MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log

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MileIQ Inc.
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12 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log

4.69 out of 5
47.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Charmed Life 9
Easy Peasy Just Needs Two Little Improvements
I love this app and I use it all the time to track my business mileage. Easy as can be. You just swipe one way for biz and the other way for personal. It’s nice to see all your deductions adding up in the upper right corner. As for the improvements I’d like to see, I wish it was more accurate and it could pinpoint at least major landmarks like Costco or local schools. Sometimes once I’ve named a place, it says I was at that place if I was a couple blocks away. That makes it hard to be completely accurate in my tracking. For instance I named one of my kid’s schools and it thought I was there when I was going an open house at one of my listings a couple blocks away. One is business, one is personal. The other helpful update might be to have it remind you to track if you don’t do it for a couple days. As a Realtor I go so many places, if I get a few days behind I have no idea what his business and what is personal. I wouldn’t even mind a reminder every time I get out of the car, or at least every time I get home. I have a reminder set to delete texts and log mileage at the end of each day, but something from the app when I don’t do it would be great. That should probably be an optional feature because I know that would bug some people. Overall, thank you so much for making it easy to keep track of miles and get the tax write-offs. Well done!
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6 years ago, 4cinema
About as simple as it gets!
I’ve been using this app for about 3 months now and, quite frankly, this is one of the best apps ever created. It works flawlessly and completely automatic in the background of your mobile device. It has logged every single drive I have made since I started using it. And the join feature works great to tie together all of those trips that have minor detours along the way to your destination like getting off the interstate to get gas or food or for an overnight stay. Couple that feature with the simple swipe left or right to categorize a drive as personal or business and this is just about the easiest, most effective app I have ever used period. Seriously, if you aren’t using MileIQ to track your business mileage, you need to start using today. Just make sure you’ve set-up all your data and vehicle info before taking your first drive. I suggest doing a test drive just to be sure it is capturing your drives automatically. When I first started, it missed a few initial trips because I did not have my vehicle information set-up completely. But once you are sure it is automatically capturing each drive, you are good to go. This app is about as perfect in form and function and usefulness as it gets. Try it today, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to use this app. Pure Genius!
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2 years ago, bobbennettmusic
Mostly Great
For me, MileIQ is indispensable. One of the few apps that I pay a yearly subscription for, and happily so. The one and only issue I have with the app is, perhaps, my own quirk. Long before the app became a part of Microsoft I was enthusiastic user. I’ve been at it for a while now. My practice has always been to create a custom destination, using all capital letters to indicate that I made the entry, and then assigning it to my own personal categories. MileIQ takes custom created destinations but does not “recall“ them when you go to reuse them. If you create a new destination for a trip to somewhere, you have to create the same destination if the return trip back is logged separately. I know this is a tortured explanation. But it is a workaround that I am used to but still not overly happy about. If only MileIQ could “recall“ custom, user created destinations when you go to login a trip. As you likely know, you often go to regions where there are two or three or four destinations clustered in the same geographic area. There is no drop-down list to choose from if the coffee shop comes up and you mean the office supply store, you literally have to change the name back. It’s just inconvenient. Having said all of that, you really should use the app. It will save you hours and lots of grief. But that’s the one fly in the ointment for me. (Dictated, please forgive typos.)
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1 year ago, Jnilo
Quick and intuitive, like a polite robot
Super amazing, quick, and actually fun to classify each place you've been. I'm a working artist, and I always have the best intentions of writing down trips, which I never remember to do, ever. Already the first month, this app has more than paid for itself. It's so polite, too-- like every couple of days, this polite robot taps you on the shoulder (via a push notification) and it helpfully walks you through a quick snapshot of all the different places you've driven (see, you started right here on the map, and you stopped there) along with what time and what day it was, and you go: "Oh yeah, I remember; that's when I went to the art store to pick up more paint-- that was business! (swipe right). And this map is when I drove my kid over to his friend's house-- personal! (swipe left). Swiping through the past eight or ten car trips takes like 45 seconds to categorize the whole lot, and bam, you're done. I love it. Otherwise I would lose all that money-- because I know myself: I seriously underestimate how many trips I make for business. And writing it down takes way too much dedication.
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3 weeks ago, AnotherScrounger
Generally pleased
MileIQ seems so far to start recording reliably, gives good reminders to classify trips. I drive to a lot of the same places but I do not like auto classification, so I do not use it. This is because sometimes those trips are business and sometimes they are not business and auto classification makes the assumption that they are always the saml. I have to just leave MileIQ running all the time because I’m an on call person. I can get called to an urgent need at any hour. So even when I’m asleep I leave it running in case in the urgency of getting out on a call I’d forget to start the app. I appreciate the full view of the map record of the recorded trip. Sometimes the way I take to a regular location is different and there’s usually a reason and it might require completing some other paperwork for my job. I do really wish that it gave an indication that it is recording a trip with an option to stop the trip at any time. This would allow a very, very brief stop to result in an a trip interruption and make it easier to classify one journey to two different purposes. For example, making a trip to a client and then on the return trip stopping halfway starting a new trip to a different location for a personal purpose returning to that stop place and then changing the purpose again for the trip home.
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4 months ago, BabyJessiBear
App is useless if edits are needed
If you need to make any serious edits (for example, if you entered in a drive that you forgot to record and you accidentally put in the wrong date and then submitted it) you cannot make those changes in the app. Or let’s say that you entered a drive and you realized you put in the wrong start destination, the only way to edit that is through the webpage, not the app. So if you need to make any serious edits to your entries, you can only do so on the mileQ webpage. Their webpage, however, only works on a computer. If you pull it up on an iPhone, it’s one of those websites that is not at all designed for a smart phone. You can only see half of the website and even if you try to change the website settings you still cannot actually do anything on it. It works great if you have a laptop or a desktop in front of you, but if you’re out of town, and only using your phone, you are out of luck and have to take a physical note of the edits you need to make for when you get back to your computer. If I have to go to the Internet and jump through six hoops just to make an edit, I’ve just wasted so much valuable time. At that point, I’ll just go back to keeping a physical log. The whole point of downloading this app was to save time as I was physically writing down each trip. The time I’ve spent today just trying to make edits on two drives is insane!
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7 years ago, Lazy Is Expensive
Good Luck
Missing several trips every day. I've used this for 17 months. I referred my friend who cancelled it immediately cause he paid close attention to his drives. I decided to check myself. Well, he was right. Not sure how many thousands of dollars I lost last year on taxes. Go back to pen and paper. Lazy will cost you big time. It says it tracks drives over half a mile. Well, I'm losing those half mile stops as well as many of them that are several miles. Just went through my drives and found 2 discrepancies within my first two hours of work."UPDATE" 9/5/17 Day two in a row. It shows a stop at 9:16am and the next starting point 10:38am about 20+ miles away. I made 3 stops between that time period. About 7 mile drives. I don't want to hear about being my phone service. If anyone in the world lost service for more than 8 seconds they'd pull over and freak out till it's fixed. Never mind 1.25 hours in the middle of town. If you make many stops like myself you can very simply check accuracy and making sure all your stopping points are also your next starting point. I don't ever make a big deal out of things, but at this rate I'm probably out about $7,500 worth of mileage last year and more this year. That's a big deal for anyone. I will continue this week and after every stop I will make sure I have a solid 5 bar internet connection before starting my drives. If there's a single day of accuracy I will update this again on Saturday this week.
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2 years ago, Btrflies
Very helpful. Works as promised.
Super helpful for tracking mileage without having to remember to start it with the auto detection. I only wish you could delete drives from the app. You can only delete drives from the website version. I ride along with another party quite a bit and always forget to pause the auto detection when I start out. So I have to open the browser and delete the drive from the website instead of being able to delete from the app on my phone. I also wish you could adjust your end point on the map. A few times it didn’t track me all the way to my destination because I drive through a “dead” spot with no cell service. But other than those small complaints, I actually do love this app and and happy I purchased it. Makes getting organized for tax time simpler. And my accountant LOVES it. She is actually the one who recommended this to me. End of year it has a pdf breakdown of all your drives. This is priceless information. Also reminds you at the start of the year to document your mileage on your car to make sure everything matches up. Great app!
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6 years ago, JeremyNoll
Fire Protection Inspector
I am an inspector for a company that installs, designs & does inspections on fire suppression systems. I drive a lot, all day long from job to job, so mileage is a big part on the job. So far I have found the app great, though the frequent drives option doesn’t work that great and the work hours feature doesn’t allow you to edit those drives as it automatically logs them without any input on your part, which I do not like. Wish when it auto logs a drive, that it would still pop up and say “we just logged a business drive, is this correct? Would you like to add anything to this drive?” Same goes with a personal drive. Also, when in a drive from one job to the next or from the job to home, if you stop at a store or gas station, the app will stop that drive and when you start driving again it will start an entire new drive, I wish you had the option to continue the drive so therefore it would be logged together as one simple drive and not several different logs which you have to go back and calculate. I think if they fixed these minor issues this app would be top notch.
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7 years ago, RealNewRu
Missing Key Features
I really love the concept behind this app—the simplicity of swiping to classify miles. This is the first job I’ve had where I need to keep track of business miles and it can be daunting to do so each and every day. I thought Mile IQ was going to be a great solution, however I see 4 key problems that keep me from ever wanting to pay for the app. 1.) I cannot seem to find a way to view miles by DAY. I only see an option for monthly reports and my job requires that I record miles personal vs. business by the day. 2.) On top of that, I don’t want reports to be sent to my email. My life is busy enough. Do you think I want more emails? Isn’t that the whole purpose of Mile IQ is to save time..not add more to my plate? Why can’t you just view your mileage breakdown on the app? Finance apps like Mint allow you to break down your spending categories by day, so I know it’s not impossible or too complicated. 3.) When you try to view the maps for each drive, there are no business names or landmarks that show up. Sometimes I cannot remember where I went next and I would be counting on the map locations to tell me. 4.) 40 drives free is not very many at all. That seems extremely low. I think the app is a great idea..but it needs to be executed much better.
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5 years ago, Chude's Reviews
Chude’s Reviews
Currently downloaded 3 mileage and expense trackers (Mile IQ, Intuit (Turbo Tax Self Employed, and Taxbot). Like all 3, but when it comes to tracking mileage, Mile IQ clearly outshines the rest. As a result of the clean interface, user-friendly experience, and the fact that it remembers your drives if you name your location. Also, unlike the “Self-Employed app by Intuit/Turbo Tax, when it comes to drives, Mile IQ catches the drives on the same day. I currently just classified my 13 Mile IQ drives for the day, and Turbo Tax’s app has yet to post 1 drive for the day (not to mention will miss some drives). Tax Bot is better about catching drives, but doesn’t have as clean as an Interface/UE (User Experience), and, only shows start time and not end time (in my profession, knowing what time one arrives at a location is very important, and can make the difference between hefty fines/jail time, and making a good living. So, although Mike IQ doesn’t allow one to keep track of expenses, for the cheaper price than the other apps I’m using, and the more proficient ability to capture drives and cleaner interface, I definitely recommend MileIQ!
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2 years ago, FilmGo2Guy
Seems to work, but...
It seems to work and the interface is easy. I like to App’s ability to learn and auto classify frequent drives. However, much like a previous user’s review, I too am seeing a discrepancy in the accuracy and missing drives. The locations it identifies are not always accurate which makes it difficult to identify the actual location where the software picked up the Start or End of a drive. This a serious credibility issue. My second complaint is the inability to categorize personal charity drives. I work with different charities MileIQ prohibits assigning a deductible $ amount for separate charity. The user can create a separate listing for each charity, but is not allowed to assign the mileage rate. Even though the total mileage is tallied, the user must do the math manually at the end of each month or at the end of the year. But isn’t that the point of the having the App do the work? I do a lot of charity work and the App forces all charities to be grouped under the title of “Charity” if the user wants automatic mileage calculations for IRS Tax purposes. I have discussed this with customer support several times and they don’t appear to care. Makes me wonder if they actually understand how it works in the real world of small business and tax codes.
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3 months ago, Ernie-Jazz
Too much data at times….
After exploration of the settings I discovered I can toggle on and off “detect drive”. All of my clients are out of my office area (home). When I work from my home office I drive out to Starbucks or take my wife to lunch. Those are not business related miles yet Mile IQ records them. When I take a business trip it is 100% business. I will toggle on detect drive at that time that brings me to another slight frustration. Example: Recently I scheduled a meeting with a client 150 miles from my office. Between my office and the client’s location I stopped 3 times for gas, Starbucks drive thru and a potty break (always take a potty break 5 miles out to allow 100% focus on the client upon arrival). Mile IQ logged my trip as 4 different trips due to the stop and start. I have to list each segment on corp expense report because Mile IQ shows them as 4 trips. I do not have time or patience to explain to a bean counter there weren’t clients at the gas station, Starbucks or the rest area. Possibly there is a ‘continue or resume’ toggle switch I am missing. I opted for the annual license. At this point I will NOT renew next year.
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2 years ago, Eric Klausner
Really stupid design choices
The way this app works is dumb. You have to wait until after you’ve already driven to put any data in the app. Scenario: You leave your house to drive to a client. You don’t have the option to get into your car and tell mileiq what the drive is going to be for. Instead you have to do the drive first and then wait 15 minutes or longer (“settling time”). Well guess what? After 15 minutes you’ve already started working and will probably forget to do this. Or because you don’t want to take time away from the task you’re currently working on and getting paid for. You’ll probably also forget by the end of the day. 1.) Let us put the info in BEFORE the drive starts. 2.) Don’t require that app tracking is always on. I don’t want every drive recorded (at least not as a default option) and I don’t want my battery draining the whole time you’re lojacking me. And thanks for limiting us on the free version to 40 trips a month. Since you can’t stop this from counting every time you go to the grocery store against this total, I guess most people will be paying that $5/mo. How convenient for you. At least Stride gives you the option to turn off this “always on” crap. Oh yeah, Stride literally does everything your app does and more. And they do it for FREE.
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10 months ago, Ashlyn's Mama
As User-Friendly As It Gets
I absolutely LOVE this app!! MikeIQ makes it SO easy to classify and keep track of the miles you drive for business so there’s no headache figuring out your mileage at tax time every April. It breaks down your drives by month and creates a year-end report for you as well. MileIQ also allows you to create your own sub-classifications for your drives (i.e. Business meeting with customers, medical appointments, office supplies, kid’s sporting events, school drop off/pick ups, etc.) and since the IRS assigns different deduction amounts per mile based upon the drive (drive for client meeting vs. medical appointment have different rates per mile with the IRS), there really is no way to screw up your tax deductions. This app is a lifesaver and one less business expense deduction hassle I have to calculate and keep track of myself each year. I absolutely recommend this app to anyone in need of keeping track of the miles you put on your car/driven every month for tax related purposes. Easily 5 Stars!!
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7 years ago, johncdali
Could more TAX friendly
Love the app and it records my drives fairly accurately. Sometimes when I come home from work and stop at the house for less than five minutes to change into my gym clothes .... it will record my travel from work to home and then from home to the gym as one trip. I simply make a note of that so that I can reconcile it later. From a tax perspective, if you were taking “actual expenses” instead of “mileage” as your deduction.... you need to know the percentage of business miles out of all of your vehicle mileage. The app doesn’t calculate this automatically for you. The circle graph the app displays just simply gives you business trips versus personal trips. This is useless data from a tax deduction perspective. If you are going to take “actual expenses” as a deduction on your taxes the calculation vehicle expenses multiplied by percent business miles traveled. The app makes you calculate that percentage from data presented on a spreadsheet on your own which is inconvenient and possibly cumbersome in some circumstances. I wish the developers would have sought the advice of some expert Tax Attorneys in the development of the app.
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3 weeks ago, Lumbee Chief
iPad version
When are you going to make an iPad version of this app. My iPhone and desktop dashboard have improved immensely over the years and work great. I still haven’t figured out how the sort my business and personal “select a purpose” locations to alphabetize for easiest locating. I have over 40 locations I travel freguently to so when I’m classifying drives i have to search this list to find my site. I don’t always use the auto classify since I travel to several locations in one day and usually not the same route. The furthers locations I travel are usually single site visits so auto classify is great for that. The app use to miss a drive or two and in a couple instances it added over 100 miles to a days drives which I had to manually correct these issues in the dashboard. This has not occurred over the last few months. The reporting functions are priceless and easy to use. I find this app invaluable for my business needs and for tax time reporting. I will never stop using it. I gave it 4 stars because nothing gets 5 stars from me unless its 1000% flawless.
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5 years ago, Bruce.88
Almost perfect
Mile IQ really is fantastic. It does a great job at tracking mileage and running in the background while not draining your battery. Although this app works really well I would like to see three additions. 1) Job tracking: the ability to assign drives to specific jobs not tasks. For a construction company it doesn’t really work to track mileage for specific jobs. This is more of a broad spectrum tracker. 2) Delete or Remove Drives: I’m yet to find the ability to delete a drive. I went to a consult with another contractor and left Mile IQ running in the background. Like it is suppose to it tracked our trip and drives. The only option I had at that point was to classify those drives as personal. Not a big deal because I’m not concerned with personal miles but if someone was there isn’t any way to adjust. 3) the ability to link drives: Mile IQ will automatically link certain drives and sometimes create round trip drives. The ability to manually link drives would be fantastic as well. Over all it’s the best I’ve found so far and I’ve already recouped the cost of the 1year subscription within my first 40 drives.
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3 years ago, noBacon2
Sufficient But missing a few important things
This app is automatic once you set it up. Which is great because when I do business trip type drive I typically forget about setting my mileage at the start of the trip. This app just does it for you. That being said, you can also categorize your trips as personal and that is great but I don’t care about my personal drives and so this app DOES NOT give you the option to delete a drive you don’t want included. In addition the app itself does not show the running total of you mileage broken down by drive purpose. Only as business and personal combined. You have to crest the report summary to get that breakdown. A bit of a nuance. The information is there just have to get the statement vs the app just telling you. You also have a some max amount of drives you can do before you have to upgrade to the paid version at $5.99. A bit excessive unless you drive a lot and worth it at tax time. Overall it is a decent app but the two features above are important to me so I may look at other mileage apps
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2 years ago, Lady Kouture
BEST mileage app ever!
This app is phenomenal. I had it on my phone for some time; but didn't give much insight into it until tax time came along and needed some form of evidence to account for my high mileage. I opened the app and it had EVERYTHING! I went ahead and paid for the unlimited mileage, and it gave me my previous mileage beyond the allotted 40. I love this app, I'm a realtor and I like to be able to put on notes with specific clients I was with or did a showing for, etc. I can then download by the month and input the total mileage for business into my accounting software (realtyzam). This app is a true lifesaver, you don't have to remember nothing, just log them later when you get a chance, if you forget what the drive was for, normally once you click the map and analyze it with the time, it's very clear exactly what you were doing during that specific drive. This app is a must for anyone who needs to track their mileage for any reason!
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2 months ago, PT977
Great mileage tracking app but needs an improvements
I have been using this app for couple of years and switched with triplog and back using again. There has been lots improvements since then but still missing key improvement features and improvements. First and foremost, adding vehicle using Bluetooth does not work, I contacted the support and was told that they are aware the issue and working to fix it, after a month, no fixes. Using the Bluetooth connection will make the mileage tracking accurate due to starting the tracking when the app is connected to vehicle Bluetooth and stopping it when the cars engine is off. I wish they put back the trip display while driving and showing the addresses of start and end; you could only see addresses when login mileiQ browser dashboard. I will also like to see an odometer, so you can compare with your vehicle odometer each trip. Right now, no way of knowing if your driving mileage distance is accurate, you could be losing adding .3 to .7 miles each trip., that could add up for the entire year.
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2 years ago, David H in AZ
Good app
I do like the app. I use it to track all my business vs personal miles. I do have one critique so I’m writing this review so that hopefully the developer sees it and can do something about it. Once you’ve categorized a drive as either business or personal, you can no longer delete it. Yes, you can correct and switch from personal to business or vice verse, but if you accidentally label one, for example as personal, then realize your mistake, say it was a rental car, for example, you can’t go delete it. So now my percentage of personal vs business mileage is messed up. The app literally just gave me the option to categorize a run I went on as personal or business. Sadly, I can’t run as fast as i drive, so you’d think the app would be smart enough to realize that my 8 MPH run for 3 miles is not a trip in a car. But without thinking about it, I categorized my jog as a personal trip in my car. And now i can’t delete it.
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6 years ago, Rgoks
If you’re looking for less work, this may not be it
My boss said use it, so I am. We were still logging miles on paper. Service company where my home is my office, start and stop point for the day. I know the mileage to most of my customers and this app is accurate about half the time. If you make a detour stop along the way, make sure the app knows. I went out of my way to pick up parts and then to the customer site. MileIQ listed the direct mileage of 37 from home to the customer, when I actually drove 58 miles. I had to delete the trip and create two new ones to even get close. It does not seem to use the gps during the trip, it just seems to record the location when you stop for more than a few minutes. So it might see you stopped for a long train, but you could go 50 miles out of your way for coffee and the extra miles might never be recorded. Also, something weird happened yesterday. I went to a customer in the city, then to one in the suburbs. MileIQ said I stopped on the freeway several miles outside downtown and then turned around a few hours later and went from the same location on the freeway to the second customer.
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4 years ago, AnonymusHelper
Good automatic tracking but not accurate routes
This app is great because it’s simple and easy to navigate but the routes are not accurate. This could be a better app if this problem was fixed so here it goes...Half of the time the app doesn’t accurately track the start and stop destination and the routes. I drove this route but the app says I drove a different route (which was a longer route too). Then I made this short stop at a store but the app shows that I only drove in the area along with the different route from what I actually drove (instead of recording that as an individual route like I expected it to, that route was automatically connected to my next route and it became one individual route altogether). Not only that but in one of my routes, the app completely disregarded a stop I made and my route, according to the app, didn’t event go anywhere near that stop, it stopped midway then changed course. Overall, I’m still going to use this app, but if these small details were fixed this would really be the top mileage tracker. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Kelleyrn
Saved me at Tax time
I love this app. I had to do back-taxes because I had a hard drive crash and lost most of a year’s data. Because I was able to go “back in time” with this app and my Outlook calendar - I was saved. It was a tedious but straight-forward process. Why only four stars? I would give this app a 5+ star rating if possible, if it were not for the fact that it won’t record in the background if not open anymore. I lost data at the end of last year, 2919, because the app was closed. My permissions were set to allow it to track in the background. What happened? Just now I closed the app and received the message “Heads up! MileIQ has quit. Tap to restart app.” So, I don’t understand. Sometimes it works in the background and sometimes it does not. That lack of reliability and certainty is a real problem. Please fix this or educate me on the proper settings and I’ll give this a 5-star rating. Have this work with Quickbooks and other accounting software and I’ll write a song about your heroism!
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5 years ago, Handle da
App thinks I have a teleporter
I’ve been using the app for a while and have developed a strong dislike for it. A hatred really. Breaks up trips into multiple smaller ones if you pull over for a moment, very very inaccurate mileage tracking. I usually end up with about a 20% loss of my actual mileage. I track manually with a notebook, trip odometers and other apps. Everything lines up except the mileage from this app. Sometimes trips aren’t even tracked or logged. Very hard to manage, view, organize and delete trips once they’ve been logged. If I want to delete a bunch of trips I have to go and delete each one individually. I don’t need a record of 50 1.3 mile personal trips. Pay for a clunky, inaccurate app? You crazy? Where is all the money going from paid subscriptions if not into making the app work decently? Very strange. Strange that free apps are excellent and this one I kind of wish I never even downloaded and wasted my time and money with. Also, don’t respond asking me to contact the support team to work out the issues. I don’t work for you and you wouldn’t be willing to pay me for my time helping you solve these problems. Just look at all of the other mileage apps that work and do something like that.
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2 years ago, Work-A-Haulic
I have been using mileage IQ for about seven months. I started working for a company that had promised me a Company car as part of my position. The company had a policy of not paying any of their employees for personal use of their vehicles. But, because mileage IQ is so professional, accurate and detailed, I've been able to get paid for all my business mileage over the last seven months. I simply told them that this will be temporary until I receive my company vehicle that they promised. After talking with other employees I realize that I would never get a company vehicle. If you work for a company that wants to cheat you on your mileage, you can simply keep this documentation until you leave the company. This will stand up in court and you can file a small claims lawsuit for $150. With this type of documentation your case will be a slamdunk in court. Enjoy suing your x-employer with the help of mileage IQ.!!!
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2 years ago, Fritzgb
Pretty Darn Good
I came across this app from an ad on my free solitaire app. Within a week I used up my free drives and bought a year's subscription. It's worked nearly flawlessly, save an unrecorded trip or two. But compared to remembering to write it down, or looking it up in Maps... It's close enough. Swiping to log trips is actually a nice little end of day or week break and you can add custom categories, so far I haven't run out. If you are like me and work freelance and every time you go to a production it's business, this is invaluable either for expensing or for getting mileage reimbursements. Plus, if you add custom personal drives, you can see much you drive for shopping, coffee, recreation, etc. So, pretty good, a few glitches to work out. I would think you need to work freelance or something similar to justify the subscription, but the app has paid for itself in a couple of weeks and on a longer project it turns out my expensable miles are just about equal to my car payment....
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2 years ago, Carlson Tax Service
Misses a lot short legs
DISCLOSURE TRANSPARENCY: MileIQ gave me 12 months upgraded to full version for free. This was in the hopes that I would recommend it to my business clients. I could do this with serious reservations. Bottom Line: The app misses most trips or legs of trips under 1.5-2 miles and self-admits to not work under 1 mile. Also: The free version wont really do anything for anyone actually driving regularly for business (the free "trips" are just too few. Is it worth the $60/year? Maybe. You wont be able to rely on 100% accuracy but the functionality is good and personalizable, it does really work in the background without having to think about it, and it will give a good log of all the miles it does track which is a good since as anyone who has been to an IRS audit with a missing or bad auto miles log will lose their deductions. Hopefully MileIQ improves the accuracy in picking up the shorter trips. UPDATE: MileIQ was sold to Microsoft a few years back. It’s definitely more accurate these days and has become a good app for tracking your miles.
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2 years ago, Travelwithfamily
Be careful not to turn off the app
Today I went to print out my yearly report and found that a whole month was missing. This is my second year using the app and I’ve never found data gaps before. I contacted customer support and was told that if the app is closed by swiping it stops running and no data is collected. I find this explanation hard to believe as I swipe apps closed all the time, including this one, and have never found large gaps in the data for this app. But the customer service person insisted that I had closed the app and turned it off. This makes no sense, but the bottom line is I lost a month of data and it’s not coming back. And the attitude of customer service was just so unfriendly. In looking for a way to find this data I did look at the settings for the first time and found that I could turn on routes—something I always wished was available. I hope this will make this app more helpful as I often cannot determine what a drive is from the info given. So that was a positive. But having a tracking app that is so easily deactivated? Not helpful.
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3 years ago, brbrob
App is decent but has issues, and Technical Support is nonexistent.
First off, I only have 53 trips left before I have to pay for this app, so working out all the issues before I pay for it is a must. I have come up with a list of issues that I need to be able to work around or correct, in the chat function is useless. I post a detailed description of the issue I'm having, the chat app tells me there is one person ahead of me in the queue, and then after five minutes it times out and says no one is able to help me. Edit: It's been a few months, I finally got a case opened, and "support" is pretty much useless. I have submitted probably 10 or 15 drives over the past months where the route is incorrect or missing, with logs, screenshots, and detailed descriptions, and all support can do is ask for more logs, screenshots, and descriptions. Looking back at prior reviews, this seems to have been a problem since the inception of this app, and they still haven't managed to fix this issue. When I first got this app, it was a Microsoft product. Now Microsoft has dropped this app, and I think that explains the complete lack of support I am receiving.
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4 years ago, CoCoTheBunny
I had an issue, and no one could help me!
My issue was, mile IQ stop recording my drives, and I couldn't figure out why, and then I remembered after they told me that they couldn't help me and they needed more information. I remembered my iPhone asked me if I wanted MileIQ to continue to run in the background, and it gave me two options one was always, and the one was, only while using the app, and I think without thinking I put only while using the app, so I missed two days of Business drives. I think that day my phone kept asking me this, and that is running in the background do you want to do this or do that, and I got fed up and just said only while using the app and everything that popped up that's what I put. So if you are using MileIQ make sure you put always so that you don't have to keep the app open, and it will still record all your drives. You can do this by going to your settings under MileIQ, and highlight always!
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1 year ago, M.K. Rashid
I’ve tried, lord knows I’ve tried SO many mile tracking apps and this is by far the most superior app I’ve seen in a really long time. Unlike all these other apps that “claim” to track miles automatically, this one actually does. As long as you have the Locations set to Always On and the app is always open and running in the background. But if you’re someone like me who’s driving can get a little confusing in regards to what classifies as business or personal drives. On a basic level this app is fantastic just for categorizing both of those but it can go even deeper. All I need it for is the reports for my CPA at the end of the year. I wish I was using this app ages ago. Amazing product for the cost, please don’t waste you’re energy or money anywhere else especially if you’re someone who does a lot of mix driving within the same day to week.
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11 months ago, beigesquid777
Hate the latest update
I’ve had this app for a few months and it was totally fine, had no issues. Now with the newest update it makes it almost impossible to use. The times sometimes aren’t even correct, and the money has not been accurate at all. I drove for an hour, about 40 miles of distance, and it calculated it at $2. Normally this would’ve been $30-40 before the update as this is a routine drive for me. Also god forbid I ever forget a couple dates of drives and have to go in and classify them because the map is so vague now I can’t even tell what the drive was. Before it used to show a more detailed map and it was easy to tell where I was going, but not anymore. It basically just shows a line from point A to point B. I’m also not sure if it’s more sensitive now, but it’s classified things as stops and drives when they weren’t, so im just lost staring at the app trying to figure out where I even was or what I was doing that day. Hopefully all of this gets fixed soon cuz I enjoyed the app before and used it with no issues through may-july, but if it stays like this I’ll have to use a different one.
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10 months ago, jendjebsjan
App not working
I have been using this app for years and have learned bed it, never had an issue. But this morning I opened it up because it said I had unclassified drives from yesterday, and when I opened it, it showed zero for everything. When I have almost 2000 drives this month. I tried everything I could but it was saying no connection. Everything else in my phone was working fine. I tried wifi and data, same thing. I sent an email but having heard back. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and it won’t let me sign in saying that there’s no connection. Yet just like this morning, everything else on my phone is working fine. I tried hitting ‘forgot password’ and I get the same pop up of no connection. I work 10-14 hrs a day 7 days a week and I need this working! Help me please!!!! Also, not a fan of the last update..’undo’ is gone and that is not good.
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5 months ago, Djscottie-just4funradio
Love it
I have even used this to prove a few things that date back months. Such as - I paid a $1600 payment to a company that said I did not . I was able to find the date - show where I left my house - drove to the bank( take money out) then drove to the biz . With this app I then could show when I left the biz which means based on a clock it show where I was there for 1 hour . This int forced them to dig deeper to find there problem and this helped me with not being stuck paying it twice . Using it this same way again this weekend with Orileys and this will show the date and time I drove there to buy the alternator that they claim is now out of warranty. Not to count this gives you the option to swipe One Direction for personal. Business this thing has so many great things about it I love . The monthly price is nothing compared to what it has saved me
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4 months ago, ChitownOne
Excellent Business Tool
Was very skeptical at first when looking at app and didn’t want to spend the money to purchase. My Wife said just try it. With that said it’s an excellent business tool and easy to use. App records drives automatically so you don't have to remember to turn app on and the drives are 100% accurate. Great for business write off for self employed and or for expense reports for mileage reimbursement. Tracks personal and business drives by simply sliding the app screen right for Business and left for personal. If a mistake Is made very easy to correct from personal to Business. Great wether your an employe or self employed. You have the ability to creat monthly mileage logs for reimbursement from employer or business write off. Well worth the cost for the app. Cost out ways the accuracy and ease of tracking mileage.
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5 years ago, dhduk
Stops working if you don’t allow it to constantly track you
Unless you allow it to track your phone all day every day, on the (always) option in settings. It will stop working and will not even let you look back on your past months. What’s the point of all the time I wasted inputting my miles if I can’t even go back to see how many miles I put in that month? So useless and was a complete waste of my time. I wish I would’ve known sooner so I could just track them myself or find a different app. Now I have no idea of how many miles I put in and have to spend hours going back to check somehow. Also one random day it stopped letting me input the address I always use. It just didn’t show up therefore I couldn’t even add them for the app to calculate. I had to write my city name on both start and end and then calculate myself how many miles I was going so that I could write it in my description for later manual calculation. At that point I should have just stopped using the app and calculated myself in my spreadsheet. Now I can’t even see those descriptions because I can’t see the past months in its entirety. Super super frustrating.
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4 years ago, rangernine
Wish it was more accurate ...
The developers of this app have done a lot of things well, nice features, user interface, and I really like the monthly reports. However, like others have reported, I also have noticed a problem with the drive autodetection feature missing drives which is the most critical function of the app. I have requested that they add a manual mode to allow driver to initiate start and stop points to help deal with this issue but not sure they will add this. For me, the app will miss my first drive of day almost 100% of the time and sometimes miss short intermediate destinations. This is a problem for maintaining accurate tax records. What’s strange is that they include a setting to disable automatic drive detection but in the disabled state, there’s no way to manually initiate a drive. Why they have this setting is a mystery to me since the app doesn’t work if drive detection is set to off. Such a nicely designed app with this huge critical flaw is sad. I have already reported this to the developers so no need to reply with that suggestion. Let me know when you add a manual mode. Thanks.
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6 years ago, betnct2
Not overly thrilled
For some reason this app on my iPhone 6 incorrectly interprets stopping at a long traffic light as the end of a trip. That can get frustrating after a while as I try to figure out what the purpose of the trip was when it shows me completing a journey at a completely random location than what the actual destination was. Also, I have found that after completing a trip, the app doesn’t record the journey right away. It takes some time before it actually shows up on the app as a trip. So after a day or so i end up wondering “now what was the purpose for my driving to that locality in town?” It would be nice if there could be more specific pinpointing of the actual ending point rather than a marker near a particular road where it said I ended my trip. More often than not, the ending marker is put on a blank tan space near a road. Not sure if it can get more gps specific. I do like the fact that I can customize the purposes for either the business or personal travels I make.
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1 year ago, Lindsaybarnes12345
App has become unusable
I’ve used this app for several years with the free version. This month and last month I’ve had severe issues on both the app and the desktop site. My drives are not showing up to be classified but it’s telling me I’ve hit my max of 40 drives even though the app only shows I have 15 drives. Support is absolutely horrible and condescending. No one ever responds in the “live chat” and email will have you going back-and-forth with them not answering your full question and taking 2 to 3 days to respond. Last month and I was having this problem and after 25 days of emailing back and forth, they had me remove the app and reinstall it and it fixed it. Unfortunately, it has happened again this month and that fix did not work so I am back to having to deal with their horrible customer service via email. I asked for a phone number and I have been told they do not provide customer service via phone. I found a phone number online but when I call it it says to just send an email. Would give 0 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, tgmomip
The company can’t send my reports to my outlook email
I have an outlook account that is tied to MileIQ. I have been trying to send summary reports to that email but I never receive them in my inbox, junk or spam. I decided to call this morning to help me get my reports. They said that there is a problem with emails being sent to an email that is outlook, live or hotmail. That means that if you have an email associated with any one of those you can not receive your reports. I asked the phone representative when this problem would be corrected. He said he wasn’t sure at all when it wold be fixed and they have been aware of this problem for some time. I asked if he could send the reports- he replied that he doesn’t have access to those because of privacy reasons. His only suggestion was to get another email account that is not outlook, live or hotmail. This is a huge market that they are not servicing and it doesn’t seem to be taken that seriously. I am going to somehow get my reports printed and then I am canceling MileIQ and going with another company that can email my reports that I have paid for in advance.
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6 years ago, Agrophile
One annoying feature
I love being able to automatically track my mileage when I’m visiting clients, and the ability to customize the purposes of my drives; I work two jobs (one FT and one seasonal) as an independent contractor and I like to be able to keep the mileage separate for both. The one thing I cannot stand about this app is that whenever you close it, if you have notifications allowed, you get a message saying, “Heads up! MileIQ has quit. Tap here or re-open the app to continue classifying your drives.” I just don’t understand - I mean, of course the app has quit, I just double-tapped my home button (iPhone) and swiped to close it. I had to do that deliberately in order to quit the app. Why do I need a reminder that it worked? This happens even when you’re completely caught up on your drives and have nothing to classify, making it even more of an unnecessary annoyance. So, developers, can we maybe reconsider that?
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6 years ago, Zoey fritz
Recently switched over from another app
I had been using two other apps, but one was really buggy, and the other was just a basic back-up plan with no fancy features to catch all the drives that the primary one was missing. I don't know if I can say the name here, but I had been trying to use MileCatcher and it was so inconsistent; it would start tracking my drives several miles in to the trip. Then it would go weeks without even being able to open. When I finally was able to open, all my drives were lost. So I signed up for the free trial with this one and decide to purchase the monthly subscription. So far it works way better, is consistent and reliable, and super easy to use. I deleted the buggy app, and got the drive logs exported from that back-up, so I can delete that one now too. great program! 👍
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4 years ago, 116musicdude
Not Worth It.
Only good thing about this app is it seems to track your total miles well. I am an Uber driver in Dallas Fort Worth. I have relied on this app for the past two years to track my business miles. Unfortunately, the app is not near accurate enough for my needs. Overlapping drives show up in the app saying I’m in two different places at one time. Drives don’t show up until between a half hour and a couple days later after I complete a drive. Stops aren’t recognized with accuracy. If you need to accurately track business and personal drives in a single day, with the tax laws nowadays I recommend you save your money and track your drives manually. As an Uber driver, I start and stop frequently, and this app just isn’t accurate and fast enough to handle it. If you’re going somewhere and stopping for 20 min or so before moving on, this app will work great. But if you’re dropping off, picking up etc. in intervals of 5-10 minutes, it’s just too much for this app to take, and all your driving will be lumped together.
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10 months ago, jtr02a
Overall a Very Good App
I’ve been using MileiQ for quite a few years now (ever since it first became included with my Office 365 Business Premium Subscription- although it is no longer included, unfortunately). While this app does a goo job with the normal stuff, I’d really like to see more innovation such as automatically detecting if you’re using a ride-share app (such as catching an Uber if Lyft to the airport) - I’ve got to think there could be an integration or detection that a ride is active. Additionally, when flying to an airport and pickling up a rental car it would be interesting if it flagged either through an integration with rental car agencies or through ai/ml to understand you flew in to a destination that is not a “home” airport and prompt to for rental car usage and maybe even allow specifying estimated inactivity time (e.g. renting a car on Monday and returning on Thursday at 2pm local time). In this scenario it would automatically mark all drives as Rental Car or something similar. Furthermore, a “Snooze” function would be helpful. For instance if I am stopping work drives for the weekend, being able to snooze until Sunday evening or Monday AM. The active business hours is a good idea for people with standard schedules but I do outside sales and may drive out on a Sunday evening or may leave on Tuesday morning depending on the week.
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6 years ago, BJ0924
One of the better mileage apps, just needs improvement.
This app is great. I was using Quickbooks and it missed a ton of my trips so I switched. This app has many more features. I like that you can classify frequent jobs. I’m a pet sitter some sometimes I drive to the same location three or four times a day. Two improvements regarding accuracy and I would rate this app 5 stars: 1. I want the app to highlight the route you took. Doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to implement. For example, sometimes it will log my starting and ending points both as home and since I don’t classify trips everyday I can’t remember where I went! 2. I want to be able to split trips. Sometimes I combine a personal and business related trip into one. If I do a pet check in while I out and about for personal reasons I can’t really count all of the mileage as business related. Still really enjoy the app, though!
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2 years ago, Texas Waterboy
Not great for multiple older vehicles
My wife is a solopreneur with one vehicle and she loves this. I’m using it for my business this year, and it’s just a pain. Especially when there is more than one vehicle in use at a time and different people driving. I use one vehicle for commuting and another while at work. I have to manually classify most drives and change the vehicle on many. Then you have to remember who was driving which vehicle, etc. And then after work I have to delete any drives or rides in somebody else’s car. I honestly think the old mileage books are less work if you have multiple vehicles, where you have a separate book for each. Apparently there is a way to have the app recognize the vehicle using Bluetooth, but this only works on newer vehicles. If I only had one vehicle to keep track of, I think I’d love it, too, but it’s just a lot more work when you have multiple vehicles.
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6 years ago, Delilah121
Great, but misses some drives
Not often, but occasionally I notice that one of my drives isn’t there. It’s usually a case where it shows me coming home from somewhere, but how did I get there? (And no, it hasn’t been auto-classified as anything) Overall great though. An easy way to track drives without having to think about it. One other note: it could really use a “not in my car” option. The only way to not have it racked up for a write-off is to classify it as personal. I worry that casts suspicion on other drives to those locations. Also, I find it very offensive that under the “email notifications” setting, you can toggle on/off for weekly, monthly and “other” emails, but if you try to toggle off the promotional emails, it toggles it right back on. “You will receive our unsolicited emails and you will LIKE them!!” Not cool, not cool. Any update on that “not in my car” feature I mentioned?
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1 year ago, Bescotti
App has way too many glitches
I have been using this app for a couple of years. The sorting option is great and allows you to leave notes for drives but after going through my drives for 2022 for my taxes I realized it am missing a lot of drives. The other issue is it will show a 14 mile drive and when I click it to see the emails of my trip it shows the trip starting from my house and ending at my house so it won’t show me where I went. This has happened several times. Now that I’m done going through my 2022 drives I’ve been paying more attention to my daily drives and I noticed it is missing drives completely. As a realtor and owner of rental properties this is so annoying because I do a lot of driving and I can definitely see there is so many drives missing which will cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars on my taxes. Very disappointed to just realize MileIQ has missed so many drives and I just got charged for another year of membership for a product that is not doing why I’m paying for.
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