed at. 1 star because although the translator seems fine, the phrase book is unexpectedly terrible and anyone who would actually need/use it would never be the wiser.
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1 year ago, DTJ0112358
A big improvement over the old
The app has been completely overhauled. It did take me a few weeks to get used to the new format, but on the whole I think it is more intuitive and easier to use. Someone coming into the app with fresh eyes unused to the old product probably wouldn’t have any problems. For Mandarin translations, I’m still frustrated by the lack of Pinyin transliterations alongside the Hanzi characters. The Pinyin is only showed if translating from Chinese (Simplified) to Chinese (Traditional) or vice versa - never to English or other languages. The Pinyin should always be shown! Such an easy thing to include and so helpful for Latin alphabet users; the oversight is confounding. Here’s hoping this feedback is considered for a later update. Thanks
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1 year ago, Evyan
Works Well Mostly But…
I’ve been trying this app out by using it to translate Vietnamese, a language that I know well, to see its vocabulary and expression fluency. It works very good mostly, but I noticed that it censors the word “dog” in Vietnamese! Why???? Sure it can be used as a profanity but that certainly depends on context. “Chó” in general is a very common word which literally means “dog”, there’s no other words that can replace it. I don’t know if there are other bugs like that in other languages, which makes me kind of distrust the app. Also, please make it easier to delete previous translations. It should be as simple as a side swipe instead of having to click on it then click delete all the time, which is rather user unfriendly. Other than that, I love the way the translations pronounced. Much less robotic than google translate.
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6 years ago, bep6744
Froze when speaking out other participants’ output
Hi there. I am Deaf and uses this for my chats with colleagues at work. My co-worker have the app installed and I have it installed on my iPad. Two problems that you need to note: 1) Fix the rotation issue so I can read it easily on the iPad. It wouldn’t rotate AT ALL. 2) My co-worker turned on “auto-play messages” so her iPhone will read out loud when I send a message. She also have the “Presentator mode” turned on as well — so she don’t have to press and hold the microphone button. It sure did read out loud pretty good, but the problem is that her app’s microphone froze for maybe 1 to 2 minutes unless I trigger an action like open keyboard and then close keyboard and then click on the Microphone again. It became a bit annoying and would be perfect if these issues are fixed! Thank you!
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5 years ago, NaokaTarema
Share shortcut doesn’t work, and photo translation needs Romaji option
The whole reason I tried this app was to have the “share to translate” function that Google translate didn’t have, but it doesn’t work at all. It always says that I’m not connected to the internet, and the translation options aren’t even visible when you tap on the language spots (it’s just a blank screen that comes up, and if you select done, it goes to auto-detect and Spanish. I only have Japanese downloaded for offline use, and Spanish is still the only blind selection that comes up even on airplane mode). Additionally, there needs to be a way of checking the readings for the kanji for trying to learn the language, on the image itself. When I bring an image into the app itself to actually make the translation work, there’s no way to have the overlay show Romaji instead of the nonsense translation it puts over the text.
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2 years ago, p***ishead123456
Absolutely beautiful for this magic app
I got this app for Spanish and this is just amazing. It is amazing to use for translating and finding words. It is super convenient! 👍It can even preform amazing tasks such as filling coffee for me in the morning and feeding my dog. I don’t even have to go to my job anymore, this app does it for me! I don’t even have to visit my family anymore because this app can even make me invisible to the outside world. This app is great, as far as my family knows I’m dead. I recommend this app for sure but there is one thing holding me back from 5 stars. When switching languages the the one translating doesn’t switch automatically and you have to do it manually.
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1 year ago, minnieminemoe
Was decent till update
This was a decent app, the dialect wasn’t great it was translating more of a European style Spanish into South American Spanish which made the wording a little confusing but it still was good enough to understand what I was trying to say. Now with the new user interface there are less options it’s very confusing because it won’t automatically play what you said you literally have to stop the Translator and hit the play button for it to actually play what you saidWhich is a major problem when for example you’re driving and your hands have to be on the steering wheel not pressing buttons on the phone. Bring back the old one until you get the new one properly tested and vetted, this is just a shame that you’re trying to stick and untested alpha on people guess I’ll just go and find another app.
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3 years ago, 1,2,3,Translate
The Korean wouldn’t work on picture translations...
The picture translations from Korean to English weren’t working. I tried to translate parts of: a website, general web pages, and a book from Korean to English. However they just wouldn’t translate, most of the text was incomprehensible. Some parts were even showing strange things like 0’s in place of translations. The text to speech however worked great. It provided me with sources whenever I would copy and past the text onto the internet. I’m not really sure why it wouldn’t work on the picture translation function though. This was especially strange since the Spanish to English option worked just fine with this function. Please fix the picture translations from Korean to English. If it weren’t for this I would have rated this app much higher.
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5 years ago, Levi Abbott
The best
I use this app almost daily, while I have been around Spanish speakers for my entire adult life and even taken several Spanish classes, I often just don’t understand or have difficulty expressing myself. Having a translator app on my phone really removes hurdles in daily life. I have tried the comparable app from Google and for English/Spanish Microsoft has done a vastly superior job handling linguistic idioms. To often other translators provide a literal word for word translation that is difficult and sometimes doesn’t convey the original intent. The chat function is great to collaborate with multiple people too.
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3 years ago, speedyreader1
Really great!
I love this translator. It’s super helpful on school assignments if I don’t understand a word or phrase and as someone who’s learning multiple languages at once it’s really helpful. I can use the split microphone tool to practice with my family because I can ask a question in a language I’m learning and it will translate to English for them. Then I can respond in my target language. The camera tool is helpful for restaurants and I love the phrase book. My only complaint is that in some more complex languages such as Korean it will only translate from English to Korean in honorifics. However from Korean to English it works just fine without honorifics. Otherwise I love this app and use it all the time!
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6 years ago, Bunnyrabbithare
My lifesaver
I should have known earlier that this translator had Cantonese because searching for a working Cantonese translator online with pronunciations is certainly very difficult to do, mainly because Cantonese is not spoken very much. Being a millennial, learning Cantonese is difficult, mainly because where I live in the US, no one teaches it and Mandarin is usually preferred and Google translate had Cantonese input, which for me is somewhat surprising, but there wasn't a reverse function so I couldn't type in English to them hear the spoken words. Now that I have this, I can reduce the language barrier between my relatives who only speak Cantonese.
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1 year ago, dtuutditd
Was five stars - what happened?
It’s less than a week since the new interface has rolled out and all I can ask is: why change something that was so good? A large number of features seem to be lost (like manually editing a dictated phrase that has been incorrectly transcribed or you wish simply to adapt); intuitive use has gone out the window; every translation is kept in a screen-hogging permanent scroll whether you want them or not Update on this point - and thanks for developer feedback on this - you can delete them by switching the specific entry to full-screen mode but why not simply apply the near-standard “swipe left” to delete an entry? Innovation means doing something different and useful. The developers seem to have forgotten the second part of this.
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1 year ago, LeaveTheMachine
New Update Actually Pretty Good
When i first submitted this review it was a 1-star rating and i said some neg. things, but after using it for a few days, i came to realize it's actually much better than i initially expected, so i've updated to 4-stars. It's probably 5-stars but i have to give it a few more days of a full workout to prove to myself it meets all my translator needs. Oh, and i am discovering that i much prefer not to have the translate-as-you-type feature, which the older version had and i often found it annoying. Thank you Microsoft, sorry for jumping the gun with my first and wildly inaccurate review.
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1 year ago, Abbylh97
Update is awful and takes away core functionality in an attempt to focus on “AI”
Basic design is taken away from this update. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to “enter” and actually translate from typing from english to another language (Cantonese). It’s pressing the return button twice apparently. The first time it just added a new line?! My whole reason for using this app instead of Google Translate is because it supports Cantonese and used to make it easy to copy and paste the translation so I can quickly text my parents back but now I can’t even do that. Long pressing on the phrase does nothing and all I can do is add it to favorites??? Super poor design and organization choices overcomplicated what used to be a super helpful and easy to load / use app on the go. Pls fix!!
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2 years ago, Smart123457
The One that works!!
I have a need to translate many languages since my students could come from any country on any given year. I also love to travel in the summer. I have found that this app has the widest variety of languages and is the most accurate. Other apps often give the message “Czeck (for example) is not in our language base.” I do not find that with this product. It has a huge range of choices. I can also split the screen and have immediate conversations with my students. It is fantastic!
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3 years ago, RobKipa
Perfect as browser plug-in
I use this app primarily as an ‘extension’ to Safari. While iOS 14+ has native translation for certain languages, the list is short, and I’d often like to translate Polish web pages. Without this app, Safari can’t translate Polish, and to use Google would be cumbersome as only the desktop version translates entire pages. With Microsoft Translator, I can share the page in Safari, and Translator is one of the available actions. All the translation is done on-page within Safari and is quite accurate. The U.I. for the app itself could use some improvement, but I rarely use it. Great work by MS.
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7 years ago, bahamutlives22
Laughably terrible app
This app is an abomination and an afront to modern language. I needed this app to translate some Russian and Ukrainian language books I'm selling online. I get it. Cyrillic alphabet is difficult to translate and hence why I downloaded this app, thinking it would help me facilitate that translation. Turns out I was just deluding myself. It flat out couldn't translate the Russian and Ukrainian text. So I tried to translate a German book. The app thought I was trying to translate French to English. French and German? Two very different languages. Okay, then I tried something very. Spanish. It can do Spanish right? Nope. The app thought I was trying to translate Italian to English. Seriously? At this point, I think Microsoft is playing a prank on me by releasing this laughably terrible app. I'll stick to Google Translate. It got the jobs I need done and with zero frustration.
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2 years ago, Devoted Mommy
So, so grateful!!
We just met our new friends today, an Afghan refugee family. They speak Dari and we were using another translation app with Persian because that’s as close to Dari as we thought we were going to get. After a few frustrating moments where that just wasn’t cutting it, I came home tonight thinking there HAD to be a way to translate English to true Dari. A quick google search led me here and we are already communicating in a whole new, much more clear way. THANK YOU!!! The gift of communication is no small thing!!
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1 year ago, BenMH27
Used to love this
I really liked this translator and used it all the time. It was easy to use and fairly accurate. But… The most recent version had BIG changes which now it is much more difficult to use and has caused me a lot of frustration. Particularly the speech recognition part…the prior version required you to chose what language you were speaking, so it “knew” which language to detect. Now, it has auto recognition which doesn’t seem to work well. It used to recognize what I was saying in my non-native language, but it does not do well with it now. This “improvement” is not an improvement and I will have to find a different app for my needs now. I’m very diss appointed.
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5 years ago, stddef
Best language converter, with typical inaccuracies
This is definitely the best language translator app in the store, and it’s free! The second best is iTranslate, but it’s expensive and though it has good features, it’s more wrong than this one, despite iTranslate using the same starting point. Either way, get this app and try it, the best feature bout it is the image scan that translates your documents or signs or whatever. It does a really good job and that’s where you can see the big company of Microsoft’s involvement because their AI is so good. :)
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1 year ago, SimpliPoor APP
Latest version designed to be “not used”
I’ve used MSFT translator for at least 5 years and while not perfect, it offered simplicity and reliably with intuitive bidirectional translation from text and very simple translation of text in photos. Since updating from v22 to v23, I’ve quickly learned just how bad an APP. can be, and how important a method to get an older version back onto my iPhone truly is.. This latest version, v23, is user hostile, unintuitive, and completely undoes all the positive feelings I had for MSFT Translator. I have failed to translate typed text, test from photos, copy from a translation, and copy translated text from a photo.. the APP is now completely non-functional for me…but maybe I’m just … brain dead! Give us back the V22 UI … please !
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1 year ago, Locd momma
Do not like the new update!!!!
Before the update I could run meetings smoothly and speak to my English language learner students easily. Now my students cannot just communicate with me quickly 😡. I get frustrated because it won’t just say what you say back you have to press buttons and it takes time to process before it repeats. Then you have to switch languages before the other person can speak. I work with k-5 students they don’t have a phone to connect with mine! I get where it is going and why it was done but I wish it was an add on and not a complete change. I got a lot of Gen Ed teachers and office admin on this app to help them with students and their parents now we are all disappointed. Too many steps 🤯
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6 years ago, chowowz
Still broken UX for translating images
Not sure why they don’t fix this. It’s been over a year and I’ve reported this bug several times. Repro: take screenshot > tap on preview image (iPhone X) > share > Microsoft translator > hangs trying to translate. Since it hangs, there’s an option to tap to open the app, but if you do, it takes you to the camera mode! You still have to tap on images > choose album > look for image > select > translate. This is the worst UX for translating an image. Why not just open to translate? Why not swipe sideways to toggle through photo album? Why the hang when taping the share to ms translator? Why? Why? Why???? Are there any product designers actually working in this team? This is unacceptable. Great technology, but lousy execution and UX. No dedication or love from the product builders.
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10 months ago, Christopher doesn't like
New format
I hate saying this as I used to love this translator. But I recommend Google translate. Also the person that reads and responds to these messages doesn’t read the messages or doesn’t understand my issue with the application. I’m deleting the app from my phone. The new format of the app is very frustrating. Specifically when copying text, it pastes in both languages. So if you are using it for text messages, you have to delete one entire translation as well as the name of the language that you are translating. Please fix this or I will just move to another application. Despite the fact that your app has a better translation of the language that I’m learning and using. Thanks
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2 years ago, syzygyprod
Landscape mode please and…
So far I like it a lot but it shouldn’t say for ipad until they provide landscape mode. Typing with my attached keyboard is not practical on ipad with this app. I might need to go to a chiropractor after keeping my head bent at a right angle to read sideways😆 Also, I love that European Portuguese is included in some of the translation features, but why just some? Why not all? Apple and google translators both don’t offer any European Portuguese, so I’m thrilled to have it at all on this app, but would love it if it was available to download off-line.
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7 months ago, Supadev964
Useless now
I use to be able quickly open this app, type something in English, hit the share button, and it would send the translation to a message or I could copy it. Now you need a PhD in UX and have to click multiple times to do the same thing, and it doesn’t even support the most basic use that most people use this for. Use another app until they bring back what actually worked. Oh and I’ve lost count how many times you click the little keyboard icon where the Enter button should be that actually closes the input and you lose everything you just wrote. They butchered such a great app in the big update I will never use this garbage again.
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9 months ago, Rena77.456
Update ruined the app
The latest update ruined the app. This was my go to app for conversing with my students that do not speak English. I would pull up the app start speaking into it and it would translate and automatically translate and play the translation aloud. Now it will translate but I have to click on a button to get the translation to play aloud and half the time it won’t play after I hit the button. I work with elementary school children that may not be able to read so the play back is the feature I need and when it doesn’t always work it makes the app useless. Will be finding a new translation app. No idea why they would think this update would be an upgrade.
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1 year ago, MikeHazeJr
Update added bug, they fixed it in days.
The copy function was re-added after my previous review, within 48 hours. The only thing I can say now is it would be nice to have a setting to copy only the translated text as opposed to both, and to remove the text starting which language it is. I use this app for messaging friends, and find myself having to remove “Portuguese (Brazil)” from each message.
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3 months ago, NinjaGrape
Functionality removed to force you to use Edge Browser
This app used to come with a great extension that allowed you to translate webpages in Safari, and also the ability to translate text in images without first downloading the image by just long-pressing on it in ANY app. Well good thing Microsoft hates its end-users, because these features were removed from the Translator app and crammed into their Edge browser in order to force you to download and use it. No thanks. 🙄 Thankfully Apple added a translate feature to Safari, but I've yet to find a replacement for the image translate feature that doesn't require me to first download the image to my device. Thanks for nothing as usual Microsoft.
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4 years ago, sfordin
This is pretty darned cool!
Easy to use, nice features and interface touches, lots of fun! Full disclosure: I’ve only been playing with the app for a little while, I’ve not yet tested it “in the wild,” and I’ve thus far only used English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. That said, the translations I’ve seen so far seem reasonably accurate, and the ways that the app presents spoken, printed, and phonetic results are very useful. To be sure, language in general can be subjective and analog, especially around edge cases, so YMMV, but this app seems pretty darned nice. Well done!
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4 years ago, fkrkjivfocifktj
The absolute best.
This translator is better then any of the other apps. It is free with NO ADS. And it is fast and smooth. I needed a good translation app, I had tried many or the paid or subscription based apps and they are garbage compared to this. I’m very happy with this app and Microsoft is definitely leading the way in real time translation. I’m so glad I gave this app a try. I wasn’t expecting it to be the best of them all. It’s so far ahead all of the others it makes me wonder how they are even on the App Store.
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1 year ago, iOS_User_3823
The previous version was leaps and bounds more functional than this “beta-feeling” update. The now missing Safari extension and 280 character copy limit makes the update useless when trying to read translated pages. Not sure what the objective of this update was, but sadly it went in the wrong direction of progress. I wish I knew ahead of time not to complete the update. Assuming we won’t be getting the prior version’s functionality back, I’m now forced to just bookmark the Google Translate site and copy/paste the URL there for a full page translation as an alternative since Apple’s native extension is still rather limited in available languages.
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6 years ago, DJ B.
Glitchy but good
For a minute the safari plugin was working fine. Then, they updated a month or so ago and the plugin is dead weight now. Also, the keyboard collapses when switching between languages in the type menu. This is really annoying. Editing type is practically impossible in the middle of the body. The first keystroke will place at the cursor but every consecutive keystroke is moved to the end of the text body. All in all, most of the translations are fairly accurate. As well, this is the only translator I could find to do Cantonese really well.
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6 years ago, rhonda489
Camera feature doesn’t work anymore
This was my go to translator app because I was able to take a picture and have it translated for me. But recently it stopped working. I always translated Spanish to English because my husband’s family all speak Spanish because they’re from Ecuador. It was a great way for me to translate messages. But now when I click on Spanish to English and take a picture it goes back to English translating English which obviously does me no good. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it I even tried to put Spanish to Spanish just to see what it would do and it goes back to English. So they get one star for me until they fix the camera because that’s the only way I can use the translator
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3 years ago, Mo-18
Nice tool for translating.
Nice tool for translating thoughts in real time. Handy for business and social use. Quite handy for me in communicating with non-English speakers in so many languages - all I do is pick the language, and viola! My criticism was that it didn’t take easily to allowing insert of a correction into a sentence already typed. Looks like they have improved the algorithm to fix that annoyance. However, it does not allow formatting for a paragraph, or maybe it’s me who just never figured that out yet. All things considered, it’s a great app.
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10 months ago, assfooog
HATE the update
This was my favorite app for translating. I prefer it to Google translate! However I absolutely hate this update. And will be switching back to Google. It may look more aesthetically pleasing, but it is far less practical. It does not translate as I type anymore. Now I have to hit “go” to see the translation. And it does not permit editing after that. I need to retype everything because I’m not able to edit the text I already translated. Moreover, when I hit “copy” it copies both the original language and the language it was translated into. That is an annoying feature. All I need is the translated phrase.
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4 years ago, *****T*****
Fast image translation feature does not work stable
As the title suggests, sometimes the translation feature on the image via the shortcut key siri will fail to connect to the internet. Although tried again on 4G and WiFi but it did not work (but quick translation still works). When encountering this situation, there is no other way but to delete the application and reinstall, now quickly translating on the image will work again. however, some time later it will fail again, for unknown reasons
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3 months ago, GMan2k
Why do they ruin apps?
My wife and I used this app for several years to help us with more complicated conversations while her English improves. Then the developers decided to “improve” this app. The app is now completely useless. Don’t bother downloading it. It really doesn’t serve any purpose, you can do better with a number of different translation apps. If you read reviews that say this app is good be wary if they’re dated in 2023 or before because those are the old app when this was actually useful. You can’t download that version of the app anymore so you are stuck with this garbage. Just another example of developers not understanding what customers want.
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