MidWest America FCU Mobile

3.4 (26)
101.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
MidWest America Federal Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MidWest America FCU Mobile

3.42 out of 5
26 Ratings
2 years ago, Dmtar1
Transaction Comments
I would like to write comments for a transaction in the mobile app, like I can on a laptop. It makes it very inconvenient to register the transaction in the mobile app, then I need to login on the laptop to insert a comment about the transaction. I have been a member for 20 years. I believe this if change is implemented it will benefit your members.
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9 months ago, Jeshe28
Notifications on update not effective
The latest update seems to go backward when it comes to features in the notification section. I used to be able to receive transaction notifications that included a description of where the transaction originated. It provided a quick way of making sure no unauthorized transactions occurred. Now I can receive a notification but I can’t see any detail unless I log into the app. Makes the notification pretty useless. This is something available on just about any other banking service/app. When I asked about this at the credit union I was told this is no longer an option. Why would you get rid of this feature? I also used to be able to receive a notification if a payment was due or late. Now the only notification available is a recurring reminder. Also, the option to add member to member transfer is not working. It errors out every time we try to add an account. I’m all for new and improved apps but this new app does not seem to offer any improvements, only less user friendly and ineffective options. Did the designers even seek input from real and regular users of this app??
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1 year ago, Lord Octomonkey
Needs Transaction Comments
For the most part, that app is great. We use it to manage both the business and personal finances, and it is simple and easy to transfer money to appropriate accounts. The only major feature the app appears to be missing is the ability to leave a comment on a transfer. In order to do so, I have to get on the desktop to make the transaction so I can leave the comment. The app improves our efficiency, except for this one major bottleneck.
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3 years ago, FrustratedUser23
Middleware Error Message
I have been using this app for 5 years. Had no issues until this year. Serval months ago I started receiving the middleware error message. Went to the branch where their IT person couldn’t figure it out. A day or so later it started to work again. Fast forward several months, it’s happening again. So frustrating. Can’t get it to work yet my husband has no issues accessing our accounts through the app on his phone.
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8 months ago, mtaylor195
New app is awful
Update, It’s not getting any better. Transfers still take longer than in the previous app. New app is slow to load & log in & sometimes doesn’t take you to the Home Screen & then hitting the back button logs you out instead of going Home. Check images have been taking a day or so to show up after the transaction posts, vs the old app was right away. The previous app was way better than this new version & was one of the reasons I’ve been with MW for such a long time. This update really has me rethinking that decision. The new app is much more difficult to use than the previous version. It is also VERY slow to load. I did a transfer yesterday from one account to another. Typically this would take less than a day to complete. It’s been over 24hrs now & it’s still not complete. Somehow your debit card is still not Apple Pay compatible 👎🏼
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9 months ago, LR Gutman
Old version was much better
New version of the app is hard to navigate and takes forever to long on and load things up. I like that there are more features for online banking but I think the app is hard to use.
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3 years ago, mabus42
December 2020 and still no Apple Pay?!?
The app is largely fine and does what it says, but seriously, not allowing Apple Pay yet, where the payment tokens are always unique as compared to dipping the chip on the debit card can still be compromised. I’m about to switch CU’s solely on this negligent and egregious oversight because it is clear that they do not take security for member’s payment card data seriously enough. PCI compliance is simply not enough any longer.
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4 years ago, ComplexSuperiority
What happened to my card???
I find this app very convenient, WHEN it works! Sometimes it signs me out randomly and now my card is not connected to my account anymore! I use the card controls for security purposes. Now it’s saying I have to contact my bank to add my card to my account. I’ve had the same card now for a couple of years and it hasn’t expired so I’m not understanding what the problem is. Very aggravating and frustrating!
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8 years ago, am.r7
Nothing special
There is nothing special about this app but it seems to do the job ok. I really wish Midwest would support Apple Pay though.
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3 years ago, lgndkllr11287
Won’t let me sign in
I’ve been banking with you guys for about 6 years and I tried to sign in on the app, but it says I need to add some kind of middleware. Is there a way that I don’t have to use middleware and just sign in or anything?
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8 months ago, PVixen
E statements don’t exist
Been trying for 45 minutes to transfer money to my roommate to pay rent. Keeps telling me I need a “Share number” and can find it on the overview screen or on my statements. 1. No you can’t find the share number on the overview screen, it. Very unuser friendly. Tons of steps backwards from the old version.
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3 years ago, chandler_witz
Used to work... now it doesn’t.
I never had issues with the app, that was until I upgraded to an iPhone 12. Ever since then, I can never get past the “verifying information” screen. The app works on my iPad, and the website works, but there are obviously some major issues with the app on the newer iPhones.
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8 months ago, Sierra 103
Locked Out
After completing the required update, I cannot login by facial recognition, or user ID and Password. Now my wife and I are locked out of our account and the phone number provided is an endless void of non responsive messages. Terrible!
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5 years ago, Glowinggerm
The mobile check deposit feature has got to be some kind of cruel joke. I’ve wasted at least ten checks trying to get the feature to work. I’m pretty sure I have mastered writing “for mobile deposit only” , but the app suggests I need more training. Sadness.
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9 months ago, arichards115
Great App
Simple to use and good, clean interface. Love the app & recent update!
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1 year ago, schaffer06
Great App, serves its purpose
Nothing more, nothing less
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2 years ago, kyleejo414
Can you fix this??
About a month ago the app stopped working. When I try to log in it gives me a middleware\MFM error. Is there something being done to fix this ?
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4 years ago, g_dabau
Critical error
That's all I can get out of this app anymore! Not sure what has happened but it's been doing it since 3/3/20 for me with no change or updates. Guess I'll go back to the browser for now!
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2 months ago, Lauralie07
Great App
Cool new features!
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9 months ago, Dnni4real
No. Change it back-
This app took forever to “improve” and this is what we get?! -Smaller FONT -More jibberish in and around acct info -LONGER load times I hate it. I have heard others say the same-they just aren’t tech savvy enough to write a review. This app is 10lb. of #### in a 5lb. bag. We deserve better.
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8 years ago, Phatbudz
Was a five star app, now it doesn't work at all.
Used to love this app. You could do pretty much anything with it in regards to your bank accounts. Loved the fingerprint scanner so no one else can access my account but me. Lately tho, I can't even log in. It decided that my fingerprint won't launch the app like it used to & tells me that I need to turn the feature off & re-scan my prints in order to log in. Problem is I follow these steps & then it tells me I need to log in in order to change the prints. But I can't log in until my prints are changed!!! It's a super annoying cycle. I also can't use my pin anymore, so the app is completely useless. Used to be great, now it's garbage. I wish you guys would fix this.
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8 years ago, myctenor
Easy app
I like the app. I can see all my accounts and transactions and I love that I can transfer money between accounts and pay my car loan on the app. The fingerprint login was a nice touch too.
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10 years ago, Nurse who
Whoohoo! No more over draft! I'm able to view available funds @ my finger tip. It's easy to transfer funds between accounts! Love it!!!
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8 years ago, Bruce dickhammer
Used to be great
Before about a month ago, you could log in and take care of any of your financial needs right from the app. Now, however, the app won't allow you to log in, stating that the password you've been using periodically all of a sudden is incorrect. This function needs changed, yesterday.
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10 years ago, Poker Nick
All the data I need at my fingertips. Everything offered online but quicker and simpler.
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10 years ago, Bodacious$$30
About time
Thank you for finally putting out an app. Keep it simple and clean running.
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8 years ago, Nothing works like it should
Very Unreliable
Several times a week of regular use, I'd estimate a third of the time the app doesn't work properly.
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8 years ago, Whothinksstuffthru
Color palette
App its self works but who thinks up these color choices??never use gray with white or gray lettering on menu's
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10 years ago, Cyrax ninja
Great apps love it transfer saving to checking
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8 years ago, Fortwaynenut
I have been using this app for awhile with no issues now when I put in the right password it says it's wrong and gives me and error message please fix this issue
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8 years ago, Beth Yurosko
No longer works
App needs to be updated. It won't take my password at all and I know it's correct. It is basically worthless
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8 years ago, Idek Finn
It won't open since the update
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8 years ago, Indiana 2
Fix update
Used to be great! Now can't log back in account with new update. Please FIX ASAP!
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8 years ago, Kris AC
Won't download
Can't get the latest version to download.
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9 months ago, Mommyreed
Glitchy Update
I was forced to update to the new mobile app, which required a new password. One time I attempt log-in and my username & password work and I get into the app. The other multiple attempts to log-in, I receive error messages that my password is incorrect, or my username doesn’t exist. I rely on the convenience of digital banking and nothing about this app update is convenient. It’s enough of a headache that I am considering moving my account elsewhere. I need to see my accounts and now I cannot because the updated app has too many glitches.
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4 years ago, Rocket467
Horrible update!!
I absolutely despise this new update!! To have to put in my password and go to my email to get a code EVERYTIME!! I want to check my account!!! Hate it!! I need a recommendation for a new bank!!! I’ll give them 2 weeks to change this feature or I’m closing my account of 14 years!
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8 years ago, Why won't they fix this app
I see that this has been an issue for a while yet they fail to correct it. It keeps on giving me an error code even though my password is correct - please fix - very frustrating.
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8 years ago, Funkateeer
It was great, but latest update breaks it sometimes.
This app worked great for a while, but after the last update I always get an error on login that my request cannot be processed (code 500). It doesn't happen all the time but enough to frustrate you. Please make it great again!
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