Mileage Tracker by Driversnote

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Driversnote ApS
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Mileage Tracker by Driversnote

4.75 out of 5
26.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Albus Rex
Tried the rest, this is the best
I am a full-time Lyft Driver, driving 2000 miles a week. I wanted an app that just tracked where I went all day, for tax deduction purposes and also to analyze my routes against my daily earnings and hours on the road to see where I was making the most profit. This is by far the easiest, cleanest and most useful app for tracking miles that I could find. Just START in the morning and STOP when you get back. You can also mark segments of the ride with color-coded trails for different modes of transportation, like: business, personal, medical etc. I really like the manual feature of starting and stopping because the other apps I tried either didn’t have this feature or made it difficult to change the default settings from automatic tracking to manual. Nothing is more annoying than a bunch of useless trips being saved like spam that needed to be deleted. With Driversnote, you are prompted before each ride to set your odometer since there is most usually a gap between when you stop your work day and start up again the next day. Also, there is a feature at the bottom of the tracker that allows you to make notes, in case you missed tracking a part of your ride before you started or after you stopped, or maybe you missed the odometer setting at the start but didn’t want to mess up the flow of one long trip by stopping and resetting.
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6 years ago, Joe Cheesemonger
Great app!
For over 25 years I have worked as an outside sales rep, and keeping track of business miles has been a major headache for me, especially when I had two or three different cars in one year! In addition to the hassle of trying to keep up with it everyday, I dreaded separating personal miles from business miles and compiling all the data for each car on the IRS Form 2106 at tax time! That task consumed many hours and was a major headache! I just downloaded this app about 5 hours ago.... still much to learn about it. But this a great mileage app! Now I can easily track my small fleet of four vehicles that I use in one business, plus my personal vehicle. I can easily track mileage for all of them and switch back and forth between “business” use and “private” use with one touch of the screen! Wow! And how easy to print a PDF report for each car by week, month or year.....and it’s so easy to send the file to my OneDrive cloud and save the reports to my laptop! It amazes me that it does all this in the FREE version! Great job, guys! I can’t wait to learn more about the iBeacon automatic tracking feature which apparently tracks your mileage without you needing to turn on your phone! Unbelievable....
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1 year ago, ChurlyO
Best ever!
I have two self-employed professions, both of which require that I track mileage. for years. I have looked for the proper and easy to use method of doing that…drivers note is that answer! I can have different categories of mileage. All I do is select the reason I’m driving and tracking mileage and the rest is automatic. I can also do anything else with my phone while it’s tracking. I can make calls I can use GPS I can search the web there’s nothing you can’t do while it continues to track. And then if you forget to stop it it will remind you that you have a trip tracking and do you want to continue or do you want to stop. It gives you plenty of time before it asks that question which means you could be in a house you could be in a store it’ll continue to track even then. It’s just great! It sends me reports at the end of every month along with an invoice. it’s so easy to put it together when it comes to be tax time. I love this app!! I just can’t say enough good things about it. Also, their customer service and administrative people are extremely easy to contact and helpful! Such a pleasure!
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1 year ago, Meni09
The mileage app I needed
I used to use MileTracker to log my miles. As an independent contractor this is huge for my taxes in April. Imagine my surprise when MileTracker popped up with a notification one day that it would no longer work unless I purchased a monthly subscription. What?! Was I seriously going to have to go back to using a notebook and pen…in 2022?? I searched the App Store for mileage tracking and most of the apps now require a subscription service. Ridiculous!! I found this app, and not only is it FREE, but support for it is EXCELLENT. I didn’t even reach out to them with an issue…support reached out to me about some possible tracking issues their servers were logging. I work in tech support myself so I know how crucial timely responses are to keeping users happy. I really appreciate their support and their app, so I am happy to leave a 5 star review here!
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6 years ago, DessertDiva
Unreliable, inconsistent, incorrect
I’ve had Driversnote’s iBeacon since July. It worked fine in the beginning. Not so much anymore. It mysteriously starts trips even when I’m not near my car or even driving in a car so sometimes it looks like it takes me 10+ hours to get to work because the trip started at 9pm (for example) and ended the next morning at 7:55am. Sometimes I will exit my vehicle at my desired location but the app finishes my trip at some completely random spot miles away in an “as the crow flies” path - meaning, according to the green line, I drove straight through homes, business, ignored roads, exited my vehicle there and then somehow got back to my desired location to do my errand because when I get back to my vehicle to go home, my next trip starts exactly where I am, not where the “crow” says I was. Sometimes trips aren't even starting til I’m more than 2 miles into my trip - and not 2+ miles driven slowly in neighborhoods. No, 2+ miles driven at 40+ mph. And even better still, sometimes my trip stops tracking completely even though I’m still in my car, still traveling. I’ve contacted customer service many times and they only responded to my very first problem and didn’t even resolve it. Every email since then has been ignored. I can’t trust this app. It produces inconsistent, incorrect data. I would not recommend the premium iBeacon service to anyone.
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4 years ago, Snarfblatt36
Not forthcoming about limits
The app works well. The interface is easy to use. However, there is a 20 trip per month limit with this app. That obviously means if you are wanting to track mileage for a full time job, you’ll have to pay in order to keep this app. They didn’t say anything about a limit until I hit it. How dishonest. I will not be keeping the app. And at this point I won’t be downloading any other app made by this developer ever again if I can help it. You also need to put that limit in the app synopsis. People need to know about the charge before they download the app. That’s the thing that seems dishonest to people. A simple statement like “The free version of Driversnote includes 20 trips logs. After that we ask $9.99 per month.” That would be create a much better experience for your users. But, then again, you wouldn’t get as people to try the app if you put that on the download page would you? Again, it looks like you are trying to hide your limits and pricing structure from the public when you don’t disclose them before a person commits to the download. That is the problem I had with the whole situation. Charge money or don’t charge money, I really don’t care. But let people know about the charges before they subscribe to your product
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2 months ago, Murphy’s Top Quality Cleaning
New User
I just started using this app and so far it’s pretty good. I have noticed that sometimes it doesn’t stop my trip even though I have stopped driving and gotten out of my car, so I upgraded to the basic plan for 1 year and I now have a tracking beacon coming in the mail to make the recording of my trips more accurate, hopefully. I’ll let you know after I’ve received it and been trying it for a couple of weeks. After receiving my tracking device it did get a little more accurate but I still have to go through and make sure that it has me starting and stopping at the correct location. I do notice that when I get into my vehicle and leave it takes a few minutes for the tracking device to pick up my movement and start recording my trip, so a lot of my trips that start at home pop up saying I started my trip from the corner conscience store rather than my house. It could use a few adjustments but overall it does make keeping track of my driving for my business a bit easier.
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3 months ago, ThinkArtist
Mileage tracker.
This is the 2nd mileage tracking app. I have tried this week. Both have been bad to terrible. The navigation of this thing is not intuitive and it makes it so hard to correctly record mileage; for example: when you press the plus it gives you four options. Man! I just want to track mileage. Make it dummy-proof; simple. Then when you are finished with your trip, it will often not show the correct address where you ended. Then it asks you to type in an address and often it will find the address but in a different city. I live in an area where invisible lines cross over into 1 of 4-different cities within a few miles. So my work app will declare I am going to such-and-such address/city but this mileage tracker wants to default to another city with the same address thereby if I choose what it recommends, the distance is then changed in miles. That can become tax fraud. There are several other word prompts it uses that cause you to jolt your thinking just to figure out what they mean or might be asking. Good prose should lead the reader in an easy flow, not causing speed bumps to jolt you I won’t use it. Stride was the other app and it was worse!
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4 years ago, Queenjazz1
Works ok
Glad I’ve been tracking mileage manually and writing down my odometer too. While this is pretty accurate, it’s not completely accurate. Depending on the mileage I drive, it has been off 1-3 miles. While this doesn’t sound like it’s not a lot, it adds up when it’s 1-3 everyday for two months straight. Every mile counts when it comes to being reimbursed. If it being off a little bit doesn’t bother you then you probably would like this app. But I need something very accurate that would get me reimbursed for exactly what I drive. I looked closely at the map tracking to see why I was missing miles and if you look at the path, it shows a lot of cut corners. Anytime I turn it just shows me cutting through someone’s lawn instead of staying on the street. So I guess all these cut corners add up to 1+ miles depending on how much I’m driving that day. Good for a backup in case you forget to write down your odometer but I don’t solely rely on it. Or also great if you need an estimate and not exact.
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2 years ago, G6SAK
Works better w/ the beacon.
Overall a nice app. If you aren’t going to be stopped for a half an hour though, you might as well plan on using it manually as it never can seem to complete a trip. Right now this one looks to be about double the cost of mile IQ with about the exact same features set. trying both in the free limited drives to see which one is most accurate and easiest to use. UPDATE: this one is, by far, better than mile IQ. Especially with the beacon, it runs in the background even with the app closed so all trips are captured without you having to remember to open the app (this is an absolute must!). I was frustrated that you can’t get through by phone on customer service, however, their email response is very fast and they are able to solve any concerns you might have quickly. tracking mileage and trips is a pain in the rear but this app actually makes it pretty easy to do.
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1 year ago, Puzzleplayer432175
Cost for more then 15 trips a month
I have been using this app for over a year now. It has tracked my mileage well enough for my purposes. I may be going crazy but I remember it being 20 trips a month but now it is 15…. Well I did an average of 25 trips in a month, I would trim out the lower returns to have it fit into my plan. However now with the current 15 trip limit, I am forced to purchase there plan or find a new app. Cost: Pay ahead- $114 per year with free beacon. Pay as you go - $9.50 per user/per month, no beacon included ($32 charge for each beacon) Free - 15 trips per month I have recommended this app to coworkers and friend since I started using it. I am upset that they changed the limit forcing me to choose. ******* If you do a lot of trips that need to be tracked, buy the year and make sure your setting are correct. The app works well and reports are easy to print and read. ******* For me though it is Simple math: roughly $10 subtracted from my return every month does not equal out to the effort for the small return I get. Reasons for stars: -Tracking works great, app is easy to navigate and reports are clean. 5 stars -It cost $9.50 each month to use. Subtract 1 stars -It can be a challenge to manually enter data and some locations it will refuse to log. I.e San Diego to Coranado. Subtract 1 star If the company would like to contact me for further information, I am happy to answer.
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3 months ago, Particular11
Awesome App !
Great app with amazing support ! Jesper was especially helpful when I was having problems setting up a second workplace. A few things to note: * I got the Beacon and it works flawlessly for me * The option to setup a second workplace really solved my problem of having to track mileage for 2 businesses and stay irs complaint * Like the option to remind you to record odometer readings (each month) * The manual trip option has saved me a few times- super easy to pick the route you took (from the options provided) and the app calculates everything * Tracking the personal miles now will save me next tax season Overall I would say that the app is worth every penny, not only for the functionality but for the lighting fast response time from the support team.
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1 year ago, noraar
Great app, phenomenal support
To make a long story short, I ran into a major issue with this app causing it to constantly crash, and leaving me unable to access my trips (or record new ones). Support, however, was absolutely phenomenal. Not only we’re they incredibly responsive (something that is very rare when dealing with email support), but more importantly they were able to fully resolve my problem. Beyond that, this is a really great app to track your mileage. Its auto-tracking works incredibly well, the overall interface is uncluttered and easy to understand, and its reporting capabilities are quite comprehensive. I’ve tried a number of other mileage trackers, and this one is by far the best.
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5 months ago, cinren13
Overall good app
Overall it’s a good app. I have a couple requests. 1st - the notification that you’ve detected my driving and have started tracking is useless. Either eliminate it or make it useful. If I’m going to my kids game I don’t need to track it - make the notification dropdown able to stop tracking. 2nd - make deleting unnecessary trips easier. A swipe to the right should offer a delete and recategorize option. It takes too many steps to delete a trip. Thanks! Update: I understand that notifying when tracking is your goal. My request is give me the options on the notification, ie like when an alarm goes of I can choose to snooze or stop. In this case, offer an “ok” or “continue” and a “stop/delete” rather than the 4 steps I just had to do to stop and delete a trip because we went out to dinner. When I pull the notification down it literally does nothing.
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2 years ago, AFWriting
Privacy? Don’t think so…
Let me start by saying I have been using this app for almost 2 years and loved it! Being this is provided by a _foreign_ company I figured i could control what is sent to the servers. Important note: my comments are based on being a PAYING subscriber. Recently there was an update that requires the app to turn location services to ALWAYS. If you don’t it will not track mileage. (There is still an option of adding a manual trip). There is no way around this. When support was contacted was informed the new iOS updates kill apps that have “only while using” permissions. Strange that I have work around a for those and they work as I need them to. So instead of giving the user of Driversnote the ability to make there one decision (can use warning like other apps) decided to remove privacy completely. Also provided very sound info that “it only starts recording location coordinates once it detects a higher speed of movement.” And the mail in the coffin for me: “We will not track you all the time, but we need the permission in order to stop exactly that from happening” I like my perceived control of security. I hope in the future they correct this. Until then, my movements are not mine and this has the potential to be a great revenue stream for geofenced locations.
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5 years ago, courtcourtezzell
The app works phenomenally!
I truly love that I have found an amazing app to track all my trips. As a business owner of a house cleaning business, I am constantly driving all over town and I was needing a mileage tracker for my tax purposes. And I LOVE using Driversnote over anything else I’ve tried. It has truly made my life so much easier. It’s so simple to change trips from Personal to Business or vice versa, and also enter a trip manually if for some reason it didn’t auto-track a trip for me. But the auto-track feature is amazing and just connects through Bluetooth in your vehicle. For only $9.50/mo, this app and tracker is SO worth it for my business and it’s definitely the easiest and simplest one I’ve found. Thank you Driversnote!!!
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7 years ago, DaYonghengrande
Great App, Amazing convenience, Superb Customer Care!
Because I am self employed and also do charity work, etc... I need to track my miles for various tax purposes. This app allows me to do that and create customizable pdf reports for my variety of uses. Even better, because I signed up for the standard plan (which is very reasonable and tax deductible) I also was mailed a free iBeacon that I place in my car which turns my app on and starts tracking my miles every time I drive. It was always a frustration to be halfway to an appointment and realize I hadn’t started my mileage tracker, now it does it for me!! Great customer service as well. I sent an email with a question (to headquarters in Denmark) and they respond in 8 minutes!!
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5 years ago, Danny J Nanny
Driversnote is the BEST, I’ve tried them all.
Driversnote is a great tracker that does not need you to keep your location on all the time, although it recommends it. Every other app will zap your battery with your location on even when you aren’t using the apps. Furthermore, the report is the most excellent and can be emailed directly to your boss, like I do every week. They can see where you went for complete transparency. Lastly, if you forget to turn it on, it can be scheduled to know when you might be using your vehicle for work, wow. But you can also add untracked travel manually just as easy. I’ve honestly tried them all and nothing compares to its price, clarity, and functionality. Thank you Driversnote.
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1 month ago, Mipiano
Best mile tracker!
I started using the free version of this app about 3 to 4 years ago after using many others to track my work mileage. The free version is better than many others out there! After a few months of trying the free version, I went to buy a yearly subscription and have not been disappointed at all. It's accurate, you can manually track your trips or set it up to automatic tracking. You can setup a tracking schedule based on your working hours. Their customer service is amazing. They're very professional and always find a solution or answer to your questions. I highly recommend it!
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7 months ago, cleangreen78
Look no further
I have a full-time career where I drive a company vehicle and run a personal small real estate biz with a few rental properties. My daily driving includes company vehicle (up to 200 miles a day with multiple stops) and my personal/biz vehicle (mileage needs to be categorized for proper IRS deduction). Other apps tracked EVERY MILE IN ALL VEHICLES making my job of sorting a complete mess. DriversNote’s Bluetooth beacon made this super simple. Now, all I have to do is categorize miles in my personal/biz vehicle bc the Beacon tells the app when I’m using my vehicle. Customer service is flawless too, had a few hiccups but they have me going strong now. Thank you and keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, wpg1234567890
Great app, even better customer support!
I use this app to track business and personal trips for a pharmaceutical company car. Not only does the beacon automatically start and end trips, complete with mileage, it auto detects the addresses to and from. The app allows you to choose the correct location and easily edit business names—all of which carries over the next visit to that location. The reports are professional, customizable, editable in PDF or excel formats. The team at Driversnote is accessible, responsive and understanding to the needs of their costumers which, unfortunately, is rare in today’s world—a true customer-centric company that values you and your experience!
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1 week ago, Felix The Cat 90
Loved the app
I use it for many years and enjoyed it tracking my mileage. It made calculating very easy and reports were easy to understand and put together. if you need to keep track of your miles and is the app to have, it will automatically track your car. You can set it up to use it for private use and for business use the best I’ve ever used, I no longer need track mileage This is the only reason why I have canceled my subscription. If I still was in this business it would definitely be the app to have and has served me well. Best of luck to the company that designed this wonderful app.
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2 weeks ago, mountaindewaddict
More than just a mileage tracking app.
I have the privilege of being reimbursed for the miles that I drive from my work, but I’m not the kind of person who enjoys tracking that. I struggled for years to find an effective solution, and then I found Driversnote! This is, simply put, the absolute best solution for that purpose. But the real reason I’m leaving a review is that their customer service is world-class! After two years of pretty consistent use, my iBeacon ran out of power. I emailed the company, and within 48 hours, a brand new one was on its way to me. This is how you keep customers! 10/10, would use again.
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1 year ago, CrapsGuy
Fantastically easy to use and perfect record keeping
I use this app along with their I beacon to record my business trips for different businesses. It saves me from having to record my odometer at the beginning, and end of every trip and with their IV can technology trips that are not made in my vehicle are not recorded by my phone’s motion sensor. a subscription beyond their basic level will allow you to develop reports for more than just 20 rides in one month and it’s well worth the while. I really enjoyed this app and when I needed support the support team was there immediately and effectively. Highly recommend it.
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4 months ago, Don T - Sonoma CA
Excellent Product, Unsurpassed Customer Service
I have been using Drivernote since 2018. The easy setup and ease of use with the iBeacon have been seamless. I print a business report at the end of the year with a detailed mileage report and the appropriate deduction. Never been easier to keep a mileage log. On the rare occasion that I have needed to contact customer service for help or advice they were able to immediately resolve my concerns. I have renewed my subscription year after year and will continue to do so. Thank you Driversnote for an excellent product and unsurpassed customer service after the sale. Don
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3 years ago, Avoid this app! Shady!
Avoid this app - hold your data hostage
I recently switched from Droid to iPhone and saw this highly rated app. The software is pretty good, a bit clunky in spots, but not bad. What was not clear is that after 20 trips THEY HOLD YOUR INFORMATION HOSTAGE UNTIL YOU AGREE TO PAY THEM $10 A MONTH! Yes, and to top it off a trip - say to the store and back - COUNTS AS 2 TRIPS! So you drive to see a client and back - 2 trips! You go over 20 they warn you...then when you go to do your expense report they block out the information after 20 trips. Cannot believe they strongarm people like this....unethical! Oh - and to top it off - in order to track a trip with your GPS it requires you PERMANENTLY give them access to your I think they track their users on top of that. Best to go with another app.
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1 year ago, whit hair
Using Driversnote
This is the best system I have used ever. After 30 plus years of traveling to a five state area and recording mileage each day I don’t have to do that the app is always on ready to start recording mileage each time I start driving. The hardest part is putting in whether it is business or personal. All it takes is open up tracker and touch either personal or business. If you forget you can go back in and change after trip is over. I have used Driversnote for about a two years and wouldn’t change. Phil Bentley
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2 years ago, daphnems45
Love the new update
They asked for our feedback and they listened… they recently added a new feature so you can adjust when you want it to automatically track & log your drives. I was able to adjust it to where it only records on the days that I work and certain hours. Thank you for this!! Before I had to go in and delete so many drives because it would record every drive - even my days off or outside of my work hours. New update saves me so much time. Thank you for listening to our feedback. Great app and app creators.
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1 year ago, Alexa_1991
Great product, OUTSTANDING service
This product is the best at quickly and easily tracking your mileage. I got the optional iBeacon to make it even easier. After using it for a couple of years, I needed a battery replacement, and then had an issue with an iOS update (problem with my iPhone, not Driversnote). The customer service is nothing short of phenomenal. Speedy replies, friendly, thorough, articulate, eager to help. There are not enough adjectives to describe how great they are. This is a great product with the rarest thing these days: real, human, caring customer service.
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6 months ago, CamZL1
Amazing travel app for business
I have only been using the app for one week. So far the automated features are really nice. I will be upgrading soon. The ability just to have something gently nudging you and reminding you of your trips is amazing. Filling in the notes after reviewing your data is a big plus and the fact that it tracks everything is great. Personal trips can be categorized and kept separate from business. This just makes you look better for tax purposes and any accounting needs for travel.
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3 years ago, MCMC2021
Not reliable.
Brand new, latest greatest iPhone 13 - time to try tracking I couldn’t do with my old iPhone 6. Tried MileIQ - overly sensitive. Tried this, not even close to accurate. I downloaded the app and logged in and got it all setup and running. An hour later, I do a trip. I get to my 2nd stop only to find it had logged me out. I never touched the app after getting it running. Ok, logged in again and finished. Tracked me ok. Today I make a round trip of about 120 miles. I stop about 30 miles in to get a drink at a gas station. It stops the trip. It doesn’t restart as I continue. 30 miles lost. On the way back, it starts but stops when I get lunch. Does not restart. 30 miles lost. No thanks. Not for me. If I have to babysit this much, I’ll just do the log book thing.
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1 year ago, CatatinaRosenbode
A small Glitch
Absolutely love this app. I use it for all my driving and even pay for the premium for reports. Just recently my app started glitching. When looking over my “All” drives, as I’m looking at a certain date (e.g. December 21st) my screen will jump around even when I’m not even touching the screen. (Sometimes not even the phone) It’s a brand new iPhone, but this is the first time period it’s ever happened. I’ve tried to update it and even updated my phone, but nothing helps. I’m just not sure what else I need to do.
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1 year ago, Kubudle
Best Service Ever
I recently started using the mileage tracking app, Driversnote. I had lots of questions regarding my mileage summary (I recently changed phones and my old info was on the other phone). Well, Steve and everyone I emailed at Driversnote was amazing! They always wrote me back so that I could get to the next step. I have never seen service like this with any company that I have dealt with. If you want to easily track your mileage and have confidence that you will have support in case something goes wrong, Driversnote is for you!
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3 years ago, Like its ease of use
Good app
Driversnote is a good app. Glad it allows versatility to track or manually input trips. Would be useful if it allowed interim trips between start and return to final destination. I often take trips with several stops between but don’t seem to be able to include as one trip when done manually. I’ve had to create a separate trip for in between stops. Will keep fiddling around with it to see if I’m missing an option. If suggestions, would be glad to hear.
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4 years ago, TomChan87
Pretty decent app
The app does what it’s supposed to do, which is track your mileage. A small warning, however, is that it stops tracking if you’ve been still for 2 hours. This is fine in case you forget to stop tracking, but if you are just stationary for a long time you have to remember to restart the tracker. Also, this restarting counts as a whole new trip as there is no way to edit a trip to make it a “round trip”. My theory is that they do this because the free version only lets you have 20 trips per month, so if you’re like me and travel for work but then are in one spot for a long period you can easily hit your 20 trip limit in only 10 work days.
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5 years ago, ΔΞΟΠ
Simple and Works
Really like the simplicity of this app it works and doesn’t go out of its way to annoy you. Also doesn’t have in app purchases and isn’t littered with ads. The only thing I don’t understand is when manually entering mileage you enter the origin and the destination then you are given 3 different routes to choose from. When you create a trip in reverse the same routes are not available and the mileage differs. The mileage should be the same from A to B and from B to A bit it just isn’t. This is the only issue. If there is a good reason for this and I’m informed or if it’s fixed it deserves 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Khublakahn
Best work mileage tracking app
This is by far the best mileage tracking app that I have used for work. You can set it to automatically start tracking your routes so no manual intervention is required. Also allows you to set your work schedule, so it automatically categorizes trips during that time frame as business and ones outside of that as personal. You can also input your costs per mileage to see real time reimbursement costs.
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4 years ago, A_AZ
I’ve had to track miles for my work for 25+ years. That task has always been a major hassle, I’m sure I’ve cheated myself out of several $$ over the years. There are several apps out there, I’ve tried a lot of them. The others were not to my liking functionally or simply destroyed battery life. I’ve used Driversnote note for four months now and really like it. Keep up the good work!!! Pulled it out of the box, set it up. No issues at all 🎯🏌️
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3 years ago, Nomadico111
Snooped in my data
Initially I was enthusiastic about the app. But I don’t want to track every single mile I drive. It repeatedly complains if you don’t let it track your location ALL THE TIME. Then, if you don’t happen to use it for a few days, they dig into your data and contact you with your last trip and pester you about not using the app all the time. Ultimately, it feels very unsafe. I’ll pay $7 for my privacy. If it’s free, then YOU are the price of the app. Deleted. Give you ANOTHER try??!? You’ve already violated my trust, and I don’t care to offer you the opportunity to violate my trust again... which you will. My $7 replacement app purchase doesn’t store ANY of my data on their servers. Peace of mind (overall) can be less expensive than free.
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3 years ago, 2737:$:!:$hdhdhdh$:$:
Very useful
i love this app i am a real estate courier driving at least 150 miles and this app makes it easy for me to track not only my hours worked but my distance and how much i should be reimbursed. something i would add however is the option to pause a trip if needed for some reason and pick up under that same trip instead of having to stop and start a whole other trip.
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4 years ago, LdyNightshade
Not bad
Honestly, does an amazing job with keeping up with the GPS. It doesn’t work for my job. I ran the app on a month to month subscription for a while before purchasing a year subscription. I tried without and with the iBeacon. Pros: GPS is accurate to your drive path Easy to use website for creating reports Nice feature to be able to set working hours Cons: Using the iBeacon, it does not time out the trip so I end up having trips combined into one big trip. Instead of being able to go back and place a reason, I have to edit the entire trip. If I didn’t have to babysit the app, I would be more than happy to continue using this to log my mileage. It was taking me longer to fill out my paperwork using this than to fill it out manually. If the iBeacon timed out after not moving for, say, more than five minutes, I feel this would improve the functionality of the app.
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11 months ago, MMiller69
I have used Triplog for 7 years with my former company. It was a great app but had to do everything manual because GPS wasn’t reliable because of the poor cellular service in the rural areas. One day I was looking around on the internet for different mileage apps and came across Driversnote. I downloaded it and tried it and I Love it . It does everything that I need and very simple to use. I would highly recommend it.
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1 year ago, Rex0370
Excellent Tool for Tracking Miles
Driversnote has been such an excellent tool for keeping me organized and accurate in my business miles reporting. It’s so easy to use. Simply update the odometer reading occasionally and make sure you label your trips and you’re golden. The printed reports are very professional and straightforward. You can sort the reports out by listing personal or business miles or both. Customer service is outstanding. They are eager to help and welcome feedback. Sophio in Customer Support helped me out earlier this month and she was fantastic. Her and Lissi, Head of Support & Success offered words of encouragement and advice that were greatly appreciated and genuine. If you need a tool for tracking miles, you’d be crazy if you passed on this one.
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6 months ago, gibbeys
Fantastic product!
I found myself having to track mileage for the first time this year. I needed something that would take care of itself without me having to input all my trips. Driver’s note works great. It automatically tracks everything and produces clear and concise reports. Saves me a huge amount of time during my busiest times of the year Can’t recommend this app enough.
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9 months ago, MD Light Tech
Great product and support
I have been using Driversnote with an iBeacon for the better part of a year now and love the convenience and detailed reports with minimal effort. Recently my vehicle was broken into and my iBeacon was stolen along with other equipment. A few emails with customer support and I am set to track mileage again. Driversnote Support took a little of the sting out of my vehicle theft. This is what great customer service looks like!
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2 years ago, SFFireman1
Love it!
This app is so easy to use! One button to start and to stop it. I started with the free version but used my sample trips within two days so I upgraded to the monthly version and I couldn’t be happier! The app is super easy to use and the customer service has been great. I’ve already recommended this app to my brother and to anybody who needs to track their mileage. Works great for Doordasher tracking.
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12 months ago, Bikerpro47
Best app I’ve used
I’ve tried several and I’m always irritated when they want to track every single time the phone is moving fast - maybe I’m a passenger in a car or personal trip. It takes me more time to delete or classify those as I don’t care about. This app has been great because I turned on manual mode, allows me to enter the odometer reading (optional but I really like this). So thumbs up!
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2 years ago, Eaglept
Deceptive Description Indicates No Charges (Which there are for full use)
I switched to this app from another app because the app that I had been using started charging for it. Nowhere in the documentation on the App Store did it indicate that there would be charges for getting reports on this app. I found this to be very deceptive and disappointing. As another rater indicated “ Not a single line of the app description indicates that a paid subscription Is required to use this app indefinitely for mileage tracking. In addition the app is listed as having no in app purchases.I selected this app specifically because I did not want to pay for a subscription.”
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3 years ago, LyticLabs
Nothing in the item description or the app indicates, at first, that a paid subscription is required to take full advantage of the mileage logs. After doing 20+ mileage logs in ~4 days, I received an email that I will have to pay $9.50 a month to make more logs per month. Incredibly deceptive. Edit: After receiving a response from the developer I’d like to reiterate that not a single line of the app description indicates that a paid subscription is required to use this app indefinitely for mileage tracking. In addition, the app is listed as having no in-app purchases. I selected this app specifically because I didn’t want to pay for a subscription.
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1 year ago, Kristina3150
Limit not disclosed
No where in the app description did it disclose that there was going to be a trip limit, or that there are free vs paid options. I see they kept responding to reviews stating it’s on their website… who goes to a website to read more about something they found in the App Store? So after I choose this app and used it for two weeks, I get an email that I’m going to have to upgrade to keep using it. The app itself is decent, except that there’s no way, that I saw, to modify a trip to add stops, when a trip could be partially business and partially personal. I’ll just go back to manually tracking.
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