Midland States Bank Mobile

4.7 (6.5K)
41 MB
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Midland States Bank
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Midland States Bank Mobile

4.66 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Bexster33
Poor Customer Service
Still waiting for a call back regarding my Mobile APP that had someone else’s name on my accts after the conversion! How does this happen that someone else had my social and is now named on both of my accts? I have no idea who this other person is?! The other customer also has an acct that has my social!!! Privacy/security issues! I need to close my accts! Looking for a new bank...Awful!!!
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3 years ago, BrianaClaire
Absolutely TERRIBLE
I have been banking with midland since I got my first checking account around 16 or 17. It’s been over 10 years now, and I’m not sure why I still bank with them. The only reason for real is that my parents can help transfer money to me when I’m in need since they all bank with midland. The app is extremely inconvenient. The opposite of what it should be. The account balance is never up to date. Transactions don’t go through for 3-4 days, and sometimes, they don’t even show up on your account for 3-4 days or longer! Even when my mother transfers money over directly via her own midland account to mine, it does not show up immediately. So if you complete another transaction, knowing that you have a certain amount of money in your account (even though the app says otherwise), your checking account can go below zero because it simply has not updated yet!! It’s amazing!!! With all of the technology we have out there, Midland cannot seem to hire adequate software engineers/techs to figure it out!! I’m extremely frustrated because when I spoke to a customer service rep about my compliant with the app, he hung up on me. Do not count on the midland states bank app (or customer service for that matter) to help you with your financial and banking needs. They will only be a HUGE disappointment.
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5 years ago, Polish Bagel
Useless for mortgage holders
I only have a mortgage and no other accounts with Midland States, and making my mortgage payments has always been a nightmare since they don’t have an option for online payments on their website. The only way to make a payment/transfer from my bank is to go to their weird separate “Express Pay” site, where you have to manually enter all your account information for it to go through. I downloaded this app hoping it may have a way for me to set up mortgage payments, but nope. This actually has even less functionality than the website. All I can do is see my loan balance and a few months’ worth of transactions. Midland States, please do something about this. It should not be this difficult to make mortgage payments.
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5 years ago, Wtfdd
When this bank bought out Centrue I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried it. I have had nothing but problems with this app. The bill pay on this app is terrible there are too many of my bills that have to be paid by check and not instant pay like my old app was and I have to set things up two or three days in advance my old app I could do it the day be before and went out the next day as long as I put in for it by 2pm. I have had to resort to writing my pun checks and going the way of paper again because this apps bill pay isn’t convenient for me as it’s user.
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3 months ago, dennyelle
Midland bank
Thanks to the wonderful people in Dwight Illinois branch. Especially the manager I was able to fix my credit and learn how to do online banking. They are very nice people and I recommend to my friends to bank there. It’s nice in these times to have people who care and treat there customers like real people not just an account. Thank you Dwight branch!
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1 year ago, fun day at wwhl
Online banking
It's wonderful- I wish I had signed up for it a long time ago- I would use phone banking every once in awhile but it was never really convenient so I would constantly go to the ATM just to check my balance- this is quick & easy & so efficient! I transferred money with just 2 clicks of a button!!!!! Love it! Thank you SO much Jodi R at GP Midland!!!!!
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3 weeks ago, schneid69
Love midland bank
Love midland bank! Tammi Lanxon Princeton, Illinois has helped us a lot. She has went above and beyond and helped us get an account set up. Had everything ready for us? It was so professional she is one of a kind and a very much valued associate.
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5 months ago, AllyKavanagh
No more Zelle
The app is great to navigate through my accounts no complaints there! Very user friendly. However because they took the option to transfer money through Zelle definitely knocked the two stars down for me. So inconvenient to have to verify the account the money is going to, taking more then two business days when all you’re trying to do is just splitting a dinner bill with friends.
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5 years ago, #£tre
Deposit check
Deposit checks by mobile from my us bank account and the money is available, put in my check and nothing is available at midland!
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1 year ago, CyrusBarker007
So easy to use
It took a few uses to figure out how the app runs, but now that I have, I love using it. So handy to be able to check out balances and do transfers as needed. Really like this app
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3 years ago, Absuwieofnr
Super convenient
Y’all need to have this app. It’s quick and easy to see your accounts, transfer money, deposit checks... It’s so convenient and you can do it all on your phone. No need to take a trip to the bank!
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3 years ago, wsh2bheard
Mobile banking
I love the mobile banking app! I appreciate the ability to deposit checks from home as I am almost an hour away from a Midland Bank office. Allows me to keep my account there.
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5 years ago, Dwight Schrute :3
I can’t even access the app because it says I need to contact someone. But when I do I can never get through to anyone. The customer service is horrible and everytime I try calling they redirect me to a different number to call. When I call that number it’s the SAME EXACT THING. I’ve tried for days now to contact someone about this and I’ve received nothing. This bank is frustrating and the customer service needs to be better.
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8 months ago, Kris/Glen
I’m from Ga. And the staff at Midland have welcomed me with warm open arms. Mrs Zoryana has went above and beyond to provide me with exceptional service. Thanks to the entire staff for always making me feel at home.
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2 years ago, Rebecca Ruano
No regrets
This app works very well. Checking my transactions and making BillPay payments are very easy. I never have a complaint using this app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, this game for life
Pro Tree Care
Nothing but good things to say about Midland, everyone is friendly, helpful,always smiling. The smiles brighten my day. Thanks Midland for all your help thru the years.
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4 years ago, trevor00005
The app keeps crashing when I open it...
I open the app and it stays loading for 1 min then crashes. It worked great for a long time and now it keeps on crashing. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app now twice with no luck.... plz fix this problem.
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5 years ago, fbataleft
Midland Bank
This app does not work some of the times. It will keep loading and no information will be showing. I not happy with that. FIX IT!
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5 years ago, MKirkman
Mobile deposit
There seems to be an issue with the back side camera shot cutting off the check. It took about 10 tries to make my last deposit.
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5 years ago, FloBeeSch
Wonderful banking experience
This bank is great. Their online banking is easy to navigate. Customer service is excellent. The people are always kind, helpful and respectful.
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1 year ago, K. Jason
Works great
Really enjoy using app. Works great. Very reliable. Transaction history easy to read. I do recommend.
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2 weeks ago, taboofear15
Less than decent
It sometimes does the bare minimum of telling you how much money you have but is really clunky and the Zelle feature on the app is more of a pain than just using the Zelle app.
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5 years ago, Big Gibson
I’ve used multiple banks and none are more friendly, yet professional at the same time.
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5 years ago, Jnw954
Great to use!
Use it several times a week to check balance and upcoming payments.
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2 years ago, Mrs Tilda
Convenient and fast
We love it considering I still write checks
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5 years ago, sadjaho
Mobile Check deposit
Your mobile check deposit application is absolute garbage. It doesn’t work. It takes 500 photos for it to get it right and I’ve never had that problem with any other bank. Truly you guys should do something about it. It’d be faster to drive to the bank.
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11 months ago, DaCaBar
Bank Effingham
I really like their service, the girls who work there are very friendly and pretty.
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1 year ago, caseykane
Thank you Priscilla for all your help today
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4 years ago, aseliga
Lack of refresh for account view
I really wish the app had this. It is a big pain to constantly close the app and reopen it just to update the balance of an account.
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6 years ago, Heinz_Jürgen_Gassner
Love it
Have been able to keep same passcode since account opened. Very nice. Also fingerprint login excellent!
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5 years ago, Rtomli
No on line pictures of deposits
I have been told since Midland took over Alpine that: “they are working on it”. They can’t be working on it very hard. As far as I am concerned, Midland is a step backward from what we had at Alpine.
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5 years ago, john95245
Easy and free
It’s very user friendly and they don’t charge you like my credit union does to use it. Very pleased.
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3 years ago, SusanL10
Fast, easy way to check my finances on the go!
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5 years ago, Jessica P 1985
Memo Gone
Our bank recently was purchased by Midland. Our old app had a memo option when doing transfers. That option is not available now. I would love it back.
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5 years ago, Clandestine_-91
What’s the point
Was a decent app until most recent update. Now it never works, so what’s the point in having mobile banking if you can’t use mobile banking.
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6 years ago, Can't believe it's free
Love this app....
No need to go to the bank. Deposit checks with your camera. Works great
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5 years ago, FredFunny
Mortgage Payments Difficult
Mortgage payments should be much simpler than this. I have no problems with electronic banking at my other banks and w their apps, but I’ve always had to jump through hoops to pay my mortgage through the external site. Surely there has to be a better way.
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3 years ago, anaranjo0922
Down for Maintenance Frequently
I feel the whenever I need to access my bank information the most, it’s always “down for sight maintenance”. Ugh
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2 years ago, 815dutchess
Five star for app
Love it because it’s so convenient & easy to use ~❤️
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5 years ago, Planetclark5150
Works well
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4 years ago, gbrannum
Notification option
When you get notification of deposits, transactions, and overdrafts it would be nice to see them while pending instead of two days later.
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6 years ago, Babstheoneandonly
Very helpful as a college student. No need to go to the bank for something so simply, just use the app.
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6 years ago, MoNastE
Easy to use, very functional. Midland State Bank is my favorite Bank. Great people work in our Smithton Illinois office.
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4 years ago, Haisjebsnlsl
Mobile deposits
Midland has the slowest mobile deposit processing time! You’re better off driving to a branch. I also bank at First Midwest Bank and their mobile deposit processing time runs circles around midland’s!
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12 months ago, angel32322
Holds your money on an instant transfer
You can pay extra money for an instant transfer on cash app for you to not get the money instant this bank is terrible!!!
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3 years ago, snenicjenenr
Worst service
Wait on the phone for 40 mins for nothing. Supervisor can’t even see anything on account or be helpful in anyway. Midland closes accounts without customer consent! Ridiculous.
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4 years ago, smineau
Never loads my information. Also takes too long for transactions to post so I end up going to the negative when I thought I had money but really don't.
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6 years ago, Lorie E.
Best ever
So easy to maneuver - bill pay, transfers and deposits!!!!
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5 years ago, Nicholas colbert
I Had a very good experience with the midland banking app
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4 years ago, onlygivingonestarbcihaveto
The app constantly crashes or isn’t up to date. Makes me want to change banks with working technology.
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