Mileage Tracker by Everlance

4.8 (28.5K)
456.8 MB
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Current version
Everlance Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Mileage Tracker by Everlance

4.82 out of 5
28.5K Ratings
6 years ago, LoriDarlin18
I’m diggin this app!
I haven’t ever really kept up with my mileage probably the real way I was suppose to but I logged it anyways, just in case! I became an independent contractor with a company that provided Everlance to keep up with the miles for me. Didn’t think I’d really remember to turn Everlance on to track my mileage until I found the automatic trip detection. I do sometimes get frustrated because it WILL track your every mile & you then have to classify the unclassified & it piles up at times, but that’s my own fault 😉 I have since become a premium membership holder & this app is amazing! I don’t really know a whole lot about keeping records when your an independent contractor, so to speak, but I’m really diggin this app because it does so much for you! I’m not one to trust just any “let it do it all for you”! I’ll give it a try & if something doesn’t feel right, I’m out & quick. Been burned to many times BUT I’m really loving the Everlance App. You just plug in your numbers & your set, ready & go 😉It’s really a user friendly app for sure! It remains to be unseen as of now but I will see how much I’m diggin it come tax time 😁
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5 years ago, Chacharlz
Design flaw or intensional
You are not able to manually start and stop a trip for recording your mileage using this app. When you leave your location on a business trip and the entire trip needs to be logged for business, this app will automatically end the trip and start a new one when you have stopped for 10 minutes or longer. So pitstop for fuel, restroom and food, oops sorry, new trip. In my case when using the “free app” for 30 trips, (NOT) one 8 hour trip and return home consumed the entire free 30 trip per month allotment. For example, once I arrived at my destination I went to the store a mile down the street from my hotel and that was one trip because I left my location. Because I stopped and was in the store 15 minutes, returned to my hotel, that was a trip. Do not think you will be able to use this app for free, they have designed it to automatically burn through your 30 free trips quickly so you will have to make a $60 - $96 purchase this app from them. This problem could be fixed with allowing to manually start and stop trips and override the automatic start stop feature which is hugely annoying. This app does not do a good job explaining this auto start / stop feature on purpose and for good reason, I would not have downloaded this for even the “free version” had this been disclosed.
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9 months ago, Dan and Ryan
App has downhill
I have used Everlance every day for 6 years and have been relatively happy with it. Today, however, I woke up and found the app completely changed to the point of being unrecognizable from the version I used the day before. I now have to log in every time I open app and have had to change password every time. It no longer automatically records trips and I cannot figure how to change it. My trips would automatically classify as business and then I could easily change each individual trip purpose by scrolling through trips, identifying by the map, and the swiping left to change to personal as needed. Nice and easy, but it now longer allows this . You now now have to go into each trip, click on map icon to identify it, click on change purpose, and then click again on the specific purpose I want it changed to. These are extra steps that add time. I used to go through a week’s worth’s of trips and change them as needed in about 30-40 seconds on my dash mounted iPhone. Not only does this take more time, but the app screen is so small now, I can’t read it from my dash mount and have to hold it close to make any adjustments, not a good idea while driving. The list goes on and on. Whoever is responsible for this disaster should be fired. They took a good app and rendered it useless. Look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, LilBiT1689
I’m just about Fed Up!!
I use to love using this app. I even swore by it and also put so many people on to it if they were doing any kind of delivery service. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve lost a good bit of my miles. The auto tracker use to track every mile down to the T from when I started my day all the way to the end but now it only tracks what it wants I guess. Hours of my mileage not tracked at all. Since I couldn’t count on the auto tracker anymore, I started manually turning on my tracker when I started my runs and of course sometime throughout my runs, the tracker would just stop without notice or anything which makes for a good chunk of time that my miles weren’t getting counted. -_- Like COME ON!!! I’m losing miles left and right!!! Me thinking that I’m doing something wrong, I get on here to see if I’m the only one with this problem but I’m Not. Many other people are dealing with lost mileage as well. What’s the point of paying for an app that works 50% of the time? I wouldn’t make it a big deal if it was just a few miles here and there but we’re talking about hours and hours every day! Sometimes half my days and sometimes even more!!! I’m sooo mad about it that I’m just dumbfounded and in disbelief. So if your looking for a way to track your miles…. This ain’t it…. Let me save you the time.
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1 year ago, KillinEmLoudly
Lapsed tracking
Update: problem fixed after the last update! Thank you for the hard work! ThisApp has been solid since I started subscribing over a year ago. In the past week or so, this app has not been living up to that standard. There are huge lapses in tracking as I go about my routes. It stops tracing the line then starts tracing again a good distance from where it stop tracing. Once I hit stop tracking, the routed map gets updated where you see straight lines going through buildings, roads and all kinds of terrain and bodies of water. (For example, one trip shows me criss crossing directly through the middle of a highly guarded federal building) I see others have posted with the same problem. All this time, I’ve been hoping for a patch or explanation. Todays update on iOS did not resolve the problem. What gives? P.S. will rate higher once fixed
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6 years ago, janetw12
Stopped working when I started paying
I appreciated the trial of the premium features before committing to pay for an entire year. I was very pleased with the app during my trial. Never had a problem. It seemed that as soon as I dropped the $60 for the year, the app started to have a bunch of problems. Miscalculating the miles on a trip and I have to go in manually to correct and not starting trip requiring me to go in and manually enter it. If I have to keep manually entering everything, I’m going to start wondering why I’m not just doing it the good old fashioned way and saving my money. Update: I contacted everlance and was quickly helped to troubleshoot. Sounds like problems with the gps was a common problem with the latest iOS update. Their recommendations worked, and everything seems to be working well for now. In the future, if there are known of problems affecting numerous people, it would be nice for everlance to put out an email notification with strategies to solve the problem. I’m trusting this app to track data for my taxes, so it’s important that it work (or that I be notified when there are problems with the system) the way it’s suppose to.
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9 months ago, Tina I know
Terrible Customer Service
I’ve use this app, the last few years, and haven’t had much problem. Lately, I tried to add an American Express card, and found out the Everlance app is not compatible with American Express. I called, and the agent clearly didn’t know how to help me, and our call was “mysteriously” disconnected. I called back a couple more times and waited for 45 minutes on hold, without being answered, before finally hanging up. I decided to email and received a response after a couple days. The day I received an email response, the lady I had originally spoken to called back, and left a voicemail, saying “we spoke the other day and our call was ABRUPTLY DISCONNECTED”. Seriously!?! How unprofessional!! If she didn’t know the answer she should’ve told me she would find the answer and get back to me, instead of hanging up on me, then calling back after someone else found the answer to email me. I pay more for the plan that gives the option to call but lately they don’t even answer the phone, and I’ve been waiting a couple weeks for an email reply to another issue that started. I’ve decided to switch to QuickBooks. I’ll be paying more, but I’ve realized the value of good customer service, and Everlance is lacking big time in that area.
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6 years ago, craigzs
Good if you only drive for ridesharing
Otherwise it’s the most obnoxious app I had installed. It’s great for keeping track of your mileage and expenses incurred from working for Uber/Lyft/DoorDash/Shipt/Postmates or whatever. But say you only do that once in awhile... the app is still going to notify you every time you drive asking you to classify the trip, even if you have it set to automatically classify trips as personal or work, it’s still going to ask you to classify the trip which is incredibly annoying to me. Same with transactions, if you link your bank account to help keep track of revenue and expenses from ridesharing, it’ll constantly ask you to classify any transaction that it sees, even if you tell it to auto classify the transactions, it will still ask you. Again, incredibly obnoxious. I even contacted support about this and was hoping it was just a setting I missed but now. You either have an obnoxious amount of notifications that are unnecessary if you’re not ridesharing full time, or no notifications at all and you forget it’s there. Like, I paid for your service, could you maybe use that money to get some good app engineers to make it less annoying? Thanks but I’ll figure something else out. Deleted.
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6 years ago, crono1481
Used to be good
UPDATED REVIEW: I’ve been able to stick with not paying and it was working out OK for a few months. You get 30 free automaticly tracked trips, then it switches to manual. The app, however, seems to be designed to force you to pay. I will turn off automatic tracking to save some trips because I am not working, but then the trips will still be tracked and now my free trip count is down a trip. It can never be turned off, even though it gives you the option to do so. Furthermore, the prices have only gone up and up and the prices are outrageous for what it is. In the beginning it seemed like a small company that cares, now it’s a popular app that does not care about the user. When I first started using it, it was a flawless app. Auto tracked miles or let you do it manually. Then suddenly they updated the app with premium features, which is fine..we all gotta make money. But then it turned into bullying the users into subscribing to the monthly premium costs. No real guidance on the change to premium. Then suddenly it kicks into my "free" app and im only allowed to track a certain amount of trips a month unless I want to upgrade to premium.
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6 years ago, PaulyTD
Simple But Full of Features
This is a great app. It’s very simple but very versatile at the same time. When I swipe the trip to the right to mark it a work trip Immediately get pop-ups of categories for work trips. Fantastic feature for somebody like me with multiple clients. Other apps have the ability to break trips into different clients but this one makes it so easy. I don’t have to go into any submenus. I also like that it makes it very easy to merge trips, a frustration for me with other apps I’ve used. If you sit at a stoplight too long (Real long - traffic jam) or sit in the parking lot to write a note all the apps break it into two trips. With this app a couple clicks and the trips are merged. I also like that it’s easy to manually enter addresses and it will calculate yes calculate the mileage. I haven’t seen too many other apps that are able to do that, although there are a few.
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2 years ago, Tooth puller
Ok, doesn’t always automatically track
When I first started using the app, it worked great! It would run in the background and track my trips. I would go in every few days and categorize and cleanup things. The last several months it has been glitchy, and it has been getting worse. Doesn’t always track my trips. Sometimes it just stops mid trip. I just checked this morning, and it has not tracked anything for the last two days! Frustrating. I did a lot of driving for work two days ago and some for a charity organization yesterday. None of it was recorded. 19Jan2022 update: For the last few months, the Everlance app has not been automatically tracking my trips. It will randomly track a trip in the background despite all my settings being set to allow it to automatically track in the background. The only reliable way I can get it to automatically track trips is to have the app open when I start the trip. Even then, it sometimes ends the trip early. I have kept up with app updates.
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5 months ago, Amsay90
Great app but could use some updates
I have been using this app for years and it does work great but in the last 6 to 8 months it has become very glitchy with its recent updates and things have been changed that I feel shouldn’t have. I no longer can change the date on the object that needs a date change. For example, I got paid on December 31. So that payment should be reflected in the previous year income but it wouldn’t let me change the date so it is in this years income. The same thing has happened with some expenses that have gone in. You should be able to change the date. Please fix this. I will be forced to delete them and create them manually and pray it will let me put them in for last year. In my opinion the app operated better a year ago compared to now
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7 years ago, El Conejo Rabioso
Resolved: Won't refund my $60 after annual auto bill.
Ashkan, a Manager at Everlance personally sent me an email apologizing for my unpleasant customer service experience. He offered a gratis year of service as restitution. Technically, Everlance is a great product (5 Stars). But, their customer service definitely needs some improvement. Original negative review: I don't need the service anymore. Unfortunately, I forgot to terminate prior to being auto-billed for the next year. I have sent Everlance four email requests to them to terminate and refund. I received one email from them offering a $15 credit towards the outrageously expensive $60/yr service if I remained a subscriber, which I declined. Since then, no refund. I even tried calling their support number several times. It immediately rolls over to a greeting that says, "No one is available at the Google number you have reached. Please leave a message...". I left a voicemail over a week ago, but still no response. What they are doing is illegal.
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6 months ago, fingersteam
Report App Performance Issues
This App has been operating nominally for amost a year now. I have used it for 20,000 miles without any crashes or bugs that I can think of. The current patch is the first time. Crashes, super slows down the phone and I would even use the term glitchy when trying to close the App or tap any buttons in the App. As a result, obviously, the App has not performed its job and failed to record my trips. Started happening this week (Dec 4 - 10). As a side note, I do not like that the App developers put a notification at the top on the main screen that says "we can't track your trips!" which is a flat out misrepresentation and false (a LIE). I recommend rephrasing this and explaining why you put it there in the first place. Otherwise, satisfied with the performance of the App and recommend!
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8 months ago, gufxbjhfxvbjf
Mostly good updates
I like many of the new features of the last app update, like business names showing in the addresses, the list of business names that show when editing the address, and the ability to add a trip photo. I don’t like that it now automatically changes to a calculated trip when I enter in my start and end points. I like to keep my trips logged with the exact addresses. Now, when I do this it alters my trips to the shortest trip even though I may have actually driven more miles because I was maybe driving the other direction and did a uturn mid trip, or maybe just drive a different route. I wish it would go back to only using the calculated trip when I manually tap the switch for it to use the calculated trip, how it used to work in the past.
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2 years ago, can't add name
Being charged even after canceling subscription
I had canceled my subscription back in April. Now, normally even one cancels a subscription to anything, they are not charged anymore after cancellation is complete. Well as I was looking at my latest bank statement, I saw a charge for this month, to which I double checked to see if it was current or still canceled, it still shows as canceled as of April, 2022. That prompted me to look back through all of my bank statements since May and it’s showing every single month where I was charged for the subscription that I one, haven’t used in quite a while before canceling it, and 2, canceled it back in April. If it was still showing as current, it wouldn’t be this big of an issue as I can admit fault where fault occurred, but I know I canceled in April, have proof of said cancellation, and proof of where I was still being charged every month since cancellation. I have already sent an email about it and am awaiting appropriate response. I’m more than happy to provide any and all evidence, but this is messed up.
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2 years ago, katylynnwatson
Okay for tracking mileage, Terrible for tracking Expenses
I switched from Quickbooks to Everlance, frankly because Everlance was more affordable monthly. And I regret the decision to switch. I’m self-employed and was looking for a more cost effective system that would allow me to easily export my expenses at the end of the year for my accountant. I wanted them already divided into categories, so all the information she needed was at her fingertips. I learned the hard way this year that Everlance will allow you to export your expenses but it’s ALL transactions for the entire year, business related or not. I literally had to go through a spreadsheet with thousands of items line by line and divide everything into categories myself manually. Most annoying and time consuming process, so I’ll definitely be canceling my subscription. If you’re looking for something just to track milage, this app is fine. For anything else, look elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Peanutheadjoker
Stellar customer service
I haven’t really used the app, but their customer service is top notch. I downloaded and signed up for the free trial when I started door dash, even though I already have quickbooks with mileage tracker. I wanted to test Everlance out, but didn’t get around to it before the trial ended and then I got hit for the membership subscription fee. I was so aggravated at myself for forgetting to cancel, but I emailed customer service right away asking for my subscription to be canceled and my fee to be refunded. Diana was quick to get back to me letting me know she had done both. My refund appeared in my account within a couple of days. They made it so easy. I would definitely give them another try in the future, should I need a different mileage app.
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5 years ago, Isthisnametakenyet74837483
Notify people before they will be charged $60!
I purchased a 1 year membership at a discounted rate through Shipt. I was not aware this was a discounted rate, though. I was also not properly notified I would be charged $60 soon. I haven’t even used the app for months and have emailed customer service requesting a refund. Enough is enough, subscription based apps. I’m to the point where I don’t even want to subscribe to anything. The app itself is ok, and maybe worth $60 if you are actually using it, but I no longer have a need for it because my job changed. A warning email entitled “Your credit card is about to be charged for an annual membership—please act now” would have been great. Don’t bury a vague renewal message inside a “happy 1 year with Everlance!” email that no one is going to open. Edit: after emailing them, they have already refunded me. Thank you for making it right.
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6 years ago, Imlynelle
I am not happy. I have on my second year as a premium subscriber. The app tracked best while a trial user last year. Once I paid for the year it wasn’t as accurate but was acceptable. Now, especially since they took my payment for this year the tracking is completely wonky. It’s even tracking mileage that doesn’t exist! It has me taking a trip when I was fast asleep with my phone with me. It is combining trips into 1 huge mess. I have even rebooted the app and my phone. I have been emailing them with no response. The chat box is no longer working. I used the transaction portion to track my expenses for my taxes. Very frustrating! There is no search available for me to see if an expense is already inputted. There are so many features that this app needs to make the transaction portion easier to use. I have emailed those suggestions many times with no response. I am patient and don’t mind waiting for improvement but I feel ignored and that the app is not being monitored. I would like my money back.
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3 years ago, Dorky Vegan
Highly recommend!
Disclaimer: I use the paid version of Everlance As a business owner, I needed a way to track my mileage for accurate deductions. I’ve been using Everlance for about three years now and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable easy to use app to track your mileage. I do my accounting with QBO and recently my version was upgraded to include mileage tracking. I canceled my Everlance subscription thinking there was no reason to pay for mileage tracking if my QuickBooks subscription included it, but boy was I wrong. After only a couple weeks of using QuickBooks tracking I reactivated my Everlance subscription. I never had a problem with the subscription cost before, but now I can confirm that it’s the best $60 I spend all year.
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5 months ago, Cccchwywyeuxnsnandn
Worst tracking app known to exist. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!
I’ve been a self employed/gig delivery driver for over two years now and I’ve used this app the track my miles. There’s got to be better apps out there cause this app is absolutely terrible. Did I mention it isn’t free?? You have to pay $8 monthly for the app to “automatically” track your miles or $60 something a year. Versus just manually tracking your trips and not giving this company a dime. I wish I can turn back time, the extra money I would have that this crappy app took from me would be insane. Now in 2024 im not gonna pay for the premium until the app just gives up on me. With every update the app will slow down, crash and not log your trips sometimes so you’ll have to manually put them in yourself. Recently when they updated the trips page I literally had to harass their support (which they’re not so great either) seems like weeks went until the app was finally “fixed”. PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP LITERALLY USE ANY OTHER APP!!!
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4 years ago, Cyndyly
Great for tracking mileage
I was hesitant to use an app to track mileage because of battery drainage and whatever other excuse but it has been such an easy transition from my paper trail. Every year I had the same problem of having to go over all my paperwork to track my mileage because I wouldn’t do it right then and there. This is so easy because the app does it all for you and once I have time to look over my daily ir sometimes weekly trips I just have to swipe. So easy and it gives me mileage and amounts which is awesome. I haven’t used it to track expenses but I’m sure I will as soon as I get to that stage. Love love love it. You have to try it. Very inexpensive also. I rather pay than spend weeks tracking my mileage for when tax season comes.
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5 years ago, Prince-gj
Superb mileage tracker
I drive for Lyft, Uber, UberEats, Postmates & DoorDash. This is an amazing app that really accounts for all miles driven for all these platforms. It’s the top rated app here for a reason and while there are other options to track your mileage and expenses, I feel that the design interface is extremely user friendly. I’m one of those people that took me about a week to figure out how to save my data to the cloud so I’m not very tech savvy. I literally learned how to use this app overnight: simple, time efficient, and versatile to implement into your specific business needs. To the developers of this app: thanks for brainstorming this concept into actual feasibility. For new users: save the time and trouble for other things if you’re on the fence about trying it. You won’t be disappointed.
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1 year ago, swabs045
Just eats at your battery
I use muy personal phone for business and dislike the location options I can choose from. Either, always use up my battery by knowing my location, even if I’m not moving or at home, or manually do everything. The ‘only while using app’ never works. To initiate it and then switch to a navigating app and think it’s working, capturing your drive, but it’s NOT. Why can’t it work like wake or Apple Maps? Like initiate it and it continues to capture until I stop it. I’m trying to be conscious on my phones battery life and health but this app doesn’t help. You can do better, I’m getting tired of having to switch that setting in the settings app under privacy>location I’ve had to use Stride on the side to ensure something is recorded when this one copses to fail. With this flaw can you really put yourself above the competition?
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1 year ago, BlankKandy
This is hands down my favorite app!
So I work DoorDash and I’m about to start Instacart, but this app WILL save you. I only have one more day on my free trial, but I will happily pay the $7.99/month! Listen, If you are reading this, I was like you. I didn’t want to pay either. I wanted a cheap way out. But there was not humanly possible way for me to keep track of all my miles, expenses, revenue, and earnings all at once. Trust me, I tried and failed. Please download this app to save yourself the headache! I can attest that it IS worth it’s value. Oh, and yes, I am a real person. I’m not getting anything out of this by writing this post. And to you, Everlance, please keep this app afloat because it is SO VERY helpful. Thank you!
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2 years ago, luvnesxa
Worst app ever
I downloaded this app one time and haven’t used it in months and I got paid today and went to pay my car payment and this app took $125 out of my account. They took this without my knowledge I tried to call and the woman on customer support was so rude and refused to help me and wouldn’t allow me to speak to anyone else, refused to give me her name and hung up in my face. I told her I don’t even have this app anymore I just want my $125 back if you took the money quick fast in a hurry I should have to wait for it back this transaction needs to be canceled. You are a company that most likely has way more than triple the amount of money I have. I’m literally a college student barely making it by y’all don’t realize how much taking $125 from someone can affect them and now I have to wait 2-3 weeks until I can get it back? This makes no sense. Don’t download this app if you are pinching Pennies. Hopefully someone else from this company will reach out and help me better.
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5 months ago, Merkyuree
Slow and no longer easy to use
I've been using this app for several years. The latest software update was a mess. Before, I swipe either left or write and choose the classifications of what kind of travel I did. I can scroll down from my list and choose that way( I have a lot). Now, you can no longer scroll down, so my classification at the bottom is hidden. I now have to click on the unclassified button, click the type of trip, click save and wait for it to load and get saved. Mind you, the software is slower so it will take you about 5 seconds or more to classify 1 trip and it takes you 2 more steps to do it. To merge trips, I have to click an icon and merge all but it will give you a warning that they all have to be the same trips. However, before the update, I can choose 1 classification and it will classify all merged trips to the one I chose. I am now looking for a new mileage tracker. This app is no longer useful to me.
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1 year ago, Arpad Vicko
Useless App
The app that is supposed to make things easier to self employed drivers, turned out that requires enough effort to manage, so I can ask myself- why should I pay subscription when I can use excel sheet, recognized as valid by IRS. Missing portions of trips, missing complete trips, merging two trips in one when the break is 10+ minutes (commute + work). When the trip is recorded with error, you cannot edit that trip. All you can to is to remove it and add manually. Also, tracing expenses is unnecessary part of this app since 99% of expenses are part of the standard mileage deduction. It would be better for development team to put an effort on polishing tracking mileage and add some configuration for automatic mode. Too unreliable app that I could rely on for such a important thing as file taxes and too much effort for using requires for the app with paid subscription. Definí will not renew subscription.
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5 years ago, Colin Robertson
I’ve used Everlance for a few years now and it’s mostly fine. It sometimes stops working for some reason but the app does remind you at points when it’s no longer in memory to open it up so that it can track your drives. I really like the ‘favorite trips’ feature but don’t understand why you can’t flip a toggle to have it auto tag the drive from the other direction (round trip). It’s infuriatingly tedious to have to input the same trip in the other direction. However, the most annoying part about the favorite trips feature is the fact that’s it still gives a notification that it has “auto-tagged a favorite trip!” How about notifying me when it detects a trip is frequent one, ask me if I want to classify it as a ‘favorite’ trip, whether or not to make it round trip, and then, stop bugging me! The whole point is to not have to deal with the drives that you frequently make! Speaking of notifications, they tend to pile up quickly in Notification Center... If such a feature existed, I would embrace the option to receive a single notification at the end of every day reminding me to go in and tag my drives for the day. Also, shortcuts integration would be nice, to say, only start tracking when it detects my cars Bluetooth or CarPlay connection, or an NFC tag... that would help to avoid many of the above issues...
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7 years ago, vbmixer
So far so good
Just getting to learn the app. I have been a Neat Desk Scanner user for two years, but hate having to scan all my receipts. I was sold on this product by the automated mileage tracking, and then by the ability to connect to my various card accounts to simplify expense tracking. However, while the app currently connects to a number of major banks, they do not (and as of now will not) connect to smaller/local institutions. Being able to take a picture of a receipt for filing is nothing new. Neat Desk at least TRIES to decipher the receipt’s data for categorizing, this app does not. In order to file you must add, scan, then input data. There is certainly room for improvement, but this team seems to motivated to growing fast, while also providing a quality product at a fair price.
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4 months ago, divamsm
Deserves a big fat ZERO STARS!
If I could give it a minus 5 stars I surely would. I don't know where or how they get this erroneous information but it's terrible! I can't believe I paid for a whole year of this at one time. When I first got this app it seemed to really be just what I needed but as time went on (almost a year now) it has been logging imaginary trips to places I've never been to at all hours of the night while I am asleep! I have sent messages to support about it but it's gotten worse and worse - to the point I don't even pay attention to it anymore because I know it's going to be wrong. I can't even use this information for my taxes because it's all incorrect! There is no one else in my household except my husband and he's sleeping at night too. Y'all need to fix this thing or go out of business. It's that bad. I don't know what other people are experiencing but this has been my experience. No bueno!
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6 years ago, esphero
Everlance is incredible
This is a very simple app that you can update as you go. I am a pro user and I like that I can link my card so that I don’t have to fill in the boring details of my transactions—instead, the app asks you to swipe left or right if it’s for personal or work. The automatic tracking of my miles is a HUGE plus. I basically start the app, and it handles the rest. Overall, the app is incredibly useful. If you do any rideshare work (like DoorDash, Uber, Postmates, Instacart, etc..) this app can save you a headache trying to log your tax information. I am also a photographer and I have to travel for clients at times and this app even had a way for me to add “photographer” to my list of jobs, which was an added bonus!
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4 years ago, gemchemist
Doesn’t work the way I expected it to work
When making deliveries for business purposes I expected this app to track my mileage in conjunction with my Door Dasher App from each delivery location in separate instances but this application in one case tracked me for two hours including my movement from my home, which IRS considers a commute and my home is outside a door dasher delivery area so I wasn't dashing during this commute, and back home from my last delivery location (again this is a commute)and did not break out my stops and starts which basically made the data useless to me. There isn't any way to tell when the app is recording your trip or any obvious way to stop it if it is recording without turning off the location tracker in settings which then creates a NAG screen telling you to turn on your location service. I canceled my subscription 4 days into a 7 day free trial because it doesn’t work the way I expected it to work.
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2 years ago, JerryP5307
Just started using this today and I believe it is exactly what I need for my business. I am a real estate appraiser and cover quite an area. The days of remembering or recording my mileage start and end odometer readings, personal use vs business use are a thing of the past. What a major headache that was. This app works in the background and is very simple to use, when my trip ends it simply asks if that trip was personal or business. Swipe left or swipe right. So far I am very pleased. One more thing, and as soon as the app was paid for I received an email from the developer welcoming me which I felt was a nice touch, class act. Thanks again for this wonderful app.
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3 years ago, our iphone12
They righted the wrong
I was charged $60 for an annual subscription yesterday. Today my app says I must upgrade in order to use the mileage tracker function. I have sent numerous emails and have not gotten anywhere. Do not put your card on this app, I now have to find a way to get another mileage tracker for my business and am out the $60 they charged for a year of premium that I cannot use. (IF they make this right I will edit this review) UPDATE: they refunded my money and i was able to switch to another app. The only thing I wish was better was that they would communicate what was happening. However I am thankful they refunded the money. It’s a good app if you’re willing to pay the fees.
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5 years ago, FullTimeLyfter
Most reviews here are not real or too biased.
This app fails constantly. If or I should say when it does. There will be no notification or auto tracking done after the fact. Meaning you will loose miles tracked unless you keep on checking the app is still working. In software development, It is common practice to handle/address errors properly. Everlance the app and the company has never given the time to add in error support to prevent app failures from stopping the tracker. This issues has always been there. The app in general seems less reliable after the paid subscriptions came out. Honestly I don’t trust this company to make an error handling app or one that just doesn’t fail constantly. In my and most tax professionals opinion. DONT TRUST THIS APP TO ALWAYS WORK. WRITE DOWN START AND STOP MILES AND ONLY USE THIS AS A BACKUP. you will save a bunch on taxes. I saved hundreds off my taxes by having accurate recorded mileage for my work. You should do the same.
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2 years ago, Brownahh
Everlance for DoorDash and Uber eats
Everlance is so easy to use just log in your banking information and leave it on every time you drive it classifies the trip sometimes it will classify it as personal and you just have to switch it back to work or business or DoorDash or whatever you’re using it for and just classify all of your incoming money and outgoing money whether it’s work related it could be any easier I can’t wait to do my taxes this year because this is made it so I don’t have to do much it pretty much takes care of it all for you I think it’s great five stars I would give it six stars if that was an option
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5 months ago, Photopointe97
Used to be good
I am a professional pet sitter, so I use this app to track my mileage from house to house. I have been using it for about two years and it worked perfectly until recently. With the last few updates, the auto tracking has gotten worse. The app used to track my drives perfectly every time. now it over tracks and tracks while I’m walking on foot. Every day I have to delete multiple trips that were auto tracked as drives when they were actually me walking the dogs on foot. that is not the end of the world, of course, but it is just odd that it never used to track my walking. Update: fully canceled my subscription and switched to another app. This one kept getting worse and worse with each update, even after I wrote this review above! The one I switched to is SO much better. Don’t waste your money and time here!
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5 months ago, Ni rath
Love this app
The best app I have ever used for delivery gigs. it’s really saving me a lot time. I don’t have worry about writing down what trips I’m missing. This app will record everything when I’m moving from point A to point B. Everything is on the tip of my magical finger. Not just recording, it can save and store the gas receipts, phone bills and so on, when using credit cards on file or the app. Also you can upload the receipts that you miss in less than 10 second. The app just like bookkeeping. All of info will store forever, whenever u need them, you come back and request it. How cool is that, loving it.
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3 years ago, lukeisnotuniqueenough
Starts and stops tracking on its own
I have the free version and have no need to upgrade to premium, so I’m limited to 30 trips per month. That’s perfect for me because I don’t take my car out for work 30 times a month. However, my trips are being wasted away because every time I use this app, it either starts tracking when I never told it to start tracking, or it stops my trips while I’m in the middle of them forcing me to waste 2 or 3 trips all for a single drive. I turned off automatic tracking so it stopped starting trips when I didn’t want it to, but now it’s stopping my trips whenever I stop for a short time. Needs to be more accurate or not count trips that only separated by a few minutes as different trips.
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2 years ago, curious3000
I really hate this app
This app gives you 30 free trips a month, but it auto tracks you, so every time you move your vehicle it counts it as an individual trip. For instance, I drive for Doordash, so if I did 10 deliveries in one session, it would count that as 10 separate trips. So I switched it to track it manually yesterday. I started my work session and checked the app periodically throughout the day to make sure it was still active in the background, and it was. It tracked around 100 miles, but I forgot about it for a couple of hours after I got home, and when I opened the app, there was absolutely no record of any of the driving that I did. The entire work session vanished. However, I went from 15 free trips to 13. I will not be subscribing to this app, it feels super scammy. I just downloaded MileIQ and Stride, so I’ll be giving those apps a try instead.
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5 years ago, FTLJeff
So easy and useful, great support
I used this app while working for two delivery companies and was a premium member. The auto trip tracking worked great, and the reporting features and easy to read dashboard paint a quick and accurate picture of your work and personal miles. When filing my taxes, Everlance made it a breeze to find my mileage deduction information. And their customer support is top notch! They responded to my email within minutes and had adjusted my account as requested when I had failed to cancel my auto renewal in time. Unexpected excellent support that you just don’t see from many app developers anymore. Highly recommended!
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3 months ago, Mojo2nyte
Very Well Thought Out.
I have to say first, that I have Adhd and I have been so much more effective in my job because of this app. I don't have to keep track of everything myself and I have to tell you, that takes so much stress off of my shoulders. I am productive and organized and I am so glad that I decided to go premium. I am switching careers and I won't be driving as much but I still have six months of my subscription left which I am still finding incredibly useful. I would recommend this app to anyone who has a job but it is essential to have if you are a freelancer! I love it!
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5 years ago, Havockb
Best Mileage Tracker Out There
This app is not only incredibly easy to use, but it is efficient also! I haven’t had a single problem with it since I started using the app. It has automatic tracking capabilities plus the option of manually adding trips. All you need to do to log the mileage as work is swipe right. Easy! And if that weren’t enough, Everlance partners with non-profit organizations no matter how big or small. My husband and I sent an email to see if they could help us out with our non-profit and within two days they sent us a year’s premium subscription to Everlance for free! We feel so blessed by them and pray Jesus blesses their endeavors 😊
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4 years ago, CookieMC316
Love this app!
I was putting off creating my mileage report to get reimbursed from my employer so I decided to check out if there’s an app that can do it all with just a click. Lo and behold I found this app! I work five counties as an official court reporter and I have to give my reports to each county to get reimbursed. It was tedious at first to classify each county (due to my procrastination) but once it was completed, it’s so easy to use. I love this app!! My employer has detailed mileage reports for their records for each county. You can even add your employer and CPA to share your mileage reports. Thank you, Everlance, for making my job easy so I can tackle other pressing matters. Happy user! 😍
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6 years ago, dan beltran
Wish I could see classified expenses easier!
Overall this is a fantastic app. I pay for premium and it makes tracking my miles easy, especially with the saved locations, it knows when I drive to a specific place that was a work trip. My need is to be able to see classified expenses easily in the app, right now the only way I can figure it out is to export a report to my email. I also wish I could classify expenses into one of the write off categories within the app, so all I have to do is paste the amounts into my tax documents. It’s hard to remember what exactly I bought 9 months later, it would be great to be able to select a category within the app at the time of classification.
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3 years ago, Bob - Almost Happy
Not 5 Stars for a Reason
This is an excellent app that’s crucial to our business since we invoice according to billable hours. Everlance helps us stay totally accurate as we visit clients and job sites throughout the city and country... unless it doesn’t. What I mean by that is: whenever there’s an update to this app, it’s never announced, and it just suddenly stops tracking... until days later when we discover it crashed! So if we don’t keep visiting Everlance in the the App Store to see if there’s an “UPDATE” button, we’re screwed because we lose tracking for however many days we didn’t notice that it stopped working. Then we have to quickly assess billable hours on lost days per memory. And yet, we gave it 4 Stars, not less, because most of the time it’s excellent and we couldn’t do without it. We tried to find another app to replace it but so far nothing comes close. So, hey you guys at Everlance! How about a Notification that appears on our screen that says, “UPDATE EVERLANCE NOW!” When that happens, you’ll get your 5 stars.
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4 years ago, 6rin6o
I have the full version and I wish I could auto classify by company or brand, example all together ( or by brand all shell, all food, or how ever I feel more comfortable) and no on “create rule” does not let you do it. You can not creat a rule all “apple” expenses or all “phone bill” it too simple the create rule, just giving you the option when the amount is bigger than or lower than... I will still stick with it, because the hole intention of the feed back is to get it better. I hopefully I’ll be lucky. Why would I want to have auto classifications? Simple import for the first time all your data from your bank account from last year if you don’t have 900+++ manual classification to do lucky you.
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6 years ago, Itsy
Doesn’t work properly anymore
I’ve been using this app for over a year. Up until mid December, it worked just fine. Then it began to miss trips or combine trips into one. For instance, I left my home on a 65 mile trip (one way) for work and stopped at a bank along the way. When I got home, the app showed I had left Home about 9am, gotten home at 6:19 & driven 42 miles (which was the distance from the bank to my original destination). I was at work for 7.45 hours & no driving after I arrived. Tried all suggestions given by the app staff but nothing worked. I may as well have been keeping a hand written log as in years past. Had to request a refund, which I promptly received. Wish it still worked, because now I have to find & try another.
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