Military Dating App - MD Date

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Meet Cupid Up Dating App Ltd.
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Military Dating App - MD Date

4.39 out of 5
17.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Waffles96
Wish you had more control over my preferences in free version
I really love the concept of this app, but I wish I could choose more then my height and age preferences. I’d really like to be able to control how close the search is and maybe which branch. Also adding a little bio section may not be a bad idea, cause loving our servicemen and women is a great start as far as common interests but there are a lot of other interesting things one might like to know before swiping right. Again I love the goal of this app!
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5 years ago, Beloved33
Tired of Romance Scammers...
I like how the app works, great idea. I do however have a question, is there any way to verify that the person we are speaking to is in deed a soldier? Maybe verify by .mil military email address of the individual soldier or the soldiers DOD #, or employee ID... any number listed on his ID just to verify that we are speaking to a soldier & that they are not a romance scammer. I have spoken through the app to a handful of men that ended up being romance scammers, and that are offended because I ask for some form of verification being I’m a single woman. Just wondering if you can start requiring this by your service members so we can have some assurance that we are speaking to a soldier. I understand that a lot of soldiers might be in a dangerous place at times and can’t video chat or call, however there has to be a way to verify who we are speaking to without compromising anyone’s safety. Please consider this. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Mozhganasadi
Stay away from this app
I downloaded this app about 10 days ago and I start chatting with this guy name Paul, he acted so in love with only 3,4 days talking to him, that was the first red flag, we’re not stupid ok!! so many red flag and I started searching the pictures he had and sure enough it belongs to someone els, i confronted him and he disappeared, I also found the owner of the picture on Instagram and told him someone is using his pictures on this app, I came back to see if his scamming people or not so I can warn others, I came across many other guys that I’ve seen their photos with different profile, it’s absolutely unbelievable how you guys let this happen, 99% of your app is scammers in it, stay away from this app, there is no customer service or anything, I tried to contact them nothing!! such a shame you guys let this happen and people get played, take these scammers out, be smart and be safe out there, sickos are everywhere now.
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2 years ago, Oreo is my name
Stay away
I signed up with this dating site not expecting miracles. I thought at least they have some means of verifying their people. Their verification system is below zero. I can say this with confidence because 5 out of 6 people who contacted me with verified profiles turned out to be fake. How do they verify you ask? In order to verify you take a picture. They ask that you write military on a piece of paper and take a picture with it. Simple right? 5 out of the 6 verified profiles solicited me for money and admitted they weren’t the men on the profile. I reported some but nothing was done to take down the profiles. There is a particular gentleman who shows up in every scroll with different names, height etc. and you can tell it’s the same guy. The vetting process is trash. Legit sites take complaints like this seriously to protect you the real person. Would definitely not recommend this site.
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2 years ago, great use of multi-media
HYBRID: part social media 🎥 & part dating 🖤
This app blends the best features of a social media app (posts, tags/hashtags, DMs, groups) with the best features of a dating app (profile pics & bio, swiping functionality with filters, matching based on behavior/preferences, verification,etc). In addition, the app features a sleek/simple functionality for sharing private photos, in a separate gallery (something that the social/dating apps haven’t figured out). The private gallery is only accessible to someone who is expressly granted permission, by way of requested access; and the privilege is revocable, at any time, too! Lastly, the app has a great night mode feature (a MUST for me to grant a 5 star rating).
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4 years ago, CcFz2017
There needs to be a thorough way to search for your match, like sex, age range, height, religion, location, body type, etc. I really annoyed that I have to look through each and every guy that looks like he might be my type, including looking at pictures of women of eh oh I am not interested in whatsoever. Also, posting moments is a nightmare. I have almost 20,000 pictures on my phone and I have to go through the whole collection to try to find the picture I’m thinking of. When instead, if I was able to browse different photo albums on my phone, I would be able to get to the picture I want to post Shockley and easily. Please fix this! I want to be with someone and find someone special in the armed forces but this is impossible! I will not recommend this app if it’s this difficult!
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2 years ago, SheBrat66
Not bad, but you do have a few guys with multiple fakes
I really detest people who fake being in the military, I have friends that have died fighting for the US, and I have multiple family members that are in or retired from the Airforce and The Army, my ex husband was in the first gulf war Army, my son was in Korea, army, during what some called the second Gulf war. I told the fake Army and fake marine off and said he should be ashamed. I also warned newbie’s chat. Other than that, the site is cool. How long does it take to get verified? I did the verify pic sometime in the middle of the night. Thank you for having a website where I can find Military men. They get my dark sense of humor.
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3 years ago, Ny35Kngtn
Military separation notification
I just joined your website for the date another military I have yet to see very many people that are actually in the military. I do have one suggestion is there a way that since this is a military date an app that you can put a line forward so we know what branch of service that they were serving in that way we know if they were in the Navy Army Air Force or Marines it’s just not whether or not that’s an honor system but it’s a way of telling you know who they are what they did to get an idea what they did thank you other than that I think is pretty good site
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7 months ago, Volgippo
Scammy and they double charge you.
So I’d like to start by saying I typically like this app. While I do have to filter out the usual scammer(and just gross human being) for the most part it’s pretty cool. Up until recently. I usually pay for premium, get all the special little things added with premium. There was a deal it would be 6.99 per week, so I grabbed it and forgot about it like I do my subscriptions. Well, come the time for it to withdraw, they charge me TWO separate times. I had a receipt for two separate charges, but when I went ahead to get the refund for one, they cancelled premium entirely, when I’m still charged out for the original. So now it’s like I don’t have it and I paid.
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3 years ago, Belly Flabs
Something is faulty/glitchy
So just right now, this guy I matched with and I were talking about bios and I asked him if he had read mine and he said yeah, it’s only 3 words. And I was like? what? Good thing that the app allows sending of pictures and videos because I proved to him that my bio wasn’t just 3 words!! I kept changing my bio several times and when I do previews, it’s still the same as “I’m a singer”?? Come on. That’s one of the reasons why people can’t take me seriously on there. As a person who cares about bios, this is making me mad. And using dating apps is a good way to present yourself to the world in a way you want to be perceived. I tried logging out and logging in again just to see it’s still the same! Fix this! Love the app but it’s faulty when it comes to bios. Do something. I’m not happy about it. UPDATE: I tried removing my bio and save it, and the preview shows exactly nothing. CAUSE THE BIO IS EMPTY. When I put something new to the bio and save it, It says the same thing. “I’m a singer” Are you kidding me? This was after uninstalling/re-installing the app.
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3 years ago, spectrearmy
Looks great but….
I have to pay money to be able to set a distance to look? I’m in Alabama, I would at least like to see if there is anyone remotely close to me before I pay anything, so far I’ve seen folks from California and New York. This is zero help to me. If I pay money, and nobody is even remotely close to me, then I’ve just wasted money just see out of distance folks. The app looks rock solid and well built. Offering a free trial or something to verified military users would solve this particular issue in my opinion. Most dating apps have this feature, even if it’s just a 3 day trial. If it weren’t for that, you’d have gotten an easy 5 stars from the app performance and build alone.
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4 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Way over-monetized and promotes discrimination
They have overly monetized this app to where it’s basically like a pay-walled Instagram. You can even see who liked you, unless it’s mutual, without paying. Furthermore if you “follow” someone they can block you just for following? That promotes discrimination on so many levels - I can see if you followed someone and you messaged them and they said hey no thanks, not interested for whatever reason, but just being able to block someone because they followed you is dumb because why even offer to follow. This is bound to have some stark repercussions too because the app is setup very lazily so everyone can view everyone regardless of what your sexual orientation or preference is and hate crimes based on that are a very real thing and still reoccurring thing.
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4 years ago, RIKKIPURE22
The timer stops to progress when you leave the app
I don’t know if it is an isolated case but I tried downloading the app in 2 iPhones already but there seems to be a problem with a bug that causes the countdown timer to stop whenever the phone locks or you leave the app. Basically, if you leave the app at 14:00 mins left on the counter, when you come back it’s still at 14:00 mins so you’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks.
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3 years ago, IconicSailor
Yea I think I’ve been scammed! This girl I matched with says she was 21 after I matched with her and texted her I got a call saying she was 16 underage! Now they want payments saying she has a disability and if I don’t pay they’ll take the phone to the officer and take it to court….like seriously it says she was 21 now I wasn’t aware enough to verify she was 21 but still they request payment and hang this over my head making me feel like a piece of sh** fix this and keep scammers and underaged people off this app cause now I got this issue where I being pressed about making payments or be taking to court I reported the page and hopefully they can investigate this and remove them
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2 years ago, Y_Silly_Me
There are so many fake and scammer profile on this app. Even when you report them, the profiles stay up. Like who is over this thing? You should be able to tell when there are a bunch of the same profile that have the same photo on them that isn’t correct. And do better about looking into fake profiles.. You want to charge people to use this app, but you don’t give any special features that make it stand out. Just “see” who is following you.. Really? At that point you might as well stay on the free side and hope for the best cause that doesn’t make it worth the money and than the hassle of the fake and scammer profiles..
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6 months ago, pinkaliencat
This is the most terrible dating site I’ve ever seen! There’s so many scammers on here, pretending to be soldiers, it makes me sick . I deleted my account tried to sign back on. It said I have multiple accounts but I have no account makes no sense but yet these fake people can get on here and make all these different accounts with the same soldiers picture. And scam people for money. Good luck on this website that’s all it is you people should be ashamed of yourself, taking soldiers pictures and pretending to be them. There should be something done about this website, but it seems like no one cares. Don’t waste your time or effort on this.
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3 years ago, ReniRoxci
Not worth the money find a free app and...
Find a free app and have military service men only as your headline. This app was a huge waste of money. I rarely had new guys to like/dislike. You should really put in a option to not connect with civilians if you are a civilian and neither of you have served. I only joined them his app to connect with military men. If a woman who’s serving is interested in civilian men that’s wonderful but I’m a civilian so I’m definitely not interested in paying to talk to civilians. Moving I lost contact with a lot of my military friends and I was hoping to find them or other people from my old state to connect with. Oh also you should verify the military people. I’m so mad I wasted my money on this app.
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2 years ago, EllaB1221
Harassment and scams
Interesting: this is my second attempt at submitting a review. Anyway, to be transparent about this app, the negative reviews are absolutely correct. I spent - at most - two weeks on this app. In that time, I was harassed at least a dozen times and almost catfished once. I blocked profiles, and reported. The moderators of the app do nothing, even if you reach out via e-mail. To the best of my knowledge, there’s no customer service number, either. My advice is simple: stay off this app. There may be a handful of real people looking to interact (maybe 1 out of every 10 profiles). The rest are scams. Save your time and effort - go elsewhere.
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3 years ago, boberty the 2nd
Can’t create a profile
I have used this app before in the past but it didn’t work out. However I remember deleting my account before deleting the app. However i tried making a nnew account but the app said i cannot have multiple accounts, which it shouldn’t be saying since i deleted my account and just in case i entered my email into the forgot password section and it said “USER NOT FOUND”
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2 years ago, Keyita092391
Stop the discrimination
This website has potential to be one of the best dating apps. But only if they stop being racist and prejudice toward certain group of people. For example you will see white women freely express their sexuality on their pictures on this website without being condemned for nudity. There are pictures of white girls wearing nothing but thongs and showing their buttocks, while black girls are condemned for showing cleavage, or have their pictures withheld from posting. So, for a website that supposed to bring an array of diverse group of people to act racist and discriminatory against minorities is very low. If I could give a no star, I would.
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3 years ago, Buck737
I was just verified one week ago and I change my profile photo one time and it’s asking me to do it again. Absolutely not. I will absolutely not pay for this app if they are unable to do their due diligence. I’ll go with an app that I don’t have to work and pay for. I don’t like stupidity nor redundancy. Come on now. Also there’s no message board to communicate back. Thirdly you can’t send a file or a screenshot to show your previous verification status on your profile, one that currently shows your already verified. Come on guys. Already this app is just off and not user friendly.
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4 years ago, MACY45
Too noisy
I like the service but I get a loud inbox text from the site too often. It’s very disruptive. And there is a domino effect to turning down the volume... then I can’t hear my alarms and schedule throughout the day. Something must be done about that. And I think I need to be twenty years younger to enjoy the site. Not too many older people. Thanks for listening. It’s much appreciated.
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3 years ago, shackjaw
Decent, but definitely transaction heavy
Used to be you could see your followers no problem, this update makes you pay to see things like that. Also why did you brick previous editions of the app? They worked fine and I liked it better in V2.0, I’m one of the most popular users on this app and I’m very disappointed with where it’s going.
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3 years ago, Princessoftball18
Great app
It’s a wonderful app and everything is perfect but for military people and for civilians I feel like it should be an app where everything is free you don’t have to pay for premiums you can have unlimited swipes you can see who follows you can you can search stuff search for people who feel like this whole app every feature should be free
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3 years ago, andjdbehjsjgnesjfb
Thank you
I found my soulmate on here and I don’t take that word lightly I look at it this way you have two arms two legs two ears two eyes but only one hart and you have to find the other one and this app did just that and I can never express how thankful I am I got this app not thinking much of it and look we are opening a restaurant together and just building and generally enjoying life
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2 years ago, Lena Elezaby
Such a cool app
It’s like “Instagram” but make it dating and make it military! Wish I would of found this sooner ! Only down fall is the in app purchases you am have to make. So annoying 🙄 for every little thing too need to upgrade to premium. Other than that it’s great !
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2 years ago, bdkhbdmks
Full of scammer and catfishes
It should be no star for this app! This app is full of catfishes and scammer…you can find almost all of them on the IG or Facebook. I can’t believe that they are not honest to use your own photos. I even don’t know if they is someone real over there. They are also so rude too. You are not give to them your phone number then they will so rude to you. It supposed be a good app for people really want to make friend or find someone in their lives but I don’t think is going to to change. Just be careful who is using this app!
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3 years ago, KaseysLady
Smut & Disgust 😂😂
As I review talking about that they can’t be military it’s for smart and discussed. I started laughing because that’s how most of military especially veterans are. We have a very dark sense of humor. If anyone lived in Racine half of the things that are military sees while deployed the things you would find funny doesn’t seem normal to others (civilians)
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3 years ago, PatrickSharp01
As described.
Bunch of military type folks being chased around the website by guys like me. If you’re the type that is not into trans people but prefer t Your guys are normal and authentically men who still want to be a man when they wake up tomorrow this might be the app for. Fun time waster with lotto winner like potential
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1 year ago, Ttahdg
I used to like this app but now since the “update” it’s impossible to get anyone to talk to you …..been on and off this site for about a year and never had success….now you gotta pay if I want people to talk to me instantly otherwise I only get comments or likes no actual conversation….pathetic bunch of stuck up dudes in a uniform think they are too good for a simple civilian
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2 years ago, Opjexvii
Improvements are needed
The app is okay but it’s abundance with fake profiles is very annoying. The pay plan gives you access for premium features but it doesn’t change that much tbh. My search for someone when you swipe usually end fast, until it always stays on “ You have run out of people”. I would recommend a more filtration or a way to connect people more efficient, for example as the LGBT community needs more of its own place than mostly all of them mixed up. It’s hard to find someone yet, but I would love the app with more improvements and easier to find a partner or the desirable individual. Lastly, I would like the app features to be better like it’s competitors.
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7 months ago, Chef Flay
Ban this app please Apple Store.
Scammers and not appropriate. So many fake people after downloading a second time with more verified people but are just pretending to be real. And also be careful if you are randomly swiping they allow not of age on the app and will try to scam and harass you. Basically this app allows creepy and dangerous behavior. This app should be banned. Should not have to worry about who I am swiping that is fake and scamming or worse pretending to be not the age and it’s men pretending to be ladies not of age.
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2 years ago, UnauthorizedSignature
Terrible and a hotspot for people to scam military members
It’s already bad enough that military service people like myself are a target for scams due to our guaranteed paychecks. There are no bots, but there are fake people, and scammers who do anything to get card information, photos from you, or try to get you to pay for nudes or services. This app is terrible and serves to show why online dating has a bad rep. Do not download or use this app unless you feel like losing thousands of dollars.
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1 year ago, Arbolos
Scams & Fake Accounts
I was really excited to start this app but the realized the accounts are all fake profiles with people just asking for photos of you to make more fake profiles, looking for sugar babies, scams to get money. The app says you can block these people but once you “block” a profile these people can still send you messages, like and comment on you pictures. That does not seem very blocked to me. I did not meet a single “real” person.
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12 months ago, lilsimp88
What’s the point of putting your preferences in if the app is going to ignore it. If I’m interested in men I only want to see men. If I want the men to be nearby then they should be nearby. Also, how many times do you have to verify your profile. I’ve done it multiple times.
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4 years ago, ShySpartan
Seems Promising
So far it seems like this app has some potential; I rated low because of the persistent nagging to rate. I’d improve the rating if they’d offer a way to filter specific gender & orientation. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of “straight” people I’ve messaged and although most of them were polite and declined while explaining their preferences... it would be easier to just filter out based on need to know criteria. Will update after further use and hopefully some updates.
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4 years ago, TeaseRachelleOF
This app does not protect woman
Some “men” on here have no problem saying the most horrendous things to you, wether it’s threatening you with violence or insulting you if you don’t accept their advances. When you report nothing happens to the profiles and if they block you first you have no option to report or block them. Not all men are like this, but there should be a better system to take reports seriously. This is a huge flaw. Im not even a sensitive person but some of the men on here need help.
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4 years ago, labcw
New user-1 day
The site is not horrible, just not for me....I don’t like the fact that you have to use location services to completely activate the pageI would prefer to manually put my location in , that way I could just choose to put in my state and not my specific location. I don’t think that’s safe.!Also I don’t see an option to choose an age range. I’m a 45 yr old female and I dont want to waste my time viewing 50 pictures of shirtless 25 yr olds. Just my opinion...
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3 years ago, Thisgirl117
I like the app just wish there wasn’t extra purchases and they have some scammers on there trying to pretend there sugar daddy’s and take money from innocent people. Over all though I have met a few nice guys very few that are real and legit looking for a relationship and friendship
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3 years ago, RicannDon
Seriously Good App
I have tried many apps like this but seriously this one is the best give me a lot of people real fast and premium is really cheap but also you can meet people for free I love this app you should go and download it!!
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2 years ago, wendy456s!
Nothing but scam
There has to be a way to prevent these scammers from coming on to this website I’ve had three allready not including the ones that I sent bought allready were suspicious can not really look in here for anything serious because it’s som one from another country pretending stuff p the madness
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2 years ago, DMANRAVESCO
All of a sudden it wouldn’t load.
I don’t know what happened all of a sudden it wouldn’t load,it shows data isn’t in the wrong format like I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean my account is verified,I’ve been enjoying it for days but now it’s saying it’s in wrong format,i can’t refresh a page or see new people,I even tried logging out and now I can’t log back in this is terrible please fix this!!
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3 years ago, Cinderella4patriots
not joining
pitiful site. looking for relationship not a booty call. most photos half naked and photos taken in restroom. Want respectful site, which the service ppl should be respected as. i’m a woman i don’t want to see woman photos except maybe groups. filter should work at start of reviewing site. i don’t want to waste time w 18/30 yr olds wanted relationship w Man, 48 and older, 5’10 or taller etc. elementary site.
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4 years ago, MilitaryLove7
Just a frustrated woman
I thought this was a place for a woman to go to meet a man who was in the service, military, or armed forces, it was mostly women who where in need of attention (half naked) and men who worked at Starbucks or didn’t even have a job! I was truly looking forward to finding a connection with a man whom was in the military and finding “hopefully “ true love, because I am a faithful woman, unfortunately I was VERY disappointed in this app! Maybe Prince Charming will find me, since I am done looking!
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5 years ago, ToWhoItMayConcern
I’ve been on about 4 apps and this is the worst by far. I have never had an issue with creepy guys on other sites, but I have had multiple issues on this one. Part of the problem is the limited privacy you get with the free version and part is because it takes 12 hours for a reported issue to be looked at and there are a LOT of older/creepier guys are on here than other apps. Not a fan.
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2 years ago, starree1
Not useful unless you pay and pay
It’s really not free at all. After talking to two or three people, you get notifications of all your follows, but not their photos or info, you can’t reply. Also, there are so many “sugar daddy” accounts! Doesn’t seem worth paying for. This could be a great app, with UI/UX upgrades, especially with support and solid user verification.
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3 years ago, Raykia15
I Really Wanted to Find My Match On There And Trust Me I Matched With A lot Of Them But For A Fact It Seems to Fake , Mainly Because They Love You Soon As You’re Talking to Them , It’s No Way You Can Be In Love That Fast , Don't Get Me Wrong I Believe In Love At First Site But This Just Felt Too Weird Honestly. Then Some Men Are Lying About They’re Background And If They’re In The Military Or Not , Nobody’s Honest Or Straightforward And They Are Breaking Women Hearts.
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3 years ago, ;?(
Auth Fail
I tired logging into the application with my account and every time I tried it said ‘Auth Fail’ at the top. So I figured my account got deleted. I made a new one and the same thing came up. Not too sure what to do next. The application isn’t that bad. There are some bots/scammers but you’re going to get that on every other app. I would give it between 3-4 star review however I cannot use it anymore so I’m rating as a 1 star.
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4 years ago, dhb h hbkxygigiashl
Could be better
There’s a lot of under age people on here!!!! A lot of woman and men looking for sugar baby’s and it’s just crazy. It’s almost like a sex ring or something!! There’s no structure on this app! NONE, NONE it’s a terrible place to find love at forreal. Y’all have to do something about this, not just having yo write military on the paper but how about we start showing IDs! How about there becomes structure in order to match someone. This site needs ALOT OF WORK. I’m embarrassed that it’s even for military 🤨🙄
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4 years ago, st238768
Fake and waste of time
This is the strangest dating app. You have one profile picture and can only post other pictures by creating moments. There isn’t an option to filter by location. So I literally see people from across the country. It’s the weirdest most poorly designed dating app. Additionally, I’m pretty sure most of these are fake profiles. You’re not going to meet someone because they are real. These reviews all sounds pretty fake as well. 🤦🏾‍♀️
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