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User Reviews for Microsoft Word

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2 years ago, JimmyJohnnyJames77
Love Apple But Microsoft is Necessary
I bought a brand new 2021 Mac Desktop and it's beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted from a new work computer, however as good as Apple is with their hardware and MUCH of their software, the word processing of it all leaves much to be desired. I cannot use pages or numbers or any of these knock off versions of established Microsoft products... give me Word, give me Excel, give me Powerpoint... I've used Word for legit 30 years... for middle school, high school, college, and work... I've written published works in Word... why after 3 decades should I be made to learn a new word processor? Learning the software impedes on time that I need to get my work done, so it's counter intuitive to even offer those knock off products. Bummed Apple doesnt come with Microsoft Suite standard although I understand why it doesnt and am happy to pay the yearly fee to be comfortable using my own computer.
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10 months ago, ErinLindsMcCabe
I detest nearly everything about this updated "subscription-based" online version of Word. Did they even speak to anyone who uses Word for editing? I hate how the comment function works--it's extra key strokes for me to "send" a comment, extra key strokes if I want to delete a comment, it's super annoying if I type a comment and forget to hit "send" and then go to type another comment and ugh--Word will take me back to the one I forgot to enter and then lose my place in the document. I hate that I have to select "edit comment" in order to type additional information in an old comment-- basically everything takes longer because there are at least two additional key strokes for every comment I want to enter. For someone who is typing multiple comments on every page of a 400 page document, this adds up to a lot of wasted time. And don't even get me started on comments about deleted text that just vanish...Or how Word reverts to the "list" setting when viewing comments that have been resolved, so then you can't see the actual text that's been resolved unless you select "contextual" but then the very next "resolved" comment reverts back to list... again, it's just more time wasted clicking on things. If there were literally ANY program I could use instead I would switch in a heartbeat.
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9 months ago, H2O Forrest
Needs to be better in 2023
Microsoft word has many great features, but for the way technology has progressed, its inadequacies are annoying and unexpected. For instance, weird formatting erros happen whenever you try to utilize lines, dotted lines, and listed. Sometimes it will insert line for lines and you can't properly fix it without taking out all lines. That I would consider a bug, and something that I would think would have a really easy fix. Second is something that is probably really complicated coding and stuff, but is still a significant shortcoming- table of contents formatting. For law students and lawyers at least, and probably for everyone, the ToC feature is too buggy and should simply just work the way it is supposed to, but it doesn't. Managing your varipous points and subpoints should be way easier. That needs a user interface/ ease of use change, not just a bug fix. You need to be able to go into some outline mode and move things around in your ToC, heading, subheading- all that sort of stuff. Lastly, something as simply as inserting a picture is easy enough, but moving it around and managing it isn't quite a smooth as it should be given thw advances in software that we have had..
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1 year ago, minerm
Subscription fees, the new comments format and inability to save
I've had a number of problems with Microsoft Word lately. Unfortunately I feel dependant on the program because it is what I and my clients have used for years. I'm not a fan of the subscription-based payment model (I much preferred the one-off-license for the single product rather than continual payments for continual updates). In the latest iteration, the comments section can be hard to follow if you are working on a document with many comments... same with the footnotes. I don't like that you have to complete one comment before working on another and that to reopen a comment to edit it, you have to click into and select edit... it ruins my workflow and is just an extra and unnecessary step. Also, my latest problem is that I haven't been able to save my files anywhere... I just have to turn my computer off and hope that they appear as autorecovered files, otherwise they remain as 'untitled document 3' or whatever. I haven't tried reaching out to whatever customer support exists (does it exist? it should for the continual payments), but I'm feeling pretty frustrated and about ready to bail and convert my business into one based on Google Docs right about now.
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5 months ago, Pondarama
The normal dot is screwed up and nothing is fixxing it on this laptop. i have fresh installed thrice after complete removal and empty trash including removal of the serial number and more importantly the license - nothing worked hense I can not use word on my work laptao and now use Pages instead. Frustrated, disapointed and downright angry - wasted hours and tears trying to fix this glitch belieged to be a problem with Normal dot as my weekelong research seems to indicste is a problem- . I t said find it in the library and remove the normal dot empty cahe- which emptied everything I did not want to loose and trash empty- restart- to have a new normal .dot to no avail. And on the phones hours with your folks who at the time didnt even mention a problem with normal- I had to find that on my own after they told be it wasnt a word problem- it was a problem with me knowing how to use the product. - of all the nerve - thrn I researched and found the normal dot glitch and tried to fixx it myself. I am sorry I ever got involved with this 365- which had destroyed My ability to work effectively. only the powerpoint and excel have been trouble free- I have a mac and was perfectly happy with the apple Imail and word without the 365 trap. I am looking for a class suit to join - if I find one I will join it
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1 year ago, 17682309
Buggy, like almost everything from Microsoft
Maybe Microsoft should take a little time in introspection, naval gaze and wonder: "Have we truly made a product worthy of charging money for? Or are we simply sitting on our laurels as the default choice for our customers?" This would do them well; Word is buggy, slow and has a cumbersome UI that takes an inordinate amount of time to adapt to. In true Microsoft fashion, their UI/UX is a wreck, with iconography being inconsistenly sized and vague to understand. Much of the screen real estate is wasted on the sides, where other *superior* word processors have arrayed their buttons - after all, verticle real estate in document writing is far more valuable than horizontal. This fundamental issue encumbers Word with a kludgey user interface, matched only in sheistiness with their epic level of code-jank. ANRs? Check. Formatting issues? Double check. Airdrop incompatibility that causes the UI to lock? I'm glad you asked! We've got that too! In summation: Word is truly a *special* program, perpetually riding the square-wheeled short-bus, stuck in traffic on Struggle Street. In lacks almost any redeeming qualities, and any that do manifest are immediately surpassed by a never-ending stream of afflictions, frustrations, maladaptations and constipations. 1/5 stars.
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4 years ago, Professor at UCSF
Cant believe the inadequacy of ms word, from long time scientist user.
It is amazing that after 35 years MS word is so inadequate. Im on a new imac in 2020. - If I open a document choice of font is always like a random generator, never the one I try to make the default. All the autoformating tools are awful intrusion- and I keep having to turn them off! But they dont stay off if you get a doc from someplace else. If you move a piece of text in a document that is in Arial font, and put it in somehwere else in the document its font gets changed -again for some randomly chosen other font. Inserting figures is a nightmare! with voodoo links to nearby text, then figures jump around as one edits the text, sometime disappear. putting them in tables sometimes works better, but still the jumping tables make it extremely inefficient. After all these years,- we used to have text edit programs 40 years ago, -Microsoft has sat back and made useless add ons that make it very hard to even write a standard document for submission to a journal, - even an on line repository efficiently. Microsoft has raked in the money like ransom to long time needy users, and yet is so lazy, and for so much money. PLease someone do better. MS word is aweful -
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2 years ago, mgynyc
Wonderful, especially for dictation, but problems with auto-punction
I'm a writer and am very much impressed with how far Word for Mac has come. I usually use other software to write my books (Scrivener, Drafts) but am now making the switch to writing in Word, specifically because I can access my WIP on any of my devices--iphone, ipad, macbook, imac--without paying for multiple licenses or going through mulitple headaches. The experience from one device to the next has the continuity I've been missing from every other solution I've tried. Syncing isn't an issue at all--thank God it's not dependent on iCloud or Dropbox. And the bonus of all bonuses is the dictation feature, which is superb across all devices. My only complaint is that I cannot turn of auto-punctuation in the dictation settings. Tick the box to turn it off and it magically turns back on. Makes for lots of extra editing. Still, it's great and luckily the issue is only on the desktop app and not on the mobile versions. (A silver lining is that this auto-punctuation bug has gotten me dictating/writing my novels on my phone now, which has made me even more productive.) 5 stars if the auto-punctuation bug is fixed.
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2 years ago, Stewwie
You're only out for the money
Having suffered damaged to my computer that required me to switch to another one, I was forced to buy a new version of MSWord. To my dismay, I saw that the easy way to link iCloud to MSWord is gone in this version and, equally worse, the documents that I had writtten in Word could no longer be directly download from icloud to Word. In fact, Word would only save a document that had been composed on the previous version and saved either on my Mac or iCloud by me manually transferring it to a new document and then clicking AutoSave. Otherwise, the thing would either not show up in Word at all or it would show up with a dark shade over it. The shade would only go away if I clicked on AutoSave. I managed to do that, worked on my document for hours, only to find just as I was about to email it, that all but the first place was GONE, and I could not find the rest anywhere. I clicked on versions that I knew had been complete, but they were also lacking everything but the front page. What the heck happened? Your monopoly has given you the power to put out a particularly bad version of a program that people depend on.
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8 months ago, PhotosByWraith
Inferior to prevous versions
I used the Office suite I purchased several years ago and it was great. After updating my operating system the old suite was no longer compatible so I was forced to start paying for a subscription to Office. I use it a lot and while I wasn't excited about the subscription pricing model it was OK. Unfortunately the subscription verison of Word is fine for basic word processing but is a real challenge to create a newsletter (something that I'd been doing for years with the original program). I spent months trying to figure out how to do the formatting and structure changes that I'd been doing for years, and finally gave up. I feel I'm reasonably tech-savvy and can sort out most programs so I was baffled that I never succeeded in getting a decent newsletter produced before giving up and moving onto another system. Another frustration is the time it takes to launch Word. All non-Office products launch quickly but launching Word or Excel now takes 3 times longer than other programs (and than the earlier version took). I'm really disappointed that the current version is so much harder to use than the earlier ones.
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5 years ago, Natedawggh
Where to Begin...
You'd think that people who have been designing software for decades would know how to make a program function well. That is not the case with Microsoft word. Yes, it has functions that other word processors don't. I downloaded it specifically to use the "Compare Documents" function which Pages does not have. It crashed on me four times in the first five minutes and even made my Mac freeze. The promotion on the app store claims it's "Beautiful," but the conception of beauty over at Micosoft is definitely not one to which I subscribe. There are so many windows, menus, buttons, and graphics it's an assault on my vision. I cannot easily understand where to go or which menu to navigate to find the things I'm looking for. OVERDESIGNED is the appropriate word for this piece of crap, which brings up multiple windows for opening documents, and the compare function kept asking me for access to documents I wasn't even using. I do not understand how a company with as much history as Micosoft can put out such a total piece of garbage, and if it weren't for this one feature I would never have downloaded it in the first place, and am thankful I will never have to use it again except in similar emergencies.
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3 years ago, BioMedResearcher
Online and local saving on a mac is really buggy
Eventually, when I have word and powerpoint open long enough, saving becomes troublesome. Sometimes I can't get any option to save locally, other times the save dialog won't even appear no matter how I try to save. Sometimes I can work around it by choosing to share. Sometimes that doesn't even work. Most recently, I literally copied my document contents to a mac Pages document, then saved as a Word document from there as a workaround. SUPER frustrating. Also, when working on documents with others, they updating of changes is at least better than it was before. Before, a conflict in changes would occur that would require one person to create a new document and share that to get back in sync. Now, at least eventually, they can typically get back in sync. However, despite great connection speeds, it can take 10-15 minutes to get back in sync. Not exactly real-time collaboration. Just too many frustrations for me to not prefer Google docs or mac Pages over Word.
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4 years ago, RedBassett
Massive headache
Initially I couldn't use word at all because the organization I am helping out didn't have a desktop license, so I was left trying to edit documents in the web version, which breaks formatting used in the desktop app. Then I found someone who had a spare seat on their desktop license and let me use it so I could actually edit my team's documents. But I also wanted to copy and paste between word and excel. You think formatted numbers easily transfer between excel and word? Ha. Excel is full of plaintext with some formatted numbers. But I have to paste that plaintext elsewhere and recopy it before pasting into word, because word doesn't have a "paste as plaintext" keyboard command like every other text editor I have used. Team member makes changes while I'm working? In Google docs I would see that change instantly. Instead when word's autosave kicks in, I get a massive merge conflict. I'm only using this because the organization insists on using office. As soon as I can get them onto Google products I will be doing so, as those actually work, have reasonably common menu items at top level without having to open deeply nested dialogs, and best of all, don't have to be licensed to each computer.
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8 months ago, anonymous_10000000
Fed up with access
First off, I had a subscription through my alma mater; but when I tried using it on my personal laptop, it said that it would not grant me editing permission. Which is odd and frustrating because I have access on my Mac desktop. I've created MULTIPLE new email accounts--all because my old email address, which was linked to my Microsoft account, was deleted. And because this account was the one same one that I had made my purchase, every time I try to either repurchase the program or create a new account, it gives me an error message that says, "You already have an account." I'm very disappointed with this process. Contacting Microsoft too is not an easy route; their site is not user friendly and I cannot find the right information to speak to someone either in email or on the phone that is not an automatic reply/system. Very disappointed by how un-user friendly Microsoft has become. Not to mention how vital documentation is in my profession of freelance writing and, as a result, this affects time, money, and energy that I should be using for my job rather than creating a list of complaints.
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3 months ago, Word Subscription Glyches
Unacceptable Problems
I never had problems with Microsoft Word until I bought my recent subscription for a new iMac. It started with having issues trying to save my documents. I must have changed a preference, so then it started making a back up folder and continually adds files to this folder which are I guess duplicates of my work in progress. But this gets confusing because it does not identify the documents and I am not sure the novel I've been writing is the most recent version--I can't see date of last save without taking extra steps and have to keep checking the last entries I've written to be sure. Today I received a strange message that I found others were experiencing when I Googled because I was totally locked out from saving or even closing my Word document-- colored wheel kept spinning and I finally had to Force Quit, hoping my recent changes had saved. Others on the thread described a complicated possible solution which involved going to something called Regedit and taking several steps.I am very unhappy with this program as the subscription is expensive and unreliable.
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5 months ago, Quangtam2159
Wrod perfect was the best wirintg software and it was ruined. It woulnd;t be so bad if Micosoft bought it and used its features but they did not. The features on Word are disorganized and overlaode while simple tools that are used commonly and repetivley are not easily accessible. Recnet updates crash and there;s no way to reoved a document used you useed to be abe to have t lade (recoverd documents but no more. Excel is equally cumbersoe adn often has glithces and so is unfriendly to an exterme. I am a subscriber suddenly Excel thinks I am not. I am paid up. I contacgo to the support page and use their trouble shooting tool for signing in - useless. I contact support make a message for support in the "community" and get nothing - they delte it saying it was sent twice- if so why not just dleletd on pelase for help? It turns out some of the people I work with in India are having the same probem. They are told there is a patch. It's been weeks and I can't use Excel. I can't edit or save... even though I am signed in on Word as a subscrber... This is lousy... Boh Microsoft and Apple have lost what made them great.
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2 years ago, French Historian
Review of Microsoft Word
I have used word processing since 1982 and have gone through several versions. Microsoft is very good but it misses one thing. As an historian, I take notes in archives and then later print them out and use them to write articles and chapters of books. An earlier product, AppleWorks 6, had a unique feature which you should add. They included in their word processing package, an associated data base program. I was able to design a DB for my use and could make my notes there. Then, I could bring them up on one side of the computer screen and write on the other side. The data base makes it possible not to have to print out my notes and to sort them according to criteria I designed (author, topic, date, subject, keyword, etc). To make you product absolutely top knotch, you should add in a data base program to your word processing program. You already do a nice job with foreign languages and their alphabets.
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5 months ago, moonerhoosier
Microsoft wanted a rating...
Here you go Microsoft. As usual, one star is too generous. Windows in general is an incompetent disaster and if you see the Microsoft name, you know it's going to be the bane of your existence, nothing is going to work right, and you're going to waste hours trying to get it to do what it easily used to do before Microsoft decided to screw it up. But don't worry, just when it starts getting stable 10 years later, they'll release a new incomplete untested version and the clock starts over again with trying to get things to work properly. I avoid MS at all possibility, unfortunately I am still tied to them at the office but that may be changing. Microsoft and Windows would have long been dead if not for the millions of legacy systems out there whose operators are too cheap, too lazy, or otherwise unwilling to get with the times. They said it themselves. Microsoft, Windows and x86 needs to go the way of the vacuum tube, hope I get to see it. I'd be terrified of the thought of them working on "AI", but let's be real, it's just extended auto-complete with billions of dollars in hype to pump their share price.
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4 years ago, MeaHrn
I like Microsoft Word, and then I don't.....
I understand all the new changes with Microsoft Word. I reallize the whole design was to make it user friendly from the box (per se)) so those who are not so computer software savvy can start using the program with success. The problem is those of us who do not like some of the restrictions, the program can be frustrating. For example; in the older version of Microsoft Word when it came to removing the background of a picture I found it far easier to work with and I was able to navigate the areas I wanted removed. The new version has been frustrating to say the least! Please don't get me wrong.., I love Microsoft Word! I use it for pretty much every application, it is just some of the choices are confining, and then others are really good. So, I guess I'm in the middle with the program,.. therefore, a right now. Sorry.
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2 years ago, Buzz Hazmat
MS Word
A decent word processor program with a huge amount of bells and whistles, 90% of which most people will never use, nonetheless, MS has included those features. What would be of great benefit is, immediately accessible for any feature, function or key stroke, a tutorial - VERY SHORT and NOT DONE BY PROGRAMMERS - using plain language - that explains the feature, funtion or key stroke - and how to employ that extra bit in the document. I'm sure, if I knew more about Word (I've been using Word for decades) and could access the information more easily, I could use Word even better. But alas, getting that information in BIT sized chunks, or even Bite Sized chunks is not doable - or seems so. MS always approaches these kinds of trainings with a College Class Mentality which means hours and hours of learning to gain that few minutes of learning that one little piece of information you want to know when using Word. Be great if MS did something like that about that
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4 years ago, ALKoke
I hate the latest version of Microsoft Word
I am stunned by the inability of the people at Microsoft Word's inability to develop the latest version of Word, so that it conforms with the excellent previous versions. Anyone who wants to prepare a Word document will discover that he/she must go back and forth between Home and Layout to set up a simple document. You need Layout for margins; then you MUST go to Home for print style and size; plus color of print, underlining, poisitioning of print (left, center, right, etc.). Having spent my career working with companies to maximize their products' usefulness, etc., I assume this version of Word was designed by men, because in my experience working with many companies including Fortune 500 companies, when people in focus groups really don't like a product, they often say, "This was designed by a man or men." FYI - I used and very much liked Word since Version 3.0. Word 16.4.2 is terrible.
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3 years ago, drop nicknames for post
I very unfortunately have developed a 100 page document in this nightmare program. I should have known better, having used it for years. The document is so riddled with corruption issues it can't be printed, and the table of contents crashes it. It is nearly impossible to edit a document of this length without print or TOC functions. Copying into a new file doesn't work. Repair doesn't work. NOTHING works to fix this. BUYER BEWARE. Start with better software or be willing to be lost in a unescapable corrupt mess- unescapable if your not willing to throw away months of work. Yes, I did have back ups but the corruption wasn't apparent until I tried to print- so a month worth of work is shot. I HATE MICROSOFT!!! Certainly the company could turn out a basic, functional word processing program at this point. If not, they shouldn't be in this business. Its just pure GREED-and their fruits of having created a near monoply- that allows them to not give a crap about quality, only pocketing as much money from us suckers as possible. I wonder what software they use to get work done? It certainly isn't WORD.
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12 months ago, ChiDASHYan
review from a NURSING STUDENT !
Microsoft Word is an incredibly helpful tool for anyone who needs to write documents, from students to professionals. One of the best features of Word is the ability to access it from anywhere, either through the online version or the desktop app. This makes it easy to work on your document from any device, whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go. However, the only suggestion I would like to make is that Word could benefit from a better file organization system. It would be great to have the ability to separate files into folders or groups, so that you can keep your documents more organized and easy to find. Overall, I highly recommend Word for anyone who needs to write documents, and I hope that the developers will consider adding more organizational tools in the future.
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2 weeks ago, reasonable/review
Please be more streamlined
I just spent an hour trying to make an outline/list that Google Docs makes automatically and still is not working as well. Word makes everyting much more complicated than it needs to be. Can you please run all of your features by a focus group? You will see how quickly people start running into issues and not being able to do anything. For example, I was writing a legal brief for law school the other day and I could not for the life of me number the pages like I needed to. I needed no page number on the first page, roman numerals on the next few pages, and then numbered pages for the rest. We could not figure out how to do that for several hours, making us run up to the deadline, and we had to rush to IT to help us and it took them a long time to help as well. We ended up having to do it all on PDF because word was imposisble. Why was the ONLY option to have the numbered pages automated? If we were just able to manually do it, we would have got it done much faster than the busted, outdated, and infuriariting automation that Word requires.
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4 years ago, JanusARG
I use it but not love it. Still missing THE best.
I've been using MS Word almost exclusively as a word processor for 20 years. It is good, but Word does what Word wants to do and hopefully that matches closely with what you want the program to do. If not, too bad. I never feel in full control of the document. I always feel that I'm at the mercy of what Word decides to do for and to me. Most of you do not know, but before MS Word became the dominant word processor, there was another big competitor, Word Perfect, now own by Corel. Word Perfect made me feel in total control of the document. It had a Reveal Codes feature that allowed me to see exactly what was happening in every part of the document. MS Word decided not to copy that feature (they've copied everything else except that one) and left all of us at the mercy of the whims of the software. MS Word, popular: Yes, inexpensivea: Yes, market dominant: Yes, the best: NO.
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3 years ago, MCzenman
It's Word
This might seem like a really obvious thing to say, but I saw someone just recently saying that the 2018 version of Word for Mac was supremely lackluster in comparison to the Windows version. I'm glad to report that this isn't the case with this version. All the same features are there, right where you expect them, and the Mac version is just as intuitive as its Windows counterpart. If you use Word on Windows, there's no reason not to get this, since it supports all your Windows text files as well. the only nitpick I have is that Enter starts a new line, not a new paragraph like it does on Windows. However, there's probably a setting for this I've yet to scrounge up. As far as bugs, I've encountered none so far, but I'm running an M1 Macbook Air, so your mileage may vary if you're running Intel. Probably not, but something to keep in mind.
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3 years ago, Crim Law Man
WORD 365 has a command interface that is both completely non-intuitive asnd follows MS's long tradition of completely failing to create an intuitiuve GUI interface or follow keystroke commands learned in previous versions. I am a lawyer and have used MS Word almost daily since the '90's. The best iteration was MS Word Mac 2011. Subsequent versions became less intuitive. and, of course, completely left the habits users developed in Mac Word 2005 and Word 2011 that had become 2nd nature in the previous versions. The half million lawyers who are condemned to use Word do not require lots of bells and whistles. We need a glorified IBM selectric with cut/paste, spell and word check, word count, the easy ability to shift to lined and numbered pleading paper format and remain aligned, some decent fonts and some macros so that we don't have to repeatedly type phrases over and over. It took me a half hour and some You Tube contributors simply to learn how to change paragraph formats in order to quote court decisions in both sides indented single space as opposed to the modified "double space" that I normally use in brief writing. A TERRIBLE PROGRAM!
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1 year ago, ClareCC93
I've been using Microsoft Word for 20 years (or the previous iteratation into what we now knot as Microsoft Word). It's been a staple in my life when everything else felt wildly out of control. There was a time when I had to use Google Docs, and it just didn't feel the same. Sometimes, I would go out of my way to use Microsoft Word on a 1989 laptop that didn't have internet, just because I didn't have microsoft office on my new laptop. I had to use a USB storage stick to move the docs over. Anyway, I can't imagine my life without Microsft Word. I use it every day. Long after my children have grown and I'm an old woman trying to accomplish my dreams of becoming a world renowned author, I'll be using Microsoft Word. It will be the only application I keep up with when I don't want to learn how to use new techonology.
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2 years ago, kikirubytuxedo
It's a long story, but after many many years of using apple for my computer and iphone, I was notified to update my computer. This turned into chaos for me. My old word no longer worked, so I donwloaded. I new have to pay for word, something I've never had to do before. I was working through the steps to set up an account, made a mistake, and found myself going in circles. I called for help. I'm 72 years old. I have no intuitin when it comes to technogy. The man I talked to continuously condecended to me. Telling me it was easy just follow instructions. But I was confused. He was nasty, impatience, and treated me like I was an idiot and finially hung up on me. I'v been sobbing every since and sick at heart that I have to deal with Microsoft. Your customer service agents need to lessons from Apples customer service
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12 months ago, Jgdavidson
Old and clunky, non-standard UI
The problem with Office in the year 2023 is it appears saddled with 1993 code/concepts/thinking and an increasingly hopeless attempt at cross-platform UI compatibility. That is, UI elements appear to be home-spun instead of leveraging standard UI frameworks (i.e., weird Zoom actions, weird extra tool bars, etc. Even this "feedback" box isn't standard, where's the scrollbar and mouse actions?). The net result is non-intuative UI, updates that are always huge (~1G to download) and slow startup times. All this is indepedent of the general bloat and confusion of these tools which I'm sure others have well documented. When people send me a Word attachement instead of a Google Doc link I always sigh and often just move to my next todo -- who can be bothered starting big-fat Word or Excel to glean a bit of info surrounded by dozens of non-standard buttons, ribbons, menus, etc (even in the title bar, what?). Oh, and "auto-save" as an option, not just always on like Google Docs? Really? As if I'm saving my work to a 5" floppy in the year 1987.
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4 years ago, Cocograms
Until now, I have alwas loved Word.
The new Word is very difficult to use, even for the simplest task. First, I wanted to make labels as I've done for years on Word. Not only did it not give me options as to the size of the labels, when I checked make all labels the same, it did not. And the labels were in two columns. So, I am going over to Pages to use their labels and transfer some of my Word files to their app. Second, I was typing a document in Word, perfectly happy, and suddenly my print was so tiny that I had to change the size to 18 in order to see it enough to type my letter. Then, before I print, I have to remember to change if back to 10 or 11 or else I get a monster letter. I would love to hear from someone from Word who would help me solve these two issues. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Farm Girl USA
Microsoft Word is great for me!!!
I work as a proofreader/editor/writer. My old MacBook's keys wouldn't work and because I had it for such a long time, nearly 10 years, I couldn't find anyone to repair it or even transfer my software which I am the first to admit was outdated. I solved the issue--so I thought-- when I purchased a MacBook Air. The new computer came with the software software Pages which according to the sales people was a scaled down and free version of Word. Pages worked well for me until I needed to email my work to others. My clients couldn't open my docs even after I used to the option to change the documents to Word before I sent them. After this problem happened countless times with more than four more clients, I decided to purchase Word. I am happy to say that this was one of the best purchases I have made in 2021. I no longer have to worry about clients having issues with opening my documents. Now, I do my work, send the documents and no longer recive curt phone calls about opening the documents. My purchase paid for itself the first day I used it!!! Do yourself a favor. Purchase a software that is compatible with PCs and Mac related products. It will prevent unforseeable headaches.
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1 year ago, LTH1234
Workhorse of the word processing field
I originally began using Microsoft Word around 1990 on my Mac SE/30. Word became the de facto standard for word processing software and the Microsoft word document format became the standard format for exchanging text-based documents. Given its over 30 years of development for the Mac, Microsoft Word is a feature rich, solid, and fast word processing solution. For personal use, I often use Apple's Pages software, but for business interactions, I primarily use Microsoft Word. I know any recipient I share a Word document with will be able to open and read the document. And while Pages can export to Word, when I do this there is a greater chance that some formatting will be messed up. So, if I think I am going to share a document with someone else, I create that document in Word.
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2 years ago, Kraig D.
The Standard but Annoying Access
I have used MS Word for all professional writing for decades. When I got a new Macbook Pro at the beginning of the pandemic I was thoroughly annoyed to discover that I could not purchase a resident copy of MSWord for my new machine. The only versions I can find that fit on the new Apple chip are leased, online versions. I frequently travel to places where I am out of touch with the internet Even more to the point, in the aftermath of hurricanes in my hometown of New Orleans, we frequently lose internet connectivity for days to weeks at a time. WIthout access, there is no possibility to write during these times that would otherwise be productive. I am seriously annoyed with the greed of Apple and MicroSoft because it steals productivity from me and wastes my time.
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12 months ago, WABA JOE
There are several aspects that I am very pleased with. First, the ese that the MacAiR is available! Since, for a LIFETIME of being a Google user, I am sorry I did not move to APPLE yers ago! My son, my daughter in law, and my two grand daughters, all use APPLE products. I was reluctant to make such ! a movement, but I did! I work off of an iPhone 12. I love my Iphone, but it is time to upgrade ot the Iphone 14 pro! most of my work on the Apple Air is for writting fiction! The Mac Air will be easier to write with even if i wor off of MS WORD! Apple has a wonderful Help system which I have used in the past! I is the best! I recently said to my son,(APPLE TAKES CARE OF ME AN ALL THIER USERS! My son's response: "I have been telling you that for years!" Whomever is with Apple, I will leave you with a nugget of WISDOM: All Humans are born in the LIGHT OF ETERNAL IDEAS!
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4 years ago, sdfghjkloiuytrfds
Registration & Saving documents
Inadvertently I purchased the copy of this that I am using with my wife's personal e-mail. I use Word for my business but everything is saved to my wife. I have found no way to chage this. Second. What happened top the save options I was used to on my last version????? The first choice for saving documents is in a one drive personal.... If I want to save to desktop for a quick retrieval it takes multiple steps. Further... because this version is tied to my wife's account name. I can't search foir any documents from my old version. They are in my computer but I need to locate them by searching folders and then open them rather than opening them from a search box.... In short... It's a major headache
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4 years ago, Aaron Shepard
Not reliable on High Sierra?
This new version was actually looking pretty good until my test file inexplicably vanished from my computer. I thought maybe I had messed something up while converting the format, maybe not saving properly, so I retrieved it from a backup. But a few days later, the same file vanished again — not only from its folder, but also from all Time Machine backups. I was about to retrieve it from an external backup, when I decided to just try rebooting. Sure enough, the file reappeared. It was probably there all along, just hidden somehow. I probably did something unusual that threw off the program, like running two versions of Word at the same time. Still, it should never have happened. I deleted it from my computer. Maybe I’ll try it again in a few years. Meanwhile, I’m sticking to Word 2011 on High Sierra, the last MacOS version that will run it without glitches. By the way, subscribing through the App Store means you can’t choose monthly payments. And there’s no easy way to convert from individual to family account. On the plus side, you don’t have Microsoft’s AutoUpdate program to deal with. As others have said, graphics do seem to slow down this version quite a bit. One thing I liked quite a bit was the easy customization features. I had no problems with stability, unlike other reports. But I just can’t have files disappearing on me, even temporarily.
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3 years ago, Quint12343
Word is wonderful
No one writes glowing review of office software because MS Office is part of invisible infrastructure we use every day but only notice when it is broken, like that bridge we drive over every day on the way to work. But let's be clear, it's a pretty sweet bridge, and even if weren't the best way to get to where I need to go, I'd say good things about it. Office is very powerful, and unlike many tools can easily be used both for simple things (a one-off memo) or very complicated things (giant documents with autonumbered figures and references, embeds, cross references, math formulae, style sheets, and more). The interface is mostly clear. And it has improved over the years: MS could have just coasted, but they continue to improve the product, and I appreciate that.
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3 years ago, ZES_nickname_taken
Slow, bloated, annoying, and expensive
I'm okay paying a lot for software if it's good. MS Word has become pretty bad for my purposes, though. Even on my very fast, new computer, MS Office apps take about 10 seconds to open, and they take quite a bit of time to update, which they seem to do frequently. Other apps I use also use autoupdating, but it never really gets in my way. I don't quite know what the Office suite apps are doing differently. Finally, and this is more opinion than anything, I think Word tries to do too many different things and should be split into separate apps. For just writing creatively, it has so much clutter (literally a "Mailings" and a "Draw" tab). For preparing technical PDFs, it's underpowered compared to, say, using LaTeX. For documents that actually involved mail-merge or drawing (like the tabs I referred to above), I can't imagine specialized tools not being more suitable than Word. I don't really know who it's best for except people whose workflows are already locked into it.
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3 years ago, Rumboogy33
Forces users to use OneDrive
As of the May 2021 update, Office apps now requires internet access about once per day to validate the license. The problem is that when you give these apps internet access, then send the contents of all Office files that you open to OneDrive (Microsoft's cloud). Microsoft is convinced that the forcing all their customers to use OneDrive is going to turn around their slow but inevitable death at the hands of Google Docs - but of course it won't. Ironically, one of the strongest reasons to use stale, dusty, full of bugs Office apps before this update was that you could keep your data out of the cloud (by blocking just Office from having access to the internet). But the geniuses at Microsoft just killed that last benefit. So my message to Microsoft: give me a way to turn off saving my files in your cloud. This used to be possible but you forced everyone to participate. If you don't give me a reasonable way to have you not steal my data, I will not renew my 365 subscription.
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9 months ago, Ronbo4444
Mac User Likes Microsoft but has Slight Issue
I have a MacBook Air. I use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word beause I like them much better than Mail and Pages. Several times each day, however, I get "mini-freezes" on both applications.. I can still move the cursor--or the thing the cursor morphs into--but it does not have any effect. Sometimes the Outlook or Word window actually vibrates a tiny bit. These mini-freezes sometimes last just 4 or 5 seconds but they occasionally extend to 30 seconds. I have auto-update on Microsoft and I check to make sure it is up to date. I have reinstalled Microsoft 365 several times, but these issues continue. Microsoft and Apple need to work out this problem. The engineers at both companies are highly intelligent and capable of solving this problem.
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2 years ago, Beastbuddy
Works great with Mac!
Works great with Mac! Down loaded MS Word from the Apple App. store--was an away from the home office, easy task! I used "Personal hot spot" off my iPhone and then, I used my Mac to quickly down load MS Word and then quickly configure it and then romotely, but quickly--typed up a vital legal document, and then I emailed a easily convertible PDF file that I then emailed to my attorney's office 1500 miles away--before a critical deadline legal item involving this critical legal form's not arriving on time, would have lost me the case; however, MS Word saved my life that day! Driving a new bright red, 2022 Ferrari F-8 Spyder convertible because I met a legal deadline right in the nick of time. Thank you, MS Word! I love my first ever exotic car and a free house, too becuase of you! Mr. richer and satified.
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2 years ago, Alexzandra787
Similar Issues in iPad
As with the iPad, constant use of the application causes the application to glitch. Essentially as I'm typing, the cursor will disappear. When I press the space key, it will sometimes either move two spaces or none at all. When I press the backspace key, the cursor completely disappears and I have to press backspace until my las character to find my place again. On iPad I run a similar issue. Only difference is that it lags in how fast the words appear on the screen. It is completely delayed. This is usually resolved when I close the application and restart my iPad. I have tired this method multiple times on Mac. I will be deleting the application soon and try to reinstall it. This is slowing down my productivity and all I do is use Word. I'd appreciate help on this matter.
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12 months ago, Bowie Ballard
Extremely Confusing!!!
After finally figuring out how to utilize my Microsoft Office 365 subscription (which includes Microsoft's Word document creation & translation system, I would rate Microsoft Word as a "5" but I only rate it a "4" because although it works very well for creatig Word documents (or uploading Word documents) and, for the most part, successfully translating Word docuemnts inro printable .pdf files (however Word in some occassions does not fully translate Word files to .pdf filws which is a huge provlem when that happens), however, Word is very slow in translating it's Word files into .pdf files (or even uploading Word documents). Speed up your Microsoft Word 365 document system and fix the occassional Word to .pdf sytem problems and you will definitley receive a rating of "5" from me!!!
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4 months ago, Abe_Vi
Doing great to prevent us from using word
Downloaded the whole MS365 on Mac. Want to pay you guys money and use all your apps, including excel and ppt, signed up, opened Word, it says need to activate, so I need to log in again, even though I already did. But here's more - I need to sign in with Apple account password, not MS, which I just created, so I tryed with wrong password first, and I assume because of that, I can't sign in even with my real password now. And it just says something like login failed, without saying anything about what's the problem and how do I solve it. Well done. I'm working rn, and need just simple service as Word app, and your talented business logic creator did everything to make it a whole problem, instead of simplifying it. Urghhhh. I'm not even telling that I already have Word in my subscriptions, (I don't know why not all the services, btw. Where's ppt and excel etc), but I can't use it.
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1 year ago, JTPHOENIXGA
Not Really Compatible with Mac
Steer clear, this application is buggy/glitchy and filled with headaches. Long ago I used to enjoy using MS Word to create my documents, but nowadays, I see it as bloatware from a company that's more concerned with revenue than putting out an application for writing/word processing. Between dealing with crashes, excess memory usage, and not being able to use Apple's built-in tools this is just a dumpster fire on the computer. if you're use to using Apple Services, tools, etc while you work in applications, you can't do that in this one. You can forget about it. Like everything Microsoft being used on a Mac, is crap. When you right-click, you get Word's menu instead of seeing the Mac's service menu that allows you to use Apple tools/services/tips/etc. There is no intergration of services/add-ins from Apple in this application. Microsoft, when I right-click in my document, I like to be able to look up a word, search with Goggle, use the services menu (because I have useful services that aren't included in Word and other tools that help me with my document processing), or launch other tools from the menu, not just be stuck doing cut, copy, paste, or use Word-only features. Are you even listening to us Mac-users? Please make this application more Mac-friendly and usable and not the memory hog and crash expert that it is.
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2 years ago, Jacdqueline
My one star rating for Microsoft word program
In looking around and trying to discover the functions of the various buttons in the program I ended up with a grid that shows up as I am typing. It starts at the top and as I continue typing more lines it expands. I do not want the grid on my blank document. I tried for days to figure out what I did to cause this to no avail. I have an Apple computer so I called Apple. They tried several things and was unable to help me. I was advised to call Microsoft and gave me the phone number. I called the Microsoft phone number, thinking I would get tech support. Instead I got a recording that told me to look it up on the website. This help is worthless. I am not pleased.
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3 years ago, benj415
Dr. Billy G.
I think that the nature of books has changed due to your advancement of Microsoft Word. It facillitates the editing process and helps keep things organized. There would be much confusion for me without the "search" option on Microsoft Word. Also, there are now many more writers because of the availability of 'writer-tools'. Now everyone is writing their memoirs. Which makes being a publisher very confusing. It is Christmas Eve and I am writing my daily notes regarding service dogs and operating on the subconscious. Without Word I would have written much less than the million words it has taken me to get to where I'm at now as a writer. Your customer service line is very proficient, knowledgeable and kind. I have only called twice and have been a customer, personally, since my Freshman year at college in 2006. The only matter I think that may need further examination is the use of word on both MacOS and PC's. At times I used a USB flashdrive as my most current version and there were some corruptions, copy & paste glitches as well as some things that are so confusing I will never bother to understand them. Merry Christmas, -Benjamin
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3 years ago, Boss jimc
It Works
I am a long time user over twenty years, thee new updates for dictation of ducmentsare vastly improved the speech recongintion has an mazing accuracy compared to prior versions. The editing function is much more intuitive and seems to anticipate the correcctions I am going to make. I am less encouraged by the wordking suggestions as they can make writing stale and less interesting for the read, however they would be very appropriete for business communicatino which is best when it gets to the point with an economy of words. WHat I do not like is the changes to the menus dating back many years now. There I functions I used in the past that I canno easily locate any more and so I function without them which is an irritant and causes more erros on my documents and a slower work flow.
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2 years ago, J. Joestar
Data loss, buggy, clunky, non-standard
The combination of Office/One Drive on a Mac/iOS is dreadful. There are constant synchronisation issues and repeated instances of straight data loss. The integration of One Drive on Files on iOS is particularlly poor (maybe also a fault of Apple's API?). Saving a file to One Drive via the Files app from third-party apps just fails to save anything half of the times. Offline it jusst does not work at all. Sharing with colleagues for real-time collaboration does not work most of the times. The Mac/iOS UI works very poorly and in non-standard ways. Especially the cursor/selection behaviour on iPad is seriously broken. These problems and many more have persited for years: this is hopeless. The only "solution" is for the world to eventually migrate away from Office. Unfortunately this will not happen anytime soon so there is one saving grace: at least it *exists at all* on Mac/iOS.
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