Mideo: Record Video With Music

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4.7 (5.7K)
1.8 MB
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Current version
Topanga Technologies, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Mideo: Record Video With Music

4.73 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
4 years ago, enjoyclash
Exactly what I was looking for!
First off, let me just say that the app is great. It’s simple and does exactly what you expect it to do. My use case is that I need to record videos of my workouts for my rehabilitation coach who I interact with virtually. Doing this without music in my headphones lead to some dreary workouts, but this app changed all that. I put in my air pods, start my music, and open the app and I’m ready to record. The ability to trim the videos afterwards is great as well! Just a couple lines of feedback (I’m using an iPhone 11): 1. I would recommend changing the “Use Video” to something like “Save” as I was confused at first on what that meant. 2. When done with my video and the app goes back to the main screen while “trimming” my music stops and I have to restart my music and open your app again 3. Maybe a quick tutorial when you open the app for the first time especially the trimming feature, as I butchered a workout video understanding the mechanic. Overall this is a GREAT app and a game changer for those of us with an iPhone and wish to record our workouts whether it be for a coach or yourself to perfect your form!
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3 years ago, bdhdhjsusid
Rip off!!!
got this app because i FIGURED it would work better than others SINCE you have to pay for it... learned my lesson... had glitches when i used it.. music would stop.. worked after about 3 attempts(for each recording!!!) recorded a few vids.. the first short one took forever to “save itself” (after you record it has to save ITSELF- if it doesnt do this-BOOM!!! your vid is GONE!!) DONT refresh either.. your vid will be GONE!! The other vid i made wasnt downloading.. it was taking tooo long- error message would appear- many times- apparently it had trouble downloading.. and then suddenly it was BOOM.. GONE FOREVER... AGHHHHHH!!! and when you look for answers.... the FAQ will already have a response to this issue.. “its NOT the app...its YOUR PHONE...” Hmmmm.. they even have a “refund” quick guide... GO FIGURE.. seriously!!! STAY AWAY.. i imagine the good reviews on here are from the excited first time users who couldnt wait to review this before they actually got to work with it?? idk... THIEVES!!! I REGRET buying this crap..
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6 years ago, BosPower
Game changer for powerlifters!
I love this app. I like to crank music during my sets to stay in the zone. If I want to record my form to check for imbalances and not having music always threw me off. My only problem with this app is if you go to stop recording and accidentally hit record again, the set you just recorded doesn’t get saved. Is there a way the developers can prevent this from happening? Maybe an alert can pop up asking if you want to save the previous recording before recording a new one? Or, how about something in settings where you can choose to always save a video once you finish recording without always having to tap ‘use video’ at the end of every set.
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3 years ago, sweetfacemon
Didn’t Do What I Thought
So, I d/l this after reading reviews thinking it could work. I was looking to sing and record myself at the same time over an instrumental. It wouldn’t work if I had the camera facing me using the button to flip the camera, but instead I had to manually turn my phone around to face me. I played the music on my phone and then would begin recording, seemed to work fine, but when I played it back each time all I could hear was myself sing and no music. I ended up using my own camera on my iPhone to record myself by propping it up on my laptop to face me, played the instrumental from my laptop as well and used an iRig Pre and Shure microphone plugged into my iPhone to successfully do what I was hoping to do. While this app tried to provide a way to do this, unfortunately it didn’t work. I don’t think there should be a charge unless it’s doing what it says it will do.
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4 years ago, Somps
I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!
Ok, this does exactly what it says, but here is what earns it the 5 stars. I messaged the dev, Will Said, and his response was quick and to the point. Part of what makes an app great is how well the developer listens AND responds. Without response, people are left wondering if their questions & comments had been heard. I think it’s important to reward good developers as I most certainly chastise the ones who don’t care. If you have suggestions, if there is something you don’t like, let Will know. I’m not saying he will make those changes, but I’m pretty sure that he will respond to you one wY or the other. Take care and enjoy. I hope my review is helpful.
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4 years ago, ZachB_
Just What I Was Looking For
This App is great! I am a drummer using an iRig2 to record drumming with music. This app allows me to record my drumming with a song playing simultaneously with a click of a button. I had an error saving videos, emailed the app creator, and he fixed it with an update in just a day! Only drawback is that the song needs to be playing already when you start the video. You can’t start the video and then exit to play the song.
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2 years ago, alvaera95
Very sketchy app
This app lets you play music while recording but unfortunately it comes with some problems. After I recorded my first videos I went into my photos to edit the video into some clips. I was surprised when all I would get was errors and realizing that I wouldn’t be able to clip these videos they pretty much became trash. I next tried to delete these videos to free up some phone space and surprise surprise I couldn’t delete them. I’m not sure how but the deleted videos would immediately restore themselves so I had to uninstall the app to finally get them deleted. This is app is very sketchy so be careful before purchasing your own subscription.
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5 years ago, jt_douglas
I bought this app to record and watch my dance videos b/c snapchat had the same feature but had a cap of 50 seconds per video. It’s a really good app overall i can imagine it could be used for multiple purposes. JUST ONE SUGGESTION. if you guys could have a way to record audio coming from the airpod connected to the iphone. Because i tried playing music with airpods on then recorded using the app, and realized after that the video only played audio from my surroundings and not the music that was playing into my airpods at the time. This would be a pretty dope feature thanks!
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3 years ago, mattrbro11
Why’d you take away Zoom and the “use this”?
This is my go to recording app for hosting sports activities. I play music and take videos so that participants can see it on our Instagram after the games. After the latest update, I can’t Zoom and I can no longer choose not to use clips…those were features I used constantly. People didn’t always make a good play and choosing not to save it was great. Then i could simply clear the cache to get rid of the memory. Please bring back those features
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3 years ago, Katykatscott
Made a big task easier
I bought this to record videos of me working for a video training catalog for my cleaning company. I like to listen to podcasts while I clean, and I am also working on making our training more efficient, so this gives me the option to record training clips while I work, while also not interrupting my podcasts or music, so it doesn’t add time to my shift while adding efficiency! 👍
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5 months ago, Sexy disco
I hate this!!!
It costed so much money when it says it’s free. I hate it so much. Literally it was five dollars for a week for a year just so much you will never believe it $50. I just can’t like it says that it’s free and I just got scammed. This thing is the worst. I say they get sued but you’re probably like oh they just want money, but that is unbelievable at least for a year it should be free. They would get so much people playing it and they’d be the savior. I say sue them but if you don’t, it’s OK when I’m older, I wanted to be a famous singer and this just tells me how hard it’s gonna be, there’s no app that can do this that’s for free I like this app at least raise it down by $10 for a year
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3 years ago, lila 101
Use at your own risk
The idea behind this app is wonderful but the reality is it isn’t consistent and will not always save your videos. The only thing consistent about this app is knowing it won’t save all of your videos! There is nothing like getting a new PR and going back to discover it randomly decided which videos it did or didn’t wanna save! If I had the energy to check my camera roll after every set or email the videos to myself each time to ensure I got them, sure, it would be worth it. But this app is supposed to make things easier and it has done the exact opposite.
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4 years ago, sarahg707
Headphone function
Hi there I bought this app specifically so I could listen to my music on my headphones and be able to record music to video. Your description very clearly says it works for headphones, but then your FAQ states that Apple doesn’t allow that for privacy reasons. Though I understand this reasoning, I did specifically buy this for that function. I also noticed you’re really great about responding to people and trying to rectify any issues so that was another reason I chose to support this app so I’m sure we’ll chat! All good, just thought I’d mention it.
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4 years ago, Jairus L
Great App, Even Better Dev Support
Bought the app when it was paid to install back then and had to reinstall so the Pro didn’t get applied. He e-mailed me back right away and repaid me to just repurchase the app for less hassle. He’s offering to pay those who gets double charged (if they paid for the app before when it was pay-to-install and had to reinstall with the updated version) Thanks Will!
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4 years ago, Egocelph
Frequent issues
App is sometimes slow and there have been a few many cases where it does not actually save my video. Other than that it works as advertised. Edit: had an issue when switching to a new phone where it did not recognize that I had previously paid for the app. Emailed the developer and got a refund for purchasing the app again. Super fast response and very helpful guy! Would recommend this app over other competitors!
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5 years ago, brehit
Vital to lifting!
Very helpful, just two suggestions: an option to only record the music playing in my headphones, and moving the trimming feature from the top of the screen. On iPhones it’s frustrating when the notifications keep getting pulled down when you’re editing. Otherwise, GREAT APP, AND IT NEVER LOSES YOUR VIDS like other apps (shade intended). Also, it reports how much space your phone has left. KEYS.
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4 years ago, Mleec14
Great video app!
I needed an app that wouldn’t conflict with my music for training. It’s helped me see my individual technique and get better without being in complete silence. Super easy to use. I had an error this morning saving my videos. I contacted help and received an email within an hour. The new update fixed the issue and I got my videos saved that I thought I had lost. Worth the purchase!
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6 years ago, Will123456789101112131415
Good, but a big problem
I’m a powerlifter and I downloaded this app so I could listen to my music and record my sets, which it lets me do and that’s great, but I have lost 2 videos because when I try to save it to my camera roll it says saved to camera roll and I go there and their is no video, please get this fixed, if that is fixed then the app would be perfect, would be 5 stars.
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5 years ago, kg ghu
So happy
I am an Olympic weightlifter that lifts alone on a military installation and required to use headphones. I have to record my videos for my coach and whenever I would record my music would stop and I wanted music. This app helped. At first it didn’t seem to work with my Fit Rafio account but with the quick response and effort from will he figured it out in no time. Super fast responses.
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6 years ago, Jared Eatfresh
Updated: 5 stars for communication
The app does as it’s intended, but know it does record from your microphone. Video is clear, unlike Snapchats. But you cannot choose 1080 or 4K. I will say I use this app more now when I’m wanting to record then import to Snapchat then I did when I wrote my first review. Anyways, I hope this review helps.
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4 years ago, Bazhena.Bee
Everything ok but..
So I bought this app only because I’m so tired of pausing my music in order to record video (probably like most of users). Anyways, I’m recording video with music on the background, when done and trying to tap use this video it keeps showing me bug (error saving. There is insufficient free disk space to cope asset file. ) like c’mon I don’t even care for music in my video, just want to listen to my playlist and record video. Very disappointed right now.
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5 years ago, Lipstick.and.lifting
Videos don’t automatically save
PLEASE make videos automatically save through the app!!! There has been a few times I recorded videos and if I don’t have space on my phone the app will tell me I don’t have sufficient space and automatically delete without giving me the option to delete photos/videos on my phone😭😭 I know you have the confirmation of a retake, but sometimes it doesn’t give me that option. That would make this app soo perfect!
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4 years ago, jesserkuh
I love this app so much when it works... but this week alone I’ve lost so many videos due to insufficient space (I have plenty - I checked before recording and regularly clear out old texts, apps, and videos/photos). Now it won’t even attempt to record despite rebooting my phone and clearing out even more space. It just goes immediately to a black screen. When it’s good, it’s an amazing app and so helpful, but it’s been very unreliable lately.
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4 years ago, Malachi Ledbetter
I wish there was a slow mo option
I use it so I can listen to music while recording my lifts so I can analyze my form and for that I works great. However I wish I was able to record in slow motion so I could get a better look at some of the explosive movements like power cleans. Other than that the app works well for its intended purpose. With the slow mo option would easily be 5 stars.
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3 years ago, juanvega1996
Love it! Let’s me enjoy the music without interruption video quality is also great. Some of the apps I’ve downloaded promised what this one does but end up being a joke I will recommend this app to all my friends and family. Very pleased thank who ever made this app happen!!
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3 years ago, NickBerounsky
Perfect app for the gym
I recently came here after deleting the app because of a feature that apparently auto records when you open the app. Just reinstalled it again after seeing they turn that option to default. Great job, pretty happy to see an issue fix so fast 🤙🏼
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3 years ago, NoMoPlay
Videos rarely export after recording. Emailed the app producer and they were responsive and noted a bug in the system but have yet to fix it. This app has let me down time and time again when most needed.
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4 years ago, Hoop'n Eskies
Loved this app..until the latest update. :(
I use this app all the time and it usually works great. Until the update the other day, now it’s not working right at all. It’s giving me problems saving and registering that it did save. Please fix the issue or go back to the version prior to last update. It’s making me sad. I usually recommend this app to all my hooping friends but can’t the way it’s acting now.
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3 years ago, j.hwkshealsbejw
Nice app overall
I was sort of mislead to believe that this app would somehow record my music to use for the video while I was using my headphones, but the app records the background noise of the video. But the speaker option and being able to use your cameras quality rather than another app is what sold me anyway 🤷🏼‍♂️ I recommend this app
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4 years ago, MaliciousC0mplianc3
“iPhone Error While Exporting”
That’s the message you get after you record whatever your doing. This app decides to stop exporting, so you lose all of the data you collected while trying to record yourself working out. Need that data to send to your trainer? Nah bruh, it’s gone. You need to update and let the user know when they’ve run out of space. Didn’t realize this was the issue.
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4 years ago, StacieM.
So happy I found this
I’ve been wanting to record videos while playing my music for a while now. Downloaded this app today and already recorded multiple videos with it. So happy with this purchase. It’s easy and it works. That’s all I need. Thank you!
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2 years ago, GG_Colby
I love listening to music while I lift, I recently started recording videos just to upload my progression and possibly motivates to do the same, and I haven’t been able to play music while I recorded.. until now.
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9 months ago, Person again
Works but cost money and asks you to rate app even after
Hoping they stop asking after this review, I skate and I can finally record with music without streaming to insta. It’s monthly tho kinda L, works well though w app
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3 years ago, MeganML84
Subscription only now? No thanks
I’ve been using Mideo for years and have loved it. Unfortunately, the devs have gotten greedy and now users are only allowed one free video before they’re required to purchase a subscription. Deleting this app now. Will just wait for Apple to integrate video capability with live music. It’s already possible for time lapse videos so it’s only a matter of time before we can record and listen to music with regular video.
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4 years ago, jdkxjndjwnfjrn
False advertising :D
Will plugged his app in a few online questions about adding background music to videos (on Quora and the like). He said specifically, "I made Mideo so you can put background music in a video." I get to the app and discover in the FAQs that Apple doesn't allow you to add the background music to the video for privacy reasons. One star for false advertising, honesty is the best policy. I'll be refunding. Seems like a pretty cool app for powerlifters who still want their hype music while they record their workout though.
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3 years ago, Coolplayah
I’ve recently bought this app and used it for about a month, and to my knowledge it should just be a regular camera that works to record while playing music, but with a few times of recording it’s already taken 11 GB for “Documents and Data” ?? I’m very grateful that it works how I wanted it to work, but I’m worried about why it’s taking so much storage. Is it saving my videos elsewhere asides my camera roll and creating duplicates?
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5 years ago, Dr. Cupcakes
Just what you need
Works as advertise, no issues experienced thus far. Does drain the battery quite a bit but considering all it’s doing isn’t surprising. Just make sure to have an ample charge before a recording session. All in all, great app. Appreciate it 🤝
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3 years ago, Whiskey85Lullaby
Apple Watch
App is working pretty good so far. Please make an Apple Watch app so that I can start the video from my watch. I am an Olympic lifter and it would be easier to start from my watch and then having to run over to the phone to start and stop the recording!
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4 years ago, NYCOhMandyyyyy
Unhappy with Forward Facing Audio
I purchased for a simple video to send amidst COVID-19 quarantine. The forward facing camera kept cutting out of the audio and causing me to exit the app and restart my music. I eventually gave up because it was such a hassle to use. When I went to report this to Apple and get a refund for my $2.99, they indicated this wasn’t eligible for a refund even though the tech did not work for me. Not impressed with product or service. Strong encourage you to consider another app.
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3 years ago, Jake.climbs
Great app but…
A fantastic app that fills a very much needed niche that should be native to iPhone but isn’t. My only complaint is that occasionally there’s a glitch that will delete your video after you’re finished recording. HOWEVER do not let this disease you. Great app and this glitch is rare.
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3 years ago, Cwilseu
Does as it says
Allowing me to play music as i record is great i was tired of having to stop my music to record certain things i do but overall simple app and does as it implies.
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3 years ago, MyBeautifulStar
Great app! Although I assume iOS 15 has caused issues
Really enjoy using this app, but unfortunately with the latest update I can’t use the wide angle lens, which is critical for what I need this app for in a small space. Once that gets fixed, this works as expected! Great app.
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6 years ago, Swole Na
Game changer!
Def a game changer in my workouts. No more having to choose between listening to your music or recording your gym progress with your phone! You can do both with his easy-to-use app. High quality recording too!
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6 years ago, Theman173258
Im always trying to record videos in the gym or outside while playing sports and now I can finally do it. It didn’t work the first time but ever since it has worked perfectly with no hiccups.
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3 years ago, CrCharSu
Please fix the wide angle and zoom options
The new update is great however I no longer have the function to switch to wide angle or zoom in. The wide angle is essential for recording my sets in a gym low on space, and it’s really inconvenient to set my camera further back when using this app because I cannot zoom in or out anymore.
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4 years ago, tuvaaaaas
Extremely inconsistent
I skateboard. And it’s really annoying when you land a trick and then get a message saying that the app refuses to save the video to camera roll. It won’t let me play back the clips either so I can’t even screen record. This is very annoying considering the fact that for an app to be good it has to... uh.. idk.. work? It worked before idk what happened, and no my storage isn’t low
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2 years ago, tayo666
The bomb
simple, useful, definitely recommend if you bought this to record and listen to music. thanks for making this app!
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2 years ago, itsmymoneytakeitnow
Would be nice if I could actually try it out for like a couple minutes before I buy it without it locking out asking for subscription, but idea is genius otherwise 5 stars probably…?
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3 years ago, HouseHughBuilt
Latest version takes away good things
The latest version not only takes away wide lens capabilities but now your music stops/skips anytime you press any button in the app. Super disappointed as this used to be my everyday recording app while lifting
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5 years ago, Streamer434
Great app, but pretty unreliable.
More than half the time it doesn’t even save my videos... talk about frustrating. Had a great set, or PR, only to click save and then go to your photos to find.... NADA! Yea, I never really know if my videos will save most of the time and I’m surprised whenever they actually go to my camera roll. If another app comes along that is more reliable, I will switch.
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