MIDFLORIDA Mobile Branch

3.7 (28)
12.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for MIDFLORIDA Mobile Branch

3.71 out of 5
28 Ratings
11 years ago, jojo588
Work on the back button
The app is pretty good and I've used it for awhile but you need to work on a button to get back to the login screen if you click on other things like going to the full website or viewing other things from the midflorida site. I had to uninstall it the reinstall just to be able to login. This is on a iPhone 5.
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1 year ago, Gina33853
Cannot print or email statements
MIDFLORIDA doesn’t always mail me my bill for my car loan. This has almost caused me to be late with my bill. I have since downloaded the app, but have found I cannot print or email the statements so that I can write a check and send the payments in. I do not like online bill pay because I have had many times where multiple payments have been taken out and put be in a delinquent state causing over draft fees. I would rather mail my bill in. Please make the app easier to handle these or have MIDFLORIDA mail out statements on time monthly.
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6 months ago, Isabella.ortiz
Payee information editing
I have tried three times to edit one of my “Payee” information and it will not let me edit them. I put in a number wrong and thought it had been fixed since I called them about it but went on to check today and still wrong. It’ll keep saying information was updated but then I check again and it’s not
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2 months ago, Kizlo33
Need to be laid out differently
The app is too high on the screen your options tab and settings button are all the way up by the time and battery life icons on iphone. In order to hit those options u have to press below the actual button. Very frustrating and has to be very confusing for people that arent tech savvy.
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1 year ago, Lance102
Needs overhaul
The new external account linking doesn’t work for navy federal. Can only see my debit card info and not my credit card. Can’t pull up any previous statements even last months. Extremely irritating and will be discontinuing my MIDFLORIDA accounts. MIDFLORIDA is notorious for abysmal service.
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1 year ago, bitteroldcoot
Locked in portrait mode.
Not very iPad friendly at all. But seems reasonable functional. I always have more that bank account, as a backup. MidFlorida is more backup account than primary. Suncoast offers a better app and better user experience.
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9 months ago, verdant Pegasus
Immediate issues
Open the app and need to create an account but the screen loads so high the link I need is cut off by other parts of the screen so I can’t even go through the process of creating an account. Immediately faulty.
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3 months ago, To-ria
Was working okay… but bugs are not permitting me to use it; which is a disappointment.
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6 months ago, DeezNuts1354
Keeps telling me a false balance and over drafting my bank account. So I end up wasting even more money in the long run bc of it. Please fix this issue.
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1 year ago, kjross1
Does Not Work On MacOS
Please make this app work on Mac OS M2 Chip.
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12 months ago, C_T77
No good
Very very suckie…
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2 years ago, Heather in WI
Not as good as other banking apps
I like that I can transfer money from outside accounts within the app. However, after about a month, the Midflorida app lost connection with my outside bank so the balances shown for never accurate. When I go into my checking account, I should be able to see my pending transactions THERE with an available and actual balance. Pending transactions within the main menu doesn’t make a lot of sense. I wanted to compare the savings account rate through MidFlorida to my savings account rate on another account, but couldn’t locate that information within the app. Hopefully, MidFlorida will read these reviews and update the app with users’ suggestions.
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4 years ago, Rwalman
Unreliable & Faulty
Bug fixes and their updates always mean that I won’t be able to login to the application for some time, meaning that something on their backend is poorly configured (likely an API.) Coming from a cyber security perspective, it doesn’t bode well for the security of our banking data that part of just the infrastructure is so faulty. I love the bank itself, they’re reliable and have resolved fraudulent activity expediently and wholly in the past. I am disappointed that the application’s UI hasn’t been changed in over five years and that I personally have yet to get Touch ID to work for the app. Touch ID works with everything else I have it set up for, and if I was still working for Apple I’d be annoyed at the possibility of having to explain that it’s bad app development rather than a problem with the iPhone.
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6 years ago, Kls.729
Not Appealing to Customers...At All
My husband and I have been banking with Midflorida for quite sometime now. When we first downloaded this app, right away we noticed the lack of quality and innovation compared to other banking apps. My biggest disappointment came just a couple of days ago when I got my new iPhone XS Max...I cannot believe Midflorida did not invest in making their banking app compatible to newer cellphone versions!!! The app remained the same size on screen display. My husband who is not a developer and is self taught on how to create applications has his own app and even his app has way more quality than this one AND it shows on full screen on this new iPhone! C’mon!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, Goodvibesntunes
Worst App
I’m a new customer to MIDFLORIDA and I dread this app. Everything is dated and it’s not user friendly. I feel like Dory of Finding Nemo. However in this case, instead of just keep swimming I keep clicking. The further you dive in the more times you have to click the back arrow. Facial recognition has been available for three years on iPhone and the fingerprint scanner is the only available option. It’s time to stop putting money in the bank and use it to enhance technology before you lose customers. I have considered refinancing just to move back to a bank with a modern app. Not to mention, security updates haven’t been applied if this app hasn’t been updated in two years which leaves the possibility of a security breach. Not good MF.
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5 years ago, JohnnyBoii28
It just needs work
It’s good to be able to check my account history and be able to see all the transactions that I’ve done. The issue comes to it being so old looking and fairly slow. It takes a while to load things and the interface itself is not the easiest to use. I wish that they would fix the slow issues and give this app a redesign and make it look new and modern. I understand for a small bank since it’s only in Florida it may not be at the highest priority to update an app, but MidFlorida is growing and they need to be up to date with the times. If they can resolve the issues then it will be a better app
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3 years ago, SPiFFxKiDD
Joint account problem
My wife and I share an account and this app is not built to have multiple devices logged into the same banking account, probably for security reasons but if I want to log into my account it instead sends my wife a text notification or email to verify which is highly annoying. I don’t even check my account because of this but I would like to see how much money I have on the go without depending on my wife to get that text notification to let me get logged in
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4 years ago, Sfhhffhj
App is rarely working properly or at all
Most everyone does their bill pay on an app anymore, This app lags so bad or most of the time will not let you even log in, really considering changing banks as my time is more valuable than to sit and wait on an App for 10-15 mins. And I have noticed other folks commenting the same and obviously the bank does not care as nothing has been done to fix the App and make if more user friendly. Will most likely changing banks as this is a big deal to myself.
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4 years ago, Tiiffany1414
I just became a new member of the midflorida family. I’ve seen many reviews of how great the bank is, but this app is extremely dated. I have another account with USAA and their app is what I’m used to. Going from a user friendly banking app to a dated app is a tough adjustment. There has been no problems with the bank itself, I just wish the app was more up to date. I really hope with my comment, and the comment of others that there will be change to this app in the near future. 😊
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3 years ago, yourmommanem
App update
I’m really liking the new design of the MidFlorida mobile app. It’s very easy to navigate. Everything is easy to read. I have been a MidFlorida customer for about 15 years and I’ve never been disappointed in any changes made to this app. Good job marketing department. Keep up the good work. Sincerely one happy customer.
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4 years ago, EclipseSi
It works, but it’s ugly.
I’ve been with this bank for 3 years now. So far I’ve had no problems with the app such as login to my bank and display my balance. HOWEVER, this app is such an eye sore to me and in my OWN OPINION, I feel as if the application could look ten times more appealing if it was shown a little love. I’d love for an option to show more ways to save money such as if you swipe your card it automatically moves a dollar or set amount to the savings like some other banks do. Please update the interface display to something more modern.
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4 years ago, Mermayhem
Can’t Log in properly
It seems like every time I try to log in using the app I’ll have to reset my password even though my password is universally what I use on Midflorida’s website itself, which always works. After I change my password it’ll work but, it would be nice not having to reset each time I try and use the app here. Would also be nice to not get blocked out of my account for an hour after only 3 attempts to log in. This app is really bugged and needs fixing.
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8 years ago, Zzttz
Here is what you guys can do as an alternative. Go to the homepage and click log in. Next click The "more options button" after click "add to homescreen" after the shortcut default name is "mobile" click OK. After that there is a makeshift update for you guys. It runs smoothly and better than the app :). You're welcome ;).
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6 years ago, Jasonko5
Still Garbage... with Ads!
First off, I realized long ago I might be the odd man out by having Face ID, but the fact that it’s been months now and it’s still not been updated to support it is garbage. My true complaint about this app, short of it being horrendously outdated, is the fact I have to click through 3 ads every time I use it. My banking app should be just that, a banking app. I should not have to view and click next through 3 ads, regardless of what they are, just to manage my account.
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3 years ago, Marco Wilson-Smith
Glitches and Logs Me Out
My job doesn’t offer direct deposit, so I have to use the mobile deposit feature for all of my paper checks. With this most recent update, it’s impossible for me to make it very far into the mobile deposit process before being forcefully logged out of the app and having to restart the whole process just to end up going in a very frustrating circle before deciding it’s no use. If I can’t do something as simple as mobile deposit checks then I’ll be forced to switch banks if this isn’t fixed soon.
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4 years ago, BeeR411
Absolute Trash
Since becoming a customer at Midflorida this app has become worse and worse. I feel like they fired their app developers as the last update was two years ago. I’m about to pull all my money and close my accounts if something isn’t done soon. The app is outrageously slow, has so many bugs, is riddled with ads. It doesn’t even have faceid which was available two years ago! Since no one reads these I’m also calling MidFlorida to voice my opinion and sending a letter to the office of the president. This is unacceptable period.
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2 years ago, Marc2947
Yubikey Mobile App on iPhone
I purchased two yubikeys to increase security. They work fine on the website however when trying to use them on the mobile app they don’t work. I contacted the help desk and the last response I got was the problem is the key and not your app. The keys work fine for other mobile apps just not your. Hopefully you can figure out what the issue is with the mobile app. It show the NFC on the app and it appears to scan but nothing happens. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, Linsze
Not very convenient
This app is functional. However it isn’t very good when moving around from section to section. You should not have to click”back arrow” to get out of the section you are in. There should be return to main page by clicking the bank’s heading. Reading the other member’s review is very sad because it show the developers didn’t do their due diligence to make this app smart and convenient.
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9 years ago, Robb DeL
Good app, but...
So far it seems to be a good app but, no Apple Pay ? So I'll like to maybe see that happen in a update... Other than that it works well and it's easy to transfer funds from one account to another... Just like to be able to use my Apple Pay it just makes it easier to make some of my purchases...
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2 years ago, Ken_Idgaff
Extreme lack of quality
The lack of quality of this app is just horrible. The updates of all your purchases are always slow. Reading out of the “pending transactions” is my best way of not over drafting so much. Instead of just automatically subtracting what you’ve purchased from the account it stays the same but has a tab for the pending transactions. There’s no text option for like how much you spend or anything. I think I’m going to switch soon
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6 years ago, ChrisN-2127
Mobile Ck Deposit Not reliable
I have been using app for Years without issue. I do all my Credit Union transactions with this App and never had an issue. Since the latest iPhone update the Check Deposit is no longer dependable. If you are trying to deposit a Corporate Check with standard Security features, the App will not process the check. This is very Frustrating. Please Fix this App Quickly and make the Mobile Deposit Great Again
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7 years ago, Cynnara
Latest update works...however
There has to be a way I can use it on my phone, tablet, etc and not deal with reauthenticating myself between each item. It's a bit ridiculous in this century, when I can use apps between a variety of electronics that this app cannot.
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3 years ago, Cole 1683
If it’s not broken
I have been banking with mid Florida for a long time and have always been happy with them as a bank/credit union. Their apps however have always been a frustration. It seems like every time they update the app it’s extraordinarily slow if it loads at all. By the time they fix it they update it again and the process starts over. It would be nice if they could get it running properly and then leave it alone.
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3 years ago, DjDrew
Account Info Does Not Update Properly
I’ve made numerous transfers from another checking account to my Mid Florida account and they do not reflect on the mobile app, even after deleting and reinstalling. Reached out to customer support they just tell me to send a screenshot of proof that it’s happening. Will be deleting this app until they get some major issues resolved with respect to basic functionality.
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3 years ago, lshsmeksioa
Works well but lacks visual appeal
I downloaded the MIDFLORIDA app to be able to manage my finances virtually. I am able to do just that; however the app needs a serious update. It looks as if it was made in the iPhone 3 era and never updated since. Visually, it is incredibly unappealing. The desktop site is more pleasant to the eye, which leads me to wonder why they haven’t done the same for the mobile site? I would rate it 5 stars had it not been for this issue.
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9 years ago, Drewg44
Problems setting it up
I set up my online account no problem at all, but when I tried logging in on the app it would just show the password input bar and didn't pull up the keyboard so I was unable to type in the password. Then, after several times of closing it and trying to re-open it to fix the problem, I was locked out of my account unable to even input the password and now I must wait until business hours for a help desk attendant to be available.
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6 years ago, kayh98
I have no idea
I set up my text thing so I can be told when a transaction was made and I keep getting my messages LATE! I’m so confused as to if someone is using my card or if it was actually me. Also the current amount display is also slow at updating every time i make a payment!!! How the hell am I supposed to know how much is actually on my card if it doesn’t update?? Fix this problem it’s not cool playing with things like that.
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5 years ago, Sk83r gyrl
App always goes down
I’ve been banking with Mid-Florida about 5 years now and I love banking with them. However this app is driving me nuts. The app will go down for hours leaving you to not be able to transfer funds, view your account, or anything. It’s frustrating because this has happened to me twice in the past 3 weeks and I’m extremely frustrated with this entire app. Please update, please fix. Thank you
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6 years ago, austinwill
Works well
The mobile branch app Is a no-frills way to do just about everything I can do online. In fact, it’s easier to navigate and far less cluttered than the homepage online. FaceID works, even though the app still says TouchID. A UI overhaul with full iPhone X support would be nice.
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2 years ago, Tasonis
Doesn’t work on iPhone 13 mini
The top menu and setting buttons don’t work on the smaller screen on the iPhone mini series. I can make it work but get stuck when I need to go back and just have to close the app and start over. Hope this helps your team with a fix/update. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Hunter cowper
They finally updated the layout!
It’s been years, and now the app finally fits my iPhone X screen! That was one of the only qualms I had with the app. They redesigned the interface and it looks cleaner too. Good job MidFL. Thank you for listening to your customers.
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9 years ago, Paris007
App is too basic
I have been banking with Bank of America (I have no complaints with Bank of America app it's almost like using your desktop, you have setting options notifications for each account and more)for years recently opened an account with Mid Florida. Mid Florida app is too basic for one you do not even have an option for notifications. Needs a lot of work it's a work in progress not sure how long they've had it still needs to be tweeted a lot.
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2 years ago, chichichihuly
Not a trustworthy app
I use the mobile app to keep track of my banking. For a long time everything was hunky dory, but for the last couple months it’s been total crap. I click on the logo and I get nothing but a blue screen and it happens over and over until I delete the app and reinstall it and go through the security hassle. Very disappointed 😞
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4 years ago, CandacewithaK
Great bank, absolutely horrendous app
The bank itself is great overall. But the absolute worst part about this bank is the app. It works half of the time and it looks like it was developed in 2009 and they haven’t updated it since. It’s so frustrating to navigate through and I dread having to open it. Please do something to fix it. It’s such a hassle for those who use this bank and I would think we deserve a little bit better of a mobile app.
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5 years ago, everygoodboydoesfinr
New Banking Transfers, etc
The new set - up for transfers is extremely confusing - where to - where from. Oh my goodness! It was great the other way. It took me a much longer time to decide how to make the transfer than ever. Please go back !! After 14 years this was more than frustrating and made me think about moving my 5-6 accounts. Rae Cole I tried 8+ nicknames- All were taken. I can hardly believe that.
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2 years ago, Sally Salamander2
Please up date it. I like the app; its uncomplicated and has most everything we need. I hope they are keeping it secure; other than that; good.
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4 years ago, Valerie_Is_Awesome💖
outdated but does the job
so i saw a bunch of reviews saying it was outdated and doesn’t support face id, and although it is definitely outdated it DOES support face id, go into settings and enable touch id and it will allow you to use face id when you log in :)
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2 years ago, Use_uber-eats
By far the worst banking app and bank I have ever encountered. The user interface is so poor that it is easier to just send a check every month for loan payments than to link external accounts. If your dealership or anyone approves you for a loan through this bank, run. You’ll despise every single minute. I’m going to refinance a car loan just to get away from this bank.
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2 years ago, Kna6603
App is out of date and not user-friendly.
App doesn’t work with iphone keychain for stored log in info. App does not save payment method details. Everything has to be entered manually every time you use the app. Overall functions are not user-friendly. I would not recommend this app.
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4 years ago, warofroses1234
This app is rediculous!
First off I use more than one bank. Other banking apps are a lot easier to work with than this one. There are to many flaws is it. I can’t add any bills to the pay bills part. It’s difficult to transfer money over to another person on this app as well. How is anyone going to want to keep banking with y’all if you can’t even make it convenient to do so.
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