MidWestOne Bank

4.6 (6.1K)
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Current version
MidWestOne Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MidWestOne Bank

4.58 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Too*Bad**
Poor App (Horrible update)
Update: MidWestOne no longer works if you are using a VPN for privacy. I will have to cancel my accounts with them and very upset. I had to tap my screen 15 times before it finally took a photo for deposit. I honestly was going to give up. Face ID no longer works. Now I have to enter my password, which I was forced to change to something I now have to look up where I wrote it down. New password had to be 10 characters, had to be some of these but can’t be this. Frustrating. Such a poor update that this might force me to change institutions since 100% banking is online now.
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3 years ago, Cmdrfyre
Go back to the old user interface please
This app was fine for a while, but then they changed the whole app for the dramatically worse. It used to be smooth, responsive, and it actually looked like it was made to be a phone app. Now it looks and acts like a very slow webpage. Many buttons were replaced with links that are difficult to hit the first time and even if you do get it the first time, it either takes a couple seconds to register or you have to tap it again. In addition, the most recent update(s) has caused me to be signed out every time I close the app even though “remember me” is checked, and when I do sign in it loads for a second then immediately kicks me out for “inactivity” and I have to sign in again. The update also somehow managed to break the mobile deposit feature, so now there is only a button for taking a picture of the back of the check. It won’t let you deposit the check since you need to submit a picture of the front of the check, but the option to do that no longer exists. Kind of ironic that this update broke the mobile deposit feature, since the update notes proudly state that the mobile deposit experience is better than ever. Sure. Please go back to the old version of the app, or at the very least just fix the growing list of broken features.
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2 years ago, eaboender
Great Bank! App needs work
I have gone through MidWestOne since first starting opening a checking account as a teen. Throughout the years, the app has progressively gotten less user friendly. Before the update changing the logo, I had zero issues with the app and it worked great! Recently I was affected by the issue causing the timeout error, but it was fixed in the last patch sent out!(Awesome!) My main and only concern with the app currently is the quick access bar at the bottom (Accounts/Transfers/Deposits/Profile) will not load after clicking on it. After selecting an option on the bottom other than the main accounts screen, it will send me to a blank screen where the option I chose should be but isn’t, causing me to have to completely close out the app and resign back in (along with the security feature) to even get back to the original accounts screen. I can occasionally get the profile screen to load up, but am completely unable to do transfers and deposits. Hope this gets fixed soon!
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3 years ago, Dima Ben
The best bank in the world
I moved from Iowa almost 2 years and I still kept Midwest one as my bank. They are amazing nice and kind. Adam from the Fairfield branch is amazing. He is always friendly and helpful and always remembers you by name. I called recently for help he remembered me after not being at the branch for over a year and was so kind and above and beyond. Midwest one YOU are the one!
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2 years ago, B (she/her)
The bank is great, the app has gotten worse over time
I’ve had this app for years and more recently, I’ve been having issues with basic functions. I was effected by the inactivity issue that has now been resolved, but that had been going on for a while. I’m not able to access the live chat feature. And overall the app has just gone from really good and really functional to time consuming and frustrating. That said, this bank is great and the staff is amazing. I’ve never had a bad experience with them.
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4 years ago, Jeedin
Slow and unresponsive
God help the non-IT savvy user who is used to the old app, and as such expects a immediate response when things are clicked. They’re not going to wait the 1-2 seconds it takes for basically every piece of the interface to respond and will simply assume they misclicked, trying again and again by jamming through a bunch of click requests like a 90s college student trying to print their term paper in an underfunded computer lab. Oh and this is made infinitely worse because some buttons only hilight on the first click and actually DO require a second click to activate, this perpetuating and incentivizing the previous issue. Please, please fix this.
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3 years ago, bbosky
Deposit function needs some work.
App works well for checking balances. However, the deposit function has problems. Repeatedly, when I try to take the picture of the check, the app does not allow the picture to take. The camera is up and working, but when you tap the screen, it won’t take. You then have to back out and try again. This happens 95% of the time. After multiple tries, it usually ends up working. This has been my experience over the last year.
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3 years ago, andrewa_20
Used to be more efficient
This app used to be significantly more efficient under the institutions previous ownership. It is far slower to load requests, login, and execute functions. Several glitches on numerous occasions with failed login attempts. Account balances often take a few logins to reflect internal transfers, which should occur instantly
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3 years ago, JiminyCricket1800geyyy
facial recognition and constantly “locked” out
This update has been incredibly frustrating. I can log into my account about 1/10 times I open the app. Facial recognition constantly spins like it’s loading but never does, it says my password/account is wrong or that my account is locked even though it isn’t. I successfully logged in once with the exact same credentials but it’s hit or miss. Extremely frustrating when I try to check my account. Hoping this gets fixed soon because it’s an important app. This is really problematic if it’s happening to more users than just me. Fix it.
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4 years ago, djjejehdjjwiwijcndn
Extremely slow
Since the most recent update, the app has been so slow, Just to log into my account takes about 30 seconds plus another minute i would say for my account information to load, and then at least a minute for any other thing to load when clicked on.
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5 years ago, better service before
Poor service
Still waiting for all my accounts to transfer to the app. Can’t even check the balances on my kids accounts or even one of just my own. Called the bank once about it and still nothing has been done in almost a month. Had a lot better service when it was still American Trust.
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7 months ago, MorgynRTate
Extremely useful
Midwestones online banking Mobile app has so much access and ability to bank without needing to go to a branch, you can do just about anything on the app/ online aside from cash! Highly recommended banking with Midwest One
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3 years ago, millmill3341
Bank went down hill!
Leaving as soon as I find a new bank! Been with American Trust for 40 years! Loved it!!! Now after being bought out everything went down hill! The app is a joke! When it works it doesn’t move fast nor reflect your money moving in a timely manner. When you complain about your bank to someone... it’s funny how all I hear is, “you must be with MidWest One. Really making an impression and it’s not a good one! I would have been gone already if it wasn’t so difficult to have my work paychecks changed to a new bank!!!
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3 years ago, Tjofa
The new app is not it
Not being able to save two devices is ridiculous. I understand and appreciate food security, but I can’t even use this with my FICO credit booster. The update is slow, and completely disappointing.
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3 years ago, olsonkp48
Limited Biometrics
This version limits biometric sign-ons to two devices. I have no idea why this would be necessary. We used to have four devices, two iPhones, two iPads. I do not see that it provides additional security, just annoyance, obscuring any improvements. Ken O
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3 years ago, joeydbq
Slow and inconvenient
Half of the time it asks for my password I type it in correctly, it then takes a minute to load, then says it’s wrong and asks me to type it again. When it does work it asks me to do a text verification, sometimes the text doesn’t come for 15 minutes. When I go to deposit a check when I take the picture, it freezes then takes me back to the login screen and start over. American trust app was much faster and smoother. Dissatisfied this is what I have to use now.
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3 weeks ago, 1234567890ND
Incredibly Useful Service
I’m really glad how smoothly I can make my savings and checking transfers with this app. It takes only seconds and there are no bugs. I highly recommend you try it out.
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2 months ago, RayJ134
I am a new customer I came from The bank of Denver and I use their app this app is much more superior I like the idea that you can deposit your checks and check everything like you're at the bank
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3 years ago, Shzjzkzbsjz
Terrible Online Banking
This shifty ducking app is the worst banking app I’ve ever used. I’ve had so many issues trying to navigate this app that I’m ready to switch banks altogether. I keep getting an incorrect password message that prompts me to change my password. Anytime AND EVERY DUCKING TIME I create a new password I have the same issue the next time I try to login. I called and asked for help but the terrible representative said all I had to do is enter my ducking password correctly. Like no ducking shift. I am beyond disappointed with this app
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2 months ago, traviscurren
Security Update Ruined App
the app was already bad and low budget before but now you guys added authentication that doesn’t send out a text or a call. havent used app or bank account since. faulty bank apps make me not want to use the bank account and im debating whether to close it.
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2 months ago, Patticaker74
Always helpful
We have been banking with Midwest One for five years now and I can’t tell you how wonderful they have all been in every aspect of our banking experience. It’s so good to be with a bank that has integrity.
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2 months ago, Gerriswinterbliss
Denver Bank
People at this bank have been so patient and helpful helping me with my ongoing questions in dealing with the transitions from my old bank to the new bank. I appreciate everyone and thank you!!😍
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2 years ago, fgtdman
App crashes/times out
When I login I then get a message that I have to login again. It says the session has timed out (even though I logged out whenever I last use the app.)
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4 years ago, K0RKH
Mobile Deposit
This feature makes it easy to deposit paychecks when working away from home.
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3 years ago, BDJimmerz
App Awful at authentication, forgets password and device enrollment.
When the app updates it frequently forgets device enrollment for Face ID and is a real pain to get set up again. This is very inconvenient when I’m in situations where I need to access account information quickly. This has been an ongoing issue that I wish would get fixed.
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6 years ago, JBNormalcy
Very good
I love this app. I like the ability to see all of my accounts, transfer money, pay bills, and now add people to pay within the mobile app. It is amazing that I can carry around the ability to do my banking in my pocket 24/7.
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3 years ago, Eielf
Terrible app
Do not like the change to new app and website. Not user friendly, have to log out then log back in half the time to see transfers.
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7 months ago, shaaaZamm
New update is a big step backwards
New update is not good. You can’t tell what your looking at because it’s all white, the default to last 30 days transactions is silly and hard to find how to adjust. No transactions that will mention a reversed payment… that’s really no good. People need to know all the information about their accounts!
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4 years ago, Tracnerase
Bring back old app
New app is more difficult to use, not as intuitive and more difficult to do basic things
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1 month ago, charlesmakesmovies
Mobile deposit frustrating
The mobile deposit app is difficult and frustrating to use compared with other banking apps I’ve experienced. The customer service is appalling, and they have zelle, so I don’t feel like my money is safe. Looking forward to closing my accounts and deleting this awful app.
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3 years ago, CourtheDork
Slow and Bad
Ever since they made the big update a few months ago the app has become slower and harder to navigate. Sometimes I have to tap several times for a button or menu option to respond. It looks like we can no longer get notifications for actions that happen with our accounts or I can’t find it in the poor menu structure. It’s just horrible and not user friendly at all.
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11 months ago, jery FCC hfethf
Whoops - for the first time EVER I messed up
Mandy patiently helped me learn to photo my check to get the funds available today. ( there is a second check forthcoming in the mail.) Mandy was a GREAT help! Seriously!!!!
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2 years ago, dadio1999
Freezes when trying to send Zell
When you hit transfers it just comes up with a blank page.
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3 years ago, Kath1205
I love the convenience of online banking. The only thing I don’t like is every time I go to login, I am requested to change my password. Fix this problem!!!!
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4 years ago, sweetmoonbeam
The new app is horrible
It seems impossible now to tell what the balances on our accounts are now, due to this “previous balance” feature, especially when making a transfer. I’ve already overdrafts once due to this. Beware! I’m seriously considering changing banks now due to problems with the app. Mobile banking is a necessity for us these days. There are other local banks that do it better.
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3 years ago, Im @wesome
Security text
There needs to be an option to have more than one phone number for the security text.
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4 years ago, MasonGarcia11
Too slow
Since the update, the app is ridiculously slow.
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4 years ago, MaysamGamini
It’s not working with IOS 14
I’ve been using this app for a while it does the job just fine, today stopped working after I updated my iPhone iOS. Dear support team please fix this issue. Tnx
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2 years ago, TRAEcherous
You have to sign in twice
The first time you sign into the app on each use you immediately get ‘timed out for being inactive’ The app also just functions very slow and freezes
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2 years ago, Nickp016
App is Glitchy! Freezes too much
Great customer service and in person banking experience. But this app way behind on ease and functionality compared to other banking competitors. From doing transfers for bill pay or using zelle, app just freezes between task
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5 years ago, camillem35
Always getting locked out
I am always getting locked out of my account, and once you get locked out you have to call to have it unlocked, and go through the steps to retrieve a new password. If there was a more simple way to retrieve a new password. Dumb. I actually hate this app. But I can’t say I’m in love with MidWestOne either.
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2 years ago, unhappy customer 68
This app buns
This app is so slow and it takes 10 minutes just for me to check my accounts. Like all I want to do is log in and make a transfer but no I have to wait 2 days for the screen to even show up because it lags and take for ever. This app needs a lot of work and please fix it.
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4 years ago, Jvezzy
Would be helpful to be able to include a note when making a transfer in the mobile app
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3 years ago, neieberbrjdjejrnrje
Lost a life long customer over this app
I’ve been at the same bank since I was a tween. And sad to say this app is what prompted me to leave. I never leave reviews for this type of thing but this mobile app is infuriating. Should have never updated it, was better before. Seriously not user friendly. And MidWestOne will nickel and dime you for all you got. Look elsewhere
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4 years ago, baileycabbe
I enjoy the options I have with the app (sending money with Zelle, making easy transfers and deposits) but this update seems to run a bit slower.
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5 years ago, KSJ84859
Extra loan payments
I used to be able to make a principal only payment on the mobile app and now it’s not an option. I would like to see that come back.
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3 years ago, Hello Buddy!
Not as good as the old app
The new app does not run as well as the old app and is not as appealing to look at either. It seems to run more slowly and sometimes doesn’t even load the balance page after logging in.
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1 year ago, John $on
Depositing checks
I’m so happy that I can deposit checks from my phone
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3 years ago, -avoid$35charge
Text or Email alert
A great feature would be to get email alerts or text alerts when an account is overdrawn.
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4 years ago, Lakshmi2121$$
ios 14 upgrade kill the app
They didn’t have proper plan on how to handle an OS upgrade. See ios 14 upgrade made midwest bank mobile app not to work, they completly out from mobile banking services customers who upgrade to ios 14. Here comes : “ failing to plan is planning to fail”. Otherwise midwest bank mobile banking app was awesome before ios upgrade.
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