MidFirst Bank Mobile

4.8 (38.8K)
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MidFirst Bank
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MidFirst Bank Mobile

4.8 out of 5
38.8K Ratings
6 years ago, #myreview8282
iPhone 7
I have used the app since I first heard about it an never have any problems it’s awesome to be able to use Touch ID to open the app makes it so much quicker for me!!! Depositing a check is also very easy an so convenient!! Thanks MidFirst for being a great bank an making life a little easier!! One more thing also great customer service I had to call to get help bc I switched phones an had to set all up again an couldn’t remember my password an locked myself out.... then remembered lol they helped me get it unlocked with ease an quickly an friendly! Answered all of my questions professionally an understanding! I have had some horrible experiences with banks in the past but since iv been with MidFirst I can honestly say the building the phone the app all in all are a pleasant experience!! Five stars!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🏦📱
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2 years ago, 1PayingConsumer
First time using app
As a new MidFirst Bank account holder, this was my first time using the mobile app. Overall, I like the app, it’s easy to use and easy to understand. I gave it three stars because the mobile check deposit feature is quite cumbersome as compared to other banking mobile deposit features I have used. One feature I find to be an unnecessary step is having to input my email to email myself a copy of the deposit. I feel that I shouldn’t have to enter that information since MidFirst already has my contact information and either an email to me should automatic, or eliminated. Additionally, having to endorse the check is an extra step I don’t feel is necessary, although I understand it’s a fraud prevention measure. Lastly, the camera doesn’t automatically capture the front and back check images when the check is within the frame of the camera. Instead I have to manually capture the image and then press the correct button again to upload the image. In my opinion, these adjustments to the mobile deposit feature would enhance the user experience.
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6 years ago, Klutch54
No touch ID. Now even worse.
I have gone without Touch ID for probably 9 months now. Every time I turn it on it forces me to enter my main password to sign in. So I had it set up to a 6 digit passcode. And about 1 out of 6 times that still didn’t work. It would force me to put my real password in. Well now 2 days ago it did that with the 6 digit passcode again and I put in my real password and it gave me a message on the screen that said “Invalid credentials for this device. Pleas check your entries”..... What? Seriously? Still can’t sign it. If I get on Safari I can sign in. I can sign in on my MacBook on Safari. Why can’t I just sign in with the app? This is ridiculous. How can something go unfixed for so long. Every once in a while they push an update for the app and I get excited and read the update information and am disappointed when it still mentions no fix of these issues. I love MidFirst bank. I’ve used them for years. But if I’m being honest, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities for me to switch banks just so that I can see what’s in my account.
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2 years ago, Grinaz2
Wanting you here in TN!
I have just moved from AZ to TN. How I wish you had a bank here. I really miss the wonderful employees that I spent so many years with building a banking relationship! Brad Raymond in the Queen Creek branch is so incredible as not just a kind human being, but a kind and caring employee as well! Those kinds of employees are hard to find in this day, so please be sure to reward him well. I did find a bank here with a wonderful lady, and will try to foster the same relationship here as I had with Brad for the last 20 years. The people here are friendly, and I am sure I will settle in here as well. Thank you for all the years with you. I may never leave you…..
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2 years ago, kmartinusa
MidFirst has always been OUTSTANDING
I’ve been a Midfirst Bank customer since 1992. For whatever reason they’ve always set the bar in terms of technology and ease of use. I have had a lot of bank accounts- from the biggest to the smallest; probably 20 different accounts for either personal or business banking. I’ve never seen one who has better features or an easier to use interface than Midfirst and this goes back to dialup days. Bottom line- this app makes my life easier.
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3 years ago, CRG15
This app is absolute trash. For me anyways. The only problems are signing in but if you can’t use the app at all, there’s not much of a better review you can leave. Face ID works 1 in 10 times when I bring up the app. When that doesn’t work I have to log in manually which is no big deal. However, every time I log in manually I have a three step security process which is annoying but I understand why it’s in place. The most annoying part about the app is after all that effort to sign in, the app crashes on me once I finally get in. This happens multiple times in a row and even after I have rebooted the app. I’ve also tried deleting and re-downloading the app to see if it was just a download error but it wasn’t. I guess what this app DOES have is consistency -_-
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4 years ago, Okie eyes
Warning on mobile deposits
Be warned if you make a mobile deposit through the app of $500 or more. Your funds will be put on hold for a week, and you will not have access to them. Nowhere do they warn you of this. This has happened to me twice. Recently, while recovering from surgery, I made a mobile deposit on a paycheck I wrote myself (I own a small company) from another bank. That was on a Friday. The check cleared my other bank on Monday (I saw the image of the picture I had taken!), and yet I could not access that money till the following Friday. Nowhere does MidFirst warn you of that. I’m like many other reviewers; I do not understand the high ratings for this app. It seems to work when it wants to, Touch ID mostly works but sometimes does not, sometimes it loads, sometimes it does not. My other bank apps just....work. Reliably.
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5 years ago, Jaykerz
Nonstop issues with this app.
As soon as they get all their bugs fixed they do update and they have a whole bunch of new bugs I’m tired of this crap. It’s always giving an issue at the most important time of trying to check my finance information for my business it either wants me to confirm that it’s really me and asked me 10,000 meaningless questions before I can check in when I already knows this device it’s not new I don’t have a new password everything is the same and now it wants me to create a new password I’m telling you you’re protecting me from my own money and that’s total BS or is says there’s new downloads in the app and so I’m currently unavailable at this time try back later. Technology most of the time now days does not make life easier like it was intended to do.
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4 years ago, Sabby1921
Don’t waste your time
This app is great when it wants to work. I had my login set to face/Touch ID and sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t. It says “authentication required” so I follow those tedious steps to login only for it to say “session timed out” before I can even see my balance. I tried to do a passcode option instead which worked great for a couple days. Until randomly now it won’t let me actually type in my passcode. The keyboard pops up but when I type it nothing happens. This is beyond annoying and has only gotten worse over the past 5 years I’ve been banking here. I shouldn’t have to try multiple different ways to login just to see my balance. I’m very close to switching banks since this never seems to get fixed.
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4 years ago, Sleeping_easy109
So tired of this mobile app
This is the worst banking mobile app I’ve ever used in my life. I said 2 months ago, if this app logs me out again and I have to reset my password and unable to use Face ID again, that I was changing my bank. I am sick and tired of having to go onto a laptop (full version) and make up a new pw every 2-3 months. This is absolutely ridiculous. The app is too outdated to keep up with technology apparently, aside from that- the bank is pretty decent. Some of the tellers leave something to be desired. Especially the ones that address customers by their first name only, instead of by Mr./Mrs. and your last name. That is the second most annoying thing about this place. I’m resetting my password and looking for another account this week. DONE.
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6 years ago, marrioa96
The app had advanced since I have had my account with MidFirst, but I mostly always have to enter my password when I have the touch ID set for the app to get into my account. Today I was going to check my account and I couldn’t get in at all!! It said that my account was not set up with my iPhone, but I have had this iPhone for over a year and it should be set up. Also, I mostly always do a budget in the middle of the night and the app says it is not working at the moment and to try again. It has been getting frustrating lately more than ever. The app does need more of an update, like sending notifications when I make a transaction and notify me straight to my phone for other types of notifications. I do not wanna get emails or texts, but notifications from the app.
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6 years ago, Mr😂😂😂😴😴
Great app overall
While going through my transactions for my checking account, after selecting a specific item to see the details, the “system” puts me back several transactions from where I was. So I end up wasting time scrolling through transactions that I have already reviewed over and over. If the app would put me back on the screen I had stopped on, that would be great. Everything else with the app is great especially now that I access it through my finger print and not the login info.
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6 years ago, Jsmitty712
Device is not found??
Every time i log in to the midfirst app i go through all the security questions but once i get to the page in which it asks for my number i type it in and it tells me the device is is not found but every time i type in in on the website it sends me right to all my banking information. I just moved to Texas too so allll the paycheck I’m getting can’t be deposited until this problem is resolved. Thanks midfirst.
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12 months ago, Bridgette T
I honestly might switch banks due to this. Face ID never works and locks my account, forcing me to get on a computer (because their mobile app won’t format) and resetting my password, with multiple authentications and bank account number. Then I can finally log into the app. It happens every time I need to check my bank account quickly or Zelle someone, I can’t even log in and makes me go through a tedious process. Even when Face ID is off, it happens randomly, and I’ve had to change my password at least 7 times this year and that’s a small amount because this problem makes me not want to check my bank account. Literally might switch banks, I need a working app.
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7 months ago, SeanKyte
Worthless App
For the last year they’ve had a problems connecting the mobile depositing with my account, this app can not tell you what banks or ATMs are nearby you because their map portion doesn’t work. And if yiu find one its a 50/50 chance it’s working. You cannot accurately look up old transactions in your search history, when you search for things or need images of your deposits / withdrawals They don’t have them on file, you have to go into the branch. And over the last 10 years, they’ve made no efforts innovating their company or the services they offer—I’m done with this and you should stay away from them.
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2 years ago, 0926DBM
Debit Notification Alerts
I am sad to say I will be switching banks now due to this feature no longer works on the mobile app. I loved being notified every-time a transaction took place on my debit cards. I caught many errors with vendors due to this with my business. I am not sure what is going on but for over a month now I have been unable to receive notifications of all debit transactions via the app. This was the #1 reason I’ve stayed with MIDFIRST thus far. Technical support was of no help. Said they are aware of the known issue and are working to get it resolved but a month later and it is still not resolved. This is crazy and sad I will be banking elsewhere due to an app technicality.
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3 years ago, Yenzer
Half-baked 100% of the time
This app, while about as by-the-books as banking apps can go, still can’t seem to push an update without breaking some feature or functionality. Touch ID hasn’t worked in months and the newest update has rendered the entire app unusable due to log outs as soon as you establish a connection. MFB makes plenty of money here in Oklahoma, so let’s put some of that toward a solid software Dev team to take this application into the modern world and hopefully beyond.
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3 years ago, Crimson3one
Not a great bank or app
This bank is horrible! I’ve got two other accounts at other institutions (one regional and one national) and they both run circles around MidFirst! I haven’t had issues with FaceID as some users report, but their app is just awful! You literally cannot do anything in the app except check your balance, mobile check deposit (5-day business hold?!?!), transfer money (with Zelle-nightmare, with external transfer-another nightmare and ridiculous fees), and pause your card. Good luck trying to do literally anything else. I’m glad we just tested the waters with them because I’m going moving away from them. It’s just horrible all around.
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3 years ago, JClick
Excellent Banking App. 1 Request.
MidFirst has long had a solid online banking experience and this app is a wonderful extension of that platform. As a near-daily user of mobile deposit, I’d appreciate not having to walk through the mini-tutorial of how to make a deposit. Perhaps offer a “Don’t show this again…” option, as it really slows down what is an otherwise simple, streamlined deposit experience. Also, please update with tracking disclosures per App Store guidelines.
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7 years ago, Alan Rutledge
It’s always been a little buggy but this latest version is straight up broken. It downloaded updates and ask for security questions, after entering those it asks for phone numbers and then fails about a device idea or something. Wording on phone number question isn’t great either...does it want a mobile number or home number? What does it prefer. Literally can’t use the app though now...
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11 months ago, ajoyr221
Glitchy and Time Consuming Errors
The amount of times this app will tell you your written down password is wrong, lock you out, and make you call the help desk is ridiculous. I have my information written down always and get errors from the app that disable my login at least every other month. It’s to the point where I’m going to look for a new bank because the fees are predatory enough. It won’t update with current amounts or even new charges sometimes until several business days later. Thank you for being completely unhelpful and showing who your real priority is as always: $$$$
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2 years ago, babyecakes
Mobile banking
I have had the hardest time trying to asscess my account threw mobile banking and to top it all off my husband was trying to put funds into my account and it has taken him days weeks to get in to my account. I have never had to put so much time and energy onto one thing just for my husband make it easily for me. But it was actually so stressful for him and me.. just makes you want to change to a different bank all together….. But, I can say they do have the best costumer service in the banking area. They are sweet and so nice to help out anyway they can.. if you go in person to the lobby… thank You for being nice
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4 years ago, Stay swirly
The app only works sometimes
I had to call to reset my password because it somehow wasn’t working even though i haven’t changed it in forever, and when i went to try my last password as “new” because it was saying it was wrong, The password was right the whole time the app just wouldn’t work. Now that my password is reset i tried to long in again and it’s still telling me my info is wrong. I’m kinda annoyed with only being able to get in sometimes and other times i may have to wait days before it lets me in.
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5 months ago, Wolfman9554
Most professional bank I’ve used
The lower quantity of bank locations is actually nice because staff at each location has a more personal relationship established between them and clients. Very friendly and beyond helpful in any situation or questions I ever have. I highly recommend this bank if you don’t use them already! 👌🏻👍🏻
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6 months ago, unknowninrnekah
Doesn't work well
This app has not let me use touch ID to sign in even though my touch ID is set up correctly and works on everything else. it used to work but hasn't worked in probably a year. Recently it started telling me I have invalid credentials when trying to log on, so I changed my password on the desktop website because it doesn't let you on mobile, and now it says those credentials are wrong too. I deleted the app and am now reinstalling hoping it will work now. Fix this app please because the log in process is awful!
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6 years ago, kaavar
Multiple logins : why ?
Don’t know why this app requires multiple logins. When I want to transfer money or make a deposit, I’m required to type a password Isn’t that what the passcode or touchid at the beginning covers ? The website isn’t set up like this. Please don’t tell me it’s for my security : it’s probably more for “your paranoid” security. If you want “security” consider two step auth. The app has come a long way but has a ways to go. I feel it’s still a web experience in an iOS wrapper. Make the app full native, or just put up a responsive web page. The in between is “not cool” Still slow but getting better. I realize midfirst isn’t running their own mobile “IT team” - you can tell the app is vended out. Because it’s not really running like other banking apps ( chase , etc) hopefully Midfirst will realize they need to manage their customer experience directly
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3 years ago, Mrs.Segura14
Terrible update
This app is mediocre at best. I’ve been using it for years and suddenly for the past year or so, every couple of months it doesn’t recognize my phone and I have to call and have my password reset. The Face ID went away, and now it only gives me the fingerprint option on sign in, so typing in my entire password every time is annoying when it used to be easy. So many bugs all the time. Editing this review because I’ve had to delete the app and re-download because it glitches and says JSON dictionary is missing. I would rate this app negative stars if possible.
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4 years ago, roots rockwell
Simplify Sign-In
1. When I first downloaded this app my thumb print authentication automatically signed me into my account. Now it won’t. Not sure why that wouldn’t be sufficient. With all the passwords we have to use these days it’s impossible to have them all memorized and it makes it impossible to sign in while I’m on the go. 2. Some larger checks don’t work for the mobile deposit. Because you have to back the phone away to include the entirety of the check, the app can’t read the account and routing info.
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6 years ago, hollzballzzzz
Yes download this, it’ll make your life way easier
I think this is a great app. I never have to physically go to the bank and rarely ever have to call them for any reason. I transfer money, deposit checks, stay up to date on all my accounts - including my credit card. The app occasionally won’t let me log in using Touch ID but that rarely happens. Other than that, it’s perfect.
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6 years ago, Could be much more fun
App stopped working on iPhone X
I’ve used this app for years with little to no issues and with half a dozen phones. Either the latest iOS or iPhone X, I transitioned to both this weekend, have caused the app to stop holding log in credentials and locking me out from logging in. I can still log on from other phones and from computer. Any response or suggestions would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, CalinsDad
It’s come a long ways
From when I first started using it and you couldn’t deposit more than a certain amount a day to where I check it almost daily. Super convenient. I don’t use it to its fullest capability but I like the ability to check balances and make transfers instantly as needed, even when in the go.
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6 years ago, user526373
Update this app
It use to be very convenient. But now I can’t even log in due to an extra layer of protection etc..(when it works on desktops) Which it says sends to my phone. Then can’t validate it? Unsure. I have it three stars because it has been obviously convenient for me in the past. Just fix the bugs. And I give you my consent to remove the review and I would even repost a positive. Regards,
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4 years ago, Chanyeezy
Password Reset Missing
Why is there no option to reset your password unless you contact MidFirst via phone or email? I’ve called and have been told 3 times that I would receive a call back and haven’t heard anything in over 30 hours. Like the bank, however, the customer service is a little lacking. Also, they randomly gave me $300 because I completed some promotion I had no idea was going on. That’s chill.
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3 weeks ago, VolcmStone
App ok sign in issues
This app is fine however the sign in features are shotty. Recently the last few days it says cannot read Face ID too many attempts then has me use my password- fine but then says it’s incorrect which it’s NOT and then locks you out to reset. Ok reset it then does the SAME thing after you close the app to reopen immediately after. There needs to be a fix because this happens several times a year and with my husband as well and never at the same time.
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10 months ago, A bank teller's nightmare
Good customer service
When I go into the bank usually because I have messed something up, everyone is always so kind and patient! I really like my bank!Everyone is very profession They are friendly and helpful. My bank provides great customer service and goes the extra mile to give assistance to a senior citizen, Me!
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1 year ago, HoneyB626
No longer have Cardless Cash option
I’ve been banking with MidFirst for almost 5 years. I have nothing bad to say whatsoever. I am just wanting to know where the Cardless Cash option has gone on the app and on the ATMs. I used to be able to use cardless cash but it’s no longer an option! Please help! I just uninstalled the app and redownloaded it, thinking it may need to be updated but to no avail!
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7 years ago, 🌜moon_child🌛
Can’t log in
I’m only giving the 1 star because there’s a link to the mobile site where I can log in and see my account. Same thing happened to me as the other reviewer where after getting through the security questions it asks for a phone number but then says device is not found. I tried every phone number that has ever been associated with my account after it rejected my current cell number. And my favorite part? How after rejecting those number it “runs out of security questions and I’m locked out from another attempt for hours. Please fix this bug ASAP!
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2 years ago, SaWre06
Great when it works
I’ve been using this app for years and have recently had a streak of problems with logging in. Face ID will randomly not work and then the app will also not take my password. Last time I tried logging in with the CORRECT password several times and then my account got locked and I had to call customer service. Password was reset and had been working for a couple of weeks and now it appears we’re starting all over again with the same issue. It’s extremely inconvenient and frustrating.
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5 years ago, Avipesca
I would have given a 5 star review, but many many times over the last several months I’ve had trouble logging on the app with my fingerprint. I was told once it was due to “updating”, although I rarely saw updates. This however has gotten better in the last week or so, so hopefully you’ve fixed the issue.
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1 year ago, kris4532
Horrible!! I use Face ID to verify my account when I use the app. For months I never had to input my login password with Face ID. Lately every third time I use the app I have to re input my login password. When I input my password i receive an error message that my login is invalid. So, I input my password again, sometimes it accepts it but most often times it rejects it and locks my account access so I have to then phone a number that’s been emailed to me to gain access to my account again. Complete waste of my time. Please sort yourselves out!!!
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4 years ago, JBHMH
Needs an Upgrade
I love MidFirst Bank but their app is ancient. It shows all the numerical nonsense in front of the name of the store, which with my other banks they have been able to take that out of their display. Also it isn’t clear that the balance shown is the balance before or after everything that’s pending. They need to show a running balance under the individual transaction so we can see in real time what our balance is with each transaction.
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4 years ago, 1pitbull1rottweiler
Good work
Keep up the good work and keep the same people working in one bank bee look forward to seeing people we get to know. MOR A NEW FACE EVERY TIME. I LIKE TO HAVE SOMEONE KNOW MY NAME BEFORE HAVE TO TURN OVER ID. KEEP SAME CLARKS ALL THE TIME. THANK. YOU. I have tried to bank on internet only to not get on but can on my phone. Only wish they showed more transactions on credit cards section I only get 2 on the action part. Want more.
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2 years ago, tivoM57
Mobile deposit
The app functions ok. Couple of things that should be improved. 1) You need to add a memo field that allows a customer to say what a deposit is for. That memo should show on online account activity and account statements. 2) the location search for branches and ATMs is incorrect. For more than 3 years it has said their is an ATM at DC Marketplace in Scottsdale AZ but it has not been there for over 3 years. The app never gets corrected.
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6 years ago, Okray
Appreciated convenience
I use this app frequently. We had three college students at once these past few years in three states. This app made things so easy while on the go to make transfers and keep track of everything. I have not had problems with the app to date.
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5 years ago, Sad Dy
Good app but Zella not working
First for some reason it wouldn’t activate People Pay. They were very nice about investigating the problem and after about 2 weeks it was fixed. Now People Pay is replaced with Zelle and all I get is an error message....once again I am without a way to help my son since his accident which left him permanently disabled.
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2 years ago, cdubonmac
No FaceID on iPhone 13 Pro Max!!
I’ve been using this app for years and while it has been bumpy at times this is a major annoyance! I am coming over from an iPhone 12 Pro and FaceID worked great on it (and on my 11 before that) but even after numerous deletes and reinstalls I only get the option for TouchID which my phone does not have. Please get your developers on this right away and update the app for iPhone 13 compatibility!
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5 years ago, leeway1977
MidFirst app
The midfirst app is not a great app. It constantly locks up, shuts down, and other problems. I always keep an eye on my bank account via the app, and I’ve had several overdraft fees, because I couldn’t log on and transfer funds. Im aware that I can use a computer, but I’m not always next to my computer, and I forget. It’s very frustrating. There should be no overdraft fees at all, when they’re simply taking MY money and switching it over for me. It doesn’t cost them a dime to do that. It’s a way for them to make more money. They need to have an app that’s very consistent. They don’t.
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5 years ago, maverick4god
Great app, now has FaceID support
This review replaces one I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I said it was great and easy to use (still is), but was lacking FaceID. Just checked today and saw this was added! (It’s buried in the settings for some reason, but it’s there). Thanks developers for adding this feature! Giving this 5 stars now, as I don’t see any reason not to.
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5 years ago, Swoleteam66
This app for iPhone is absolute garbage. I do not know what the issue is, but literally once a month, my Touch ID does not work any longer. I go to enter my CORRECT password, and the app tells me my CORRECT password is wrong. After this happens three times, this garbage app locks me out of my account. So I have to call, get my account unlocked, and come up with an all new password I have never used before, just to turn around and do all of this ridiculous nonsense again a month later. I never had this issue with any other platform other than iPhone. FIX YOUR IPHONE APP MIDFIRST. TALK TO YOYR IT PEOPLE.
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10 months ago, Dollymama85
Friendly and small bank vibe
I’ve been with MF bank for 10 years. Staff is friendly, familiar and knowledgeable. Mobile banking is conveniently set up, and easy to use. The only thing I would ask is bring back Zelle, or a comparable option for money transfers between family members.
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